Times Union from Brooklyn, New York on September 29, 1927 · 25
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Times Union from Brooklyn, New York · 25

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1927
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y JTO s 0 , rlsed tf the and e ad-for-n of d J, aator ac- fcder, ram. i led and x vii 9 A- A COMPLETE fc iz iz FETAL COMPLETE i $ 4z ic it MX (Mines. ANY BROOKLYN NEWSPAPER THE LARGEST NET PAID CIRCULATION OF )Y. rtble T. C. bter. wer Car- EBALL ALL SPORTS RACING ALL TRACKS EIGHTIETH YEAR BROOKLYN. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29. 1927 PRICE 2 CENTS (RUTHS 59 TIES RECORD - LATEST RACING n SO DEAD, 400 HOUSES ARE INJURED; UNROOFED, COMMUNICATIONS DOWN Hospitals Swamped With Emergency Cases as St. Louis Is Struck by Worst Wind in Years Autos Blown Off Streets, and Trees Uprooted Two Policemen Killed, Another Hurt in Wreckage Heavy Downpour Accompanies Twister. St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 29. Fifty persons were killed and between 300 and 400 persons injured by a tornado which swept St. Louis and adjoining cities across the Mississippi River at 1 oclock this afternoon. Sixteen bodies had been taken to the city hospital at 3:30 P. M. from widely scattered parts of the city. Seven others were known dead at that hour, bringing the total to 23. Police estimated at 4.30 p, m. that the death list would reach 30. At that time more than 200 injured had been treated at hospitals and ambulances still were bringing victims from 1 the damaged sectors. The number of dead in Venice, Granite City and Madison, Illinois, was unknown, but estimated as high as 10. St. Elizabeths Hospital, the only institution of its kind in the three cities, treated more than 100 injured persons. Telephone communications were disrupted throughout the city and across the river. r" '" " ' Chief of Police Gerk, after a hasty auto tour of the city, said property damage would run into millions of dollars. He said most of the injured he saw were not in serious condition. Hospitals were swamped with emergency cases. The City Hospital, located in the heart of the storm area, reported 65 storm patients at 2 :30 P. M. with the number constantly in-creasing. The roof was blown in at Central High School, injuring at least 15. Others may be trapped in the wreckage. w Ten Houses Blown Away Ten houses on one street were tom down by the wind. Three passengers on a street car were cut by broken glass from the windows. Windows were shattered throughout the business and residential districts. All police reserves were called out. Ambulances were rushed from one part of the city to another as telephone communication was restored and reports came in from the sections most damaged. , Lasted Only Five Minutes Taxicabs scurried through the streets taking business men to their homes to investigate damage. Telephone service was disrupted in some parts of the city and the lines were so busy in others that it was virtually 'impossible to secure connections. The storm lasted five minutes, twisting winds reaching a velocity of 80 miles, accompanied by a down pour of rain which continued after the wind- had abated. A residential district, west of the Half a dozen farm buildings were downtown business section,. ap-arently was the hardest hit. Aulos Swept From Road. Curing those five minutes of the cyclone trees toppled over and buildings were damaged to the extent