The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 3, 1941 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 3, 1941
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Social Calendar WEDNESDAY'S 'EVENTS Sisterhood of Temple Israel meet' ing 8:00 o'clock with Mrs. Herman PolJack. Su'dbury Parent Teacher Association meeting 3:00 o'clock at the school preceded by executive board meeting 2:30. o'clock. Woman's Missionary Union, First Baptist Church, meeting 2:30 o'clock at church. Mrs. Norvel Humphry entertaining Wednesday Afternoon Buncc Club. Mrs James B. Clark having Town and Country "Club. ADC Bridge Club meeting with Mrs. Otto Scrape. , Mrs. Wi D. McClurkin entertaining Delta Contract Club. Mrs. W. J. Pollard having Wednesday Bridge' Club. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Altar Society, Church of Immaculate Conception, sponsoring bingo party. 8:00 o'clock, at Hall. Woman's -Missionary Society. Pilgrim Tabernacle, meeting with Mrs. Markus King, 1:30 o'clock. Mrs. Randolph Smith entertaining Thursday Afternoon club. Mrs. B. P. Potter entertaining Double Four Bridge Club. Cee-Que Bridge Club meetini vvith Miss Frances Holland. , Mrs. Rodney L. Banister enter- "taining Thursday Contract Club. Mrs. Ross D. Hughes having Thursday Luncheon Club. Mid-Week Bridge Club meeting "with Mrs. A. Conway. Mrs. F. C. Clark entertaining Thursday Dessert Club. Mrs. J. C. Ellis having Thursday Bridge Club. Y. M. B. Club meeting witl: Mrs. W. T. Burns. Y. W. M. S., First Church oJ the Nazarene, meeting 7:30 o'clock with Mrs. Andr.ew*9Lee Mayo. Club 28 having dance. 9:OC o'clock, at Woman's Club. FRIDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Houston Caudle entertaining Jolly Eight Club. Mrs. Reece Moore having C. B. C- Club. Mrs. Eddie Regenold entertaining Bi-Monthly Luncheon Club. Hollywood, A Hold-Out For Lanky Locks, Goes "Up-Swept" At Coast's "Fashion Futures Outstanding coiffcrc hit of the California "Fashion Futures" stiow was (he simple Javanese hair-do Mary Taylor wears, above. A Pcrc \Vestmore creation, it has a cujrHkc front, with the l>a<* covered with two Ivu&c l;uns, ru'Ul with an invisible hairnet. Gives Party For Mrs. Alvis Harris Mrs. Harold Anderson entertained Saturday afternoon with n bunco party and kitchen shower in honor of Mrs." Alvis Harris- recent bride. Mrs. Harris is the former Miss June White- Iii the bunco games, prizes went to Mrs. Han-is for high score. Miss Patricia Wise for low score prize •and Mrs.'G. G. Saliba Jr. lor bunco. A salad course was -served at the conclusion of the Barnes. * * » To Be Hostesses For Bingxi Party. Mrs. Sterling Martin and Mrs. John Merton will be hostesses for the bingo party, to be given Thursday night at the Catholic Hall at 3:00 o'clock. ' The affair is being given under the auspices of the Altar Society cf the Church of the Immaculate Conception. * * * Celebrates Birthday Bill Hamilton, whose tenth birthday is today, celebrated the event over the week end with a matinee Hollywood. Cal. DEAR ALICIA HART: "Tell -«m to .start getting out the nair brushes, pins and stlckum Hollywood wore more "up the face" hairdos at the Fashion Futures show than I've seen in all the time .since the shoulder length mane came in. You can't Imagine how good it. was to see hair smooth and shiny. The sensation of the show was Mary Taylor's Javanese coiffure that Perc Weslmbre designed for that scandalous Orry-Kelly black net dress with the split skirt and diamond garter. Her hair was dawn straight back from her face like a cap, and the back divided in half and made into two huge, smooth buns that stod out behind each car. Westmorc even gave her eye brows a MtUc Oriental slant to accent it. Didn't look extreme; the Chinese and Javanese costumes, of which there were plenty, need that makeup trick ORIENTAL NOTE IS FREQUENT Designer Renie of RKO also had her dark hair in Chinese style, with a cluster of rosy pink, fresh carnations behind each ear] and small diamond earclips. Edith Head of Paramount wore a twin of the "guayavera" evening gown her model exhibited in the show, and. like the gown, the designer's hairdo was