The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 12, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, October 12, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS «« DOMINANT KEW8PAPKR OP NORtllKABT ARKANBAr^DlQll^;^^:^' <*•. T*-4. ? f k-J \\( VOL. XXXIII—NO. 178 ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI niythevllle Courier Blytheville Herald Blylhcvllle Daily News Missibslppl Viillcy Leader ULYTHBV1LLE. ARKANSAS, MONDAY, OOTOHKIl 12. 1036 SINGUO COPIKS FIVE CKNTS Three Killed On Pemiscot Highways —•--- - WOP™ IT JUIIES PUCE MO ,-ff & !li(>lnvay Police Hold Om: Driver; Negro Is Slain At Caruthersville BY JOHN MAX STURM Special Corresponded HAYTI.. Mo.. Oct. 12.—Highway accidents claimed three lives in Pemiscot county Wjf the weekend while a fourth person was Eliot to death by an unknown assailant on Caruthersville's Mississippi waterfront. Mrs. Effie Pollard, 55, wire of Sam Pollard, or Caruthersville was killed early Sunday night when lilt, by a. car while walking on Highway i 84, about n mile west of Caruthersville. Harvey Steve Miller, 28, or Jay "Y", New Mad- . community, were fatally : Injured Saturday night when struck by an automobile on" Highway 61, about 12 miles north of Hayti, Juries Absolve Drivers Juries impaneled by Coiorier J W. Rhodes of Hayti to probe'each (if (he highway accidents returned verdicts of deaths due to unavoidable accidents. The verdicts apparently absolved Walter Dt• vaugh. negro, driver of the car figuring in the Highway Cl accident, and Sam Savage of Porl- ageville, driver of ;the automobile in the Highway 84 accident. Devaugh, however, was still held by sfate highway police nnd it is ^possible that he will be required ,-^ tOj; stnmr^viiial on a>., charge -*^6f leaving the,'-.jicene,.bK an accident. He.,-.dld-:not- stop . his' ''machine. ' when, theraccident occurred but wns overtaken by Pete Scott hlPlnvay patrolman. . Miller and his companion, Miss Jackson, were struck when they stcpncd into the Highway 61 pavement nfier the car in which they were riding, with four other persons, had been parked ort the pavement, along the hiehway, -,ic- '"•rci'ng to reports. Evidence offered nt th<? inquest tended to 'rlmw that they stepped directly Into the path of Devangh's dr. Mvslcry In Necro's Death At the inquest fnto the death of Mrs. Pollard, It was said, in- dicalions pointed to the woman having been in an intoxicated condition at Ihc time she nlleged- Iv staegered inlo the path of Pavaec's machine. Ravage was released. . The death rf Lloyd Davis, ne- t pro. on the Carnthersville water', front Saturday night remained a mystery. Davis, a drifter, wa.s found dead from gunshot wounds. So far officers have been unable to uncover any clue a.s to a possible motive for the slaying. A coroner's jury held that Davis mel deatli by gunshot wounds at the hands of parties unknown. 35,404 Bales Ginned Prior to October 1 LUXORA, Ark.—Cotton gin- nect In Mississippi comity from the crop of 1936 prior to October 1 amounted to 85,404 bales. Chester Danehower, census bureau agent Tor this county, announce]! this morning. Lost year tlie county ginned 30.518 bales prior lo October 1. General opinion is that ins crop was no more than 50 per cent out on October 1. indicating a lolol production ror llic county Ihls season of at least 175,000 bales. Some estimates place the figure considerably higher. Two In City Court: Trial of Third' Delayed Three men were charged with operating automobiles while under the Influence of liquor In cus- <s docketed in municipal court here today. Two were fined S100. one being given n suspension of $15 of his fine, while the third dtf not fnce. trial today. In addition the usual larari number of week-end public drunkenness cases were disposed of by the court. J. F. Robinson was fined $100, the minimum, for driving lib ear while under the!, influence of liquor:"?:, c. Collins was fined '$100 for a ^.similar offense but $75 of hts fine was'suspended. J. H. Cazort, arrested