The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 21, 1945 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 21, 1945
Page 5
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WBDNKSDAY, MARCH 21, 1945 ff Plans Hglaria Fighi Pemiscot, New Madrid And uunkm* Counfip^ TH ,~ — *" ui iu vi, ia »„ n t> V" 1 ""'* soldiers who a lew hours earlier Have Been Designated "«i perfomieii one O r the most Their Mission Was A Failure But Heroes Win Silver Stars BIA'TJIEVILLK COURIER NEWS lly United i> fess A brigadier general stood n front of (hem in the l cy , blllng rain. There were 15 O f them, CAIIUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Mar.21 —The three hoot hcol comities o( ^otitlirast Misjotiri-Peml-cot, Dunk- jm and New Madrid, have bccndes- ignated by the 'Missouri Health Department -and UieU. a. Public lieallli Service, as the site for a malaria control program, in w ),| c ii (i )c ,,ew chemical. D. D. T., developed nnd used so effectively by the Army, will be feuUired, it was iinnonnced tod:iy by UP. Fred L. Ogllvlc, counlv health physician. I» the proposed program, two method:; will be employed for nnl- ana control. A spray and minor (iiaiiiagc program will be curried on "round some towns to control and eliminate ir.osqulto brecdiii" places and interior of nil homes in rural' "'•»as «-m b» .«|>:uyed with a chemical which will destrov all mosquitoes coining in contact with it. Workers are now engaged In locating ajj dwelling on large maps lo facih ate in ihc control program Before ihe breeding season ikelv breeding places will lie -prayed b" «cws o r two and three' workers. Malaria control instructions will also be given by a well-trained HIT THAT RHEUfflAJIC RIGHT mm IT BORIS Antl look (it the Silver Lining in those Clouds of I'uin Tlie big idea is that you want to feel better. When pain cases, your mind c.iscs. Vou get rtbl that means deliverance. So use something thnt gels at (lie liel" N'" 13 '' r '""- S y ° U l>a '" -r <' l ' evi "S odiers who enjoy ils help, too. 60" ami 5". Caution: Use only as directed. First linltlc purchase |>ricc refunded if you arc net satisfied. Today, get C-"2 3 , ....v.. UJIL- ui me mcsi dangerous missions in modern warfare, Now llicy were to receive the Silver Star. But four of their buddies weren't on hand, they were all«i out-, too tired to attend the ceremony, nnd they never heard the general formally pro- iiotmce them heroes. Yes, them. they Some were Jieroes, all of say they were the ,, — -.- L"^j ULUL' (nc first Yanks to cross the Khlne. but icy themselves aren't making that claim. In fact, like'most heroes, they arc trying to soft-pedal the whole thing. Bill lliey will admit they had a tout/li job." Yon bel it wns lon»li Think of 20 men righting alone to .save a great modernistic bridge crossing the Hhinc. A bridge that would take n whole army across If its demolition charges could be cut before the nnil German slmipnel falling ||k rain. And If they did find ihe win nnd dynamite at one end of tli bridge, they sllll had to locate 111 demolitions in the middle or n the other end. or wherever th Nuxis hud put (he dynamite. For even one elwrye might b enough to prevent the Yanks froi using the bridge. And with all thai, there was Ih constant threat of Imminent dead Those were the odds those '1 men faced. Captain George Young Wood of Cluuteton, S. C. tackle the Job first. n c hnd nine en i . (sincere and three infantrymen hts patrol when he climbed to th ramp.of the Adolf Hit!,.,- biiifce little after midnight. They started working 'n, c |r m across, slowly and carefully, look' ins for Nazis and demolition n Captain Youngbloml says "W made a perfect target IxWusc house was on fire right behind us 'We had to work along the rail ins at the shle. pulling our I OP In between the steelwork and hold Germans on llic other iide"ha(l"a i i»K~o!iio7he"tonTall''•" chance to M them off. j The officer nnd hi« ,„„, „„„ Consider the odds: A bridge about HOB feet long, with dvna- mitc planted at .strategic points All Ihc Germans would have to do to foil the American mission would be to push a button, or a Plunger, and set off fh<. t-.