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Hanford Kings County Sentinel from Hanford, California • 8

Hanford, California
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Mrs. G. E. Hopkins, the proprietor of the Columbus hotel at Albuquerque, is in a Hanford for a few days. She i is visiting her son, C.

E. Knowlan, of Grangeville, who was a boy but 16 years of age when he left home a and came to California. He is now the head of a good-sized family and is a well-to-do resident of Grangeville. Mrs. Hopkins is making her first visit to California and appears to be favorably impressed with the condition of things here.

As far as climate goes she states there is but little difference between this and the Albuquerque district. (From Friday's daily.) Mrs. J. F. Goodale, of Pixley, is here on a visit to her daughter, Mrs.

W. Hill. The he old stand where H. L. Brill hi has had his tailor shop, will be turned into a regular oyster parlor, where oysters can be obtained in all styles.

A divorce suit was filed in the superior court to-day by Mrs. Emma Lofland against Jesse M. Lofland. Divorce is sought on the grounds of desertion. Weekly Sentinels containing a complete account of the fair are going rapidly.

There are some left, and they can be had in wrappers for 5 cents each. Arthur Patnot has had his motor tricycle repaired, and he was trying the rig to-day. It runs very nicely, and attracted a great deal of attention on the streets to-day. With the National Guards and 3 reorganized company Uniform Rank K. of P.

in this city there will be a good force to draw on for a showing, locally, in public parade. The residence of J. Treadwell is being remodeled. The rear part of the cottage on Douty street will be enlarged and a porch added. The house will also be raised and a brick foundation built underneath.

In the case of Farmers and Merchants' Bank against Mrs. D. R. Cameron in the superior court to-day, involving a matter of a claim against the St. Lawrence Mining and Milling Company, the case was put over till November 11th.

A suit was filed in the superior court yesterday afternoon by H. Scott Jaclobs, attorney for the defendant, for the foreclosure of a mortgage against Martha Kerr and held by the Renter's Co-Operative Investment Company. The mortgage calls for about $700. Andrew Jocovich, a young man from Fresno, -has been employed by Tow Vucojevich in his store on Front street. Tom is fixing things up in good style, and will cater as he has done in the past to those who are in want of stationery and H.

L. Brill, the old tailor, is moving to-day one door south from his former location in the Simon-Manasse building on Douty street. The new room will afford him opportunity to display his excellent line of tailoring goods, and also give his force more room in which to work. The body of a Japanese named Wakichi Snigesato, who died at the Emma C. Gray ranch Wednesday, was prepared for shipment to-day by Thomas the undertakers, and sent to San Francisco on the evening train.

The man died from typhoid fever. Assemblyman Myers and wife are home from a three months' visit to England. They arrived in Hanford this morning from Los Angeles, where they have been spending a few days since their landing in America two weeks ago. They both report an excellent time, "don't yew know," and are not only in excellent health, but are glad to get home. James S.

Robinson is in town for a short visit with friends and with relatives in the country surrounding. He is looking well, and with his wife, who has been here for several days, will go to Los Angeles soon. They have been residing at St. Helena, or near there, for some time, but have concluded to relocate at Long Beach, which place Mr. Robinson regards as one of the pleasant dwelling places on the coast.

His son, Frank, and family are now residents of that place. A pretty piece of forgery was accomplished a few days ago by one James Crossland, who has been working for J. W. Belknap. The fore part of the week he quit work and was paid off in a check on the Farmers Merchants' Bank calling for $7.57.

Mr. Crossland found himself in need of another $7.57 and made an exact duplicate of the Belknap check for the same amount. One check he presented to one local firm and the other to another firm, both of which had been informed by Mr. Belknap that James Crossland had been given a check by him for $7.57, little thinking that there might be two checks in the field. Money was obtained on both checks, and several days afterward were presented to the bank.

The first, and original check, was acknowledged at the bank, but the second still rests in the hands of the local merchant who cashed the same. Mr. Crossland is nowhere to be found, but wherever he is, he is $7.57 ahead. Better for the Blood Than Sarsaparilla For those living in the Malaria tricts. Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic.

dw HANFORD WEEKLY SENTINEL THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1901. Local and General (From Thursday's Daily) The postoffice is claimed to be the original stamping ground. Today take Foley's Honey and Tar. It positively prevents pneumonia, or other serious results from colds. It may be too late to-morrow.

