The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 26, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1939
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•VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 187, Senate Rejects Plan To Prevent Sale Of Chemical Materials s rale to .' Oct. 20. (UP)-A' proposed ban on the n natrons of posion gases, flame throwers •, m! other -material used in chemical warfare was rojoc c,l he senate, M to 3G today, ,, s tl,e chnmbo „„ Kv.S Delay Apparent Unli! gal Question H as Answered Earlier the senafe voted to lie-* nultee- foreign merchant vessels i . found guilty of (lying (he Amorl- cnil flng us u r u s(! ( o nv0 j(j su (,. marine attacks. The iielialty was written Into the neutrality bill as an tin-cnd- ment. Under (he proposal any forelgi merchant vessel which hoisted tin American nag or used any distinctive markings designed to mnl:e i appear to be an American vesse would be denied entrance to Uniti-d Slates ports and territorm waters for n period of llirec months. House majority and minor!!.; leaders meanwhile discussed procedure for the neutrality bill mu made tentative plans to begin consideration of Ihc measure Tucsda 1 ' with a final vole probable by Thursday or Friday. Speaker William B. Ba.vkhead said that the house should be able to dispose of Ihe bill within a few days after it begins consideration and he saw no reason whv congress should not adjourn 'immediately thereafter. Arkansas Has One Gas Pump For Every 13 Cars LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 2C. <UP)~ Lcster Larimer, Memphis cil company executive, told 500 delegates to the fifth annual convention of Arkansas Oil Dealers today Hint -. , Arkansas 'has one gasoline pump , , „ fu ™'for every 13 cars -whereas the coun- 5 and u try's average is one pump for every ' >roceS6cs °f 21 cars. T.-J,. "Tlie average customer," lie said "spends nbcut $187 a year on products and services from filling stations. He makes his purchases usually twice weekly and at those times we should remind him that the Arkansas state gasoline tax of 6V.- cents a gallon constitutes a large part of the total price." Avoiding Fight With 'DrunkVHit By Truck ATLANTA, Ga., Ocl. 28 (UP)_ nev: Jolin Thomas Baxter, 73-year- o)<f retired Baptist minister, died last night of injuries suffered when he sought to evade a "fightin" drunk" and stepped into (he path cf a truck. The inebriate, L. J. Patrick 21 who engaged in efeht fight.; uhile on. a spree Monday night. wi n re . ceive a hearing on charges of intoxication ami assault and ballcry The case had been postponed pending outcome of Baxter's injuries ami cfflcers saitl other Ion Insliiule Official Reports Findings In Experimental Field MEMPHIS. Term.. OH. 20 (UP) »£ Se 1 sc eSa ie f0 n 1 ^S C ' 1 : of Industrial proteins from cotton" """' ! »eafs, were reported today by '••_ W. Bass of the Mellon In<s cottcn research foundalion. -.Bass said (he cottonseed pro- Icins are expected to enter the market now occupied by caseins iiseo in glues for manufacture of !"g plastics for aHIcles sn buttcns, fountain i>en barre :ombs. This new use for cottonseed, Dr Bass said, will mc[m consumption' of large tonnages. Other new products from colton- ced described by Dr, Bass included- Activated carbon, made frcm hulls ud useful in medicine, water uuri- ca ion and decolorizing of lnd,, s . "" sugar solution. made from cottonseed 'sod in solvent refining mcior "oils. WASHINGTON, Ocl, 20. (UP>- Plims fcr a government loan on 1939 cotton wn-e delayi'd loclay by a legal question raised by C'omn- trnller General l-Ved n. B VOTO ',,. to whether loans can be mndi> ulien cotlon prices are ubove ftn i )w m)t of parity. The farm law nuthsriMs Ihe scc- relnry of