of many thousands of dollars ' So violent was the wind that automobiles were blown from the road, and pedestrians could not stand against Its fury. ; Heavy rain accompanied the wind, two-tenths of an Inch falling In five minutes Unverified reports said thrss men were killed In the plant of the Hy-drollo prick Company. Another unconfirmed report said on was killed and six seriously injured when a telephona pole fell through the roof of the Federal Motor Car Company, Orantte City and Venice, just across the Mississippi River, suffered extensive damage. Three persons wers said to be dead and scores injured in those towns Teachers and pupils from Central High School fled to a nearby theatre when the roof of the school was torn off. Kurller In the day a tornado had leveled the town of Rudy, Ark., destroying 12 residences four garages and a school. No casualties wers reported. Farm houses were reported leveled and at leust one person was Injured by a high wind ncur Checotah, Okls F.ufaula, Okla., Sept. 29. A tor nudo swept across farms northwest of Cheuiiuh. OMii., near here today. RUTH CLOUTS 58, 59; YANKS , 15 TO 4 THE SCORE WASHINGTON AB. R. H. PO. A. K. BASEBALL SCORES LOCAL TEAMS WASHINGTON 020020000 4 YANKEES 1 70340 00X 15 Batteries Llsenbee, Marberry, Hopkins and Tate; Shocker, Huether, Shawkey and Collins, RUTH'S 59TH HOMER SCORES 4 IN BTH. 1 NATIONAL LEAGUE PHILADELPHIA... 300100300 BOSTON 000000010 Batteries Miller, Jonnard ; Greenfield, Hogan. ST. LOUIS 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 2 CINCINNATI 00030000k 3 Batteries Frankhotise, Snyder; May, Picinlch. ONLY GAMES TODAY. AMERICAN LEAGUE BOSTON 1 00004100 PHILADELPHIA... 000000001 Batteries Bradley, Moore; CantreU, Perkins. CLEVELAND-ST. LOUIS (TWO GAMES) POSTPONED RAIN. DETROIT - CHICAGO; BOTH GAMES OFF RAIN. BUFFALO-TOLEDO POSTPONED RAIN. wrecked, one farmer was seriously injured and others suffered minor Injuries, reports here said. Tha seriously Injured man's name was understood to be Conklin. WOODBINE RESULTS Flrat Race1 Two-year-old; five And one-naif furlong. Eugene g.. 118 (MT'grt) 3.03 $2 89 $2 40 Antidote, 112 (Malben)... 2 to j O ll'pin Dm'nd, 108 M n) 3 25 Time, 1 08 2-8. Collar Ada Unit, Storm Signal, Age of Kraaon, Sweetest Hong, Mirth, Piaguer, Tronipelalne, Siren Song, Spanker and Morcystal aleo ran. Second Race Three-year-old and up: two mtlea: Red Knight, 147 (Ireland).,. $6 80 $2 TO out Oreen Dragon, 143 (Smoot).. 2.00 out Double Tip, 147 (Albright)., out Time -4.01 $-6. Lady Angler, Oyiter Bed aleo ran. Third Race Two-year-old; elx furlnngV Solace, JU (MrTaggart) . . . .$2 95 $2 05 $2 0(1 Fair Anita, 11 (SteUmart). 2 05 2 0 rartake, 115 (Abel).... j jo Time, 1:1.1 4-r. Fair Justice. Royal Watch, Thy men and Lila Rufua aleo ran. Fourth Race-Three-year-old and four-year-olde; one and one-sixteenth miles. Tattling, 12.1 (Josiah). .. . 2 in out Kvermore, lit (Hourasaa) 2.S0 out Llsterine, 11.1 (Thomas) . . out Time, I -49 1-0. Tandtra. Ellta Jane. Troutlett also ran. Fifth Race- Three-year-olda and up: six furlongs. Solidity, 107 (Steiff)... 28 70 $11 Ml $T $0 Forecast II, 102 (Mrtvor) J.00 8 m 8hr. of the Hills 02 (In's) 4 4 Time 1:15 8-5. Seanen, OTrtger, Allan-ttda, Leaslde, I so be! 0., Jewel kit, James F. O'Hara, aleo ran. Sixth Race Three-year-old and up; six furlongs Ranch Lass, 07 (lkurasiia).$d 80 2 45 $2 00 Font Horn. Il (Malben). 