Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 17, 1895 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 17, 1895
Page 8
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! little inpenj; e& when! it became known 1 —^~—-rha-t indent -THE- GOSSIP ; OF GOTHAM. •m •:'..' a ••'-1« ••'City •'•Politics ; ' and-' Factors •M»riy Eaitcr' TVediim'c*—'Til* Tutni-i- taniatter of national " interest. ^ 3 hat 'everybody',, now ""- : '" 'y ;£ry 11521 »>->»>>•' ,~» he left you. .forming 1 element their home cleai^and makes their .. S'lmStKerTThappytf Try it>in yoffr fiomS Sold everywhere. Made only by The N. K. Fairbanfr Company CHICAGO. -;o:;'•:' no:~;-jT> - C1 e v eland had finally w decided to turn ;; the cold shoulder to the e t rojpol itan guild ia-the OT;I£ ing of himself which ifr.to, grace ' 'Killctl. 3ast summer • !>v 'bitck- board 'eastward over the plains that •Icitt the I'eruWKitwalley" iri"''Xcw-Mex- ico," Kaid an arantuur ranchman, "our trail fur a Ion;,' distance 7;! ay: thnoujjli a sheep-grazing co.unTry. ,/ftj ivasja^still, bright day, in" \vTVTc1i", owing to~Thc rarefied air due to the high altitude,, the August heat'was not "oppressive. mirage, a few grazing cattle were seen, und, near at hand or far away, flocks of sheep were usually in Early in tho afternoon we passed a « ~ ' g ^ ___ _ geclTT'ffiSn'ns'clips' with the Mexi can shepherd, lie rose from tlip^bjaiv Uur^brpacl KomOrero..brims haa.some- what, shielded our faces, which, icver- theless, 1 like, our hands, were bruwed and bwoHeu. . Ton'ipkins'^jiands had suffered most, as.ho:.-had bcei coni- pellod'to expose them iti handling the reins. _1UU drenched...and sore as we wcrc^it-iwas: wi'th content aud thank- -iCuInc ; 8s. m tliat'';w.e' leaned against the tree trunks, with leaves and twigs and scattering hailsto'nes sifting thickly down upon us, whi. audjglaocing Jmil were . -- • - ' . •— -^'tlilc'tncfc^'waCtl i crash and. roll iiigoutw&rd aud bite 1 I dog followed at ^distance, square of eorn husk that he took from tt pouch irt-h is rmas'ecl'poat.r-J Lor thanked us, and, n.d itlicieij to .'diftcjon, re- -pfessire s -g l (!sturc toward the western mountain dimmed by pearly clouds Iilcc~n7nixt: 'Vaa Hover;Benoro»J't (Ills going to WUIU remained thunder diet! away and the to fall, 'The rain, patter, stopped 'as suddcTj-iy as it had begun, and tlie commotion of thq.elcmon.ts ,rcoi$rtcd to =: n <*>?•; * ..". a ± ,, LS v&fttyning. wlrJcttDslSli ~ "Three"miles ahead of us adobe hut and corral^.which might af- from likriy. J5 When wo left the shephercftlie sun was in undirainished splendor, and the wboloj sky except, thut-beluml the, mountain's Sites' 'clear.'"' lieforeN'vo' find' got half way to the hut raindrops were falling- thickly as^our'-. fifat warning that the-.s.ky above ;/ hadi becotna overcast, an.dl.that froiri-the-direoiio^'of '-the western mountains a dense cloud like a black mist; rent by lightijing'jra'shes,;' was adyancmg toward ,us (with - tho-" speed of'a whirlwind.' My companion, , Ing, ancl" he gathered up the reins and put the whip to the horses. 'We'll make the best run wo can will catch us r witk. all-wc,caii.do.'^ "In n> uilDuJ,e iaoro jit ( x<vas{ rwtar lard with'ft^ctise downpot'ir thaV fttd ilike the adobe house and corral ahead md the shepherd and his iloek behind. Then came a brisk rattljng upn^ the >aokboard,_a polting-jif o.ur. irSshot* a ^- • ' f-s }-• <*s ^ ^-' —? ' ^ ^* burst of sunlight 1 ' broke through clouds at the yray| sky ' a during tho r^ ev&c 1 fi^e**bf S (lainpness onJyli trahsienT pool here and there, and a tinge of em- •ereldr*aimn'OBaT51S'^ pale green grama grass. In every hol- ;was_ ruff' 'e(x aa^ljue as'turauoisc. j^K iliiiijne^l pla'irri that^ had; s'eeimecl| afloait ing tiho rafnand nwshowedi .. ^/^he.river will lio^ltoolilgh'Uo ford before'"' to-morrow, '"""^aid" Tompkins. 