Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 3, 1898 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 3, 1898
Page 7
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ia limited Amazements have been perfected for a liae of Semi-weekly Pullman Vestibuled, Doable Drawing Roon, and Sleeping &!» between St. Louis and lo sAngeles, 0,1 1 running through -without change. Tbe*e cars will leave St. Louis every 'Vfednesday and Saturday night at 9:00 •p, in-, arriving at Los Angles, Saturdays and Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A Buffet Smoking Car and Dinning Car are attached to this train at Kansas City, running through to Pacific Coast without change. Only three days from Logansport to Los Angeles, via this lice. For berth reservations etc.,call on i>r address C.G.NewelLAgt. WABASH R.R, LogaDBpcrl, Ind. BDTS ANNOUNCE. IT. : Do k Love |feac? II i*. §e»ure 0".e of the latest j£"yl prettiest ^wo-Steps ot ti e day. by mailiqf ; Ten Cents •ttviroratacapi) to cover mania* and post* aye, to the undersigned for a coipy of the BIG FOUR TWO-STEP (Mark BDVelopo "Two Sltep.) W» are giving- this music. whi<;h IB regular attj-oent gbfl -t music, at this exceedingly low MM, for the purpose of advertiiiinit. and test!•* ike ralue of the different papei-8 as adver- edtums. K. 0. McCormiiok, Passenger Manager, "Big Four Boute." Cinoln- Logantport Has to Bow to the Inevitable—A Score of Citizens Frore It. Tb«re Is only one way out of the corner onr citizens ara forced into after they read the opinions held by us. Mrs. Mary Lytle 306 Ottawa street, and thit is to antiwar fairly, sqimr/ey and borestly this question. Which ot a. doiien remedies can I depend up«n that 1 6 eeadi-ertlsfd In the lasers, the one wblcb furnishes Lo^nsport testimony or the eleyen that back their claims up with statement* from people who live hundreds of mile» away from our ciiy. Kead this and answer the question mentally. "Mrs Lytlesays: Eczema In the scalp has troubled me for over three years and caused a great amount of tiakely dsndnif and Itohiness which almost worr'ed me to deith. I tried evtry known means to remove it but cou d not. Sal res, ointments »nd hair dr«|«lngs weruotlittle benefit. When 1 iread in. the paper about Doan's Ointment being especially ' recommended for eczema and such eruptions of the skip., 1 resolved to try it anil got a box at K-cslintr's drug store. 1 rubbofl it Into the ecaip with ;he UPS of my fingers and then rubbed it with my bands. U at once removed the itcblnees and put a stop to t&'5 further development of the decease. Everv time 1 applied it its beneficial effect was noticeable and Inevtir i, ad anything act like it before. Itbas been such a relief and bencfltted me so wonderfully that 3 take pleasure in recommending it to all who are troubled with any form ot eczema." Bonn's Ointment for sale by all dealers Price 50 cents. Mailed by Foster-Milburn Co. Buffalo, ft. Y., sole agents for tine U. S. Beinember the name Doan's and take no other. M«tion this paper when you write. All the way From the Missouri liver to Buffalo, the Wabasb Railroad Operates Trains over Is Own Tracks. Hiring leased the tracks or tt» Gran- Irnik Hallway between Detroit and Su«pen- •JonBrtdffe and thoie ot the Ki.-ie B. U, from Buipnilon Bridge to Buffalo, the Wabaah B It wuljun iu own train* Iroia Kauea* City •m*fe, Dea Molne«, St. Louis. Qulncy, Hannl WL, leokuk and Chicago to Buffalo, being the •aljload fr»rc Missouri and Miseilealppl Hirer poiji having its own line and trains runnlnc •ufeuffalo. Through care from Kansas City, •t. jurats and Chicago to Bu«a o without Station. Tralnc Eua toy Central «rou.c*a. tDalll, «wi>t I),inau7. CHICAGO DmBION IlAILT. I for Chios go'SM o m :"6: 00 a m :*1 :2S p m :00pni;*4:30pm. from Chicago *12;30 a m;*'l2:80 pm;*l:00 t m: *1:40 p m: *8:15 p m, BRADFORD AND COLDITBCS. bwn for Bradford *1:10 a m:t7:40arn; *).:45 Ipm-t^SOpni. AT* from Bradford "2:45 am; +10:20 am: l:!Wpin: t4;15pin. b**forEffnert8:15 » m; '0:130 u tn-13:06 p m T( p m Sunday only. Am from Kffher -<7:35 am; tJ2:5D p m; 12.-4S |> m: 8:30 a m Sunday only. 4 R1CHXOHD AND 01SC1INIIATI. for Richmond tlfl:55 am: t5:SO a m; «1:05 m; t2:20p m. AT* from Richmond •8:80 * m: «1:00 a m >l:60pm:tlO:50pm. Leif for Louisville 12:45 am: "1:10 p m. An» from toulavllle *2:« a m; '1:56 p m. 1. A. MOCULLODC4H, Agent, IXMAtWPOBT misT i Mtern Ex press ddily - 8:S8 a m latl and ExpresB daily »:«* a a • Atlantic Expreos dally,.: 4:18 D m * tort Wayne A ceo Kx Sunday— 6:33 p m ~V*alFreight Ki Sunday 4:18 p m WBST SOUNtl. 'Mtern Express dally 10:34 p m kit Mall Daily- 8:1S p m lull and Kxpreggdatly 2;JO p m aolflo Eipress rtaiiy H:3S a m 1 ecatur AoooKx-Sundav 7;S5 a m " o«ai Freig-htBx-Sunday - ":SS a m . LO«AiiapomT AITD emu. VIST »OtJ»E . ...... --- .Arrive* --- ....... _8:W«. u ------- -Arrive* ------------ 4:»0 p. tt Leaves... ...... ------- 1:06 a. m .... m _.Le«Te«... ........ ----- »:4S o. IT [ANDALIA LINE. Time Table, In effect !>«<: ">, 18V7. Leave liOinuaB]p«rt, iMdlaBA. FOR THB; NOBTS ..10:85 a. m. .. S:ffi p. m. TORTHR SOUTH. ...4..»... *....«.. «7;05 R. m. —2:18 p. m. r complete Tine Card, (ri-rliur all tralni tlktlona, and for full Information a* to . through oar*, etc., addrew , arent, Lofaniport. or C roHD. General PaiMo^er Afoot. a. Mo. . & W. Timetable, Peru, Ind. * trains between Faoria and Sandutky OdJanapous and Michigan. Direct oon- »» to and from all point* in the United land Canada. BOOTH BOUICLt D«PXRT Mo « Indian* polliJtiT) dally 7 JO am lNol« " Mall*Kxp_U:l8a» (dally exdipt SumJIay) No » lndpl'» Kip «x Sun*- S-Mva No » PMMiiiier uecbt bvn MolWBt«l»»terlooafaiilT« .-4* pro •jroejt Sunday, MOBTK BOUXD. WoUHiaUallxpfaiiuu. -JMIani No*l)Uohtetaat7<l*>U7V *:»pw No M Dotroli Bzp Ik* Bak HtMAccowazwpt Bun... t:4B«» Concluded from 2d Pmze currency certificates and all silver dollars and silver bullion held asaiiist outstanding treasury notes of 1890, and all subsidiary and minor cnins needed for the issue and exchange of such coins and the funds deposited with the treasury to the liquidation of national bank notes. All accounts relating to the business of this division shall txi kept entirely apart and distinct from those of the fiscal departments of the treasury, and the accounts relating to the national banks shall be separate and apart from all other accounts. 9. A reserve shall be established in this division by the transfer to it by the treasurer of the United States from the general funds of the treasury of an amount of gold in coin and bullion equal to 25 per cent of the aggregate amount of both the United States notes and treasury uotes issued under the act of July 14. 1S!IO. outstanding, and a further sum in gold equal to 5 per cent of the aggregate amount of the coinage of silver dollars. This reserve shall be held as a coimnan fund and used solely. for the redemption of such ::otes and in exchange for such notes and for silver and subsidiary and minor coins. 10. It shall be the duty of the secretary of the treasury to maintain the gold reserve in the division of issue and redemption at such sura as shall secure the certain uud inmifdiafe redeiuprio;: of all notes and silver dollars presented and the preservation of public confidence, uud 1'or this purpose he shall from time to time, us needed, transfer from the general fund of the treasury to the division of issue and redemption any surplus revenue not otherwise appropriated, and in addition thereto he shall be authorized to issue and sell whenever it is in his judgment necessary for that purpose boudsof the United States bearing iuterest not exceeding S per cent, running 20 years, but redeemable in gold coin, at the option of the United States, after one year, and the proceeds of all such sales sh:tll be paid into die division of issue and redemption for the purposes aforesaid. 11. To provide for any temporary deficiency which may at any time exist in the fiscal department of the treasury of the United States the secretary of the treasury shall be authorized at his discretion to issue certificates of indebtedness of the United States, payable in froni one to five years after their date. to the bearer, of the denominations of $50 or multiples thereof, with interest at a rate uof to exceed 3 per centum per annum, and to sell and dispose of the same for lawful money at the treasury department uud at the subtreasuries and designated depositories of the United States, and al; such postoffices as he may select. And such certificates shall have the like privileges and exemptions provided in the act to authorize the refunding of the national debt, approved July 14, 1S70. 12. Whenever money is to be borrowed on the credit of the United States the secretary of the treasury shall be authorized, instead of issuing the usual forms of eugraved bonds, tipon receiving lawful money of the United States in sums of not less than $30 in any single payment, to cause a record of all such payments to bo made in books to be kept for that purpose in "Washington and thereafter from time to time to pay to those so registered on such books interest not exceeding 8 per cent per annum in gold coin on the amount with which they shall severally stand credited on such books in the same manner and at the same dates as if they were the holders and owners of registered bonds of the United States, and he shall also pay to those so registered the principal sum originally deiposired in gold coin at the date of inarority of such inscribed loans. Suitable arrangements shall be made at each and every money order postoffice in tie United Stat-es for receiving smch jiayrnents inro the treasury on lifee terms as well as for the transfer, cfci proper ideniaficatioa, of any inscription on the bookj; in Washington ? thereof not less than $50. ;t shull accrue or be paid on ions vrMch shall have been re- ,ow |50. No charge of any. 11 be roade by any department cer of tlie govcirnment for any in connection with 4he receipt or q^fon of the liiwfnl iponej 1 _qc 1 ! in the trausJer of fasci'lptions On tn« books at 'VaabJagton. 