Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 4, 1942 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 4, 1942
Page 4
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Page four NAUQATUOK DAILY NEWS, Hailp Published Every' Evening (Except Sunday) by TWO NAUrjATUCK NKWS GOnPOIlATION at 11 North Main Srtoot, NAUOATUGK, CONNECTICUT ToifpltoiiM 2228 mid 2229—All Deportmenta DO YOU REMEMBER? From The Files of The News 20 Years Ago < V PUSSY IN THE CORNER HUDOUMI M, HENNIUK, President and Treasurer RALPH S, PAS! 10, VIco-Prosldont RDWAflD C, UNORNnRM), Assistant Treasurer MTLDttKD HOLLAND, Secretary, SUMSCWIPTJON 11ATIOS Payable In Advance < month ,,.,, v,',$ ,70 G months W.W linonlhft ., ,,,,12,25 4 year ., *»,00 I wookr-18o By Carrier 1 year—IIMW Tho Unltwl PCOHH hay tho exclusive right to use ror' republloatlon In any form, all news dispatches credited to thlH paper, It IH also exclusively on- Ullod to lino for ropublloatlon all the local or un- dMtod nowH published horoln. TIWSIMV, AlUll'ST 4, JM12 On most farms a small /look of chlokon.s may bn rod In part on svhat Avoukl othcry/lso bo wasted foods, and UUIH provldu Iho farnll-y with low-cost The New' York Giants -apel the St. Louis 'Cardinals are tied for tho league race" Th'ere will be a live- gamo series at the Polo Grounds. .'-.,,. ' • • • o—0—o '...."•'' . : Tho Misses Marie T. Leary, Nina Bell, Gladys Parks and Ernestine Simmons ;have returned from Blaok Bock'. 1 ' - ' ' o—O—o . .. • .".'/' Tho M-foot, double cabin, bridge deck cruiser '/Lo-; har'a," owned by Harris Hacke, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. iVacko of North Main 'street, Is one of the boats entered In'the race between tlocts of the Milford Yacht cilib and tho Pootatuok' club. -• • H i O—O—O 'Miss Carolyn Mersey of Walnut street is spending a two weeks' vacation at Froncau, N, 'J. YEAHS AGO Amplo synthetic rubber In MM IH predicted by H CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS" It in interoHtiiig to run across tho atato- ot 1 certain oclcsia.sticH who scorn to ;'roa(ly concornoti with tlio.i'atc of so (< (!OiLseion lions oh joe tors," Ono lioarn of "iYooiioip of consoionce" find tho clol'onao of that right for "sin- coro ooiiHciontious objectors," Tlioro aro hints that this right must iiot bo allowed to perish, Tho Aviso provision of law which takes notice of sincere conscientious objectors ia possible solely because of the comparative scarcity of such individuals. Certainly, if any largo percentage of our population adopted the "conscientious objector" attitude, the nation, in a desperate fight for its life, would be justified in resorting to the harshest methods necessary to persuade men to light for their country ^ and civili'/alion, Conscientious objectors are of various typos, including those who refuse to salute the flag, those who refuse to bear arms, those who aro against all government and the acme of individualism, the man who objects to any form of restraint, whether instituted by God or man, This "conscientious objector" twaddle can be carried too far. The individual is entitled to his conscience and his objection, but tho possession of them does not render him immune from the penalties provided by tho laws of his people. PRIVILEGE, NOT MONOPOLY About five years ago, several thousand government employes in Washington formed a group health association, whi6b was a non-profit organisation, .designed to give members and their families, in return for tlie payment of regular fees, medical attention from doctors employed on a salary basis, /Just afterwards, the American Medical association exerted pressure to prevent tlie growth of tho cooperative, Act ing in concert .