\|j| 0 .vi v< . s H would take only a second lo do it. '" a rcce against that second the Americans had to cut the wires on the dynamite charges on one end of the bridge, that Is, if thev "oiild find them. It was more than just cnltiii" wires. They had to find those wires and those charges first. And there were two formidable ob- ttncles to thai—pitch black night II. cut off the entire malaria worker In schools, eliurche.s ijHj before community groups and [--OVAL, n DON EDWARDS "Tlie Typewriter Man" 118 N. 2nd STREET Tr ania ctloa Musi Be Satofactorj) POKTABLE 3 NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS " IWrnili's may he mining your property. Call me In check uj, wilhoul cost or obligation. MICK A\'I> KOACH CONTROL GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSHIP Pliune Z359 DRS. NIES &'NIES OSTEOPATH 1C PHYSICIANS Rectal Diseases a Specialty (EXCEPT CANCER) OFFICE HOURS: 3:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 Clinic 514 Mai,, niythevllle, Ark. Phone 2921 look down on the cobbli'stiine. sonic 75 fc<a |, f | ow . And ulxiv? tlirin Dicrc was the coiisliin scrcaiiiln R roar of crossfire. .Heavy guns on both sides of Ihe nver were .sending shells ciiiKliitiL into eniDlncpiiioHi., m the opposHc biink. ' That Is all but one nun. H keiit lunkiiiR its ainnumilion smack clown llji- cpnior of the bridge J a hail of shrapnel lownk the men incliing thci,- wny n i on ,, tile rail. As Cnptnlii Yoniicbloort nnd hi iinall dctiili nrtvinicort. tl^y c on!(l see n great lire blocking "the far side of tlie suan. Apparently 11 was fed by til -- .()!itlw.'iy. Artillery shells wrve dropping evciy tiro minutes, but slill the men creei)«l alniK,-. one of the niili-ol, Private First Class Ilnrvcv Sheffield of Atlanta. Gn., gel with'- in 15 feet of the end of the bridge before the terrific heat, of tlie fire forced him back. Tlie squad eoulci do nothing but turn back. Later. Second Lieutenant Guy Amspoker who comes from jilncoti On., tried ,ignm. ire took ci(?ht men with him and they, too inched their way along ihc bridge In the darkness trying to find and cut the wires which led to toils of hidden dynamite, dnyamitc that misjlil explode at any moment. Bill they, loo. were unable to .it all Vf,c wny across. Shortly uefore dawn, they made their way back to the American side. They were off the bridge just 15 minutes when it happened. The Nazis had plunged a lever which sent tlie huge structure crashing into the river below. It was liesrt- brcaking as the men of the two patrols watched " the "bridge pn down. Its HOC feet of wide roadiraj would have saved counties.-, American lives. But their root-by-fool battle along the rain-sweot railing under artilleiy fire and against a jackgrmnid of flame was ns great i bit of heroism n? any suc:cssful patrol ever accomplished. Tlie men had to turn back, they didn't find the nil-important wires ind the bridge wr.s lost. It's true, their mission failed. Jut not their courage. It is that .-bid of courage that doesn't know Ihe mcanint! of the word failure. Its that kind of courage that is ^•inning the war. TSH CTACULAR Entertainment For Everybody Staged by 125 Talented High School Students HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM 8:00 o'clock Admission 43c-Ail Tax Included Sponsored by the RED PEPPER CLUB This Ad Contributed by Mead C.'othing Co. 10 Scholarships Will Be Awarded Outstanding Students Will Vic For Grants By Washington U. 8. LOUIS, Mniel) 2)._Api)llc(i- I oiis for 10 rnU-lnlllon scholar- slip. 1 . to Wiislilnslon University valued nl SMOO racli, must be sub- '' ° " u> by April ,. ... i«i»m,» uj n\nn t. Wnshbunic D. Shlplon, scholarship ehnlrman. has announced The •leholarshlns will be au'urded under i new plan whereby $128,000 In iwards will be given by (he unl- •ei.'ity annually ( 0 outstanding "I'll school graduates, nnd to students aheady emolleil. Students all over the country r.'nik iti tlw highest