The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 3, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1934
Page 3
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THVRSDAY : AUGUST 2, MCD BLYTEjilVILLE, (AJfK.) COUBi^H TTTREfil Conducted to tills newspaper In the interest of Its women readers by recognized authorities on all phut* ol home making. Florence Brobctk, Editor Mrs. George Thurn, Associate Editor While, Imporlaul As Decorating Accessory Mrs. George Tlitim Con- linucs Instructions Slftrl- ecl Last Week WIGGLY KROGER STORE Prices for Friday and Saturday Skinned, Nice Size Pound 21c ])r-;u - I'ViciiJ?; In lUythcnlh*: Knst week 1 promised to give yen .some further mfoniiatn;n nlmut canning utul piosiMTin;; untl SD iliis week i he JnsmH-tiuns ju't* for fruits. To can fiuiis in syrup. JirM wash, pare- and atlic-nvbt 1 jjR'pan- solid, fie&h fiuils of uniform hize. l.etive .small fniits whole nil lartrer feints into halvr-'-. Pfick tin- IVIIIL firmly into s-:ni!- j/c il j:ii^ io within hnli :m inuh of Uu- lop. (ill jars very full 01 i bulling hynip; place n new ni'uuer ring on eiith jar. adjust l:ii i-owi and pnrtly seal, IJUL not coinplfu-- ly. Place the jurs in the r:ic the \vn<»3i boiler <btp the Caniui-^ dinciioas of week) and tmer v,Uh IjoDing writer (o two nt-hrs over thu tops ol the jfir.s. When UK- 'Aawr boils in UK- boiler, note i IIP LiniL- uncl bc-^in lo count, the- lim«! \(ji £lmU£!!ig from that tno- mr-jtt 'Ken lablr below j Tlic WLiirr ui'f.-it he boiling coiuiniiiiJly. Tiif-n remove. fasten top sc-i-nrf )\. !f-l cool, but avoid clraius. I.::- 1M niul .slurp-in n dark pjjn-t. Tabh; for Frulls ' Apples twenty-five tnhiun s; Apricots, sixteen minutes: nUirk- iK-rric-b. .sixU-c-n minutes; Chen K'S. n!;lt!cri minutes; Crab-appli's iwcnly inlnmro; Gooseberries, tivelvp tntnuics: HuckloUemc;;. s : :-:- ifien minuU-5; ['caches, tv/f-nly mi nu LOS; Pears, twenty niinu'.r.i: PiiifUpph's. .'•ixty ininnu-s; P)i::ii'.. : -ixTt-on ininLiie.s: Qui]ii:i^, Mxiy inlniiirs; RKnliarl], .sixlivn II-LII- UIP.S. Tin- Llnckness of symp toi can- Jjiiiy li'inL dejk-ml.s upon tla- 1 oi fniii ftiL- which it is lu IK.' i raitJ upon Uie tliitrkn^s uT prodtict dr-snvd. For ontlnaiy in. ; j> :iri' tJie. c c kinds: Thin Synip Two cups i>nyur; tour cup: witlfrr l^uil (oyi'ilif',' ffif lii/ln i utf-s; this i.s cs^r-cifiHy f;u.d Half or Whale Wisconsin Full Cream Count! Country ('In'i , Roll or Qiiiii-liT cminl Slici'il Kwick Krisp I'niiiiil ifil) of Hoof Kolled. Seasoned will) ('. (.'.. Until-!- I'oniul xix-^n »rr.-_c^i^3i<W- :ML luniLiin 1 .- inarkri nt Chicu«u .stvc-.^'ed white as the chief ck-comtlng accent win it- lamps. sit::ill picci'.s of finniinrc 1 in niiiknK 1 whit?, white flower vnscs and oili iicce.s^jvjL-s Lire shuwn with mr.nv types of fisrnilute. if OAST, Pound llle CHOI'S, Pmiml I fir' STKW. Pound \n \ '!iu.--iiall Good Cottage Cheese ^^ ' iii-Ki- :«iO's OCC !)n/i'ii uO PRAQ1ES Ffy - ""u!: 1 n BANANAS Ak "- 0 -'!r Medium S>ru;i Tw'i] mid one hull e.ilps :.ii-.,iir: lour tups v.-utcr. Unil luv In'.rtn mlnnfe;. Oils r 'is cppocl.illy rifcs, erab.-apples. ye.iches. SL. • t;prrif-.s. liucklebeiries. rhubarb. i Thiek Sjrup Five nips Fiiyar: ffjiir tnj« of \vnler. Boil for fifteen miimU'.