-with the Distrjct of Columbia Medical 'society, the association threatened to'ex pel doctors employed by the Health association and hospitals excluded these .doctors., As a result* the Medical association, and the Medical society wore indicted for violation of the federal anti-trust 'laws. After, being found guilty and fined, the Medical association entered an appeal. The District of Columbia court of appeals uphold tho verdict of the lower court, pointing out that professions exist under licensing systems to servo tho poo : plo and that they have no .right to create a monopoly. Tlie court said that "tho people givo tho privilege and tho people take it away" and criticized the concerted criminal action of tho defendants in attempting to prevent "tho people from developing new methods of sorving v their needs," Tho action of tho medical group did not prevent the Health association from growing into a cooperative with more than *£OjOO(Vmembers. It has not prevented tho spi'pad of tho group-modicino idea irpmfmy sections of tho United States, ".'Thin inclination of people AvaiVl^|^fip%u)dicirto is not a reflection upon tho professional services "of doc- a ga i n sf ^w'woiYf- cfi ty economy involving, medical attention for the average family. fleeting of the Swedish American Republican club was held at the homo of.Al-fred Peterson of New stroiit at which time the following delegate's worn appointed to thn state convention to be held in Hartford: V. N.-Peterson, J.-J2. Johnson, Victor Olson, ,J..Umll Anderson,, John V. Nelson, Alfred Peterson and Carl W. Thompson, prcnl'dent of the club. o-o—o Tho Misses Mll'/a and Teresa Syvceney of Hillside uviMUie aro spending their vacation at Block Island. Interesting Facts An armored division may use up as much as tons of ammunition In a single Cay of .lighting amount which, loaded Into freight cars, would (julrci a train of 17 cars. 000 -an rc- M WAT WAV. 1 Around The Clock By It's vacation time for* Officer's Tim Keardon and \V-il frod'Eyoii and rested ..after a quiet vacation, Patrol,/ Martin has • returned to his job. o s o. ... We'll n there'll be a big 1 turnout to see the demonstration O ft)1 new fire engine if it's held at a .convenient time general public and sufficient advance notice given. an inherent eagerness to watch fire engines in action j| most of us. ' "A smile does no harm and probably does good" must be Tommy BfOder's motto, for Tom has a friendly grin that has won him many friends, 1 Firemen/contend that Chief Jack .Gormley took i n doubleheader at the Polo grounds Sunday to pick \ few pointers he can pass ojito the cops' softball tean tl , Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Matt Scully, who et changed vows in Middletown Saturday . . . and to i Paulouskas who was recently made a corporal in Sam's army. George used to shoot an occasional ea the Hop Brook links. Now he's ready to 'shoot for thj country symbolized by an eagle. .'... Tho Utah Htato capitol-, one of the most ornate and cslabornlo In tlio oomilry, cost only ,152,750,000 to oonstruut. It wna finished i'ri 1015. Tho British ppopl-c hftvo gone IiV.for war.snvlngs i'n a hl« way. Over Ifi hllllpn dollars already have been ruined—an average of : $318 ppr. head. Over a third of thu total sum has boon misted In "small savings," Thn first authentic example of development of a seedless grape 1'rom a seeded grape variety is the seedless Emperor 1 fcrnpo discovered near Visalia, California. '• ' . We, The Taxes and Capital The first vineyards of California were planted by thn l-'runtilaflun Fathers. Now they c.onstltute one of the Htule's major Industries. N The central'span of the famous tUieboc bridge Is tho longest and heaviest in the world. Us length Is MO foot, and the distance between .brldgo-plers Is 4,800 feet. The Production Drive .committee' of the Westinghouse Elevator Co., Jersey' Clly; N. J,, reported that men In the plant had salvaged 200 ( 000 pounds of material, above the normal amount. Brief s, Very Brief "War broker" admits $431',4(13 fees; family firm got Army luo. will form Norwegian unit for infantry serv- r>5,')22,000 workers in nation set employment record. MoiXuf.1 warns employers to stop "pirating" workers. Army 