St. Joseph Gazette from St. Joseph, Missouri on February 7, 1869 · 4
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St. Joseph Gazette from St. Joseph, Missouri · 4

St. Joseph, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 7, 1869
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SAINT, JOSEPH 'DAILY ' GAZETTE:-' FEBRUARY 7.' 1869. BY TELEGRAPH. THE VERY LATEST. FROM WASHINGTON. Proceedings of the Rump. 4 The U. P. Railroad Assistance. to Get Radical Rogues Fall" Out A Reporter in . iLimho. A Two Months Speech . Off. Shot The : Case -, in Louisiana. . All ; France Armed,- Gen. Grant Talks Again. From, Tennessee It and Ar- v'-'kansasi v'.iti;;;? Interesting Miscellaneons matter.'" 4 The Money and." Gold Mar- St Louis and Chicago Mais &C, &Ck, &C" v,, ; Washington. Feb. 6. SeoAte took op the bill to rvpeal the Tenure or Office law.' -- Mr. Edmunds said the bill, as it had come from the House. Droooeed to remove all restrictions from the President io exercise of the power of appointment and removal.- The Senate J adiciary Committee had not thought it wise- to do that, and had reported an amendment, modi fy log the bill ao as to permit the President to suspend a civil officer whenever, in hid Judgment, public good may require it, subject to the approval or .trie senate,- without giving specific reasons for such sua pension. The majority of the com-mittee, of which he was not one, had thought fit that the heads ot departments should be subject to removal at the will ef the President alone, and had reported an amend' meat to that effect. . ...... ... . Mr, Morton was in ravor or a total repeal of the law. Ho believed it was a mistake in the beginning, and did a' not believe that the public had been in any way beuvntttu oy me act, on toe contrary, he felt satisfied that the law had been used to some extent to put thieves in omce,.. ana throw upon the Senate the odium of keeping them there," He liked the amend ment proposed by the Committee, so far us it allowed the President to choose the members of his cahinent, and thought not of ever depriving a President of that power, but the part of the amendment which would allow the President to sus pend an officer during the session ot Congress, without giving reasons for such suspensions, would make the bill worse than toe law it proposed to repeal. Mr. Howe did not think It wise to except Cabinet officers from thegeneral provisions. '. WASHUiQTOar, February 5. .' The January statement shows the total public debt, less cash in the treasury, to be $256,205,668. 1 Reliable- authority states that General Grant, at 'the .'French Ministers, a few, evenings ago, In the bearing of several gentlemen talked quite freely about public affairs, ana in the course of the con-1 vernation whilst speaking of Secretary Schofield said, he had made up his mind that the interests of the country could not be better served than by retaining him at the head Of the War Department. - '. ' ' The House Committee on the revision of the laws are preparing a a general naturalization bill, which will be reported in a few days for action at me present session London. February 6.- The Times denounces the Alabama treaty, and says it is incomprehensible and without order, unless it has a secret stipulation some-where? ' the consideration of the question of the Southern States as belligerents was plainly provided for in this treaty. Nothing' was excluded, the defects of the treaty have grown out of and are owing the fashion in, which negotiations .are conducted. If the- 17. &. Senate, hesitate to rectify the project England will no( chafe. It is desirable that the whole treaty, be revised ani recast, As it is now, practically, every claim may go to the umpire for final decision. If this is a settlement, the Times asks for a new the word. -'. . , New Orleans, Feb. 5. A dispatch from Austin says the Convention to-day engrossed the or dinance submitting the constitution to the people, i It provides for the . election of members - of Congress and state omcers on the first Monday of July A motion to adjourn sine die for the purpose of defeating the adoption of the ordinance was voted down &-ttfisvf. j X . ".V '.'New YoaaVFeb. S.- A flre ata Valparaiso December 81st.; occasioned great loss la property to the amount of several hundred thousand dollars. ' A number of persons perished in the flames. WAsmjJGTOK,Feb. 6. i' Mr. Dompiey, of the flrin of Dempsey A O'Toole. stationery contractors, undertook to-day to whip Lacy Duncan, one of the most active persons in exposing the fraud of this firm. Dempaey struck Duncan several - blows , over the heed with a loaded cane, but Duncan clenched with him, threw him down and gave him a sound threshlnz. The House to-day Dassed a bill for the relief of Admiral Farragut and the omcers and men or the fleet that passed Forts Phillip and Jack son during the war. . . , 4 .- v-t New Yoxx, FebT tS A vigilance commltteo has been formed in V est Chester county to assist the authorities to look after tho numerous coundrels who go there from this city. The numerous burglaries and other outrages recently have lea to tais organization." " . The - WaUTi&eet; brokers have asrreed to nay the tax of one-twen ty-fourth of one per cent, on capital emDloyed as demanded by the as- aessor, Mr." Webster; ! 4 x Paris letters say that all France la being armed, that all the towns are foil of munitions of war and that the people are. anxious to .know what this means if Looia; apolon is really desirous cX peace; ? ; ; .? Chicago, Feb.' Mrs. Stanton, Uim " Anthony. Lucy Stone. Oiympla Brown nd Miss, Cbapin are to address . the Woman's. fcuffrag- Conventioo, to be held In Library Hall, on the 11th and Jit n iost.: and MLss Dickinson will address the Sorosls, that meets at the asm time.