Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 3, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, August 3, 1942
Page 3
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MONDAY, AyqyST 3, 1942 NAUGATUOK DAILY NEWS, Pagre Three Women's Activities A Personal and Social fr. AHERN, fred J. Ferris To Be Married In New Canaan • k .itill n I'VrrlH, floiKot' Mr ,i,,l,u U. I'Vrrln i) I 1 1'ui'k jin will In' in NIC (', S, naval Moilroy Is u gr'udimlo of the Bishop SU'uolinu Holiool in Tqroiilo, (Jan., and also ntlomloil 'tho'Toronto oqn- rturvulory. uiul tho Yalo School ! Music. lot' • llinlili'ri SUlf alHuii'd tlu) U. S. S on \YiMliuMHliiy, will cvcnlMK at 8; Mi*" 11 T.,, in .\r\v Cfiuuau to MUH Hul- f^rn-M Mrlli'uy, (laiixhlri- »r I'M- '^IIMS i' Mrllroy oi 1 JS'mv Canaan 111 Mr limy will Iwvii for IU.M' , ' () |' hniiui', Mi 1 *- Wullcr ..U'M- |)f iiarlfnnl, a Hlslcr of tho live lirlili'Ki'omn, and for Inn- l,oiioi', Miss lU'lly llui'- wlll havn. ll«|>t. Koi'OM , . , . Army Air oorpH, Tor i IIMII. ll<! WIIH f (mm NIC Slit'lllHd Sclr university svhiM df (,lil Pill frutni (MlllHlllH'lll, III) NVUH UK* flariii-Klo Illinois I'lllMluu'Kli, I'fi, Miss Mr. l' Vn ' M llu-k'-H, " W/IUHNS IWOM VACATION Winy PoHy KouriiH oi 1 Johnson .strool IWH.rutunuKl from a vacation at West Hampton Bonuh, L. I. ' VISITING CLASSMATE Anno Bristol, daughter of W. Urlslol of visiting Mis Kansas City Assorted Tpwel Motifs Mr, and Mrs. Clurltoii IllHsldo uyonuo, is Kllxnbulli Daniels of Mo., a collcgu, at Bratit'ord Junior ho • lie SOUTH CORSET, SHOP! MAIN ST, AT SUM.MICH COLLEGE Mrs. Will lain li). 'I fill of Moslem Htroot Ls at heir Hiirnnuu 1 cottage }\ Popliurn Hoaoh, 'Muino, Tor the month ' ol' August, Tho Ooncoi'dia. society of tho Su- loin liuthuran ohuroh will meal Iff- morrow ovuning at 8 o'clock In Hit 1 ohuroh. VLSITINCi IN NI5W Mrs, Alex Sullivan and (laugh tor, lUjglnn, of I3eobc street are vlsltlijg Mr. and Mrs. Homers 'of Irvlngton, N. J, VI81TIOI) IHIIONIKS ^1|HH Adnllnn Mlnloiiuoi of Gorman Food Nieeded For hild's stroot has returned from Swam) Mass., whoro sho vlsltoi for soviH'ul days, ot« >K.vr ON IVIHTK "M I 1 1 POST CAJ.L, COLLEGE OF COMMfCIICK . ''••' CMNTMAL AVIONtJFJ PETER PAUL, INC, NAIKIATUCIK. C10NN, Manufacturers of Nation's Largest Selling CANDIES and CHEWING GUMS I'VT. O'CONNOR TRANSFERRED •Pvt, Clhai'luH O'Connor, of Bar niiiu Court, ^vlJo lias been statlondc at Camp Loo, Va., .since Ills Indue lion 'into Liu* U. S. Army, has b'cm li'iiMHforrnu 1 to thu fiOSnri Mng. Uoa lU'K., llnacUiuarturs Co., 2nd IHIn. Camp lOdwarcl's, Ko-lm-outh, Masb Pvt. O'Connor has bopn' spending ; a short ftirlotiKli with his family hero and will leave for Ills new post tq- nltfht, RETURN TO I»ROVII)KNCK "M-r, and Mrs. Frank Jackson and son, Kraneis, ,I'i 1 ., w>ho Iiave been vlslllng r(»lallves In thu borough for suvcral days, 'havn roturned to Hiqlr home In Provlclcnoo, R, I, KORMMR RESIDENT HERE MKs' Ilarolil' Oi'annafi and daughter, Dorothy, of AJaldon, tUass., are visiting friends In town. Mrs. Grannan UI'IH formerly Miss ICIsie Munson of Xaugaluck /md Is roglsLerecl «l. Uio Hotel KlriKshury, Waterlniry, al pri'sont. PATTERN NO, 1G8Q Make this set of lovely hand towels for the September bride. You will enjoy embroidering the six niotil's as much as you \yill take pleasure'In'glvlng '(hem to'her, for there Is enough variety of stitch and coior in the designs to keep you Interested until their completion. No gll't is appreciated