The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1939
Page 2
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?AGE TWO Steele-Cooter «e»u|> KcviCH Well tyUiidcfl Thffe wns, a very nice, tiHc\ict- •aiico al tile annual beauty review \\hlell v>if> Jieldjnt UKS Stpele lilgli sflwol qudltormr) rri(lay night Members of Hie \V, M. V Indies of Use Baptist Clmrc(i i\er.9 stion- wrs, Mprq than fi((y Ipcaj people lijiftJcHwle 1(1 (lyo iHogpim In tlio baby contest \\hlcli la a un addition (o the icgulai j earls affair-tittle Mlw Dob§?y i)e;\n Hn.» A (ige 2 iems, won tlio slim loving (.up (» (he l\i si dj\isior\ awl Lllllc M(s4 Yvonne Hastings, dauglilu or Mi, ^nd, M|r& Alf;e4 Hastings, won tl)p prlzo In Die laigcr l>ab|pi division Shi; also was presented a bi;ver r loviiKf oil)) Mrj, Royal Wea>cr was cic«n«l Queen: iti. Die' Voting- MnrriPd hitrt- ics Dnision, the Killing queen, Mrs, Sljlflfj For(«?r pic&cathif Hie cro\vA to l\f\ as did t|ie retnuu! Young; 'Matron. Qi\ee», Mrs, Marshall Cameron, to the new queen, Mrs. J. W. Reno, and In, the Mst- ioiii> division Mrs. J F, Patteison v,as i>resoi\tccl the <n,uv,i\ fioin Hie retiring Million Queoi Mrs ous Deeding;, Mrs Haiferl liude«n» nlajcil during the entire c\oujng cnleila lament*., * * IV. M V, Has Inleresllng Meflmg: Jiierp were 16 members iircienl al tlic regulai meeting of the W M V at (h.e baptist. Cluiicli Monday afternoon. The president-.. Mrs. Sims MiclUp, was in chaise of the meeting After the gcncia.1 loutine of business plans were made for the mission study book which is to be gi\cn m the- n\9i\lli of November ai' Liberty, Mo,, 05 guest., of Mr. n nd Mrs. Leonard Citsslcly; Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Jordan and Kniry Ann Hazel spent Sunday at kertanto, Ark., as lincst of Mr. rui.d Mrs, Dan Porlis Jr. Albert. Jordan spent Tuesday In Memphis on business, B. W. McCain) spent the first 01 tlic woeX in Memphis on business, .Mrs, W. c. Jteid visited her mother, Mrs. David Liuns'dcu of Sikoston the Killer part of thg week. I Arclilf lilebaril?, n! Ho(lalu) nii(( Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Taylor of; Cooler were entertained a.(, n st^ o'clock dinner nt the litmp o( Miss I Niiui Brooks In Steele Wji'd")'; evening and. Inter :i(tendcd tli^ wrestling iimtcli in Hlylhevlllo, •Mrs. Elsworlh Wiitsou : la'rccpr- CfltiE nicely nt her home' ill Sleele niter heing rntnrnei) homo thp l$u, tcr )>art of llm week from Itoo Walls hosj)itnl In Hlytlievillo, Buddie AiHlericui o| Hly- Dievlltp .s|>c(it Insl weekend, here H'llll her motlicr, Mrs. Hro,'ks. Misse.s Uott'difv Cunipbeil, I,p((7 Ise Declciiani and Cllcndcau. Jones returned to Cape Qirnrdcitn Sun-! day after Kevcrat clays visit w|ll\! their iiareuts In Cooler. They at- \ tend Stnle TouclU' r s CoUeac. Jerry Miles Rushinu, little (tnntlitcr of Mr. unj Mrs. llnb Rnshint' is recovering nicely fol^ lowing a tonsilecloiny pcrtornicd last, weekend. FLAPPER FANNY COPR. w>,i*u sipyic.c.wt, t, a. MO, v,s. r*r.o By. Sylvia M SlCciet} Metis lime wcie eleven inembcii i»es- ent. nt the icgulnr meeting of llio Woinan's Missionary- Society wlicn llic\ \\eio enterlnined a}, the Mclli- 0(1151 Cliuich in Sticlc Moudaj aft criioon llie mrctlng uas opened with prayer- by Mrs. R. a. steele Si •Etiial. plans, were, made for the HoUrj banquet \\lncli is to be the last one sencd fy this society. Mrs P. P McCntcben gave n very interesting icport en the second and tliiid chaptcis of Hie Bible study book ' Songs of Zion " and she i^ed for lici toplo, Tlie lielialous Psalms. ' fjoxl- week will be • social. clay iind Mrs J P Viokery mid Mrs, II S Holley «ll( be hostess *- * » Mis Eva Lossing ,intl duujMcp) Maig.ucl, cf Cottonwood spenl 'lliesday here with tinothei da»gli- fei, Miss JuaiiHn lK)Mhig Baxter" Southern' is spondlns this vveel; in Chicago on Busine.s.s Ml and Mrj, Gljmi Jones nmt ion Cljdc Riclurd aie buwnliiij t^is «eck in Belh, Tenn , willi Mib Jones' motliei Mis Jolin Lovelace. ! I< M Hii|>ei jiid MKs QBell AlcDanlels ictiirned to Cain- Cm- Jrdeau StiiKhy aflci scvernl davo visit witli then iwienlj,, Mi and SIr6 M H Hat pei and iJi j u McUantijl foi ievcial dnjs, Jfr and Mrt, B o Stcelc Ji and; daughter; Mary Elizabeth, ami Mrs A j cneilvnf spent Siimhv Number Eight News lliivr liliisu I'aii.v The Il.riiicrnakeri' club of- the Number Eight' community sponsored n bingo party- al the school Friday • "lie's eonnn be pre^id.ent when ho grows up? Gee, I'm sorry —f already promised.Mrs;. Smith I'd vote for her baby." A total of $28.6'5 was received i from tiic party. Proceeds will foes used for (ho upkeep of the Number Eight cemetery .next year. elephants, 'ilic animals are (mined; then sold or hired out. Historic College Admits SI I P11IL/\DEL1'HIA (UP)— Tliirty- bne new students have been admitted to the OOtli college year of Ule Women's Medical College of Philadelphia, u is Ihc world's oldest institution, for Hie Iraining of '.rcine:: pliysicians. .Tiisliec. of (ho juttglo WINDHOEK, Soutlnvcsl, Africa <UR>— AH Onuitbu (rltiesuiuu lias been sentenced to death by the High Qouvt of Southwest- Africa , at SVindhoek for murdering his nephew, 11, by chopping oir his ds with an axe. There is no basis to the belief, that It Is dangerous to sleep in the inooJillsW because of the effect on (he mind mid sight. WARNING OKUEK- fJ THE CHANOEKY- COURT OP OUICKA5AWB.A. DISTRIC'r MISSISSIPPI- COUNTY, ^ARKANSAS. ""•','..':.' Lucille Cooper, PlllintifV, XABK.) COURIER-. Vs. No. '70(12 W. J(. Coop<?r, rJcfe, The defendant,, w, H. Cooper, !s \\m\til lo= appear within tlntiy days in Hie court naii\cd in the ceii)tlon hereof tind answer t|io couiplalnl. of the plaintiff, Lucille Cooper. Dated this 24th day of October HAItVEY MO)miS, Clerk. iiy EjfasOjeUi: BJythp. o. c. A: WrJglife Ally. Ad Mta» P. cpoiw.- Ally, for pitr. 25-J-8-15 A Three Gouglis Your Danger Signal Orwnmlslpn relieve*, promptly be- CM» H goes rlght'to tlio seal o? llio t rouble to loosen genn laden phlegm, tncfc^ss secretion anduld nature to soothe wd;hc»l rawj tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membrane* No n.\a have ane how msny-nvedtcines yo ; t«ljiyour druggist; to sel eotOreomnlstaa with th you sell taa with ths uijtfMstodlne.thgt TOW are to llfce the wax'lt.qtilclily.gliays the cough or you are to. hrtve^yoiu; money back, CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis For a now deiieaey uf flavor In llic Coiiso, the Belgian gov- crnnieiil inainlains a tchool for HAPPY BELIEF F , . *>.ttfUch.M (item!? (ilrtmc [in roll? or stTuijin nre ellMi rau-:c,l !