Times Union from Brooklyn, New York on November 3, 1927 · 91
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Times Union from Brooklyn, New York · 91

Brooklyn, New York
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Thursday, November 3, 1927
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THE BROOKLYN DAILY TIMES,. NOVEMBER 3. 1927 Night Life Looms as (contender For Rich Pimlico THURSDAY Futiiritu High Time Colt Should Make Things Brisk for Reigh Count Six Furlongs in 1:11 3-5 and Worked-out Mile With No Show of Distress Tell Own Story-i-Twitter Whitney Hope. . By JOHN It. LEWT THE prospects of a victory for Reigh Count in the Pimlico Futurity, of $40,000 added, to be run at the old hilltop tomorrow are not as bright as they were a few days ago. The colt that might have won the Belmont Park Futurity and that did win the Kentucky Jockey Club Stakes, promised to duplicate the feat of J. E. Griffith's Canter that took the 1925 renewals of the Latonia event and also the Maryland jewel at one mila Now it appears that he will have stern opposition from Night Life, the delightfully named son of High Time and Free Love that races for the Bagamore Blame c Mrs. Margaret Emerson Baker. In defeating Petoe-Wrack, the likeliest looking maiden In the juvenile ranks today, and until that race ouri tkrM.itnr unAftnl fni ThA ' Pltllllror Futurity, Night Life, turned six furlongs In 1:111-5 without any display of undue effort. The turns at Pimlico are not exactly what one would call sweeping and this causes Night Life's effort of Wednesday to border on the remarkable. He finished out the mile breezing and gave every evidence of staying powers, on the word of the closest observers. . I fx, Buts 'n A nds. if Night Life forces such speed down the throat of Kelgh Count tomorrow's race should be one for the blood. Reigh Count will be right there at the end, make no mistake about that. He's a real horse. But he will have to close so much ground to get there that one is inclined to look for tne Tea ana wnuo diocks ui Bagamore at the finish. Reigh Count Is a fine stretch runner and If he can stay close enough to the pace ho should win easily. On the other-hand, staying with the speed is not his line and if he Is rushed along against his nature there may not be much left for a finish. This writer is Inclined to regret the failure of Petee-Wrack to make the grade.. Through a dislike for reheating yesterday's mutton it was never mentioned here that the motion pictures of the Futurity at Belmont showed the enormity of the foul that was committed against him. The Macomber colt was coming like an express through the final three-sixteenth when O'Donnell swerved over. Bo sharply was McCoy cut off that the pictures show him rising In the' Irons to pull up. It seems rather extravagant to say, but somehow one feels' .that Peteu might have taken the pot with cleur ailing. Ancient Scandal Revived The moral, of course, is simple enough. And It Is no prejudice gainst the Wldener chute that leads us to point It out. Demonstrations have been so frequent that one may almost' take It as axiomatic that this diagonal la peculiar in that cer tain horses race pounds above their neaas over : it. etee-wrack, ran three brilliant races down the chute and In Maryland couldn't close an Inch on such as Polish and Knap sack. Sublevadp looked like a world beater at Bolmont. After leaving he couldn't beat a fat woman. - Many more, like What'll I Do. Oroucher and Distraction, are ' particularly tond of the course. Scotch and fioda turned in bis best races there. Speaking of this one, an Imported son of Goldep Guinea, It might be mentioned that Mrs. Baker has been running In frightful luck for some time and -a victory for Night Life would be popular. Early In the year stable connections expected to take the Futurltv with Scotch and Bod it and not a dissenting murmur was heard. He has yet to vln his maiden