'Shall wo go on and camp on its bank or go. back to Pcnasco?' . / . . -_ .--. : j '.V\V"e decided to.gb to J?e'nasco,- where there jyas.. a hotel, and turning.,, round took '.thpfbaok. trail.. ...The. Mexican shepherd who, had warned...!!* of the NQOWer'j was'-, moving {about wjjth his dog, and"vo. J cduldseo"as we approached that some .of the sheep : were feeding, \yhile-others; remained still on, the spot .where thcy-liad huddled at the begin- riing^ of ^ the- storm. 'we saw Why those -sheep were ing. They two ir;S?th~o l@ks of tho horsas, ,nd driving them forward like blows < a whip. It was the cutting of hail. 41 'Now it's neck or nothing,' said rompkins,^HS .lie grasped ,4ho treinii nore tiShrfv Hjv^brfiWu * his igainst'nio clasVoohrd. ^ Jib nee<l "to urge forward tho horses. All effort . tok yard with harp blows (fere drivin, >uts and nd larger. "Another minute and tho horses ?ere crouching and quivering and eaping from side to side under tho ain of ico lumps that bruised our lands and faces like tho striking of lobbies. It was appalling, t.ho wnight nd force with which they fell. The ones were getting beyond control, lat when, ahead and to the left, wo w looming through the ice torrent bo towering shapes of trees. They % tfi<? Bjtt. hu.b against* tree f.ii»uk/-as tli,o^ 1 out; and lo! we ifety. out of tho o/wnpour, beneath the broad spread- it branches of the grove of great cot- jnwoods that tower about the muddy Hater hole at Las Alamosas. "The horses quieted down the in- tnnt they passed beneath thtrsheltcr-- ig branches and stood panting and j gaming, their eyes swollen and blood>Ot from th.e cruel peltinir of ice. many were bleeding at tho nose, and "their swoljau^dyris" bore signs of tho cr^reJ.JjattcrJLitg * ^licy Jiiid (sustained. i The Mexican had sheltered himself and ['Ills dog under the enveloping folds of hia heavy woolen scrape. lie looked rather sad over the larnentabUT"condi- tho occurrcpc<| a!$ & yio^ssitutle* in his bus'iniesS'fSifrt niig-trt o'oo-nr J 3lt'anyftme, i and was to be accepted with resignation. At the worst it was not his loss, biit his master's. "At Pnnasc,o J talked Cyith the orei-acefr of j'thdrthc to whicoltho noclww.i 'had Vsoeai bei longed. He hadjcomo into town to engage help to skin the sheep killed in • will: ; nltinuvlely ;triutuph.-is a mat- t.er .ot 1 tain,ty; all- deference ] tb; the' -'p'e'-r iTs -"'bl' prophecy; it mayi be, asserted tliat . ..that el.emen.t .SOCIETY- Ti-LKS OP IT;y i i i triumph. For' one th'ing,- tSere ; is to be 'a clean sweep. • The Tcmova] of Kerw}-!! aiid .^Murray,- the two police-commissioners, will be but the preliminary of very ,drastic_ nieasui'es,on.the.paEt ; of Miryor Strong.' E. "L. ' 'Gofilvin, who. .has the mayor's- ear, is outspoken, in 'his advocacy of this step, and it- maybe stated that Mr. Strong ha* . ' conditionally promised to do- this very thing. Another depasture ".of .the:J - efbrm'ers will be the establishment of the proposition that hereafter national politics roust al- ; wa,ys ...be/ subser.vient to-. mutiitupal irif- form.. As everybody JfnqiAis-,?the, very reverse' has ]iitlver.t.o .. been the case. The good government' clubs are., responsible" for' 'this.-' 'Their • leader, Edmund Kelly,' one'-' of the most fnfluen- •tial. of .yew- Y.odcs. -rising yonng-.-la-wi y,ers,.i aud, . -tlie : ^^man. _• who ; ; .to-d;vy is 'head and front of tho municipal reform movement, throughout the country,-"- h'as brought 'tills '"state ' o : things^abou'lr.