Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 4, 1942 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 4, 1942
Page 5
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ATOTOT; 4, 1942 DAILY NEWS, PICKING CANDIDATES FALL ELECTIONS arc pinking onnilk fall elections today, In Kansas, Missouri, ': |11 ! ii West Virgin^ Is ox- I,, 1 !,,, ihn lltfhlost In years. , st s th" veteran Senator 'ripper tw* Illllo opposl- jiis contest for renomlnn- IM " „ ; a t) ,p U t>Hean ticket. Furlion |1|J i " '•• "• MoOlll Is fa- nom- in Missouri and ivo aroused Illtlo Paye Fiv« For Air Cai'go Fleet fireworks in- tho la primary over Uio labor all- Tsunlallvi 1 Howard Smith Is „,' ihimoeratlc •ronom.liuitloii., i,,j sm by ortfanl'Aoil I'nbor bo- • nf |,js record In CongTO-ss, Ho 'n'f' the' A-F-oMi Machinists Point Film Tonight At the Oem Senator Charles L, McNary .(above) of Oregon proposed that tho U. S. Immediately start a program of constructing giant cargo-carrying planes. Ho stated that Russia's de- hiaml for tho establishment of a second %hting front in Europo could bo mot only by solving tho problem of transportation. ^Central Press) comedy of our. vast .and intensely rich American backwoods or -.rura rc'gFohs, \ Miss Ganova, Avivb'so brand of 'humor la uniquely original, has been called. "The ...l&nny- Llncl -of the Oznrlcs,'.' tho "Grand, Duchess of" the Sticks," and the "Crown Princess of Corn." l-lor . sprllcly, hoyden personality hasS brought «a new word into our modern lexicon of slang"•bodacious' 1 —add she has developed boda'Clousnass . to a high national pinnacle. . , "Sleepytimo. Gal," her latest/ Republic pl-cl'tire, tonight at the Al- caxar/.t'lieutor, -Is tin 'ideal vehicle. The -Lead, film Is'. "Grand Central Murder." ,, , ,. ; ON THE AIR TODAY v (»:00 p. in. , \V R A F— 1? u n jiy :MQ'ri e y Ma n WJX — NoWRj' Muslo .. WORr-Prayor. ; Uncle Don WATh-WIGC-v-WTIG-'WA-BCS— News V«:lf) p. m. WABG—Vorco' of -Broadway- . Tin' ed ;»t set fly ' H ' M' construcl- ux»-even ox- m -u/e aiufrosl Ihn Welsh I,,,HI fur "How Green '"Was | ( vy" - svus the replica ol 1 Vest I'i'int, constructed for •ntleinen I'Vom West l j olut," al UK- Hem thraler, al Shor,.i»n i sl In California. .,,-1 covcriMl more than eight j n ,l i>i<|>i'ui|un!il to the small, S[ u ,.i-iil both the Interiors aiul wrior.s <if the fa i nod United Stales illltiry Aradi-my. • nrkinally it was planned lo use I,,, older hulldliiM^ of the real West point for tin 1 location shots, but i!,,,' hrrsr-iit war precluded that jios- Jiiliv. "No .Mfne.ras -In military if.-)-*'' was the government edict, ••'IVn (ii'iillt'iilen K r o m West , jiolnl," slars (U-orgo Monlgomery, Muit't"'n o'Hara. and John Sulton, i i.ilrd Civgar, John Sheppard, Victor Kraticen east In linporl- I'Oll'S. Tonight will bo your last 'opportunity to soo the t'lno progrmn ,-now bfll'HK shown -at i/oew's Poll, "Cli'oss- I'oads," starring, William Powrsll and Hotly Lamarr, together far tho first tlmo, and "Remember Poarl Harbor," a tlrnoly drama with Alan Curtis nnd othui 1 favo-r.itos. "Mrs. Miniver," I'hp fllnvlxation ol' ,la-n Struthor's best-selling nov- ol, with Ciroor CJ'ai'Hon and Walter Pldgoon, will play at tho Loow Poll Ihoalur, bogi lining Friday. \VTIG— Road ,,|;d. Victory rWK- WI GG—Spo r l,s \yABO G--v\h]s v ioa'l Rourtdup ' WATR Fine Double Bill Tonight At the Alcazar Great Stage Show Comes To Loew's Fold Tlu' Iioow Pull thoater will rock with pnNM'lalnmmU this week, for Hi,- siMi« Andrews Slstors— Hi,, iiu'cr iMHigle-wooglo artisls who> lu faint- on a Juke box—will wait/, mil upon the Poll Htfttfo.-to- morrow ;iflrrnoon to 'begin a two liy |)i-rs<nKil appearanci' !,u>ni hi'i-i'. They will top a fl.