a combination of Mexican and Chinese: straight cut. curled-under bangs, a flat curl high at each side of the crown, and a smooth, straight hanging back with ends curled in. Constance Bennett was there, of course—-she never misses a fashion shew. She had a leaf-carved Chinese tortoise-shell clip holding her back hair in a smooth club at Die nape of the neck, and the top of her hair was swirled high. Even the glamor girls who left their back hair down wore the up-tmd-ofT-the-face arrangement in front; Rita Hay worth showed her whole forehead and widow's peak, had a Hat swirl just above it. One of the most, graceful arrangements was the one that 20th- Fcx's Guy Pearce did for redhead Roscanne Marry. It had to be rather special because she wa.s wearing Travis Ban ton's glove- sleeve dress of black and turquoise crepe, and its sable-bunded hood partly covered the hair. Pearce made a pompadour, not over- gold lame bow in her yellow, gilt- sprinkled hair to match the lame stripes on her white gown. Lots of diamond hair ornaments and earclips, those sometimes so largr they practically covered the ear. And, even prettier, lots of natural flowers—opened tulips, pink camellias, flame gladioli tips. No orchids; they're too cheap here. Nail polish didn't follow any fad, but seemed to be shaded to .suit the gowns' colors. Makeup did the same thing, with medium sun tan and bright lip rouge for brilliant prints, and pink-and-white makeup for the fluffy, feminine costumes. Wish you could have seen it, I wouldn't have believed the "up" hairdos if I hadn't boen there my- MONDAY, MARCH 3, 1SM1 self. Best, LUCIE NEVILLE. Bits of News Mostly Personali ing a survey mCU are mak Walls hospital to her home, Hearn street, Sunday afternoon. M»- ,,>-.x \* ;-,,, **v,«»»» QHI.VI,, ounuuy auenioon. ± 110 ? d A ^; S - J! 1 "? Ki »S a?" : recovering from a major op- Thomas W. Miller of Radford. Va.. arrived last night to motor Mi*. Miller and daughter. Mollie, to Radford where they are to reside after having lived in Hal.- liAsburg. Miss. They will leave tomorrow. Mrs. Miller and Moilie linvr spent .six weeks with Mrs- Miller's sisters. Mrs. Hugh Nelson Thompson and Mrs. Samuel F. Norris. and families. Mrs. C .G. Hires returned last night from two weeks' visit with her daughter. Mrs. J. W. Dunn Jr., and family in Union Citv. Betty Black, who rested at her home for three months, has now fully recovered and is able to IDC in school again. Miss Ruth Pitman, of Fayett-2- ville, and Byron E- Moore, of Little Rock, were the weekend guests of Mr. Moore's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Moore. Byron Moore post graduate — w " m "J » »• * A k £ C-L i 1 M daughter, Ann Carol, spent the week end with Mrs. King's parents, the Rev. and Mrs. A. W. Harris, in Joner>boro. Mrs. Samuel P. Norris daughter, 'Reen. returned Saturday night from three weeks' vacation in Havana, Cuba. En route home, they stopped at Gainesville, Fla., for a brief visit with Mrs. Norris' sister, Mrs. Roy A. Dean, and family. Mrs. Norris' mother Mrs. Robert E. Lee King, who had planned to accompany them nomc. wu.s unable to come but it i-> expected that she will be able Io make the trip by April i. Mrs. King underwent an operation for blood poisoning in her ley Nov. 1. Bernard -Taggers, who recently underwent an appendectomy at BlythevillR hospital, is improving and was removed to his home Sunday afternoon. It is expected that lie will c able to bo out the latter part of the week. Miss Elizabeth McLean. ol* Memphis, spent the week end here with her parents. Dr. and Mrs. D. C. McLean. E, J. Jones, of Memphis, motored over for her yesterday. Mrs. E. C. Patton is resting well at Walls hospital where she underwent, a tonsillectomy this morning-. She wil be removed i o her home tomorrow. Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Levy of New York and Mrs. J. C. Bodg.son returned last night from New Orleans where they visited relatives and attended Mardi Gras. Mr. and Mrs. Levy will spend a week here with Mrs. Levy's sister, Mrs. Cornelius Modinger. and family before returning to their home. A. M. VanWinkle is steadily improving following his removal 'to his home Saturday afternoon from Blytheville hospital. He will be confined to his bed for a week and will spend another week convalescing. Mrs. S. S. Sternbcrg returned eration performed recently. Wilson Society—Personal At The Hospitals Kiit(M't;tti).s Club. . L." Wilson 11. Mrs. R< b;i Davidson of Unionstown. Ala., who is the yuest of her c!;ui'.thtor. Mrs. Charles Lowranc-e, Dm pr. ;md Mrs. J. A. Aupln were 3tier-its of Mrs. John R. Enochs when she entertained the Wed- wsday Biidun club ;it her home W>dnr.sday afternoon. Walls Hospital Mrs- F. Medford, Armorcl, admitted. Charles Reams, city, admitted A. Watkias, Manila, admitted Mrs. Harry Dickey, Pusudcnu. Calit., admitted. Mrs. E. C. Patton. city, admitted Mrs. c. G. Redman, city, dismissed. A. H. Wright, steelc, dismissed. F. O. Richards. Steele. dismissed. Blytheville Hospital C. C. Began, city, admitted. Mrs. Lloyd Han. Monet ic. :id- inuted. ted. Hubert Perry, Huffman, admil- A. M. Van Winkle:, city, dis- Mrs. F. A. Johnson, city. t li.s- missed. High .scorr wa.s «warded Mrs.j Bobby Maxwell. Route l ciiv Wilson in -the bridge games, with! dismissed. Mrs. Davidson winning .second high. A delicious salad plate was served by the hostess. Geraldine Davis. Cooler, dis- has been taking last night from Fiftefn mnnbors attended the business meeting oi the Women's Society of Christian Service held at the church Monday afternoon. The program opened" by singing "Thr Christian Life" and "Kingdom of God" followed by a prayer by Mrs. Rrx W. Wilkes.'Mrs. Berry Crnin gave the treasurer's re- pert and tin 1 new sccreiarv. Mi's Ncnmui Houston, read Die minutes. Mrs. M. L. Grasham, former secretary, who is moving to Brinkley, was presented a farewell gift. "A beautiful piece of pottery, by 'the society. Two business reports were given by Mrs. J. A. Apple and Mrs. W. S. Turner. The meeting closed with benediction. Read Courier News want ads. missed. Imogene miiiseci. j B. C. Jagycrs, city, dismissed. Davis. Cooter, ciw- COLON SUFFERERS Learn more about Colon Disorders, Piles, Fistula. Constipation, ami commonly associated chronic ailments. The Thornton & Minor Clinic. Suite 1419-C. 926 McGee St., Kansas City. Mo., will send you their new bock which fully describes and contains many illustrations, charts, diagrams and X-Ray pictures of these conditions. Write today—the booklet will be sent FREE at once, postpaid, and in u plain wrapper. Beach and CAKD OF THANKS The family of the late Mrs. Lula party Saturday afternoon and a visit in Memphis with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Hamilton. He was host to ten of his friends for the movie. "Legion of the Lawless" at the Ritz Saturday afternoon. Following the matinee, the party went to Robinson's drug store for refreshments'. Individual cakes with single candles on them and favors decorated the table for the party. After the party. Bill returned to Memphis with Mr. Hamilton, whose orchestra is playing a month's en- , .... gagement at the Hotel Peabody. and ! || Mrs. Hamilton, who will .spend this month in Memphis. Here, another birthday cake was presented Bill as the Music Box orchestra played a special song, "Happy Birthday", for him. Demonstration Club News Notes Half .Moor Club ? Seven members ol the Half Moon Home Demonstration club ?nd one visitor. Miss ChrisUn 0 Doyle, of Dell, met at th? home of Mrs. E- B. Walker Friday afternoon. The devotional was <uven bv . Mrs. Georgia Hodge after which! 3t {hl> "•"'Pcnf hrr the club discussed the arranuins' Cnrd w ' th a of their "booths for the comins fair. Mrs. Gurdian Howard wac- in charge of'the program which was closed, with a chain of prayer. Refreshments of hot chocolate and doughnuts were served by the hostess. Monica, left. :UT Unllvwood cleaner, wore her red hair dom* in M horseshoe pompailcur nt the Fashion Futures show in l,,,s 'Angeles. It has a diamond clip at the side. Although Rita llaywortl. r.pht. retained her lon s bob. even it Had a sleek "up" front, with curl posed ;tbovc her widow'* peak. hanging but swirled up from the I ri»hr. and balanced the left side with three plump, raised