^ •' It- may-^ surprise 'even Sfew.-yorJstsrSiWhor have followed' Joca politics, to,, know- that sucbT people 'as Cprnclin'sV Vanderbilt,. Mrs.v. Parran. Staveiis',''Mrs''"W 1 iiliam"Astb'r. and .Com mocTore ari'd Mrs.-'G'orvyrhaye had cacl a-"fingei'f'ii6 to' spoalcf in tfii^ lS pie: 'Mr •EoUyr-has" interested.- tlie-m in'-municipa afl'airs. But he-, ibas; .-.done.' more.' ."Ho has gone to the— labor- loaders and tho labor uni0ns:»nd hassuocodfled in sccur ing 1 ; -their - .coope.raltioa an. 'the'-.warkie and his. uplaJborccs.. hayq at. heart. -.Anc even" 'this, is'not'the endof.llr. Kelly's •n"ork.V._l2is ; latest plan is to' interest ul the chu'rches,"Catchbii'c; 'Protestant' anfl Je\vlsh,.' ln----'rcform- •"muhieip'al" ••vrork: Thai may seem a--daring plan^to Come from any young man, even though he be. at the. same .time a society man, a wealthy lawyer and. a ward worker in New -York "city polities'." 'Yet' jie has succee'de'd, ' partially. '• Bishop Potter, Monseigneur Ducey, Archbishop Coi-i'i- gan and' Rabbi 'Gottheil have'all.tttken a, sympathetic .interest in -his plans. Sensatrcmal...as have been the.develop- mcnts so far, they promise to bo exceeded in that respect by what is to come. Not'only'in tho-lio'uses of the poor, but in the '.lounging, .places 'of -the-wealthy, the new movement, has its supporters. Young men and. women .at- soirees and social functions generally have taken up the cause as a fad. ' We seem to bo on .the eve of an agitation that' will realize what has- long been a. dream, •an .absolute .non-partisanship of .city .government,. .-••;• - • • : : ; : :. :.- : :. i • • : • • A 'Greiit O'ccimlon. \ =' New-York' •!« making -elaborate" pre'p- "arations for the •" celebration -Tat' • the T "\V a s h i n gton :arch on the-la'st ,day. Mof- .ApriL son's home. It had been under______ stood at the ints. LA -7 York artist The presidfenf' tings to a Detroit man twice a week. The reason given for thisjslight seems even more exasperating tliun the~Bli£ht itself. ' The last picture 1 of Mfs.'CIfcve^ land was a huge painting in oil something after the_Beardsley. style of <tcf./ The firstSadyiia ttrejjiwi was depicted in a veryTlo^very'anaflamboVant fasfi- ipn, but, foxtjunate]y.,,ti.e,likeAess,itsell was "so" poor that no pne could have recognized, it*. . ITevertheless,- it was sought to intercept the masterpiece, but unhappily 1 "the picture had been shipped abroad for the !Paris exhibition this spring. The, incident very much annoyed the family, and M_r. Cleveland's family long refused to sit to •painters. That Mr. Cleveland is now .-favoring a-Detroit artist is not a very pleasant circumstance- to metropolitan painters. There would, from the ma- .t'erial'point of view, be big money in. a painting from life of the president, but 'it is very hard'to get him to sit and •when 1 t'ne present job is'finished lie is likely.to wash his hands of portraiture f or.- good and all. -. --.••.':. for Infants and Children. Bateman's Drops, Godfrey's Cordial, many so-called Soothing Syrups, MA most remedies for children are composed of opium or morphine ? , —•> Jtt, Ttaa. KBJSw that ophuja and morphine are rtiiperj-toe narcotic potoOM f- - - - Po Ton Kno-tr that In inostpoiwtdes drugBi»t« are not permitted I J — Do TonKnew that you should not permit uny medicine to be gl»em your ch<S* ^_ nnlo»»jc«LOJ 1 ^OU« 1 '4ii<y»ici«n-ki>ow o( what it i«-wuip«wdt-"~~™ l ™~"™' -«•'—"•-'• •• ->•-'«• Do Ton Know that Castoria Is » purely vegetable preparation, and that a list «f — — — ..i ,111 .. , — ^ .-—., • / .---.. — .. •- : • v y ». 1U ingredients Is pubUehed-wltli eTeiy bottle J J ' .