>. Tins is best fur fniits inU-rnM for cookctl fruit. tles?eil.s; i-lier- riea, pL'ftelies. ]jlnii!b;, (iinn'jo.i. insp- l:errie.^. .I:ini.s :nul t'reserves 111 makim; jam, cook only 3 Miinll ainonnl nL a lime, eook iinickly over liigli lier.t .^tirrlng i.'on.slantlj 1 . In innkini; strawberry. r;ss;)her- ly imd blackberry jani. iuili aiui w:isli the fruit, usins only fresh 11 nit. Put in an enamel piv.-ervinu kettle with a .small amount ol wfiier. tA'i it eonie (o boilinv; before adding tlic ?ugnr. Use tlni-"- i(i;artc-rs of a enp of siisur to earn cup of fruit. In making peach, pear ami plum jinn, pare ilie fruit, remove (lie core 01 seed, and cut the fruit into sinol! pieces, ff there i.s a very little juice, aclil a Kmall (innii'.ity of water. Stir nil jams (vnstanily v,-hi!e eooking. until tiicy ttiicken when n little is dropped 0:1 a coli: plate. Pour into sterilized jars or Siiusos. w:il like jolly, with ]>sr:if- fin. l-xiuipmcut Needed ! To fueilitnte the lUHkinu of Jam t • 01 jelly, have on hand u !an.:c- pn 1 -1 serving ketile of '-nari^l or v.are: a saucepan: one table :i v:oo<len spoon: a UK 1 :^ 1 :!;]!. . pjriiv.; knife: cheese ciofh: r ^, liRkv a Iliiky iiastiy f\\M in the to fit a pie plate. Bake nhii'-incli pie plate. fu; ' eighleen inimilcs at «5 tls- Three-fiuaricrs cup llonr: one ^ ^ ' . ^ . ,. . , ,. . , r .. i(U;>.nw leitKiioon baking po-.vder: ,- oom< '" c ,np Le rainre. place it 'in Ihe one qnai-tor teaspoon Mil: one refrigerator lo chill the shell thor- (|i:artc-r cup shortening; two to puchly. Just before serving, fill the thref; tablespoons ice water. crust with ice crenui. Cover with SiU flour, baking . iiowdor. uiut meringue made by beating stiffly yalt. together. Cul thortcuini; inioitiree egg whites; add six table-Hour mixture until the crun)ij.s are spcons of sugar. 13e sure to spread about !]'.;> si/t o! n small pea. Mix the meringue thickly to the edge in onnaph ice waler. with a fork, or the- crust. Brown in a 350 dell) iit/al mixture ;<ixelher. Chill. i;iee oven for ihroc minutes. Serve fioli out (j;i sji^lniy flunreil board iir.mi'fiiately. vi' nf nil the Granges then olher iiedii'ius. H. at slowly. Brins lo the bo:!iM;; i>o:nt and boil until Ibid:, about twenty intiunes. Totir iir.o ^lr,.'b jars. Vvht-n coul se.ii. —Mrs. Georee Tiu:rn. I'.Ia.^es: new par.iffm; fur dripping jelly. Pineapple anil IVach J.ini I'uurteen pn-.inds punches: (•:»• pineapple: nine pound, r.:i;.ir. nlancii and pt-cl ihp jv-i.-.h-.v: remove in.- >(oiirs and cut !l-r li nil in thin slicrs. [>are and n- nioVc the eye.-- fmin thr plne.ip:>le. Grate il. ,\dd lo the iwat.hes a:ul Ihe j-iicr- nf i ra ih. p n i the fniii and suj-av in allcrnatc layer 1 ; i:i lircfciviir,- kntie ;,nd ie'i stand h-arn to use Iwo kinds of fe?din^ impleuiEiits. a? r.e \vould if he stai:til wi'.li a ninvil-hanrtl.':! baby sixxm. Kasy to llandli' The Iced itself should also IK easy io manipulate. Sliced beet-s lire casiiy spared with n fork w!:i:e diced fc^Is may prove difficult for children to handle wilh oivl-er a fork cr a sposn. Peas olfer a problem which c:in bo solved by i:i:lting them in a nest of mashed potato or by serving as a puree. Omisionally an appetite may lie helped cut a liltie by adding (::'for.i'.ive toiicius to tlic ciiild's lood. Make a thinning by pro- vldi:ig altnctive disr.L'S for .'mail ci-ildreu. Thty really do iulp to make the focd more inviting. Baked potatoes bcco:ue ijo much more 1:111 Ir^h mre-?. Thts • i;urirruit:s when cut in Iwo lenglh- ilii! necei>ary to- • wi -" for boats. Half of the iiot.ito li-.