-- Washington', Feb. 5. The . Senate Committee on the Pacific Railroad to-day, decided by a vote of 8 to 3, to extend the Union Pacific, Eastern Division, from its present terminus in Kansas southward to a junction with the Atlantic and -Pacific Road on the 35th parallel in New Mexico, the trunk line west of the Junction towards the Pacific to be built and controlled jointly by the two companies. me xionse (jommutee on jtudiic Lands, after ; hearing the case of the settlers upon the Cherokeo Neutral Lands, reported a joint resolution to the House confirming titles of settlers under the Homestead Act. The railroad companies are preparing to make a latter fight against the resolution. Mr. W. H. Pointer, a correspondent, has appeared before the Alaska Corruption Committee, and denied in toto the evidence given by Fred. P. Stanton and Robert, Walker. that he intended to black-mail thot gentleman ou the Alaska purchase.' Air. stanton is preparing rebutting testimony. Ihe Question of the annexation of the Dominican Republic is the leading topic of conversation here. Mr. Marquard, Confidential En voy of President Baez, who has been here several weeks, has had several' informal interviews - with members of the House Committee on Foreign Relations, and the com mittee will hold a special meet to morrow to consider the matter. Mr. Marquard offers, on the part of his Government, to cede the Territory to the United States, without reservation, upon the sole condition of our assuming their debt, amount ing to some f 12,000,000 or 1 15,000,-000. which its Enelish holders are pressing through their Government lor immediate payment. . Nashville. Feb. 6. Col. Blackburn. State Com d troll er, sent to the house of Representatives to-day a letter, apologizing lor nis Dreacn or decorum in strik ing reporter ? Brown x tat words Bpoken in debate". His apology was accepted and the committee of. it vestlgation dismissed. The Union and s. American, ef this city, published an article this "morn ing Instructing that Col. John B. Brownlow had written a letter to Butter, of school fund infamy, acKnowiedging the receipt or 2000, and that Gov Brownlow - was not above suspicion. Col- Brownlow denounces the letter as a forgery One of the editors of the Union and American was before the com mittee of investigation to-day. av-a .na. at mo, a. cu v The Avalanche has a letter from Maj. Gen. W. S. Harney stating that Major St. George Harney, recently shot by the Arkansas militia, was an adopted son of his, and that bis remains, which 'were buried here, will be taken to Alexandria, vi., nis native place, ror inter meht. The contract for completing the gap in the Memphis fc LAlUe itock Railroad, have been awarded to Sawln A Sickles, of New York.who obligate themselves to complete it ny the nm or nex KMinwrv. 1-1 tvi vi R AAA. A, A, Jk V. Further advices from Mexico state that Gueroga and other Generals have pronounced in ftivor of Santa Anna, and that the movement is progressing, Jotte De Annus, the Peace Courier to the insurgents, has returned unsuccessful. The insurgents demand that guarantees be given that the Spanish Government will com ply with promises made to view of their return to arms, and of a demand made by the insurgents, is certain the war will continue. The fate of the Island can only be de- cannot grant the demands of the insurgents. " The war in the Eastern JJl strict continues., Santiago and the immediate surroundings are free of Revolutionists. Most- conflicting stories are in circulation regarding the killing and death of many prominent insurgents wno had presented themselves to accent the amnesty. The renort that the Insurgent General Aquebra w a cap tured is doubtful. f AtiaANta, Feb. 5. In the Legislature to-day. the House refused to. reconsider the resolution 'referring . the question of negro eugioiiity to the supreme Court, , by a vote of 56 ayes to 76 nays. , AIDANT, N. Y., Feb. 6. The annual meetincr of the Amer ican Social Science Association will be held in this city on the 17th and 18th inst. Addresses will . be deliv ered by distinguished speakers. New Yokk, Feb. 6. , . An extensive fire is now raging in Mulberry street, in a large picture frame factory. i -i. t '-" I " ' f " -"St. Louis, Feb. 5. i Nothwithstanding the favor with which the representatives of the Woman's Suffrage Association were received yesterday at Jefferson City, to-day when Mr. McFarland introduced in the House a joint resolution, declaring that hereafter no person snail be denied the right to vote on account of sex, . and providing for iti submission to the people at the next election, many members forgot their record of yes terday, and a motion to lay on the table was carried by ayes 61; nays 60. The ladies, although disappointed , are determ 1 ned to remain until the question is settled. Acau cus of several members favorable to the cause was held with the ladies at noon, to determine what , course should be pursued, but the -result is not yet known. There is some talk of coupling the project with negro suffrage, and if that fails, work for a Constitutional Convention. I WASHISOTOiT. Feb. 4. The Senate spent the greater part of yesterday on the constitutional amendment, hearing speeches from Mr. wiiuams ror it. Mr. vickcrs against it, and Mr. Sumner in favor of his bill as a substitute. .. There was some talk of payij Southern Senators back to March. 1867 .during which!Mr. Trumbull de nounced the proposition in - strong terms, and said ft was time for the Senate to stop delating this ques tion. .