agriculture t 0 establish lonn rales when price* are between 52 ami 75 per cent parity bin makes tains nmndatoi-y only when the price Is below 52 per cent, of parity Brown questioned 'Whether loans are legal when (he price does not make them mandalcry as al (lie present time. A final decision may be requested from Attorney .General Prank Murphy. Commodity Credit Corporation officials, in cooperation with the AAA, completed plans last week Kr 1930 loans at approximately •8,30 the same rate as last ycni- u ., u cents a pound. The plans were sent for approval to President Roosevelt vho referred them (o Brown Legion Members Hear George W. Reed Speak . Gcor e° W. Reed of Heber Spring, dean, of Ulc clcbl , *' "&»• Wke-at thc-meelmsr of i ne Dud --- i...v jiicci-lEtfr pi I lip 1 litfl %W?,°\ Ulc Amerl "»' ^"» ?t 'he Hut .last night when ton taSf' c: r nm " dcr ' wnduclcd a business session. Mr. need, former ^c«,t judge, is the father'of 5 Anno ncemmt was made by ° <iislrict , - ~- >••'*- ViJ^iJJ^t to^be,held at Tyronza Nov. Wnhl, Hershel McKnj- a 8 ]]^' Earl the box of groceries n result of t)i <Wve on n I . _ <m this , , Fimd the funds re- Mr. and Mrs. Coyne Buchanan and Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Owen Chosen CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Oct. 20 —Winners in Ihe 1930 Pemiscot Camty Plant lo Prosper contest were announced yesterday by the county agent's office, following the -elections by a judging committee. rhey are: Landowners' division—Mr. and Mrs. Coyne Buchanan, Caiulhers- villc. - Tenants' division—Mr. anil Mrs A. A. Oivcn, Bragg City. Second place in landowners' di- I'islcn went to L. H. Gale, Hayti, and second place in tenant's division was awarded to G. D Owens of Bragg city. Winners last year were I,. H. Gale in (he landowners' division and A. L. Kid.vcll. also of Hayti' - "ic tenant division. is year, 33 Pemiscot County farmers were entered in the com- Iielition, 20 in Ihe landowner group and 13 in tlie lenanl division. Com- uetldon was unusually keen in the landowner group. County Agent M. id nt Cburch noosevelt. ami tl,e conation of St. James' EptaropM Park. K . Y., UD V TO! lwa(ls Rcv . ., . 1'iajeU that Kmg Geor K c VI of Enyland be. grunted strength to ••<•„„- Uiish and overcome Ml his enemies," occasion WM „ , |KCInl ,. ei . v|a , lo acknowledge the gift of n 13>ble to the church ,,v B Main's l r when they visited Hyde Park last Jmio. Above, Uov Wi n low the Blbl e to the President. Inset ,„<:„„«, ,hc Hwrlplta, S O mw wrote on tlic fly-lmf, Blylhovllle Courier Ulylhcvllle Heinld o Dally News Mississippi Vnlley leader .;, AUKANSAS, T Chamberlain Answers Von Ribbcnli-op, Tells Of NEWS SINGLE COPIES PIVB CENTS Russia Releases Nazi Prize Crew, Will Not 'Recognize Blockade:! LONDON, Oc7~2ll Minister Neville Clmmbi'jJiiln ,n.,. GITOUIII Community Fund Is Novv $572.50 Slion Ot Gont aw "<»"" )os tn ., '" as )>letlgc " b 5 >ost to the ccminimity fund "lander Edward., announced yea,- Two Down And Two To Go D. ^ (hose listed near , „ Praztor of Co: lei- and c. E Sides of Cnnithersvillc. and amon? he lop were Louis A total of S3(ii7.5D had been pledged to Blylhcvllle's first Community Pun;'., campaign ,ip. >m tn nocn today, which was only $572 50 short of the $4250 goal. Inspired hope to obtain an (he needed amount before Ihc end of the week, a special committee is soliciting fh-ms f Q1 - employes' contribulions and another ccminit- lec is chocking those firms which could not make contributions until approval bail been t'li'c'n «t headquarters located In other cities. If more limn $-1250 Is obtained Ihe surplus will be placed in the ......... " " Father Critically HI, Son Hurt In Car Wreck Sorrciv struck t\vice in the same family early today when