« iniiv. One servin.; of; "lay b." aM put back and >:• rii:i-k?;i Hier is aiso'of- : t" 1 ' o'iier half s:-otl FOOD IIFO THE YOUNG CH It basn't been so many years . since wiiito svoo<hvoii; in our homes ; wa.s the s-nle rather than Uie exception; then came a period whesi i the wr.oilwork war, stained and varnished. ioHowed by another deco. rating idea demanding colored i woodwork. Today Ihe woodwork is ! painted more often Ihun varnished, i and white has come back strongly i as a major decorating note. This is demonstrated this siini- ; mfcr ut, the t-real furniture mar' ket;s of t::e country where all- 1 white sets o[ lurniiiirc for dliiinji i rosin . and b.'droom, ami beautiful J white chairs anil tables for Jivisi^ , room are .seen in great abundance. ; This vogue has been brought forward by (t:e decorators' interest in the Direetoir-2 and Classic i>er- icris of I-'"-uch decoration of Ihe 19tii century. But noi all the white, furniture ehown is of these periods: some of ii is English Georgian, 5iic.ii us Chippendale, atul a dining room set of antiqued-w'.iite Chippendale cr oilier goad English type furniture is not only decorative and bsaulifnl. but practical. Such a loom is easily kept fresh and elean looking. The white, by the way, is not Hat white, bill usually creamy- while cr ivory. H is oflen trimmed with a narrow line of gold or some color. N'e.w Styles Slmun In the photograph the seta is a modified Dlrectoire style, cover- eel with green and gold .satin damask. T;:e small end tables are white enamel with gold and back trim; the lamp bases are white alabaster and the shades white silk. The little coffee table is especially worth noting since it is white with a black top. and practical :n both shape anj size, such pieces are obviously intended lor the more formal lyiies of living room: nol fcr the family room where children romp and a largo, family must sprawl at- ease. But while loucics may be used such rooms as tlic very intov- GRAPES Th C W il Shorli'nin|.- S-l.lj. Crtn. f l l I^AMCUT* Siciiiriii' ju: ILliANkhh •> r,,,- H Sliindiird. fs'n. 2 Cnii ."> I'm- t'iiiniiy miarriii ii iw i'i^ . ' <m * " RXTBACT 'r B . v a W ;KEREL N n^lF' /i l/I i/, Lli. I'k);. LIMES Siniv, Juicy .1C BAKING |l()W K£..?ir APPLE mnr Z£-£ r COME ( MJ vn GINGER ALE ^ W Siimiiiole Tissue Potatoes 10 1'otnulK 21c lllO (!;uii? HI I'onuds Cue ic.v;t"j-)si c:" r ieiiifl !)-.> i::vrn onco .I i by a quarter c-lp of - or.,.i;;,- jnic. 1 . 1:- is i::le .-f-i [^rd e:if:' *1 liver cil ,'day follow- l.iir.iilu juice viisi' lo in[-•v TiV'.L-e a mal family room: -,vhite la]ii]:s and shades, M-hilc picture frame-; whkc eu;i tables; a white coffee table. Study the sl:ops in your town for their new displays of current styles in furniture; il is not necessary to buy something j-.;st like Ilie neighbors; perhaps the neighbors are behind tre limre: and the est pieces this smnmer also prove to te Ills moM comforlable and practical. v:ater arc j •' rveamect vezelable. w!ety p-.lni-i- every day (.carrots may be halved and bolbw- in the s.