-.. - Mr. Conkling was appointed teller on the part of the Senate to count the Presidential vote on Wednes day next. : me iiouse spent the morning hour on private bills. The Democrats then made another effort to get the House to pay the expenses of arresting one of the New Yorkers who relumed to testify before the committee on Llection Frauds, but did not succeed, and the reporter wiu nave . to remain custody mi ne pays nis own costs or has there paid bv his democratic friends. The army aDDronriation bill came Up and on it while in Committee of the Whole, Mr. Hooper made his financial speech, on which he has been engaged for two months. Some debate rollowed, but not no action was taken on -the bill. F , President Johnson, is- making preparations to return to his borne in Greenville, Tennessee A portion of his family left to day and he will go with the remainder about the nlddle of March. ,i:u-i . a 3lAX)H, Feh.5. The Provisional Government will present to the Constitutional Cortes the draft of a constitution, embrac ing: clause prohibiting slavery In the Spanish Dossessions, It will be left to the Cortes to decide as to tht method of freeing them. , . v - A . recently to fire;-the Childrens' Home, containing 200 juvenile grls of 14. An inmate named Ellen ple was arrested, and confessed guilt. Moutrkal, Feb. 6. The ? Governor . General has ex pressed an opinion that Montreal! should bo the seat of government, and he will use his influence to have it brought here. Several well known Fenians have left Canada for the United States, is said, a revelation by Whalen. Hollawell, Me, Feb. 6. . Ex-Governor Hubbard died in his office to-day of heart disease. i f. "I -New YoRKFeb. & H. Governor Blair, of Michigan, the Republican member of the sub com mittee of two from the Congressional committee appointed to investigate the naturalization frauds, has concluded the examination of over 100 witnesses in Orange county.and will return to Washington to-day. , New York, Feb. 6. Money Easy at 6(7 per cent, on call, latter exceptional. Bank Statement Regarded unfavorable from loss in legal tenders, but decrease too small to influence the money market. Loans $266,541, -732, increase $1,370,623; specie $27,-839,404, increase $154,481; circulation $32,246,636, increase $15,280, deposit $196,602,899; decrease, $382,563. Legal Tender, $53,424,123; decrease, $1,323,436. SterlingDull at 19 Gold Stronger and opened at 135, closed at 135J( 1551. Government Bonds Active and higher; foreigners buying freely, '67s were the feature and rose to '. The press condemns tha bill be fore Congress for the conversion of registered into coupon bonds, as unnecessary and In the interest of speculators. St. Louis, Feb. 6. t Flour Firm, especially for low and medium grades. Super, $5 25 (6; X," $8 10(516 50; XX, $6 757 60. Wheat Dull; $1 60C1 96, prime to choice fall; spring lower at $1 30 1 33. Corn Slow at 72(75c, latter for fancy. Oats Slow at 63(3i66c and fancy black, for seed, 66Kg68c. Barley Quiet and unchanged at $1 85(2 20 for prime to fancy spring. Rye Unchanged at $1 25&1 27. W'hisky Nominally 92Jc. Pork Active and higher at $33Cd 83 50 ori spot. Bulk meat Very stiff at 131(413 liacon active and advancing; shoulders, 14; clear rib nides, 17; clear sides, 18. Sugar cured hams, 18(V19c. - - - - Lard Dull at 20 J for pri me tierce. Hogs Steady; packed to date, 229,000. Cattle Quiet and unchanged, ranging at 3j7j for inferior to choice. ,-$t&l ,sllif Chicago, Feb. 6. : Flour More - active ? : medium spring extras and superfine $5 00(0$ $6 50 for former and $4254 90 for latter. ' " 1 " ' ' i Wheat Without material change and No. 1 at $1 20K4123, and ' No. 2 at $1 15H41 lSi, closing steady at $1 16431 15. , 4 , , ... . - Corn Easier and lower, sales 571 (S58i for new, closing at inside figures. . - - - f . ' if Rye Quiet at $1 ICai l6i. Barley Hrm and 3c higher, Closing at $1 87 for No. 2. :' it-High Wines Neglected and nominal at 90c . Oats firm and fairly active Sales at 53 and closing at 524521. ITovwions opened steady and strong at an advance of 87$ per bar rel on mess pork and t(9t per pound on lard, but toward the close the advance was partially lost, sales at 33 for mesnlporKfcash and 33,37 J. THEODORE n.J0R5G8$EBf .nnwH tiui, - GENERAL GROCER, Wine and Liquor Merchant, 2V. E. Cbr. third A FAmond St: ST. JOSEPH, MfX AIM SOI.K ftuUKwteed urrat tor Ht. JoM-ph iixt Ttciaitr ol tbe HAMBURG AMERICAN STEAMSHIP COMPANY. ; I'ig BETWEEN,: l"3;.4i:i New York, Uamburg. Sontb- aiupton, Loduod, Havre, and Xew Orleans. Holsatia. Westphalia, Hammonia, , mmoria, juiemmania. uerma-nla, Saxonia, Borussia, Bavaria and Teutonia. 1 1SSPE1 ' Certificates eT Passage On Steamers ud Skiiiac TeMeU tor Emigrants to N. W. Missouri rrom OERMAVT, 4 FRASCE, SWTTTEH ; LAND, 1RELAM) umI KNULAVD to fSew York and Ken Orleans, Ami ! mumUm I wtU Im. If 4. f tra, fHratsh MrtllcaMt f mmt PCUt Hrn m tk CMtlaeat trmtm XmW Tarh. r V Orl ST. fOSEPH. jnsoocaf. FOREIGN EXCHANGE, Drafta Eslad, Betimm4, Irlaikd Fmbm, eraM jr. Italy, Owttserlaatf , PMHUk, lw4, Xnrr, anii u OllferstA taM M ; rail 1 OBaata f amis Foreign Bills of Exchange ( and Foreign Coin la kad wnraralac f pk. THESDOSE It. BOKSCICSsCa, ' X. E. Cor. Third sad Edmond 8u. , drc-3m ST. JOSEPH. MO. Iflorfgagee Sale. X7TIEBEAS, E. O. BAYS. AND SAKAH VV A Hivi. hia wife, br tbrlr rrtaia tnnrtae dd, dated the id 'y of January. lxCT, aad recorded in the Recorder' offlcc of Ructkaaaa. county,' Mitwouil, in book forty - riKht (4s) , Vf lws luiaitrra aaa rrniy-vro J j -I iiaiiii.vh 1 ,a tit. MllimlnMl A .i if. I H lot of around ia the county of Buchanan, in thr State of Miaaouri. to wit: lha untlivHicd half of lot (ra (10) , in block one husdnd and rUrhtecn (11M), la smith' addition to lh city of South Saiut Joiicph. ia Bachaaaa county, Miiwouri, which convcyauea waa maile to ae-cur the payment of four promiamry aotea ia aaid mortayc deed awationed and deacribed. And whervaa. Said jnortgaire deed provkied that ia eaae aaid E. O. Hay failed toayid aotea, or any part thereof, wbea due, xaiit Diurtaxee might aeU aaid lot at public aactioa , fur r.tb ia hand . U the hutheat hiddc-r. at the court house door, -in Buchanan-eoouiy, Mis souri, Brxt iririnr thirty aaya B.iUce or the tune and place ofaale, with a uVwripttoo of .1.. . t .. ..1.1 , K - .1 .. . . ... in aome neWHpaper pruitea ia the city of .Saint Joseph, in the county of Buchanan, ia the Mate of Missouri And whercaa. Tare OI nai -aotea ace now due and unpaid. A A , tta Now, therefore.