2.55 2 75 Lady Chilton, 107 (Wilson) A 20 Time, 1 .HU 3 5 Silvetnilta, Noon, Mar-caret St. L , Clique, Fear Not, Me Too, Cinch, Rex Mueacarum, La Diva also ran. Seventh Race Three-year-olds and mile end An eighth. Horologe, 10$ Flshr)..fl2.,10 $8 4$ $2 $5 (ireat Rock, tOT (It rases) 2 4A 2 21 Fatal Dart, U (U -ndl.. 8 00 lime, I r 2 5. HHo, Rochester II , Just In Fun, Chairman, Battle Held also ran. Barnes batted for Marberry In the fifth. Left on bases Washington, 8; Yankees, 8. Two-base hits Collins, Meusel. Three-base hits Ruth, Meusel. Home runs Ruth 2, Reeves. Ganzel. Sacrifice hit Collins. Stolen base Lazxerl. Double plays Judge and Harris; Reeves and Judge. Bases on balls Off Llsenbee, S; off Marberry, 1; off Huether, 1. Struck out By Llsenbee, 2; by Shawkey, 2; by Ruether, 1; by Hopkins, 1. Wild pitch Llsenbee. Hits Off Llsen bee, $ In 1 2-1 Innings; off Shocker. $ in S innings; off Marberry, $ in 2 1-8 innings: off Ruether, 7 In 4 Innings. Umpires Dlneen, Connolly, Ne&son ' The Yanks beat the Senators at the Yankee Stadium today, 16 to 4. Babe Ruth hit his 68th and 69tb homers, tying his 1921 record. Ruth hit his 68th borne run of the season in the first Inning. Llsenbee was pitching. No one was on base. The ball landed In the right field bleachers. The crowd, including 200 Japanese sailors, guests of the management, went wild as Ruth trotted around the bases. Ruth's record-equalling homer came In the fifth Inning, with Hopkins, a rookie pitcher, in the box for Washington. The bases were filled when the Babe drove the ball over the right field wall, Ruether, Combs and Koenig scoring ahead of him. This was the second time In two successive games that Ruth has hit homers with the bases filled, and the comparatively small crowd at Yankee Stadium went mad with excitement. The Yankee playera who were not on base when ftabe hit his homer, crowded from the dugouts and virtually carried him in triumph to the bench. The victory brought the Yanks Amertcan League record of games won up to 108. w FIRST INNING Rice filed to Ruth. Harris singled past third. Ganzel singled past third, (Continued os Pape glows.) DOC SCORES IN FEATURE AT AQUEDUCT The Bellerose claiming stakes, third race and feature of today at Aqueduct, was won by Doc, with Sport Hallahan second and Paragraph third. The claiming event for maiden two-year-olds at five furlongs went to Beowulf which beat Johnny Agee a length and a half with Sturdy third. Sturdy broke on top but Capt Devil, which had been backed from 30-1 down to 6-1 went to the front at the elbow with Johnny Agee and Beowulf In close pursuit. Half-way down the stretch the last named (Continued on Togo Eleven.) SOLD RUM TO GO TO SCHOOL Jersey Girl Gat, 45 Day, ,in Jail; Moth.r Fined $200. Mt Holly, N. J.. Sept 28. Miss Bertha Johnson, 18, was sentenced by Judge Blaughter In Burlington County Court here today to serve 45 days In the county Jail on a charge of violation of the State Prohibition Enforcement Law, Mrs Veronica Johnson, the girl's widowed mother, was fined $200 on a similar charge. The girl admitted In court that she had been selling liquor over the counter In her mother's store on Bordentown rd. in ML Holly for the past two months. When asked why she had turned bootlegger. Miss Johnson pleaded that her family was poor and she needed clothes to go back to high schooL 1 i HAVRE, DE GRACE RESULTS Ft fit Race Two-year-old : N furlong Memo rift. (110) Morria.. ..13 00 9 20 4 00 SMITH ASSAILS G.O.P. STAND ON WATER POWER Bp United Pr. - f Albany, Sept 