on a- like charge was not tried today... Sid Bryeans was-found guilty of operating ,a car,, without license', the fine being suspended on'-payments of costs. Charles Winchestci- was also found guilty' or operating a car without, proper license, his fine also being suspended en payment of costs. A charge of reckless driving was docketed against .Jim Garrett, who did not appear for trial. A charge of transporting liquor into the state without a permit Forwarding company. McKInley Poster, negro action of the grand jury on a rcmaikc(! ' " nrc sufficient lo recharge of grand larceny deem cverv dollar of our currency Mary Anderson was fined SM far morc tllnn 100 Per cent. . . ." Mary Anderson was fined .,„ for petit larceny, 510 being sus pended. A cha against E. L. Fisher. The following cases of public drunkenness were disposed of- John Dukes, bond forfeited; W. D. Portenberry, bond forfeited; Supreme Court Alfirms 3-Year Robbery Sentence LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 12 (UP)— Tlie slate MIDI emu court toda, unlicld the three-year sentence eiven bv n lonokc circuit court to Fred Raprlck following his conviction on robbery charges. Attorneys, in appealing the sentence, contended that their client was insane at the time of the robbery nnd that he should he confined hi a mental hospital Instead of the stale prison. The court held that Rnprlck \vns sane and should serve his sentence. Three hundred dollars was the loot obtained in the robbery of a bakery. Shippe.s shop- , lifter, was bound over to await lt?No!"UMPM"Now Defends Emergency Spending Bui Says Need fori II Is Growing Less DENVER. Col,, Oct. 12 (UP)_ President Roosevelt said today thai "vA are around lhe corner" nnd cited an improved economic condition as Indicative of decreased government spending and a balanced budget "within a year or two." Speaking from the state cap- ilol, the chicr cxevutli'c painted a rosy word picture of the state of the union and .then Inshcd out at the Republican 1 ^adership for Its promises lo cut rederal expenditures to the bone. "There was an old Roman god named Janus," Mr. Roosevelt said., "He faced both ways. He had two j mouths. I need not explain tliat sprnblc, any further." "Are you willing to turn America over to those who in past years shut their eye;, lo tlie problems of this nation?" he asked. "Tills administration has shown the way because it had the will do." Sets Balance^ Hutigct The president did not mention Governor Lnudon by name but tlie inference was plain that Mr. Roosevelt was -replying to the Republican nominee's Chicago speech In which he attacked the administration for excessive and wasteful expenditures. . "I tell you," he declared, "and vou will agree, that we are around the corner. Private eni|,ios)nMa r is ( picking up. That means tiiat government expenditures for work for' .the:-' unemployed are ''coiliing down. 'That means' that- the 'total of government expenditures will decline." Turning ihe corner also moans, within a year or "two a balanced budget and the beginning of reduction in the national debt" he said. Mr. .Roosevelt then pointed to the United States monetary system as the soundest in the world and 'proceeded to crack down on Its critics. ,- "Tlie great bullion reserves now in the United States treasury," he remarked, "are sufficient lo per Aclion IVas Necessary his broad emergency . charge of driving without n nrogram, the president said that inffeur's license was docketed "'" lllc complete stagnation ol !„.. „.„... business, of mines and of farms . , on oreed; ."JH^UL, nut 10 SUILC gove'-n- Curtis Siler, bond forfeited; Fow- mcnts. because I hey hud reached ler Lendennle, fined $10;' Hook Lawson, bond forfcilcd; Richard Channel!, bond forfeited; John Daniels, fined $10; Herman Wilson. fined $10; Roy Welch, fined S10; Grant Thomas, fined $10; J. ' H. Holder, fined $10; Doyle Harris, fined $10; James Plump, bond forreited. comes to campaign year 'consistency* is a word Hint cannot be found in the Republican campaign "ity of Manila Takes Highway Membership MANILA, Ark—At a meeting of the town board at the city hall recently Manila was accepted as a ' Gravel Shipped for Maniia-Monette Road MANILA, Ark.