The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 12, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 12, 1936
Page 3
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1936 Famous Homes Reflect Owners' Personalities BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEVTO May New Tyre of Gardening'; Resull From Cal iformi Experiments United 1'rcss Staff Corrrsrsn h i 1 Urivcreily cf California is guard- 111" Jenlr-sly th» wlicn.v.bonh of fit lit water culture farms wlicr- rnd quail'-' air l--ln" tjrcr n i v.'olcr lanks wlthott (he aid cf roil, /kci'l. nil the unl-. :riity is dl ix-jcd to make kncwn at prv ->nt Is Ilia I It h!>s el-'lit c.f thes' va- tcr culture farms. Four of t ic-ii (he iinlver.<ll-> admits. ri-> In 01- ifcrnia, and the other four ellhe! In surrounding slates or In "n: man's land" generally. Scientist ccnduc'.lng the experiments i's arc willing lo admit a lillli of the success of waler ngrlcultmv lo date. The ehhl water culfiire farms are producing, for eiiam-lc, to- nialecs at the rate of from 10 to 14 pounds a square fcot. The I vines grow to a liorjht of 13 to 14 feel, and gladioias have been grown as tall as 6 feet. Chemicals Kerlitcr Soil What handicaps research Is tlie lack cf personnel. Briefly, university officials exniain. ihe farms new under -cultivation consist of high water tanks, in which the plants have access to the sunlight. Certain chemicals are placed in Ihe water that .the plants wr-"ld ordinarily draw from ihe , r.cil. The work is .in charge of Dr. \V. I-'. Gcriekc end Dr. A. R. Davis. They have only a small force and only one or two of the prcfesscrs know the formula for tlie phemlcils which are used Hut the university makes no secret of Ihe fact that the water culture farirs are proving a success and that they may have (he greatest l.'>lluei:>:c on -the future of American farming and gardening. Advantages Arc Cited A few of Ihe advantages they point out are as follows: Mere crops can be grown in .„.,, space in water than in the soil. More crops.can be intermingled One crop may follow close after unclher without exhausting ' th» "soil" or necessitate the "ground" being given rest ns Is done in ordinary fanning. . Tall and short plants may be ercjvifJtcgelhei and as the 'ilsht_'wlil.. permit.- ; r. . . Crcps now behiT raised on the right?Mantis-arc planted in tt'lay- er cf c>:cel:ior suspended cy a screen over shallow trays of water. Only the' feeder roofs of the plants extend into the liquid medium. Harvesting Made IZasy "Harvesting" simply consi'sls of picking . the vegetables and dispenses with the need of farm hands. There is no digging for carrols, polaloes, beet-s and other tubers and the water culture farmer at al! limes can keep an eye on how liis crop is growing and possibly make calculaticns of how [20 years, Elizabeth Mnrburj- and I made it our home nnd I Irlaj out nil my Ilirorlev on Hie o'.d lions'. I'lk-? n patient, wi>ll-bre;l maldon f-'nii. II 'iHiiy; nc:ep!r:l my chant- f-s placidly. There never was sm-h a house! Tien b?«an my ndvenlurss as a l'i«fffilonal decoralor. My Hist big f i; -iit was Mrs. William II, Crocker of San Francisco: I worked wlih ; ?r on UK., interior of "New Place." I er iK'iuiilful home at llurllngame, '•a'., which Is even now one of Ihe "••.'al estates of the west. The In- '•'•<ir of ths Ogden Armour home 1 1/ikc l-'i'ijsl was my sucoiul big ""i nnd was entirely of niy own I1 -'»uhg. Once I Imd Insplr.'d con'" u I'-nl'-it'on was put upjn (x l> « I inns I''" Hlnt-i ijji v icn in Hi? tciU-T f ' Me lions; was, lo my mind, l'>; ' r lion of bjpnU It was a lul- •' i"~ni i'0'ie In gieen nnd \\Mli " ' a tilio* in! nh~vo nnible ln r 'I lip iDf^s «eip piijit f i 1 »• thilr <OMri "sisslally vioven, [|l