The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1939 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1939
Page 10
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WEDNESDAY.- QGTOBflU 26, 1939, f ^^^^^4^*£.&^ »M £ i ^ JJLYTHEVILLE (AUK,) COUBIBU, NEWS CLASSIFIED, ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate ptr lino, fpr coiweou- .ve. Insertions: Onfe iimif per line .100 Two times.per lino per day., .osc Vliree times per. line per. day. .060 fix times, per, line per day.. .050 Month rate per line; 60c Cards, of; Thanks 500 & 7^ --•! ,' V:^Ti"x& ,f ^ •• ^' j *.**, 7 T* v •; ' £"*r*TZ?***ei THEWANT-ADS-V -.-• . * - *"" . 'i. "• _ "->•*. *".i» fc 1- M » =\ !•. *^? •- ^ •.-! <•& Minimum 50o Ads ordered for t:lircc or six Ames and stopped, before cxpira- > on will be charged JOT the numlenof: times', the add appeared and idjustment of: bill 1 made, All Classified Advertising copy lubmittcd by. persons residing out- lido. or the city iwusl ba accompanied: by cash.- Rates may be-eas- .\'i coinDuted: Irom above table. / Advertising ordered- for irregular- flsettlons takes, the one- lime rate. No responsibility, w iu be taken lor more tlisui one liicof tec I Insertion ol 'any classified ad. For Sale For Rent 3 room furnished apartment; I'os-, session hi one week, Mrs, c. il. Wliceles, 809 Hcarn. 29-pk,-M ! , 2 furnished, rooms with Frigldahv". ; sirs. Ted Green. Phono 814-j 23-ck-lf 2 lurse room apartment-. Couplo- , desired', 708 W. 'Main. 23ck-if HONEST VALUES Laree, licdroonx, twin. beds,, two closets, steam licnl. Men prc- fcrred! Phone 1. 2 or 3. room fumfslied. aiiarlmciU. Newly decorated, 9H Heain; 21-pk-ll-ai Nicely furnished beriroojn. 323 jj. Davis. Phone BD2-J; 21ck-2S Comfortable bedroom: 1017 Walnut. Phone 102 afler four.. 17-ek-II 2: bedroom's. Business women only. • Phono- 230. ' i4.-ck.-li Nice comfortable j-oom. Close to. 310 W. Wnlnul. 13-elc-lf Crushed Corn, chops, Men) , , ,„„. Bran. Public Crushing. Blnylouk Mill, Hlglnvuy 61. 24-pk-ll-il Comfortable front; bedroom. Out_,- Nlde cuti-iinco. Phono Ml. - 515 ,(l) Walnut.. - 11-ek-lf One ID37 Studcbaker '1-door Dictator. Good mechanical conrtttlon. One 1937 Chevrolet coupe, pcrfea' condition in every way. One set wagon stales. One coal, burning heater, c. E. Parks,' phono- 283. 23rck-30 Nice bedroom. Convenient lo-balh. ' Steam heat. Phone 280. 19-ek-lf JCvcry Used Car urid Truck Offered For Sale Is Kcady (o Co., Sec Thenv. Today! "X I'urd C'ouiic $375 '38. Oicv. Coach $|S5 "in, IM.vmoulh Tour. jy/jj '37. l-'ord Del. Tiulor J-J15 '37 Chev, Scdnn ...S3S1) ';t8 Tui'd Tudov $18) 'SS I'crd Tudor ?^8S — TRUCKS- '37 Ford'. I'U-li-iiii '37 Clicv. l!i Tun '30- Ford Panel ... S3S!I 10 head young Guinea Mail frwli Jersey cow. !l; Phone S3. 