five per of (heir graduating clnssw wl cent LOOKING AfffM *r «0t«l I UNION FIXED LAWS H, M 0l !r! ll ' c Iuws tm ' lllws uf luilure, "Mil. Ihcy are divine laws In the j>uiiH' sense that Hie linv of urui'lty is a law of Clod. Such laws were In sS'iVc'T '' OU " 1 ' ll ' C "''' St nm "-"""to imtuial law was ever repealed by lie" f arllnmcnt. Nalural laws can be ml are rci:cnnmcndi><l by their "8" school principals may compete for i lie scholarships. The cx- -imiimtions will l,e ] wM OM , J)C •innpiis April 20. In addition IOC part-lull Ion hon"• si-holarshljK worlh SflOO eneli or llio four will be awarded .iinimlly. with 57 of the awards lo 10 Klven to sradiiates of schools 'om outside Iho St. Ix)iil.s nreii. i eerlaui number will be given lo Indents in Arkansas, Illinois, own, Kentucky, Missouri, Okla- ioiim. mid Tennessee. Ajiplicat'lons or I bete awards must be made o the imlwreity |, y M, IV g •Ihi- leiniilnlng « pa'rt-tnllion nuts will be awarded to the lilgh- sl rankltiB students from varlou-. n?H schools in the St. Louis ictropolitnn area. Rich scholarship Is for a four- P«r period, provided the student lalntclns n snlisfndory scholastic vcrasc, JUKI is cftcsllvc as soup * the student enrolls. Carl Brantlcy n Overseas Hospital Serrsl. Carl Hrantlcy i,f Caruth- "-•.vlllc has been sllyhtly wounded tin i' ,"' Cier " 1 "»y «"" was hos- >i ah/ed In France. He .expects lo eturn to duty soon. Serfjeanl Urantley has been hi "nbaL almost contliinoiisly since Vo\c,nbcr as a member of General 'niton's Third Army. .His wife ami three children and >s parents all live in Cnnilhers- leimelvcs siilliibJu pennltics for ;U "ill«n; hard |o escape. Under natural law, every producer '""is a profit when he serves the well; takes » loss when he M l tV?, lllc publlc 1K1C)|15 '- W'"-' 11 »'"- mpuialors, government planners or "n.v other kind, use artificial price controls, they violate nnliirnl law « "lakes no dilference whether Ih.i Him ts greed or lo protect "lame "uclis" from loss. Price controls encourage Incompetence. Wliciil t'rlcc 1'aillv C nude K. Wlckard, Secretary of AljrlcuHiire, recently lold an iiudl encc of wheat growers In et Paul liii l ,»Vn. S ' l ; ro<iucUo " '" st - yctir was nil million IM.SIIJI.I comiiaied to 800 TM !' '," " lvplc "' l )rc -w ye»r. '"Is is deemed lo forecast a postwar over-production of itio million bushels or more a year. There is „ law compcllliig government to hold «ti wheat prices for two vcars aft Ihe war. Taxpayers may as well brai tliemselves. H is lime lo slarl woi lierlnt; what it's going (o cost IK busliel to ,)roi) w , il lc w j,enl' |)r | t nun hold It at ijarlly; or what horn Per acre must be paid to mm- Evutt eis of wheat for not growing whca Another wonder: Can the price .-mi port be removed after two years ( must the (aximycrs continue 1511111 antceliiB a wheat price indefinite!! Oliscrvr. Natural l,a\v There Is an honorable way l.eiu each Industry's problem for men o Hint Industry to solve. Using whei as an example, permit the Depart ment of Agriculture to prepare sue data as Mr. Wlcknrd B nvo the fiirn crs and make such data avallab '.o the whole Industry. Let the farm cis use their own Judgment In Hi Is a of the facts. They will do better job than government mci »ml will not cost the taxpayers an One advantage Is obvious: Men o an Industry can consider an Indus trial problem tmbllnded by n dm, j Values You Have Been Waiting For at Prices , I You Want to Pay! THIS WEEK ONLY MILK PITCHER 79c \ Novelty sluipc, ?•'/, inches lull, highly glazed porcelain. Also can be used as -a vase.' DINNERWARESET SALAD BOWL SET 3-PIECE 1.19 Popular si/,c, II inch diameter, howl, complete with fork and spoon. COOKIE JAR ' 2.25 ilc.liililully I'otlcry _rool<ic Jar, '/i.