Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 1, 1957 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 17

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 1, 1957
Page 17
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Saturday Evening, June 1, 1957. Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Fiv» NOW IS THE TIME! LIVING CHECK THESE ADS FOR IDEAS, VALUES Split Level Can Be Cozy Areas where thick mineral wool insulation is important to comfort and fuel economy in a split level house are: (A) ceilings over living and sleeping levels, (B) walls, including the interior walls between the unheated garage and living area and the atti and sleeping area, (C) garage ceiling, and (D) concrete slab. Owners of split-level homes with rooms that are uncomfortably hot in summer and too cold in winter have often found the cause to be year. Proper insulation also can reduce fuel costs as much as 40 percent. Heating engineers recommend at the lack of a complete insulation i least three inches of mineral wool barrier. I insulation in walls and at least Much of the trouble in split-leveljfour inches in ceilings which are homes has been traced to insuf- heated on one side and touched by ficient or non-existent insulation in three special area's that don't always exist in other types of houses. These areas are: 1. The ceiling over the garage. 2. The wall section between the garage and the living rooms. 3. The wall section between the lower attic and the sleeping rooms. It's important to remember that a complete blanket of thick insulation should be installed around the outside cold on the other. In places where joists and studs are exposed, the home owner himself can install mineral wool-balls or blankets with ordinary tools. Areas which are not accessible can be filled with mineral wool by an experienced insulating contractor using pneumatic equipment. For slabs, wool slab insulation generally is homes built on concrete a special type of mineral combined living and sleeping ( installed to keep heat from escap- rooms if a split-level house is to be comfortable throughout the Pitched Roof Trims Costs For Cooling Air conditioning is more effective and less expensive to operate in a home with a pitched roof, according to a leading research engineer in the field of home cool- Ing. "The larger the air space in a well-ventilated attic, the greater the protection from outside heat," says Prof. John R. Watt of the mechanical engineering dcpart- menl of Ihe University of Texas. "Flat or shed roofs have virtually no protective air space." Professor Watt told an audience ing through the edges of the concrete. HOME OWNERS'j QUESTION BOX Try These Proven Recipes For Easy Spring Gardening Seed packets can be put to good use even alter your seeds are in the ground. Placed on sticks at the end of each row, they make a colorful reminder of what seeds you havo planted and where they are growing. ^ After a few weeks, it is easy to forget which seeds are where —so, at least ur.til the plants poke up above the soil, keep the location of each variety of flower marked on little stakes at the end ol each row. Sowing seeds is an easy and interesting part of gardening. All annual flower seeds can be sown directly in the garden. This is fortunate, because many flowers are hard to transplant from Siisd boxes. Some of the difficult transplant- ers are California poppy, gode- tia, kochia, leptosyne, linaria, 1 lupin, matthiola, nasturtium, dwarf phlox, popples, portulaca and salpiglossis. In sowing flower seeds, first prepare a smooth seed bed, loosening the soil to a depth of six inches. Work into it four pounds o£ plant food lor each 100 square feet. Then, outline each area you are reserving for a particular flower. If you wish, you can mix the seed with sand to help scatter it over the space as evenly as possible. Silt a light covering of porous soil over the seed and firm it lightly. Until the seeds sprout, the soil must be kept moist. This means daily sprinkling with a fine spray, taking care not to wash the seed out of the soil by directing too heavy a stream of. water on them. If you began your gardening during the winter or early spring by planting in a seed box, you already know the most important details of the job. Follow the same procedure you used with seed boxes, particularly in covering the seeds with porous soil. To avoid the frustrated feeling that your garden isn't growing as it should, and also so that you can keep the different varieties of flowers sorted out by growing time, you should know when to expect your seeds to sprout. You will want slow sprouting seeds in the same section of the garden. The following list is based on information developed in seed laboratories. It may mean only a difference