Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 4, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 4, 1942
Page 1
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The Weather Continued Cool Tonight, HOME EDITION Bethany —^— Bristol Terrace t . , Circulating In Cotton Hollow —r- Midcllebury r MillviJIe —- Platts Mills Straitsville Union City NAUGATUKDAILY NEWS, TUESDAY, AUGUST 4, 1942 LEASED WIRE SERVICE— UNITED PRESS Price Three Centi Russians Cutting Into Nazi Positions On Don River Naugatuck Industrial Situation Is Excellent I). S. RUBBERCOIMPANY BUSINESS OUTLOOK GOOD More Help Being Hired in j. "U. S." Business Good Order to Take Care of Many Orders, lijiYi'inr t>r Industrial lU'latlons H.WS«T A. lii'til'-y Indicated today in m nil''r\i'"«v with Thn News •* niitlonK for thn * <»!' ttu 1 Unlti'd SUituM iijiany was particularly is Mine, •y stali'd that Ihu local rapidly convurlliiK to a i! war production pro- da! thi'iv am many HOW , hi'iim exiiei'linenled with ,,M! I'aclorlcM, which If plans U. may play a vory Impor- in tbe natlon'M war pro- phut.' If" I- nu |Mi'l '' •al factory observed that indiuii plans for NaiiKtiluuk wall V HIII'|) lilKh llgures that the nc- ily I'nr additional help IH bolng ,..irh thy. and thai the hiring of IM-III Is being currit'd out 'it is i'\i><viri| ihal Urn I dual plants \\ill luvr MII dlfUcult.y HoiMli'liiM all Hi-' ruM'cr iH'i'drd to Inlorpi'ol all \ I'nnlr.irh SIT u red % by (ho coin- i'iiis Co., . M. <|II.'ITJMK •nluck lil bin- as lln i Mast (.'I'M hlMduii Mann. HuMHcll Maiui- ni Mo., hnwls Kn- Pnul, Inc., .N'ail- IMillcrlUild (ioi'p,, lin'lnK <'•<>,, Horni In., und the Nauga- ui Mo., all aro li-nun'iid-, ami many oi 1 Ihwu dally al svorkni'H, Naizs Advance on Burning Russian Town ItOSSUH A, DONLHY IN BUS FARE TO LOCAL FACTORY NEXT MOVE" TO JAMES PETRILLO and H up (luts playing lh«! own- <>r th«- stiui'iis fink* 1 Hi'' ri''xl. innvo, Tin- niovi-s sn I'lir ha v J'iwl -IMIIH-S IVIrilio, ehli-r oi' (In: Anvrii-an KiMli-mMon of tiuinnl iMi'iHlM-rs from Viniii-il nuislc," Tli'-n (lif K/ivrnmn'iil gave !'• iinlil I'Vhliy to sliow rausn hu ilirri'i- iiKains! phoiHiKraph «r-U sluii||i| IMI! be, mtllillrd. Tin- k'nviT»!iii«'iil ('.liu/'MCM vlnl/tllnn of th' 1 Slicrin.'iM nnll-ti'UMt /ml, AM.I-KiKI) TIIIKVKS CAI'TUIUOI) why ruc- '"> !! P J"'itiK hivi- ill-en rMpluri'd at'lor illW'Mlly t" hl'CuU Illlo n ^'U H((. ( V, KMil pulltH' pUI'HIIPd is and {nipped nnc of UUMII en,,! 1 uf a imiMo and I. hi) ?Wi"i' "n I im railroad inic-krt nuiir W'M«lw;iy in (ilii'lsivt, s FOH IIOMK I''MKST Australia, Aug, •'i--('UI') ; >y be huiiK f >n Auslr.'il- "n the home, fi'ont as IK" bulllol'ront. Air Mini 1 "rd says the Kovern- i-Oili'rinK specKul bra vory I'fcou'iil/.e the. war oon- "T civil avIaloi'M, HWI- wtirkers and others not lar.v M- 'His Thn.Stain Public IHill'lio.s (Joinnils- slon has sol August 10th HH tho date for a'hearing on an application by Ihu llorhlii u vomit 1 bus service of \ew Britain. The llnu wants to increase Us rates for commutation, travel to Naugaliick at tlm plant of I lie Mast- ITM Malleable Iron corporation. Tbe present rnlo Is $\ a porso'i I'or live days a week, Tbe bus line wants lo raise It to $1.50 for a six- day week. MINGLED JOY AND SORROW IN HOME PltlMlluM. Mass., « AUK- -'i— (UP) — Thiii'f' is mlriKlDd Joy und sorrow In I In- homo of Air. MIH! Mrs. Andruw Mud/., Onn of Lhulr .sons— Uwilori- unrl Cbiisli-r Uun>~\vus on-pilot oi' ti bomber which batlleU the ,lupa- Mcsn ovor Now flulmni. Hut Lieut. Olir-.Mtc.r rotiirnorl snfcily In l.htj pl/ind whloh had ^00 biillul bolus in tho llowovei 1 , Mr. mifl Mrs; Irmrnnd Mini another son, Kdward, has bnnn killed a flight from an Austrlallun air foaso. FKI'iNCII Mil \V«KCK Tin' Moscow 'JUullo Impllos that French pal riots wuro at I ho bottom of a train mwldonl whl-oh tool |,| ic. lives or many (U'nnaii soldlws USCOW says tluM'.olllslon bclwoni troop l,i\iln and a gasoline truli nirri'il linhvimn Dounl and Arraf In