—Paving of the curbing on Main street in Manila nnd the graveling of the cut-off road between Manila and Monetlc arc definllcly assured, it has been announced by the Lions club com- inlttec sponsoring the projects, consisting of G. Mike Jr., Eugene Fleeman, and Bob McKlnnon. Actual work on paving the curbing is scheduled to start today. Gravel for the cut-oil has been shipped and is due to arrive within the next few days. Gravel for the Kisncr Corner end was ship- lied lo carinl. C. W. Tlpton and R. T. White have charge of the gravel and are asking for contributions f6r hauling. at the meeting by its lifetime president, jack DC Lysle. A motion was made by W F Wells that the city accept member-' m the association, and that to cover costs of dues, be paid oy the city treasurer. The motion ™.^ co "<'« 1 by o. E. Scott and carried unanimously. Those present at the meeting were Mayor c W. Tipton, w. P. wells, L p Webb, S. H. Golden and o E' Scott. ' Landon in Ohio ABOARD LANDOfi CAMPAIGN TRAIN ill Ohio, Oct. 12 (UP)— Oov. Alf M. Lnnclon lodny advo- calcd a relurn "to the fundamental principles of a system of free enterprise." Speaking in the Akron industrial area on his third day In- this border line stale, lhe Republican presidential nominee Rainfall In Hawaii Varies In Small Area HONOLULU ~Tu P) -- Ratl vf a ) reaches extremes In Hawaii On lhe island of 'Maul one sUv lion reports 370 Incites a year Ten miles away the rainfall is only H Inches. R eU | a r condlllo,*, of lhe trade winds and unusuu loporaphy are respor>ble, accord° ie U ' » i , , ' ' -a. Ralnrall on Ml. Walalente 01 1C S ^ d of KauM reach « more than 400 Inches annually, one o the welest spots In the world. here was only one agency cap- iblc of starting things golrif; 'gain— government— not local gov- •rnmcnt. not 48 state Hollywood has a new name for IT. It's "iimph," and here's lots or it-m the highly personable person or Shirley Ross of tlie films "Uinph" is personality plus, and what plus takes, Shirley's got. The picture gives you the general idea. A native of Omaha Shirley achieved filmdom's silk., nnd Kat , ns vltt lllgl , sci , 00 , rtrnmntlcs: nn(J sinying with . an oichestrn. She's both a-hit and a miss. wsra Raymond Bomar Brins Ship to Earth With Broken Landing Gear he limit of their resources, but! Raymond Bomar. lhe "FIvinf he federal governmnt itself." ' Constable." escaped injury Salur- "Conslstency," he asserted "isI <lay a(teraoon when lie was fore- till a virtue in life but when it' , ,'° '" nti hls air "lane after he had damaged the landing gear of tlie plane S FOITftl flf LISTED Judge G. .E. Keck Will Open Criminal Term Here on November 2 The list of grand nnd petit Jurors who will serve at the criminal term or circuit court here, opening November 2. wa.s released today nt llic office of on his takeolf. I Sheriff Clarence II. Wilson. The propeller or Uomar's plane •ocabulary and. nt that, inconsist- i u '" ls broken and other minor dsui- ency is n mild term lo apply lo I !IRC ' '"feted when one wheel wli'rh had danslcd Icosely after a .bolt was broken on the tnkc- off. collapsed nnd broke landed lhe ship. as he ty oilier al Circuit Judge G. B. Keck of this city will preside during the two weeks term. Grand jurors are: Bill Pollard, G. H. Greer, Jack Bishop, . Blytheville; Rube Bevill G C I Wndcly, Blytheville. Route One Bomar's plight wa.s discovered J ;. T - Walker, Hulfman; Joe Cas- Decision On : PotenberfV ,' nlhnr nitnlc n,i^ u..^l n «.t..