-.tnc way to make mi H"MI\IM'.: Kciiie alia lei stand • ^11.11, "i u;iir.. an t,;^ 10,N. »^-.-^---" — ' ^ -- .."j *^ for two iinnn Tiien ivit Ihe ket-, '• lb; '^ .'M::ls. rod iivrr .ul follc,\\;-d ~ Ir » ! :f boats witii cargoes of lie (in the hiM, nn ,j t^ji fo .. f O rii-|l>y io:-uuo juu-e fivi> iiniinif.j, siinhu' (K-rasionaliv.i'-. 1 fc «:l "»''•' °r : 1 ;- olli' .1 i:iiuli.irl> ami Kijr Jam I Vivr psaim!-. tliub.irb: oru 1 ;>!niu:ii nil up ihiE-d fi...-,; f, m: - ]:,,uiuis MI- I i::ir. ' i Wash I!,,. ft. JS fn.,1 f ,., n!; , W(1 i'ui i!i;-oii'li tin? foi.rl eli-jii- l»r. Chi lt<* vhi:ba;-b in Mi-all' pures Aclil Ihe ijgs. SU i:ai- an:i v.Mrr tha! ihe li,... i, nV e foake.l :ii llnil Tor an hour, nr miiil vriy. iliirk. I'ut inin .~iciilg/i-r| javs Currant Kai-im and Dr.ii^e .lam ] Two Yuiuids sci-dlii*-.-, raisin?; fne" '.oiiiids frtvli iiniiint.s; fnnr lnr':r .nances: five p.v.inds Bi-annl.-yi;!' 1 -.mar. i Stem and wash thp cmran'.^ Mietiilly. Peel and slice tlnec ol : !la- niaiwes; p:;i Hi,- onnure i.vel in i-olil water nud let it come sl,iw- • h 11) (lie l»;lln-; pmnl. Drain oft; n. hater ainl chop ihe orani; j,-il coar.-elv. Add the Miear an If he irdiv.s vud ,i',v.ty Iron .! •:• ya-.i .ihi-.ii- juic i- a -^eek and vos^lab:o. lake ail him mill 1 , the next ur c.Jli.-i-^-sife troit- il'-pvivin; hi:n cf "P- --- . „ - . pc-;is. Cutters and molds of various shapes may b2 used effectively with many foods and if one has any skill with a pastry lube, it has Ik pc.'-sibllitiM. 'too. With pio;:<:r •'arlv Irats'.insr aH'ihe.^e lit- II- tliok 1 ; shot Id !>:• us.'ft for variety only'aud not us n?ces.<:ary enticements. 52c Juicy (,'iilif. Nk-u Siy.i 1 Do/tin linlk (lifini; Your . . (iiillini 15c pem**m!n>*r*fK.f*auum old UH.--I' i>a<' •IS II) *I-M; i!-I l!> ' Pork & Reans (.'. ('. No. 2 Tail Can -ZftirlSc- All l-'lavors li Jell MonltU Dual: I '!'\vinl;lp am) (> Mdiikls All For 25c >' 11 - w - wtu ' il( .,r ICiisin. K:i. JAR CAPS ''\ m .2¥ GRAPE T^^ 25 ( SALAD 1)1{H 1!S r :,l-2f Silvur • IS II) $1.75; 21 Oiini>!)t')t. C;in o KLAKKS C. C. 1AC I'ui-o iiO-IJi. LARD CLFANSER 1JBhi ?rlO i: FRESH BREAD'^ i'l.AKKS I'nsi or ICC- Ki'lln( : r. 2 fur It) FRUIT JABS Qu "pS. 82 C FRESH EGGS P>BM 2i (: POTTED MKAT .,, n , y MELK .'} Lire, or (i Small 19 ;. r. . : ri'.opm-d i , v <ii:i:ivr ol'en he!;v- lo ; !nl':,-s^ in .< new food. 'c-.i. jaj-A'.n-er. lor-j-, offuc- . :('.\ nv.-;-.i-c. With older i .ii'.- o[ Lincllnv- foc-.l u:iy : the a:r.oun.i the child , .. >-l:o.:!d !).•• p-:>v!rt«il wilh'. • sm,U!-> ; .v;d fmk. knife, unit .,;>o:ni.| : -.vhieh hi:. Mioll !-.:ir.ils are nun h ! i !:ft!rr .-.nil. a i,i hamlli-. If li,- . -Luis' |uilh ihes,, ];,. uiH n,-i( 1 1\ Automobile Sales Co. Cor. Main \- Mfth iSnrrrssfirs lo J. C. Ajjp'.ebv Molor Co.> Phideliaker. Hudson, To and \Vlllv5 cars. Kleeirie Kefrlgeralloti (lei our prices and lerms i>efnre yon buy any electric rct'Hiieraloi. T.iquiil, Tablets, S-Tlvc, Nose Drops C'litrhs ATalaii.i in .1 davs, ('oltlsi first day. Headaches in SO minutes, l.iixiilivc and Tonic Mosl SnTd RrmciHcs Kimwii Chilled By FrigUlalrf Safe - Siinilary I'inl - '<• Quarl - lit CKA1GS DAIIiY Phone 7.1 Sunr or Dili <)u:;if Jar •> fin-

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