St. Joseph News-Press from St. Joseph, Missouri on August 29, 1896 · 8
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St. Joseph News-Press from St. Joseph, Missouri · 8

St. Joseph, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1896
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ST. JOSEPIT DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY. AUGUST 23. 189V ttrttttttttttttt Cfte CDeaters Tn Tootle Thatr will present two sterling attraction to Its patron next week. Clay Clement will b In Tbe Bells" Monday night and John Griffith as Mephlsto In "Faust" Tuesday night. Both of these artists are well known In 6U Joseph and both are extremely popular. The Crawford will offer "O Doud Neighbors" and the Burnett concert as the cards of the areek. "The Bells," as performed by Mr. Clement, is an adaptation by Leopold Lewis, the scene being laid In Alsace an Christmas Eve, IMS. It Is one of the most picturesque and realistic depleting of the inner workings of conscience ever put on the stage, and at the same time one of the most exciting and Int.use dramas ever writtun. The story centers around the character of Matthias, an Inn-keeper, who to save himself from rutn. and his family from starvation, murders a polish Jtw who seeks shelter at bis hostelry during- a storm. Fifteen years afterwards be witnesses mesmeric performance. This preys upon the mind of Matthias, now the wealthy burgomaster, who Is Daunted by the sound of the lelgh-bll which the Jew's horses had carried. For security he marries his daughter to a young gendarme, through whose sagacity alone he fears discovery of his crime. Afraid that by talking In his dreams he may betray himself, Matthias, on the night of his daughter's wedding, sleeps In a lonely room, lie dreams. In this dream he la brought before a Judge and all the tearfulness of the court of crime. He d:fU-s the Judge. ; for nothing can be proven gainst him. A hypnotist Is summoned, and In a sleep, brought on In spite x. MR. CXAY CLEMENT. f himself, by mesmerism. Matthias Is made to te-enaet an tne termite uctriiis of his crime. - This Is the grand clfmn-: of the play-Quaint Alsatian characters Jend relief and pleturesun'- rnl'vr tn tlr-five scenes which convey th story. Mr. Clement, of course, portrays the chsrac ter of Matthias and his work is iiitt to k of great merit. This W the role." It will be remembered. In wfcb'h Henry Irving baa met with continued success. John Griffith, who will appear as Mephlsto at the Tootle Tuesday nihi. is a young actor whose career hae been something to be proud of. "Faust'' Is by no means a new play to the theatergoer of St. Joseph, but like 1ne, it Improve with are. Mr. Griffith' conception of the role nf Mephlsto Is that of a master. Gifted by nature with a handsome physique, a voice and features that are admirably suited to the difficult part; to these talent he has added years of study and toll that combine to make his presentation sf HI Satsnic majesty" a magnificent one. Griffith I not great alons In delineation and clever acting. He baa associated with "Faust" the minute details thst contribute to make the play logically and dramatically correct. Even his word, with which be helps Faust to victory over Valentine tn the third act. U a piece of steel without a hilt, thus JOHN GRIFFITH AS MEPHISTO. Illustrating the averseness of the devil to facing the natural cross that the blade and hilt would make. That Is but one feature of the maty In which Faust," as Interpreted by Grlltith, abounds. The scenic and spectacular effects give a most realistic (If that word Is permissible) Idea of the orthodox hell. The company supporting this favorite young "actor is said to be the largest and best he has ever had. The Empire Theater Stocck Company s-lll apear at the Twtle Theater about the middle of geptmiber. I'pon this k-tslt to Rt Joseph it will probably present "Jinheniia." , The Tootle Theater will be open five nights during carnival week. .Tuesday and Wednesday nights a new play, 'Tennessee's I'aratner," will be the bill. Hnlnnd Reed, that great favorite of the St. Joseph lovers of comedy. Is engagoii Tor the remainder of the week, with Saturday matinee, One nlfcht durinpr this engagement Mr. Reed will be seer. In his new play, "The Wrung Mr. Wright." Manager Philley of the Tootle has entered Into a contract- with the rising young tragedian, Otis Skinner, for a date In October. ... The Crawford will present to the pa trons of the drama next week the ex lillnrating farce comedy, "O'-Dowd's Neighbors." which will come Wednes- tiiy night, Mark