^~ SKIV. Clear I.Tlrp- \VncK Tliftn... " * nnd the airport ns he Icok oil. Wnsli Thonm- "under Ibis system said that Americans have been free to do \vhat woiild bring them an honest and profitable living provided they did ml infringe upon the similar rights or others." I Governor Landon opened his final swing through Ohio earlier in the day by accusing President Roosevelt and Secretary of Slate Cordell Hull of making statements "more calculated to deceive than to enlighten" American voters nlwut farm and foreign iradc policies. Arch Gray Injured in Illinois Accident Arch Gray, formerly C f llal . c and now of Moline, III., was se'ri- ously injured Friday night in nn automobile accident near LaSalle III. Details of the accident are not known, as Mr. Gray was m-.: conscious when found. H c VMS nlone when lhe accident occurred, Hold Deputy Sheriff , ,,„., , JT, , Redford, Ekron; ,7 on Charge of Murder Bm-deiie; Ed namn lace. B. H. sccov. CH1DESTEH. Ark., Oct. 12 (UP) —A preliminary hearing will lie held Tuesday for W. A. Woods, a yhce repair man. charged witli killing H. L. Duncan, farm worker, here Saturday .night. Burke, Promised Redford, Ekron; J. M. Aycock. clln. w. E. Wal--. _. ... _coy. Ucll; E. H. Crook, Yarbro; W. W. Cox, Boyn- Oul-Numbercd and Out- Gcncralcd. Loy a 1 i s t s Hope for Russian Aid MADRID, Oct. 12 (Ul 1 )—Loyalist troops retreated In Madrid the final defense .of retreated slowly n n d today for the city. Is Heavy In Philippines 1 MANIIA, P. I,, Oci."l2 (l)l') •—Esdn.'ildi of llic ilrail hi (!u> I'lihcim irhlc'h swcnl t.iriim In Hie l'hl][pplne.s varied today fioiii IK lo UN high-us 400 ptr- sciis n-llli (liiccls iiilillnj,' (,) uu> iiuuiillin iliimiige iluin.. ]iy tlio Rrcut wlinl. , MANILA, 1'. I., Oct. 12 (UP;— Typhoons which Imvo lushed northern Philippine province.? fur several days have cnuscd oivj of tin! most dimming disasters In recent nrchlpclnyo history, frag- meiUnry reports fromr the strle!;- I iirens Indlcnted lonluhl. Officials said Una Ihe estlnmtc of loo dead wns' conservative. Rod Cross workers reported that 'EUV- wal hundred persons were mls,5- ilubbornly nn'tl coiintcr-nttncked] '"B. Communication lines In ton armed nnd lhe rebel olllcere were regular nnhy men ' All along lhe front wesl of farms. .. , ., ,--•-, ....... • . , . ,, caj reece a i>h(i Madrid the InsurgfiiLs thrust, a-r- One report said lhat 'Vlrlunlly »>i»l It "lie on tho constllutlonal- oclously, first at one . point then all rice crops In.-, northern and "V of the Pra?lei-Lcmko faun nt """ ...... ................. ---• ................. - "•-• ' - •• nt iinotlier, <- (lie loyalists Central Lu/on, the granary of the gave ground, awaiting re-enforce- Philippines, had been destroyed nippl.q TM L - „«,,,. ..i-.. i_ *-. - mentis. The bnt.'le proceeding In heavy loj;. The weather and the possibility for Mvf-ld wa| u eokl rain and Hint Russia International would denounce the ... ..~.. ...iv Dcpnrlure of'the. Hawaii CJIippci lion - intervention .early today again, .wns postponed ',,._ for 24'hours hccnuse of typhoons which cmilhjjo to rage aloiiij the route (lie big 'Pan-American, Airway's flying bont must, m.iu • Irom Manila lo C'tunm on Ihc first agreement were 'the, government's frcat hopes. The weather will slow up the attack. Denunciation or the nereemenl Would mean that the government could buy amis which the "neutrality" agreement tins dented It. Fall of Ovtrdo Ncnr ;WITII TUB LOYALIST MINERS AT OVIEDO, Oct. 12 (UP) —Loyalist miners, dynamiting their .way from house .to, .house and street to street, .held nearly fom .fUllis of Ovletto today and hoped Jfor the collapse of Kiel 10- .BistRnee.- Gencral Miguel Araiidn. ,lhe Insurgent, commandci >Was \f- porteil ..wounded seriously but probably not critically ' and his garrison was believed now to IJD reduced to a danifcrcusly low nucleus. Casualties In fierce fighting Sal«n|ay and Sundry were csll- maled at more than 1,000. The rebels, who i (umbered i \ I he beginning of the siege VI weeks ago perhaps 3,003 men, have lost heavily. (Note—Reports from the French frontier estimated Ihnt hardly more than 8CO able bodied men. remained of the rebel garrison.)