J. P. Snioot of Lllboitrn, Aio., became miscellaneous fund and w distributed to such local i;roup which need funds badly for worll while chnrltles. Ally surplus a Hie end of (lie year will remain in Hie treasury .for lliu ncxl year It iras niniounced todny by Crcil Shane, clialrman of the newly priMiilswl group which sponsoreil flic <lrj;'e. Groups lo receiye donations lire' Boy Scouts, $1000; social welfare $£00; Gocdfellows, $750; school band, $500; library, $300- Girl . „ To_ Discover If Germany Plans Mnginol Line Tlmisl a few hours lo be with Jiis stricken falher. Russell Smoot. ^5, O f Mounds III., rushed lo this city after being notified of hi s father's illness only lo receive crushed and fractured vertebrae when his car overturned on Highway 18 about four I miles v.-est of Blytheviile. Both are nt the Walls hospital Ihe elder i\fr, Smoot having been removed there at one o'clock (Ills morning a short time after lie wfTered a stroke. His son's accident occurred at seven o'clock Arriving in Blytheviile before us relative.'; had arisen, Mr. Smoot decided to ride about a little for i vieiv of the cotton fields Tlie cause of the accident- has not been' determined but the theory was adduced "»»t he dozed momentarily .0 cause him to' lose control of the machine and ,'that a wlui-1 vent mto one of the deep ruts nuking (he machine overturn his son was Teacher associalio, Miller County WPA Workers Get Raise LITTLE HOCK, Oct. 2fl (UPl- WPA workers In Miller county received pay Increases loday af'to- a special rnlin. f,- om Washington, •Stale Administrator Floyd Shan) said t:day. Proximity to Texas, where Ihe rale of pay Is .higher than in Arkansas, was given as the reason for Ilie increase follo«in g coinnlnints of worker* in Tcxarkana who faid ' WPA employes on the Texas side ! :f .Main street were receiving more money for the same work PARIS, Oct. 20.. (UP)-Frcnch patrols, feeling Iheir ivay Ihvough No Man's Lund, imc begun tlic Vila] task of flnirtng'wlictliei-"Ger- many is preparing for a mass at- Incfc on Hie Maginol Line, It was disclosed today. Despite heavy rains, wind sno and biting cold, Ihc palrols wci sent out to seek o:nlacl with tl Oennnna and (ry lo lake indivldm prisoners for (|uesllonlnj; by U tjcneral staff. The oiierallon was made neccs, snry because of receipt nf infonna lion by the Intelligence branch Ilia Gorman conccntralkns hnd bee completed to -nn extent where ni ittack could not be made at an tune at any key point along Ih Maghiol Line-not only on Ih Gcrman-Fimch front but throngl Ibc Netherlands tr nelflum 0 throiiih Switzerland. Authorilalivc sources j'cperaloc (hut (hey believed Adolf nitle might order a mass assault on th< Mnginot Line If ho finds It im Iterative (o srok a quick solutlot to (lie war. Travel Film Is Shown At Lions' Luncheon "They Discover America" ivn.i the name of the moving picture shown at the weekly luncheon "Celine of the Lion's club at (he Hclel Noble Tuesday. John C. Mcllaney was In chorgc of the program. The picture sv:o shown by Paul W. Moore of Mcm Orryliniiinl . )his. who is will) Ihc ins Lines. N. J. Lljiscoml), of Memphis, was Riicsl. at (he Boy! imliiy Unit liockrt biitlli-shlp „ ovlni; llm Atlantli; ns u am ,-,i|,| w - >nd ilrelmvd Unit Client liilliiln Is . lo Hive the only possible In the Na^.l cl)nlli>nKi> lo n llKht. . nl'le-r nlrlklni; bud- 11- I lifi Nn/t oharuc that I'jrluiln llOtll'd lliu Will 1 , lllSi-IOSOll llhi); I. Thill nl ifiisi j m |f „ ,!,'„,,„ iwl luinililnii plnncs were shot, town out of H whirl) iillvmplwl » iilliick a Urltlsh convoy In tlio u nrlli Sen on Oct. 21. a. That the Hilled cannier nttnek on Nuy.! submarines was snca'ssfii] |u>"Eh to IMICOUI-HKO belief Hint his mi-iuice to our Undo" would be destroyed. 