'will change to steel for cartridge casc.s. You're Telling Me! Hy WILLIAM |UTT TODAY'S -an.swor to tho wlse.cracklng query: "What'.s cooking?" is, niUuraMy: "A, workable rubber aubstitule—wo hope I" . . -, Tlio Army, weV« • toIO, --sooks voiunteeps for the .corps or nntnhlhimi cnyint-rrs. Sounds like fin ideal .spot for a pulrintic heuvur. There -never 'was- a ; tax bill; that suited everybody — and," anyhow, neither Congress nor' the country Is likely tb pay -attention' "tc>-,''th'o a rank outsider- whore .tbo • '• tfoig-m'oriey is -concerned •— ly-u t- ••'' 11 : •se.eiiis to me'that. Congress would bo • weII - 'advised .to Mqpk" the. 'excess profits 'tax' provision^ i'ri the:, teeth. T ho effect ol' -staggered out 'of ,!ny Franklin '.'• i.ho .House. rV or Rep•-•••-. .rcsentallvQs; was to tax excess .profits, at 90 per cent. The* purpose was, not, only to,-raise revenue, for-the conduct'of th,o "war tout ''to prevent profiteering; ITV \yar cont'racts', The resul'ts;will be unless Mic l : aw ds changed, to freeze the admittedly' •unsocial- strivcture of industria-i 'capSlal. -f.ovi.the duration of' the\ war and for; the posty \vur-period., '. • In other words', 'the'")3iS'6ios of 1939 will be the biggies pi 1 1944 and (949. DuPontj .U;: S, Steel,-General Motors, General , ElecU'.ic, Ford's, Wesiinghouse, the "Big -Four" . of Rubber, etc., ' etc., a ! re all thoroughly .capitalized and Uioir capital wljl b'c -protected' by t-he'.statute-, 1 But' the accu-mulation.of -new capital, in new ontC'pprises, 'under new manage-merit; the vylrdle growth, of our economy away/frdm the dead hand of financial. ^concentration ; all that will be impossible. New, capital Is, iVeato'd out of- proflt-s^-"ex-cess" or otherwise—'and-, the effect - of the Proposed corporate taxes vy.ilI be.'Jto make the "government 'itself. UK* source <of capital, through tlie.'R. -P. C., the Defense Plants Corporation and so on,, except for tlie.-.largo, long- established .'well-financed- Private- corporations. .. . . ; . ^ . Government .capital—wo matter how it may gusli out—is -bound'to .be •-hedged around witlr. all sorts of limi tntloris whiC'h' do... not ;apply to 000,000. .... ..-••... ,..:. , , . : As stated, U is highly im- llkely that anytb-ing wiM he ^ done about tlHS.;,- Perhaps some of- the ''urih'bly" 'brdeals. -in the -Ways nnfl Means Committee involved some of these issues, : but the .pubJlc need wot kjd itself that the excess profits wi'U/dp anything more than raise some, revenue and .freexe. the economic powers of tbe.B'ig Business and Big. Banking groups', both .absolutely and 1 ,relatively" to the rcsl •o'f Wie .country,: for the' duration of tlie, .... |. -•'-... . , / Witb a 'pei i sbnai:..lhcome taxes being Hflve'd and.g'Qnorally the man at the bottom '.of .the heap' getting 1 it in the nock, .might .be v a g-ood idea If so'iiic I'df..our Coiigfessi'Onal leaders gave some thought to this prol)- l.pnii.j'jffone'.af iis ..wants a return to the '1920's,' but the present lax setup'. •)£ ",ittalving.surc\ that the .same tVii'e'.'o'f--.iVbys Svlrp gave us Uic 1920's will b'e'.on top in the'1950's. DAILY CHUGKLEiS o o (Relcascrl by Features', Inc.) Consolidated News From Other Newspapers A1R-FREIGHTEHS COMING Whon= :-Henry J, ; Kaiser, • whosfi gonlus- as^i-.bc' huIldcr '-'of Boulder Dam made ; him, a nian . to : '.listen, to when, h.e proposed ftsscmblyi-'lii^e production ,of 'slilps, declares that nine''shipyards-'.should be turned over••'.tq -the: production of huge freight-carrying planes, . his voice", ^hiouldniot: be'.1,liat! of •'. one crying In th'e k 'wilderness. '' ••: Mr. Ka-lser's • West Coast ship-; yards''arcs producing ships faster than• hitherto/ had --been believed: possible. But, like .the -late Gen-, William Mitchell, who foresaw ' the supremacy ;-pf'aircraft in warfare. Maj, 'de Seversky, Glenn Martin and r others, Mr.' -Kaiser has plans for aircraft : .