\S irlthc! "illi (mil Jecorallnn unJcr hiff, A (tractive Floral decoration, semi-porcelain. A set you'll be proud (o own. American nv.nJc. WATER BOITIE Only I fjuart capacity-. Tits in rc(rJ^cr,ilor for , Juices: Crystal stonn of iKillllonl consUlcrntlons, Oovoniiwil's i>i'o|)cr function Is (o si'i-vo DIP c'lllwrns. Ciovi'rninont cnn not stiitlstk's nioiv t'onvcnlcntly limn iin uiKnntaillim of Inislncw men, iintl i>ovt>riimrnl i>xpi>r|.s nn- duublriUy nun olfcr viiluiiblc Inlcv- liretiitlous bill Interference Is nol lii'lj). ItuslniM Men Thliih Hwslness men oun mulorslnml );i)V- crnnienl lljjiire.s, inierpret them unit ii|)|)ly ivlmt Ilicy linvc lonrneit. PIK- nrpfi from the Uflimi-tinpiil of C'oin- nieiTO nnd ilu> cvivsus Ilnrcnn Imve iK'iU'lttlect ninny Inilnslrles in llio |)i<M, lnlei|)ivtcil b.v .•ilnllsllclntis In Hie einiiluy of trutk- nssoolntlons. It win-ill Is nver-|iroilnci>(l one yenv brciiil u-lll be cli«i|i. Tim next ye«r' whenl, men cnn plnn more wisely. Wlint did Iho eotton siilistdy <)u except open the unto for n.yon to fitoiin (lie rattan tilunicr's innrkt-t? A lUitUlnus whrnt price run wnlv brltw Hint Industry .some slmlhir eiilnniHy, It Is liml eiiotiRh to hnve lnyiil clll/.ens luxcd vi-lllnnil inercv to Imlld n fiilsi- ))rli-c struuiuny worse, when you know Unit the result will IK- l« jlft n 1)|R I'.sscnllnl industry olV lu emiiDiulc foiniiln- tlon nnd pennnnently crlpiile u. Tlie United stutes, In nnnnnl linc.1, nunnifiieluivs nini mt,s n \mf lee rriMim lluin idl Ihe rest ol the. PAGE FIVE' Clc.-vr cryslal . 2 only f and 1 only -I s S intli jars, complete <vfl|i covers. TEA POT STEEl FRY PAH Eac!. 1.95 6 cup ' eagerly, hi|<(l filn/.cd cliina. Assorted styles nnd '. colors. N Only ' 50c Made at heavy .' jumped slccl, '• natural finish. ! &Vi in. Jia. Heavy steel < handle. "% PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc. 126 W. Main rhone 515 Baby Dies Of Burns Started By Four Boys CAMimilXIE, Mass,, Mar. 21. tUP)—Four younijstcrs have confessed Unit they wl flro lo a cnr- "iane holding a six month old buby ttlio later died from Ihe burns. Tlie boys ndmlltliiB tile act rnngc n ago from o lo 12. They say they bought u box of mulches and were walking niotii! Uic sidewalk tossing' them tit pwlcstrlnns when n lit match fell Into Ihe cnrrlnge. Tire youngsters explain that they tried to bent out (ho Humes but became frightened :md Ited. Doctors strangled to; 1 is hours to save (he baby, John Ofrln Jr. However, despite blood transfusions and the use of an oxygen tent, efforts to save the child wu-n In vain. Doui'lus Illrilijilace URANDON. VI. (UP) -mill standing hero Is ih 0 sm nll ,,i 01 . y . and-a-haif cottage In which Stephen A. Douglas was torn In 1813 A murblo monument Iclls (lie ulory of Ihe Lillld Giant's slotted by. ills /amoits Lincoln. WOOD and , KINDLING Barksdale Mfg. Co, Koudi "A Better Place To fat" The Now PALACE CAFE -Sloaks, G'luiiis, Seafood. Chicken. VcKclnMc.i coolicd JUKI like home. FIRST AID for 'FRUSTRATED' FURNITURE ALL-PURPOSE POLISH llDlllC. I W (liu Jiriiililncsj <|f jour, So BO over II iviili O.CeJ.-ir All. I'u.Hiow I'oll>li.,Svc l Jiow ln(s riunoiu poli'jli E)iinijs • oatdmnpluralbtMury, of llicwowl.Aciiinlly . h'lvej triple iKr/Ort:" reniovci'ilirt, pol- lilies, ncu to prevent <!r>-ncu nnd era citing.*, N" linrcl rui)!)ln« rc- ()rj;ill l)rns, * Co, I \\. C'alhouu Memphis;" \' The Greatest Name OCilirTOITeU »OUS«5.K»HJ. MDlnpllOIIIUS ,.; ttHNUS . OUOOmntS . IHStCIICIOIS • »IH __ MWICtlVl CUM . WJT IK} COIISK MOtS WE'VE NEVER HEARD WAR SERVICE! Our survkc loday is Llio .stimc friendly service of pi-t-wai- days. Of < Ihcrc- liavu Ijccn rostriutioiiH and priori lies mid a few government. rc(|ulalion.s, but »'u'\r maiWKwl to we:.tlici- Ihc stonn "ml keep siiiKiviur (|ualiLy our middle mime. Your flotlit-H arc as carefully cleaned and prcKscd a.s ever, and Ihe.v Hlill have: Dial Jhid.soii "finish" that Has always been a mark of our work. Our aim i.s U, kcej) your c ] 0 iJ, es fresh ami .siKtrkling- until the day when new clothes will ilK ain he in style. In Ihc meantime wo w ;ll .l lo lhank you for your cooperation. Co//26? 2 For Service. 24 HOUR SERVICE On Garments Brought In And Called For . . . This Service available upon requssf! DSON Cleaner-Tailor-Clothier

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