Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 3, 1942 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, August 3, 1942
Page 5
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P*ffe Eight DAISY NEWS, m I I! MONDAY, AUGUST 3, 1942 ''NEWS" CARRIERS ENJOY OUTING AT QUASSAPAUG A ttitf Tim t'li'Hl. n lo or thd hjok Dally annual oulli\K find pl«- ouri'lei'M u!' the .Naima,VO\VM wax held at l,.-ilu' Saturday n'l'lcninon un- lh« fllrnofloM or fJIrmiluMoivMan- Ifoirold Dillon with about 40, In ntlniidanou and \\> wu.s' ft (llWldud HIH'IWHM from till' l.lllin till) boys drpartcd from The Nr-ws phtnl until • lh«y I'fliM' In Ihu MVonlnN' IhorotiKhly willnt'ldd In their homes py, tlrr-rl <uul \vll:h their days ot'H, . Tho I'naturd ovon-t nf th \va.H the Hol'llxall M'afnn betwee 'M McaiiT.aN aiul hllltni's Thd HoaroaU won tlio r 1(1^, b'Ut one 'of Die nrlninrs, ,,,, (Wfi won*t mention hlx nahin) (vlalniH Ifml. Mr, Ut'uniuk oi'fh'lali'd a»< iiMiflro tlill.ll f-'arrar, jil/olior for hlM HoarnutM, dl»ap|ioanHl 't'rnm thn mound oarly In tho Kanxi find fu-llod l-o show up a^aln until \\\\\ (lain were Morvnd, Karrar, \vhi» W;IM liotlnK oaplajn ot' I he llonrnala, was i'0|>Uux>rl by Slcwlo Dalilln and I'IMIIU tli I'tv -oil until I In 1 finish of Ihn gamo, tho Mi'nnlokiucn Irad easy KO- ol' tho hoya uHinl "enough," of-war followed with ino luUInK 1 revenge 'on the Deureals PUllliiK them ull over- tho lot. Tin day's sporl wound n-p with a, Imlh Ing' party and (lie youiiM'steVs re- h i m erl 'ho n HI well repaid for thr many Iwnlnhlp.M they onduro rtur- hiK NIC year In delivering Tho News to their customers In all kinds ol fair and foul weather. , AmonK al tending the-out- INK were Iliehard Holand, ^ Dahlln, Harry Sinllh, Albert Anthony Mlele, Peter Aorklan, Kd- svard Nullify, 'Hilly Stlnson, Antfolo l'iiTl<*hetlo,'llenii',v Vu-gl, Wullueo 'IVr- rlll, David 1 Douly, harry o'Donne'll, MflWM'd D/lonM'lliAVukl, Holioi'l Mariano. Mdward llado, Anthony Farrar, Howard. Barrel I, Olarenee LltUe, Steve MWPMM arid l«\ KOOIIX of eon Alhm't Mlele, captain of thu van- iljOiwI (Irlel'ers, still protests the of Hie game jujd dol'lfillu- ly ileolare.M that MM team -will meet Mm Hi-nivals In a Iwo-nul-ul'-tlircn jUirloH at lleoivntlon fluid at any u minimi umpire on tho \vl(,h job bo.VH Iftit and lou Ihn wiftball x'unn, (ho W(M'd Ihn KU^Mls of Mr. hlllnn. hu/nburx^i'M, soda pop, i'im 1 won* «crvc«l until all Andrews Sisters Wed, Thurs, at Loew's Poli The Andrews Slslnrs, Pally, Ma* enn and L'u Verne, sliiKhiK tin; s hlls lhai Jiave mado UHMH the. na Nun's loading trio, svlll open a l.\vo day personal ap'poaraw.o nntKi'W- on Wrdih'sday at tin- popular l,oe\s Ptdl theater, and Ihey will be seel for four pcrformanecs da'lly, at 1 \W •1:0(), (1:M() and MX) p, m. Fiiaturcd In sneh motion plotiiro^ as "llnrk Prlvalcs," "in, tin- Navy," and "Hold Tliul (ihosl," l.h,, Andrews slstern are second only fo III MM 1 ffroshy In n-oord sales for Die year of H)U, Uesldes their records', and aside frnm radio, sereen and .Ml.Ji.KO, they are nredlled 'with In- siirliix I ho Simeons of almost every SJIHK Ihey Inlroduee, a tribute to their Iremen.duiis popiilarlly. , These qiieons of the Jukebox l\lnj^- dnm are heading ft revue whlon Ineludes Dick HoKers and his pop- ular orchestra, i'eaturlnK Betty Burr, the sonsathma! Wesson Brothers tuu'1 niimerqus otlier-idg stars/ Don't" ( forgot—there' will -toe four sla^o shows