13. The division of issue and redemption shall on demand at Washington and at such subtreasnrias of the United States as the jiecretary of the treasury may from time to time designate— (a) Pay out gold coin for gold certificates. (b) Pay otit gold coin in redemption of United States notes or treasury notes of 1890. (c) Pay out silver dollars for silver certificates of any denomination. (d) Issue silver certificates of denominations of *1. $2andS5 in exchange for silver dollars and for silver certificates in denominations above $5. (e) Pay oni; gold coin in exchange for silver dollars. (f) Pa;,- out silver dollars in exchange for gold co:in, United States notes or treasury notes. (g) Pay ont Dnited States notes or treasury notes not subject, to immediate cancellation, ia exchange for gold coin. (h) Pay out aud redeem subsidiary and minor coins as provided by existing laws. (i) Payout United States notes in exchange for currency certificates. 14. United States notes or treasury notes once redeemed shall not be paid out again except for gold coin, unless there shall be an accumulation of such notes in the division of issue and redemption which cannot then be canceled under the provisions of the act, in which case the secretary of the treasury shall have authority, if in his judgment that course is necessary for the public welfare, to invest the same or any portion thereof in bonds of the United States for the> benefit of the redemption fund, such bonds to be held in the division of issue and redemption subject to sale at the discretion of the secretary of the treasury for the benefit of the division of issue and redemption and not for auy other purpose. 15. The secretary of the treasury shall be authorized to sell from time to time, ai bis discretion, any silver btillion in tie division of issue and redemption, and the proceeds in gold of such sales shall be placed to the account of the gold Deserve in the division of issue, and redemption. • 16. The gold certificates and currency .certificates shall whenever presented and paid or received in the treasury be retired and not reissued. 17. No United States note or treasury note of 1S90 of a denomination of $10 shall hereafter be issued, and silver certificates shall hereafter be issued or paid out only in denominations of $1, §'and $5 against silver dollars held by or deposited in the treasury. IK. The assistant treasurer in charge of the division of issue and redemption shall on demand pay in gold coin all United States notes and treasury notes presented for payment and as paid cancel the same np to the amount of $5Q,- 000,000. After that amount shall have been paid and canceled he shall then from time to time cancel snch further amounts of notes so paid as shall equal but not exceed the increase of national bur.k notes issned subsequent to the taking effect of the proposed act. 19. If at the end of fivo years next after the taking effect of the proposed ace any United States notes or treasury uotes shall be outstanding, a sum not exceeding one-fifth of such outstanding amount shall be retired and canceled each year thereafter, and at the end of ten. years after the passage of the proposed act the United States notes and treasury notes then outstanding shall cease to be legal tender for all debts, public and private, except for dues to the United States. 20. The secretary of the treasury rtiay. in his discretion, transfer from surplus revenue in the general treasury to the division of issue and redemption any United States notes or treasury notes which on snoli transfer could then lawfully be canceled under the provisions of the proposed act if they hart been redeemed on presentation, and when so transferred tbo same shall be canceled. The secretary of the treasury, in his discrerion, whenever -here niuy be United States uotes or treasury notes in the general treasury which are not zivailable as surplus revenue, and \vhich upon transfer tn rbe division of issue and redemption could then lawfully be cano-i-.'d under the provisions of the act, may exchange such notes with the division of issue and redemption for gold coin, and such notes shall thereupon be canceled. 21. (la substance.) Vested rights not to be affected. II.— BAXKIXG SYSTEM. 