-w staX 1 ' show of headline Now making a personal appoar- inoc tour- of I ho rounlry, the An- »lri'\vs ai'Hvc In Waterbury In one of riu-ir vi-ry I'lrst Kaslern appear- SliiKlnK many ol' the tunes (hem lo stardom, those ens of the music ma- ! <lilni'H will al.-to fi-alure sevortil now H I'm* thi- first llrne, among i iin- in}' hll.f* of Iho flay. ^ i'sc nvalni'H of booglo WOOglO irliyllim have Klven y.ou such song Uimllonsas "Heat Mo Daddy, Mlghl I to lh«- Har," "llhurnboogle," etc., ynu'v.- (hrliffd to their Hinging |of "fvi-ryboat Srronade," "Hoi Mir itut bu Si'hoon," 'and "Heer Harrol t'olk.i." You've iilso hea-rrl lliem Iho iMfllo with Uorgen A Mo- lili'im Miller, Phlf Hakwr. hers; you've seen thorn •>n llu- sweii ax tho Hinging slat'H •)f "In The Navy," "Hold That' . "liiick 'IVlvates," and oth- «. .N«»w for flu* entertaining thrill tin- year -..sen and hear the top trio oi 1 the ylage, screen, ''N nnd radio, "The AndrewH '.•»," -\la\ene, J'aMy, havorne, In m mi the stage of the Ivoesv •'i' !»!« (illrarllonM Inoliitlo '* ;uul 'his band which t'ont- Iti'tty Harr as vfK'.nllst, the NNtonilluir daimn anUst», ttiO Mn ' iii'ls. Corn was Just another vegetable to thoiisaruls of movie-going uitl- y.ons—until Miss Judy Canova car- ni'Hiul her merry, mad way across the film flrnrnmcnt, Rut now tho public Is HllarlouHly aware of tho rol'roshlng mirth that 'can spring from (ho homospun, down-to-narth r Id \Today WOn— !l,oro's -M-org^-ji. WIGC— Jan SavHt v Orch, ^WrR'^Hits fvn'd Bits .:7il)0 p, in. ', WJX— Easy Aces ... WBAF-WTIC— < Fred Waring Time VVABG— Amos 'n 1 Andy WATR-WlGG—Fu ll.oir Lewis, Jr. WtfR— Spoi-ts 7:1,1 p.' in. WEAF-WTTC— News ' WJX— Tracoa' of Lost Persons WABG— Gjen Ml.ller Orch. WIGG—Johnson 'Family , WOR— Bobby Byrne, Oroh. WATR— U. S. Navy -^Program 7:30 p. in, WI3AF— iRnrma Otcro WOR— Gon I'lden tla-1 1 y .You rs \V,IZ — Lone Ranger WTIG—florno On and -Da-noe W1CG— Treasury Star Parade WABG— American Melody Hour WATR— Phono Your Song 1 Stage ;A ttrajGtion •>* >.. The Three Andrew Sisters shown 'here,, will be llie stage attraction Wednesday and Thiii's/lay"; at Loew's Poll. ' 7:45 p. nj. WOR-AVIGG— Bob Crosby . , WE AFr WTIG— ,T o h n ny < P^esen \fl.f ^'' \VABC— Arc You a JMisalng, JJeJr? .)2—NOAYS '" .' ,'^"' *'S WATB-AVOR-WICC— Music That; En dures ^ , J <s J 1 8:15 p. in. f '| v v,l W.TZ— Linn and .-Abner WIGG— Magic Dial ' '-\\ ';''>• ' 8:30 p. in. ,"•" r WABG— Hobby Lobby \ ''• \VEAF-WTlC-Hora-cG Hpldt ,Treas- urn Ghcst .' ; : -•'•'•'"• :• •WJZ-^SIng for Dough ; ; I WOH— Can You Top This? .. .. WA'TR-WlGG—Nnd Jordan • ^.\ !):00 p. in." 1 V. V ,. ,' ; WK-AF-WTIG— Ba Ulo of t,iic. .Sexes. v WABG— Tommy Rlgg-a, I3etty Lo'u W.1X— Famous Jury Trials WIGG—Army Rooru i 1,1 ng Program"' WOlV-Gaibrlcl Heatter ...,,•'' WATR— rsows; Dancing Discs , ,., I): 15 p, AVOR— Sports ' ' : WICC—Jimmy'Joy 1 Orch. , ,WATR—Treasury, l Star Parade 9:30 p, in. WEAF-WTTC-—John Nosbitt; Meredith WiWson OiTli. , W.TZ—Parade of Bands WABG-^Gheers From the Gamps WATRAYOR-WlGC^Murdcr Clinic 10:00 p. m. WRAF-WTIG—A' Date With Judy W.I Z—News WATR-WOR-WICC—J. B. Hughes . - 1Q:15 p,' in. WJZ- J This -Nation' at- War WOR—VaudQviJle Show , Lucas Orch. p.-m. ... . ' Dorscy Oi'cli, WABG—Til ks •:.' • • ! . \WrR-WlGC-WOR—War News : '10:^5 p. in. WABG—^Mary.,Sm ! ail , : WJZ—Ffectitic 1 ' "'S'lGwart' WC)R—Ah'sw&r Man" ' •'-.'. WATR-WIGG—Ray Kinney Orch, 11:00 p. m. I ; WATR -WABG- WOR--W JCG-W E A F' WJZ-WTIG—Time; News; Weathc-r " " N 11:15 p. m. WE AF—Mu s i c Yo u Wan t WABO—Bobby Byrne Orch. WJZ—Shop, -pie-Ids- (>oh. WTICC-Dance Music . :. WOR—News . • . WATR-WICG—Dick Kuhn Orch. • 11:30 i>. in. 