flatly, .s'o mal\e your plans how'to attend on.b of tho-pot 1 -' formalizes. ' . . On Ihn sor-oon will lie tho mystery-comedy "The- Faleon Talcos Over," featuring-George Sanclors and Lynn Harl at tiio liead ol" a grand east. . . . ' • .. . Today and tomorrow will afford you your last opportunities to .see the fine double smash ,hit bill now LC presented on the Loew .Pol screen, this 'program comprised of Mm new MOM dramatic 'hit, "Crossroads," eo-xtarrlntf logo Mi or for tin first time, William Powell nnd'Hods' with Kellx Brossart, Claire a/id nasll .llal.hlmne. Tho hit \A "HememberiPearl llar- ni['" witli Alan Curtis .topping a jasI. of favorites. At last it's 'here—tho .picture nil /Walerbury has been breathlessly ;—"Mrs. Miniver," opens t, Ive day engagement Friday at A-'S Poll, Co-starring Grow Oar- on und Walter Pldgeon, "Mrs. Mln- Ivoj 1 " Is,a Ijeautlful stoi-y .ol' high eourage, devotion and abiding faith. 11 is the moving drama of an English woman of the middle classes and -lier family, facing the terrors of war on the home front and carrying on life with valor In the of air raids, attacks, grief peril'. There will be a surrounding gram of soli.-oted shorts. Iceen relJsli '-the oom'ediehne's return in a'l 1 ' now at the Aloa- xar theater. ' . -lird.v portrays the vole ' of Bessie Gobb, Svho decorates '-cakos'In the. Iciloh'on \of 'one of Miami's swankier hotels. •-, She Is, .the oon- tral Hguro •p'fV'a'n-: elaborate plot staged ..,-by..Cl|l;ok : .v:: Patterson, bell oaptnlriy by jTJeans- Vof • vvhicli he believes 'Jic ;ca'ir.V-enrl61i' not only Bessie, but ' liimsoir, his ami Ihe Jvit'cl'ieiv's bal. chefs; Popadopolis, vilch and Baraumi'iiurii. V He iplans to ',.' enter Bessie in th contest- sponsored-- J)y, ./.Band J.ead or Danny Marlowe .under the -au pices of a lart'ge ; recording ' coin pany, , With -her •..•speotabular voiq sho will no doubt win, and all 1 ' d her baolcors will b'o on easy stroo throughout her subsetjucnt carper Tho lead film is Van Hcflin in "Grand Gentrnl Murder," screw-' Petro- Naugatuck Deense Council OFFICE HOURS— MONPAY THROUGH FRIDAY 2 to 5 p. m. Telephone 5304 'fe Notices for this Calendar must "be at, Defense;: Headquarters or Red Cross House by 5 p. m. Friday each week. ' ,, f STAILISHED I 8S> Chairman Kissane Is Elated Here (Continued from Page One). Jinap face and pro- at qf /- metals 6ol]oot.od find rvow drawing' at- the roar of the i'li-e Judy Ca-iiova Stars Now at The Alcazar Tliosn who saw nml onjoynrl Ropubllo's "Sonant-bruin," "Sis" pkhiH" rind "PmMlii 1 Jlnari" with lin liilniltuhlo Judy Canovn- will g-un l-fc licro fy LenUion house, Glmlnnan James P.. KIssanG, en airman of the Nau'fffttuok Salvage com- expressed himself as greatly pleased. \vll,h tho'dollecti-on, which with Hie results of the demolition squad -work l/Qdtiy . and Tuesday Is oxpeotnd do to. ta,l a 'least 50. tons, a fine showing , ; fpi;,'a .town as small as. Nausatii'iik. ', ' • Onlookers who viewed I/hc scrap ,pllo wnra Ki'oatly improssei:! by Henis that uppoai'od in the .salvage heap. It seemed Ihn. I/O rvly 'strong patriot- It; impulse wmikl/ttlliow local fam- Ilins to e'lyc up some; of the things wjiloh tr licks'- 00.1 leolod here SaUir- Week Beginning August 3, 1942 MONDAY, Aufjust 3—HOME NUHS1NG CLASSICS ... , .-^..'pp.p.'iT!, Bed Cross Kousc--(,hiiifors)--MIss Catherine A.,-Brooks. !.T:;iOp. m. Red Crows House—Mrs. Arthur-Sweeney. ;,;;'• '"£:•. ;";- ; < •--..; ; , ' -' ' . • » •» — • .._.