23. The total issues of any national bank sball not exceed the amount of its paid up and unimpaired capital, exclusive of so much thereof as is invested in real estate. All suck uotes shall be of uniform design and quality and shall be made a first lien upon aU the assets of the issuing back, including the personal liability of its stockholders. Xo sudh notes sball be of less denomination than $10. 23. Up to an amount equal to 25 per cent of the capital; stock of the bank (the whole of its capital being unimpaired) the uotes issned by it shall not exceed the value of United States bonds, •to be fixed as hereinafter provided, deposited with the treasurer of the United States. The additional notes authorized may be issued without further deposit of boiids. Beginning five years after the passage of the proposed act the amount of bonds required to be deposited before issuing notes in excess thereof shall be reduced each year by one-fifth of the 25 percent of capital herein .provided for, and thereafter any bank may at any time •withdraw any bonds deposited in excess of the requirements tboreot 24. Every national bank shall pay a tax at the rate of 2 p<!r cent per annum, payable monthly, upon the amount of its notes outstanding in excess of 60 per cent and not in excess of 60 per cent of its capital, and a tax at the rate of 0 per cent per annum, payable monthly, the amount of it» nqte* onteuui* tns; ia excess of 50 per ceat of its capital 25. Any bant may deposit any lawful money with the treasurer of the United States for the retirement of any of its notes, and every euch deposit shall be treated as a reduction of its outstanding notes to that extent, and the tax above provided for shall cease as of the first of the following month on an equal amount of its notes. 26. The secretary of the treasury shall ann.ually fix the value of each series of bonds of the United States bearing a rate of interest exceeding 8 per cent asi equalized upon the rate of interest of 'S per cent per annum, and such vailnation as fixed by the secretary on this basis shall be the valuation af which rbe bonds will be receivable upon deposit. Bonds payable at the option of the government shall be receivable,*^ 9;i per cent of tbeir then markes*ralue as: determined by the secretary of the treasury. If any bonds shall be issued hereafter payable at a date named and .bearing interest at 3 per cent or less, they shall be receivable at par. 2T. The comptroller of tbo currency shall li-oru time to time, as called for, issue to any bank the capital of which is full paid and unimpaired any of the notes herein elsewhere provided for ou the payment to the treasurer of the United States in geld coin of 5 per cent of the amount of notes thus called for, which payments shall go into a common {juairantee fund for the prompt payment of the notes of any defaulted national bank. Upon the failure of any bank to redeem its notes they shall be paid from the said guarantee fund, and forthwith proceedings sball be taken to sollect from the assets of the bank and from the stockholders thereof,, if necessary, a sum sufficient to repay to said guarantee fund the amount thereof that sihall have been used to redeem said Uotes, and also' such further sum as iihall be adequate to the redemption of nil the unpaid notes of said bank outstanding. 28. Persons who having been stockholders of the bank have transferred (their shares, or any of them, to others, ior registered the transfer thereof, within 60 days before the commencement of the suspension of payment by the bank, sball be liable to all calls on the shares held or subscribed for by them, as if they held such shares at the time of suspension of payment, saving their recourse against those by whom such shares were then actually held. So long as any obligation of the bank shall remain unsatisfied the liability of each stockholder shall extend to but not exceed in the whole an amount equal to the par of his stock. 29. If the said guarantee fund of 5 per cent of all the notes outstanding shall become impaired by reason of payments made to redeem said notes as herein provided, the comptroller of the currency sball make an assessment upon all the banks in proportion to tbeir notes then outstanding sufficient to make said fund equal to 5 per cent of said outstanding notes. Any bank may deposit any lawful money with the treasurer of the United Stases for the retirement of any of its notes or return its own notes for cancellation, whereupon the comptroller shall direct the repayment to such bank of whatever sum may be the unimpaired portion of said bank's contribution to the guarantee fund on account of said notes. Any portion of the'guarantee fund may bs invested in United States bonds in Ehe discretion of the secretary of the treasury. 