The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 2, 1934
Page 6
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PAC-S $CK ;, CARS.) gQURif.s Harry Gray son and part- • hy Uncle George needs MORI LIGHT than Billy . . . % Notice how much smaller the pupil of Uncle George's eye is than Billy's. But then, Uncle is sixty-two years old, while Billy just turned twelve. It only goes to prove that as people get older the pupils of their eyes shrink in size . . . and so they need better light than they did before. But Billy's eyes shouldn't be neglected either, because lie's in the growing stage and studying and playing in poor light now may mean poor sight later. Why not give the whole family the kind of light that's good for them? We will be glad to consult with you on rhis alWrnpartant problem. ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CO. "At Yniii' Service" BETTSR LIGHT-BETTER SIGHT NEW YORK, Aug. S.-AMwwgl) if wiis .sitll .sHlTerlng trntn DIP iillmcnl, I'onlri'u-ted Ufore .- purtule In the- Unlt- |ed Kiste.s Open In curly .rune, olin I U.iUn journeyed from Ohli-ago to : iliifltiln lo appear in HIP IMOIPS- i Hlnrial (loiters 1 Ar.-.iviaitnn rtiam- | plnnshlp tourney. (Hit tihh tillu-r lielng , Irnred tin dincvl a .-Trips of exhl- Jliiiinns ivlln WnllPi 1 Hflgpn, anil . ,s[>em1lni/ tioim- lime In a hospital ^L^IOIO,^,,,,,,., Jiinlm- ifioji m;iiln. Tin- l!.-np;i[-, I'OI |'''n^ 1 ^*' c( , ,. t • npiiol'i'llilrd Vm-em'in'i.iViT/rl'tj' i !ll>lf ' lo 'Hinllfy l"r Use I-. a. Aij , tint lira sucti'i- lilt n,i u,>. i-ir- ''" " *'''"' lllP l >rns ' m ™. slln *'.' run. Tin- ti.dluiis innd.d n,,- i, ,-r- r' 1 " 1 '"' llr ' sll '' > <l l r ' «!«• it- Ihe. mid-'. I" l In- nlnlli will, on,. .,,11 i,,n ';'•" I'"-"'"*' 1 »r '"'I'li'S ' lUif Open I<n«,r wi-nl In :,,„! fan- im '' llr ' Wp '' "* !1 vrmipHiioi-. nr.rt Ti-osl:y i,n,! II,,],. tf , ,,-,i ,),.! (1(1 '"' ftanw-n. HIP defending rlirfni ' n^mplon. rejected .'xlillilllon.s 01- •r'lu-' Vuiib.v^ ilrnpiir-il •, •( a, /'"" '" Ellro ' u '' llljrt . *"" Pr-nny fcfuni! in iViMfin nL New Vnrk 'flii. i )i,-'"i'"' ^'"i!, 1 ", 1 ,'!?, .'f 1 " 1 -4t ' A 'V "'•" *" -' '"""'1 » -''-'I'^^l^t'^surrU^an iiiniiiPiii- (.Irittis .Hi:in mniipy pluy- '.:> in iilly nilit-r llnr- r.| s pli I. n.-i«- r:. me nr'ulifjIWf. und, like' piU'liliil! "I Illixly niindi I'livr up MJ Umi-.s i,MI HI.-, Mill,-) *'IHi 1-iin.s. nrn:ir[i tin' lo«lni. pltclit-r. Wf-rlir-r i,i,,l i'ir,.'r-ni |,|'[ 'or iht' circuit. Tlif- VViislilnpinn A-imioi:; ( |,.. lflil|--(l 1)11- l'llllllllM|ll,lu Athirlll'-. 'I '0 1 (It l'lll),ll|f.]|)|,| : , ."••M>- n liliK us ,||,| , lOimnr-r lill nm lion, f .,,, ,„„) . HIP gpiifnil run r.f (ufm ire ixxifly pal<l. llftoil Pby oi- No r%> IMiil niinyan. inr ps:iiiiiplp, hart Mi,l... j only tMM to show uflpr his ull- ucl:.