The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 10, 1936
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THEVILLE COITRTFR IVFW^ TJIE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST AR^SAV^ri ^^i^^bd;^' ' ' ^M~A. T? ^J : • ' •' Aivi\m\ofto rti\u DUU m&Abl MISSOURI VOL. XXXIl'I—NO. 177 Blylheville Courier Blylheville Daily News Blytheville Herald Mississippi Valley Loader KIATUKVIU.E, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1030 SINGLK COPIES; FIVE CENTS PROCLAIMS DICTATORSHIP IN AUSTRIA Orders 50 Per Cent Increase in Munitions Factory Working Hours ROME. Ocl. 10. (UP)—Premier Eenilo Mussolini geared to racc- Hkb speed today Ihe machines, that are arming Italy for war. I Through Ihc cabinet he order-' ed a 50 per cent increase in Hie! weekly production hours of his. _ 1.200 munitions factories—from 40! P hours to GO. • •• | H He authorized conslruction of U new air fields within striking distance of Pmncc. Suain. Yugoslavia and the British "all red route" lo the easl. He authorized an increase in navy personnel. • disclosed lhat "several dozen" new naval mills are under conslruction, ordered new factories for airplane and airplane motor manufacture,' and commented: "All military rrcpambxcss of the nation has been intensified with excellent results." Judge Considers Motion for Retrial of Kidnaper LOUISVILLE, Ky.. Oct. 10. iu| I';—Federal Judge Elwcod Hamilton today took under advisement a motion for a new trial for 'i'ho- 1 mas If. Robinson jr., convicted of kidnaping Mrs. Alice Speed Stoll, Unisville society woman, two years ago loday. ' Counsel for Robinson.had pleaded Insanity. Judge Hamilton said he would give his ' decision at 0:30 a.m. Monday. As the hearing closed today Government counsel moved that Ihc appeal be denied because it was unsupported by affidavits. Paris Police Battle Fascists Landon Charges Use of| Public Funds to Re- Elect Roosevelt Bv JOE AI.EX MORRIS United I'ress Correspondent APOAHD CiOVERNOR LANDON'S CAMPAIGN TRAIN IN OHIO. Oct. ID. (UP)— Gov. Alf M. l.andon backed up his pledge Mussolini said: I rllr .„„»„,„.. „ 1 l ul Ltiiuir} uKivkiiM uie r<ew There is urgent need of cer- Di-nl's "sordid Inrlerlne" of votci tain .types of supplies, chiefly far and "use of public funds lo sway the navy and air forces." . the electorate." The announcements followed a cabinet Hireling and Ihey followed by less' than 24 hours tlv sici'iiLf meeting. In London, at which Dino Grand!, Italian delegate, hurled back in the teeth of Russia a charge that Fascist powers were supplying the Spanish rebels with arms. There had been no warning of tile dramatic, announcements. .TO STUB? PflGIFIC FLIGHT Ani rives: n Visit to US. Linked tqCoughlin Case Manila A clear-cut victory for the Paris police «as Ihe verdict of "ringslders" who watched the gendarme put dcwn,the : .lhreat of Fascists., to picci'Hale a riot through a counter demonstration designed to break up a Communist rally. Sprawled in the street are three of the demonstrators bowled over by the strong arms of (he law. The carl of a sticct vendor also was overturned in Ihe melee. "'D' IJ] -l '•' : ' • • -^. Constable ; Breaks j R ecS rd .-'•SH AlAXW'' IlA KE; ; ' Oil I:' V.