23-)>k-ll-23 1« head feeder steers, average weight- about' 800 pounds. Just light for finishing. Also good ?.year-old registered lleieforcl Bull. Phoue 505, Blylhcvillc, A. G. Little. 19-ck-lili Upright piano and four foot- Frig- idairc elee-trio rcfi-igcralor. Both in excellent-, condition. Phone 17 or call at 811 W. Main. BABY BED cheap. Practically .lew nialtress. Mrs. Sa'nniel rv Norris. Gal) 648J after 6 p.m. d)> Lumber. Oak, Cypress. 518 per thousand. Delivered for $20. Adjoining Clear Lake Farm. D. B: Garner ol Armorcl. 11-pk-ll-ll EXPERT ELECTHIC AND ACETYLENE. WELDING Drag line and hea^*7 specialty. weldlnj; a Barksdale Mfg. Co. Fiione 1.0, or Res, 1013 • Wauletl u> Rein Modern furnished, house , tor Iwo inondis by re.spoiisiblo parly. Dt« I'HM Courier News. : . 2'I-iJkr31 ISotice Nollcc— 1 am Tliomas now salesman for Co. Have good buys on Farm and City Properly. H. C. Campbell.. , 13-ck-ll-13 Lewis-Chambers Construction Company, Inc., Is resjwnsiMe only, for.-purchases if the vender is supplied with a written purchase order signed, liy W. C. Dremian nr J Philiipee; 2-pk-llva Hunting License & BIRD DOG LICENSE FOR, YOUR CONVENIENCE WE -ARE PREPARED TO ISSUE YOUR' HUNTING: AND BIRD DOO UCENSE AT OUR STORE.' SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. PHONE 35. Wanted To Buy WANTED. A USED I'LOOlt SCALE I'hone 700 or 312 24-ck-11-24 1VK. PAY CASH KOIl Used 1 Furniture llu.v Kinnift- rnrnilurc Slorc ill W. Main i .-,.,. , ' ' ' 33,'ck-ll-23 : WE"BUY SQYBEANS" Gin • PHIL LIP S MOTOR CO, Comer 5th & Walnut Phone 810-811 for Ucuu Blj-tbcvillc, Ailc. Clyde Lewis tffl ,j. >*t* V^ $ Mercy Killers Have Legal Out Journal Says NBW'VCMK (Ul')-Mevey klllem Iwvc « "iilftusiblo defense" under New Vor.k stuto law which often •nm>> \vlvi them freedom, the New York Ijiw join-mil has pointed o\'il ;i!> the iVMill of two recent, slayings In Ihls category. nydellnluoii, thu- journal snld, Louis Hepculllb nnd Uwrenco Itou- Bi'»u, bulh of whom killed Uiclr .sons, urn (jiiiliy Dt murder In Ilio lirsl deiiiec, Under thn "iiliiusiljlo dfleiisi!" however, Ihoy run svtiw Umt Cod npiienrcd lo Ihem In u vision iitid- oonniiiindcd Iliem Ip end Iho KUlTcrlnu ol their srais, |hu iMlltorlul lultled. Tills Is derived, uccord- liig, to lli« journal, from u Judicial hileiprclntioii o!" the liilo ncujn- inin N. OiirdoM hi the cnsn of u who hurt- killed- her child. "/V very nciil tiu--l)iil do you Ihinlc jl i|uilc iljis CllOllIill !'