of a Jew days in your garden, but it's an important dif- ' lerence. Here is your time guide in planting these flowers: Five to Ten Days. Sweet Alyssum Leptosyne Antirrhinum Linaria (snap-dragon) Lobelia Aster ' Lupins English Daisy Marigolds Browallia Calendula Calliopsis Candytuft Celosia Centaurea Coreopsis Cosmos Mimulus Nicotiar.a (sweet tobacco) Pansy Petunia Annual Phlox Portulaca Mignonette Sweet William Schizanthus Viola Zinnia : Nasturtium Dianthua California Poppy Godetia Ten to Twenty Days. Agcratum Cobaea Scandens Coicus Dahlia Carnation Snow-on-thc- rnountain Gaillardla 'Gerbera Kochia Sweet Pea Forget-me-not Nlfiella Primrose Cypress Vine Cardinal Climber Castor Bean • Scabiosa Salpiglossii Verbena a respectable lawn. Q—What could I plant in a hare, shady, one-foot wida strip between my driveway and the foundation ol .Arborist _ Association, practically Annual losses due to insect damage of home shade trees in the United States total lion dollars, says Conduct Survey on Improving Schools 1 Sanitary Facilities over 87 mil- the National Q-My husband left a cigarellc burning in an ash Iray and il caused a blister on one of my veneered tables. Is there any way I can repair this myself'.' A—Try injecting some glue into the blister wilh an eye dropper or a syringe. If you uso Ihe eye dropper, first slit the blister Jongtbwise with a razor. After you've spread the glue, weighl the surface heavily until the glue dries. Q—We're planning to build on my house? A—'Lilies-of-the-valley, plantain- liHics or pachysandra each will provide greenery' and some flow- native fern such as the Christmas fern, all of which could be saved liy adequate tree care, especially spraying. WASHINGTON, — Communities facing the problem of constructing schools soon will have new information which will assist them in planning and improving the efficiency oE their schools' sanitary facilities. Research on'this subject is presently being conducted by the Stanford University School • Planning Laboratory, under the sponsorship of the Plumbing Fixture Manufacturers Association and a number of firms in the plumbing industry. The study, which will be completed this summer, is expected to enable communities everywhere to obtain maximum returns on their dolllars invested in school sanitary facilities. Applying scientific research techniques to the problem, Professor James D. MacConnell, Director of the university's School Planning Laboratory, and a team 'of research and education specialists are seeking the answers to four specific questions: '1 1) How can washroom and classroom facilities be made more efficient? 2) What are the benefits of installing sanitary facilities in lower-grade classrooms? . 3) What are the most efficient sanitary insallations according to the number and age of "pupils served? 4) What plumbing fixtures arc necessarj* to improve instruction in special-purpose classrooms? Survey teams are in the process of interviewing more than 175 key persons in the. fields of education and industry in 30 metropolitan areas. They're also seeking the aid of 12,000 teachers, 250 building principals, 150 school architects, and numerous education and public works officials. The researchers alsB are studying municipal building codes, architectural blueprints, and ' school building specifications. Aside from learning the number and types of fixtures which will best serve different types of schools, the study aLso will pave the way toward solving related problems,' such as: 1) The development of scientific specifications for plumbing installations in all types of schools. 2) The importance of water piping and sewage for health and sanitation. 3) The effect of school plumbing facilities on health habi«s, the learning process, and general altitude of students. Professor Watt told an audience, •' ., ' , , •"« "" "»"««" of air conditioning engineers and f uhea v'y wooded area overlooking members of the National Associa- the sca " e " r Sa " Francisco. Can tion of Homo Builders that: "Doubling the amount of air space in the attic reduces heat absorption into the living areas by 75 percent." This air space, combined with thick mineral wool insulation in the attic floor, reduces penetration of overhead heat so efficiently, Professor Wall says, that smaller air-conditioning units can be used and cooling costs are reduced by as much as half. For we use light pastel colors on the outside of the house, or shall we stick to a rustic decor? A—A house in a wooded setting needs color to keep it from being "lost" says Ned Abrams, prominent San Francisco architect. "A light pastel roof of asphalt shingles, for example, keeps a house from looking like it's cowering under the trees," Abrams says. Stone planting boxes, split-rail fences and