'WJZ—Ray HeaUiprlph Orch; 'WBAF—St. -Louis Serenade. WOR—Buddy -Clarke Onch. WTIC—Polish Nat'ional House WABG—S La n Keatoh Orc'h. .11:45- p. in. . WOR—Jerry Wu'ld Orch. < 12:00 Midnight WKAF-WTIC—News; Roy Shleld a>nd Co. ; WOR-WICG~Tlny Hill Orch. WJZ—News; Buddy"-'bYank.lin Orch. WABC—News; Alvino Roy Orch. WATR—Sign Off | lie has never underestimated the {•Importance -of Ibis \vai» -in Miij. l?a- jcillc. -It may be that the public will think -bitterly of those more sound Mian the reasoned conclusion of the fexp^erls. • It may ."even ho that I ho. exports are noi o.xpcrl, al all. AN UM>ESIREI> SECOND FRONT '•'"' . (Bridgeport, Telegram) . . •'; Those Americans who have been wondering what, manner of evil --the Japs woro • up to when I.hey v ^nvaded and seized the outermost - of the. Aleutian Islands may soon have their doubts resolved for them. All indications now'''point to th.2 opening of a -second'- front jh -tlib 1 neai' -future,*.''bul not ••-.the'- second front for which the Russians arc hoping and desperately praying. On ' (.he .-contrary,- this- will-fie"-: a Rt-cohd front erected against Russia, r in the. shape of an, attack- by Japan • on Siberia. .. >V And , when x i,hat attack j comej, if Jit does, come', those.':lost, Alcu- f,ian Islands -will play a role of 1 h e utmost i m p o r t.a nee,/ They will, be used by the Japanese for the purpose for which they were seized, namely, as air- plfuie and submarine bases io cul- oJT and block all aid from, the 'United Slates across the Pacific to-beleaguered Russia. In this unhappy event, the' public .will think 'bitterly ,of : those spokesmen for the army and navy who have been assuring them, thai, the islands seized by the Japanese wej'c barren .and useless. If the Japs have seized anything "useless" to date, 1 we don't know what We may console ourselves with the thought that it has cost, tho. Japanese both men and-ships to accompJih -their objectives, .• but when .they spend their men and | th,eif s.n.lps it is generally for a i definite purpose. Regardless of {.lie I mill fury experts, the'general pub- WAR WORKEH WON'T SHAVIS . Bremerton, Wash. (UP)— When a certain destroyer for tho, U. S. navy is launched at the Pugct Sound navy yard— then, and not before, Ship- iUler-.iiclper Wilis B. Chadwick will shave, even though his board has turned out, (,o be a m'otl.od .job, \vil,h red patches. Bui, ho has imdo, n pledge and he in Lends to keep H. 'PINCH OUT ron l^id^e'fie.ld, Aug. 4;—(UP)— Tho chairman of the Kcpuhliean town committee, Harold K. Pinc-h, is a oand.idatc for Faiivfield county sheriff. Finch wants.the post now held Super Radio BpaciaJi RESISTORS nml CON. $ * .Oft I)K\8(>RS HRPt.ACKO T A— • «AI»O SERVICE Free ,Piekui>, Deliverj? , 535 Wattrtown v A v«»; AVattrbury Tel, 3-C117 FOOT SUFFBRKRS f ATTKNTION'r j • I "/ .'-";. | Sulcspcoplo anci - Fuctpry Workers aro getting marvelous relief for soi% aching, burning feet. s .,lVom.-vPOI)Ok{ tho noNV grtv.isel^ss AvhilcT oreRip which soothes ,, ihc deliv/atc in-r flnmcd.tissues of tho skin and brinjj« cooling relief — 50c at NAUGATUCK DEUO O<); HOWLAND-HUGH 4< Waterbury's Friendly Department Store" For Laxy, Restful Days Vacation Books 29* On the train, on your laziest days, you feel like reading < v an amusing- tale! So bring* a'book'jor. two oil your vacation . . . a-romance, if that's your type . . . a mystery, if you like thrillers .. . or a rousing tale of adventure! You'll find 'em all on our list of ] 29c books! >aml nuniorous olhor 'fo will be four Htftgo porforni- 1 <l:>lly. at I ;'JO ( 4 ;(X), U:aO and P. m,, so ni.'ike your plans now n 1 f>ne ol' 1-lifiMu prosen-i tin- s-roe n bill IH '"Thn Over" with (ioorge aad i.n- Ha Tattoo Telsale *toin fto i or of St., Glair, Pa,, 9 th ? U ' S ' osroyr w l rp0(00{| Rnd «unk. during (Ctntral Prut)

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