()J' IDC? 1 ' Cormorants have been cniight In alj pot.s, 120 feet below the SHV- ifacc of Hie water. Personal Arouse Sluggish Liver, work oil the bile to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains,- and (hat sour; punk feclmE,.Take oho box ol • KIKBY'S ACTIVE UVER PH.ljS 25c at all Klcby Storeu A whiiie IMS ;ls many neck bones OS il £il;lllc. TERM I NIX TERMINATES Wert Optometrist "HI! MAKES 'KM' SIM" Ovfr Joe Isiiara" Slor« 1'boiic 540' —PRESCRIPTIONS Safe - - Accurate Ytiur Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main A Flral rhono 141 said.; "If 6liu \\w Implied by an In- «>nu delusion that-Cioti appeared to licr nhd ordnlned ilio btailflcc it would Bccin a 'niockoiy' to hay Unit- within tho me.whiB of the statute she Know the Ml «na wrone." • This formula, Iho cdllcij.i! slalci, wns used in Iho (jcfci)so of Wills Orecnlleld who • wn's hciiiilliccl laal May for killing his Jmtecllo- son, Tlie Jouninl , sti«ccs(s (lint, the second decree .inuitlcr law. should to lovlswl to-h\i)hu(e : nicroy slny- liig* Uws cltinUiathiB lliu loophole of iho "ilhiue (jiildiincc" defense PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest 8to«k Gimrnnleeil Beat Prlcw Kirby Drug Stores I" good weather,, 32* )nkcs anil/ 30 JHo'unlalna arc saldi to 1 be vlil- • Wo fiom the sximmlt, oV Sni GUARANTEED SATISFACTION ON I'linwro Oil Slovn (Ml Dlr.wl' I'm*)' 'I'vaolor 1'iwl R.C.FARR I'honc.s: l)iiy 603, Nljlit 218 i)l8lHbu(or of I'MU.I.II'S "Oli" I'KODUOTS Now Locnlcd nt 101 Norlli Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE; BUREAU H0;i .KDWAKUS, Vf"|iriclor AH Nukes of lti>biilll 'J'yiicwilkT.i, Aildliiif Maeliliica mi Clilciilaiurs— NOW IS THE TIME! ALlciuI fi>, Your»Tir« N««ls Noiv While These New 1'nccs Kxist. STANDARD TIRES Use Our Midget Plan! PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Mill Snlix*!, Itudgtl IHgr. ''Ill A W.illiut rhonc Minnows for Sale Sllver-Sklo Shiners. 1!'. cents each. It Mile east on Annorcl Road. 20-pk-27 Tailors Tnflor Made Suits mi ALL, KINDS'ALTEUATIONS George 1,. Muir "Blj-lhcrillc's Only Tailor" Wanted 5 or C room house . . . rent, or buy (erms. Near Central Scliaol Box 483,--Oily.<- Wasliinw, ironing 71h. Please deliver copies.lo Cour ier News office. HO or 100 aeves, good liuiil. Aboul 10 miles of Blytheville. ^S'ritc Box "II," Courier -News. - - a3-plt2U Expert washing nucl li-oivlng. Cheap. 'Rough, dry, SJiU finisli. 6" (iiitlls $1.00. One. day service. Willie Bell Green, behind City Ice Plain. • - . fl-ck-10,-9 Lost CQUNBYATWAR HORIZONTAL 1 I'iclnrcd is. Ihc map of the Hepublie of - . C.This land's p.'ime An.^ycr lo rrevious Tuizle . . 13 Radio: bulfc H Carpenter's rule> 1C Househylti slave, 17 Courage. I!) Beautiful you l|i. 21 Oblainc'JJ 32 Sun god; 23 AggresptD. 25fv'oun 20 Mode ot aclion. 21;Tlie Rhine river separates this; land (rom- •II To soften leather. 13 'Monkey. •15 Korivard. •!fi Coal, miners 27 Standard of- -19 T.viir of, iBi'ach. 30 To foam. .11 flortcnt jicsl. 33 Europeaii elk. J5 Animating - spirite. 37 Changes. 39 Mortise-- looth. •10 New England. 52 Snaky lish. 53 Lion, SS'-Boni: SSCvanled iacU. S3 Anliloxin. CO To- let fall. GZ.This land 1 .. Iwrders Hie ' • - • Sea on the south. VKHT1CAI/.. i root. • ii Popular report. 