-by virtue of the power iujne VMtrd, by aaid ntarQraee deed, 1 will, at aaid court houee door, in said city of Saint Joseuh, Missouri, on Saturday, the ttttb day of February, A. ). It, aril saiii lot at public aacttoo, lor cash in hand, to the aiirhest bidder, to atify aaid notes. wriutn ouaai i,K, laaUk-ht MortcaKce. J. M. STREET, STATE SAOEJfT f it '. LOCIS) aVTIIAI. LIFE IN. CO. omce contcr .woki o-i f rauc a.a., , . i Lancaster, Pa., Feb. 6. Several attempts have been made Jsn9-ly ST. Jossrn, im. .iSi Iff OPENING BALL AT THE PATEE HOUSE, i ON Monday, 22d February, 1869. ft Honorary Xaasfcrs Hon W P Hall, Hon E J Montajrae, Hon M Oliver. ; Hon Silas Woodson, non Jas Craig,, Hon i C Parker, Hon J L Bitttnger, Hon A Beat tie, Hon OB Wilkinson, Hon John Corby, Gen Geo H Hall, Hon P BIIm, Gen W R Penick, Gen J M Bassett, Maj T J Chew. Jr A M Saxton, Thoa B Weakley, Jo C Hull, Col A G Gower, PL McLaughlin, DrCF. Kniffht, M M Clacrjreu, R T Penick, Col GH Koch, I Hilton TooUe, Gen R C Bradshaw, Hon H M Voriea, Jas R Willis, Judge J R Bell, DrEC Pates, Ab ram KaTe, . . v J W Bailey, Capt Thos Henry, Dr Jos Smith, K L McDonald. 1 Carpenter, Jr, Thos Connelly, J H R Cundirf, Col J U Dayton, G W Samuel, Win Eckbart, P L McLean, Oen Kobt Wilsou, Ur Hugh Trwor, E R Horton,' RC Mitchell, V B Bock, J C Ogrden, J B Hundley, Lewis Hax, f John J Abelll fl M U Fish,- Wm K Richardson, David Pinger va Jas A Owen. Jno M Frazer. Baml En worth, Jos P Grubb. C W Davenport, I V Riley, Hon C Schreiber , II M Garlichs, D M Steele, P H Early, C A Rowley; i Theo Borngesger, S Adler, C W Campbell. PA Huxley, H N Turner. WMWyeth.- fc Cliaa Deichman, Benj Chtlds. Capt Jas Highly, Maj S A Garth, B B. Frazer, n B Ketcham, W Z Ransom, Dr R Gunn, Wm Ridenbangh, M D Morgan, Hon D H Win ton , Col L M Dunn, Col Bennett Pike, F B Kercheval, Thos Conrad, Col John Pinger, E W Ray. Dr R Richardson, Jacob Madinger, ' Ben C Powell, RH Jordan. ' Capt Chaa West, P L Hurett. Isaac Lincoln, Capt J A Dolman, Col Jno Severance, Chas Thompson, DrHeddens. Thos E Tootle. Jas Kay, WDSiceluir,' Ben Ullman, D A Contuble I V nardv, Dan O'Toole. HEW Hartwfg.l Wash CuDdlff, Tol Fairlelgh, Benj Riddle, - Thoe Elfred, Robt II Chamber?, Jno C Evans, DrCaUett, ' CVrenus Cox, i Thos W Keys,' j. Lewis Stlgers, Hon Henry Tutt, ur Gray, DrAtctUon, Thos Edwards. , . ij Dr Long, t-- G B Skinner. OMAHA. HWTate. ; J P McNeely, WUI R King; c-orxcti. iicm. Col J D Test, RL Douglass, A C Dodge, Jno Stewart, ! ' 'VKSBASKA CTTT.-. ;i J Sterling Morton,' & W Hanks. ' WHITS CLOUD. RM William. C F Van Butkirk, i Judge John IlUtt, O BaUey. BKOWimXXSM 1 w s-.fS! Col A W Furness, J 8 Heltzell, T W Bedlordu s l-ss-i ; i FHKLra. Col P A Thompson, i v AVavxas. non Wm Heren, r Dr Wakefield, Dr Bryant, John R Carter. ATCHISON. . G W Fail-child. Hon G WGlick, Gen Stringfellow, Col J II Graham. LBAVSXWOKTR. . Judge J L Pendery.Hon J C Yaughan, JSKlce. Hon Thos Carney, Hon D W Wilder, E Hensley. LT Smith, -- i ' Ksjttiaa citt. Gen Jno W Reid, Dr Jos Woody, 1 Col Theo S Case, Ken wood, WBNapten, Jr. David Street. Jas ve, Wm Doufflasa, Hon M J Payne I ROCK PORT. Ezra Hunt, --m AB Durtee. FOREST CITT. u - pt WS Cannon. J M Ford, J D Treet, OftEOOX. Jons Lalimer. Ira Peter, R C Watson," GLKSWOOD. W AAndVraon, E C Boobyshell. -.-,..; '.v.v,.-''okiai(. t - . f,'-4't aark Love, " r Judge PnlMi, A B Symmea, SIDNEY. A F Metalman, Frank Woodi rf ' i RAMBCKO. J T Davis. ,,;Siif WESTOX. Col Jno Doniphan, Hon J N Burnes, Hon 8 A illlbert, Hon A G Beller. CAMEMXi Col M F Tieroan, Col AT Bauble. KOCHESTEE. Ma) E S Castle, W M Shanks. CHILLICOTHK. Geu J II Hammond, W L Herndin, Judge McFerran G Bird. J T Johnson,' . MACOX CITY. Col J F Williams, Hon Clark II Green, C G Epperson, i Jno H Overall. '"r ' " TBOT. Alerry. Col SidTennont. -'tS - .BAJsiail, -5 & J T K Hay ward, 1 C W Mead, C O Godfrey, A ITStiUwell, PBGroaV -va34J Easton.;, Hon Josiah nunt, RICHMOND. Geo Z Waason, i t Capt J T Child, ? W W Orrieh, Thoa II Bay lew. ilBEBTY? Capt Wm Garth , II G;BIand. Capt T McCarty, LEXINGTON. E,W Hale, f .E Winson. t i ' HTTSBtnO. tst'i-W Ed W Turner, Dr N Fred Essig. Comaaltteo r A rranreaieB ta. John B Brady, SCJnJson. winuittave, Honry Branson, : RE Turner, V Van Waters, J Hemenway, S A Young, v R J Wellei, Count Harris. Jno A Nicely, Jno Lemon, Reuben Kay, . Dr C II Darby, John H West, M A Reed, . , Jos C Ford; M 8 Farrls, Dr E A Donelan, Isaac Curd. Coaaaalttoe of Receptions. Jno T Weller, Jas P Lowell. J U isaidwm, Jno K Kercheval W A Davis, Jr., Chas H Seamen, DrAVBaue, GN Truer, Thos P Conner," Ben W Fleming, J D Richardson, Josephs Browne. TB Burnett, Mr Williams, JaaW Kinneau,,, Lon M 'fuller, Ben O Weller, Jas J Carbry, WSBell, A Voll, PB Pnnk,f fl A Kirkpatrick, Wm Farwell, Richard Mclntyre, AMHager.iS mittee or IaiTitattOB. Wm Boil. Dr R. Stewart, N F Baldwin, Jas T Carbry, J B Ulnman, W F Peterson, Ed Robidoux, FW Smith, Jas Hull. CFBailev. ' Cnas Kearny, Jno D Flint, , -J B Hutchinson, Jas A Corby, E L Marney, WInslow Judson, Samuel Allen, 1' B Burnett. Juo W Burnett, ,t3G Heddenberg. J J Brown, - Geo Andrew. JnoSKellosr, Floor Manafsra. Jno Laughlin, Mat W Clair, Jno J Brown, Ben Colt. Jas C Dolman, Dr WU Boon. B Bernard, Iaaac Ed wank, ThosCulligan, JasOBraJv, SRIInyett, ' C B France. Rice Gil key, J B McdeerV 1 SSMcGibbotis.' Wm G Fairlelgh, F T Hall, OenlV Council, J M Donning, T D Hastings, Wm II Uammett, Rich Saunders, R P Giles, L F Weimer, . Jos Durfee. Jno Saundern, Chas Hull, Thos Roberts, Dr J M Austin, S W Spencer. H OP F'S MALT EXTRACT. Great Reduction In Prices! Qualiticx and Preperieti t?nitnpaircd, - , ; DditrnSfsil, XatritlOM BevevMjr, " "A neaanl, Invlgoratlug Tonic: - Soabtltwtet for Ale at Alcobolic Iriuka ' A .Strcagthcaer for . the Debilitatcl, (Especially Jinrsinft Mother.) 