redwood stains on siding, win- complete protection against sum- clows and doors will contribute the mer heat, mineral wool also should "rustic" theme and harmonize with be installed in walls and living area floors. most pastel roofing l shades. Professor Walt based his recom- men'dations on research conducted at the Air Conditioned Village, Austin, Tex., where the operation of air-conditioning equipment in various types of homes was studied under actual living conditions. A properly ventilated air space under a pitched roof acts to reduce heat rcradiated from the roof to ceilings below by wiping off surface heat to carry it outdoors through the vent openings. Many architects and cooling engineers advise light-color asphalt shingles for the roofs of air-conditioned homes, since a light surface reflects more of the sun's rays. Asphalt shingles arc available in many light colors to satisfy the individual tastes of most homo owners. The combination of a pitched roof, light-color asphalt shingles, ventilation and thick mineral wool insulation is effective in reducing overhead heat in any house, air- conditioned or not. Q — Most of the rich topsoil around my new house was buried by the building contractor when he backfilled the foundations. What can 1 do to the area to help a nice lawn to grow? The subsoil is sandy. A— Add a one-inch layer of organic matter, such as peat or commercial humus, and mix it in with the sandy subsoil to a depth of six inches. This should make the subsoil capable of supporting Isolated tall trees with comparatively small trunks should be anchored by guy wires to keup them from being whipped too heavily by the wind, advises the, National Arborist Association. ! CLOSED Sunday Morning Starting June 2 South Side Lbr. Co. 811 Burlington Avc. Phone 2319 Older Dwellings Can Keep Up Market Pace Present day homes need not be outmoded by changes in building styles,-realtors declare. They point out lhat nearly all older dwellings can keep up with market advances by modernizing fixtures and appliances, according to the Plumbing Fixture Manufacturers Association. "We hear' a lot of lalk about when our present buildings will be obsolete cue to advances in cori- sli'uction and building techniques," claims William A. P. Watkins, past president of the Institute of Real Estate Management. " , . . aboul 90 per cent of this kind of lalk is itself obsolete. "There is little or no improvement which is available in a new building which cannot be available in an old building," he continued. Mr. Watkins referred primarily to style changes of bathroom fixtures, radiators, and decorating schemes. Distinctive Iron Railings Ornamental Iron railings will accentuate the beauty and charm of your home. Many graceful designs. Get free estimates. Logansport Metal Culvert Co. 220 Hanna St. Dial 5157 IF YOU'RE PLANNING ON BUILDING A NEW HOME Be Sure to Contact Pattee Construction Co. Hundreds of Plans of Conventional-Built Homes 401 W. Clinton St., Logansport Large Panels Give Walls A Tidy Look The modern way for home handymen to "finish off" a basement is to use large panels which give walls and ceiling a professional look and which can be installed speedily, says the Better Basement Institute. It says if a Handyman uses plywood, gypsum or other types of wallboard which are available in sizes up to four feet wide and twelve feet long, it is possible for him to finish off an average sized room in a weekend. "Many home craftsmen have! discovered that the use of big' sheets poses a problem, however,"! (he Institute says, "fn homes without a direct outside entrance to the basement, large panels often can not be squeezed through the inside halls and .stairs to the basement. This problem will be duplicated many times ialer when it is attempted to bring sofas, easy chairs, ping pong tables, etc., in and out of the finished basement area. "It is simpler and less -expensive than mosl people realize lo cut through a foundaiion wall- especially one of concrete or cinder block, lo make a door opening. Installing a door in the wall, together with steps leading up lo the grade and a modern steel hatchway lo provide all weather protection over the steps, arc jobs even a handyman with average skills can lacklo. "With a direct basement entrance, the rest of the project will proceed speedily. The biggest pieces of lumber, wallboard and other supplies can be brought in wilhout difficulty." "A direct on!i\ince will prove lo be a greater boon once the remodeling job is completed. If a playroom has been created, youngsters can come in and out through the basement entrance without disturbing the rest of the house. Furnishings such as lawn chairs and tables which are used outdoors in summer and in the playroom in the winter, can be carried