Cousins Howland. dw Beans are reported at $2.55 per certal at Los Angeles. The crop at Santa Barbara has been heavily damage.1 by the late storm. W. J.

Shively, Batesville, speaking of 'Salve, says: "I used it for piles, and it has done me more good than any salve I have ever used, and I have tried a great many Cousins Howland. dw Lee Bloyd has painted his neat new cottage on the corner of Douty and Elm streets a rich red, with a green roof. It is a neat improvement. The type for the printing of tue ordinance books for the City 4 Hanford has all been set. and the revised city laws will soon be issued in convenient form.

Geo. A. Points, Upper Sandusky, 0., writes: "I have been 1 using Foley's Honey and Tar for hoarseness and find the best remedy I ever tried. It stopped the cough immediately and relieved all soreness." Take none but Foley's. Cousins Howland.

dw The season's rainfall up to date has been 1.08 inches. This is a good starter, but from the appearance of the weather at the present time the total will remain the same for some time to come. Adolph Blumer, Grand Mound, writes: "I have used 1 Foley's Honey and Tar in my family and think it is the best cough cure on the market. I would not be without it in my home, as there is nothing so good for coughs and colds. Cousins Howland.

dw There was a train of sixty empty oil cars sent south to Bakersfield Wednesday on the S. P. for reloading, and also a train of thirty-two loaded oil cars went north on the same line. The railroad men say that a carload of oil is the hardest of all loads in the traffic line for the rolling stock. Seymour Webb, Moira, N.

writes: had been 1 troubled with my kidneys for twenty-five years and had tried several physicians but received no relief until I bought a bottle of Foley's Kidney Cure. After using two bottles I was absolutely cured. I earnestly recommend Foley's Kidney cure." Take only Foley's. Cousins land. dw The commissioner's sale of the M.

J. Kelley rauch out south of town came off Oct. 31, as advertised, the German Savings and Loan Society, through its attorney, W. L. McGuire, purchased the land, consisting of 225 acres, for $10,413.25.

It is one of the best hog ranches in the country. Nis Hanson has just returned from his native land, Denmark, where he has been on a visit for several months. He has deprived himself of his growth of beard and many of his friends failed to recognize him upon his return. He reports a grand time, but has no desire to go back to Denmark to reside. "I have used Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and find it to be medicine." says Mr.

E. S. Phipps, of Poteau, Ark. "It cured me of bloody flux. I cannot speak too highly of it." This remedy always wins the good opinion, if not praise, of those who use it.

The quick cures which it effects even in the most severe cases make it a favorite everywhere. For sale by Cousins Howland. dw The shipment of thoroughbred poultry from this place since the fair is great. All the breeders who had exhibits at the fair found sale for birds. some of them so many orders that they cannot fill them all.

There is no class of men in the country who reap a better harvest from a display of their industry than the poultry men. To remove a troublesome corn or bunion: First soak the corn or bunion in warm water to soften it, then pare it down as closely as possible without drawing blood and apply Chamberlain's Pain Balm twice daily; rubbing vigorously for five minutes at each application. A corn plaster should be worn for a few days, to protect it from the shoe. A a general liniment for sprains, bruises, lameness and rheumatism, Pain Balm, is unequaled. For sale by Cousins Howland.

dw W. D. Trewhitt has purchase1 a small Best crude oil engine and centrifugal pump of R. G. White, which was shipped to Visalia, where it will be used in pumping the water from the sewer trench while the pipe is being laid.

The engine was set up complete with the pump attached on a pair of runners, so that it can de moved about wherever it is needed. Mr. Trewhitt will put two gangs of sewermen at work as soon as he gets the new engine on the ground and expects to push the sewer work along at a lively rate. The case of Jacob Higgins against W. M.

Graham, the oil man, came up in the superior court Thursday for trial. The suit was brought for the purpose of collecting an unpaid grocery bill amounting to $335, which Mr. Graham and his family had raised 1 in Pennsyivania. The paintiff in the case, represented by Park, Jones Jacobs, offered no evidence whatever, and the claim made by the defense that the bill was out-lawed, was accepted by the court and judgment rendered accordingly. The costs of the suit fell upon the plaintiff.