63- A certain Bemedyr njr Diaordrra of tha THROAT," CIIEST, LfN'GS and STtMAt il. Sole hv ;rucxiats and. rucers. - J4iel. N. I'EOERSES, . -4 Murrar street. Item Vork. lc. Anf fur the raited States and the BrifHh lToviocea or J(ornt America. . lebVrOtlmn. '"GRAND Financial f and s Commercial HAIBTT JOSEPH If AatK.rT- Orrica Sri Joaarw Dxitr GazsTrs, t . : February 6, lS9. ( The wholesale trade of the city has been moderately fair for the season. Country merchants are filling ap their stocks with articles absolutely needed, and the demand for staple roods of every description Is rood, with but little change ia quotations. In the line of pry Good , while few heaTy sales have been made, fair Older are being constantly filled, and merchants are kept reasonably busy . The demand for Groceries continues fair, and prices of all staple articles remain firm. There has been a slight advance in Dried Fruits, which are becoming scarce in the market. . . The Boot and Shoe trade has continued very fair, and all grades of this class of goodf hare remained steady. : The Retail trad of the city has been light . People from the conntrjr jonly eoroe ia when U is absolutely necMTi consequently all classes of retail dealers are complaining of "dull times." This trade will, of course, revive as soon as the roads dry np.. The supply of the retail market has been light, and price have fluctnated considerable. Game all kinds has been remarkably scarce, and brings good figures. Fruit and vegetables are advancing In prices as the supply In the country diminishes. . i Below will be found the quotation for the day, carefully corrected;' " riXAHC-IAL. There haa fcctm 0 change in the Uold market since our last inane. Gold is held at S.K&33K buying, and SiH selling. . City Warrant are worth B0$!rc, and Comity warrants 8S9Uc. -) i s r COEXEiriAU ; ; -s- - M'P, SSMaaVs JtStASri; ; There has been no change of any conseonene m the Dry Ooods Market and we continue onr former qnotatlons : rnurrs. Malory, pin. .-. '., . . Richmond, dark........... Richmond, light Oriental, t. . j. .................. . Amoakaag ...... v.... ...... Aliens, dark......;...1............. Wauregma, dark... Conestoga.,.,., Gloucester ..... j City Mill....-.. Bedford ..,,.............. . WamsutU.. ........... ......... Troy SHCSTI.KI. Iudlaa'sUead... PsiSn K ...... ....... .14 is 13 ...... .MX .......IS u 13 13 13 11 10 ...... W 7X ...... .17X t....17 Uaanelleville.A A... .....MX Stark, A. i ........ r ...... n Manhattan, K.. It Blue Hilge Berkley. A.'.'.', ..V...... .UH Ohio Brown,.... 11 1 Albion, A. . -. i ;A X l . . a ii 5 J-.. . . . . .... IS sujtacKKD Mcause. Fruit of the Loom, 4-4., ..19 j Londadale, 4-4............. 18 I James' Bream Mill, 4-4. IX York Dale, 4-4 1 Lipptl. 4-4 ....,... 15 Washington, 4-4... 14 Winthrop, 7-. lH Canoe. 3-4 , Diamond Hill, 4-4. M KrrsageA,4-4..... iltiHrin, Messrs. Nsve, MeCord Co., furnish the following quotation in the Wholesale Grocery trade: .: ' i : .' . Hurar, common ta choice S. O B. . 13 Halt Crushed and powdered Sugar 14 A Sugar.. . .-MUSS B Siurar llot C Sugar .a. .... ; 1A 1( CoOee. .-. -. . i . r.v 8alt, new fine barrel... Bioe . Star Candle. .. .. Soap . . ....... . .4. vuaxaa S3 Sft lOali .17 -v. a BOUa .......,v-..i Kails keg Tea, Imperial and G P. choice...... Tea, Young Hy sen, good to fin. - Ta, medium qualities. .'" Can Fruita fl case.. . . ....... . , Oysters, l easa. .................. ... B rooms, dosen........ - Ha 1 7Sal SO 1 4flal SO 1 M1 40 . saaoases . atouaa . i 0a4 . liM . 13t14M ta 25 12 U ! 9 M 0 t S . W JlaAtS 1 10 S3 7ualU IrleO Apptea tariad Feaehea Dried CurrauU Blackberries Cherries, uapltted , Woodm War. No. 1 tuba dos .. " Xo.t ' ' . :-. so. i . v " . Tax hoop pall. Two hoop paila. Waah Boards. . . . v. . . . Golden Syrup, gal ia bbla of liu. Belcnar'ayrup K. O. Molaaaea gal Toaacpo. Tobaoeo. No. 1 fl . ..,.,.. Katnrat Leal, No. I. Grape Juice .. Common smoking. ..... Kiuikinick, fl bale FineCut Chewing Virglaia Seaokiag .... SHnte slsiaigin. J A Wain worth' Rosin Faun. : fcitrn Family .. ' f Caemioal trasire. . - 4'i I i MUled43ermaa... 70 - soaa Meal 10 Soaa& i 156 70al 10 toal SU ..ccaa ,.tc " . Be .. Km ausal Bn Mar-set. Orrira r Vic-ros B. Brca, I rrbrnary 5, Best euatom work becoming acare and prices firm. Low grades nominal. We quote : Mens' Castom slip Boot frtsto SM Mens' lail aooa... ..... .... Men' Donaldson Bootee. . m to S3 IS to 19 80 to M Ml to . M to . U to 1 to W l 84 18 S7 M 16 It 9 3. U is Women Calf Balmoral : jun. ' V A Calf ' Serge Gaiters, . Misses Calf and Kip Bal Misses Goat and Febbled Bal IS to Children' Goat and Febbled Bal i to to Goat and I sacr Bal 4 Boys' Cnstom Kip Boots........ S4 to Youths' Culom Kip Boats. ..... is to Childrena Castom Kip Boot 15 to RM natal W4 Market. r t ; , i vmci or J. Jo C., l . kilA,Jii if.-.r- February 5. i suns. Green, per lb....;. 8 I Dry Flint... 9u Green Cored, per lb 10 (Dry Salted 17 . . , atscci-tjrxor. -Beeswax! per lb, . J7 I FeaUter .. .... 5 TaUow .. X I Rags.... ...."3 FeiU 404M rens. Mink., 001 Racoon,. ..loafi Rau, fidos.. 1 SO I Wolf ...1 2Sa3 00 - - t -.- wool... . -r Tub washed and picked, par lb.. ........ .40Vtt Unwashed, not picked, net lb. ., ... . 45 Fleece Washed, per lb..... .....3035 Fleece, unwashed. .......................-Joi3 Gratai suae Flonir Market. Corrected for thai Dau.t 6axcttk by Wuiis A Brother, tteventa street. WnesAaaving declined, thrra ia not mora coming in. Wheat, Choice Fall fl bashel .1 40al SO Wheat, Spring soal 00 Flour, best quality Fall Wheat ; Wholesale ...AJ B0 Retail.j, . ,,f .,..... . ... S5 50 Spring 1350400 St. Louis extra bbl. ....... ........ U&12 50 Corn, in the ear, fl bush... UH&tt Corn, shelled, f buh.. " . 0 Barley. ,.... ,....,. ..,.... 185 Oat,. ........... .., 50 Ry. , a W Corn Meal, new .. , 75 Bran, ficwt.. ...,.... 100 Jenh Pnnaeatle Mnrmot. rtatoe,baah. :...., 1 00 Sweet potatoes...... 1 01 75 Turnil.,....,....i. 100 Beets. ............. ..;.... too Cabbage, m head. . -,,.. ............ 5(820 Onions, fl bush. ,S3 S0i 00 Fresh Butter, prune, , 30 Butter, fresh, , ....,..,. ......;... SSaSO Em.fidoa Chiekeua, dox. S (XKovi 50 Apples, fi bush S 0u4 00 Cheesa, country, ft .... 18 Cheese, New York, fl .;.. 30 Smoked Sausages, fi n so Fresh Fiah, ft S.i. ... lax Codnah, ft 15 Mackerel, three for . "25 Dried Beans, ft 810 SplitPeas, fl ...:...... 10 Hania, country, -.............. - 19 Ham, beat, sugar cured 31 Shoulders, .. 14 Side, fl ...... . . f 14 Dried Beef, 23a30 Sauaagea, finest Bolognas, fl SO Canaagea, good.,;...... 