curls; three up-slanting rolls of hair finished the sleek back. The. makeup was rather pale, with dark brown mascara, a little blue eyeshadow, and deep hut not bright orange- red lip rouge. "GIBSON GIRL" COMES HACK Another pretty redhead. Marga- ( rrt. Hayes, wore almost a Gibson j Girl arrangement, but again the pompadour wasn't, exaggerated — mere just, soft piles of hair and well off the forehead. Lady Mend! gathered her chinchillas nround her and swept, out during the cowboy songs between the acts, but until then everybody stared in fascination at her orchid hair, encased in an orchid net snood spangled with silver stars and wreathed in pardenhis. It" n movie star had worn it. it would have been classed "typically Hollywood.'' I .saw plenty of no'ld scattered around. Onr girl put. a CARD OF THANKS We thank our friends for kindnesses during the illness and dPfith of our mother. Mrs. B B Hoi iii eld. Mr. and Mrs. ZaI B. Harrison Mrs. A. B. Holland and the Holifiold family. work in the University of Arkansas. Paycttevillc. but. recently accepted the position of assistant to state supervisor in the soil economics division of WPA project in Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Ned M. Jones and j children of Dexter, Mo, spent Sun- dny with Mrs. Hugh Nelson Thompson and family. Mr. and Mrs. Noble Gill returned Sunday from New Orleans where they attended the Mardi Gras festivities and Pan American Lite Insurance convention- They were away a week. C. L. Smith, of Leachville. returned Saturday from a trip to Hot Springs and points of Texas. Eddie B. David and Eugene Dickinson. Arkansas Stale policemen, are expected to return today •from West Memphis where they have been on duty for the past Miami, she was with her daughter. Mrs. Leo Klemperer, ;md Mr. Klemperer. She made the trip to Havana with Mrs. Samuel F Morns and daughter. 'Rcen. and Mrs. Edgar Borum. who were vacation- r P ' Rcdman remove:! Worry of FALSE TEETH Slipping or Irritating., Don't be embarrassed by loose false teeth slipping, dropping or wabbling when you eat. talk or laugh. Just sprinkle a little FAS- TEETH on your plates. This pleasant powder gives a remarkable sense of added comfort and security by holding plates more firmly. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or teeling. it's alkaline f non-acid). Get FASTEETH at any drue store LAST TIMES TODAY \ TOGETHER FOR,THE FIRST TIME,! WOMEN HEED THIS ADVICE!! Thousands of women are helped to go smtl- ing thru distress caused by this period in a woman's life (38 to 52) with Lydlcj E Pinkham's Vegetable Compound — famous for over 60 yrs.! Try tt! Constance Hrnnoifs svirlrrf. smnnih („,,. - r1lr - c i,,j,- Was f^5<- »'lip of carved lyrtoiscsheU. The club will meet at the home of Mrs. J. R. Buck March 14 when the discussion will be or. "Makina Hominy." K'.ecl Officers • Mis'. Ammen Holt was elected president of the Milligan Ridge Home . Demonstration club Wednesday , at a meeting at the home of Mrs. Bob Barkus. The eleven present included eight, members. I wo "new members, Mrs. Ray Linney and Mrs- .Marian Bracey, and one guest. '7,_.,1... _^ ...... -<Dther, .officers choseii to serve •with Mrs. Holt were: Mrs. John Mrs. Tom Hoi'>• reporter. A donation of ei^ht dollars was muir (o the (UIK'I bems; ;-ar-,r;i for i T . . i - 1 , • ~ - * *• ^ ri llay»\s, «-atrhin«r (he j Kushion Futures show. wc,r«- (his a!inn>t Gibson Girl coiffure, ivith li;<ir pled high an d Mi-opt, ufr.vnrtl in si>ft swirls. x^ (liM-nsstt! at Hie '.v ti:t building ol a 4-H' ' INDIAN The Huron Indians culiivtited bv Miss ion on kn:!;in-4 w;^ Imv. Kincnid. home i ; P(>f i •»gml- j ! :md roller w-i T Inriian.s with hnir <>:!. . »nd dvr > L>(j |t") served by the hostoys. The group will meet March itn Mrs. Marian Bracey. Legion Auxiliary Meets Members or Uie Aninrimn ],.. gkm Auxiliary will meet tomu'Tow i — night at 7:30 o'clock at the AmX i ** on UScL 10c> S0c - 60c lean Legion Hut. '"" Important items of business will For Jittery, nervous headaches, apudjne. Acts fast because ifs lqu ^: how quickly head clears, nerves are steadier. 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