*"-; ^~" . : ; ' •^•v^ - l •<•' ' ^'i,^ : ^*^_^' r' \,.~'' '^1^.,- — .-• ••- • ^ — r ' ^~--~ ' TPo" Ton Know that~CacU>ria la tie proscription of the famous Dr. Samuel Pitcher. That It has been in lisa for nearly thirty years, and that mo:e Cantoria k now sold thiia ^ of iU other reme^esfoTldfllareacombliiedf - - Do Ton Know that the Patent Office .^ ,,,.; and.« jppint -of. view, ,the oc.casiop. .will oe hisl'orie, 1 andf with-" l; the ipr'c s e-nee' -of GOT.- ; itorton, and, Jn all : prol> d,bJH:it r y r : of (President Cleveland, the, concourse -'of Visit- - prs' Attracted to' the metropolis to be a a characteristic story about Wendell Phillips. '-Several clergymen," he says, "boarded a street car in Boston one day, and one of them, hearing it intimated that Wendell Phillips was in the f nr, o'ot "p n?ifl asked the conductor to point him out. The'conductor did so, aud the minister, going up to the orator, said: 'You are Mr. Phillips, I am told.' 'Yes, sir.' 'I should like to speak to you about something, aud I trust, ^nQt^b.a ,qffend.«sf\.7 ^-There 4t, v wiiS tli'e srorcly answer, th^,iuju.i4te4-|bor.La^Ca 'is^o'fi and stirring up suoh an unfrieBdl at - an P th _ cr - soiith and kick up this fnss and leave tlie north in peace?' Mr, Phillips was not the least ruffled, and answered, smilingly: 'You, sir, I presume, are a minister of the Gospel?' 'I am. sir,' said-the clergyman. 'And your colling is to save souls from hell?' 'Exactly, sir.' 'Well, then, why don't you go there?' "—Life's Calendar. every, fashionable- 'feminine -ih -'town is tp-bfl. jn ; attendance,. .The: arch .itself, the center . of ..commemoration,- is.-no.w :a ; siijjerb object, _ all iwhite. and' i;esplen- do'ilt,Hhe re.cent'ctisBgiir'etneiit'of its fair surfacoTBy a- bolile'bf 'fed "ink, thrown Never.has the" marriage .season -im- infccliatcly"foliowins: Easter—in- Jvew. :York -been so,, gorgeous as it is n OW . .::.'A-P C.'ll--. bishop Corrigailj lias no less than-nineteen in a g - - nificeut .w e d'-' dings ^officiate', at between now-.arid- the -end "of" iiay'i " wh i 1-e. Bishop Po^te-r. has-near'a-scoro; The: florists j are - CONSOI.IXG doing a roaring business .and .the jewel-v lers.. .find, the demand for wedding", presents 'a.very hard one :fp. £11.. .Xhe. Burdens^ the : yanderbil'ts,',' th'e' Maiv. q'uanas',-' thu- Gerrj-si' the'-'-'Wetmores'.'in' fact everyone in society has some ref- lation or other soon to wed. /Weddings are most.costly.things nowadays, and the', tradesmen, reap, golden harvests from them.'" The clergy, top, find "them, convenient pecuniarily, and only the father of the bride objects,'.usually. Itis invariably the function of tho clergyman ..to. condone with the father after the wedding, upon-losing a daughter through matrimony^ - Brockholst Cutting, the prince of first best men',' and delight .of fashionable dinner .talks, made the jest that the.-. minister is letting the old gentleman down gently— in other words cheering 'him up .after the expense has made'him miserable. Be this as it may, it is no secret that a Kew: York: clergyman in a fashionable church looks-as. much, to.; his wedding fees as to his salary-to-day. other-c6untries;-havo Issued exclusive right to Dr. Pitcher and hit a»rign« t» Mo^he TTOt*; 1 "0»«toria" and Its formula, and that to imitate them is a state prison off*nii*T : " Do Yon Know that one of the reasons for granting this government protection van;' because Castoria had boen proven to bo abaolntely harmless? .. • _• ' • . .. Po Yon Know that 35 »vornse doses of Castorin n™ furoislnsd for 35 cents, or ono cent a doso f ^ ,,,_.,,,. -., - T -r ....-.