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The Deming Headlight from Deming, New Mexico • Page 6
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The Deming Headlight from Deming, New Mexico • Page 6

Deming, New Mexico
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PAGE A DEMING HEADLIGHT THURSDAY, JANUARY 23, 1M Ask Dr. Brothers N.M. briefo Companionship Can Ease Grief Police taid Breathed and a companion identified as Thomas Zanotti, 37, were riding in the two-seater ultralight, a craft that resembles a hang glider with a propeller. Zanotti was not injured. Breathed, whose cartoon appears in some 700 newspapers nationally, moved to Albuquerque last May.

His father, John Breathed, said jthe mishap may cause an interruption in the comic strip. Dear Dr. My mother hu been dead for two and a half yean and my father is still grief-stricken. I decided to try to do something about this so I arranged a dinner party and naked a widow, one of my friends mother, to come. My two brother were horrified that, at the last moment, I called it oft fa now thinking of Answer to Previous Puzzle victims in all the cases are real petite and all real attractive.

Hie cases being reviewed for possible links to the suspects in the Daniels case include: The 1984 and 1985 homicides of two women found a block from the apartment Zinn and Pierce shared. Police last spring said they were investigating the possibility the two homicides were connected. The Sept. 21 disappearance of Debra Lansdell of Belen, who was last seen driving ho car away from a friends apartment in Belen. The beating death of Kathleen Therese Bindel, 23, whose body was found Jan.

3 along a highway in Ti-jeras Canyon. The Dec. 6 disappearance of Jena Marie Repp, 58, who was last seen after leaving her job at a shopping mall. Her purse and blood-stained clothing were found two days later on a dirt road near Moriarty. Crossword puzzler Police seek killing links ALBUQUERQUE (AP) Law enforcement officials say they are looking for possible links between the abduction and slaying of university coed Linda Lee Daniels and the unsolved killings of three women and the disappearances of two others.

Local and state law officers from Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Belen will study whether similarities in the cases are more than coincidence, said state police agent Tommy Otero. He said state police investigators met Tuesday with Albuquerque police. Miss Daniels, 22, was abducted Jan. 12 from outside her fiances Albuquerque home when she returned from the grocery store. Her body was found Monday in a remote area of the Jemez Mountains.

She was shot once in the head. Three men and a juvenile were charged in connection with the abduction and slaying. Johnny Zinn, 44, was charged Tuesday in Metropolitan Court with murder with firearm enhancement, first-degree sexual penetration and kidnapping and was ordered held without bond. Wallace R. Pierce, 24, was charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, kidnapping and credit card fraud and also was ordered held without bond.

Sidney Sliger, 20, was charged with kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping and is being held on $35,000 bond. James Scartaccini, 17, was ordered held on charges of kidnapping and conspiracy to commit kidnapping. Otero said authorities are trying to tie the men to homicides in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Belen. He said the ACROSS 1 Kind of fastener 5 Precious stone 8 Seasoning 12 Century plant 13 Fish eggs 14 Woody plant 15 Rockfish 16 Finish 17 Tear 18 Step in any series 20 Fears 22 Unit of Latvian currency 23 Confederate general 24 Explosions 27 Hold in high regard 31 Broadcast 32 Pedal digit 33 Mood 37 Terrified 40 Veneration 41 Game at cards 42 Extras 45 Endured 49 Gasp for breath 50 Rubber tree 52 Weary 53 Skin ailment 54 Limb 55 Lamb's pen name 56 Want 57 Stalemate 58 Sidelong look DOWN 1 Difficult 2 Toward shelter 3 Melody 4 Gem 5 Welcomes 6 Vast age 7 Interfere 6 Thoroughfare having this womaa over for an evening to meet my father. Do yon think this would be wrong? HJL Dear HJd Certainly not When you invite this woman, however, Fd make it a large enough gathering so that neither she nor your father would feel self-conscious or embarrassed.

Your father needs to be pulled away from his grief Widowers like your father are a very high-risk group because their mourning effects their health. Moat men dont expect their wives to die first and theyre unprepared to cope with the death. Men are usually taught to hide their feelings, so they're less able to have a healthy period of New Interests, including remarriage, increase the widower's chance of living longer, in addition to increasing his chances for happiness. Your brothers are behaving os if you were being disloyal to the memory of your mother. This is not the ease.

Dear Dr. Brothers: My son la remarrying and were all praying he isnt making another mistake. He swears this woman Is not like his first wife and Hut this time around hell get tire gold ring. Ive heard that most people repeat the same patterns over and over. If this is the case, only disaster follow.