! St. Louis Good Will Tourists Coming Here Approximately 50 members of the Sales . Manager's Diirenu of the St. Louis Chamber nf Commerce are scheduled to visit here October 27 on • a good will lour. The visitors will include Blythe- vllle In the itinerary of towns la be visited In Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arkansas. They will arrive by special train at 6:55 I>. M., October 27 . chamber of commerce officials arc expected to co-operate in extending welcome lo lhe Missourians. Supreme Cottit Today fuses to Coiisidei Biad- ley Co.'s Appeal WASHINGTON, Oct. 12 'Ct/Hji-, Tlie United Stales supicnic couit today lefused to consldei- Its decisions of Inbt ,<ipiIng In which it- held unconstitutional the New ' York slate fixing minimum •vngcs tot women and the fettcinl municipal bnnkruptcy net The couil'i hnaild.ition of the Neu Vori minimum wage act. was" one of ils most seveiels ciillcl/cd' dcc'slon Eyen dov. Alf M Lan- RenuMlctin piestdcntlil can- occasion but (hey were; out- northern provinces wci'rT disrupt." dlclatc, hns "declared 0 "l"hat"ir U "n'o numbered. The rebels were, bet- -d but occasional reports revealed oll ' cl wn y can be found the con- flfl' Wlclf'SIMTIlrl tlirr,t|.|>«r ' ii.,....l..u-.. ClUllllmi >1.n»lrl I.- _-^ . ,,u,,,,, (i.|jvi.,^ ii:vi:tuut( "•". ',,.j k.,,ji uu luilllll tno COll- ... U ^O,.,^IIM suffering,, inundation slltutlon should be cnnnged lo of villages nnd huge losses 10 Penult such legislallon Is- nave rise lo fairs of tie shortage of staple crops. All-ship's Dcj'iariure I'dajcd MANILA', P. I., Oct. 12 (UI>) — moitgnnc net when it refused lo ,,„. cnlcitaln an nopenl in n Usl case ,„, ai-lblng In Missouri The Icomt acted .on nn appeal brought b\ tho Phocnlv Joint Stock Land Bank of Kansas City from a federal couit decision' which held the law constitution il A new decision on the admln- cisco, of its flight to San Pi-an- Two Given Place's, on Aik- ansas Faun Tenancv Commission MEMPHIS, Oct. 12'(UP)—Two lenders of the SouUicrn Tenant FMrmers Onion Imvc been appointed lo ihe Arknnsns lann Tenancy coininlsslau at the • request of Gov. J. M..Fulrcll, It wns revealed here today by IT L Mitchell, union executive secretary. • Union President J. u. Dutle'r mid W. L. ntackslonc, Wynne, Ark., lenant nnd union organizer' were named lo Ihc commission'. Mitchell sufd following recei|)t of a letter from Commission ciiair- mnn c. E. Palmer. Hot Springs publisher. ° Appointment followed widespread union criticism of Governor Fiit- rcll for not naming any members of the union to tlm-origlnal commission, conceived oy lh e gov _ crnor to study evll.s of lhe tenant system nnd recommend means to ;liminate them. arc lliclr nuller and Blnckslone pledged lo "do all In ...„. power to assist In working out and will spend the' nl ? ht here !\ stllle ' <*™»>te solution lo of thes <| P'obablj will result In leaving al 8-30 o'clock the fol- llc q " esU ° n lhllt L ' command- "" ^ mh "S on the Billowing morning Mmlc will he " B ""= "Ucntlon of tho best <Jll », cf lllc tittcrl i' Contested law furnished bv a baud which will , " s of our notion," Mitchell Ti ^ Stivbrnmcnt in opposing accompany 'the visitors on the 611 " 1 ™" Er '<' c !™ l ?" of ,. «"= Bradley case tour. Local business men and ~ — ~. '> ^. r f,?i."'1 lh =. «««. of tlic Withholds Decision on Robinson The court toclaj rejected a Islratlons gold devnluatlon policy, wns piomlscd when the couit de-, elded lo hear an appeal Invohlng a pecullatly worded contract pio- vidlng for pnymcnt in teims of gold ,, The gold case Mas one of many" accepted by the court Involving' Interpretations of a half-do?