race. " , Now, However, things seem pretty bright. Stotler has several good horses and they are dead fit. Should make up for many disappointments. -una wneiner wignt Life comes through tomorrow or - not, sound sense seems to suggest staying with this stable through the Pimlico meeting. Jimmy Rowe Is reported as being undecided as to whether to start Victorian or not Ha believes the colt another well-named one, by the way. being by Whisk Broom II and Prudery, about a week off his best .effort at one mile. If this is the case It might be well to keep .him In the barn and the old master no doubt will depend oJ Twitter The Kplnaway . winner has all her foot and .- may make Night Life stop. Harasen Is the only , High Time shown to dale that wouldn't stop under sufficient persuasion. . The only difficulty with htm was getting him to start. ' ' Sarazen trimmed Happy Thoughts when the Western filly was thought Just about the last word In two-year, old As long ' as the West has adopted Reigh Count, a New Tork bred, Night Life might hand out the same dosv, Kentucky took -Osmand for Its very own lost spring, when it had far better - cause to adopt Whiskery and Bostonlan. Osmand Just had the better chance, that was all. Somehow when the West gets cagey it's a good time to stick to a homo product. . . . : . . Tie FrMeful Cltlwnry If they were at least consistent out there It wouldn't be so bad. It must have taken a ton of patriotic money to hammer Rolled Stocking down to 4 to t for the Kentucky Derby but when It came to -the Lntona Chnm-plonshlp they conceded it to the East and who was there at the end but Rolled Stocking. In this case sentiment and publlo pride was secondary to a cast-iron cinch, so thought, anl they all passed it up. So come on you Baker) Come on Barnaeyl Coma on XMignt Lire! ., AI Qunther offered no explanation for the break between himself and Frederick Johnson. Qunther made horses out of the Brown boys, Bud ana Flash, and this was quite a feat There are probably worse bosses than Johnson. All fn all. It roems hard to figure why one or the other should be dissatisfied. Most of these matters are publlo property before the principals involved have even thought .about them but here's one that was not only unforeseen by the boys it nas mem guessing. , Bam Hlldreth left Empire ycator. day and his fellow trainers breathed easier, Just from force of habit. It r ems. They have only one day to make tne most of it. LAST CALL FOR ENTRIES. Entries for the Metropolitan Assn. A. A. U. junior Individual and team cross country championships to be held at Van cortlandt Park on Election Day afternoon, will close today. I MeDUFFEtt J V By BABBIE PAYNE fOlM BROTHER SHOOTSY A MEAN STICK OF GOLF- J TOO BAD YOU NEVER J '-SEE HIM IHAV HE f- . SHOT A T2 V yeSTERDAY .JrM QlatTN 1 J I DIDWTSEE CJ HIM-HE MUST , li lM 31 LLy-HE TOLD 1 wrF ME HE WENT I ffi I AROUND ON ALL J BUDNICK AND WAGNER MEET IN B.-M.T. RING Dzuiba and Mercier Semi-final , , ists Tonight. Walter Budntck, of the J6th st. shop, will oppose Joo Wagner, Fresh Pond, In the feature bout scheduled for six rounds at the B. M. T. Em ployes' Benefit Association ,' boxing show to be held tonight at the Rati road Men's Building, in East New York.- George Dzuiba, Crosstown depot, and Ray Mercier, Eastern Di vision El., will meet, in the semi final of six rounds. In another, st rounder on the card Tommy Brady, E. N. Y. depot, will face Tony Gal lucct. Ninth ave. depot' : In the four-rounders George Schaeffer, Canarsie shop, faces Mike Maher, Southern. Division El.; Emli Lelr. B. M. T. building division, tackles Harry St reit De Kalb ave. repair shop, and Luther Grtnage, station dept. meets Tom Donohue, Bergen t depot . ; r , CELTICS TO PLAY MONDAY NIGHTS :n(ounter Philadelphia in First American Basketball League Game Nov. 21. After rearranging the bookings at Madison Square Garden the Original Celtics, world basketball champions and winners