St. Joseph News-Press from St. Joseph, Missouri on February 5, 1919 · 10
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St. Joseph News-Press from St. Joseph, Missouri · 10

St. Joseph, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 5, 1919
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10 FLEET OFF TO GU3A THE ATLANTIC SQUADRON GETS READY FOR MANEUVERS. , - Long Column ef Ship li Led by the Dreadnought Pennsylvania, Admiral Mayo'a Flagship Due te Arrive In . Guantanamo Bay Saturday. , . PLAYS AND PICTURES. JfORTOLK, Va.. Feb, .-Preceded to en by three bi aecpteBM, the Atlantic battleship flee part of which served with thO'Brillsh Grand flee during the war, steamed from Hampton Boda yesterday for Guantanamo Bay. Cuba, ior spring maneuver It i due id Cuban water Baton!?. : V; "-.3 ' ' 7 -: - -' The dreadnought Pennsylvania,, flagship of Admiral Mayo.' commander in chief, led the long column of ship, composed of the Mississippi, Oklahoma. Arisona, New Tork, Texas. Nevada, t'tahv Arkan-. Florida. Wyoming. Michigan, Louisiana. Nebraska anil New Jersey. The collier Prometheus and the converted yacht Xokorois and lrt also were vlth the ' fleet,"-:. .'.'. ' : ; ,.'""- . v.i... .. r iiu fleet are already In Cuban water or on the way there. MANY SHIPS TO PARTICIPATE. Eleven Dreadnoughts and 27, Destroy y tri to Cuban Waters. WASHINGTON. Feb. S.Elevcn dreadnought and twenty-seven ' destroyer either hav lathered at Gsantanamo for the swing maneuver,- or ar on thetr way there, the navy department an nounced yesterday. Soma of the fourteen elder battleship fitted for returning troops home aim are to take part In the fleet drill, but moat of them, with ten armored cruisers, will continue In. the Oversea transport service and to the fleet soon will he ''added the battleship Missouri and the cruiser Pittsburg. Beside the shin sailing from Norfolk : today, the dreadnought Korlh Dakoui 13 to go to Guantanamo. The New Mexico, the newest battleship, to at Brest to ac-' company President W'Uson'a ship home. The cruiser Columbia, flagship Of the , commander of th destroyer force, also I with th active fleet and the submarine (- itsJi been ordered to Guantanamo. The battleship equipped for tranaport-. Inir traoos. are the Connecticut. Sew ' Hampshire, Georsta. New Jersey. Kansas, Ohio. Louisiana, T.hode Island, Mrchuran, South Carolina, Mlnnesnta, Vermont, tirsska and Virginia, and the cruiser are the Charleston. Frederick, Huntington, Montana, North Carolina, PueMo, Rochee- ter, Et. Louts, Seattle and South Dakota. SHERMAN FLAYS FORD CALLED ALLEGED "SUPERMAN" BECAUSE HE INVENTED ENGINE. Illinois Senator Makes Bitter Attack on Administration, Declaring Nation Is No Longer Republic of Self-Governed People. AT THE TOOTLE. .' "The Escape" i provlna saceedtacty popular at tha Tootle Theater and tba stock company haa been greeted by tars audiences thla week. Tha story of tha play la a gripping; on and the work of the members of th east la -f exceptionally hlRh order, especially that of Miss Xan Crawford, who has tha strongest emotions) part she haa yet essayed m St. Joseph. ':".r-' .. v; v' "A DAUGHTER OF THE SUN." A Daughter' ef the 'Sun." , which" will be presented at the Lyceum Theater Friday night and Saturday matinees and night, is sv story of an Hawaiian butter-fly. a love etnrv. rare and imnte. It 1 said to be beautifully played and staged, and to present - numerous scenes in the famed Pacific Islands whicto are of appealing grandeur. The advance sale of seat will open at the Lyceum bog office tomorrow morning. AT THE ELECTRIC. " r Xailmov In "Ky for Eye" ha It last showing at the Electric tonight. . Th Wilhat troupe of comedy cyclbtts. and Johnny and "Wis, dancers and musicians. are th vaudeville numbers. Tomorrow comes Will Rogers (n s Re Beach story entitled ' ' Lauening Bill Hyde " .The vaudeville numbers will be Charles Millard and company, ta a rural musical comedy offering, and the llerson Trio, dancers, singers and Instrumentalist. - . . 