The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1939 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1939
Page 9
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BLTi'llEVlliE, (AKK.) CQ.UJUJ5R, NE.WS, , COURIER NEWS, NWS c», tt. W, UAINBS. Publisher • GRAHAM' SUDBURY, Edtjor F, MORRIS. Advertising Mfnagpr '" Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas, Dallies, IW, New York, Chicago, D«- Uolt, Bff Louis,, Dtljas, Kansas City, Memphis. Pul^ibej) ijyery Afternoon Except Sunday Entered ssi'sewnd class n»W« a' the P 051 official eJytheyHle, Artansas, under act of Congress.. Qotoi*r 9". IfW," Served. by- the United; fly carrier, ft. the City of BI}lhev)l!e, 16o per seek, or 65« permionth Bj.rnail, within a radjus of 60 miles, $SOO per jewi.jifO fpr six months, 15o for three months, by mill 1$, RpsW, zppej two to six > iclusive, $ft50 per yesr: ( in zones seven and per, pa) able In "advance The Road, Must Be . 'Youth Reputedly it has bee» sajsl, bill ^ can not be sjai(\ too often; The «<tr HI Euiope nuibt-nokbe allpweil lo clistjnct, the ^ijitijek State? completely fiom iU own- ifiterual pr.ou)cms, Tljoy me jutit as mipoilant in bpjte of tho \\M hittiii- e inipoit.nit, . Youlli CojiimiiiMoti has a tetvitfe ceiling attention lo Uie fact, thufc the. United States must "put its hou^e. ill. or^ei-- at a)] cost-)," and that irninedlatG objectives must be "tho improvement oj, tlje lieajth, cdueatign, and v Qmploymeut opportunities of our youjig, people, lo tlie end that tlicy nniy l\^\'e a '••• sense of ((uiokening life and po\ver v i)), this natioiii" The Youth Commibsiou, which !MV°t a goveujnieiital ngcncv, was foimod in 1985 by. rruijor educational institutions and a,ssocialidi)fc,. U' has u dji>ling(iislj-. belieyej, tl)Ht the lust duly Uie States, owes to iK jontli is, tp.- cai& thot-Mt i), ijot involved ni: Ui?. war unless Us teuitoucs lire' actually invaded; or, its vital, mtercsts : aUaok'ed I?oi- ib is youth which is sent. out' to d|e, which Demi's tlie buint Morifice, the losb, tho ti agedj Book dl, the pictums ot the men bemg_ called tp, the colors m. Eu T rope-^Frencll,, Getmiui, Bntisli, TJiey are bi igjtt-eyert, rjeaullcss kids, mniiy.- of tliem Jooking as though they wo.ulcl: fit-, better- into a Spy Seoul umto.nn. than info the shapelpsb dungarees wHich aie today's war l;it, TJns is, HP refleotioir on U)pse boys. 'IJiey wi|l : fight bjcjejy eiiougji, ami cli& enough, just as, tljeji. httltei.s clul; Llook: at your own pictuie, Woikl War vet> euin, as you viere nhen you put on khaki in 1917. These kitN aic no )ounger than ion weie then So the best, seivice nc tan i.ejider.- our youth is not to, s am die them But tlvp Y,0uth, Comnnsbioii looks e^en farther ahead "By remaining at peace," it insistb, "all the coimtnes ot this hejnjspjjeie can be of mcblivmblo value tojtheiatheiination^of; llje «oj)d wllen the- present sti.ugglo 15, ovci With their yotitli and unimpaired, tjiey may, become for, a (sine the-, only repository of sound go\ eminent thioughoat-.tlio woild;'" Go bacK- to 1918 Hitler, ,1 demobi-, litfd. corporal; fjiidt, n civil life await-. ing UinMshifch offo.s no plaio, no. op- poitumly; 1IO hope. Jf 0 [ mns tu ,,„. Jilieai' ligitatioii A million nihu- voU eians, equally frtibtmled, aie eager Youngei men, ic.uetl amitl isteners QUR WAY (he. p.i'iyatipjis and looming horror of \vitv: awl. its aftermath,. i(re equally utger. for, •'sbnjp.lhing. Ujat. promises— tliat- offers hope. Directly torn-, Uio scect-bccis l!ortil)i;ed by, the World War, there.spdngs up Hitler, ami 1.939 is, on the. wo;;' , Us y,outh. is- my.