of the pennant in the American Basketball League last season, -have finally been alloted consecutive Monday nights for their playing dates with the other teams In the, circuit ' The first game In the regular league season will take place Mon day night Nov. 21, with the Philadelphia quintet Then follow, Wash ington, Rochester, Chicago, Fort Wayne, Detroit and Cleveland. Philadelphia has received the signed contracts of Al Kelhstt, eeir- ter; George Artus and Red Kearns, guards; Soup Campbell and Harry Pasaon, forwards. Negotiations are in progress for at least three other players. The New York quintet which is playing under the direction of Tex Rlckard in New York this season. is working out dally wun ai 1101- mans City college quintet in me Convent ave. gymnasium. Rlckard has the signed contracts of Johnny Whttty, Nat Holman, Dutch uennerx. Chris Leonard. Davy Banks, Joe Lopchlck and Pete Barry. TAKING NO CHANCE ON FICKLE WEATHER Bushwicks, . Farmers Hope to End Series Sunday. The Bushwicks and Farmers, hop ing to decide their series for the semi-pro championship of Brooklyn and Queens before .the April-like weather sneaks out through a side-entrance, will be equally determined to settle the question of supremacy Sunday when they meet In the fifth and sixth games of the interborough competition at Dexter Park. Each team having won two games, a double victory for either side Sunday will settle the issue. Manager Pete Krumenacker of the Farmers will have all of the following twlrlers ready for mound duty. Hen Wiley. Bill Boylan. Chad See and Bob Lawrence. Danny Donovan will .stntilnff burden. For the .. Bushwicks. Joe Weiss probably will call upon Hockenbury and Stanley Baumgartner to do the twirling, with Joe Kaiser and Southpaw Miller ready for relief work. . The first game .will be called at J.:1JP. M. sharp, with the gates open at noon. . ' Four umpires Jake Wagner and Jack Sullivan of the Farmer. Chuck Oldls and Buster Brown ,of the . Bushwicks will games. Immaculata Quintet Downs Knights of St. Antony, 25-18 Bv POP HARRIS 5 nrHE Immaculuta C. C. broke Its losing streak by defeating the Knights of St Antony. 25 to 18, In a Catholic Basketball League game on the Fort Hamilton pkwy. court. The Knights led at half-time, 11 to 8, but fell behind during the second period. In a preliminary game the Kenmore A. C. defeated the Immaculata Triangles. 10 to 8. George Clough and Dugan had early baskets for the big Immaculata team. Dugan carried off scoring honors with a dozen points. Faulkner and Mike Arrasate starred for the Knights. ; The Kenmores toy.ed with the Immaculata Triangles throughout the early game. Catalano was the only member of the Triangles to score. Towell and Balette led the Kenmores in point gathering. The scores: Immaculate C. C. Knights of St. Antony Whelan. Clough Van Bargen Hunt....... Dtutan Haabrouk... G. F. P.I 1 0 2Carnev 2 3 JiArrasate... O 1 1 1 Alexander. . 0 O Oi Faulkner. .. 5 2 12lBulllvan.... 1 1 3IMcCallen... IHarklna O. P. P. O O II 2 2 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 3 i 6 18 Totali... s 7 25! Totals. Referee Sullivan. immaculate Triangle Kenmote A. O. n v PI O. F. P. u...inr it n nlMpDonald... 12 4 Rowan 0 0 OlWhelan 2 1 5 De Ceoclo... 0 0 OITowell 4 2 10 Relllv 0 0 OIBaletti ill Catalano.... 2 4 8IEmlock 10 2 Totals. 2 4 81 Totals., 12 6 30 St. Stephen's Midgets, a fast 100 to 110-pound combination, would like to hear from teams of like weight. For booking call F. Sugl, Henrv 1012. The Lourdes Triangles will meet the Bushwlck Shamrocks at the Jackson St. Settlement Saturday night The Triangles desire 110 to 115-poirhd traveling booking. Write to P. J. Doyle, 223 Weirfleld St. The Pale A. C. would like to hear from .130-pound home teams. For booking call R. Jacobs, Slocum 1711, between 7 and 8 P. M. The Ramblers of Bay Ridge defeated the Cadet Juniors, 27 to 4. In their first game of the season. The Ramblers seek 80-pound book ing. Write to W. McMurrer, 62Z 54th St., or call Sunset 7845. The Jamaica Methodist Lightnings rolled up a 57 to 22 score on the South Third Street Presbyterians on the Methodist court. The scbre: Liahtninr. South Third at. O. F. P.I G. F. P. Poulaon 3 I 7IP. Goldbach. 