( (I P>— P first —.... uuv , T 1-jjit.k.j^, v^iii;. \\.tr/~~ maiden ti L vjtiK:iillinLl 1 Police liere have just made their flgJiU'rig thrust at liic Hirst arrest in 10 years. The pris- (ration, in line with. h . oners are village constable, Kenneth Dcwer, and his' son, Benson. They were arrested on a. charge of assault after a fist fight with two men on the main street. Anulher Rice Grain Carved OROVILLE, Cal. (UP)—Bert N. Paxton claims to rank nest after tlic man who is reputed to have engraved the Lord's prayer on a grain of rice. Paxton succeeded in engraving a calling card which read "William H. Ismert, Oroville," on a single grain. Joins New Deal War on Coughlin Striking into Ohio-one of Ihc most holly 'contested states—on his swims across one of the mi- jor baltle grounds of the 193f campaign, Ilic Republican presidential nominee referred to dc- velcnents in Minnesota and declared flatly that the "udmiuls- Iralicn's powerful propaganda' was financed by public funds "This most powerful machine ever assembled on American soil, is^niahned-in large part'by' federal office holders." '(Jov. Landon charged at Cincinnati '"ih/ ahol'iiei admims . . his promise ... Chicago last, night lo put Ihc "spenders out of Washing Ion" and lo balance the ''budget in less than four years. . "It is allocating public, funds up and down Ihe country on Hie eve of Ihe election for the obvious purpose of atlemuting to sway the electorate. It is endeavoring to coerce thousands o voters on relief. It is trying to poison the minds of persons on relief," LaiWon said. Itcosevelt at Lincoln LINCOLN, Neb.. Oct. 10. (UP) —President Roosevelt, accompanied by a group of Nebraska Democratic leaders, arrived here at 1 p.m. loday for an hour and a half visit during which time hr will deliver a speech at the slate capilel and confer on tlic political situation. • , : Haiulils Ccl Cash IOWA PALLS. la., Oct. 10. (U P)—While practically the entire police force was guarding President Roosevelt's special Irani hen loday, four bandits invaded the Swift and Company produce station, tied up employes an escaped wilh $500 -iish. Ahead of Two Rivals in' Around-the-World Race MANILA, P. L, Ccl II (Sl'll- day)-H. rt. Eklns of the New York World-Telegram and oilier Scraps-Howard newspapers, lend-' lui, two oilier newspaper writers' uy 5.COO miles In a-flljhl around the world In commercial aircraft .said today that he hopes to leave [ Manila for San. Francisco during the day on tiic Pan-American Airways "Hawaii Clipper." rJeparliirc. of Ihe Hawaii Cllu- I'cr. he said, depends on Ihc weulher. A ' typhoon lias held up the trans-l'uctfic 'air -liner for two days but It. was. hoped the Hy plane would (jet away today. Fklns arrived yesterday on the Dulch K. N. r. L. M, Lines from Uornco. Oilier Haras in Inilla . CALCUTTA. India, Oct. 10. (U ; P)—Two around-the-woi'ld iravel- ' ers Hew across India aboard a Drilish Imperial Airways plnnj> today covering 1,222 miles In less Ihun nine hours. Dorothy Kihjallen of the New York Jcumal and International News Service and Leo Klcran ol Ihc New York Times -and N. A. N. A. Service landed at Uiimdnm airdrome here after crossing India hi the fastest time they have yet averaged. They hope lo calch Ekins at Manila. nigh m the thick of the baltle between Paris psl'cc and Ihc Fascist followers of Colonel de la Rocm.e jvas he newscameraman during this bit of rough and tumble action. Two of ,l,e right wingers are « t- Un B (he wcrst of ,t (at-left,, one a..out to receive a blew on the head, Ihe other a well placed police toe. And at right is another headed ' either for hcme or to the rescue of a beleaguered comrade. [ | Jones Says 67 Per Cent L 1 Of RFC Loans Repaid WASHINGTON, Oct. 10 (UP;— Jewc H. Jones, chairman of the Reconstruction Finance coijxjra- lion, announced loday thai 07 per cet of all RFC disbursements except for direct payment to governmental