3. Thai 'it sems now lo have booiiu: a rule for iiii'rcbnnl ships o be sunk without, warning, 1 ' •I. That Ihe enemy loss In mcr- iiunt ship tonnage in llm last vcek was 33,000 Ions as compared o loss of live Urlilsh ships wllh otal tonnage of 2'2,?1D. Chamberlain mnrtc n - friendly csluro |OW«K! Soviet Hnssln by Ifttlnif Hit; ijaverninoni's view Dial he lied army occupied part of 'olnnil as a prolcullve jneasure gainst Hie Nn/ls. But his scorn know no bounds vhen lie replied lo Ihc speech of aerumn Forolsjn Mlnlsler Von nibbcnlrop lo charges Dial Urli- iiln delllieralely plolted Ilin war lo dcslroy Germany. Chnmbcrliiln snl ( | Ihnl, the (jiiin must rest squarely on Adolf Hll- Icr and lliu Na/1 lenders. He assailed "this man" Rlbbwi- Irop and said that history will Judge how far nibueiilrop fulled to comprehend ellhcr the Hrltlsli liollcy or the Urltlsh pccple. Clarifies State's Auto License Laws A copy of the .'.opinion ot At- tcrney General Jack Holt clarifying the new regulations for purchase of HMO automobile and truck license has ben received by the local olllcc of Ihe revenue department, it was announced today by ll. u, Stout, district, supervisor. Under Ihe provisions of Act 101 the 10-10 license plales will bo avallnblc November 1st, IDIIII, and may be. purchased any Him: bn- twcen that dale and December 31. However, these who buy. now cars or trucks after November 1st will not be allowed to obtain 19-10 license plates without also paying for the last <iunrlcr of 1K)!I. Motorists who are driving ears or trucks with tlie 1039 licenses )aid will be allowed lo buy Ihc 10-10 p'alcs and use Ihem lo rc- >lacc the 19:iO plales If they cam o do so before the end of llw •car, although the IH-in licenses ue effective for Ihc calendar 'ear. in iit Mnseow, indicated dial Cermany nml here nnt 1 liiitl Dial Imvf (he (,'erninnv i'ii|)tnroi Atiicn'can freiu'litcr City ol ''Hi>t which n (icrmiin prixe Hiiili'il to Ilie Kn.ssim n't of iVjiirmiinsk. Tlit- position hwl'bocn Ink- cn, iiecnntliu; lo Bpiikt'snu llnit the City of li'lml wit.s- » (ii'i'innn |)rlxi. am! dial j| would he |K'rml««l in touvt m of tli(- «f HKHIJN, Oct. 2(1. (Ul')_ Ai^ jiutliorixed .spplresiiian loday Unit Riissfa would ponnif the AmeHciin City of Flint t 0 . icjive 'i\!tii-- . i- iniin.slt in clitii'go of its Ger- iiinn prixo crew, '• To Claim Comiwnsullon MOSCOW. Oct. at) lUI>)_ll,, SS | n Ims notiilcd Great -Britain that it refuses lo rccoRiiIzo the validity «f Britain's blockade of Germany "»cl tlmt It reserves llio rltihl to win cainpcnsnlloii for any block- ii* losses suircrcd by Russian snips. It was announced loclay Kiissln . bnsod l(« Bland, In one of Its most sensational moves since Its reentry Into world p 0 u tics at tlio oulsct of Iho war en humanitarian and Icgullslic ftoin Iho Iniiuanllarlan vlow- lioint-, it held, the Brlllsh blockade would CHUSO stilfcrlng to nou- coinbalnnls. From llio legnllsllc viewpoint it r6iml. the Brlllstv conlmbaiul control WHS u vloltillcn of the elementary principles of freedom ol (he ficas. Vladimir I'olemkln, vice forelui commissar, handed a note incoiii- nraliiH! Ills government's views lo 3lr . -WIMInilV ; SjcortsJi .BrUlsli.. uin- mssador, yesterday", '""• •-:'•>- At about Ihe same lime, niissla released from Inlcnimcnl the Gcr- mnn prize crew which sailed the -"lured American freighter Oily - Flint liilo Kola Hay, on Russian Arctic const. UiitMhouch It released the aer -^--..—..^.^ VJ i jtitiv Hiill Disclosed today J - ---... • • ..Ji_*u.]i_\j (IMId Y • "ml Ihc United states h;i<ll ilc'iiifiiulcd 11ml (he Russiaril Kovenimiml role use I h cl ' " r Cily of Klinl ;,ml| » to its American! crew. the mnns, itusslu hclci liie ship nnd Us -American crow "for precise vcrlllcatlon of Its cargo." The Husslan action coincided also Hull indicated thnl aiiniia'rl wade in'Berlin Jls ' fl l of lli« Flint's sel/urel if (Jcrntan wiirship which! l( it-into'the Russian Arc-| lie iioii of'-Miii- Hiill disclosed thai ' Sloinliiii'd! in „.