'AT THE ORPHEUM. ,' "little Women." the famous Louisa M. Alcott story In film form,: Is easily one of the best picture productions ever presented her. Jt will he seen at tha Or- pheum for the last time tonight, along with s Paths Review, a scientific reel. Tomorrow, Friday and Saturday, Wallace Raid will head th bill lh "The Dub," a new comedy-drama of the light va riety. Th Paths Review will be shown for the last time tomorrow, a new weekly replacing It Friday and Saturday, " AT YHE flOYAL. Tomorrow only the' third episode of "Th Lure of the Cirrus" will be shown at the Royal. A special offering will be "Her Prosy , Husband.:' featuring Violet Mersereau. The comedy will be "Charlie, the-Little Daredevil." Last time tonight, Carmel Myers In "Who Will Marry Mer and the Lyon-Moran comedy, "Marry My WJfc.V ,-. AT THE COLONIAL. ; Evelyn Nesblt Thaw in VI Want to Forget" Is presented at th5 Colonial. The story deal with a woman's conversion from an Idle butterfly existence to a life of usefulness through awakened" patrlol- ism. which leads her Into the government secret service. It wilt close tomorrow night ' . ; AT THE CRYSTAL. Th current vaudeville bill at the Crystal Theater will cloe tonight, and the new program starting tomorrow cornea highly recommended. EXFUI!ISTi:ERAILFU!l m:y? Bi- WOOD. HINES URGES REGIONAL OPERATING CORPORATIONS. ' - Great Outpouring It Expected at the Roosevelt Memorial Service at the Auditorium Sundsy Evening. There is every reason to bellev that titer will ha AHiMurfM at the Director-General Says Better Service; Roosevelt memorial ejerels In St, Jo- Could Be Expected With Cvemment ,eph Sunday evening, when Oen. Leonard 1 Sunday, In order that th members of th congregation may fisv opportunity to stteaAtb memorial meeting. ; Representative Membet of Boards of Directors. '. - J'- 1 WASHINGTON. Feb. t-Mrector-Gen- Wood will deliver the address st the Auditorium. ' . . -. Upon arrival is Bt. Joseph early Sunday evening General Wood will be escorted by1 the committee to the -Jlobldoux, where he era! Ilfnea yesterday explained to the ! " ln serial interstate .tomtnerc committee -"""v. w. w. . how he bended a reorganisation of the',ub,,nd, ' ntettatn4 at the rsllroad. Into a few regional corpora- h ot ' J. D.f Smith, Klnth and tlon. operating privstely under close gov- "ooldoux streets , ,.., .-k. ii. w. The doors of th Auditorium will be out. Tbl. h. sjavocted as tha ulUmst j OP""1 1 o'clock and there wilt be a solution of the. railroad problem and to -'"' ' develop neoeiwr, legislation he thought W 004 . 0 olock. A feature will b of the present 1 ""'"s " a cuorus oi l u,.u, a five-year continuation control should be autborlxed. There should be not less than six nor more than twelve of these regional operat ing corporation, he said, wltir government "representatives on the boards of director of each, Thla method, Mr. Mines suggested, would result In more competi tion, and better, service than wotild be rendered by a single national corporation. and would give a "local touch" to the managements, Regional consolidation would hive to be directed by the government end some federal sgency also would have to de termine, on plans for exchanging securi ties la th consolidation. All roads. In cluding short lines, he said, would be In cluded In th regional system. 