in and out speedily and with littie effort. "Authorities estimale that the outside basement entrance can more than double the storage value of your basement. Many communities also require that every basement have a direct outside entrance, because it is a reliable safely exit in emergencies," Nearly Flat Roofs Now Can Have Color Owners of homes with low pilch- ed, nearly flat roofs can re-roof Iheir homes in modern color today, thanks to recent advancements in roofing application methods. Roofs with as liltle as two inches of pitch per foot now can be covered with asphalt shingles. This means that thousands of homeowners can give their houses ne\v life with color in place of the dull, uninteresting roofs they now have. HAVE Beautiful Floors In Just One Day. USK BERRYFAST and BERRYSEAL Rent Our Sanders HYMANS' STORE Home of Lionoil Paint • Wallpaper • Radio - TV 530 N. Cicotl I'll. 4423 or 21883 Door Panels Add Decorating Unity One of the newest ways to give a room mure interest and individuality in its decorating scheme Is to patch picture frames with the panels of panel doors. Many doors of ponderosa pine come with unusual and distinctive panels in modern and traditions* styles. "Stealing" the shapes of these panels are reproducing them in picture frames offers two important advantages in decorating. They are: 1. Color. Both (he door and picture frames can be painted the same color, or stained in warm natural wood finishes. 2. Utility. Each time the shape and color of a door panel is picked up by a picture frame, that section of the room is related to other parls of Ihc room where the panel shape and color appear. Most Insects attacking home ihade trees can bo identified by tree experts and control measures adopted, according to the National Arborist Association. SMITH -ALSO V?«o;2 I-GR/ HOUSE PAINT Decorate Now- Pay Later! Se« Us For Detail* Yon can look the world over and you won't find a better quality paint The very finest of raw materials are used In HI-GRADE paint*. The scientific formula of pure white lead, zinc and titanium ground in pure linseed oil gives HI-GRADE longer life, greater coverage ability. *6 95 Lou la S-Gallon C*Df Gallon 24 colors—18 ranch hou»» colors, plus white. LoaansDort Paint & Wallpaper Co. 322 Broadway Dial 3637 CARTER'S Concrete Block Plant BLOCKS for HOME and INDUSTRY MONTICELLO, Ind. Phone 624 MASONRY • Colored • Modernized • Streamlined Peru Brikcrete Co. 479 Adams AVD. Peru, Ind. COMFORT A STRP» AT A TIMK Mueller Climatrol COMBINATION UNITS . i. XkAt-VAj^} Yes, it's true. Now, both winter and summer you can enjoy perfect indoor comfort. With the new Mueller Climatrol Combination winter and summer air con- ditloning unic you just set your thermostat, Thats it, Mueller Climatrol docs the rest. And the best part is, it fits your budget. You can install both units now, or install the heating unit now, and add the cooling Jaler, The space for cooling is designed right into one compact unit. Only the installation of the cooling cycle is necessary when you're ready for summer comfort. Drop in at our showroom and Ice us give you the full details. ASK ABOUT CONVENIENT BUDGET P1AN Available through your Mueller Dealer Baker Specialty & Supply Co,, Inc. DISTRIBUTORS 701 Erie Ave. loganiport GARAGE DOOR VALUE Truckers get rugged, clear-span design, attractive Stran-Satin with NEW STRAN-STEEL BUILDINGS The open, clear-span design of Strnn-Stcol buildincs makes them ideal for warehouse or repair operations. In addition, new Strnn-Steel buildings havo a look of quality never before achieved in an all-steel structure. Up to 125,000 te aviBabh to flioitct thtsi btiHdlnp Uiroufh the Sinn-Sled Purchase Plin. fls little K 25% InlUal Inrostment, lip to i yurs to pay. Ask your StrM-Stod dela- tor Hit complete story. RIGID FRAME BUILDINGS WAYNE MYERS STEEL BUILDING SALES, INC. F. O,. Box 355 iogontporl, In J. Dial 2397 YOUR 'HOME 1 as others see it! Wood Sectional Overhead Door Modern ranch type dceiwi aj>- propriata with any architectural ttylc. If it's economy, plus smooth, lasting performance and complete weather protection you arc looking for in n Range door, tlio RAYNOR-ETTE wilh Raynor Graduated Scnl is the door buy for you. All popular sizes. Five sections high, with 4th section, open for glass. Free Estimates on Installation— No Down Payment SOUTH SIDE LUMBER CO. 811 Burlington Ave. Ph. 2319 NOW IS THE TIME TO START YOUR SUMMER FIX-UP JOBS CONCRETE MIX SAKRETE Bag ... $1.30 CELOTEX CEILING TILE I ZC Sq. Ft. fNSUJ.ATE YOUR ATTIC BEFORE SUMMER HEAT IS HERE AS LOW AS 5c por jq. ft. • SCREEN DOORS • SCREEN WIRE • PAINT • HARDWARE Don't Wait, Start Those Important Jobs Today. South Side Lbr, Co. 811 Burlington Ave. Dial 2319

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