ori'.uplfMl Kniiuio, Tho broadcast ys Krcncli pati-lol railway men iri- dolnw a tolK Job of disorganizing (ifrnian mllilary Iransporl, Red Army Counter Attacks Have Slain 2,000 Italians And Encircled Nazi Force 4 As the iNa/I win 1 Clinchtnc moves nloiifj the .custom front,-it ciico'unlcrs .desolation and famine left hy Uio 'hnt'd-flfihtiiin Hiissiuns i-etreatinff to stroiifier-positions, This photo, copied in England from a Gc».piunn /inn, shows a'squad «f IVaxls" advanciii'd enutiously around n biit'iiiiiij in search of possible snipers. Hiisslnu.s indicated Hint the situation in North Caucasus WHS slifjhliy improved, but the Moscow press is ifi for the optMiinfj or Ilio second J'ront. . (Central. Press) Late News Bulletins RAMP MUST BE BUILT BEFORE IT CAN BE MOVED Seagrave Pumper Original ly :Slated To."Be Sent to New Haven Station. BLACK MARKET" IN THE STEEL INDUSTRY *wohousos Knew Firms Wio Would Receive Con. tr acts, Hlggins Testifies, \i> S'-!' 1 '"" »>f ail alleged •I ! M ."'" sl ' i( ' ii'l'ore mar- was dls- *»ix t . was made by Krank sva.M building o — "We'll kilt the source-of our ply, but Ilio tallow Mil'glit us go with llw tildo. Go ahoail toll Ihem, I'Ytink," Thou tho youngnr Illgglns to It I Die I/lack market operators, bo added, act i wily ' son ' I' 10 lists of supplies It would Iho oontriicls It would He told bow the around tin shipping I'n lots ntead of the, enrload lot. KM , %l 'H'ki-i '"i i.f \VM for !iUO inoi'olianl was r,.iii I|S( ,,| , T ' M I'H, hi in- conslriK!' I yard said, from wure- tlie country who re Illgglns, wlial would get, wan 11 >n, of I-'I or If la, es the HlgglfiH plant Jumpnd to hlH foot sup- well and ol who plant IUHU.I for be getting warehouses gol prlco on «lool by of W.OOO pounds In- regulation .40,000 pound Thoro's no colling on olTorod to show the com- mittfjo from vtirlous blacl> wan'liousr-s with which the omnpany cllfl . rmalriuan I'nl.ursnn wild | K1 (|iicstlonod lalor and that he loll ovcrymhig then. IMIIVK ON n^ior.s now h«M !W f«wnr ImnH. ( ^ vdor ,lr-,, collected tham from -' ' Hlioo repair shop In Inn drive, They weighed pounds, .More and more dll'flculLics IKIVC cropped u|) in 'connection with the new 500-gullon Seugrave i'lre .onglnp now waiting to >bo unloadod at the Naugatuck freight station. Jt Was learned today that the new engine which it Is hoped will be delivered soon lo the borous'i as an Important addition to the, equipment at the Naugatuck fire department, cannol/ be unloaded here, until workmen first construct a rarnp by \vhleh the ma'e-hlno nuiy be taken from the railroad car. The News tias also J earned Mi at .the engine should have 'been consigned l.o tho Now 'Ilavon freight, yards where there are ramps of all kinds 'for unloading special equipment as fire engines, trucks, etc.; but In some way the pumper was •sent direct to the 'borough, original plans, It was believed, Indicated thtil the pumper, after being unloaded in New Haven would luivo 'been driven hero I'or Its final tests before neee-ptaoe by the borough. Warden Leo Brophy staled today that (he added costs In connection with the unloading of the new fire engine are of no concern of the borough, which accepts no responsibility In connection with Ilio new apparatus until final tests Indicate that tho-engine IH as suitable a& it, should be for IKSO in a fire department -as small as that of Nau- gatuok, Boys Defy Efforts • • , *'.-• .-. . '- ; • >» -.:'•' •;. • • •••'.'