more than the one which suggests thought and Lime on your part- Pattern envelope contains hot-iron transfer' for G designs: '2 about 5 by 3 3~'i Inches, 2 about 3 1-2 and 2 Inches, 2 about 2 1-2 and 2 inches; color chart, stitch illustrations and full directions. Send 11 c. (coin) for above pa-Hern minibcr to Naugatuck Daily News, Needle Arts Don't, P. 0. Box 172, Station D, New York, N. Y. To lay the fo.unda'tion of ^i strong nation, tho children of our country must be well fed. Tho responsibility ol seeing |,httt they, eat the right foods usually .irests with the mother. " / One .'of the problems yvhioh conj fi'onls many mothers is that of per- I.Bimdiiig yoijngstcrs' to ojU enough oi 1 the'foods she knoWs'aTe best for them. It's discouraging at times to prepare u \yellvbalanced; meal and to find that'JoKnny"doesn't liKe this and Susie wo'n't eat ,:ihatv v Here is ; an " unusually .tempting combination of meat,,;'ahd vegetar bles, suggested by- InezJ S;;;Willsori, homo \ economist,' guaranteed to «ti m u la to any ba,lky y.qu ng,,, appe- tito. -It. la an^eoonomiflai:' dish,', but rich in food'value -as vVvell as ,lafetlr ness. •.• ••- • -';••" : - .^^•'.•li'iV?--;.' ' ! Lamb en CasserpJjBi 2 poqnds lamb' slibulli^r • ; Flour for dredging Lard for browning 12 small "onions 2' carrots 4 potatoes, ',.:'-' 1 cup spring beans 2 cups meat stock 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce ' ': : ' Have moat out in 1-inch,,-, cubes: Dredge with flour and-brovyn in hot lard. Season with :,salt and. pepper and place Jn a casserole. Add "whole small onions, sliced carrots, sliced potatoes and cooked green beans. Add .4 |,ablcs-poons flour to the fat In pnn In which the..meat was br,o.whed, Add 2 cups meat, stock anri lot cook until thickened. l> Season with Worcestershire sauce. Pour i this over the meat and vegetables- and cook Jn a moderate 'oven until tlie meat and vegetables are ddnc, about 40 minutes. Gratihered Front AT, TRAINING SCHOOL Sgt. Thomas J. Patterson, son of Mvs. Glniva 0-Slioa of Beacon Falls, has-begun training, in the airrny air corps''officer candidate school at Miami, Fia. ' ' ; ' , , •'; RETURNS TO .CAMP Corp. George Paulauskas,. of Go. , Medical Corps, Camp Picketj;, Vn., vho ;ha« been spending a furlough vilh 'his family on. ,101m SU-eet Ext;, eturned to camp todwy, Corp. •Paul- UKskas ireceived .his promotion to .a Corporal rocently. NORWASH SHOE STORE Our Greatest HOME. 'Charles Cros^ of Arlington, V.a., a .form'er resident of Naugatuck, ha returned to his liomc, after visiting relatives here last) week. RETURN FROM NEW YOnK ' Dr. arid Mrs. Prod' W. Wcile of Church street have .returned from a vacation spent in New York city. LADIES AUXILIARY TO MEET A.regular meeting of the Ladies' auxiliary, A. 0. H. will be held to'- morrow evening at 8 o'clock'in Hi- bornian hall. ENTEItTAIMNG GUESTS Mr. and Mrs. LesHc Watts of Nc\y Canaan arc the guests of Mrs, Watts' parents, -Mr. and Mvs, James Garroll, of Gurliss street. • ' ' VISITI'NG PARENTS ,.. •.. ...... Miss Clcora''Hughes, .R. N:, of the Mountainsideihospitaj, Montclair, N. J., is visiting -hor pairerits,' Mr. and Mrs. Rider H-ughes ' -of 'North Main street. ' • V. Wo find ourselves overstocked. This Sale Is in All Departments Spring and Summer Shoes Ladies'Aid to , ._-,; Meet Tuesday The 'Ladles* Aid society of .St. Paul's Kvangelical Lutheran church will meet t o'm o r r.o w e v e n i ng at 8 o'clock at the homo of Mrs., : A. -Marti'nk'at, 22 : Curtlss street. 