1 In response to sen tor' questions, Mr. Illnes explained that he believe the best solution of the railroad problem could not be worked out within twenty-one months, the present period of federal control, and for this reason urged the extension. Government management during the twenty- one month would be of a temporary nature, he aaid, and would not necessarily Influence the final determination. Many persons are expected to come from the adjacent towna and country for the exercises, and It is believed that th ca pacity of the great bail will be taxed to tta utmost. It la possible that some of toe churches win bold bo evening service HOPE TO SAVE EX-KA1SER.1 v. . Societies Organixlng In Germany to ' Keep Former Emperor From Being ; ' Handed Qver to the Allies. -AMSTERDAM., b. a. - Societies to "save the kaiser" from being handed over to the allies are being organised la Germany, according to The Volka Zeltung of Osaahruck. -: ' Ehet Frederick,' second son of th former emperor, la ssid to have written a letter to Premier Ebert demanding that th government asslat in the plan. espionage act, was to be read In federal oourt here today. Th verdict, returned last night, waa reached after the Jury bad deliberated an hour and a half, Albert protested ha loyalty, to this country, aad testified thai tha period during which he was declared to have made- the utterances ass a blank to him, because of Intoxication. ' Ajn.-srsir.KTs. U8ES INTOXICATION FOR ALIBL PORTLAND, Ore, Feb. V-A sealed verdict In the case of Henry B. Albers. wealthy Portland miller accused of seditious utterances in contravention of the AMi'SEsiKvra, BANK AID FOR BUILDING. KEEP NATIONAL GUARD? THIN PEOPLE SHOULD TAKE PHOSPHATE Nothing Llk Plain Bltro-Phosphat te . Put en Firm, Healthy Flesh and Increase Strength Vigor : and Nrv Force. Suggestion Made That Federal Reserve Institutions Be Authorixed to Make ' . Loans to Encourage Construction. WASHINGTON, Feb. 5 Encouragement of public building with a resultant employment of thousands of men through the granting of authority to federal re serve banks to make conservative build ing loan was suggested to the department of labor today by Mark Temple Dowllng, chairman of the Massachusetts committee to revive building, Congr, Mr. Dowllng said should give federal reserve banks the power to loan 76 per cent of the actual' cost of the land and buildings for a term of five or ten years, st a rat not to exceed t per cent. The loan should carry an emortisation-provision that V-i per cent be paid on account of the principal each year. Judging from th countless preparations and treatments which are continually being advertised for the purpose of making thin' peoPl fleshy, developing srms, neck and bust, and replacing ugly hallows ssd sngles by th soft curved lines of health and beauty, there ar evidently thousand of men and women who keenly feel their xosiv thinness. ' . ! Thlnneaa and weakness are uausllV due to starved nerve. Our bodies need moreJj phoaphste than Is contained In. modern ! foods. Physicians claim there la nothing ( thst will supply thi deficiency so wall : the organic phosphate known: amung j LYCEUM- TWO NIGHTS, Friday nd Saturday, Feb. 7 and a. Mstin Saturday. Return ef Last Yr's Big Novsltv Hit, druggists a bltro-phosphat. which Is in- penetve and Is sold to seated pacaagn only by wm. b. Klnnison. 4tn ana &u In WASHINOfON. Feb. t-Senator Sher-tREEO WOULD CONTINUE IT AFTER man of Illinois, Republican, delivered an-; ether addrea In the senate yesterday assailing President Wilson and hie administration; ? He took the subject "Superman Government And Self-Oovernmenl," and asserted that the president was a superman Jby virtue of usurping authority. Much of the speech was devoted to an attack upon Henry Ford, who,' Senator Sherman said, was "an slleged superman" because he lnvente4 an Internal Combustion engine. .. "The United States." said Sherman, '1 no longer a republic of self-governed Tnrople. . It Is the rule now of - the alleged superman at the head of a group or class aggregations seeking their own advantage. Neither Is It a government of law. It la a, rule of some men, selfish, greedy, ambitious. Impractical and dreaming. Others huild a class despotism founded on spolia tion. Another group shout revolution and pillage unrebuked In public places." ' Declaring that the nation "hover on the borderland between peace and war," and pointing out that American ar fighting and enduring hardships In many ellmei, Sherman .continued: While they risk their lives