- country's, grentest; asset-;- in u sense, its o))|y, assat}. It. must be guarded jeitlously by/ remedy-- ing> (lefiw'eiicies in o;ii»!oymoni>; ill'edu- cation, i)i. hcallji. The. promise of; use.- fill employment, must be. realized; Qjir- ly by tjnis.keopjng; Ihfe avenues- of. ! lioi«3.. open to tile; coming genet's I ion can Uie America)) future! be ijept. bright. More Work to Do still remains a great deal to be done in lljis; eo.unli'y'— things, inoro . important -thnu sending; an army into foreign service, According to the I!ub!m Health: Bu- ream of tho American.- Optometrjc AS- sedation; 10,000,000. American .school chiton,' have. d.6fcc.iiyje ; vision. of tliese 'cases.- need immediato.. lion.; and most. oJV the. children; affected' coine from, families. of- tho lower in.-. come brackets, This "is an appalling- cpmlitioi), It- means that, nwny, of. the ; cases ; will, be iieglected- simply because parents, have inadequate means to meet- the necessar.y cost: of. treatments,, It meuns; thai, huuiy children ; will be: left with vision faults, tljafc; will, become more serious as thoy. grow older-, It is a. serious jjroblem; is only, one of tile myriad of: internal social ' and 1 economic enigmas Uiis country faces today. su-- Buys /[re Cone- Do you remember when Britain's groiitest- ompirical -problem, was whether the Duclicss of Windsbr was to-be- accorded thq title of Her- Koyal, IJ.igli- ness? , ' • It was not so long ago-; and, yut, today- the, former Wallis: Simpson, whoso Jiusbaud refused to return, (o, England until'the Duchess was officially, recog-. nifeedi'as'H;K;I1.,. is. working side by' side with Britons and French of higil: ulantling. While the Duke of Windsor. is occupied: itli it., 'niilitivy,-, his wife ser.ves in, war- relief, work, Once, the, they/ propuiuittel shook- the British' cabinet, and sent the- Windsors into voluntary exile. Today,- almost, vvilhbiiltiMiblicjip.Ucc, they ; vQ tlio country they o.uce fled, • 50 THEY 'Hie llicory slill.sceins to persist Hint one • iomi "boo" from t|, c United stales, Great Brilsiu and France will fvlg.hlcii nui cr . and Sluiiu into Eivius bacH Foloinb will). Cz.C{Jioslpya*|a. anil Auslria lo tool, niirtv perhaps Indwo- Hitler- to retire; BIKI rtevotc the rest: pf hj s lif(>' lo paiiU- lug., flowers.-irredcrlck, J. Ubby, , oxecullye.. secrc., iary,, Natlpiwr Council -fpr Ihp: iToveiinmv 01- War. - ' ' Intend TJie people of, this couii(ry do «pl ever, cgain lo enter n lorcign- war it, the. freedom of; the. teas; as they did In MY —Senator Key • (Dem.. N CV .). *. t ' t I tto not. believe Hmi Brilidn i.nd France, wlh their nilglil.y.-cm|>ire.s, slionkl te iiicleri Dy the United stales.