„ li»il l)<!i'ii an(hori-/.cd to „-.... one or. more officials lo Mur- mansk to determine first muni exactly ivr-m hss liccn ... in die Knssian port. WASHINGTON, Ocl. 26. (U I') —Uiifisian assurances unit the '11-man American crew of tlio seized U. S. gov- ernmcnt-o w n c d freijjltte'r City ol' Flint W as safe in Miiraansk. i-elleved official mixiely. today as tlio state ctepmimqiit galhoretl huor- miulon on which to bnsc a probable demand for return of the vessel. " > News of Ihe crcn's safety, com- uimlcnled to Secretary 'of stale Cordon Hull late hit, night by Lau- cncc StelntomU, U. S. ambassador o Russia, ended more tlian 48 hoirs of sllenco concerning tlio crew's vhcrcabouts and cleared up (he Irsl Hem of concoiii to (hit gov- ' eminent. Stelnhnrdl obtained, his nformalloii from the Soviet foreign office., ; Definite notion MS c.\iieclcd soon 10 obtain release of the ship to its American ownors-Uic u. s. Marl- llmo a-mmlsslon, wl|teli- leased 11 lo the U. S. Lines . o,™''""''™" 1 ^ 1 .i'W the ^United lo dteciiss Ivadc slimulnllcn Fifteen niiiK, W ere expecte ' lodiiy. lolrave Byrne Resigns Post . ^ "* "••*- .'lYiuiwivci ULllOlr IS Justified under International law nnd In, view of:Amcrlcnn Interests as soon ns full fuels me available concerning the Oily of Flint's cap- Hire on Ihe Ws-ii seas by a German naval vessel lost neck. Tlie Nazis placed, a prize crciv aboard (he ship and sailed her Into Troms-e Norway and then to Murmansk. Ihcse major questions went un- Uou In the neutral Russian port- 1. What Is.tho niisilnn nttltude loward the alleged conlrnbanil cargo being carried by the city of Flint to England? The Soviet gove'rn- :mcnl early today refused lo lecog- "'•"• Ihe validity of Great Britain's A n't 't An ' ""• AS District Attorney Wllr contraband list, which Is al- mo lost will! Ihe German New York Cotton NF.W YORK, Oct. 28, (UP). on closed steady. open high HIS 023 811) 881 S5-I 83B 910 001 880 SCO an low !I08 910 ttau S7(f 8GO 03!? -Col- closc 008 fldln BflQ 8TU Two vertebrae ar e fractured nnd inislied and his Cll [j re botly mls jruisKl. He was resting very well t noon. Character Witness Hands Defense Jolt YORK. Oct., 2fl. .UP>The stock market turned irregularly lower today and trniliii" was octlvi- only at Intervnh. A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Associated D. G Uetlilchem Slcel Boeing Air Chrysler :r.i :t-l io i-a 01 S--1 30 !)? 1-8 no Brought down (o earth at Mimcic, Ind., by stiff, achin. ]CRS KB , V|I . Baxter 23 l , ., , . Baxter, 23, left, and Robert A. McDaniols, In upper phofo endumnce mark of 535 hours, « minutes will stand ,„ !nW er plloto . clydc SchUeppcr , pft nnd W Oy their seaplane over Long Beach, Calif. h, — i Cities Service ATLANTA, Ga., Oct. 20 (UP)— '- Co "a Cola 41 j-4 Andrew Scisson. Alpliarctta larm-j General Electric ' 555-3 er, won acquiltal on charges of! General Motors oa 1-3 stealing six ears of corn bill he got Inlcinationnl Harvester .. 07-8 no help from his star character Montgomery Ward sc 1-2 "''"."if- N. V. Central 2 2 Millard Lee, Sclsson's neighbor.' Packard 3 7.3 was put on the stand as n chsr- Phillips Petroleum .... 4.1 1-8 aclcr witness for Ihe defense Radio e _'Wherc do you live?" Lee was Schcmy Dtst. ' H asked. Simmons I live over there back of where Soccny Vacuum Andy stole the corn," replied the Standard Oil N. J witness. • Tos ,, s Covp A five-man jury, however, nc-' U. B. Sinellimr .....'...'