-'.boyond anything Jules •'Verne eve,r: could have imag-. ined. 1 ! Mis .engineer, 4 } .have made plans', )foi^20ar and: 500Tton capacity aircraft,/the"--largest capable of carrying -1,000 troops. These giants can- be produced, within 10 months, at 'the rate of; 5,000 a year, Mr. Kaiser says-.- : Five thousand such shij3S .could. . land 50,000 fully ecfuippod trbsps-in England.-In a single',:,day; ,' and the next day they could fly over with 70,000 tons The man was indignant. The idea of-such-.a thing. Accus- 1 n g h i m o f • be 1-h g- i n i xod u p I n a mu-wler. Ho told -Uie Norwood, -Ohio, police .chief, there 'certainly must be some mistake, lie .didn't .know, a thing-at all a'bout that murder. Not a~ tiling. In foct, -lie swid, he had a-n airtight iilitoi. ' How in the world could lie have boon .mixed'up in the crime. . Why be w;is-busy, the night U, was happening. Busy holding up a Tilling station. , •This is a 'story that's making the rounds in v Florida Seems a"Canal Zono business man, Arthur Motl/Ry .was in • Miami -on a visit a.nd .-.ho stbpped by a drug store,, to; get a tub.e of toothpaste, .The eicrk asked: "Got an old. tube?;' . MoUa \vas-Histbnished. Ho exclaimed : -.'i ' • • •.-.,. "pp.'Mley fHTl/beVoM tubes now? I want to, buy ,a. brand, new one." Then' tJTfr/Qje'rk.:.explained ahout having 4p "-byi'-il >in <old tubes,' $o. Mottia-..couniterjedr-fey'- saying • lie's just 'gottenMnfe'from ihe Ganal Zone. It .wits' the cork's, fu-rji. to be aslon- ishied.;.'Kb cxclaimod:. '*.WJi:atssan|aWdr - : -do\vn !/h e r o ? Dort/t .they ever cleah their tectb?" ; Mptta gay p up. . ';' - • BJrmingiham Service Station Operator A. P.- Brown is' a "careful man. • ; '-He-doesn't want to get into»al hot water. And lie knows cuslom- .ei?s -ai-e likely to value their prc- ci.ous ti-res above almost any other possession. That's' why he's hung out a sign •reading: "Tires inflated at customer's risk." We talked recently with a local resident of origin, and despite his country's present reverses nt hands of the Nazis,'he's still confident that Russia \vi)l| he lighting come winter,, and will Avin hack somooftli territory now.lost, lie opines that, a second front won! help the Stalinists but reminds that Russians with thei hacks to the wall are no pushovers. . . Which reminr ns 'that a few years hack .when Russia was tackling Pin, land, John Wendes, then working at the Naugntuck Chcin ical company, who liad spent several years in .Russia aiic could talk the language fluently,- said that tho Russian didn't know much of the intricacies of mechanics implied that they couldn't survive-long in'a media war. Well, there were a lot of "experts" who were wrong! on this also. . . and Herb Johnson tells us that the summer festival to be 3eld Saturday night by the Fidelity Bible class of ilio Methodist church is going to;be-a mighty-enjoyable affair,I Such a festival is, in our opinion, one of. the too few rel maining examples of country life, and as such we're glad to see things of this-sort presented. Entertainment, vari-l ous kinds of home-cooked food and sale of other articJcsl will he among the highligh'tjs, , .".Bill Shepard stopped in to visit at The News. Mon<Jr f y, ., : J3ill : .is a former'worker! for The News and liis former,associates were delighted fo| see him. . . i^.u. v a .> ,u.. , It is rumored that Wally "Lard," local policeman, is deeply interested in the Chinese relief drive. He proved | it in New York, recently. Buy Defense Stamps and Bonds! Dietary Value Of Liver As A Protective Food \Vftll -Stroot's- money o.r>;Q--funds oi-lrri liilc-tni'nrl liv n.nrnrn'ft f.p'-'fif I'iftfrt'ls. administered, by r riio. g'o.vornment leave margin f6r " crror^ ;o.iy^to ri'sk> lossps : in i'riyest-mont,; ljut it' hard, to seo how industrial -adVu-iigesioan j)o ina'do on n "."no '-risk'?. Jja'si^'.^Sg Hie ;'iKiy-off on tlie f.innTicShg -of FICW- enterprises .