-Sciiator u. Worll! (Dcm,, Idatio). By J. R. Williams QTIR UI> ; OCTOBER 25., 1939 SIDE GLANCES by CaJbntth "if you .waul Hie. Iriilly.l'ai afniiil>yoiir son> is; trying' (o live up lo. yo.iir- stories of' wlial- a cultip you were in school." THIS CURIOUS: WORED By, William. Forgusor*- _ ANSWER:'Red. On secondary (rainbows, sometimes; seen along with !hf niajn onpv cp'lbrs.are. reversed,. wit|> violet on the.ou.tsj'.te Ha mi's, Tn H?ai',, No.t Sec RO. umyjB«i>i7%-. H-ay.- McmpriM'.IIpsmtnr were: very easy Thoy," ' .; «tentis ; . nearly^- alv;ay3. p'eeilr-. . , . . . bur; of; Siantprd.; University,,- lias, thrEMBli- the-- glass: panes.' of..- .tha. ba\inecl,niidid.ruitx "maJorctlpB 0 - lpr ; babjeay rpoin. All five, had- Hvs- university bniul; \i{,, foutbiMl' chil'dreu- ijorn nt liic hospital- iu satnes, ;uid ; similar. ocsUioiis.. "•nic-.the.iiainie VieeS;. " ' "' . F,hptild;,en.d,qavor, to.whv tcc- cgnition. lln-pugd musical-, 'ability- 1 ' OMAHA, Neb • SERIAL. STORY JOAN OF ARKANSAS B,y-JERRYBRONDFIEliD COMRI9HTJ l»9, NIA . . l,lock» Cpi-oeirA nltcn^t, to Mtul) 'J'eeh'M, n'erfrct rt-corJi nnd; KcKh nud «)»n pinje Ttck . <° « M-0 iSctvrr.. Jcmi It actJve IB <lic huincou/tijnj; queen clecillon. Al-n iilft'Uii|£.u( the Uuitlum huune ^hB hatMr-notlvvt Iljiit. He> hMr',, lUI )IC dW»Il't linOYI ()">(• •)«!• lopKfti uuxlou»ly for bliu titlpre j?LEe.tI.ON-dBy,was a *^ IJprdly- anyone, at- llw> Nil: house : \vcnV- to. classes, Jpan lore: about-, madly, cpr.llng at least 50 students to the voting booths,Activity reached. Us height at; 3 o'clpck when a slreamcrpd, liorn- looting, cavalcade o£ cars pavaded thvpiigh U)P upivorsily district, Polls closed at 4:30 and. it- was the final' r.crnlndeiv ' Joan bounced: into- Uio room, (hat night looking fresh, as a daisy,-.- "Floncsl, I dqn'l see how you do 11," said Elaine. "You'll need a. week lo recuperate." Joan laughed. "Not me. the one who's- worn to the. proverbial frazzle. Lpok at her, would you?" Kay attempted a. weary smile. It was more of a physical strain with ths icst-ot them; With Kay it iwn.SjCmoliojial; and: she, showed: it. More, than anything; else- she had. ever, wanted,. Kay' Granger. wanted, lo. be homecoming queen. "Four more hours and it'll be over," said; Joan. "They're counting the. ballpts at. the Student Sea-ate and; a: gang, of us are going over to. (he; Daily offices to wait [or the results, Want lo come along?" Kay shook hoi- head. "Thanks, hut. I: don't: think, l!d: he equal lo it. Gall me; hero, though, when it's, all. over." . Tommy, Pelei-5, Jonii, • and;a gay. little redhead; Ellen Thompson, descended: oil the offices. of.- (ho- yniversiiy. ' Daily, at 8:30. Every a ..telephone rang (hey, jumped. Bob McAllister, managjin;:eclitor-and:a good-Mend of- Tommy's,, joined- them-, when they. went, outside lor some air. "Another 15;. minutes-.should: do It;" he,, figurcdi "We've:heard; unr officially, that Kay. Granger and Kennedy, are- running; neck and neck. Audi that BpoUVgal'put up by the-Independents-is supposed to lie running a sirorig: third." They heard-;i. phone ring again nrcd they., rushed inside. A student reporter- signaled: to McAllister. •"Granger by. 120,-" the reporter .