. ciniltccl Sciwon. u ;;. storl n 7-3 47 3-4 47 1-8 — "• •• * • uo;' u.) i 11 5>|Kls clnsed nominal ul u:«i. ofl 6. Orleans Cotton NEW CHILEANS, Oct. 2G. (UP)— olton lost a few polnls from early linr, today due to profit inking id futures were off hvo lo four olnls. cncn high low close .. 927 032 820 920 .,,"01 HIUIIU.:;U wini (| 1( > Qennau NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 28 (UF)_' llsL n"c«cdly violated by Ihe City Istrlct Allonipy Charles A. Byrne ol , . IU ' In Ulfa connecliou, Taas, .>iwlntcc cf liuey p iMiie-fi nuniict " li[c ™ Soviet news agency, in -ftn- govcrnor, O. K. Allen, resigned to-1 llouncl »S u '»i- Intemiucnl of the day under fire of four separate ac- &l ' r "" m I" 1 ™ crew had been can- lions sccklnjf Ills removal ' j CL '" e(l ' n<l(lc<1 tllnl "w shl|> "for the I time bcllie >S F. HorU, an assistant (o ! " ' " • •-•."•"•^ «" .mn- liyrno, was named nclliiL' district " m " s ' c fov Precise verification ns lo' , Iho comixjslllon of hci cargo." „ 001 • 8M 875 857 911 897 879 853 301 83!) 811 848 91Ib-13a 802 8R3 . 871 844 And why shouldn't stage and screen star Sylvia Sidney have a ocanitns mile like that above? she and her husband, Luther Adlor, also of the films, are celebrating Iho rrcent of a nve-nnd-S-hMf Dec. S|io(s closed steady al !>2fl. off •!. Livestock BAST ST. LOUtS, 111., Oct. 23. I togs 7000. Top 085. 1TO-23CI Ibs. C7S-680. HO-1GO Ibs. 025-075. Bulk sows 505-625 Gallic S-100. Steers 825-10G5. Slaughter steers C25-1100. Mixed yearlings and heifers ISOMO. Slaughter heifers. 625-1100. nccf cows, 500-660. Cullers & low cutters, 375 '175, Chicago Wheat Fran Gocbbds' U. S. Brollici- attorney. . „.,,„. Hyrnc had held office since Ocl ' "' wllnL wns the cause nnrl extent 12, 1035, ' i of the damage to the city of Flint's He hnd slendfnslly dental any < mfli;lilllcr l'. which reportedly made Intention of (iiilllliiy. His rcslgna- "Mcssnry for her Io put Into the was expected to end « four- " cll t rfl1 l">rts of Tromsoc and Mur- fronl at lac): scekini; his removal '" nnsli ' T(> ss snld the prbe crc«' (or allegedly failing to cooperate ', 8 WDS rclcnsc 'l o»!y after the hi prosmilion of ilie txjiilslana "" lclllllcr y 'lamnge was giver. «E scandals. i the cause for entering Murmansk Jwllh a war prize. In-Berlin, however, seml-cfficla! sources said the ship was laken lo a Russian port because Ihe German crew lacked churls of the German mine fields guarding Naiii ports. 3. If the city'of Flint was ua- scaworthy, as the Tass report of machinery damage Indicated, why were the repairs not made in' Tromsoc instead of sailing- the vessel to Murmansk? ' ' ' 4. Hew were.Capt. Joseph r.' Gainaril and his American cre\v Ircatcd by the Nazi captors? Condition of Youth Who Lost Arm Better. The condition of Wesley Rogers, 22, of Caruthcrevllle, who lost his arm In a high nay accident Tuesday night near Cottonwood Point, is very good today. He Is at the Blytheviile. hospital. His left arm was completely severed at the shoulder by j. passiiig truck, the body of which struck the arm as it rested on the window of the machine. I Otto Quandt (above). U. s citl zen of Reading, Mass.. is a brolh- er-ln-law of German Propaganda liomid .son in New York. O non Men 84 1-2 84 5-8 w . - „ , „ May B -l l-l 81 3-8 83 5-8 83 3-4) Minister Paul Oocbbsis Qeramn hSn* " Qn, nmil !;,„"' ?" a " dt ls n <lc 5 t>. h nl ^Tr* i, 8 ** dci tirshltig u 'Mexico the World War. WEATHER Arkansss—^fostly cloudy, local showers tonight and Friday. Memphis and vicinity — Cloudy with local showers tonight and Friday, not much chaiigre in temperature. who Then ^™um temperature here S. 1 ycstcrfay was 85, minimum. 68, ,?' ' ^^ wlth '•<« " r «" «"* Wtahft nd m nccotding lo-Saimrel P. Notrls, oN ( [tctal weather observer.

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