29. A dull and spiritless Democratic judicial convention wa a galvanized Into action this afternoon, when Governor Alfred E. Smith was announced aa the prim clpal speaker. He ckme on the stage and, after a three-minute round of applause and cheering, began to speak. United States Senator Robert F. Wagner gave a abort talk, during which he referred to 'our great Governor, Alfred E. Smith,' thus paving the way for a grand entry by "our Al. New York never has had a greater Governor than Smith, said Chairman Kernan, comparing the present Governor with Samuel J. Tllden and Grover Cleveland. With this Introduction and the band playing "The Elegant Bould McIntyre's," Governor Smith came upon the stage at 2:06 oclock. Raising his hand he brought the (Continued on Pago Eleven.) 6 90 3 80 Sun Rang r (l()t Cralgmil. 6 4 1:14 ' $7,600,000 FOR AVIATION Wilbur Approv,, Program Celling for 14$ Plane. Washington, Sept I.' Secretary of Nav) Wilbur today announced approval of a $7,600,000 aviation procurement program. , A total of 141 planes, 846 Pratt and Whitney air-cooled motors, 166 Wrfght Whirlwind motors and 67 air raft are Included In the program, contract for which will be let soon. Tim 1:14 1-5. Jan Bronker, Shelton, Trap, Trappy, Linen Kin, Milarla, Rearing. Heaitation, Bam Slick, Trumpet Rock. Bea, Gladys Clark, also ran. Second Rac Three-year-olds and up: mile and a sixteenth: Montclair, 105 (Leonard) . . .$9.30 $1 V) $4 20 Turquoise. 110 (Hoffman)., 15.10 8 80 Fire Hoy. 118 (Phillip)... 5 30 Tim, 1 48 4-3 Lur of Gold, The Ally, Star Cudgel, Lurky Beggar, Davenport, Gaffney, High Heart, ( ho Knows Me, Zeod, Harlan also ran. Third Race Three-year-olds and up; all furlongs. Marconi. 119 (K'H) . .. .V .$$ 60 $50 $4 4" Ail Blue, 114 (Emery).,.. 10.90 10 80 Lounger, 122 (Mergler). . . . 8 10 Time, lt3 2-3. Lady Inver, Lewis, Flora M , Ballot Brush. Golden Volt, Pleasant Smiles, Fenllght, Dtgnua, Lawless, Wild Notes, Gymkhana also ran. Fourth Race Two-year -olds ; flvs and one-ha!! furlongs War Whoop, ingfCal han) $3 20 $2 K) $2 JO Inquialtor, 112 (W H'rvey) J 80 2 V Beaumont, 100 HUcharda) 8 30 Time, 1 05 2-0. Angry Mood, Corat Boss, Fairy 01 rl alao ran. Fifth Race Three-year-olds and up; on mtle and a sixteenth Rejuvenation. 113 (Rry)$2!.10 $9 7$ $5 70 Nat Kvens. Ill (Harvey) 13 80 ft $ Grenier, 115 (Rchaefer). 4 10 Time, 1-45 2-5. Hy Hawk, No Regrets, Shadow Dale also ran. Sixth Rare Three-year-olds and up; one and one-sixteenth miles. Fleetwood, 114 !. Lang) $13 20 $5 20 Eric. Ill (lloffman).. . LOO REDLEGSJOLT THEREDBIRDS, WINNING 3 TO 2 ST. LOUIS. Douhit, cf . . . Frisch, 2b... Hafey, rf . . . . Bottomley, lb . Blades, if , . . . Holm, 8b. . . . Snyder, c. . . . Maranville, ss. . . . Frankhouse, p xL. Bell 1 CINCINNATI AB. R. H. O. A. E. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 BROOKLYNTIMES RACING CHART AQUEDUCT , NINTH DAY, THURSDAY, SEPT. 20. WEATHER, CLEAR; TRACK, FAST. FIR8T RACE Five furlongs. For two-year-olda ; maidens. Claiming. Purse $1,000. At post, 2-35; off, 2.40. Start good. Won ridden out. Place driving Time, 1:01 35. Winner, blk, c., 2, by Luculllt Loanda, Trainer, S. C. Hildreth. - Index. Starters. Wt. P. 8t. 930 Beowulf 115 9 ft 922 Joh. Agee IIS 14 836 Sturdy 118 13 1 905 Capt. Devi! 115 1 11 857 Moonlight 115 6 15 911 R. A R'sonllS 3 4 912 Br. Whisk 117 11 8 790 Burn. Bush 117 12 12 . 936 Saratoga 112 10 13 936 Royal Lot 112 18 10 676 M. M'yland 109 4 14 623 Brahman 112 8 2 918 Topsy 8. 