-(flouted: VYowee!" Keith howled; and grabbed J.oaii up and' swung her around, Joan squealed and;poundr ed him. playf ully> around' the- head; "IJidnlt I tell you?" she chortled. "Boy ( aiii I a : iiolllicjan .or not?" Tommy, Peters grinned. "We'll pass that up forthe moment whilp I givo out wllli.a b.eiteriidca, Let's go. down.andi'pnl:out.her mnjpsty 'thC:queen," '. "Svveli.," Joan; cried; ."We'll; just- barge- ri'glit, in: on. h?r with: the; ncws.inslead . Ten. minutes they dashed up. Hie., slep.s • ol the AJpha Nu Joan queen~wh«-e "We. won," "Where's; tho she?" Someojia. appeared a minute later With. Kay in, low. They, swarmed; aj-.o\md:h«r, hut she was sp'oxcited'she cquld.hardly speak, "C'mon," soid/KeitlvimpeVuousT ly.; "We're, going down town and do. a litllo ceiebtatuig." '. *• * '* ." IT wasnllrunlil'.they. wore headed ,. • down, the, avenue that Joan suddenly -realized, it; was a week nighJ.iand'that-Kejlh had to be in early.. She. reminded. him oML- "Forget- il," he replied. "This'll bo.> Itarmless . enough and we'll check a.rcspccfable.houiV ; "But wiiat if Coach; finds;, out?" "Nuts . . . ng one'H know- the diff." "Sure nuiti" Toinmy added. "And. anyway, Uie varsity cheerleader is. along to see that the varsityvgels.home." First- stop- was a tavern across town.. "Gotta- toast the queen," Keith said. "How about Manhattans, .or somethingi all fhe way "No, Keilh.'" Joaii: laid a hand ;on,!jis,arm. "A. toast-(s ; in order, .but. we'll: drink it in- something less, potent." J "Don't;be.Jikc.lhal, This extra, spec—" ; He saw the : expression on her.-iaco: and: pauueti. "Okay," he, gyinncd.. "Mate it lemonade." "Gee," said; Kay. "Homecoming queen. can'.t: believe it pinch,me, somebody." Tommy-Peters took her at her word; with added;dnthusiasmj She shrieked, "Say, how about.driving over lo-Elliston for. hamburgers? Something, different; liey?" was: Ellen's .contribution. Keith wiioopcd. ami elimhed lo his leet.- "Just- the right idea. They, serve (ho best; hambies in the state over: there.. Lei's go get 'em," '. ' ' Ellislon, \vas the;next-town, on the main.highway,;22;miles.away. No one.paid ,any ^attenlion jlo.,Uie lime, until Jonn.rianpcned'lo look at. het\ watch. "Keith," she gasped. "Look at this—1:30. H anyone finds oul, you'll be in an.awful-mess with Slocum." '"Oh, hans Slocum," Keilh gcum- bled. "I've, been,-behaving too much anyway." » ». « AS, lio was ; getting' uudr.essed • i * back-, at the house later.- on, Pan. Webuor \valked; in from (ho sleeping-'dovmitory, "Thought it-was you," Dan said quietly. "What's.the.multer— your watch, stop or don't you. just.give a. damn about playing on a winning bpll. dub? Jeepers, Keith, i thought you. had.mora sense than this," Ho seemed- iiui-t,. ralhcr. than angry. Keith chopped a shoe heavily. "Look, boy. scout,- what'ro you li-y- ing lo do~turn policeman?" There was-jnarkcd.irrilation in liis voice. Dai) leaned back against- the door, "i'ou knoiv me. better (han that, Kei(h. But it's just 1 a liltlo unfair. X'kijow, 1; waul, lo go lo. the Hoso Bowl: just as much as you. do." Keith didn't reply and Dan turned and left. ' • * * f JTEITH cut all, his morning; . classes next day. and Dan deliberately-made it-a point lo wait for Joan after theiu history lecture. : "I-.wnnt to talk to you a min- ulc," he said simply, and' she looked up in suipviso at Ihe loiie. of his voice. '"There was a.'lime I thought you'd;begin to develop,some good; sense, but 7 sea I was wrong;'"' Dan conlinuedi "Maybe a- little, celebration was in order last Might, but