FROM THE EXPOSITION A CORRESPONDENT TELLS SOME. THING OF WHAT SHE SAW AT BUFFALO. BUFFALO, N. Oct. Sentinel: I am beginning to think ol home, now that I have seen most ot the sights at the great Pan-American Expos.

tion, and in the city of Bu falc. I was well pleased with the route I took through Arizona and New Mer. co, having previously passed over the Colorado route. All went well uatil we struck a Kansas hail storm. When we passed through Kansas the climate resembled the winters in Kings county.

The grain fields had been shorn their harvest, but still retained an appearance of verdure. I vas in Kansas in September, ari having been Californiaized I do not think I care to remain to see their January. I have viewed again the.r cern shocks and piles of yellow pupkins, their apple orchards with pies and piles of rich red apples, their antumn tinted woods, strewn with leaves of variegated hues, their pretty farm houses and well-fenced farms--every spot cultivated. The beautiful panoextended through Missouri and Illinois, and in fact clear to Buffalo. 'We made the trip from Chicago to Buffalo in the night.

My first sight of the Exposition city was when I viewed the group of exposition buildings from the ground, which is more satisfactory than a birds-eye view, as one gets a more accurate conception of the height of the structures, and realizes more correctly their size and beauty, and now that I have been through the great Pan, as they call it, my verdict is that the best part of the show is the outside of the buildings. The artistic magnificence of the buildings is enough to entrance the beholder, and rivet one to the spot, there forever to remain an interested admirer of the variety of architectural skill displayed by the plan of building this magnificent collection of buildings. A study of the statuary, copied from the Greeks, makes one heroic as we stop and study. Our eyes take in the magnificence and are wont to dwell on the beauties of the scenes, until the weary feet give out, and refuse to carry you onward to more pleasurable sightseeing, until rest is sought. The sights to be seen on the exterior of the buildings are grander than I anticipated.

The interior, like the exterior, is filled with interest, but as I have stated, the grandeur to me is in the architecture of the great group of buildings, their trimmings, color and variety. The tropical plants in the building here devoted to that branch does not contain so good an exhibit as does the Golden Gate park conservatory, and the art gallery at the exposition, though filled with work, does not excell the Hopkins Art Gallery at San Francisco. The collection of stuffed animals and birds, gathered from both poles and the zones intervening, is most beautiful. In the California building there were some excellent exhibits of Fresno and Los Angeles products. I will not take space to tell of the many departments.

On Buffalo day there were 160,000 people in attendance. The great crowd was jolly, and happy, all wrapped in warm apparel. In the grotto where I lunched on Buffalo day 20,000 people were fed. Buffalo is a grand city, somewhat scattered, and built upon rolling ground. A young lady clerk in a store asked me to-day what price of goods I wanted, and I told her "two-bits per Says she, "What do you begged her pardon, and I ought to known better, but I had been in Callfornia so long that it was natural.

I should have said "two shillings," as I afterwards did and the clerk understood me. Now that I have seen the exposition land my old friendss in Buffalo and vicinity, I long for return to California. Respectfully, ANNA ADOLPH. Big Prices for Wine Grapes. The St.

Helena Star prints the following: The California Wine Association is paying $26.50 per ton for grapes. We have heard a few crops have been sold to other wine makers from $27 to $28. This is the exception, however, the prevailing price being the former figures. It Dazzles the World No discovery in medicine has ever created one quarter of the excitement that has been created by Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption.

It's severest tests have been on hopeless victims of Consumption, Pneumonia, Hemorrhage, Pleurisy, and Bronchitis, thousands of whom it has restored to perfect health. For Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Hay Fever, Hoarseness and Whooping Cough it is the quickest, surest cure in the world. It is sold by W. M. Hefton Co.

who guarantee satisfaction or refund money, Large bottles 50c and $1.00. Trial bottles free. (No. 1dw.) To Cure a Cough. Stop coughing, as it irritates the lungs, and gives them no chance to heal.

Foley's Honey and Tar cures without causing a strain in throwing off the phlegm like common cough expectorants. Cousins Howland. dw ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW DIZZIN A great many women 1 are subject to spells of dizziness, spots before the eyes, and a ringing noise in the head. These symptoms are commonly associated with liver "trouble" as the result of diseased condition of the stomach and other organs of digestion and nutrition. Dr.

Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery cures diseases of the stomach and the allied organs of digestion and nutrition. It cures through the stomach diseases seemingly remote from that organ, but which have their origin in a diseased condition of the stomach and digestive and nutritive system. Hence, cures of heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and other organs are constantly effected by the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. There is no alcohol in the Discovery" and it is free from opium, cocaine, and all other narcotics.

Some dealers may offer a substitute as "just as good as Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. There's more profit in substitutes the dealer. There's more health in the "Discovery" for you. Don't be imposed on.

It is with the greatest pleasure I write you benefit my mother has received from your Medical says Miss Carrie Johnson, of Lowesville, Amherst Virginia. She suffered misery with uterine disease and nervousness, and had a constant roaring and ringing noise in her head. After taking six bottles of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis covery she was entirely cured." When a laxative is required use Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets.

EK OK Organized 1878 DAS. Incorporated 1883 lending specialists of America. Over 40 Recognized East and West as the 8 years quarters. San experience. Francisco, Pacific Cal.

Coast Young Head. Man hare you sinnod against Nature when ignorant of the terrible crime you were committing' When too late to avoid the to horrible your peril! resulta, Did were you later in eyes manhood opened Were contract you any cured? Private Do or you Bleed pow and Disease! then observe some alarming symptoms! Dare You know marry in your Father, Libe present Son." It condition? mar- ried, are you constantly living in dread! Have yon en drugged with mercury or Iodide Electric of 1 Bolta stash, or Our been booklet blistered "Twent- with lienth point out Century to you Facts the for results Gentlemen" of these will crimes against Nature and inform you as to bow New Method Treatment will positively ure you and restore to you the Virile Powers of Superb Manhood sand also proves how we can Guarantee to Cure any curable case or no letter pay. Free. Con- sultation in person or by Books Free. Write If for a unable Question to call Blank at for Sanita- Home Treatment.

All leiters answered in a A Confidential diseases of men involving the plain, sealed envelope Every form of Genito- Urinary or Nervous Systems treated and cured by our NEW MET. Correspondence Invited. When In Write S. to-day. Montion this paper F.

call institution at of sanitarium the kind and in see America, the Onest or address. DRS. KERGAN KERGAN COR MARKET MASON STS. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. KAK KAK The Pacific Cousl Business College (AT SAN JOSE) CAN NOT SUPPLY THE DEMAND FOR ITS GRADUATES Commercial course, six $50 Shorthand course, six months.

$59 Both courses with free use of typewriter at your home. $75 Write for particulars A CHESTNUTWOOD Principal HE COX, President Save One-Half We have cut prices in two on Sewing Machines, Pianos Organs, Clocks, and Watches. New Sewing Machines, all kinds, at $20 to $35. Guaranteed 20 years. Second hand Sewing Machines, all kinds, $4.50 to $15.

Guaranteed 10 years. Pianos, $150 to $250. Different makes; best in the world; direct from the factory. CHAS. SHARP 130 East Front St.

VISIT DR. JORDAN'S GREAT MUSEUM OF ANATOMY 1051 MARKET SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. The Largest Anatomical the World. Weaknesses of any contracted disease positively by the oldest Specialist on the Const. Est.

36 years. DR. JORDAN -DISEASES OF MEN thoroughly, eradicated from system without the use of Mercury. Tresses fitted by an Espert. for quick and radical cure for and Vistula, by Dr.

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PHILOSOPHY MAILED FREE. (A valuable book for men. Call of write DR. JORDAN 1051 Market Money to Loan LOW RATES FOR BUILDING OR ON IM. PROVED PROPERTY.

NEW PLAN OF PAYMENTS. INTEREST DECREASES AS YOU PAY. State Mutual Buildin and Loan Association. (of Los Angeles) ED. E.

YOUNG, Agent. Room 17, Emporium building, or L. S. CHITTENDEN 107 North Irwin Street, Hanford ET COSPER Attorney-at-law Federal courts. Office, rooms 15 and 16.

Emporium Building. Hanford hrdluuu Hanford California LETUS GROWELL Attorney-at-law Emporium Building, Seventh street, Hanford. Rooms 31 and 32. Hanford California WM McGUIRE Attorney-at-law Office in rooms 3, 4, 5, 6, Bank of Hanford Building, Irwin street. Hanford California A Park.