•'•- • • TUESDAY, Aujinst 4—No meetings scheduled WEHNKSDAY, Aiifliist 5— No meetings scheduled. '' * , AiifMist 0—HOME NURSING CLASSES , m/ ;.Rcd Ooss House— (J".ni'ors)~Miss Catherine' A. Brooks. . m. tierl Cross House— Mrs. Ai'tliur Sweeney. ; ••.-AUXILIARY FIHEJVIEN'S TRAINING GOUKSE , m. r Fire House—Section B— Arthur Fager. . ' FIIJOAY, jAujnisI , ,7— AUXILIARY iriltEjliEjV'.S TRAINING, COUItSE ,'0'-;UO;rV. m; Fire -House— Section D — Stephen ^ Sweeney. ./-.'. objects were of Mi'p typo while not, imniodlatnly usable would/bo 1'ong retained J'or senti- mental'reasons. The Salvage demolition squad is naking the rounds today and Tues- Ifiy.; picking 1 op and reducing to .umdling sl/,o mn-ny scr-apj pieces to'o leavy Tor libcnl reslrlents to m.ovc J'oi 1 tlie collection ith Japs omyb out to the Saturday. 1C any family -hns been missed n the 'campaign they may conl*ot he Naug-aUi-ck street department, nd arrangements will ]>e made to Ick.aip .the scrap, .Chairman Kte-,-1stated today, vThe, Ioon 1. Salvage chairman lauded \t he elTrorts of Warden Loo mm. P &*•• }x>' m FIRST WOMEN ?CHUTE RIGGERS--Philadelphia— A group of the girls who took a 12-week course In rigging parachutes show how to haul in and deflate a billowing "umbrella." This all-important work is handled .easily by women and, as a result, many men have been released for work elsewhere in the war effort, .* * ; ^.^-^—*• EnvTu^Tto u.9^^ specif- " rn - th( , c S,Iu<ii. ejf^'a' to ooi. i i^r««^v:°^r.«.£^s 2%a^aft?S3S ?»,r»* jasaff^es^? 1 FALL HATS FALL INTO FASHION LINE i—(1) Thla yellow and black tweed velveteen sailor is trimmed with long .black ostrich, black velvet bows and black veil. (2) Joined by a flexible band of Jersey, stitched nnd tied with red, are the crown and brim of this brown angora felt cloche-bonnet. (3) Here the wide brim gives milady's beauty a seductive covering. The matching b*g is trimmed with black grosgrain bow. (4) Khaki felt, high-crowned, 'small brimmed cloche, trimmed with' fringed red grosgralh. OF AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHY HONORED BY NEW COLOR PROCESS—Edward Anthony, who fathered American pho- logrnphy whon ho opened tho flrat supply store In the U, 8 In 1842, WM honored Inat week whon tho Amorlonn Moaoum of Photography and the American Institute of tho City of Now York plncod n momor. In I tablet at 300 Dronclwny, Anthony's bunlnosa onrrloi on today at Agfa Anioo, nnd thlt firm appropriately oolobratod its centennial by announcing n now color process which ovon tho timntoiir can dc« vtlop and print at homo, Full progont production (• tnkon by Army and Nnvy, ———- ; ' In typical fashion Homer horns in on a family portrait of "The Aldrich Family," that genial group that returns to the airwaves, after a five-week vacation, on Thursday, August 13, ^n the NBC Network. Horner, played by Jack Kelk, is seen at top left with Henry (Ezra Stone). At bottom are Mr. and Mrs. Sam Aldrich, played by House Jameson and Kather- Ine Raht, respectively. ±— — ; L> -, - • . w-' imi^Kmt^s* i "V^^^i^^ii^^ m^^^^jJ^&S^iM imi^^^^^\m^mi^Sm WITH THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT acting as a stalwart background, our glorious flag waves on In never-ending confidence. It also speaks a firm; warning to those'pow- ers who are seeking to destroy our way of living. • : — ' WW^-'M&j-fal. wmii^WM mi ^ii^^ii^ii' y^m&jjm l''^V ; '/>S^''tLl<a»: V- for which we nre fighting »r« reaaoni for Investing In U, 8, War Bonds and •t*mpi, To further their sale tho toli«trl«s houao of Ghulton hno cooperated with the Treasury Department In producing « series of posters which graphically depict outstanding freedooms of America. Carrying the phrnso, "We'll Keep Free By Buying United St«Ut War Donda nnd Stamps," approved by the Treasury, those posters have been dl§- trf^«^U.