MurplrJ-. the star of j Murry & MurphyV collection of comedians, is known to most of the patrons of the comedy Btage and th-y recognize him as a leader in his profession. One lof the prominent features of this pro- duotlon will be the Dixie Pir&nlnny Hand, which makes a favorable 1m-I preision wherever It la heard and In I itseif proves a great drawing card. THE TOOTLE THEATRE ojvu jvigiit . Monday, August 31 Engagement of the Distinguished Actor, MR. CLAY CLEMENT As Matthias u in HE BELLS" Supported iy In. diraWe comanrf artists Anagement, stumes by bhbfltx & Co. m A COMPLETE PRODUCTION. n m t w 1 Prfci 25 cents to $.00A Loges Si. vi mf nFr Tufesday , Sept. 1 . sngagement ! the Eminent Romantic Actor, . ' MR. JOHN GRIFFITH r ' ("The Greatest Living Mephlsto.") Assisted by an UNEXCELLED COMPANY, presenting on an elaborate seal Goethe's . FAUST Mounted with two car-loads of special scenery, electrical and calcium accessories, showing THE ELECTRIC DUEL! THE DESCENT INTO HADES I . THE REVEL ON THE BROCKEN I THE ELECTRICAL SHOWERS, ETC Prices, 25 cents to $1.00. Loges, $(.25. OTowr Neighbors- enjoyed a long and successful run In Chicago and New Tork and there Is every reason to believe that the engagement at the Crawford Theater next Wednesday night will be what the company deserves. Manager Brtgham proposes to give the patrons of the Crawford a line of attractions tbi season of which they will have no reason to complain. The Crawford has been undergoing a thorough overhauling and It presents a decidedly attractive appearance, both outside and inside, now. ' Manager Krlgham has bad the house thoroughly cleaned up and a large force of painter and decorators have Just been released. Those who aattend "O'Dowd's Neighbors" Wednesday night will see a pretty play house. Much, Interest center In the concert t be given by Mr. Samuel Burnett at the Crawford Theater Thursday night. Mr. Burnett ha made a pronounced hit at the.roof garden In Chicago where ae ha been singing during the summer season and the press and public pronounce him the best baritone ever heard In that aclty. Mr. Burnett will be assisted in the St. Joseph concert by Professor Boucher, the famous Kansas City violinist, and Mr. Ceeboeck, Chicago's celebrated pianist. These gentlemen are artists In the front rsnk of the musical profession. The Musical Courier says of Mr. Hurnotf. "Mr. Samuel Burnett, of St Joseph. Mo., has a rich, full baritone voice, which he handles as a great artist. His tones are big and resonsnt. and the covering Is most artistically done. He sang with masterly and thorough understanding Kri Tu from the Mask Ball, Verdi. Critics oredlct a most successful future for Mr. Burnett." On Monday next, August SI. Wonderland Music and Theater, formerly the Museum, will Inatigurate Its ninth season. This popular play house has undergone many alterations during the summer months and when the doors are thrown open next Monday It will be upon thehandsotnest museum In the West. Th most Important change, however. Ir, In the management. Mr, "Brownie" Wallace, whom nearly everybody will rem'mlior. from his long connection with the Musee during its early days. Is the new lessee, and as Mr. Wallace thoroughly understands the business, also the "wants of the people nf St. Joseph, he Intends to present only the very best of attractions. The curio parl ir tin been Improved and a fine reception room for lady visitors added. The entire house has been beautifully decorated, pale blue and green being the prevailing color. Seventy-four people have been engaged for nsxt week, as follows: The Hrahams. In a mysterious curio act; Misses Wilson an4 Mas-soney. vocalists and dancers; Carl Charles. eiulllte-lst; the Wests, comedy sketch.s; the j'Three Graces." refined comedy, songs!' and acrobatics; Het A children, cornetists, and Dyer and Thompson, thrf Alpine Mountaineers! MuMnee jtertormances will be given on opening day. '"; FARMERS' INSTITUTES Great Demand for Them In Missouri Next Winter. Columbia. Mo August 29. Colonel j. It, Rippey, secretary of the state board of agriculture, has reeeived applications, from over l.'ri) pla s asking that farmers' institutes be hi 1, The appropriation permits nt holilmg only forty- live or fifty of these. The folio-In forty places have been selected: llo-berly. Memphis, LaJilunla, Lancaster, lplata. New Florence, Warrenton, Marceline, Avalon, Moscow Mills, Labette, -Cowgill, Gallatin. Darlington, Kahoka, St. Joseph. Lebanon, Holla, Oregon, Pacific. Fairfax. Lathrop. Farming-ton. Freeman. Fredeiicktown. Foster, ivrryville, Greenfield. Jackson, Pierce