etc I of gieen l<iues i|| C taws o[ „, Cll ,,, ( b]||clt n|1( , w|lj|c l; lo matu:i tlw Hoars nnd Dramatic as Ina Claire is her apartment nt the Hotel Pierre, New ae y se cic Wclfe. A la,ge modern mirror sere:,, reflects most of the interior There P,C sevcml ;e,j good pieces in the room, among them a UuU XV walnut commide nnd an anUque Louis XV tnble desk of fruitwood with a white leather top tolled in gill. Bal(..m: Anne Morgan's Louis XVI boudoir, designed by Elsie de Wolfe.. The walls nre a warm cream, tho carvings and mouldings nrc pointed in blue. .The chairs are covered with Louis XVI tapestries, brouule and needlework, and on the door is a Persian Other funitture is trown walnut. going to profit on much he is his crop. Dr. Oericke says he will make known the revenues that may be obtained from water culture farms as scon as he ' has had time to complete ' his experiments. He admits that the E:rofits will be greater than from, soil cultivation. Furthermore, .he is convinced that water culture farms will -result in n revival of American agriculture, Er. Oericke asks for only a few more years- In which lo complete his exneriments, p!ace them on a completely scientific as well as ccnunercral basis and then he will tell the world how to start aikl operate water culture farms and gardens from the family bath tub lo whatever size is desired. « » Mi llenrj c P'kk Ihe nn si o magnate, was bull ling his n 'e en unper rifth Avenue In '-»•« \ork he gave me Ihe oidei it mis his plan Hint j •should look 01 r IV market abio-ul \eiy thor- t»^hlj niKl when I saw anytlilug l tliouuht he should buy. he would 8° with me to look nt It. At lhc lime, a part of the fn- mous Wallace collection was up foi 1 "c 11 had been a legacy troin lord lierlford to sir Richard Wallae-i and was a collccllon Mint was wllliout a peer, upon discovering II. I implored Mr. Prick lo go with me immediately' to sec this collection, ne had a golf engagement "nd was only willing to devote one- half hour lo the business of furniture. Hul in Dint half hour, he purchased so many rare' and beautiful pieces Hint. I became, lo my amazement, a wealthy woman thru | Hie 10 per rent commission lie paid me. The 1-rlck house today is a nni-eiini and I would earnestly urge I anjoiic who is interested In fine Gives Glimpses Into Some lhilli!S '° niate " visit u> u. , , n • I r> I - So "i« Modern Huuws 01 the Residences oho To c "tch up with the present, let — | u ? l°°k Rt 'our houses which I have decorated recently for personalities well known through tlie stage, Ihe cinema or the society columns of the press. Tlie first Is Miss Anne Morgan's house on Sutlon place, New Vork. Miss Morgan, together Wllh Mrs. William KL Vandcrbill and MlNi Elizabeth Marbury, dlscov crcd Sulton place nnd established I n smarl colony overlooking the East TCiver. Miss Morgan's home is radiant with color .and Individuality ELSIE KiLFE TELLS OP Has Decorated In this last of of a scries of exclusive articles on home decoration Elsie de Wolfe (I-adft Mcndl), chosen by Klmr Edward VIII to redecorate Buckingham I'alace, discusses the Interiors of fionies she has helped famous people furnish. By ELSIK rte WOLFK Written for NEA Service My favorite house Is the old ,., .