>.»• ii m l k.icln».vV-an.| rny l«, rclipvcii ^ticn iipmc-l in Ihs riijljt unj. llic (.Klnmt MC N'niurc'soWff «ny r.| tnkini « il:v>-. ] If t IIP, If, mil's ..I I Hi.,,,- |,iVs an.l nilrn Ion I »ur\ »»! . ijoixinouj unfit i.uller sl^ys n IN? blood. I lie.-c JMH3UJW ni,-iv j,( ; ,rl o'ljariiii. j WWIlM. rll.CI»IUl.K ].;,iw. |», of ,,tli I »'l»l I •Mrpy. B-tlmii ul> niulils, (.»fHi,ip, i.nmncs, ! jnilcf llio eve-. lir«,].v:bu anrl !lu<iw. s . fit! - iUm'* ^Kows tlirro is . t f tt UoAll's " Iftt.-l) . . /c.vra The, tlVP hri|'|>.v relitf :i[ul «il] bd,. l! c <;> "iifra rf Siilnry lutipi fl.i.h out |x.Hor,, JU ' - ' ' UNL8SS YOU'!) UK SATISM!!!) WITH THE RKSULTS, 0V THE P. B, CARUTHERS, LILBOURNE, MO, Ginned to dale: 1200 bales with 300 bales vi-i U. bu picked. All off S80 urns. J. D. TWITTY, LILBOURNE, MO. I'i'om 27 acres: 37 bales ginned [„ ,|. lt . B . I2 bu! ,, ; , left to be pjcKcd. DEWITT JOHNSON, LILBOURNE, MO From 25 acres: 40 b:dcs piimcd to date. 10 bales more to pick. • • IAS ? in "^ froil) 11' fiNTKUBSTKI) ],\ THIS KIND . O.F FARM LAND 8KB LILBOURNE, MO. Rite Price Store No. 2 320 W^ MAIN Stock & Fixtures Must Be Sold, Regardless * \i,Ii d v7 . L *VIU1 L 1 QU PRICES FOR FRIDAY & SATURDAY! OCT. 27 & 28 Knrl^lSvcry Item. Will Sell; The More You U«y Oil)- Market of 'Fre&h and -Cured Meats — Poultry and Lunch Weats-™ Guaranteed Biggest Values In Town! Rex Pure^Frbsh, Bulk .......... ......... 9c |8 Lbs: Net I...?.!..;- ...................................... 73c 50- Lb. Can ....... ': ; , .......... ; ....... '. ........... .... $4,24 SALT JOWLS SDE MEAT Lb.Sc U, S. Tviumph FRYERS, N. Y. Dressed Lb. 17c FLOUR Peck In Wuinl Plain or S. R. Barrel ...... . ...... LSr>.5U Sack . $4.25 dX Lb. Rio I'ui-c, Lb. I'ritlc nf Illinuit; '2 Cans Sf.lf C'itsc i JOC JllIDllll Size l''or ~- •"^^^NN^*^W""«fWSWSSSSSS8SSS<" Car 17| Protein, Coltonjags^. . $135 Value Bar . (,'asc -'Oc Value CeAf^ES -Nu I'lurida rtHUHts ^ IK! O U y?..V£ OATS MotK s?^; p & Si r r 21 C M!ll!H!!j!^^ '£. T^W^ Oair.v - Sloi-k - I'miilry T» ccnniJetc tlcsc mil al \\VM- llrally jour o\vn \niccs. Medicines Priced ,,!. | M , a& . value, liuiulicib llc Tissue, LOCO sheets t'iiiuly Uars. Uuiii ins Galore Juil MlJil jou'.vc w.illeil fcr I" ilijcli . u|i. Niw\ Ihc ((IMC. Von won't. .M-C lj;irsains like <Ms s(in'!( ;,cll uul asiii". -NO UElftJNDS OU. EXCI1ANG1JS THUKSDAV, OCTOBER 20, 1939' SI'END MiSS! SAVK MOKE! j» r ices Kor Friday ami Saturday BAT-»K'n'ER- ^ and Saturday•'; California Red Ball Dozen Campbell's Tomato 2canl5c Texas Seedless 3 For WHITE SQUASH Steaks Ib. 25c f! l''or Boiling l.;b. PORS SAUSAGE c ,:,,!7 SPARE RIBS 15 C'udahy's , 1 Lb. Hlock 1 Lb. Crt. lOic 4 Ib Cri 2clMeal 15 35c C9FFEE I c J II)- Ific t'k Si mm New. 1 ., Wi\/W!lSON'S MA KLEiH gg Randies 12oE a PkgJO« PURS LARD BOST FOR AU COOKiNG. BAKING-FRYING Untouched by • IL Human Honrfs ' 'Ot I{iii- I'Vitti' I Main or Self Rising GV/.i doth?;, H/I to ly/y whiter KfiG WCU'K Angel Food Cake !0c Leaf Miss I.ib- ««c Bread Free. Moth *nl K'VAI'OKATBD FRUIT CUOICK PKACHliS 10 IJ>. iJo.v 25- M). tjo.v J.AHGK 1'HUiNKS 10 hb. Hox ........ 1 UKUNES Lb. Box. APPLES 25.Lb. Box 51:75 S«.6,0 24 Ib. Sack MEDIUM CANOVA BKAWl) BLACK I'B Lb. Caw .. PEANUT IB oz. Jar

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