1 I Fliedell 3 2 8' Mclean e .1 0 Heee 2 2 ftlHajrnea 0 0 0 Lltwln 2 1 .'.IYouiik 0 0 Beck 5 0 10IF. Goldbach. I 0 Harrata 1 3 SiThomaa 3 1 Thomson.... 8 0 IGlWeaton 2 0 Totals. . 14 Ml Totals. . 10 2 VI The Perrys waltzed through their game with the Flatbunh Boys Club quintet winning b ya 46 to 18 tally. Waxman and Pressman were high scorers, accounting for 30 of the Perry points between them.- The score: Perrys Klatbush Rove G. F. P.t G. F. P. Waxman.... 8 0 16! Harvey 3 0 Pressman... 7 0 14'McDonald 1 0 Coloaono. . . . 6 0 12!Stemlelb.... 0 O BchwarU 0 0 III Seltzer 0 Lorber 0 0 OiWelner :; o C Geftner 2 O 41 Cohen 0 0 0 Ferro O 0 OlDoctors 0 0 0 Itkowitl.... 0 0 01 ASSUMPTION BEA J EDISONFIVE, 55-33 Edison Girls Trounce Cardinals, 21 to 9, in Preliminary Game at Xavier Court. Old First Reformed Quintet , f Beats St. Mark's by 44'to 27 'THK St.' Mark's Evangelical Reformed quintet traveled to Seventh ave. and Carroll st. and lost Its opening game In the 145-pound division. Class 'B, of the Brooklyn Sunday School Basketball League, to the Old I'"lrst Reformed passers, 44 to 27. This was St. Marks initial appearand In the league. ' ' Old First Reformed led the visitors at the end of the first half, IT to 14, but the battle was about even i " The Brooklyn Edison Big Five, In dustrial basketball champions of the East, were defeated by the Assump tion Triangles, 55 to 33, on the Xa vier Lyceum court last night. In the curtain-raiser the Edison Girls trounced the Cardinals. 21 to . Big Al Kellert, who was Jumping at the pivot for tho Assumptions, proved the Edlsons' undoing. He was getting every Jump and accounted for four Assumption baskets in the initial period. The Assumptions ran up a 12 to 1 lead on the Kdisons In about five minutes and led, 27 to 9. at half time. Rody Cooney accounted for seven of the nine Edison points. The Kdisons did much better in the second half, but were never dangerous. The Assumption outfit was having a great nlKht at the baskets and were ringing in their shots from all over the court. The Edison Girls played rings around the Cardinals. Peggy Qutnn and Helen Cnjrt'r were the brbsht stars in the Edison lineup. The Edison Big Hive will meet the Brooklyn Separates next week on the President st. court. The scores: I Assumption in the second period, the winners scoring only four more tallies than the losers, but the first half lead won the tilt. Wilson was the star for Old First Reformed, registering as many counters as the whole St. Mark's outfit. Levinson was the only .visitor to score loocc than twice. The score: Old First Reformed 1st. Mark's Evan. Ref. 4 8 box score was reported, only the total score. The-result will be held up pending an investigation by league officials to find out why no -complete report was made of the gallic. . G. F Webster 3 I TiRhui ter 2 Wilson 11 'J8 Itoth 0 F. Anderson.. 4 1 9Le ninoii u SawicM 0 0 OIBononio 1 8ands O O OtHoss O Uourne O u u sick O G. Anderson. . 0 0 0 Mayer 1 Boden 0 0 0j 1 13 1 3 (I O Totals 18 8 44; Referee, Strickland, Totals Warren 81. M. Totals. 