ILS. Dear First of all, people do learn from past mistakes and second marriages dont have to be as disastrous as the first If people review their past marriages and study them to see Just what went wrong, theyre not apt to repeat They may be so anxious to avoid the old pitfalls that they may many a -type that is an exact opposite of their former partner. Harvard professor and marriage therapist Dr. Normal Paul says that rather than husband and wife taking similar roles in a second marriage, they may be reversed. For example, in marriage one, the wife may be domineering and the husband submissive, while in the second marriage the husband becomes domineering, forcing his wife into a role of submission.

The pattern appears different but it's really a reverse of the coin. Sometimes past events have been so painfiil partners go to the opposite extreme in an attempt to avoid repetition. 1966 King Fnkn SyndcaH. Inc. National briefs Crash hurts cartoonist ALBUQUERQUE (AP) Cartoonist Berke Breathed, creator of the syndicated Bloom County series, was scheduled to undergo surgery today for a fractured back be suffered in the crash of an ultralight airplane he was riding.

Breathed, 28, was listed in satisfactory condition late Wednesday night at St. Joseph Hospital in Albuquerque. The crash occurred Wednesday just north of Albuquerque on the Sandia Pueblo Indian reservation. Hie hospital reported there was no apparent damage to the spinal cord, but Breathed was admitted to the hospitals intensive care unit for observation. But political pressure suggested otherwise first from the Soviet Union to cancel the project in the name of detente, then from a Reagan administration official to carry on with the production in the name of freedom.

Check issue in WASHINGTON (AP) The House is tackling an issue close to the pocketbooks of every American: How long financial institutions can hold customers checks before allowing them to use the money. Not every bank has the same float waiting period policy. Some banks take as long as four The lighter 9 Region 10 Grant use of 11 Spreads for drying 19 Dine 21 Legal matters 24 Cudgel 25 Falsehood 26 Branch 28 Sched. abbr. 29 Dawn goddess 30 Encountered 34 Separated 35 Female sheep 36 Outcome 37 Assert 38 Tibetan gazelle 39 Inn 42 Bridge 43 Length of a step 44 Actress Baxter 46 Baked clay 47 Great Lake 48 Costly 51 Hawaiian wreath United Feature Syndicate i'tU -0 IN 57.

A CAT IN OREGON SAVLP A FROWNING CHILP 400 lobby legislature SANTA FE (AP) More than 400 lobbyists have registered and paid a required $25 fee, allowing them to exercise their persuasive skills on the 112 members of the New Mexico Legislature. Louis Gallegos, lobbyist registration officer for Secretary of State Clara Jones, reported that 398 lob- byists had registered by Wednesday afternoon. And we could have 100 more by the end of the day, at the rate its going, he said this morning when registration resumed in the Capitol. A new state law requires the payment of the fee and separate registration by each lobbyist for each organization. In the past, large law firms, for example, have signed up several partners to handle lobbying for various clients.

The law passed in 1985, however, requires each client and each lobbyist to be identified together. The leading lobbyist, according to the summary list released this morning, is former state senator John E. Conway, with nine separate clients. Four other lobbyists have more than five clients. The film paints a what-if picture of life in the United States 10 years after a peaceful Soviet takeover.

Stoddard said scenes of occupied America would be gray and drab, depicting long food lines, despair and drug and alcohol abuse. Congress i -4 weeks before customers can get the cash from their paychecks. Consumer advocates are urging lawmakers to pass legislation, adopted by the House Banking Committee, that would phase in limits an the hold period a bank can place on deposits. side but leave time for family, friends. LEO (July 23-Aag.

22) You find romance today where you least expected to find it Take advantage of opportunity. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept 22) Confidence la essential today, but avoid excessive displays of self-assurance or some may turn against you. LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct 22) Avoid carelessness today, or you may find yourself making up for costly mistakes. Concentrate! 4 SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nv.

21) Your own willingness to get down to work today should result in widespread support SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dee. 21) Risk of deception is high today. Male sure all are willing to put cards on the -table. I CAPRICORN (Dec.

22-Jaa. II) -f Arguments that arise today over trivialities are easily put to rest If you are clever, tactful. OantWM. MM, (MM rmn h. EPA plans asbestos ban WASHINGTON (AP) The Environmental Protection Agency, saying that no amount of asbestos is safe for humans, announced today it in-tended to iipmediately tyan five pro-! duct categories containing the cancer-causing substance and to phase out all other asbestos use over 10 years.