thatwas a;Iousy-sUmt'on your- part—keeping Keith out to 2:30:'" : She opened'her mouth lo spealc, but-he went-right on. "All I hope' is that no one else saw him tearing around like that. That nit-wit Peters should have , had sense, enough to break it up by 12, but I'm still;blaming you', Il'you had Keith's intdresis.'at heart as, you: appeal- to. have you'd- have, seen he was in al:a decent hour." "Bill, Dan," she protested, "i did. all I could. Why, if it hadiv't been for, mo. Keith.would:have—'.' She was going to, tell: him: how she had prevented Keith from• or.-' dering drinks, but changed' her Jmind. H would ! only make Unrigs woi-se. • Instead she turned abruptly and lleit, him-standing-ther.e; i : . ^ (to Be epnlinucu),-. f . ;, ;• THE FAMILY DOCTOR ».«.«•*..»«..»»».•»»., • Improper INose- BiJowiiig, ^ojt ]VtitlUfe Eai? rourlh hi.": series ol" live, ar- tklKi. oil. Die. PJ-e.vtnfioji.of, i(1ir pairnicrils.-of : hearing-, * * * DK. 'MOUKIS HSHBEIN Journal, ot, (he, Amcrinui c.a^-I; AsspcUljpjii and- of- Hye?!?*. di?. Hcallli. WagUziuo:' Hfad: csWs; or. d|scBt?s-. UKo. rather than; through, prelly legs." ho said. a- pair, of JJoclors face l-'luors, Ton I'ASADENA, Cal. (UP) — The stalf doctors, at Ihc cooperating with mo.toriste'' the cily .treasury out of about 1 $3>a- day. Spicier wete have clogged, the liming upparitliis of downtown parking; mi-lcrs, allowing, us much as double tlie lime for.- a. 'cuslom- !/: fever ^frequently- "lead- to; infcpUqiv. In I UlQ-iiGse:.W&lhrpuU. TliefO; spread; to.:, th.fe ear-,- by.- way- of; Ihe.'custacil-- ian-.,-, which-; passes- frsm 1 . the, .bapfoof.: the- nose-into, the: ear; '• Vjgprpiis- blowing- of: tho": nose; in Uu .'' nwjuier- may spread' iuleclipii.; The, cur- may be-; affected; ol an inlccled: inlcr- cd If: Hie; material (hat. come:, from, the infection is -stringy awl thick. The,solution.with, which the cat is Irrigated-'and. washed-'should be at, a tcmneratwe. which, fhc l«- lieht can comfortably: bear, \y- twe«i, 99; and. 101; degrees Falirciiheil: *. «.. *_ ft is tiC5ira.bJe; lo. .sli-d.lghton out (•he.- external', ear. cansH TJtis cnn be.clcne-by, flssSng-T-the-.'liand: ovrr the head-; and; grasping;; Uie, uppei edge>of the.-ear,-', lilting- it- upsaid and. back, ' • Unnecessary. iwcMUrc.;. in thu- car can- be. prevented' by..- holding: the: . ! t.lio;si'.ringe.-"v?hicrJ-, should be.- small i andv not 1 ; Kiiarp.-. gently. , . .. __________ -..,,. .. . Ilial car is a Kharp, stabbing- pain, toward; tho.> side -of the ear; canal. There in».v. iilso ho instead; a dull. T he- outer part of: tlio lieavy fclins hi Ihu hcadi on infect«|:.siric. Frequentljr llicrc Is, ringing TTnnen - i "TIT • ,r i HO UbL with Ma or Hoople ; J- X/ v A'.MGC, f.Wi\S IA1XW6 TO & TRAVtU.N' MiN &30UV TU&T l^ftD: Y'UWUS CLUB.'' lit TOLD W-IVM 8&.B&. GOT f'AAb' 7 \ ll : . WVo A'AIPUL :M-X>V.|M IM Tl>L9fc,HE.SMDj ;)'BAEft.FORGor UIN&ELF AMU DID OUR; WERp: ol.M.K-' SLIPPED "' CHUNK OF ICU OOWM WS'BACK WITH THAT 8UULU11M ^^•- TWK OLD BOY SPUVr-V-T '-TAW/' 1.1"' PULLtD A.MAN'S C SAY? Tor TUT'. '' I is the washed to clean awny tins*/ and •idirt-and; to-accuslom the eai to ..