agencies and for relict have been repaid. Jones reported that $4,201,931.1 2 "G had been turned back to the GIBRALTAR, Oct. 10 (UP) — •""'Poration^ since it began opcr- Spanish rebels loosed a lerrlflc at- j a ""S m " ' tack on Ihe loyalists on the Al- Uur ''ig — ,— v-,.».,^,,, u ™- berche river front, west of Mad- .". " OL ' n cx l )ei 'dcd ^or the acii- Closinf/ Stock Prices NP\V YORK. Oct. 10. <UP)— General made new and Chrysler Government Identifies • Insurgent Planes as of German and Italian Make Framed" by Government Col. Francis de la Roque Claims "•y. 1932. I PARIS. Oct. lu. (Up)-Prancois tfme $C,25i,9^7,GPJ de la liccnuc. leader of fascism , - . . --- — ...... rid today. Reports from both sides r snccin<; <l by law for the indicated that they were likely to' RFC ' Total disbursements, includ- they were likely kecp on going steadily until the actual battle of Madrid started ' , 51.709, 983.175 for relief lo governmental ag- Twenty battle planes, painted nclc *' wcrc " s(cii at $1I,307,COU,- ' , the omiuoiLs black of the insurgen air flee!, rained bombs down on the leftist lines, flying back and being refueled at nearby j '' 5 ' Jones - made new highs since 1S20 in thel.^^.""^ ,»«ult plan ^p" 0 last few minutes of trading on ,„„,„,, „,„„, ' L ' s 1>ro the stock exchange today and led n recovery throughout a list that had teen mixed by profit taking. Steel issues picked up motors. So did rails. tccted (hem. Madrid dispatches.,Identified Ihc bombers as Junkers—made in Gjr- many-ami the pursuit plane? as ,Y, I1I ,, I fiats-made In Italy. Utilities! T1)| , nifpiane barrage was fol- »=rSF~;='£i-S-~ around one flanK of the main loy- ! nesscc Valley Anlhority would be set In motion. A. T. and T. : 179 Anaconda Copper 41 3-4 Beth, steel 74 1-8 Chrysler » 27 !. 2 Cities Service .... Coca Cola Gen. Am. Tank . Gen. Electric .. .^. Gen. Motors Int. Harvester ... McKes-soii-Uobbins Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central .... Packard Phillips Pet, Radio ; 10 7-8 . 120 .. GO . 49 . 72 5-8 Tom Little Heads Concern Which Will Handle Pontiac and Buick ..~ i -....» „„. „!,,,., Organization of Ihe Blytlievilie It was reported without con- Motor Sales company, which will |finiialion at Burgos that the rebels handle Pontiac and Buick airio- 'iook El Tirmblo, northwest of SMI mobile.? ,was announced lod.iy oy alLst force while infantry of the Foreign Legion and Fascist vsl- :lank. , untcers wenl around Ihc other In France, charged the Socialist eovcnimcnl aitlhorilies had "fraired" and others when roin (house aflcr the formal" notl- ficalion of the court's action. He and four other Fascist lead crs were indicted after police Ickefe Algols Money foi Building Powei Distn- bution System W/SHINGTON, Cct. 10. (UP) —Public Works Administrator Harold L. fekes today made an outright grant of SS.OW.ODS to Memphis, Tcnn., to construct a new municipal electric po\ver distribution syslem. . The system, to serve 30,000 homes ''and business and industrial •'establishments, will cost $6.872,000 altogether. The allotment was made after city officials, according to Ickcs "informed tlie Public Works Administration 'that Ihey plan, to tny their power wholesale from Ihc Tennessee Valley Authority, which now Is building Iwo separate power supply lines lo Memphis." ; Tlic grant was considered significant Inasmuch as It closely followed President Roosevelt's conference last week on possibilities of TVA and private |»ivor faclllr lies in the southeast section inlo ;...,,„,„,, , , " ' „ ••••••" huge public-private power cooper- intllclcd today for allegedly re- atives. ".