110 I 7 905 Prompter 109 5 9 , 880 G. LotharlollS 7 2 Scratched Hildreth. Poeticul. Owners 1, Rancocas Stable. Running Positions. M Str. Fin. Jockey. 6(4 2 1 Catron 2 3 2 Phi I pot 3"t 4'tt l"k McAullffe lH 1 4 Collins 13 6 Murray 5k 7i 6h Kelsny 10i gk 7h ODonnell 11 10k gk Fields 814 9W 9 Kellum 4 y 6"k ioi Gamer 9 V4 12 11 Weiner 12 Ilk 12 Hebert 718k 13H 6tevena . 14 14 141 -Moon t 15 13 15 Coltilettl . Stereoptlcon, Bramster. 2, W. T. Anderson. 8, Bud Fisher. -Betting. Open. CL PL $-1 9-2 4-1 6-1 15-1 30-1 6-1 20-1 12-1 12-1 15-1 40-t 20-1 16-1 25-1 1-1 2-1 9-5 5-2 6-1 15-1 2-1 8-1 5-1 5-1 6-1 20-1 8-1 8-1 10-1 6h. 1-1 t-S 8-10 I:? 7-1 1-1 4-L II J IB 8-1 10-1 4-1 8-1 6-1 aBatted for Maranville In 9th. Left on bases St. Louis, 3; Cincinnati, 5. Two-base hits Douthit, Plpp, Picinlch, Allen. Home runs Frisch. Sacrifice hits Bressler, Crltz, Holm. Double plays Crits, Ford and Plpp (2); Picinlch and Ford. Bases on balls Off Frank-house, 2; May, 2. Struck out By Frankhouse, 2; May, 4. Hit by pitches By May (Bottomley). Umpires McCormick, Quigley, Rlgler. Attendance, 200. Cincinnati, Sept, 29. St. Louis wag practically put out of the National League pennant race here today when the world vhamploa Cards lost to the Reds, 2 to 2. . , FIRST INNING A fine drlzgle was falling as the game started. Douthit bunted and (Continued on Page Eleven.) JUDGE FREES PAIR IN TAXI FARE FIGHT . C. H. Thelrot. 5, G. W. Coburn. 6, E. Arlington. T, Sage Stable. 8, J. Livingston. 9. J. F. Rich-"1 ardsnn. 10, J. L. Holland. 11, J. 8. Coeden, 12, B. Long. 13, L. Strub. 14, A. J. Joyner. 15, W'. R. Coe. Beowulf, well up throughout, drew clear under vigorous pressure tn the final furlong. John Agee .forced to the inside the final furlong, responded games y under punishment, outlasted 8turdy. Latter, bumped shortly after the start, closed gamely on the outside. Capt. Devil displayed speed, nut tired through the stretch. Moonlight finished going strongly. There was considerable Interference all through the running and the' race wai not truly run. . i BECOND RACE About two miles. For three-year-olds and upward. The Brook Steeplechase. Puree $1,200. At poet, 300; off, 8 02. Start good. Won driving. Place earns. Time, 4:17 8-5. (15 Jumps.) Winner, blk. c., 8, by Geo Smith Trainer, M. Hirsch. Skedaddle, fencing nicely, followed the leaders at an even pace until the final quarter mile, where he gained steadily and wore down the tiring Danopio the final fifty yards. Danopio showed good epeed and fenced the first mile and a half, but then weakened and was stopping badly the final furlong. War Fain saved ground all the way, had no excuses. Devil Kin dewed stoutly under punishment. Oarsman ran well. Canterbury and La Marsa were racing together going to the fourteeum Jump, when the first mentioned bolted and carried La Marsa with him Into the wing , ; THIRD RACE Five furlongs. Stakes. Purae $2,000 added, driving. Place same. Time, 1 :00 3-5. H. C. Riddle. Running Positions. Index Starters. Wt. P. BL (906) Doc 112 2 S 34 1 HallahanlBT 1 t (918) Paragraph 109 5 8 90& Bramstar lit 4 8 850 pur. Light 114 10 7 n I Wonderful 112 8 4 838 Laughing 109 6 8 869 Aster 112 8 8 930 Kite US 7 10 834 Munnfng 113 9 6 Scratched Hypnotism, Prompter, For two-year-olds., The , Bellerose Claiming At post, 8:27; off, 8:29. Start good. Woo, Winner b. g., 2 by Wildair Antipathy. Trainer, -Betting,. CL PL 8h. U 1 k . 