3.To instigale, • -l-Mcsh of; iacc; 5 To encircle; 6 Dotilor. 7 Wine vessel, B Boy. - 9 Beasts' home, lOCow-headcd goddess, 11 To follow. 12 Musical note. IS Whirlwind. IBAelot crossing. . • c-)iie/. line of defense; , • 26 To itttiludiiiiie. 28 Lion's neck hair. 30 To decay, 32 L Baking paiu 34'QllvR-shruO. 3C Small' parlicJe. 38 To sink. 12 Skirmish. 13 To- rub h;irdi H'Measurc- of- area. 47 : Nclwork, '1B Lifeless. 50'To- yield. t 51 Queen ol the heaven, . • f>7 P'orm of '-'of r>8 Street. T)!) Parent. GlUpon. Small fcmalcr. white -rat' terrier, browii'. s|M(s. ffiimeri' Trixlc. REWARD;. Cecil, Witigfield. Steele Box 81; Jersey 700 pound 'bull and brown Jcrfcjycovv.- RtivuHj. Qalhes. Market. I'hohc 9U. 23-pk-ZC ICE-iGE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHAKftH Peanuts wern- urcjiigh!/ i,,ii> Ain- cricn on slave ships; lln:y wore used lo feed-, the negroes on llic voyage from Africa! USED CARS and TRUCKS \V« Musi fliakc Kcnin [t»r Trades on f,Jic New I.!!U> Ghcvrolcl. JuaJ ;t Few O f"»ic IWaiiy Uargaina. 1837 Plymouth. Town «edL.n. cial for Tuesday only. Come early & gel (|,j s OI1C 18M Hudson Tcrraiilaiic' 2 with Trunk. Diiven only miles. Radio and healer 19.17 C'tin-rcilel Coiiuo. Real Ijity at .'....'.. ..... low Chevrolet Four-door Sedan. S[>cclal ... 183! Chevrolet. I'/, TrucX D. W. Body. Only V)'J<j Chevrolet I'.i T.-Triick Buns like 1937 Ford I' T. Track, New stage body 137 Int. Pick-up -TriKfe' Molor A-l ' Um G. M. U. l"i Toil Truck. U. W 1031 Ford V-B, I'ick-uu, alukc body. ..» , L'asy G.H.A.t-'.'- Caj-iucnl Tom Little Chevrolet Co J, L. GUARD Optometrist Graduate- Opl st In lUfdicvll Glasses Filled C'orrcclly j- Only Graduate- Oplomc- trlst hi Nut a, Mumunl 'Piw Soon BY FHBD HARMAA ^_. ,_-,-__. iro iH*Ct.LLAV?' W£ v?u •PULLOVER THOSE euRWiM' loOS /7loj^^r R Ar" ZA /^ W F U /^ HV Xr AW ' FER -HECK'S ^KE ; ( v^TSjy.^^h^ ( «*n: ffiy.T^LX OOOUA. .SHE vw-r Wc^KI^MV 1 ^ '$°w r ^^Y^^^'m^^'- \UCIA7H SOCKS OFF MV^. GIRL FR1EMP 7AMVWAV, VDU'RE 'JUS' UtCt Pll. I "7. ~rf r-'nn,-*-- ',- .'. if* *-. m i_ SCiEMTlST c , F n S ;^^" , BRONSOM 'CAUSE' SHE SHIMER OW VOL); OQ.O.TS.AN]). HER BUDDIES RD6AR. MAR'fi^ •j^vc ss$ il \' U. W&a\; • l 'r* A <L^ ',*. 'J. <• \,s\s^m WASH TUBBS f W HUMOBEP WILES ror\v/. i^/^tjic SL^Sh 1 ^!? VOM AHEB A' --V TOV . . VIEL\-,TH|S OLP COPGW WENT.TO \NKTDEAD. AW COME T(J *, ^ A. i ^ m op „. WA>V9 ^ TIWr3 WHERE HE - - ' ' FRECKLES- AND HIS F The Huniing Question BY, 8IERRILT, BLOSSKM J SURE, x COULOA • COPIED DOWN THOSE QUESTIONS ANR THEN STUDIED "'VIE ASSGWERS BUT IM view OF ALL TMESS. THINGS i ISNT tr RATHfeR OQO'-THAT Vt>U RtCCWED THE HI6HCST QRAOC |VJ SCMCX5L HISTORY IM THE HAJ-D6ST eivcw -IM A WEM&ER OF FO(5T

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