|i»rti,thfpMtthout the country, as a contribution toward the winning of vk- tary.'THt'foiirr fr«ttldms pictured, "Wt Are Free to Read,—to Raise Our, Chlldren,--to T««oh the Truth," are reproduced from Shulton's'Victory Fan. MONKEY AND PUP ARE PALS— Naugati^ck, Conn.—"Pee Wee," a monkey with a traveling show, has taken f'Stud/' a cute young puppy dbg, under his wing as this protective pose indicates. —— — MERMAID .COMES TO THE SURFACE— Los Anqelei—Internationally known diver MurjorJe Gestrlng Is one of the prettiest mermaids to use • the new Town House pool here,'. • — .. . The dog days of August shouIdn^t get you down. They can't if you enter an item in your budget for $19.50—Palm Beach sununer comfort and beat the heat on the rise. Aside from the summer comfort of Palm Beach suits for business or dress is a spick and span appearance a man owes to himself. Dark clothes for business — white —. to .shine at night. UBOR UNITS MAY SOON MAKE PEACE When pretty Wong Kuth Mae Moj visited Canton some time ago she saw Jap planes bflmb the city and kill non-combatants It made the 19-year-old Chinese girl mad at the Japs and here she is getting even in hen own way. She's working at the vv i"ht Aeronautical Corporation m N. J., grinding rocker arms for engines of the type which powered the bombers flown by Gen. Jimmy Doolittle and his Squadron when oy raided Tokyo and other Jap ' -- '•':•• cities.' - (Central Press) Bropliy . and Street," Superintendent Hiirokl MiiiMJia in connection with Uie Svilvago Raid and stntctl iliiil, the JCK) pei 1 -cent oo-aperation of tho •IAVO "prf'lclals made it' possible to interpret tlio oollection st) success- 1'iilly in Naugatuck. Nazi Bombers Make Raid on Iceland (Continned from Pago One) the Indian border; .They're expected to continue, their drive toward thn vital 'aJilcd 'suppl^' bases as soon as the rainy season is over, the end or UuVjiionlh, . •!•: -In' "'eas'LeiMi^'Glilnn' 1 '- however, tho American' air force has dealt the enojyiy/anpther blow, in coordination with" the Chinese ..ground troops. Our plniics" dunipe'd"3,n.nrf a half tons of bomb's -on the ,/ap base at'Linchuan, KIanfifsl province, scoring a direct lit .oiC-thc enemy .military 'hcail- 7uartci;.s. .At: the same time, Chinese' roqps drove into the outskirts of he oity'. II; also is repoi'ted, though stilly .iihconflrnicri, that 'American bombers made- three raids on ,)ap- anose-hekl Hong Kong last month. The;- Japanese . have been trying to drive. our planes out of China— but their', .effort has backfired. Last Thursday, .they sen 1J9- nlnncs over Mongyang and lost at : least 17 of them, .while our side lost one.' Rumored That John L. Lewis May Form New National Federation. Pittsburgh, Aug. 3— (UP)— The A. P. of L. and the G, I. 0. soon may make peace . Labor observers believe thai, C. L 0, President Murray's unit offer probably culminated weeks of behind the scenes effort. And they think the A. P. of L. will lose no time in accepting the offer. But this" does not insure labor unity in America. There have heen: strong hints thai- John L. Lewis plans to expand his United Mine .Workers union into a national labor federation opposing both the A. F. of L. and the G .1. 