-•• To Pry Them From Runt Japanese Sub New .York, AUJJ. -4—(UP)— It looks ilkt! a toy so a toy it . became. • •'.... We're tnlkiiif) nbout ihnt runt suiunurhie raised from Sydiioy luirbor. An - Australian broadcast (heard by CHS) says a couple of boys -cllinhcd into the tiny vessrl on exhibit and dolled all cU'orts to pry. them out. Tho entrance was too small for adults to no-in, so the hoys stayed until they felt and rdady to-; stop play- wnr. OF ROTARY Will COME HERE WED. ir»n EXPECTED TO BE APPOINTED SOON It Is expected that 'before mani' wuoks have pa»«od thut another paid I'lroinan will be added to the ranks of the Naugnliick fire depart- inont. For the past sevowil yours this maLtor has -been'one'of general dls- •ousslon In tho borough, and Indications no-w are • thai' the situation will be Ironed out before too long. With t:hc purchase'-of now equipment for the local Clre -house, the next step In the entire in odor filia- tion of tho department will be the addition of another paid full time f Iranian. The News has led mod that there are scores of seekers nl'tor the post ol 1 paid rU'owan, many local men with well paying Jobs being willing to nooopt'lcss as paid members of 1,110 local fire department for the urlly which goes with such A Job. . •__"' _ ••*••• i ^^^*^^*^^«*»"^-»*"^ AUTO FATAUTIKS:DROP Hartford, Aug. 4—(UP)—Autdmo- hlli-j fatalltl'oy In Connncticut oppofl-ilS-ppr went -In July over tho saino month a.'y.tiar ago. lOlgh- on persons worn • kilted , in :the state last monUh, as compared to 'a year ago, V J Charles J. AMoh, district governor of tho 200lh Rotary Oistrlct, of \vhicb NaugaLuck is an '.Important part, will nifiko bis official visit to the local club at the' regular •weekly meeting on Wednesday • at Sullivan's Inn. District Governor •Allpn l --is one of the most popular and prominent figures in industrial and 'fnUc circles in Connecticut and ho numbers of close friends''.., among the members of the Nauga luck Rotary club. The visit- of the Rotary/ head ' js one of tl'ie highlights of the Naugatuck Rotary regular .meetings.. and Is expected that an attendance 100 per cent will be on. band greet, the distinguished guest. AMERICAN FUER ffORSHIPPE»BY JUNGLE TRIBE ORIGINAL COPY FOR V-MAIL IS ATPOSTOFFICE .Original V-maii --copy paper for •tho uso of local families who.have members "in the ;U. S, 'armed • sov- Viocs abroad, has been received'' fit l,)ic N'aug 1 al-uck..Postoffice, Postmaster Frank T. Green announced today, ; . / ' • This paper runs in stz& About 1:1. -incJies >by 9 inches, with a space o|t I bo top oi' the' sheet. where the jaanic and address is Lo be' printed. JL is advocated that the copy be \vritlcn i'airJy large so thaL when the letter is 'photographed and reduced in sisic, tbc writing will be clear and legible. v \Vhqn the letter' finally is put Into the mail Wie vsJxc of'the slieeL is-only-- 5•• injahbs by 4 1-4. Inches. • /'•pob-l-mastcr. Green -stresses the fact that' t'his '.copy . paper is only- I'or those. who; 'liav-e relatives or friends overseas, "letters 1 of tbis type -arc n'Ot for use in th is oounlry. Only "three sbecls will be given to. any intlividu-al in one day or at any one time. Tlie id'Ga Of the V-mail is to save s pa-ce o h' ho a ts' ply 1 n g i n \ tl i e A Lr ntJ'Cr and Paci^iOi space that may he :uti]kecl 'for pargo that may have a 'decided--effect "On changing the entire complexion .of the war. BIO WAR FRAUDS CASE Philadelphia, Aug. 4— (UP)— It is reported that a. big war frauds case will, go'before a federal grand jury in Philadelphia today. The case, it is understood, will be presented by M. H. Goldschein, special assistant to Attorney General. Biddle. But he refuses to discuss it. It is rumored that the fraud concerns contractors and sub-contractors, with millions of dollars involved. TO WIPE OUT DEMOCRACY New York, Aug. 4 T -(UP)—The Japanese have^ ordered the last traces of democracy wiped out in the Philippines. Tokyo radio says Lieutenant General Homma has ordered the Filipinos to free themselves from what he called the "degenerating'influences of Anglo-American liberalism, individualism and democratic principles." In their place, Homma, says Tokyo, ordered a return, to the so-called.."Asiatic .ideals." RUSSIANS DESTROY GREAT DAM New York, Aug. 4— (UP)—The British radio reports ; the Russians have destroyed another great dam to slow the Germans;, The broadcast (picked up by CBS) said a dam near Salsk, southeast of Rostov, was blown up, flooding; the ;Manych river valley.., - } KNOW SECRETS^ OF FOCKE-WULF London,. Aug. 4— (UP).