20 Dried Pear, French, fl B 30 Dried Prunes, f) . 2S Dried Tongues, each. ............ 40SVM Fresh Lard, ltx&iO Lumber Market. Corrected for the Saint Joseph Gazette by Geo. T. Hoasrland at Son. lln.lX in, L,ltf. .,....,..,.. ,...,,.,a75 do d. 7U 5 60 60 50 55 00 55 50 i S7 60 35. 60 65 50 45 37 50 do M. .... ........ lineh, 3d clear ............. A box boanl B box board-H. ......... B3d, 1 inch... .-j..-.. B 3d, thick A stock boards B stock boards. Com. boards Chi do Hirer Com. ia. ceiling..-...-...,... Clear- ,r do 37. . i.. .. Clear ceiling....... .... Common ao Joist and S-4.. ... Clear 3-t, 2-6,8-8. Select fat com. noortng. ..... 4. l com. tluorinir.., 3d com flooring., .... Clear fiooring Clear siding.......... Pickets. ... .. . - . .. 1st com. siding doom siding. . ...... ........... A sawed ahingles No. 1 shingles........... , B No ah inkle. . . . . . - Lath........ I.. .......... Sash, n-10... " 9-IS. 10-13. ...... .... OS 50 .... 55 .... 60 40 .... M .... 50 ....S0 00 .... 50 5 4 50 .... 0 . . . . 50aT ....45tM) ' 9-14, 10-14. ,...8690 ' 9-14,10-14, ck, ., 1 40 9-ia,lo-sh.i. ....... 1 so Blinds, B-10... .................. ......... 9 60 ' 9-1S, 10-1........ 3 00 " 9-14,10-14 S 95 9-16, W-lS..J.f.i.,..... 3 50 ' 10-18..,. 3 75 (SSets extra for la Inch) Doors S-x-6 9pan,.....j-.i.........i..a9 B099 73 !Mx(M4 lian--... ...... ............. 7fi3 00 3-Wxa-i pan. ................ ......... S 75flS 25 3-rx6-84pan 00S 7. S-x.10 4paa..: ... i. S S73 90 N tack clear ................ fSS . . - - -- - Co-Partnerliip Notice. T HAVE THIS PAT TAKE! INTO FART- X nershlp Mr. Christoph Kohl ia tha well known Western Soap Mannfactory. Style of Arm CIUUSTOrH. KOKL s CO. ;t JOllN C. YaTIEH. St, Joseph, January 15th, KS, . janlVzw DR. GALEN E. BISHOP," - - ? ' - -y rnnoic diseliscs, a ; ..- y. - ; . $ AND ... , , f i. i - - X ' 1 Diseases of the Eye and Ear. SURGICAL DI8 EASES. Gravel, Hernia, Staphytoropliy, Cataract, Ar- uiii-uu rupii, w ismia, iacnrymaiia, iTose- a.yea, rrerrgium, nosis, anrrortoa, it- cmaaia, cntarrea l onsiis anrt other tua ease of tha Throat, Tumor. Wen. chisaia, afnlarred Tonsils and other dla Hair-Up, Club-Footr Wry-Neck, , tancers, t'lcera, tiemorrnouis or , Pile,, Fistula, Varicocele, Hr- -drocele, Phymmds, Artiaclal F.yes inserted, c. Ar, ' " 1 i ' 5 1 t ; i " CHRONIC DISEASES" ' " " Diseases of the Langs, tleart and Digestive O. gans, ncroiuia, ncomuraa, Anannia, riypa- 11 is, impy. cnorea, Kpilepsy, paraly sis, .Neuralgia, jtroncmus. Asthma, Tuberculosis, . Gout, Itheuma-. lira, uena, ait obstinate . iHiieases of the Skin, and Irregular Malarious A Sections, Ao TT Perfect familiarity in the use of the RTlfTllOHCOPE, the LARYNGSCOPE and RJUNOHCOPK. the OPHTHALMOSCOPE, and all other newly discovered and Improved Instrument for the Diagnosis of the diseases ot the OIIKST, ? ' ' .? " THROAT,' , NOSE, TIIK EYE, . ' and other ORGANH t , Office on Fourth Street, ot.iMMite the Pacific House, ST. JOSEPH, MO. deai-ly MITCHELL & CnEW, General Insnrance : Agents. OFFICE: ImHmmi Cor. sal susa Frstatrsa BMaw, ST. JOSEPII, no. companies represented. . . t ASSBTS. tat, fHrtfnl . . .... .. RS.58,M Mnrtfvrsl af Hartfsra ..... .aS.aitw Mveraaal aaa Laaaaai 17. , Haste afSlew Hstm ..i...-. I,N( City Fir af HsHfsrA. 4a.VS Mortis Aaarrlcaa af Maw Tarh.744,911 tTaaalaartaa Ufa las. Cm, af'M. T. ' ' le 19-ly ' s STUDEDAKER DROS.f the great; J CARRIAGE & i'AGOIl ; MANUFACTURERS. " HAVE MOVED LVTO TITEIR New Shop, on Fourth Street. Persons wishing ta purchase a - Firsa Clsua Wsgsa at rarrtsg. Of any description , should be sure to visit their shop, which is tha beat and mswtaosam mndious in the West. They are SUing it with vehicles of all descriptions, to wit : Trotting Wagons, Cracky and Democrat Wagons, ; Mlough's Open lliiggic, A f JOOD YAB1ETY. Of , f ' TOP BIGGIES, . v ... i ar all aeaf rlpttaaa, ' One mxxM. Two taacS ROCKAWAYS , BAROrCnKS,! &r., fce. 4 Attention is called to the fact that we use m a it e Jf " Patent Bnggy Wheel,' Which is far superior to any other known to the trade. Also, j j;f .; Grant's Shifting Rail, Br which a bnrrr top can be almost instant ty removed, either for convenience) or in rasc al necHieni, FARM E R S- . r Vv wixh you to remember that we intend to seep we :-- i 8TUDECAKER. WAWOfw Cp to its preacnt standard, 'which yon know t a luue al above any body's wagon. We expect o manufacture wagons a long as W are able to do business of any kind, and we intend to make tbem of such material that thev will recommend themselves. We have adjoining our shop a large yard under Beuee. in which there Is a good well of water, which you can use to reea or camp in, rreeot cnarge. nespewnui,. 8TCDEBAKEB BROS. N. B. Be sure and inquire for .w. '- UTrDEBAKEMTI SEW SHOr.., f Oa Faarth fltreat, J i ! 1 i. JOSEPH, - - - MTSSOUI. novis-fan - & BIGERSTAFF, Cor. Tblrd and fnle 8tt GROCERS, AND DEALERS d : t. Provisions & Country Prodnee Have just received a Acsh stock of DRIED CURRANTS, Dried, PlttM ClMrriea, Tark.Ua rnua, Pickels, Yarmouth Corn, TOMATOES, AND ALL, OTHER KINDS OF J CANNED FRUITS. nan keep the vert best . FIrOUR. COFFEE, TEAii Sugars and Syrup, ' Tata Market AFarat, aaa KaU ai LOW PRIC K S. CU aad Extatia tae-lr Rtack, .- noviS-ly . - Cor. Third and Jute Sta. Administrator's , . Sale Real Estate. ot B T VIRTPE OF AS ORDER MADS BT . thr Probate Court of Buchanan county. Missouri, 1 will, on the 9th day of March, liwa, at the court house door, in the city of Saint Joseph, Missouri, aad during the session of the Probate tJourt of Buchanan County, xpoe at Kiblie auction, to the niche bidder, all the terest of Thomas C Slaughter ,-deceased, ia and to Ok- following described land to wit : The southeast quarter of the northeast quarter ot section 7, towrwhip 57, of range 34, and the southeast quarter ef the northwest quarter of section, m township 38, of range 34, in Bnckv. ansa county, Missouri. Term at sale caah. URIAH GRIFFITH, . , Administrator of Thomas C Slaughter.., i jan3-tw CRtBB a BROrT!T, f A TTORNE YS A T LA W. tMkala Cttj HaU, - an14-tf ST. JOSEPH, MO. ' 1 5 M. JLii MTcUDdDETAEiIID & CDOD. Importers HDry (&ood5 Hotib v ,f . t.r. Aim : .. . ' ..r.