Newman Jones JONES PARK Attorneys-at-law Office in Farmers and Merchants' Bank Building. Hanford California PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS DUNCAN Physician and Surgeon Attends all calls day or nignt. Office in Bissel Block. Residence, corner Eighth and Douty streets. Hanford California MUSGRAVE Physician and Surgeon Office in Bissel Block.

All calls promptly attended. Residence, South Douty street. Hanford California Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines Three Tires the Value of Any Other One- Third Easier One-Third Faster CON THE ONLY SEWING MACHINE that does not fail in any point. ROTARY MOTION AND BALL BEARINGS, the LIGHTEST RUN NING machine in the world. RAPID.

SAVES ABOUT ONI DAY IN THREE, sewing that much faster than any vibrating shuttle sew. ing machine. More time is saved more money earned. QUIET AND. DURABLE.

The Ro tary Motion does away with noise 30. wear caused by the forward and back ward movement of the shuttle. General office for Pacific Coast, No. 933 Market street. SAN FRANCISCO.

CAL. Local Agency at BARRETT'S MUSIC HOUSE, 112 West Sev enth Street, Hantard, Cal. MARLIN MARLIN SHOE GUNS For Trap or Field Shooting, combine the elegance of outline, perfection of balance, ease of taking apart and quality of finish of the beat double guns with the superiority in sighting and shooting of the single barrel, and also possess the rapidity of fire zine capacity of MARLIN REPEATING 120-page catalog of arms and ammunition, colored cover by Oathaus, mailed for 3 stamps. MARLIN FIRE ARMS 00., NEW HAVEN, Cr. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure Practices in all State and Digests what you eat.

It artificially digests the food andaids Nature in strengthening aud reconstructing the exhausted digostive organs. It is latest discovered digestant and tonic. No other preparation can approach it in efficiency. It instantly relieves and permanently cures Flatulence, Sour Stomach, Nausea, Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn, Sick Headache, Gastralgia, Cramps and all other results of imperfect digestion. Price 50c, and Large size contains times small size.

Book all about dyspepsia maliedtres Prepared by F. C. DeWITT Chicago COUSINS HOWLAND. CYCLONE FENCE CO. From 27 to 60 Inches.

7 to 11 Cables. More fence built last month than any other month. More Cyclone fence in Kings county than all other woven wire fences. F. H.

Merchant, agent, 118 East Florinda street, Hanford. 35tfdw Read the "Liner" ads in the Sentinel, if have a want. Dairymen Attention! Young Dairy Heifers for sale A choice lot coming in this spring. Also a YOUNG BULLS of best Durham family J. W.

McCORD Hanford P. O. Ranch 12 miles south of Hanford. Stockton Business College Offers superior advantage to those who mean business. It gives a breadand-butter education.

It occupies all of two entire buildings. Teaches seven courses. Has twelve regular teachere. It is the HOME SCHOOL and cares for the moral as well as the intellectual. Its rates are more able than those of any other similar school on the coast and Its advantages greater.

Send for specimen of penmanship. Write for particulars or call at the College and see for yourself its work and accommodations. A W. C. RAMSAY Principal Stockton, California.

R. G. WHITE AGENT FOR OLD HICKORY WAGONS A New Departure. You Ought to Examine It 122 DOUTY ST. HANFORD A.


JONES. Is the watchword that has CASH! secured TRADE to and our Confidence house the of the Farmers in California. IT'S CASHWHEN WE BUY OR SELL No matter whom. No Books! No Canvassers. Only our 40- page catalogue tells all about it.

Send to-day for one. SMITHS' CASH STORE 25 MARKET STREET. SAN FRANCISCO. Insist upon having the JORDAN "AAA1" CUTLERY Beat earth, which won the ive medals tend awards for highest merit at the Paris Exposition last year-1900. For sale by leading dealers every.

where. JORDAN'S AAA1 MAMOUS THE CHEAPEST BEST UTLERY FOR BY LEADING DEALERS A.JJJORDAN MANUFACTURER CT. LOUIS AND ONE MO. ENGLAND. PROGRESSIVE DURING the half century of their existence Sewins have been steadily improved in manafacture, kept constantly up to date and abreast with Time; always attaining higher excellence in design, construction and artistic -Compare these machines with any other; Investigate the experience of their users.

You will find them the best in every point. The best is always cheapest in the end. J. C. ALLEN and L.

E. LYNN, Local Agents, Tel. Red 83 122 N. Irwin St..

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