9H 2 84 6 5k 4k 7 8 5)4 7 8 10 10 8 4k Jk jo Eddie Ahearn. Str. Fin. Jockeys. Xk i$ -2 3k 4 5 CHURCHILL DOWNS First Race Two-year-olds: elx furlongs, Keith. (115) Hunt 10 40 5 00 ft DO Old Fellow, (115) Allen.... 5.00 5F Royal Bon, (115) D. Bmtth. - 5 80 Time 1:18. Fargo, Midnight Watch, Thunder Strike, Cervsna Krev, Ray, Chum, Rainstorm also ran. Second Race Three-year-olds and up; six furlongs. Good Shepherd. 107 (Rot) $5.40 $4 70 $2 00 Nevermore. 107 (Russell), $.50 6 20 My Son, 113 (E. Pool)... 500 Time. 1 :14 8-5. Flattery, flail Fifth. Florida Gold, Parting Ways and Comrade alao ran. Third Race Four-year-olds an4 up; one, mile end a sixteenth. Abstract, 108 (Garner). . .$7.90 $3 50 $2 40 Midnight Rose, H7 (Smith) 3.00 2 20 Friend. 103 (Ruassll) 2 80 Time 1.52 1-5. Valence, Brownie Smile, The Rove, Honk, aleo ran. Fourth Race Three-yeer-olde and up; even furlongs. Mary Jane. 108 (Connolly).. $4 00 $8 00 $3 08 Peekaboo. 107 (Smith) $.40 ft 80 ForetNympM8(Boganowsk!) II 00 Time, 1.28 3-5. Dawn o Virginia Aelrema and Malvina B. alao ran. Fifth Race Thras-yaro1ds and up; six furlongs. Mount Beacon. 112 (Cr'p) $4.00 $2 80 $2 40 Muldoon, !() (E. Pool).., 3 00 2 40 Koval Omar. ! (Hunti.. 200 Time. 1.14 3-5. General Raldeman. Congo II, Color Sergeant, Fir On and Champ D Mars also ran. Sixth Race Two-year-olde ; elx ferlong. Blue Blood. 110 (Noe). ..$18.20 $14 40 $5 00 Lady Loo, l(Wk (Ptchon) 14.40 6 oo r lasting. 110 (Russell) 4 00 Time. 1.17. Thistle Olad. Mary Payne, Red Ace. Edith Gray. Merlwick. Duff e Time, Golden Tinted, Mlntwiki. Mis Lillian, Peralta, Troof Reader, Louisville Lou, also ran. Seventh Race Threeyear-olds and up; mil and a sixteenth. Ieety Weaver, 00 (Root) $15 80 $5 80 $4 20 Tipplty Wttchef, 1R (Ftob't) 4.80 4 20 To Pate. PR (Pool) 4 20 Time, L.i( V Caroline Carter, Mara-dale. Rodney Thane? Red Hot. Stars and Stripes, Drastella, High Ball also ran. Unlucky $2 Bill Lost in Row Brought Robbery Charge. County Judge Alonzo O. McLaughlin today directed a jury to bring In a verdict o( not guilty (or two men who were arrested after a dispute over a taxi (are and charged with robbery In the flrot degree. Judge McLaughlin aald he wa aat-lifted the fight had not been started with air Intent to rob. The dispute began over an SO-cent fare. The defendant, John O'Garra. 26, of 6805 Fourth ave., and John Schwartz, 2. of 211 64th t., refused to pay because the taxi driver, John Muldoon, of 711 19th at., had taken them farther than they wished to go, they said. One of the defendants handed Muldoon a 2 bill, it was alleged today, but while Muldoon waa getting change the argument developed into a fist fight. When it waa over Muldoon couldn't find the 62 bill, he said, and the defendants didnt find their $1.20 change. HAWTHORNE RESULTS First Race Two-year-olds and three- tsar-olds; six furlongs. ,. Colonst, 100 (Whttkr).$22 08 $12 82 $8 90 Cecelia Grob, 97 (Cooper) $82 4 44 Open G Shut. 100 (Shtm) 4 DO Time, 1:16 1-5. Ter Answer, Twelve Sixty, Bun Lotus, Soco Victoria, Van Luella, Piute, Merrick, Chappie also ran. Second Race Three-year-olds and furlongs Queen Marto, UO(Flnrty)$12.02 $5 00 Mary Connors, ltd (Crol) 22.1 Smoky Day, llO(M'Etroy) : six fo1 Owners 1, Mrs. G. Read. 2, G. C. Win frey. 8, C. Buxton. 4, Mrs. L. Viau. ft, L. Waterbnry. 6. R. C. Winmill, T, Bud Fisher. 8, J. Livingston. 9, A. Bchuttlngef. 