'Here-: a'f(,cr, vill meetings will bc/'held on l.ho fii-at' Tuesday of ithp month -Instead of the first Friday. ', PATTERN 1652-B A design wliich shows which way the fashion wind is blowing for fall comes to you Jn Pattern No. 1G52-B. The silhouette is slim (for fabric conservation) and a feeling of soft feminity is gained • by 'the gathered bodice. Here's a dress for the new rayon crepes, for a plain or printed s^itin. Adorn .it with a j«w- ejled pin at the neckline. • Barbara Bell Pattern No. 1652-B Is designed Tor"*sizes 12,- 14, 16, 18, 20 and 40. Corresponding bust measurements 30, 32, 34, 36, 38'and 40: Size li (32)' witli, 3-4 or short sleeves requires 3 5-8 yards 39-inch material. Select the ..patterns you want for catalogue of .new designs — the your fall sewing program Jn our Pall Fashion Book; A copy is 15c. Or you may order it with a 16c pattern for 25c plus Ic postage. For this attractive pattern send IGc, plus Ic for postage.; ' in" coins with your name, address, pattern lumber and size wanted to Barbara soil, l^faugatuck- Daily^ Nows, Post' Office Box 75, Station A, New York, Y. • : -••;•• '••','•• «LAST VICTIM DIES Wallingfprd, Aug..%~(UP)~An ex- Dlosion •-'•last,-,week- /'ait-, the Backes Powder plant 'has- caused another death. Joseph J..Oros, of Walllng- I'Oi'd; died -at Meriden 'hospital of injuries suffered'in. the i)last, Aug- 1 us If- Sqirartcri, andther "worker, died, last week 'of injuries suffered in.the explosion. -•';;•; «\ DAILY CROSSWORD Ladies' Dress Shoes Mon's $2.99 * v ForiTiaHy $r>,r>() - $4,85 $4.45 - $3,98 - $3.45 Enna Jetticks Sale $4.45 ^ d $4.95 Values $5,00 to $6,50 ACROSS 1. Keady money 6, To scratch 9. Singing voices •..:• 5. Biyalye. mollusk 6. Young . sheep: • 7. Agazelfe 8. Tired, 27. Evening before, a holiday 28. Ohu|n'. 3Qj Detests 32. Japanese, ' Slippers 89c Oxfords Low ; PIeel aiid College "Heel . $2.99 Children's White only $1.49 Former] y '"nm.rly * :l ' !)8 ' *l-'4fl - $1.29 j $2i49 . $ 2 .2g. $1.D8 . $4.45~-'liS;98' 7 -.$W8 Wonder Values Throughout the Store. It will pay to visit this Great Sale. Hundreds of pairs must go! Come early and get fitted NORWASH SHOE BUILDING - - - - - - " NAUOAf UOJC, CQNN. Open Saturday Evening: Ui>til 9:00 11. Dazzling 10. Guided , -\ coin. . light 11. Transparent 34. Ocean 12. Explosion •. substance routes- • 13. Vampire 18. Rowing : 3t5. Heaci of an 14. Morning-. implement ' ( abbey reception 20. A J>Jow ^6, Curved 0 ' . '. . 8 " 3 15. Ppdsiiresin WJ$#.:' : " mark over ^Saturday's Aniwor 16. Organ of 22. .Xt^ndate vowel 40. Rugged mouri- •"'•••"••"' • . !23rA. wine 37. Madeintoa ; tain crest 45. Trees 10 • T5T 20 2» 316 17. Goddess of 24. High, Jarge bundle 41. Endured dawn;, craggy hjljl 39. Wall 43. Gains 19. Fpi^y >; 26. Gd astray painting 20. Volcanic tuff ' 22, Foam 25. Qrv , ,29. Loudly , 36. Grub 31. Heated 32. A plant , 33. Beg" ,i 35. Warp-yarn 3$. Insect 36, Cushion 42. Muscular strength ' 44, Moftam* , median , nymph 46, Misrepresent ,\i >. 47. Having ears 48.Bfekirig chambers .49. Runne'r-for ice travel' 50, Spreads .i • • grass to dry 61. SnoW ' " vehicle bowN I.'WiiCe'rdpe • 2^ Narrow 1 lane 3. Barrel strip 31 1ft 37 44 49 25 4. Stockings IK ^^ ,. ^ ~ - „ ~ 8 .3 CBYPTO^ITOTB^-A cryptogram quotation B£G M ;TXTp KTJTQK OGt> IDCIL KLGCNP i i , t >• • , ST GO Zp, ROCZ I P F i —X G N I V J DT. ^ Saturday^ ICryptOquote: OF ALL ANIMIALS MAN 13 THE LEXST'SUITBD. To ^VK IN FLOCKS—r~ x -^ iDlctributeU by King Features Syndicate. ,- ,„¥!