0. This may have hastened Murray's unity. .offer. Lewis' name is • cbnspicuous'by its absence from the committee Murray chose |,o treat with tho A, P. of L. Me had been, chairman of the previous peace committee. .But the United Mine '"Workers haven't paid dues in months, and practically arc out of the G. L 0. Murray made his proposal in a letter to A. P...of L. President Green. And he proposed the establishment of another committee to avoid .iurisdictional strikes. SKVKUI2 Wellington, New Xwiland .\i, 8 (UP)—Many of WdlhiKloii's sir ore. roped off as workmen i.-anj, houses parllally destroyed bv vere earthquakes over the \vook H No-casual ties were ivpoj-lcd i... damage was heavy. Many buillj were cracked, chimneys wore | 0 3 pied, and wlndownnnns smashed Too .Late to Classify WANTISD—PnsseiifliM's who wo Seymour, Ansonia, Derhy, | 0 ^ in private car whiVh lonvos Un City at G:-K) a. m. daily, m J'eturn trip from Derby ;it 5 Bates reasonable. 'Phone Nai tuck 3SJO after 7 o'clock nvcnlng] \ Fresh IJhifherr.v nnd Pics Blueberry MtifHus Danish Pastry Chofolnle l<"udfie Krownirs ; Old Fashioned Molasses Cookto] nnd Hermits Home Made Hye Hrcnd Kulm's City Bakeryl MAPLE ST. .••: TEL, 867 TRY A CLASSIFIED AD IN THE NEWS " Lowest, Prices ]n'The Gity John Girdes Music Shop We liny, Self, Exchnnac and Hepntr All Kinds Of Insti'iimenls A'JoJJn, Pinnos, Hndibs, 'Clarinet, Trumpet, Aecordions, Saxapnones. Wood AVinds — Musical Supplies Tel. 4-9808 382 HO. MAIN ST. WATKIWURY BRUSH-UP ON YOUR FURNITURE .Use Ulurphy's Pninl, nnd ICnnnicI CANS, INC. MAPLE ST. TI<:F, SM SCHOOL SUPT, DEAD Cireon.wich, Aug. 3— (UP')—The su- peH-ntendent of Greenwich 'schools for 28 ; years, Erlwin 0. Andrews, is (load following an. 'illness. He was a n a t i vo of GI a s to n b u ry, an r| served n,s. supori-ntondcnt from 1010 to 1938. He Presses Charge ••.".- - 'O WAR DAMAGE PROTECTION •y A \ Now in force on nil property will] expire June 30, 1M2. This protection niny he olj(ninrd| Mn-ou.f/h (ho local insurniicfl «ffcnf,s \vlio 'lire-nelhifl for Slates Governinenl, fnTonnntion SOR iShowr .as he appeared before the Giand Jury criminal complaint*, committee' in Los Angeles'is Eric Gosta, Barbara Hutton's butler, who suffered a fr,.ctured skull some weeks ago in a fight at the home of movie star Errol Flynh. He,charged that the ftlm hero's stand-in, Janies C. Fleming, struck him without 'warning. " ' " """ -<r- (Cen Mortgagors Must file with the Bank WAR DAMAGE INSURANCE to protect their loans. If you have not done this, please DO IT NOW Naugatuck Savings Bank The Old-Time "Mutual" DO-IT-NOW Automatic Coal Burners are now available—from our stock. No more are being- manufactured. , No one knows how much;if any, fuel oil will be available for house heating this Fall and Winter, As cold weather approaches there will be a tremendous demand for equipment and coal. Somebody is sure to be disappointed Is it going 1 to be you? ^ ^ ' Call us now for a survey and quotation. Naugatuck Insurance Agency, Inc. P. W.'EATON, Manager. Room 9 Neary Bldg, Phone 2080 Naugatuck Fuel Co. Distributors of FAIRBANKS-MOROSE AUTOMATIC COAL I BURNERS Phone 5236 \v Si' V( in ti< 11 •he kn co so SOJ fr<

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