™ controversial Issues. SKIcs Prolfsl DecUlnn Tn ils municipal bankruptcy nc 1 ruling Ihc court acted son ,lho- Plca ot the Cameion' County Wa-'> 4 lei Impiovcment District No 1JM which lost the case In nn alter- "", cation with security holders of „] the. (Ilsti-tct. ' While not one of the most Irn- poitant cases decided by the - couit In Its 1935 term, , thenease i aroused vide surcad piotest from several stales which charged in a brief filed as "friend of lhe court lhat lhe court had Ihrpyui , Into confusion numerous principles ! of .constitutional Inw bv Its rul-- ing. Tlie court held that the municipal bankruptcy act Iniring- J cd on lhe rights : of the stales'. The stnto of Arkansni joined j in the r'ca for n rchcirtii£ 'Ihc supieme court refused i to accept jurisdiction or the first | case attacking the national' lator ' relations act to come before it when it denied the Bradley Lumber Co., of Arkansas, a review cf Ils unsucCcEsful challenge lo . the 1 laws 1 constilutlonalily Olhor Observers Ciiscs Fending of the court. not inclined lo place much Importance on the court's action. Tile Bradley case involved several tcchnlcnl issues, It was liellcved that It was on the basis , of these that the court refused • to entcrtnin the cnse. Other Ic.sls of lhe .law. are pending before the tribunal. One. LOUISVILLE. Ky., Oct. 12 (UP) —After denying an a; for o •. p . r" TI i -> omt oet ror Inursday " ncw lri "• Robins son, Yarbro; L. M. Moody, Dell; consideration of tlie Bradley case charged that lhe issue of the, ccnstitutionallty or - the law. was not involved in the proceedings. Tlis! Brncll W company sued in Ulc caster,, Louisiana federal dis- trlct court to restrain the National Lnbor Relations board and Its regional officers from holding a hearing or seeking to enforce the law, '.'contending that the act was unconstitutional.. It charged that the law invaded matters not within the jurisdiction of the federal government. It held that to have the board proceed against it in way to cntbrce colljrlive bargaining or lo order lhe reinstatement of 200 dismissed work-' ncj ers with back pay would work irremediable injury upon the company. muuit c. a. Robinson Will Reply A ..«A_I. i J Hamilton I clslon. de- To Al Smith's Attack , .....,.*,, ,,. „. ^ v ^, uvj,,- NE\V YORK, Oct. 12 (UP) ton; ft. o. Harkcy, Box Elder; Senator Joe T. Robinson, innjor- A. C. punter, Skldway; J. B. File- "- •-••-•• Shady' Grove; T. O. WilkilL Leachvillc; Floyd Horncr, Afaiv Honest Race Bettor Gets Crowd's Cheers CLEVELAND (UP) — Cily rats, made unwelcome by WPA efforts to dislodge them, have descended [In droves upon their country cou- jsins here. Afler 1,000 buildings were reported rid of lhe rodents, householders of their exodus to the country. ila. Alternate pelil jurors are: has been selected to reply to the - - - | Eugene Fleemon, Manila; R. E. former New York governor's at- \Voods who scn-ed las OuaclilU Lyerley, Pawhcen; J. T. Page, lack on Hie Roosevelt adjnlnlslra- coimty deputy sheriff, shot Dun-; Rocky; E .R, Thrclkcld, Browns can after Ihc latter had entered spur; Hiram Wiley, Promised Ity leader of the senate and run- ADELAIDE (UP) — The pnvini; ning mate of Alfred E. Smlthjclcrk at the totalisalor of Moi- 1 election, Phctville, near Adelaide, paid out In lhe 1928 presidential m e, romse his shop and attacked him, ac-, Land; Dan Ncedham. IBlythevtile, cording to |K>lice. Route One. Physicians who attended Duncan before he died said the nit-iinui fnrm worker had been drinking. | policemen. Iceland has neither prisons nor lion, It was revealed loday nt $115 too much to a lucky bettor. Three days after, the man returned the money. The race course management WEATHER , ce course mana Democratic nallonal headquarters. «vas so appreciative of the Robinson is sDcakiiiK tonight, in honitttv Dmi thn,, kr^j/..,. Robinson is speaking tonight in Philadelphia on the subject ot "unfair campaign methods and false Issues." His speech will b2 broadcast locally. honesty that they broadcast round] the course the astonishing news, which was greeted with as much applause as Is given to a winner of the big race, the King's Cup. Arkansas—Fair and wanner to- ntglit, Tuesday partly cloudy. Memphis and vicinity—Fair tonight and Tuesday. Somewhut warmer tonight. Warmer Tues,day. " Tlie maximum .temperature hero yesterday was 70, minimum clear, according to Samuel , Norris, official weather observer.

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