-W "it... .4 Corner of Fonrth jeas-dawtt; V.'V.. PITTSICIA9S. A. OOM.K. Offlca No. 16 east aide of Third Street, oppo siteMaTAMcCord'a. , Ifiaidnnro. omrr of Eleventh and Franklin atneta. - (dec 11-ly - J O. SMITH, H. Ow :-.: ' Uffioa No. 7 reux street.' between xnira and Fonrth streets. - Residence, on Seventh Street, next door to tha Methodist Church. - - - ' Je2-tf JBlUf A. t'HAXBERa, :'- OAea.aa Franma street. Kast of the Pacific Renaoeaea aa toe corner of Eighth ami Fsraoa streeta, Saint Joseph, Mo. juneW-tf D OCTOK k C. CATUETT, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON", Devotes particular alien ties to the medical aadsura-icai treatment of tan following elaas af nia sasea : - -. ' m rrWAI.K DISEASE!, - , Diaeaaea of the Eye. Ear. Nose. Throat, ot tha Urinary and benilal Organs, Hernia or Rupture, Uomorrboid or Piles. Fistula, Tn- mors and Deformities, and other operations required on acaount of injuries or other causes. . Patients ooming from -a distance can be Ihsnished with- good aecommouationa -and nursee at reasonable rate. - Oflloa corner of Third and Felix street. arrt-r Uarllch's Drug 8tora. . . , . ; Reakienee on Fifth street, opposite jail. j TisDAix, n. . - ,v 5 . y a eVeolai 'attention 'given to Surgery aai dia-aaa af women and children. Otaoe Ha.M Third etreet, St. Joseph. Mo. kK. C. F. MJriOHT, . Office In Tones' .Btrtlduig JTrahcls street, Ld anoosite Pari tic llotwe. - ' n rj Residence corner of hlrd JanT taadore G aEEX a KJCED, ' ' , , ATTORNEYS AT.UW.'.v 00.3 n Felix street, opposite Colhoun's Itaaa, sauu osepn, aiu. fw tajbtem n. btjicms, : w- f Offlee on Francis street, third door from cor ner 01 t onrto, tnlAwyers' now. jfzo-u -TT4OIt4X. TIHETAKD ax Tm, ATTORXEYS AT LAWt LJ BAcrr joseph, - missocki ! OS o corner of Fonrth and Francis streeta. . - - yunettf - - -TOMB A. MLHASV 4 KOTART rCBUC fc COSTaTT AKCEB, r Parttenlar attention riven to drawing and acknowledging Disds, Mortgagea, I nsr, Arocles of Agreement, Ac. , c. : Oaloe Mortheaat comer Of Thn-d and Felix ta., Saint Joseph, ato. jezn-u PEELEY & BAGLEY, Wblenalc and Retail m-n - a. a ' DEALERS"l! ' 3 H A R D W A R E, K. AKD Agricnlfural , Implements. A6EHTS FOR THE CELEBRATED PERU CITY PLOWS, - - - 4 . . - . . . - j .-. ' NO. 8 FOURTH SlREETt . ST. JoflEPB, i Mifwovai. J. A. PERLEY. J. M. BAGLE.T dei Z-ly THE BEST FIRE WOOD, . '.'CUE TO ORDER, "I B Y "E D . DUTT0II, Aaa DaUrarra laaH Parta af ta City ; v AT THE .0 WiSST raiCXV" t r f. ;'.t ;' ' - i . .- j-. . l 5' : I have now at my wood Vard in Saint Jnaeidi, a supply of i vrattoa haiu Stood, which I cat by steam and d eli ver la any part oi the city at tha VERT LOWEST PRICE poa. sible. So better wood, greu or ea.wned, or part seasoned, is to be found ia the State, Orders left at my place of business, corner of Seventh and Edmond streeta, will receive prompt attention. IU1TU-II ED iDCTTOS'. ' E. HERBERT Maaafacturer," Wholesale and Retail dealer tn - all kind of Mattrtuses and rphoHlery, PLAIN A DECORATIVE PAPER HASGIRS, : No. 18 td St., ht. FK JVwaei, n t STj JOSEPH,? MBSOCBI; r v ' fAU kinds ot ITpholatery and Mattraasea nrnovnted . 4 C ash paid for Sag and Feather. '...... ...... dec ll-3a . ii 'if- , . i , .1 . . Lit- r si t and Jobbers of t- . : 1 t ' i f t ' '7 A ' V- ' 1- andFeiixi i5treets, & ' i.'i I ...,ItV , SAINT- JOSEPH, HO. ROSABALIS Blood PtiriUcry Scrofula iniU rariou Furm a. 1 1 , ftjca as - v Caasametiaa Is Its CarUsr ttagis. Clrgaaif asd Ukantioa sf th 6Uii, loit. Beats, ' Kinney t, litsni, Cacsnk Rtiwaiataa, t . irantinm af th Ski. Car .. -,: to .... ,. , . Sara Eyat, 4c , i"srxxacxxaxa IK ALL ITS FORM. f DISEASES or WO MUX, Lei of Jipptnu. SUk BtadaeU. lira- rhna nteUf, ruiM ia rs AarA iaapradaMi ia AT. ArCMt. - . t ' OESTEBAX BAD HEAl.TIf - 1 y andslldhaasssaf tha ' ' ,, SLOOSrUTTIT,T77iaXTI k SLaISSX I 'i- X is a Pnrfaat aUaarator. - farROBADAUil aiadieataaaear, hioa ethaaMr and bad taint, and restwea t im ntira system ta a healthy cundlthaa. $30lr is Paamcrtr Uanavasa. aavar producing tea aurnieat mj ary. CsTlt is not a Secret i k Rantsdy Tha articles of which it is aaada are f,B its bed axosaA sack bottia. . 5, Bcaawada by th Mo1en Fsesrty W Mae , . Ihoutaast f ear Bast fcntssa. ny Fw Talsualils et'raaaikablaeniaa.asa Roaaaaua Ataaaac " sr tua year. .' v raataaa an snr " f DR. J. J. LAWBEKCE 4 CO. SaJtijmort Strtt, v- BAXVTZMOBE, intX. . Tor Sail I7 rraxiiti .l7srTTir. I ,; SHEFFIELD . EATON, , eanaax aatnt, , lt4 rZMM MTMXXT, MT. ZOVZS, MO. ! n ! feEMPIRE - SEW1SO 1IACHIHE, The LatestjliaproYement, ; ""jBAS i STRAIGHT KEEDLE.'' MAKES ' THE , LOCK STITCH, . 5:'. 5 . ...... . ,.. . j ... -- - - ;. wWCsT TOl'.,'9 '' lElTHIa'lir IB lATIL And is alike en both sides; noes perfect sanding on all kinds of warial, ftasn leather ta th aneat hind of muslin, with carton, auk, aw linen thread, from the eoareat to tha neat. It beans, fells, binds, braids, tucks, quiita and gathers. Emphatically a - .- . HOISELKSS KACniSK 1 - WELLS rjchmosd; ' - t , , ,, .. H. W. General Ageaey, ; ' "" Corner Second anl Franca Street. J' , '' ' BT. JOSEPH, MJSSOrRL ; t HEAR WHAT THET SAT ABOUT XTt - ... ... ,.. . ,,i .... ... . . We, the nndcrsiirned, reaideats of St. Joseph and vicinity, oertiry that we are now using the Empire Sewing Maehina, amd ara snore or leas familiar with other machines, aad tor Baa, accurate work, aa well aa tor heavy work, we believe the Empire i superior to any we have seen, aad ws cheerfully recommend it to ail: Mrs. C. C. XortbBa,--KrS. Dr. HaU. Mrs. E. Curtie, i Mm. J. I. Bear, Mrs. J. M. Hawley, , Mia. K.Iiiunii inasa, Mr. Oen. HeiBdricna, ; Mrs. Dr. Bertraav Mrs. Prof. Craft, , ,1 Mrs. L. C. Asdnch. Mrs. Jf. Bnel, ' T trs. Chas.Campbell, Mm. O. M. Boet, ''' Mr. Thoa. M. Vail. Mrs. Capt. . Blaokatoa, Mrs. tartar Mrs. "Yf . L. Branyaa. . .. Mrs. Thos. Fox, Mr. Joseph Mathers, J-' Mr. J. hbevherd, -Mrs. Joseph Schmiu, '. Mr. T. F. Beatna, - v , vt Jydawaowlr, , ,., ; Read, Ladies, ; Read. . ; rpEE OKLT RELIABLE REMEDT SOW J. offtred to yoa for the our of all those painful and dangerous disease to which the female constitution ia subject, aad which naoderatas all excesses aad removes nil obstructions, frosn whatever cause, is ( .... , . t. - SIB JAMES CIJkEXX'S tpEM ALE" PILLS, Prepared from a preecription of Bo- J. Clarke, M. D.. phystuaa extraor. , a-... dinanr tothatueea, by -J- DATID H. FISKE, Bw . few Tarkx, Ta Mnrrta I nallea U is prticular!TioH-ed. It will, in a short time, bring oath monthly period with regularity, and it does not contain anything hurtful la the const! in-tSOSU . ..