'Che taxes on circulation, provided for in paragraph 24, as well as the interest accruing from investment of any part of the guarantee fund, shall be held in tho division of issue and redemption in gold coin or in United States bonds in tho discretion of the secretary of the treasury and shall be a funct.supple- 'mrntary and in addition to the guarantee fund, to be used only in case said guarantee fund shall ever become insnflicieut to redeem any bank notes issued hereunder, and it shall not be taken into ac- connt in estimating the amount of assessments necessary to replenish said guarantee fund or in repayments to banks of their contributions to the guarantee fund. 30. The present system of national bank note redemption should be continued, with a constantly maintained redemption fund of 5 per cent in gold coin and vrith power conferred on cbe comptroller of the currency, with the approval of the secretary ' of the treasury, to establish additional redemption agencies at any or all of the subtreasuries of the United States as he may determine. 31. (In substance.) Notes to be received by all national banks and for government dues except "duties on imports. 32. National banks shall hold re- serves''in lawful money against their deposits of not less than 25 per cent and 15 per cent for the respective classes as now provided by law, ac least oue- fonrtb. of which reserve shall be in coin, and held in the vaults of the bank. Neither the 5 per cent redemption fund nor the 5 per cent guarantee fund shall be counted as part of the reserve required. No bank shall count or report ,any of its own notes as a part of its cash or ca,sh assets on hand. 33. Permit the organization of na- tioDSil banks wish a capital stock of $25,000 in places of 4.000 population or less. 34. Provision should be made whereby branch banks may be established with, the consent of the comptroller of the currency and approval of the secretary of the treasury. 85. For the purpose of meeting the expenses of the treasury in connection with tine national bank system a tax of one-eifthtb of 1 per cent per annum upon its franchises as measured by the amount of its capital, surplus and undivided profits sbkll be imposed upon each bank. 86. So Vim end existing laws as to pro- Tide— <a) For more frequent and thorough <jjmixi*tionfl of bunks, - ... GOLD DUST WASHING POWDER x^fe^&^lEi [i lilli^Si illi^ tH :rg? p.-iclc..i2e of the world's best Cleac«er for :i nicKi'l. ^tUl u-n-.iter ii-onoim- in 4-pound • pucka;?'. -•"' grocers. _M.u'.e only by THIS M. K. FA.IRBAXK COMPASSX, Chicago, ^t. Louis. S*w York. Boston, PbiladdphU. j (b) For fixed salaries ror banx exam- j iners. j (c) To provide for rotation of exam- J iners. \ (d) For public reports, regular or spe- 1 cial, at the call of the comptroller of [ the currency. (e) To .make it penal for any bank to loan money or grant any gratuity to an examiner of that bank and penal for such bank examiner to receive it. 37. (In substance.) Existing banks may accept provisions -within one year. 38. (In substance.) Existing banks which do not accept the new law within one year to be wound up. 39. (In substance.) State banks may come in and proceedings therefor. In the Great Shellroouj. The shellroom at Potsdam, the country homo of the German imperial family, is a huge vanltlike place, the roof supported by many columns, and these as well as the -walls are thickly incrusted with all manner of shells, the colorings being varied and most brilliant. The room gives a singular impression upon entering it. One can fancy that Tican children have used it its a playroom and have decorated it to siuit tho dictates of their own untrained taste. Here the little children of the royal hotiseof the fatherland celebrate Christinas. Their gifts are placed on tables, one for each child, and at the proper moment the doors of the great room are thrown open, and the children lea/5 the way into a startling flood of light. The many chandeliers illumine the '-bell walls that scintillate rays of brightness. as the shells are imbedded in u sort of mica sown mortar.—New York Tribune. Misses Lola Clymer and Maude Hupp, of El wood, are visiting friends here. Scope of the Woman's Club. The woman's club is of comparatively recent origin. It is the outgrowth of the idea that through co-operative endeavor women may secure certain social and educational reforms that could never be accomplished by individual effort. In the field of charity alone the woman's clubs have completely revolu- tionised the old, wasteful and unsystematic methods of dispensing almsi. In the domain of ethics and public morals the influence of these clubs is distinctly felt in many communities. They have secured ordinances for the protection of children, for the suppression of vicious and degrading literature and for the punishment of cigarette venders who sell their wares to school children, It is in the field of general culture and popular education, however, that these clubs promise to be the most po- Jeiit instrumentalities for the uplii'tmg of society. Having been granted the right to vote at school elections, ths -women have it in their power to secure tiirough these organizations many needed reforms in. onr public schools in the •way of better sanitation, better school construction and better teachers. It is to the ministry of culture) that these clubs should dedicate their ialents, their energies and their zeal.