-;.. roiuiiiri-iiit; loin- of last winter, iliir- i(.Tm"n',f."r^ l r)' ; '{',""1'"' """ "*'' '"" * hlcl1 he captnml- no fpu-er mid Miim'sh ),"' • • '""' °"' """' ' llg '" lonm " lfll! - s l " a game '•'' ilie KL. tj-iui.s niowiLs UUIIIPS nt Kl. I.mils Tin- sinivs «-PI-P in to ti ium.4 m 2. 'l.ymix nml Eni-tisliaw wer,. tin- wl,m im , Pllrliprs. BniHii-ii's )mm.--i- dp,.i ( [,-.;i HIP .wond unim. i n n,f. ](,,!, jnj| . TIlO DtOllklj'll |-|A;li,r.ri .l^f«n,..t ! Hie I'lillllr-.i n (o iSlonitpps IIIPI „, in-noklyii. ; (HI- Ihclr m-riiy of rims. Mfii Bl ? ' W us ijnp M'lnnlni; iiliolirr nlHioiinli /nclmi-y WPIII lo Ills n-M'ti,! In !)»• iilnlli liiiilni!. Triiil l>f,n,. Hi,, yniingr-r of lh £ . I>nn Brothers, lilnnkvil H ir . ohl- ;;o'en Ciihs :il n,\^ ec , ye.slpi-dnv HIP score was .1 , fl (> wM , , hr . M ', I .mils Carilliirik Wi^iir-lniips li was notin's li!th ii'lumMi H,> gnvp •i'P tiul five hlls. The i)«j.s i, n iinpp,i Hie rilifilnii-Bli I'lfnttA 7 in i; at .ttlndiinqll. Dcn-lnsrr mis Uic wln- iilnu pitcher.. Harpy's Mtli liomc run proved Hie wlnnliiB nmitjln The Reds ralllPd lo score their rum nml i-ome from behind tor •Msnnijer Clinrlle nre.isen. CniTfii. leaves mice were helleved In )ir 5.0 decni-.uirr that. i| 'lliem '.In .'Oiplr.-hjhr ; lii\' pjnfe-.of fi-allior.s... . mlipr.'miil one that lj,l:f.s more oui nf an nllilele tlian .some sjxnls Involving p)iys!cal contact. After iitfiulrliig the Melroixihtan Open mid p. o. A., tt'.e brilliant Riniyan'.s wfinilngs lotaled only JflSfM. and $lWifl of Uml sum eami: tji Ihe way or u bonus rroin n siMirlliiK uooi's liQUix-. lian $1000 firileee for lei major victories, each Involvlni; days of palti.^tiikliijr and piil^-ijnleken- hil! strciklng against tields KO fast Him. raie cnnl<l not iifford'lo make a mlsi nke—where it single gooil or I«<1 shot silled Ihe difference lie- Iwpen Hip. hpadllups anil al*i rai, ngat? type, with pnrti rival a l:ey- Pil-up sh.irpshcnter, rnch rlub 10 IK- kc-pi in Hint .-Id '.'r.-xivr all Ihe while. 1'rofeiwlnnal golf Ls tlie lono spot hi n-lilch :i iiarllclpanl must vtln lo l» paid. A jxw rp?rforinnnce here means nothing more than soanl ti-an.s|nrlnl-!nn. and frequently noi even Hint. New Held D«t. after till, tlie golf prnfex- slonals have Ihc. ly-.M gnme O f a u and arc noi ccinpialnliii;. Tr.cre !• 11 fliie splriL of comradeship among Ilirai, aud.Uiey liiivt clevuUxl thei pn>re.