10, Wheatley Stable. i Doc away fast and displaying excellent speed, raced Sport Hallahan Into defeat and vraa going away in the final strides. Sport Hallahan raced forwardly under punishmeot all the way but was unabie to overtake the winner. Paragraph gradually improved her position on the outside. She closed with m belated rush and outlasted Bramstar. Latter tn near pursuit of the leaders from the start, weakened, through the stretch. Purple Light raced evenly. ORTA FOURTH RACE Six furlongs. For all ages. The Bramble Handicap. Puree eOvF 81.2DO added At post, 8:50; off. 4:01. Start good for all but Turf Idol. Won easily. Place ridden out. Time, 1:11 8-5. Winner br or blk. f. 8 by Black Toney Lady Ward. Trainer, 8. C. Hildreth. Running Positions. M U Str. Fin. Jockey. 1 1 1 1 Catron 2U 2 2'H Field 8 4tt 3H Goodwin S1 2 1 4 Garner (HP 6 Fisher 5 Hebert 2.8 7 Vi Kelsay 7 ' 7 8 Thtlpot ?- --Betting. . Open. CL PL fih. 3-1 8-1 11 1-3 6-1 l-t 4-6 7-1 6-2 6-5 6-2 4-6 1-S 11-1 5-1 2-1 8-1 fit 6-5 8-1 8-2 8 6 12-1 6-1 6-2. Index. 8tartere. Wt. (606) Jumbo 109 803 Byrd 117 907 Cry. Domino 94 (907) Ramoneur 110 914 Little Chief 100 (919) aCharade 100 902 a Turf Idol 110 Calarls 108 a-J. Butler entry. Scratched Candy May, Black Curt. Owners 1, Rancocas Stable. 2, Fair 8tble. $, H. T. Archibald. 4, J. L. Holland. 5, J. B. Humphreys. 6, J. Butler. 7 J. Butter. 8, Chula Vista Stable. Jumbo drew clear rounding the turn and rated In front thereafter was never menaced. Byrd a forward contender all the way was hard urged but could not Improve hi position. Crystal Domino gradually Improved his position on the outside and outlasted Ramoneur. Latter hung when the final test came. Little Chief had no excuses. Turf Idol went Into the air at the start. Cariarls wa eased up when beaten. API FIFTH RACE On mile. For thr4-yar-olds and upward. Claiming. Purs cfOX 81.000. At post, 4:26; oft, 480. Biart bad. Won driving. Place same. L. 8 1 rube. $an 8 i I 0 Time, J 01 1-5 Tvecutter, Euphrates. Pangel Signal. Immolatur also ran. eleventh Race Three-year-olds and up; one mile end a sixteenth. Valentino, 118 haeferIO 00 $5 70 $4 10 Com. Cahill, K6 (Ih lips) 10 20 60 Wnrthman, 113 (0 gmlle) 6 70 Time, IV) 15. Kensington tad, Bun Rork, Matk Atirele, Snuffy Iedlutk, Farthest, Li Canoe aleo ran. ' HOTEU LEAP KILLS WOMAN By fade ! Frr. Atlnntlo City. Sept. 22. A lep from the vcnlh floor of the Am-basssdor Hotel here today took the life of a smartly-dresaed, matronly woman, who had evidently made elaborate plan for th suicide. In the eatchel w hich the woman left in her room selected for It Mgh-up location and fresh, air, pollc found a credit slip from Winamaker'a. Philadelphia, made out to Mrs. J. B. Ladd, of Olen rd., Ardinor, Pa, 10 io 10 oo Time, 116 8-5 Undertow, Prevail, Prt vatsly, Betty Ball Red 8kla alao ran. Third Race Three-year-old and up; atx furlongs.. Sanction. Ill (Luther).... $3.0$ $2 02 $2 80 Atltc, 100 (C. Meyer).., 7.o8 4 34 Watch It. 103 (Phllnot). .. $.40 Time, 1 :18. Seclusion. Chief Sabattus, Lady Elinor, Mis Mischief also ran. Fourth Race Three-year-olds and up; six furlongs Joe Junior, lit (Allen).. $941 $4 80 $2 52 Cheval. 103 (Phllpot) ... 4 10 4 12 Eglantine, 100 (Ftnnerly). 7 0$ Tim. 1:17, Flight, Tease, Bonny Cestle, Cimmerian, Oo Foln, Riot, Raymond Dale, Annie Lyle also ran. Fifth Race Two-year-olda; ft to and one- half furlongs. Dreana Lee. 105 0vtng).