—Chicago Times-Herald. What Good Society I*. "The very best society is not composed of gilt and glitter," -writes Euth Ashmore of "The Social Position of the Grirl Who Works," in The Ladies' Home Journal "'It is that circle of pleasant people who meet and visit because they are interested in each other. It asks of each member that she bring a pleasant personality if she wishes to t* La and of it. The society recognized by the newspapers consists merely of a few people, who, having more money than the rest of the world, are able to make themselves more conspicuous, and so 2x6 kept constantly before the public. .But all over this great country, in every city, tows or little village, there is to be found good society, and it rests with tie working girl herself whether she is in or out of it. If she has the bad taste to prefer noisy people, whose idea of enjoyment is roughness, whose conception of conversation is to talk scandal, and who really have no reason for existing, then this girl will not only injure herself by her contact with such society, but she will in jure every other girl who works. People are prone to judge a great regiment by one member of it. Therefore it behooveth the girl who works to go into the best society or to find her pleasures in her own home." L««-qrr>t Trial Com on forever. Chicago, Jan. L—Adolph L. Luetgert. on trial 'ior wife murder, spent New Tear's day in Judge Gary's courtroom. After a. conference between Judge Gary and the jury It was decided to hold court New Tear's cay and proceed irtth the trial. Judge Gary said b* saw no difference between holding sourt on the 1st of January and the tot of July. Bayml De*lcoen of <Jpw*Iry. All the members of the British .royal family have a great fancy for designing- jewelry and as a rule design, all the presents they give to each ot K ->-. i Have the goods to advertise. Tell your story plainly in tke newspaper that the people read, and in language they will easily understand, and among others prserve the following AdrertiBing Points- Profitable advertising results from rood goods being offered well. jive your rival's advertising at- |ntion, but give your rival no ad- ||rtising. Advertising prestige IB hlfrd to win. but not hard to lose. It is easiest sustained. The add should be so plain that it will be understood by a reader of little understanding. Tour advertising should be complete in itself. To secure the best results, «e the DAILY and WEEKLY PHAEOS, with its large circulation in both city and county. Hints In McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AND VAN BURE* «ft. CHICAGO. FIRE PROOF. One block from C R. I. A; P. JLD& L. S. & VI. S. Railroad depot. Improvements costing 575,000.00 haw just teen completed, and the house now offers every convenience to be found In any: hotel, including- hot and cold water, electric. light and steam heat In every room. Rates 75 cents per day and upwards. First ciass restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOY, Owner tad PraprfeteK LOOP POISOU ^;!* FOISOM pernuuMnUr cared io 15 to35d«7«. ToacMtwtreatodii - aomeforume price coder famacwnw- ty. If JOD prefer to eomefcers Ti A SPECIALTY tlary BLOOD FOISOM noch»rKe,lfwef4lltocnre.Itronh»veuiieBj cory, iodide pptath, and itlll bav««tchM paint, Mucou* Patches in month. Sore Thiuw. Pimples, Copper Colored Spot*, Ulemt OB any pan of the body. Hair or Eyebrow* f&lfltur oat, It I* thl» SeconOxTf BLOOD POWOB m pumranteo to cure. We aollcit tie most obff Bate ca*e» end ciiAlLenira tlu» -world for * g^^S¥?5*.«S«r ™>» «"«»•• *«« «hr- onr muottna- PIANOS Nothing More Acceptable a* • Holiday Pfiesent than a fine Piano. Previous to February 1 st we offer unusual inducements to out-of- town buyers. Upon receipt of niaiJ order will ship piano subject to .examiriation, to be accepted if found as represented and satisfactory, otherwise to be returned at our expense. Good Stool and Scarf with each piano. Correspondence solicited. Catalogues sent on application. Old instruments taken in exchange. Our mail business is extensive and we guarantee careful selection from our large stock of Steinway, A. B. Chue, HuettMa, Sterling and tlunttottoa PIANOS: Seerad-kui 0n»4a, 1M. •»••>*. LrON, POTTER i 0«. Halt, (7 Van •»!•»*«,

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