and endure hardship In ViHen lands, our president spend nine weeks In ceremony, banquets and visiting with , kings, the powerful ot the esrth In endless stately palaver. Xt Is the, old story, of magnificence' and misery, of splendor and suffering, of selfishness and sacrifice. While he Coins new phrase and chases Infinite abstraction lilt? th empyrean heights of Impossible human' yearnings, the American nation drifts,' W drift in Russia. We drift in MjTexlco. We drift on the brink of( war and peace,: We drift on industrial reconstruction. We drift' oa domestle policies snd Internal peace. Th only definite ; goal is profligate expenditure end huge ; taxes !, ; r - '"Nothing out the grossest 'of egotism ' took him to the peace conference, where no executive. of any other civilised poa-er alts. He cannot resist th tut of the limelight The group to which h pan " ders applaud. The averag man looks on It ailent but with undisguised disgust ITS DISCHARGE. Another Provision of Missouri tnk-tor's BUI Gives Present Officers Who Served In Field Same Rank Upon Transfer to New Organization. , . RECORD SALE OF ART PRINTS. JEW YORK, Feb. 5.-A collection of etchings and lithographs by Whistler, valued at 11,6(10,000 and owned by Howard Mansfield, a trustee of the Metropolitan Museum of Art In thi city, has been sold to a ' collector of Whistler prints. The 'purchase price 1 reported as $SOft.0sn. The ssle I said to be the largest eingle transaction . in art ever handled in thi country. : . . , mond StA, 7tb snd K J mood Sts in St. Joseph, and most ill drusaisrs under a guarantee of satisfaction or money back. Bv leedlns the nerves orrecuy ana oy supplying th body cell with th neces-1 sary phosphoric food elementa. bltre-1 phosphate quickly produces a welcome ! transformation in the appearance; the In- . crease in wt'lgbt fretiueiiUy being aston-' ishlng. .-. -: '""'" : Thi ' Increase la wetglrt- lo errle with It a seneral Improvement in th , health. Nervousness, sleeplessness nd I lack of energy, which nearly always accompany excessive thinness, soon dts-: appear, dull eye become bright, and pal cheek glow with th bloom ot perfect' health. " " i CAUTION: Although bltro-phosphat Is I unsurpassed ! for relieving nervousness, 1 leenlt aaneaa and . coneral weakness. It 1 should not, owing to It remarkable flesh- 1 growing properties, be used by anyone wrto' ooes not oeairs w himii, advertisement. ' i A Plar of Love snd Resuty With a Croat Cast of 2S People, Including - .Native Musician and Singer. PRICES Night, JS, 3S, SOe, 7ie, 1. . Saturday Matin, 2e, I60, SOe, i. SEAT SALS TOMORROW.- Electric LAST TIME TODAY Naziinova "EYE FOR EYE" I'icture Adaptation of Drsina : , . "L Occident." OANDV VAUOEVIULE O I t . ACTS it i Today, Matinee and Nights, . Adults 15c, Children 11c TOMORROW S. Rex.: Beach's Drama of Redemption, ' , ill With VtVUL ROOER3 CHAS. MILLARD & CO. .Rural Musical t'omedy.- PIERSON TRIO Singers and -Dancers. MATINEE 11c TO ALL rpfteum YOUR LAST CHANCE TO SEE Leu Is M. Aleett'i Famous Stery, "LITTLE WOMEN" Don't Miss the Wonderful Pathe Review (To Be Shown Tomorrow Also.) TOMORROW, FRIDAY A NO SATUHOAY sJESSEt-LASrCf . yewsvns. Wallace m "The Dub" tZ ' 1 Gone?" And blends They Will Tell leans nee This ishow. Oooner A t'oleman Hones:' ''Cart You Tame Wild Wimminf "Who'll Iove Tou While I'm Cone?" And many Other That Will Keep YOU uauttiliiK TOOTLE TONIGHT- IS YOUR LAST CHANCE To See snd Hear the Funniest Negro Comedians That Hsva Evrr Been la St. Joseph. Their Songs Are ss Bis; a Hit as Their Personality, 6 Other Good Acts Which Makes This Great Show. '" i' Complete New Bill Tomorrow. THEATER NOW PLAYING THE Escap e What advantage are you giving your children? What wnnld happen If they ahoiild ESCAI'K to the streets, to avoid Hi unpleasant horn lire? Ar you giving ihein tit OPpor. t unities you did not have, or do you think that "what was good rmitich fr you la good enough for tiiem?'' Paul Armstrong's Sensational , Drama, "TH E ESCAPE," Deals With This Subject. Special Matinee Saturday WASHINGTON. Feb. S.