-is 'that ; , tnoy \ViJl-. ' : be liaivdled' by. Uae' samo : groups which;, do'nilnatod the' securities and industrial set-ups of the 1920's Nvhlcli-arc icverf no-\v being In Iho AfrlciHn tlesort n saiulwioh, no doubt, more Ihun liv«vs up to i(.s nnine. orated, by the ; -lavish .expenditure's J of; war. •• : /.-•.-.'••vf "..'-. 'A - -. ' qf;=-fo^od.and supplies,' ' Tire use UTG ' f .0ormans already haVe marie of transport planes re- nibvcs anything .Mr. Kaiser may sayfrom. the realm of fiction. • The Na'^is today /are flying troops, ^ gun's'.and'supplies 'into Egypt They, are/- flyjng • them^tb^iRussia. They ' doubt,- to , fly >States, when assuming they ^victorious in Europe ancl J-nt'lcr's ; dream of ..Ray, /Plummer worfe for Pan- Ameri-can Airlines, iris job Js to locate the owners of articles found on company pro'porty, While he's been head of the Lost and'Kound department, he's brought owner and possession togo-Uier many times. • : ' But. there arc 'two customers that stand out in his mind. Of all tlie thousands he's handled, they -were :tlic 'most relieved to find their lost By LOGAN CLIZNDENING, M, »,.' WITH THE increase of our. growing knowledge of the protective foods and the ' deficiency diseases," the value of the use of liver 0 '— -—> •- —- in tbo —o- Dr. Clendenlng will answer questions of general interest only, and then only through his column. diet becomes more and more apparent. .Tbo protective roods include the vitamins, some of tbo minerals and quite a. few others. Their peculiar function is that they are not used exactly as fuel or as tissue build-; ers, as most of our food is ,but l.hcyi perform a sort of regulatory fun.c-j tion over the absorption of the- other foodstuffs and over their' utilization by the tissues. j Improves Blood Condition . looking for nicotinic ncid, liver led all the rest In concfiilra amounts of it. Liver eonl.idns alwn l l ^'.milligrams of nicolinic, add gram of dri'ed subslanco, whl wheat germ conlains ;ihoul and baker's yeast; the ncarcs! fioni* petitor to Uiver, al)oul O.S m Along the same lino, npllcc vitamin D. Is found in mast •centrated form in co«l liver oil. 'Later ; it was discovered thai- nearly any flsb liver contains vilamln n in , bigh concentration ami .ly animal livers in gi»m'ral it to same degree. , 'MI'ody's -Great Storchniiso »' c " are;: I'lyjng..-.Miem^-io, .HAU are '-'• preDiiredW ^ no;I'- dot th fihT|>,t<j^ : fifii #"OJn iiecl^St < '.de,J:4^g}';;arr.{;' ass showfd' •" Dei' ; victi'oi'ioiis is d^ A noted physicH professor says he can prove that a baseball pILohor can really throw a curve. Just as {.hough many a big loaguor rn a baiting slump'hasn't proved that long before him, .....' 01), wol), wo'il ahvuy.s have the <lniifjhiiut niul tho lot'llthifi rliifi around to remind us wliat nil auto •tiro lookful Ilko. . I! niusl lie a new experlonce I'o a lot of VVAAC/s .... ,- ' • r , . , ..,,, ...^V. , .. ; to him* tho hoy Friends not niukiuu Tun of their lint*, . . : - '• ^ •'•'•"•". •''•'• -,• ' '• - : '' •'.-•" : - that, ahybo'd'y in Congress.!; or the^ Treasury has;; 'considered .that',-:the^ only way ;to -dear-wini tthlsCprob^ ' is by '^ graduated -tax --on -ex... - ... . . ...--. v ,,..,. ,jg..' come true. Be/^wbrse'^than fooJish America ' ... , p,r Its be - tiixe'd j|;a^ignbre-.suo(i proposals, as Mr. r Kaiser advances^ 'To put them in- Uo"a ; c.iion::requirQS,.;Vision, courage ' --" ' : - mechahical skill, but has • those as sXvell as Perhaps oad people 'the already -.-.One' was a man who left a brief case, Containing $30,000 on a pl'ane, The other? A woman who'd left behind five pounds of sugar, '.You can't say that to me. • /•And with'- that a fight started.: - Tbe. folks in Newport, Kentucky, gathered around... But finally Miey decided f/hcy'-d s&cn' enough. •. After all, they wore used to sec- ing small boys scuffling. But these two" combatants were getting a little old for that, sort of th-kig. One being 91 .and. the other a mere lad of 86. ,v. ;75' per cent|rin:; : a- ; $l()0r if;500,000;000 and :in 'a . . Ih 1 s ; .way , tb e . way \voul<i' vo'eV c jjor ,the crcatron>of -new en'ter'prises' of ''' What can a on 1 rltiss .'ox~Sunday 'driver; do on-: Sunda yn?