-. ••- , - — "»d It expresses'Us owner ns a *o- \\ashlnglon Irving house in New man of nianyjnnd varied interests The entrance hull Is bulll nround a 17th century' si/ Anne marbb fountain and among Its most Interesting plecss arc u Heiiulssiince. £eulptiire<l wnliml refectory table, very rinclj 1 carved, 1111 old Rnjllsh e3:larwoc<l chest nntl several hn- llijuc ,lx)uls XV walnut stools nnd bsnehes. The drawing room . Is Colonliil' with two fine old Colonial nmn- tets faced and henrthfd with slen-1 nn marblf. The dining room Ls llShl and bright with yellow gaiutil curtains nt the whulows and cry-1 sial siinbursL llghllnu flxlvnes and candle shades of dull gold lace over, IKacli tallela. A Queen /;»:ic IBthl century Ensllsh Incfjiier chest wIIh « lift-uj) (o]i deeornk'd with views i and nited with original hinges, cor-i Her plalcs nnd escutcheon phtes Is ojie of Hie most lnt=res(hi s ple^.s In the ''•fi )ininl'«-> Mullf Miss Morgan's own bedroom I* Louis XVI nnd Us 'colors of griiy nnd wlille nnd antique blue arc unusually charming, A second Ihleresllnj house Li Hint of llio .ConnUsi 'ill Prn.sso In C'nlifornla Die 111 ing room ol this house Is quite the inosl striking room r lin've ever decornted.' It Is nn Oriental roam, inoilern hi Its mirrored door "and" window frames, and its inoltned wall treatment. Uiimbao Is the motif of the room. The walls depict birds flying In n bamboo forest. I The furniture and the fireplace nre designed pi bamboo, and the mirrored doorways and window frames are trimmed wllh bamboo, The color scheme Is blue, rose and while. The Clary Coo|>er house In Brentwood, cal., I completed early this yenr. The rooms are laid out on the old French ehntcau plan, three Important' rooms on one long axis. You enter the living room from n raised, platform with slalrs. covered in zebra skin, descending on two sides of lire room, The Cooper house has one vivid color highlighted In- Die decoration of each room. The living room accents color, polscin green; the dining roam, canary yellow; the library, turquoise, and the bedroom, salmon pink. The Ina Claire npnrtmcnt In the Holel Pierre, New York, I linve decorated ill the dramatic manner. Miss Claire Is n dramatic personality, nnd I have always believed thai a decorator should complement the Individuality of the j»r- ton whew Interiors she designs. A tall mirror .screen, divided Inlo six panels, •occupies the far end of Ihe long living room and re- llecis, In Us shiny surface, the lira- place nt the other end. A Louis XV walnut commode with'mount- ed handles and a fine, narrow Inlay in checker design, Is placed In front of the screen. Two • slipper chairs, covered In leopard plush, are set on cither slds of a mirror coffee table. At one end of the room |s Tailored Knitwear • PAGE THRBj white lacquer lr»y table with stand of metal In the form of bamboo. At the tnble U an antique Louis XV table dctk of frultwood with a whl(« leallwr top tooled in gUt. The drawer of the desk Is lined In a crenm silk moire. Six mirror flower pots decorate the double window sills, 'fan drnperles arc of swag chenille In an ofT-»hit« color. Cotton Fabric Used To Pave Bridge Floor RICHMOND. Va. (UP)-Cotton' fabric ulll be used by the state hlgimny department for pavlnj' the floor of a bridge over the '• Pamnnkey rlvci- at West Point Va,, In connection with similar' feitcrnl-state exjx;rlnienlal project In other parts of the coun-" try. • -i. cotton fabric used In road construction Is furnished by' the federal government and is placed be-'! twecn the mast of the paveinint and the liurd surfacing Helen Gleison, younr Mttropoll- lan Open sUr, redecls the >o»iie for knitwear In .her smartly tailored fall swarger suit. The suit is of brown riubby yarn th»t looks like tweed, worn over a sweater of luxuriously soft Anfora. The scarf,, too, ki Ancora. comfortable group for living; an oYcr-stuifcd chair covered In fcnlher chlnU and an antiqued Still Coughing? No matter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial Irritation; you can get relict now with Creomulston. Serious trouble, may bo brewing on4 you cannot afford, to take a chance with anything less,than Creomul- slon, which goes right to the seat of tho troublo to aid ;naturo to soothe and heal