-A bill designed to continue national guard organization after their discharge from the army waa Introduced yesterday by Senator Heed of Missouri and referred to the military affairs' committee. . " u Senator Reed said the measure was designed aa an amendment to (he army appropriation bill now in the house, and that Us pprpose was the preservation of the national guard system. He explained that it was drafted by national guard officer to meet the situation created by war de partment orders, which, he 'said, would result in disintegration of national guard units upon their demobilization. ' , .The principal provision in the bill requires khat within sixty days after discharge sToni thearmy, national guard unit which ar certified by governors ot state aa being recruited up to GO per cent bt their original 'enlisted strength when called to the colors, shall remain as state units. .. . i "'..,". i. ,,; - ,-...' Another provision would tve present national guard officers who have served in I he field three .months, their same rank upon discharge and transfer to the pew national guard organisation. - Train Your Stomach To Eat Heartily Plain Food is th Rule Today But Is Heavy for Many - Stomachs, Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets i. Will Digest Any Food. LIEUT.-GEN. BATES IS DEAD. . , Snd. Come to Aged Arrriy Officer In . Sen Diego i-Wai Retired From' Active, Service In 1906. SAN WBQO. CaL, Feb. t.-Lleut.-Gen : John Coalter Bate, V. 8. A, retired, died Aher early yesterday, H was seventy nine years old. General Bates waa appointed from Ml-. ourt v lieutenant in the 11th United titate infantry In 1WU becoming a CaP' ; tain m 1M3, major in 18S estonel In 1692, , and In Uss became major general of vol' UnteerS. His appointment to. flag ra.nk in the regular army cam in ll, nd'he , was mads a msjor-genersl in the foi . 1 lowing year. u , ' - ' In IMS he waa comtnlmloned lteuten : ant-general and chlef-of-etf f. leaving ' the service the same year at his own reJ ' -quest I'jr, retirement after forty year service, f ' 700 CITIES TO HONOR T. R. WORSE EVERY YEAR Plenty of St. Joseph Readers Have tfh Same Experience. Don't neglect as aching back.. It generally Bet worse every year. ., Ta cure kidney backache you rxfhgtl cure ine kidneys. . , It you don't, other kidney ills may IOIIOW VrtBary troubles, danger ot aropey, gravel and Bricht's disease.. Follow the advice of this St. Joseph citizen. W. A. Craighlll, prop, grocery, 1623 Olive . SLrt says: "After my experf enre with- Doan's Kidney Pills I am glad to endorse that fine remedy. It was about fifteen- years go that I suffered with my kidneys. At first I only bar! slight pains through my back. but before long 1 was in pretty bad shape. When 1 bent down to lift any thing, a sharp pain caught me in jny kidneys. . My kidneys were in need of good cleaning out and building up. After I had used Doan's Kidney Pills awhile,-! I was all over , the trouble. I That was some 'years ago, but I still use Doan's occasionally as a preventive."..: ., . , - Price SOc, at all dealers. Don't simply ask for a kidney remedy get Doan's Kidney Pills the same that Mr. Cralglilll had. Fotter-Milnurn Co., Mfgrs,, Buffalo, N. Y. Advertisement ailiimimiliir.. " . . 4 The Greatest Name in Goody-Land gee nihrillllC r W' ; A.' W s VV a ft ' MIT 'Y'S HI 1 . . ' " r Memorial Services for Lst -Former President Next Sunday Wilt Be Gen ' eral Throughout, United States. ' NEW TORK. Feb. t-Memortal service for Theodore Roosevelt wilt be held ua-der the auspice of ihe Americsn Defense Society In' more than seven hundred cities throughout the, t'niled State next Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock. It was aa-tnnnejid today. Services also will he held - same boor. The New Tork memorial service will be held at historic Trinity rtturch. ' ' '.V'-"- Nothing ti Mdre I'tterly WaMefiil Than U Leave rtateful ef tend llekeo AC . ' People.who nibble at food can recall the time when they ate heartily anything tbey liked. There was no dyspepsia then," no stomach ttouble, because there was a plentiful supply ot digestive , juices. : You can bring back the good old timet 11 you follow each meal with Stuart Dyspepsia Tablets.