<slon la ntidi-eaiiiert-pi' heielns . - ens ':V- T1 l*r?Js-Ji,>plpiwllt! new'group ii( .t"fp»n-v;t};.i'..caddy ranks, 'too---. (In i 1 CLAIM I REACH THI FARTHIST/ A LOT, MORE TMNIAM TOO/ yxf^ "Some folks,'" the on] soys, "scheme and plot To prow they are what they ate no»~ Bin ihff'd be wise !j they'd recall They only fool tli?mseltes~-thaj's all!" |Ei«M» ,W.fw Oil I, 0,1 trial,,,,, AT IIOUIAR wta rt>«t<it tk* trricct Md »r*4Bcli of tki claimi do not find place ID Ejiolenc ad?erti»> <. Nor do we indulge in trick stunt! to add excitement to our tneroh»ndi»in|. To prove its merit, we rely entirely on Euolcne itself . . and what it will do when you put it to • practical test in your own car. We are positive that if JOB will give Essolene a fair trial you will know why Eiiolen* juaranteea smoother performance. it\ OASOIINI MOTOR TftAVIL INFORMATION Ml! YOHEI far ifal tilinf it til FnoSmlcnnoJ DtitTi- ^SSO IOUKS AND W rOURS." Profy«U il. UMTitiJ. Niwtvtr) racul. CottlEti cftciil r.ip tf fa t . i»M raid CitWrBitlti; , t , . .. dW«; Me. Altifrtr i;j, Tl j. • t! .-cid i*;i T AND RDOI •**»«&* Smoother Performqnce COMPANY OF LOUISIANA Ai dlnifi.y. ready. '.j r.lllie Travelers had .vnt him on rn jtfliirnnmenl ML« Noruia (Jrr.w spent Sunday IB (;nul Ifad. The Rocks .•^mi-.-i ; R'itli Miss null) Uarby. rnre in Ihe fifsl anil tlirw limes • Mi«. Ida Akliis spent Riinday: In thi-.^e.cnml to clve Rhnrpp n corut' iiflernoon with Mis. Fred fitpven- J wntklnu niareln." fU'ltfln was tfp| Kff. and Mr.-i. Clay Rtalllngs and! TliF Mpniplii.-. Chlrts and Ne\v children :.nd Mr. and Mr.s. Cecil Orleans Pfllfans divided iwn games Biinn an children s|ient Ihr v,-eek s( Memphis yesterday. The result end with relatives In Missouri. ~ • ' .... jest JoiBiIdable jlnce the on* n«ded by Ch'ns Sarazfn"follo-s-ljii 'nt war. - Qullc naturally, this one is topped by th« 76-yeai-old Runyan, the HHle man with the big jpoop, '"-" includes Ky Laffoon, handsome i Cherotee of Denve/; Dlok ilelz, ,of lake Forest', 111,; Herman narrnn.' of port Chester, H Y.; tohnny fievnlta, of Milwaukee; Victor Chml, of neal. if. ,1.- Willie noggin, of Htila<ta Jieach, calli.; Hene Kimes, of Jpffersonville Pa ; hnd Rnt, Oiiiwlr-y, of iSedham, MaF-,. Kfep your wcaiher eye peeled for iwsc young lellov:s-»ll notr.e, ,„„..„.,, ...„,., , tired. It Ls fiom among them dial two G ames frnm "-- new ifagen.s'slid Hara?>ns will! Barons al Mills . liidfftl. fiimyaii already lias rank with tlif grraLs, anil Hie -.s-liaffnnu. Nfp(/ ; Barrnii. RP- ami Chml, In particular— aie a muHlile shot behind. nif-l Recce New» if- llnme Dfninnsirullr.n clulj ill Ihr nnnin of Mrs. E. A. Innlitn mill c-.innPd rom. Nine ncinliPrii uml it visitor, Mrs. Hiir- .•ir-l Sullivan, oJ Blytlievllle, WPI-O >r«-Mit. Tin- npxt running will te llic nr-w kllrhi-n, whlfli is In and thre i to _ iKT.iRSD.AY ; AUGUST 2, 1934 Unto steond place, behlna the Pei-'lo hresk up e highly remunerative i leans, in the Southern AssoSIatlon.foreign tour to rush hsck here and rsci?i P'ay or Buffs!.). . . Shlrp Pari- The Ecores fi;ere 3 to 2 for the : hnme or ihe Athletics, u „!