- .. iii ...., n- .- . . , In all eases of nervous aad spinal aJeetfona, pains in the back and Umbo, fatirae, palpitation of the heart, hysterics aad whites, it will effct a speedy care when all other mean ksn failed. . . Fuli JXrtctum Anmnd Emek Fmekmg. . ..... M . . . ... SObaerve the name and eopyright of D. H. Firm on each package. - Au atnera a base and worthless counterfeits. -ETSold by principal Drayriate avervwnera. m . A. r , i , & m sun., w Wholesale aaa Retnil Agents, y scjpl7-w : samt oaepa.MO.. A. C" WL DOI T-IaAS, .... GENERAL GROCER, AND DEALER ' ' V; " GLASS, I QUEEiS-XAllE, : NO.TI O IS S;;;' MqCORS - AHT TOUACCO, Tlawara, Halla, Xttp, JL " ftosittt 81x( U Url, i -bAIwT ,4aEPjU, k. O. Highest Cash rYW paid terruKa. t iaal-wry. , Van a .'iasraAX5ai - Jast aV traTXIaA. ' r m un ttriLMK,) ' Generals IiisTiranca'' Agents 1 . Cor. Third aiadPnnria Htrretc. ST. JOSEPH. . - - ' MISMMrm. t ' -- - - ' Ass.r. i Cone-erticnt afstasJ Ula taa. Co..,.ls.soo,eni Republic Fire and Marine In. Co., af Chicaro Market lire ta. Co., of Kew York., J.ei,. . Maryland Fire In. Co., nf Baltimore u,l aangaaw rire aad aiariae liu. C-, , ' - " fcUate lire and Marine In, t.. Of r Ueveiand , ,W maa City Fir and Marine Ian, ' - BartfordfivTSodniK'rHnrt- rovd''AecidenllnTcn.',l ', '- . i cago.... .. . . .i . . , .,...,,.-...,, ia),a ibWwiUi tha interests of the Assurer nod Aasa. ' tip si; 1 V ; ' .:-... . or. 1 CHABIX3 Wi! DAYKSPORT. - Office ear. Third and Felix eta., arer J. Cos. - , HUu.'l Jtank... . .. rira, Pnllciea sunt i frampOf Im A aoUowmg . 1 t-ompanics; s - r- , ., 'Assets.''' Insnrance Co .KewTork..: 4,e,nBa atlonallna. Ca.. Kew Ysrk.... l.0.a Insuranc Co. of North America, Phil !,CuO,i4) BtannaBaa ins. ce.( ot sew ion. . t,w,w Tonken aad Kcw York Iaa.Co..S. X . Putnam In. Co., Hartford, Cona.. , Bpnngneia r ire ana stance tna.ta. ,; ' ' ingfieid, Mass.. ...,s... ' T,a- rmaa's in. CO., f Chirage.. M,e le Ufa Assurance Co., e90,M And Srweaal Agency of lha - aiBpnngnei Lnmberniaa'i Eouttable J UACaVAJItTB ii CwU 1 or nAnrroan, oomr. Cash Asaet. te9B-4f' TBI SAINT JOSEPH ITE AKD MAKIXK larsrsXAirrE coxtfavy Z 1 ,rL. ..... . ... ... ...... . 4.. .1 OF FT. JObEPH, MO,' : s : m Car. 'BAI5T JOaEPH, X0. 7;;:t A HOME CSSUSAKCE COMPANY i Orgnaixed by tha basin ws sneaaf St. Jaeepa,- . to which the attention of tao public is j .'.1 4aritedaad meir patronage is soUciisa, Cat Sal ataesw - - - - - . -. aaaa.Ma , s"t ' i tP fflMMWrW . flf;, r.j TSCDtET M. STEELE, 11 utldi nTjl j . . , UX.O. W. 8AMCAX Tea-Pra'l A. P. GOFF, Secretary. ."' JKO.-A. KICELT, Oea1 -Agaat. . J.. L. HAXKA. Solicrtor. Mjijf. JBLLLTUX Tf XrT LJS, fSXA'I'I LE. : CJ1 - JJ. M. ST.ELJirj J. B. WDLXJSjl - ur ciirm r w ninvr'ilW A ; .Jfi. MU. n-OQDSOS. V;ylit vi- fiull. Fire. 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VTTNE TO EE RFJaETi ONiU rj- InaaUd ana Srwxa's Pont Gaara Wura. ; -If-Females use gnu's Ponr bnara Wiwa. tr BPEER'B WIKES in boemtai ar nretrr-rod to other wines, aotd by Wurrista. . A. SPEKR'8 Vineyard. ew Jeraey.' OaW til Broadway, Sew Tork. Trad supplied by t . NAVE, MeCORD A CO., t . S.1 T. S. SMITH, and ; , .1 i .v ,-,. . . Iint Joaev,-Mo.'v Aadafl wkels? dealer In St- Looia. . . - - J" iw-uy a r j-'.; TxntllBVslTXwT AEX. BtAILaJRE TO - , Xaavcttoi' ,- ; Jadiaaapoli,.-,- D v.. ,,-CmcMinati, . KashviUe,'" l J. i.. Mernpeaa. .J Ri. t , . V beeig, , - t Cfcleagn,'' .-. . -Jetroit, -. . Toledo, - saint LAUia, - . .i - Calm, , . Columbua, . " Pittsburgh, ' ' ' ' MararaFalU. Usrrianarg, - j . Iiaiumoro, . . ... , . Philadelphia, 'J n aeauMruia. . Sew York, ' U via the old reliahl Crnrrai Route" , Taa naaafaal at. Jaa. Baflransl lAan,'" ' TVso Duily KrpreM tn - . . Oa tha Hannibal and Saint Jcnepa Raflread, run through tram Sain Jearph to tjuiary without caaaga of tara, . , i r r I - COSSKT1SO.AI tJCTSCT; 4fft i " ... - . . . with Chicago, Barlinrtna aad OnhMrt, and To-1 tode, Wabaaa aad U eat era Radians t, far ull ponua aast, rortn ana raata. maocea Tk-kkt sold at the Hannibal and Saint Joseph Kail road arpotv and at tn r . . .... JVm A0T LtH-IS. ,. . ' . i.... . & i . Ckae eonneetiona made at Macon With the Korta Missouri bail road, for fcalnt Louis, aad at Hannibal with daily M ississippi River Paea et foe Saint Lotus, meals and state is una free, leaving every evening on arrival of trams tVunt tna West, and arriving In naiat Lout neat morning in season for basin sa, and ta tiosaret with Chicago, Alton and Mint Lasu. Haute, Alton and Saint Ixmla, and Ohio and kiiaaiaaippt Railraada. fur ait neana Eatr. Korth and Bouih. . - - . ''.-.. SLEEPCt GCABa oji starr traiks, r Bay throorh tickc via m Hannibal aad Baiai : Joseuhltailroad at their IM Iffet Of-, oea, aad enjoy tha esasrinii.s "af haying taAea ta. sari, cheap and ntrk roata lij "p. B. GROAT, OnTVket Agent.1 -.. . ,, 1 FresrM Aaa C. W. MEAD, tjiea'l Superintendent. STKAT SOnCETakem bv Henry U. Daniel, liTing ia Plaita towathlp, Barhaa.: aaaanaty. MiMunri. and assisd brfoa tw dersta-ned Juaue of tha Pcae aa n aaray. aaa dark hay star ec4t, auppMed to be aaa year id paati aaaali toll are; aa marks ar hraaua nert-rivsniei 4oraiaea to tweauyvn - im by Vii,,,JuH. LtunsioBssd Jainea p. liTarj katof by ta Sim qua.! ftr.i fnr u,st r-nrpoie. " de, r, ' ' r v -1 i i

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