„.._; ln.' Hlc sensalioii: of'heal: tho-bar ami a cracking-sensation ' rl 'c stream: of-water is .directed 'when the \ierson concerned:yawns "^ Cllc side-ot; tlie- canal' ralhcr or; blwvs. lih \]<xe. The. hckring Ulan right: down the midtlc. This wll.V. momentarily be better,, after P.crmil-s ihe water to, pass; deeply' Mils cracking-, icnsatlon. occurs.- i °" Ibc one-wall, and provides, for ; • P.ftln. nrdinul. Ihc ew mid, pain ».return now: olilhe v.'atcr. .Vsitni- i vMieii.thc- lobe of- the car, .is;- puiieU:.' 31 ' process. Is., used; in cleanjing- up! cpmuign sign. ' imost itifcctions in.lhc: inido'Jo ; .-*• •• •- •.. I: \ . 'i'herq would bg fewer- cases of- 'acute inleclcd middle-- car .if; chil- ( v;-uiikl, blow the nrac always ,wlt|i.;both. ntK-trils open, fersciis s.ho.uld'not.Iry to treat.their' nose Mind Your Manners infections • by forcing s.lrong: anli- 'icplic.'solniloiw into liib'fios'c in on; a(t«inpl to wash It. o\A. Tcsi'your kiioivlcdse of: corfcKl social: iifasc by aiis'werlng-the- jfol- Screen, slar Jane Withers,, 13; (above),.ia, pictured carrying., on her. personal appearance comedy acl in Bosloii, Mass., derpile IhrcaLs of prosecution. State La.'-, hor Commissioner J.ames Mori r ^l.y had warned'. Jane and : her mother against violating state child'labor law. in early-stages ofr acute infee-- lo.wiug questions.' .-then chccWiig .amoiint.of.Jier, bill; lien, of- Ihc. middle-ear,-a-'dostor; a S.aiiKt. t|i5- authoritative 1 answers : 3. Yes. . ' ' . tan. frenucntli', help. by. injecluig; Mow: . -. . ... -. ...\ liinall'-jmoHnts of a wanri' 1 'carbolic'-' ' : '" '-> f-mall- tewn.' (s it-, cuy^ glycerin, memcaliou. Since•• tucli tomary lo lip the :proprietor; of h may. <io nioro h(jnu : . tlian^ bfauly, thop? x .- \ good and: sl(icp.,l!i{; : exact .aiHQUiit- ."• How iimclr ihpiiid a, woman' of the two ingredients must be Up Ihc operator who givcs:a, pcr^ 1 carefully: calculated, no, :person,'AS'iciil wave? 3- I" a city, should you: Up- Ihc should allciiijU-to treat; hhiisclf for- nu Infection cf tlie ear. He should Imvc nil cxaniinalion made by. a physician, cxpsrlcncwMu,.tJiis; worf:; The eardrum niny ruptiirc 'before- Ihc Physician; can n\akc-.a 'i-leaii incision wllh u^.tilfc.'A^m.ii. watery: material will- coine: through the., hole,, in..the eardrum. Later .11 will become .thicker and-havc difR- cully In. escaping thrpugh the tin.all pei-foialion in the eardrum., thould. vva.Eli. v ou\ Uie, car frequently; with a waVuv said coi1C acid' solution lo clean out the Infectious material and pie-> vent-, the? spread, ot-'lnfectlovu. AA small:amount-of-soda. may be;add-. cab driver wlio owils his own cab? •I. Shculd you tin ;i. cab.s driver niWYvfori((.([jug. (d^ a 'short 1 ttii>?. 5. Js II ciiitoniary" lo. lln.a: door- IW!t , • Whiit wauirj, j._ ou . du ifi-. i You: arc- a ' ' .. , =, lu a Iriciins home; and don't- know whether/or'net to-lip (he-; maid: Would you— - . •• ;. 'UO Ask your hoslesa whelhcr lo or nut? ; (b) Tip the maid and say'i not'i- i!!S about It to youu lluilW? ; . . —Auswets .... • 1, Mo. ' . , 2. At-, least 10: VMc the •?., Yffs. ! 5: No; (Bxcept; the: dpp/maHi of your o'.vii. aparlnicnt. hpusc,> : Best -What-. Wo.tlld. You; Uo" ipl- utlon—(h). . : Head.Courier News want ads. bundry-Cleaners Phone 180 Kor ; ifionipl. Laundry . aad; CJgaslng.

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