—we're''a'skio'd., Well,, lie ;i?4n «U dn^tho l)ack poroh and pnw'throu'gh hla-old road maps'arid other preol'ous nouvonlrs, whOh of the -- is can be dehlonstrated;: percentages hundred per cent Hal -of half'a million OOO.Avhlle one per cent pr >f a hundred milllon'fi'is $1;-'^sengrer. ••'^cems that Charles Bishop, was attending a Givilj-an Defense class in San Jose, California. .Now, there are two things you can say about J3i'Shop—he likes to smoke sigars -and ho knows Jio\v to ; take a hint. The ladies in the civilian class began wrl nk J i -n-g tti ei r n oses and glancing towards-" 'Bishop. Finally the* GivllJah DefenseJnsOru-ctor asked the question'":';--;;.-"-";:,': . ' ' j'-WhatS is an : h\ribant; smote? 11 ' one v: a'oco'rd •'.t'lie . , .• - . •- .''vTlie smok'e ••tlia-t's" tfomjng frbm ' " " Ciarl es ' B isb 6p"s ' ^u. hdv' f to-\ take is ; , cigar., -'hi nt. ; lie DEFNITION Mass.. (LlP.)— A clergyman, answering a" draft board^ questionnaire, described his work as "teach", preach, marry and bury." There is no better illustration than the now generally familiar action of liver in improving the condition of the blood and helping anemia. It docs not do this because Jiver tissue actually enters Jnto the formation of blood cells, but, because it contains some chemical which stimulates the cells jn the -bone marrow where blood Js formed, to regular activity. As a comparative instance, -a substance called nicotinic acid was found by researches conducted jn 1937' to be a necessary part of the diet, although in very small Quan r titles, in order to preserve perfect health. When It is not present, the skin becomes unhealthy and rough and scaly, and there is some disturbance of digestion and sometimes of the central nervous system. Now it was further found, as in the case of liver, nicotinic acid does not actually enter into tissue building but, in the., language of the scientists, "provide.s material for the building of co-enzymes used in tissue metabolism" or, In plain '•words, provides substances that influence the cells to healthy, ac- itivity,\,Jt, is, like,, a boss\ on,..a '.con-, strirction ••jol};!: tiiq b'oss M does' not lay : ,,a.ny' of ,lhe; -Jiricks but. he Keeps the' 1 gang" lhat-.dbci lay 'the- bricks pepped up. -fin tlvc regular 'study of any of the vitamins," the first .step- is ,to .fl.nd .that; .such -and such bodily deficiencies : resulL-fnpin lack of the vitamin,'- HS| ihe Why docs liver contain so of these elements? Ik-rms liver is tho,.great storehouse 1 body. The substance in llv<;r \v»> f1 ' :| helps .blood building is nnl fonnfj in the liver but In HHI wills of W stomach and is brought lo I In 1 ^ for storage and son!, oul lo '" l bone marrow day by day iui'1 Il01ir by hour as needed. u , .Likewise with vilnmin 1). >\; al. form' vilamln D in Hi*' s'; in ''• thc ; action of sunlight ami II- »* wj rfed-f.o- the liver for stnra^. " not formed there, but carried from the place of formalion sent-,out as needed. 1. have by no means theJist of substances that we about which arc stored in I he and . are necessary .for iK'a" ' there must be many mor« to bft-discovered. None of known are destroyed by C °°S So teach your children to oat < : once a week. treat: 1)US" QUICSTIONS AM) W. H. T.: Please givo a merit'for relief of bunions. Answer: Hallux valgu*. or ion, Js a deformity of lh ( ' " the angulation of the groni Pointed shoes or otlierw |s . ft ntting. shoes plus a w.eakness of the foot It progresses to - -:dl-tterent trea • cases orthopedic sliocb erlyr'Jltted give great rehd- causes. , .. progress oY«-i the the second is to examine all the foods In the worfd to find out which ones contain the vitamin. And lo and behold, when the scientists went ! For.; -any -. oitc :.cents in coin,: and a Skin.

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