We are taking this action because of the significant and well-documented threat to health that asbestos represents, EPA Administrator Lee M. Thomas told a news conference. No level of exposure is without risk. Thofnas estimated, however, that it could take the agency as long as a year to complete work on banning the five product categories, which he said account for about one-third to one-half of the estimated 300,000 metric tons pf asbestos used in this country annually. Amerika to proceed NEW YORK (AP) Amerika," the miniseries that Moscow wanted killed, has survived political pressure and ABCs accountants to get a new life on TV for its depiction of the United States under fictitious Soviet rule.

The 12-hour movie from ABC Circle Filins has been in production limbo for several weeks, but it got the go-ahead from ABC Entertainment on Wednesday. The script has been approved and production will start in two months, ABC said. It is scheduled to be broadcast in the spring of 1987. "In light of the inherent dramatic quality of the material, the decision to present Amerika was an easy one, Brandon Stoddard, president of ABC Entertainment, said in a statement. U1HAT I WORRY ABOUT ARE THOSE KILLER P-MINUSES BOX IT WAS UNPER THE LEGAL SIZE LIMIT, SO HE THREW THE KIP BACK THAT WAS IT A CLOSE )( OOULOVE CALL BSEN A MAJOR CALAMITY Tracy for short 1988 PEANUTS BLONDIE I'LL HAVE THE POT NO WAIT.

LET ME USE YOUR PHONE BEETLE CHESTERFIELD, England (AP) John and Margaret Nelson are so proud of their new daughter, born at 25 minutes to midnight on New Year's Eve, that theyve given her a name to remember, or rather 139 of them. The newest Nelson will be known as Tracy for. short, but officially shell be: Tracy Mariclaire Lisa Tammy Samantha Christine Alexandra Candy Bonnie Ursala Zoe Nichola Patricia Lynda Kate Jean Sandra Karren Julie Jane Elizabeth Felicity Gabriella Jackie Corina Constance Arabella Clara Honor Geraldine Fiona Erika Fillippa Anabel Elsie 1 Amanda Cheryl Alanna Louisa Angie Beth Crystal Dawn Debbie Eileen Grace Susan Rebecca Valerie Kay Lena Margaret Anna Amy Carol Bella Avril Ava Audry -Andrea Daphne Donna Cynthia Cassie Chris tabel Vivien Wendy Moira Jennifer Abbie Adelaide Carrissa Carla Anne Astrid Barbara Charissa Catalina Bonny Dee Hazel Iris Anthea -Clarinda Bernadette Cara Alison Carrie Angela Beryl Caroline Emma Dana Vanessa Zara Violet Lynn Maggie Pamela Rosemary Ruth Cathlene Alexandrina Annette Hilary Diana Angelina Carrinna Victoria Sara Mandy Annabella Beverley Bridget Cecilia Catherine Brenda Jessica Isbella Delilah Camila Candace Helen Connie Charmaine Dorothy Melinda Nancy Mariam Vicki Selina Miriam Norma Pauline Toni Penny Shari Zsa-zsa Queenie Nelson. We just wanted to give her something for when she grows up, said her father. Your birthday By Stella Wilder THURSDAY, JANUARY 23 Boro today you are an adventurous Individual, one whq is no stranger to risk, danger and intrigue.

You love travel and exploration, and will no doubt see modi of the world in your lifetime. You quickly become bored and dissatisfied with routine; the same thing over and over again does not appeal to you in the least and you cannot understand those whose lives seem to you to be nothing but dreary repetition, aven when they are quite close to you. Though you tend to be a loner, and often prefer your own company, you can be friendly and open with others. Eventually, you will no doubt find someone who shares your lust for adventure, and the relationship should be rich and full and may result in a long, happy anion. Amo born on thte date are: Kdounnl Manat, French knpreo-Chlta Rhmre, To see what is In store for you tomorrow, find your birthday and read the corresponding paragraph.

Let your birthday star be your daily guide. FRIDAY, JANUARY 24 AQUARIUS (Jan. 28-Feb. 18) You may be influenced by a great many factors today, take care you are not pulled toward too many directions at once. PISCES (Feb.

1-March 20) Do not be hasty today when it comes to solving family disputes. Understanding Is the key. ARIES (March 21 -April II) The unusual or bizarre has a major Impact on your state of mind today. Expect the unexpected! TAURUS (April 28-May 20) Differences that arise early in the day may be unnecessarily prolonged if you are unwilling to compromise. GEMINI (May il-Juae 20) -Though you may feel out of place today, be assured you have something to offer others cannot do without CANCER (Jane ll-July 22) Focus on getting project of the ground today.

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