^"i.f, 1 '' thc . ," Cross ot Flrc -" 'ekes .said lhat the Memphis of- culla«ed Fascist group. nelals planned "to seek stand-by "I told Ihc judge Ihe Indict- power agreements from private incut liad been decided before Ihe power companies serving adjoining raids." lie said on leaving Ihc stales." Such agreements, it, was pointed out, would make r, small public-prlvale power jxiol ir themselves. — I VIENNA, Ocl 10 (UP)—Chan- i :elloi Kurt SchuschnlgB oideredj loops of Ihe Vleinn ganison icH nalntaln a "stale of readiness", 1 Icdav to defend hLs sudden dec-; r larallon of absohile dlUaloishlp i ou'r Auslila from a putsch , |jfl Simultaneously sloim police and I; ticops, occupied gmp'rnnicnt" build"-'S ings, < keeping guard with iincl)liiB'}4 guns against possible thieats!' The arrival at Now York oi Eu- : (jenio • Cardinal • Pacclli, Papal Secretary of Stale, aroused snec- ulalion. over wiiclh\n; he \vonlci attempt to clarify Ic^'FaHier Cputjhlin (ho Vatican's '11111611 disputed attitude.,on the radio piiesls" polilical broaclcasls. C-irdn dl PiLelli 'was 'ilhnounceOi as being on his annual viicalion winch ho planned to spend with fnends_on Long Island. raids resulted in charges of tin-! Old Man R!.,*.. BollI,,' lawful reorganization of the ban- UIC fflan KlVer Kollln - ned organiwittoii, opposed by Premier Leon nimn and his Socialist cabinet. McFadden Unhurt When PIsne Strikes Fence SAN ANTONIO. Tex., Oct. 10. (UP)—Bernarr McFndden. ,, ,- i "r3'w° r « Sl ° f S "" '2 Mh ''\ 'I™ 5 nmlouncwl 'a" 1 - 1 ? °V Publisher .escaped injury' loday Martin. t. 11r '" bl ° s the -site of, Tom Little, well known local 31;- when his airplane enisled into ? dam wlueh controls a big part lomobile dealer, »•'•- -=" if Madrid's electric power. It is' Hie new company. head a fence while he was warn 1 . the dam whose gates were 01*11- 49 i-4i rcucl « ledo. . Mr. Liltle. who is .owner of the i | UD u, c mo tor ,„ ed in a vain attempt to s t op th ~ Tom'Litllc'Chevrolet company,. In! . Mlss Mndelme Clair, his secrc- Con fj rebels before Ihey reached To- announcing acquisition of the Uvy ' " lso CKC "P«l l »i llr > > - I lar 6 cs Simmons B«ls 43 3. Standard of N. J | 55 1.4 Texas Co ,','.', 42 3.4 I Pontiac and Buick dealership by • *-"". iiujiu.ik; .inn ±JIH^N \]I:.IIUI.MEI|J uy Al Oviedo loyalist dynamiting 1 " 10 " cw company, said that the mincr.i fought their way toward Caller would be entirely .separate . the center of Ihe city. A defender of President Roosevelt and Ihc New Deal against charges of Communism made by' Father Charles Coughlin, radio' priest, Hie Rt. Rev. John A. Ryan, above, Catholic University faculty member, in a radio'| m 1907, 338,452 Inhabitants ofi l\i-(^Hr>:iQl rnllf»H it a vlrtlotirtn A...*.^- »*.._ . . *'"'>-' "M U. S. Smelting U. S. Steel .. Warner Bros. Zonlte 83 3-4 j 70 7-8 13 5-8 Chicago Wneai open high low n i osc i/jiv i. ---D'- *u*> riosc r* Dec 1155-8 110 5-8 IIS 5-8 U6 M 1 P"™ 3 ,'' May 114 U51-4 114 t.,,,,,.,i.. . from the Chevrolet agency an would be localcd at the Day and Night Oarage, Broadway and luil. Mil(on Sternberg. who has been operating the Day and Along fo University MINNEAPOLIS (UP)-OId Man River, who up to now has been "rollln' along," is t'oing lo simp out of hLs lethargy and (jo to school. Work Ls progressing rapidly in Ihe Minneapolis site where the Mississippi River Is going to get higher learning—the new S100.000 liydra'nllc laboratory of the Uni- versily of Minnesota, under con- slntclion on Hcnncpin Island —a few yards from SI. Anthony Palls. Completion of the slruclnrc, !st and most modern of Us Cracksmeu Escape With All of Hiwasscc Institution's Cash HtWASSEE. Ga, Oct. 10 (UP) — Esi>ert cracksmen completely looled the Hank of Hiwassce last night, escaping with $7,000 in casli and $40,000 in notes made payable lo the Inslilutlon. \tith all ils cash gone Ihe bank was forced lo close. Sheriff Harry England said the. robbery was not discovered until a teller came lo work loday. Tlie cracksmen entered the bink by boring a ho!