—T^? :^^i^J, .FP. rc . G now 'knows"'tJie secrets." of Germany^ 'iiew~lB^cke-Wulf 190 fighter plane—one of the,'best in the aiiv ^A Pocke-Wulf recently made a.forced lauding, on British- soil. And British aviation eiigiiieers went over it. HURLEY OFFERS $3,000 REWARD Hartford, Aug. 4— (UP)— Governor Hurley'has offered a reward of $3,000 for the arrest and conviction of the slayer of John J. Butler, of Soiithington.^ Butler was found slain at Meridcn on July Hth. Police have been unable to secure any clues to the murderer. HONOR MEDAL FOR BULKELEY Washington, Aug. 4^-(UP)—Daredevil Lieutenant Commander Buikeley of torpedo boat fame has been given the nation's highest award—the Congressional Medal of Honor. President .Roosevelt made. the presentation at the White House today. lie described BulkcleyVs achievement against Japanese planes, ships and landing parties As "without precedent in the annals of warfare.'' And Mr. Roosevelt praised .the Pacific.hero as an "outstanding leader of men and a gallant and intrepid seaman." New Reverses Near Salsk Place Russia in Mortal Danger However. (lly 'United Press) Russian armies are culling Into Nas&J positions al. Uic Don river bond, burl have been '.forced to re- Iroal again in Uie Caucasus: Slashing .Red. army counter-at- lacks linvc slain Iwo-lhousand Italians and encircled one big Nazi, force near Stalingrad. But tliis hopeful news is offset by Moscow's disclosure that now reverses near Salsk place Russia la m or Lai danger. Soviet, forces fell back from Salsk, an Important Caucasus rail junction, after lighting off Jlerce Nassl attacks, Berlin contends that Nazi troops in this area have captured the important industrial town of Voro- shilovsk (Voh-roh-sheer-ofsk). : Nazi spearheads, according to Berlin, • have reached the Kuban river al several places—180 miles below Rostov. • Moscow has. not.-confirmed this news, but the Soviet newspaper Red Star speaks gravely of the Caucasus front and warns: « : "There can be only one issue- victory or death." All along- the curving battle line, i r (Continued on Page Eight) BE MADE FOR SUGAR TOMORROW San Francisco, Aug. 4— (UP) —Just imagine being trcalecV like,- a wh'He god— waited on hand and -fool, fanned night and day to^ keep the Hies away, • . , . Prank Anauiar, an American -filer, doesn't have to imagine it, Tho Australian raider says ho 'had the experience after being sliot.dbwh In the New Guinea JungltyVDy .a. Japanese' piano. Nativp girls-, found' him and took him l-o'thoir village J whore' he was glvep tbe choicest food and the worship of the tri'be. -' f \•.Later, they guidod him 'back 'to bis base at Port Moresby, • ' : - INSTALL 'RADIO IN RIJ.GGY Littleton, N, IF, (UP) — Keeping stop with the limes,- Corliss '-Fitch'. and Arnold Fournier hav£' swapped^ their automobile', and mounted a radio on the Iniggy dashbpard. _ OF PROBATION AREaEAREDUP Probation Ofllcer Michael Nolan has been conducting a campaign here to clear up probationary cas-ss where there have boon defaults in payments in connection with court cases. Three such cases were cleared up this morning with ,aU' payments completed. • The three men brought into custody by Probation Ofllcer Nolan were Joseph Rotkowski of North'-' Main street! Michael Zarion.ick of Rubber avenue' and Felix Struclnskl Of Ghurcli street. ' . CANAL ZONE'S AIRRAID ATPRT SlfffFSS rlLLiIVl JUvvi4iJiJ FAIL TO PREVENT NOR WEGIANS FROM HONORING HAAKON Balboa, Canal Zone, Aug. -1—(UP) -The Canal Zone's first air raid alert started the real thing. But the,.defense machinery moved so efficiently^ Ihat tho olllcials continued it as a test, even though the plane that caused the alarm was identified as friendly almost immediately. The alert lasted for 06 minutes. AH streets were, beared, the crowds went to shelters, and soldiers and sailors on leave were rounded up. almost to the last 1 man. AUTO BADLY DAMAGED IN MILLVIILE AREA 7—APPLlCAT1ONS V,,...... Applications for sugar fqij canning may be made at the '/Tuttle house tomorrow afternoon tyom 2 t.o 5 o'clock and on Thursday and Friday at the same time. No/nppli- calions will- be taken on Saturday. One pound of sugar for. 4 / four quarts of fruit to be canned' will be allowed, . Application may, «iso be made at the same hours .