23 0 481 Totals. O 18 Hlrten and divide the Doyle and Palazolla Dishing Out Eats 'Stead o' Gloves PAUL DOYLE, the great Bath Beach welterweight of other days, who was as good as they came, and Tony Palazolla, his manager, have moved from the ring to the restaurant business. Paul and Tony have taken over Ciro's. Just 100 yards -west of Broadway on 52nd st, are dishing out fragrant Italian food to tBelr many friends and followers. All hands are wishing Paul and Tony as much success as they can carry home, for Paul and Tony always gave their best In the so-called roped arena. At any rate, if Paul's food Is on a par with his fisticuffing of the old days the success Is assured. WOOD. work , both GET YOUR EDTRY BLANKS. Entry blanks have been issued for the seven-mHe metropolitan Association A. A. U. championships to be held at McCombs Dam Park on Sunday afternoon, November IS and for the national A. A. U. seven-mile walking championship to be held at the same place on Sunday afternoon. December 4. They will be sent upon request to the Metropolitan Assn. A. A. U.. 05 Broadway, Manhattan. The Scholastic Mirror By Arthur H. Wubnig CONCERNING the proposal fori s, post -season football game between Poly Prep and either Manual or Erasmus. I 'wish to say that . provided Manual wins over Erasmus on Election uay, a post season game with Poly Prep would surely pay,' writes ' a Manuauie. "The spirit' of the school on this point indicates that such a game would go over big. The game undoubtedly would result In superb playing and a tremendous crowd would be drawn to It." -.-. -'. , , yOUR discussion in the Mirror ' relative to a , reuniting of Erasmus and Poly on the gridiron Interested -me greatly." writes 1. Liebowltx. ' "Therefore, may 1 take this opportunity to back what I believe Is a good movement I am sure that an agreement between the schools would prove of great aid in borough scholastic sports. Agitation la strong at' Erasmus Hall for this and has been so for some time. In a recent issue of the Flying Dutchman, . the Buff and - Blue weekly, there appeared an editorial about this Poly affair, urging an immediate settlement. The matter about the Alumni Committee and Its regulations Is beside the point The committee is not official and Its mem bers, graduates of borough hlgh schools, are not always impartial. This Is not even to be expected from a voluntary committee of this kind. To make this award the selfish reason the reuniting of Erasmus and Pol slmDlv makes a farce of tho whole thing. . There should 'be no outside Interests Ilk this brought to bear. The schools should come to a voluntary, unselfish and sportsmanlike agreement."- rpuiS is not In the nature ot a complaint, or outside suggestion along the lines ot the letter In the Mirror of Saturday last, but an attempt to understand how you lusttfv your position ot seeming In difference about certain schoolboy athletes," writes A Student- "mere Is a lad, Penta by naiao. a sturdy lad of 170 sounds, who 'Plays fullback wlthtthe New Utrecht eleven. The youngest player on the the team, be has Just entered his 17th year. He Is a line plunger of no mean talents: he gains an average ot five or six yards every time he carries the ball. When not Duelling tne line, or smashing off-tackle, he Is a veritable demon at providing Inter forence or sweeping runs around the" ends. Penta, the New Utrecht full back, will bear' watching."' BOT8 HIGH SCHOOL, may well be nmnrt nf h nnSlltV Of Its fOOt- ball eleven's forward line, although the team Itself is out of the running for the championship," writes M. Middleton Moyer. "In my candid opinion a better defensive showing has never been made by the line of any recent scholastic elevens, than that of tne Boys rorwara u against Madison. How those boys broke up the attempted Madison thrusts through rh Una and around the ends! How those warriors many times held the Golden Tornado for downs with tho latter needing only one or two yards to go for a touchdown! Kozlnski and Caplan at the nds are both aggressive lads, with an uncanny ability to diagnose plays while they are in the bud. Moe Amnirteln.. stalwart, roving center Cy Machson, dynamic. Immovable guard, and last but not least Harvey Juris, tackle par excellence are all players of the same type. They are righters. plungers all. with the added characteristics of fearlessness, cleverness and sheer - football knowl edge. It la Indeed unfortunate for M; Cohen and Tubby Teicher that they are assigned to play on the same