« into the bajk door of the building! They forced an cnlry into the .slccl and concrete vault by cutting the slccl door from its frame with an acetylene-torch. The bank was a 'member of the federal reserve syslem and Justice department agents at Alla'hla were notified of the looting. The federal officers immediately took charge of the investigation. ; Checks for County Fair Premiums Are Mailed Checks in payment of air cash premiums won by exhibitors at the Mississippi County Pair we're placed in (he mails last night. J Mcll Brooks, secretary of the fail association, said today. The fair association lias already paid most of Ihc bills incurred in connection with this year's fair and has cash on hand to lake care of the rest. McFViddrn said tlic plane lurch- kintl ln ""c country, is set for cd forward suddenly before he *"" was prepared to lake oil. H hit the fence before he could brhur ! H under control. He chartered immediately vacate Ilic building and the I'ontlac- , broadcast, called it a violation of the commandments to accuse ? the president of being a Red.: Ryan also declared Coughlin'i tary theprlei are faulty,. ;] , , Austria-Hungary emigrated to the United States. This was the largest number of |>cople lo move. from one coimlry lo another In a single year. Chicago Corn '"', Buick dealer company will take lover Ihe properly tomorrow . a private plane lo Houston where April 1, 1937. Under general direction of Dr. Lorenz a. Slraub, head of the university hydraulics department and the conslntclton supervision of J. he is to make a political talk C. McCoy, Ihe WPA project is tnk- tonlght. The plane was badly) ing shape rapidly. A 12.000-gallon . damaged. higli low clase oil lank, for use as a fuel hold; already has been set.^- ^ There, where the"" falls make a 48-foot drop, lunncls and flumes set at various levels will carry Pnnllir Rn'lcV iceiicv wis until or —•••"• "-=""• " ?"«"••"« *<=<• part of the river through the 1 onlLic-BiucK agency wa\ m in of golf, clubs for winning theibtiildine so advanced sturloni.: recently held by the Lee Motor orcei. Woods Counlry^ club d-^J.^^V^T^^S Gift Fails lo Fit WINSTEU, Conn. (UP)— Allin P Griffin received a beautiful set company. Dec. M 3-8 SO 5-8 05 1-2 95 5-8 1 Americans consume a te\\ May 91 I-* J' '--i DO 5-8 90 5-8. more fruit limn do Englishmen. .,,. .. . , ,, ? , "niij uii^ni^LTs itiKi ottier t'xi.ens Plonshtp, bul-the clubs were for may study the Irlcks of runr.i'ig rlghl-handers and Griffin is a water and its conlrol devices. Tur- soiilhpaw. The club commlllee bines of several makes and type* promised to exchange them. will be put to severe tests, lircoks . Mr Tlie cash balance after all obligations nre met wil be small, lie declared, but In vi of the fact that many of this year's expenditures wcrc for labor and malerials for permanent Improvements Ihe fair may 1>= said lo have shown a profit. Expenditures Included cash premiums and purses lo the amounl of about $5,500. Race purses, totaling, abovf, $3,200, vcrc the largest items. IS SEIZED T BI Wist and Olhei Semi-", Militaw Gioups Ale Oi- ! clei ed Dissolved against the chancellors smprhe'/ ictlon In dissoUIng Ihe Helm'- 1 ' \eln and .sdrlng full conlrol of' the nalion. His action recalled the diss .