- They relieve hour stomach, water brash, heartburn, gas, rumblings. bad breath, coated tongue and dead, dull, stupid feeling. ; Sit down to your nest meal and eat heartily.. Enjoy your food In peace. Let . your , appetite ; have full play. When' all through, take A couple of Stuart's , Dyspepsia ( Tablete and feat1 no consequences. Thosuands have taken this advice and been glad they did. Get a SO-cent box of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets from your druggist, Advertisement Lausua, The Modern Watch T Watches have Improved so wonderfully in sits, shape and outline that the trten carrylag an old model. Seems woefully .out of date.) Our rebruary Watoh Balej Includes Wgln and other' seed makes. . Also . Wrist Watehes. ST Beside' good looks, ae- euraoy and dependability distinguish the new watches we ar showing.'' Th price are moderate in eemDarufon.- . -uur uusrsnts is veur , ". t ' fgurd" ... . - ti a Wk lsyi far Our 1 Q Elgin Special at,..,.,. X.O 'W. F Maxwell an fbluc ar usiuiiMglistJ''iai'suf ' i sft.anTisii CATARRH VANISHES fters'ls One Treatment That All Suffere'rs Can Rely 0por : If you Want th drlv catarrh-and all Its disgusting symptoms from your system In tne snertest possioie time, go to your urug. sis' and ask for a Hyomei outfit todsx. Dreattt Jlyomet and let It fid you of eatarriti n give sucn qoics reiier tnar an who use li for the first time are astonished. Hyomei is -a psre pleasant antiseptic, which Is breathed Into the lung over the inflamed membrane; It Soothes the. sore epotSj snd nests an lnnaramstion. ' -Don't suffer another day with catarrh the disease I dangerou and often nds In consumutton. tart the Hyomei treatment today, io stomach dosing, no sprays or emmHtcs-. just ercatn it nt an Ask Wm, S. Kinnlson.-Advrtiement. know the realm of childhood dreams is a land of sweets. The most last ing way to make some of those dreams a delightful reality is to take home 1Ro$al THUR80AY ONLY LURE OF THE J CIRCUS The Third KpUwde of This Portal. A VIOLET ME&SEREAU . la the rtoeclal Feature Film, "HER PROXV HUpAND' ,And the Uproarious 1 Kov Comedy, "Charlie, the Little Daredevir FOR THE LAST TIME TONIQHT rsrmel Myers In "Who Will Marry Mer" and the' I.yrns-Mnran Comedy, "Marry .My V H"; Also the Lrftleet Current i:entK. onia The IIouff of Surrir Feature. , TODAY AND TOMORROW . EVELYN NESBIT THAW. "I Want to" Forget" A ricture of Intense Huntxrl Interest, fllveii a flii re and Beautiful Setting,' Late News Weekly " "What fnd Sam Will fo for,2 Cent" ; FT.IOAV AND aATURDAV Gfcorgo Walah Sniilino; Bill Parsons - )fp frequently. How r v about; tonight? SEALED TIGHT KEPT RIGHT SURE TO CETVmGLEYS v nWVIS THS MST RESUUS. , UOtT. . - m ostitis SMITHSONIAN eowteo ,- TrfU55 MOLD IN AMY Thisv Flavor Lasts! liiiiiiiiiiii ' ' , ' f ' rVnl S2S "' ',' TesrVfJRV5VS41fy- ttl mwmmmwam Ruptured People Should Know. that nn Ill-fitting tAiss or neglect nay cause1 strangulated hernia or death, and that - external medication toevsr effect a cure. - ,i. A nroberly fitted true give land comfort to tbo wearer, snd often-ttimes a complete curs Is produesd. We have spent many, years in the fittiDg of trusSoB, elastic wear braces of every description, and for all parts nf the body, and atsoiuuiy guarantee all of our work. Private Fitting Rooms at our Seventh and Felix streets store.: St. Joseph Drug Co. SEVENTH, AND FELIX TS. STOMA Thefe to ewfeP hat rslKf I oftc brooht by . PRICES 30c. 60c, HJtO "5f sr-a. - I PattBros. BT JOSEPH' HIOH-CUAS TAILORS-; SlI-FItANCIS ST. all ' if

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