(, ,-'' r F?licsn= in the first game and 8 'the home run hitters S! h to 5 for Memphis In the wcona.'six spplfj have been squared am Qstehciise of Ihe Pels snd Eosanl.of the har.dfc.iit this year o of Ihe. rnicte huilpd the triumph. | any r.thfr pail: in ihe' \ f3m , rue Knnxvllle Rmokies trounced Tiifj"rr saying 1,1? iiinv the Allsnla Otackers 7 to 3 at At- Greening. Tigers' first sacker ",i Isnia. Moon was the vvinnlne hiirl- ihe m.vt improved fielder lii '.he er pnn Nelson the laser. JAinftiean loop . . . and Hani- is Onattonnoea t/xiknnis won. no loncfr Hie Inuliering gnv Vnii over Hie Nastivilp Vols In in inn.- \^ f! m i n.i-re last year r-v „ T . 0 . -'"5 s 6n(i P"li f 'i HIP latter mt of mead? like.s his . a *,-. ., op-^fcon.l place in t)jf loop .siandlnas. b >ets Hitm six tlnifs s day GO places, took i'the score was 7 to C. Two don- "' ttie nirmingham Dies in Hie inth wMh iwn 0111 =el- Rock \i<- ' - > • • i. i ' ^K- 2; PfIs and Chick Split division contender. •J-ili- Travelers defeated ||,,-, Enr-i OILS 0 in 5 and 5 to 2. Tex tingem ' relieved Wlllongliby In (lip eighth! Inning nt llw first game i-j quell Birmingham's roily. ]ji> wf .,-,| j r , wilh noiis dnv.ii and rethrd th? Hsroii';, who had scored Irree rnn.^ In ihf- Inning. ^iHi ihe winning run I mi ;:i-iv>ml. The. Traveler.', udded firi UK- margin "I vifloi^y In liic nlnlli. 'hnrks In li'.e second game Kola Sliai'fie J* 11 '! a I rmklp, hit for the c-Urnii inning with tv/o on alnii/ wiili 40 [/.liiiiiLs of ha'y. D,-,g lEelng Is enloylng Qllitf: prn^- the grand was hri during Ihe recent 'in-.iay mFPiing at rermle.n, K. J. Ill ME j Nli.i-ty-mv per cpni of the ppr,- jple of Turkey are illiterate. . hurled nafty hall and wnu ufler KuriLXPM If^i six LtioiLSftiitl ri-ii ii. p e H i'C») 11 met I ic hu.s : cominflrclftl ^onc^t-n falls i for prirticipalinn in (he i'. Ci. A. . . . and Ciene hsil .. 'was that the Chicks moved barf- '- Phone 177 fJIgiil— Sunday— Anytime Quirk an.i Wreckw PhiUips Motor Co. i'ARMERS BANK & TRUST CO, INSURANT!; •HERE IT IS- MEAD'S CLEARANCE Ot High Grade Seasonable Clothing and Furnishings Special Group of Linen, Seersucker and Cord SUITS SHIRT SALE including Rhvo and Ide Shirts Shirts ...•/. SHii'ts Shirts 35 $ *« 65 $ *« 95 With Two Trousers Manhattan White Shirts Not Included J 93 Sport Coats Straws $ «tfB • 1 Values up to $2.50 Stetson Straws HALF PRICE Sport Shoes 50 Choice of ^» tho T'Touso, y Values up to Sli.Ofl 3 n'x Was!. Pants $ • ss Mfliifli-is x 'ri-niisf-rs $5 350 !';i tin ttcnrli si'i-s Nni (nrliiilpil Mothers: Buy His School Clothes Now and Sam One Half! Close-Out Sale of Kaynee Wash Togs For Boys of 3 to 9 $1.50 (Wash Suits ?1 Shorts $1.05 Wash ' Wash $ 1 5® iwash $ 1 95 ?1.05 Wash Knickers Suits ?1 Waist* Suits 1 1 Junior Shirts Caps 50c 75c 50c New Mead Clothing Co.

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