«o jcnri ago of the asiasslna- llon of the late Chancellor En- BClbcrt Dollfuss during a Nazi uprising In Vienna. The, broad slrcels of the Austrian capital bole a martial as peel as Ihc chancellor's .bloodless declaration of power eliminated all scml-mllllary organisations in Ihe couhtij -, 13y Ids bold stroke he eliminated his, sole possible ihal foi power, dashing Piince Cinsl Rudder von Slarhembcrg. leader of tlie Fascist •Hefmnclu l • After an all-night cabinet meal- ing a lerse official communique, was Usued lo Inform the country Hint the Hcliiiwehr. and the Catholic storm trooper;, the two uiin- clpnl semi milllarj ori>aiil/,atlons, were dissolved completely. , : Selected men from them will ba incorporated in a nosv national' militia directly umlci the ministry of war— Schirsclrhlgg himself Is" minister of wai Rental Pacts Reduce ''••'.' HOLC Foreclosures ST. LOUIS (UP)-In an effort to hold foreclosm es tq p minimum, the Home Owners Loan' 'dorpora- tlon office here has come to the aid of home owneis by making n rental' agreement with them lo prevent loss of their properly. Approximately 400 home owners In Ihe St. Louis area who have been unable to mulnjain payments on HOLC lonns, hiwe benefited under the new rental plan, according to Graver C. Vandover, manager. The movement was started when the HOLC began servicing Ihe 24,500 loans made In Missouri: If a home owner finds he cannot meet the payment on his loan, rather, than lose his home,- he agrees to move out. The home 'is then railed for enough lo cover Ihc payments. "The home owner ehlers a rental agreement with us," • Vnmlovsr explained, "and we In turn list Ire property with n real estate management company. Tiic company rents Ihe property and the Income so obtained is : Used lo liciuldst'o' the owner's loan.' Although he has no definite figures on foreclosures, Vando'ver said something like "several hundred" have been recorded. However, the rate of foreclosures is small, he declared, since Ihe aim of Ihc corporation is especially lo aid distressed property owners. , "Homes are foreclosed only when there' is 'no chance for the owner ever to'redeem his obligations," lie said. ; : New York Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 10. (UP)— Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close 119G 1196 1189 1188:1 1183 1183 I17G 1176 1178 1179 1173 1175 1196 1186 1180 1180 1190 1190 1180 1181 1180 1181 1175 1176 Spots closed quiet at .1221, off 8. . oct:' Dec. Jan. Mar. May July WEATHER and Arkansas—Kalr tonight Sunday. Cooler tonight. ' Memphis and vicinlly—Paitly cloudy and cooler tonight. Lowest temperature.'; 00 lo 54. Sunday talr. . . ' ' • ; . Spot Avcrasc Is 11.95 The average (nice of 7-8 in--h middling cotton on the ten designated spot markets today was 11.95, according to the lliytheville Board of Trade. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 10. (UP) —Cotton ended the short session two to nine points lower. Hedge' selling-and'evening up in advance of the holiday caused the decline. The close was steady, open high low close Oct. 1188 1188 1184 1184 Dec. ..... 1181 1181 1175 1176 J.ln 1180 1180 1173 1173 Mar 1182 1182 117S 1178 May 1182 1184 1179 1181 July 111C 1116 1171 1171 Spots closed steady at 1220, off 10. ^ .

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