line as Juris. ' Arensteln and Machson. Cohen, a colorful and shifty tackle is a veteran who played a fine brand of football last year, xeicner. a quiet unassuming lad,, la a guard who never lets anything get past Mm on the field, and has been a regular for the past ,1hree years. Weigh the merits of this powerful Una and see if It Isn't the very best you have seen In scholastic circles this year on in recent years. j . MOW FOR some answers: To Mr, Mebowits." Poly and Erasmus should be united on other grounds than convenience In determining the champion, nobody denies that. But It wouldn't hurt at all to aocovpany the , act of union-with a decisive tussle. : Moreover even If the Individual members of the Alumni Committee are partial . to their own schools, the sum totals ot partislan ship evens up, and comes out nou tral at last. : . What Mr.' Moyer has to say about the Boys line is Interesting, but possibly somewhat exaggerated. The Boys line of H25 with Magglo. Keman, Flnkel. Horillch and so on the Manual line pt last year, with Firstenberg. Malln. Tanner, Wln-nnkka and olhoro the Poly line of this season, with Johanna Penny, Patterson and Klrby all these and some more. In tho Mirror's opinion, rank higher than the 127 edition ot the Rock ot Gibraltar. , BARNARD PRESIDENT OF AMERICAN LEAGUE Three-year Term for Ban John- son's Successor. Chicago, Nov. 3. Ernest S. Barnard, of Cleveland, is the new president of the American League, filling the office Ban Johnson vacated when Johnson resigned after serving the league he organized for 27 years. The American League Club owners unanimously chose Barnard, former president of the Cleveland Indiana for a term of three years. Although the salary figure was not made public, ft Is believed to be approximately 140,000 a year, the same as Johnson received. - . William Harridge, who for Is years acted as private secretary to Johnson, was elected secretary of the league, a newly created position. Harrldge's term also Is for three years. Previously Johnson held all three positions. -,- EAGLES VS. VISITATION Dolly Ferguson's Eagles? who play llie Ylsltatlon Triangles Sunday ihlcht In Prospect Hall, should prove fast and hard opposition for the Metropolitan Basketball League champions. ... Th. ltneuo assembled by Miss Fer guson includes esiaDiisneu "'"'" T- nmnklvn favorites who win nerrorm with the Eagles are wuiie Carey and Willie Marrin. They are to play the guard positions. Carey is an ; old Idol ot South Brooklyn fans. Several seasons ago he played with Vlsitatiop, but wlthho fonha-inn a' tho Metrnnolltan League transferred to Greenpoint and subsequently. Yonkers- where he was a member of a championsnip team. Miss Ferauson. Who is a musical comedy dancer. Is quite sure that her Eagles will claw tne mangles. DUNDEE, HUDKINS SET FOR TITULAR BOUT Odds on Champion in Tonight's Fight Drop. Los Angeles. Nov. S. Both Joe Dundee, welterweight champion of the world, and Ace Hudkins, Nebraska Wildcat expressed their confidence of returning victorious in their bout at Los Angeles ball park tonight ' The fighters took thing easy yesterday. Both were reported under the 147-pound welterweight limit Hudkins scaling 146 pounds, and Dundee 144. t Betting, which previously favored Dundee, switched to even money with a possibility that Hudkins i may go into the ring a slight fav orite. The Nebraskan expressed the opinion that he was "a sure thing." u. k. r.l ;. f. p. Brown I ' 4! gturhberry.. 4 0 8 Cooney 5 1 lllf'.oxbury ... 1 1 3 Walsh .1 1 7 Kellert 4 3 11 8-rlll II I'll W. McDonald T T 17 McDonald . I) 1 HMItchell ... 2 3 7 Rellly 3 1 7 Seivert 1 0 2 Totals... II II 33 Totals... 31 15 55 Referee, Ryan. Edison Girl I Cardinals G. K. P. O. F. P. Moore I 1 11 Murphy ... 1 1 Quinn 3 4 1"! Hutton 0 0 0 Russell 0 0 : KaRler 1 2 4 Konrad 0 O fl1 Dell 1 2 4 I'nifi 3 2 8iRoxbury ... 0 0 0 Traver 0 O Ol Totals... 7 7 211 Totals.... 