City, Birch Tree, Hillings, Willow Springs, Springfield. Mountain Grove, Clinton, Marshtleld, Lamontc, Kusseilvllle and Eldon. in addition to these. Institutes will be held at the meetings of the five state agricultural associations as follows: gwlne lireed-ers, Poultrymcn's, Intlrymen's, Good Roads and Central Missouri Horticultural Associations. It Is also probable that short courses In agriculture will be held at tv.o accessible points lb the state, lasting from a week to ten days each. These will be similar to the short courses offered at the university, and will Include lectures and practical drilling. AMERICAN WHEELS ABROAD British Are Trying to Discourage Their Use. Washington. August 29. American bicycles are having a run In Ireland, according to a report by Vice Consul A. D. Plait of Dublin to the State Department. The British makers try to show: that the lightness of American wheels is at the cost of strength and thrtt they will not last. The points most criticized are the shape of the tubes the fnrm nt the n-1iu..l. , V, .5 ,..,. i. bracket bearing, the width of tread, the chain adjustment. Insufficiency .M mud guards, and esitecially the use of single-tube tires. Theise of wooden rims and light chain '-are claimed to be points of weakness. The consul advises that American wheels for the English market should have a gear case If desired. Double or single tube tires snouia ne optional. At the same time the American manufacturers ! should refuse to alter small details of ! construction, ns he nrerilMa that tv.- forelgners will ultimately come to recognise the superiority of the American machines. ' . tot cel. advertisement nds Will Be In Line at St. Paul and Minneapolis. A train ef special selected chair cars and the finest slrping cars will depart from the Chicago- Great Western depot. Third afldAJrsolne streets, at w on : MUSEE f THEATRE fourth and edmond stbeets. 'BROWNIE" WALLACE, MANAGER REOPENS MONDAY, : flag. 31 Finer Than Silk! New Name! New Ideas! New Management! mm ATTRACTIONS Bliajiis THE DETECT! vWdEFIERS NO OFTirtn OR CmzFN OP THIS CITT (MNS t'R Al PKOOUCK 1H OK HANIX'l FF3 HT WlfcL tl(i.U Tli.Ji. SSES WILSON tSTHASSONEY THE BEAU IDEALS UP TO rATK. EXPONKNTS Of ARTISTIC SOJWS ANL JJANCES. Ford WflStS Dot Ined Sketf tes. Vocalists, Etc. TBUEi vGRACI The Ac mi of GIlt'Edde. High- Gtedi Sketch Arltsts. ! MIS3 trif IXTRODlV'Vl SOMF, RE- ilARKAtB.K ACltUiiAJ WORK. , CaiCliarlcs eqLilisrist pbewier A MAljEt.Ol PEHIflRMlNCE ON ' H wv nr. ! .r! katie A njToF JLTURED CHILD MUSICIANS A Ot'ARANTtKD 8URrRali DYER &;H0WAR0V THE ALPINE MOUNTAINEERS In SketchfsrStmgs and Dances. , MA DVint 13 JCS-TT.T TYT,FD THE j XtA.NCI .1 I'll l.VUfU K.NUN 4 Pepple14 TO AMLSE Y ft RESPECTABILITY oim Mbn6 ! NOW AND At..WAfv.AnrR CAN 1 1 , A1TENP WlTlliR' K.H'tJilT. (S FRIDAY NEXT LADIES SOUVEMR DAY We Are Determined to Please. lOcifflOc RESERVES) SEATS 10 CENTS EXTRA. CRAWFORD THEATRE ' E. S. BRI6HAM. Sol Lssses u staaagsr. ery. SWto. f.-a fWsft on page t j j 1 ThOulS p. m., August to St. Paul ears will be trip. S10. This tral Burnes II us friends, and eraL In ord aecommodatloi made at one . snnrn nd Ml ee. Rati I 1 n will cafr -1 - n A a It. Josep to -Kii be api1 and T. 8L Joaepb, Uo. through solid capolls. Chair for the round T the T. D. R. boys, their people In en-e sleeping car cation should be H: HamlU, C. F. One Nil? WEDJ Jept. 21 LY & MURPHY'S ;ojvedans BUPPOKVlNCf MiVftK MURPtlT IN O'DOWD'S NEIGHBORS - Accompanied by the Famous Dixie Pickaninny Band PRICES JSC 50c AND 75c Reserved w-at sale opens at the theater box office Monday. - CRAWFORD THEATRE E. S. kRI6HAM, Sol Lssss and sUnagsr. "X'hursday. Sept. 3 w m BURNETT i ; A TREAT IN VOCAL AND - INUTKUMliNTAL, MUSIC. . susnacer tut aoeiaa niiuM am toua I ssiniss i wmmrmm -in las n r -rs- i. i TmTWmiCMn AGGRESSIVE JAiPAIGM COMIilEHCIIIG SEPTEMBER 1 ST On the above date we will open for public inspection the largest and best selected stock of Men's, Boy sand Children's Suits and Over coats evershown in St. Joseph. AL4- DOWN HE LINE We Expect to demon-strae to our patrons that we are THE ONLY CLOTHING HOUSE We Expect to Show That we have the choicest selections. That we have the greatest variety. That we have the best values. That no house can compete with :. US. OUR CAMPAIGN Will be fought to the finish in trying to prove to our customers that we have not stated anything but truths. GENTLEMEN, if you are from Missouri, we will show you. PERKINS IDERGE CLOTHIERS 401 Felix Street, Cor. Fourth. i

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