-«._ ^ ^*-i * ,»--<* Local Young •Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Finard of Brl'dgeport announce the marriage of tlioir daughter, Miss Laura* Claire Finard, to William J. .Butcher, son of Mr,.and Mrs. A Lpslei' Butcher of, TligTi 'strdei, N v au^a'tack. The 1 wedding took place in Elkton, Md., on June 14. The bride ia a graduate of- War. rcn Harding high' v 'sc)ibol and Mr. Butcher was graduated from Naugatuck high school and Northeast- ei'n-'university. 'He is -'•'employed-"'at the Pratt & WJiltney Aircraft corporation Jn Hartford. EarlW.A^he . Feted at Party A farewell party was given Sun- clay for . Earl W.•'. Ashe, son 1 of' Mr. and Mrs. Adolphus Ashe.of Fox CliiT farm at his home.'"' About 49 attended. • y? •>•••' • -v Mr. Ashe, who has enlisted in the U. S. army, will teave .Wednesday morning- for Fort tievens, Mass. Cuba Stamp Warning Ostran^er Corp. Mr. and Mrs. 'Gorge J..Ostrander ;0f 312 Scott, street have received word from San Diego, Gal., that their son, George E. "Ostrander, a inember of the marine- corps, has been promoted to a corporal. Arthur Pudjem Enlists In Navy Arthur H. Pudem -of Alma street •has enlisted in. 1 the U.S. Navy, Construction battalion. He was g>ivon the rating of seaman, second class. Mr. Pudem is well kown -in town, 'being active socially, and was rc- •cently praised, by t/he local Defense Council for his work tts an auxiliary poli-cemun. He was aa -lionor graduate of the c'liiss -of J935, Naugatuck 'hig-li school, and is employed at .the U. S. Rubber company. Mr. Pudem will be in the Naval reserve until called to active duty. . • Here's ono otthe series of postage ritainps issued by the Republic of Cuba to publicize the need for all Cubans to fi£ht fifth column and espionage activities of the Axis. This three-ceht stamp carries the warning: in Spanish: "Beware 1 The fifth column is spying 0:1 you I" I Keep '-em Firing—AViIII Jimk I Feature 'the Smart Fashions, Low Prices and •E«sy- Credit Terms 'DORIS I GIFTS SILEX COFFEE MAKER <B to 8 cup STRISIK'S CENTER ST. DIAL GLASSWARE ELECTIUC, KITCHEN CLOCKS SCAItCE! We Stil'rilavc Sonic. S CHNEER'C CRfOIT JIWILIR3 ^^ 162 South Main St — 4-2206 t=tt=ffi33^fcg=g?g=g=^^ KODAK tt«PWNH YOUR CHOICE OF 3 PRINT SIZES Let us show you «omc sample' Mfnicolor Prints—nctuid print! m> full color from 35-mm; and Ban- ; tarn Kodachrome transparencies. They're made by JEastman, available in "2X" 21/4 x W* "5X- 5 x 7Vi; a° d " 8X " 0 1 * ll -» nch sacs. We'll s\*dly order, some. Minicolor Prints for you. Simply bring in your favorite transparencies and leave the rest to us. BUY FOUR FILM HERE! MOVIE FILM — KOOACIIKOME — KQUACOLOIt FILM PACKS J VEIUCHHOME ;< ,j j ;. CINE KODAKS — PROJECTORS ; I PHOTO FINISHING SUPPLIES :#!'.; Your Kodak Dealer " ' ''-••'! SWEENEY'S Final Clearance on All Summer Dresses Washable, Cottons, Bembergs, Silk Jerseys and Crepes. $2 .$3 $4. /ri ";•>• Only 3 Prices on Dresses Up to $14,98. and Wed. : (On The Bridge) ' 129 MAPLE STREET - - - - - - NAUOATUOK, CONN. :Store Closed Tuesday, 12:30. BUY BONDS AND STAMPS FOR THE LIFE YOU LIVE I for A WEE Make your vacation complete by having the Naugatuck Daily News mailed to you each day, while you are away. Give your order to your newsboy or fill out blank below. .g NAME ADDRESS CITY OR TOWN ............. .STATE LOCAL ADDRESS .-. DATE START .........,.. .STOP .....

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