2 S Repeating their opening game of last year, the Tompkins Ave. Con gregational basketeers sprang a sensational unset by defeating the Ht Paul's Lutheran five, champions the past three season of Brooklyn anJ Manhattan, on the formers court Dy the score of 37 to 32. The battle was fiercely contested throughout. both teams caging the same number of baskets, but the homesters ac curacy from the foul line decided the game. St. Paul's trailed Tompkins at half time. 19 to 13. and although the visitors netted nine field goals to six by Tompkins in the second half, the latters half dozen free tnrowa won the game, as St. Paula only regl stered a lone foul shot. The return of Klein to the Tompkins lineup aided greatly in their victory, as he tallied lz points. Keyes also played well. Captain JJtck Meyer and Stager divided the point-scoring honors, with ten each, for St. Paul's Lutheran. The score: Tompkins Ave. I St. Paul's Congregational I Lutheran G. F. P.I G. F. P. Klein S 2 121 Stager 5 0 10 DeEstre 3 O Meyer 3 4 III Keyes 5 3 J3!Bauman 3 0 1, Rledel 0 4 4iVasoll 0 0 0 Crawford 0 0 0 Deuhsheidt. .. 10 2 Ketihunt 1 0 2 1 Johnston 10 2 Shattuck 0 0 Oi Austin 10 2 Referee. Cshill. MOORE IN ICE RACE TONIGHT Joe Moore, who is carrying the colors of tho newly formed skating club of E. A. White, well-known sportsman, will be among the starters la the mlss-and-out Class A feature at the Iceland Rink tonight This race will be contested In the same manner as in btke racing, the last man at the end ot each lap being eliminated until only six remain when a ZZO-yard sprint will be held to decide the winner. . . PURDUE ON EDGE Lafayette. Ind, JJov. I. Physl cully In good shape- Purdue has finished Its heavy work In preparation for Northwestern Saturday. Mutton. end. Is back at his position and has proven a tower of strength. Bowling jjjr Billiards ACADEMIES RED STARS TIE, M Pass Up Chances to Win Over Scandinavian Booters. The Red Stars and the powerful Scandinavian Club fought to a 1 to 1 deadllock In a Metropolitan Workers' League game at the Parade U rounds. The Red Stars had many opportuni ties to get ahead of the Scandinavian eleven but careless play around the opposing net proved costly. Washkowitz and Goldberg played well for the Red Stars, while Shields. besides scoring his team s lone tally, was of invaluable aid on both offense and defense. The lineup: Scandinavians (!) ...Ooal Biorkstetn ....R.B....... Kastram ....L.B..., Wlbenr ,...K.H.. Loncren ....C.H.... Mmsnuson ....L..H Llnd ....OR... Ltnqulat ....t.R.: Hanson, ,...CF... Erlcson ....I.I- - Shields ,...O.L - Benson fteanto. Shields. Time cf Red Stare (11 Waahkowtts ... A.Szanto ...... Goldbenr Zevenberfier - .., Chin Cohen ......... Chainln Gmli N.Ssanto ...... Lefkowlts ..... Alter . ........ Goals N. Halves 40 RiHiutea. Games Tonight ' ' 7 Unlimited Division. Class A Bay RldM M. E. at Clas&on Ave. Presbyterian. Classun ' ave. and Monroe St. Class B Bautlat Tem ple at Concord Baptist, at Carlton Ave. Y. M. C. A., 4Mj Carlton ave. (8 P. M.). Class C Kingd Highway M. E. at Flalbush Praor byttrlan. Foster ave. and E. 23rd St. . ' 14,,-l'ound Division. Class A South Con gregational vs. Concord Baptist, at Carlton Ave. V. M. C. A., 405 Carlton ave.: Churou of the Evangel Congregational at Mary Ave. napusi. uiasg a utrong PI. Baptist at Xlon Norwegian Lutheran, 12th ay, and ' tHth st. .. ' l.'IO-l'ound Division. Class A Central Vrmm. hytei ian at Uidgewood Presbyterian, Halleck ana rarest lives., Kiagewood, (Queens. Class il South Third Presbyterian at Baptist church of the Redeemer, Ocean' ave. and Cortelyou rd. Kxhlbltlon Game Redeemer fitara at St. Mark s M. E.. Beverly rd. and E. 21st at. ' H COOLIDGE SENDS WISHES Congratulates Newark Owner on Obtaining Johnson as Manager. t President Coolldge, in a letter to Paul Block, the newspaper publisher who recently purchased the franchise of the Newark Baseball Club, congratulated him yesterday on having