$13.84 $5.44 $4 72 Sarajevo, 105 (Alien) 4.10 8 02 Ethel Sherlock, 105 (S h) 4 14 Tim. 1 09 2-5. Sheet Sand. Klachcf Macher and Lea K. alto ran. Sixth Racw Three-yea molds nnd up; one mile. Thrace, 98 (Hebert) $5.28 $3 95 $2 84 Paul Weldel II, 104 (B ro) 4.10 2 49 Kinaley, 114 (Allen) I 54 Time, 1 :46 8-5. Try Again, Rib Grass. Glib, Annie Coughlin, Susanna B. CoU Toka and Wild Life aleo ran. Seventh Raew Three-year-olds and up; one mtle and an eighth. Huon Pine, ill (Hebert) $7.46 $3 12 $2 5ft Nabisco, 111 (Bollero).. 3-40 2 Ticker 111 (Bowden)... 2 Ini Time, 2 01 4-6. Repeater Bagomook, Running Fox also ran. JEFFERSON ELEVEN WINS Dafaatg High 8chool of Commtroo, 190, In PraetiM Gama. Thomaa Jefferson High School's football team defeated tho High SchooL. of Commerce, 19 to 0, In a practice gams at Jefferson today. a-Rtversld Stable entry. b-O. K. Moor entry. Bcratehed Great Hope, Bantrock, Wild Astey, Belphrlsonla. Oumdrop, True Boy, Supersede, Sea Hawk, Gay Far!. j ,.. Owners 1, W. H. Doxler. 2, Mrs. A. Swenke X . Shalleck. 4, W. B. Mitchell. 5, J. Butler. 6, Mr. W. Robinson. 7, W. L. 8, R. L. Young. 9. E P. Shaffer. 10. W. T. Andereon. 11. Riverside Stable. 12. 8. Richard. 13, River side Stable. 14. Ascot 8tabl. 15, E. J. Morrow. 16, J. 8. McDonald. 17. P. B. D"iCrias Word outpaced th early stages, gained steadily through the stretch and disposed of Everglade th final sixteenth. Latter In near pursuit of th pace, took command after straightening out Into the stretch, but was unable to Nvlthstand the winners challenge. Last Rite under slight restraint for six futlongs, hung when the final teat cam. Babv Gar retired th final quarter mile. Zetbrugg closed an Immense gap. Rruahaway bolted Into the fence after the start and unseated hi rider, fiETO SIXTH RACE One mil. ' For thrte-yeer-olds and upward. Allowance. Purae VOju $1,000. At poet, 4.52; off, 4 54. Start good. Won driving. Place earn. Time. '1:38 $-6. Winner, blk. g 8. by Dls Done Florence. Trainer S. McNaughton. Running Position. Index. Starterg. Wt. P. St. r (919) Florlan 118 2 11 1 1 I.1 41 Cr. Pennant 111 $8 4 4 S3 J4. WllamalOl 1 J I 21 Ron Rattle 111 2 I I'Vt 3 756 Roy. Charge 111 448 6 , . , Scratched Arable, polycrates. Armada. Overlooked . Own re 1. Mr. L. Yiau. 2. Fmeland Stable. 3, Bud Fisher, d, Carlton Stable. Ftortan 'rated I" front and saving ground throughout drew clear in the final furlong but was under punishment to with stand Crystal Pennant challenge. Lat'er rated off th early pace, slipped through on he Inside entering the stietch. came around the leaders in the final quarter mile and dipoeed of the other through the stretch John J Williams showed good rpeed, held on well In th final drive. Sun Battle weakened when It came to a drive. Entries end Selections on Page 11 $200,000 EXPLOSION RAZES GAS STATION Adjoining Building and Many Autos Also Destroyed. By Vnittd Prra Chicago, Sept. 29. Damag estimated at $200,000 vas caused here today by explosion of a gasoline tank truck at a filling station on a 'busy street Interaectlon. A biasing stream of gaaollna flooded nearby streets, burning down the filling station, destroying an adjoining building containing $60,000 worth pf pew automobiles and $0 JR. SERIES OPENER AGAIN POSTPONED Toledo-Buffalo Clash Tomorrow, Weather Permitting. Toledo, 0.t Sept 39. A heavy shower this afternoon again caused postponement of the opening game of the junior world serlei between Toledo and Buffalo. If the weather permit, th opener will be played here tomorrow. The teams will go to Buffalo Saturday. used cars, structure. and damaging a thn 1 rfeef 41a. I 1 i 4 t

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