^ next week, except Saturday. -J, Export balance for four months, of 1942 put -at $1,250,000,000. 0- Stockholm, Aug. 4—(UP)—Sweden .-eportV that 'German and Quisling pdlioo'- tried frantically—but^ vainly to prevent Norwegians from celebrating their king's birthday. They closed all the flower shops ind the central flower market. But, ,hcy 'had to make mass arrests of NorwegiansAvearing flowers in their uttonholes—an understood symbol of loyalty ,to .the government of King Haa'kon, ' > • Crowds s^aiig .th e royal an th em., j n, ibnor of the 70 year old king in .ho streets, Police dispersed them, Sen. Lodge Promises Fuel For the East -o Boston, Auff. • 4r-(JUP')—New Englniid will receive its full share of 5,000-lank cars planned for the ISnsl const (o relieve Hie fuel shortage.' That's (he proiu- iso of 'Senator.-- Henry Cabot T,odg<v Jr. The Massachusetts senator says he's determined' that no one in the Kast shall go cold this winter. And Me indicates that he'll flic a hill next week calling for the appointment of n fuel administrator, with futr sii'pervision over shipments of fuel'and coal. Edward Patten of H. K. D. No. 1, Millville, narrowly csca-pcd serious injury when Jiis car overturned near the Millville Library, about 12:30 -o'clock links morning. Mr. Patten who was alone in the car at tbe time stated that he was forced off the road hy a machine coming in tshe. opposite direction, and tbe Patten auto turned turtle. The driver escaped unhurt, but tbe car w^as badly damaged, and was towed away toy a wrecker a I an early hour 1/oday. The uccident created a great deal of excitement and drew many persons to the scene. PUBLISHERS ARE CHARGED WITH NAZI PROPAGANDA MAYORS TO FOR THE RELIEF OF HOME OWNERS Boston, Aug. .i—(UP)—More than 00 mayors from Eastern Seaboard cities are. meeting In Boston tomorrow. Under Mayor Klorello II. LK GuardiR of New York they'll try to work out a program for the relief of home owners who depend on oil- heat. Mayor Maurice J. Tohln of Boston has invited mayors of oil New England cities to be present at the conferences. NURSING REPORT FOR AUGUST ISSUED TOD AY Miss Catherine A. Brooks, R.N., of Nnugatuck-chaypter, American Red Cross, has Issued the foil-owing report of the nursing service for the month of August: Now patien ts W Patients dismissed .......... 42 Total nursing calls •;.:.. .•- ,-> • -. 190 No. attending bahy conference ..' 40 • FACTOGRAPHS Washington, Aug. /i—(UP)—The publishing 'Pattersons of Wasliing- | ton and New York are accused of beig'America's number i and 2 exponents of Nazi propaganda lines. . The accuser is Representative Holland, of Pennsylvania, who. made his charges on the House floor. Me named Eleanor Patterson, of the •Washington: Times-Herald and Jo-, •seph Patterson, of the New York Daily News, as Hitler followers. Hc ; ... •charged'-.Mie columns of their'news- -ed States Nav>' —opapers repeat enTiiy propaganda, 1 'mosquito boat, The army ants of South American jungles get Wieir .name from -their habit of moving in correct; military formation. Thousands of -th'e insects descend on whatever is in thoir path. Theyinay move into a •'house,- and*;the JnJiabitant* ; promptly move out until they leave. However, they completely rid said house of snakes, .spiders, rodents and all other insects. . A Milwaukee pastor .AVlio was an active pacifist until Ui^'-.United- States was attacked, now^li^s an as- senvbly job in a Avar plant; in addition to >hks pulpit duties. - • For every ten 30 T fdot crulsfcrs Uimt ^bWHt.'^OviB-fye^K'^Wie Unit- can liavc another

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