signed Walter Johnson as manager, i "Newark," said the President In his letter, "Is to be congratulated on obtaining Walter Johnson to man-a?o its basehn.ll team Kim ata.tlr.M ! Is assurance that clean character and true sportsmanship are as highly valued as are experience and ability, "I congratulate you In securing his services and wish both him and the Newark club success during the next Totals 14' 37! Referee, Wanner. . Totals 14 4 32 In the opening game of the Girls' Division, the St. Paul's Lutheran cagera defeated the St John's M. IS. lassies on the latters Bedlora ave. court 27 to 22. The visitors led at half time, 17 to 12, and, although the home girls held them even in the second half, the Lutherans' early lead was too great to overcome. Maud Miller's two baskets In succession In the last quarter won for St. Paul's. Both team put up a good passing game and guarded well. Captain Harriet Bogart was . the winners' big shot, with eight two- DOinters. while K. Kastengren ex celled for the Methodists with five baskets and three penalty shots. The score: St. Paul's Lutheran I St. John's M. E. O. F. P.I G. r. P. Bogart .,. 8 0 JO'E. Kastengren. 6 3 13 Hiengie. ...... u v u W. Kastengren 3 17 Gehrleln 0 0 0 Zinsmalster... 1 0 t Kohlemeier... S O Meyer 0 O Oest 0 0 Muller.. 3 0 Petertnann... 0 1 13 1 27 U Bauppl Totals...... S 4 22 no, Savag School. GRID BOOKING SOUGHT The WoOdhaven T. M. H. A.'s 140-pound football team desires booking. Write to Nat Gold. 100-17 91st ave., Woodhaven, L. I. Totals..., Referee, In the opening game of tho 1 impound Division, Class A, the Ocean Ave. Congregational five downed the Kings Highway M. E. on the latters' court. 7 to 6. Close guarding and poor shooting featured the contest. In violation of the league rules no Diathermy Cure Planned ; For Grange's Bad Knee Red Grange Is suffering from a case of water on the knee. Word to this effect was received at the offlco of C. C. Pyle, manager of Red Grange and the New York Yankees', yesterday. Pyle immediately got in touch with Grange over the telephone and after a confutation with Red's physicians it was decided to give the ailing knee diathermy treatments. Grange may be able to play In Cleveland on Sunday and it seems certain that he will start in the game for the Yankees against the league leading Chicago Bears at the Yap.-' kee Stadium on Election Day. ,. With the diathermy machine, ac cording to medical experts and electro-therapists, it Is possible to cure a case of water on the knee In 48 hours of treatment. The process involves the use of "internal heat,'.' which removes the water. The diathermy machine generates a heat which bolls an egg In two seconds, roasts a potato in SO seconds or broils a steak In two minutes. The only two in the East are at Cambridge, Mass., and West Point . Grange - was submitted to on hours treatment after the conference' with Pyle, and , Ralph Scott coach of the Yankees, telegraphed late last night that the swelling of Grange's knee was reduced by one-hajf. - . : v - -V- -tale' - -S II II M .fVU.VliL JI.il.JLWJL a -waaaaaaMsaraa mav-isi aa, w w , v tvtrythin Aterferf far ' REPAIRS BT EXPERT MECHANICS TH BRCNSW1CK-BAI KE-COLLlNDXaCO. T gcesath AvasuM "HAIR-GROOM Keeps Hair Combed, Glossy Well-Groomed all Day , jrJsfasSNsrNlJ 'aflESisyX. " M'Halr-Groom" Is dignified, combing V cream which costs r only a few cents a y ar at any drugstore. . Millions use It be cause K gives mat natural gloss 'and , well-groomed effect ta the hair that final touch to good tings both In busi ness nni) on tmc'.al occasions. Even stubborn, unruly or shampooed hull-stays combed all day In any stylo you like. "Halr-Groom" Is greaeless: also helps grow thick, heavy, lustrous hair.-'Advertlsement calmdar 55 e . but watch how other smokers are changing to Chesterfield! sTsfsa. T -"ssisssai TOR THE BEST AV UlfiWhK OFGOODHEASONS t

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