the inflamed membranes ns tho germ-laden phlegm is loosened nnd expelled Even if other remedies have railed, don t be discouraged, your druggist is authorized to guarantee Creomulslon and to'refund your money If you aro hot satisfied »lth results from the very first boltle let. Creomulsion rlnht now. (Adv.) "This little Pig Went to Market" — and when he got there, he brought tcp price , . . he was heavy and in good condition—he had been well taken care of while riding on the Frisco —he was not jostled about causing him to lose weight—he was handled by efficient trainmen — HE REPRESENTS A PROFIT FOR THE MAN WHO SHIPPED HIM! Ship YOUR Livestock FRISCO LINES For Rates, ; Schedules and Other Information, ASK THE FRISCO even by medical men. and to complicate alfairs, the three 'poi-j Strange Poison Eludes c . . _ .. l cumpncnic anairs, lhc three poi- OCienCC As bailors Die JCI1S CQlll[ t have been adminlst- I ercd only by an injection, and >.EET.AIDE <UP)-Brit«h . and nc ' '" r ° 0( !; ., A.'stiPlian poison experts are Cnc of lhc sailora llvet) lon S rnmbiniii!.' their knowledge in an cncu " 1 ' to bc interviewed by po- alUmpt to solve the myslerious ! lcc ' '"" snltl llc cli[1 " ot reniem- dcatiis r,f Iwo members of Ihe " l>y P rickill t' o[ the skin. No crew cf the lankpr nriiisi. P ullct nrc was found in either crew cf Science. Tlie men, Bernard Anderson, 20. and William Hayes, 43. were stricken wllh nn unknown illness wliich dislnlegraled the red cor- pi'Ecies of their blocd and changed the color of their skins to! bronzi. j . The medical profes^lrn in Eon'hj AL'stralia was puzzled by the case, j and a full repoit has been sent pirn body. Floridan Goes Afoot To See America First HCNCLULU (UP)—Arthur Na- lieux, of Tampa, Fla.. the Hnuaiian islands an elfort to "see Amer- the home office in London the hope that British experts might be atle to establish the cause of the deaths. Certain features of the case cive it the Havor of a mystery novel. No theory of accident, murder, or suicide can b ica lirst" and see under .his own Iceomotlon. Lemieux declares he lias been walking ever since he was 7, and every slate in the union. I Japan's r.trange white Ainu ]>eo- Three Forms Approved For Coronation Medal IONDON (UP)—Three foimi which the Coronation medals will take have been approved by tha Deputy Master of the Royal Mint, Sir Robert Johnson. I They will be the official medal which will be registered, with both cbvcrse and reverse designed by the mint; n medal in silver or bronze, with the obverse designed by the mint and the reverse left- clear for municipal coats of arms or other designs required, and medals on which bolli obverse nnd reverse are designed by the Individual medallist in each case.' poisons which Adelrfde exu2rt.s considered miglit liavc caused the deaths. The other two are a by-product of castor oil •• and n substance known as saponin, which is contained planls. Neither of tliesc' ccnld be obtained made P'e make visitors welcome by nib- "ing their hands t stroking their beards. , to. fit In with the known faoLs. "ing their hands together and Snake venom is one cf three I)l{. SAUHA Eye. Ijr, Xnsc & Throat CLASSICS KITTED licrin 213 Ingram lildj Office A master draftsman, William Morris, invented lhc Morris cliair. The Morning Afleflaking Carters Little Liver Pills Notice To Our Customers Effective loday, \ve \vill close our repair tlc- iarlnient nnd gas slnlion »( 9 1'. M. each day, however we will maintain all nijrlil service at (he BIytheville Motor Sales Co. I'hone lOOn for Hoi-vice a( Any Time Tom Little Chevrolet Co. esterfield C19J6, Itccin * llviiu Toncco Co. ,.. t&eyremi/cter they have a mow pleasing taste and aroma

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