-• -,--; •— ' Do Ton Knowthatwhen' pcisesssd of Uii'sjperfeet preparation, your children nur bo kept \i-ell, and tbat"you may liavo unbroken rest f : Well, thcio.thiint« are worth fcnowiag. J^cj are facts., Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. IIM THE WORL.D 1 For keeping th» System In a Healthy Condition. CURES CURES Constipation, Acta on the Uver and Kfdney»r'Purlf-loii tint j Blood, Dispels Colds and Fevers. Beautifies tho^ComplexIon'and to Pleasing- and Refreshing to the Taste. sou? BY ALL. ORUGQISTS. .nicely .illustrated «i|rbty-piKC Lincoln Story Boole fiTcn to tTcry.purchaser of* iucoln Tea. Price 2Sc. -A»lt your druggist.or ULNCOLK TSA Co., Fort Wayne, In4> For Sale by Ben Fisher. • ;... ;A1I ColainK Home. - • • - - • AH- the.-yanderbiJ.ts : will be. ..back .'in their.nativ^land, by the .middle, of- May, jvitl^the.possible- e x c e pt i o.n .of Georpe W-' 'The b-riek -mansion av- recently '' by 'On ^ e : nue, dcrbilt, ia.. being,, by the reckless hand : of "aboyrbeihg entirely effaced,, ."'i'Bfe splendors of this coming occasion are'.expected. to .eclipse "how- The goyernor has.sefchis-. •hertrt'-upon 1 -having thc-festivitjvmpst-bri]jianjt. ... Ih.'e : socini interest. "in, it; is.^cxtreme.^ Even : the clatlef an'a'waif o£lthfi-iiute,"rehearsing the grand 5 morchrcomposed. 1 ^- lor the occosipa, a- clatter and ^Ttil that made .are endured when . . . . fUoi.1 with'th^'-p'oHcS; -Vut the property belongs; toah.e,'.-.govertior^ himself, n'nd the noise is only temporary^ so ecdur-. ance Tvas.resolved-u.pon-. Xew Yorkers are ccrtAinly.-jsacrifijcing'.lhemselves to make, ..,..- . TllM Pi>rtP»U_.TronWo. r - • : The.arxistsof iSTew T.ork .were. not ^tlie decayed produc.t.of"digestion.._Con-.- abs^frpfion of excreta, is quickly relieyed^by- v " • ^* *• * _a- j-L.-^-"'--T ..'_-'_". r" ?"I.T_ ±\. ~ nn n _:^ J •I 1 *. , Perfect ho*lkh«is iiiaitrtained b^espelli * "~'" i "" '%i^ thejterrible results |foll. .._ s> ... ... ._ ......... .,... \ T0NldLAjEATIV^T£e refrashjag imjfa^tie^dirrivtd frp;mLemons with the/Tonic ta^fvft'principles of select vegeCable products forrn an elegiit taitiiig liquid X«axativel . Ladies will find it of pTicelessjyaiuc. ^Jjlajiy cases of supposed : TIterine Bia'lkrgement prove' to t t ^^^^3 tle ^^!S' 1 ^ Iltl Jt productive of Appetite", Energy : aiid aSGlear a, a certain cur* J^Hhng-eiflonTBei^cEe and Buiousness. LARGE BOTTLES, 5O CTS. -, EMON • TONIC • LAXATIVE •"tcd:~~It "s"e'ems that Williaxn..-K;.jj Vanderbilt, Jr., recently in Xew- -port attending SAMBO. t^p putting.-to •ightsbf ^the-marble palace'there," >yill .urn-his "attention--'to-'tntf New Ybrk' >urchase- 3n 'a- few' Says. ; His -'own: ipartments.in the 'house are very fine, a 1 ibrary, -a.-billiard-Toom and: a ?moldng-ro.om of his-own.and a whole uit'e of living "apartments, on, ,the sec- md-floor. r His maii Sambo has,been. working about the place of late, put- ing- his master's -books and papers to rights; ^and that' means' -that" - : young Willie E, will.; soon :be iere. Sata'bo"' is. bat one- of ;the..rich. youth's ,:-serv-. anis. He is,going ; to be ityery. brilliant:; figure,in'tlie"social ; horizon,, this young Vanderbilt," and "seems destineoL to. pfoW a -man ."of mark. He is' bright', genial^and -unua-uailly- intelligent,"hav-" ing his mother's'gooil'looks' and refine- mQn.t.- >tathex .and" son', are itfuch :L aV tached to each other. Itrjs. likely- -that young..Yanderbil,tj shoiild the promise of his ^^utlVbd made good, will become sometiiin-g^rery diAcrent from the average specimen .of la jeunesse doree with which' 2few York is' £bo. familiar. ICYGLES IRE THE HIGHEST Warmnt^a-SBperlor to *ny Bicycle Built, and Kwiruiteed by tbe Indiana .Bidder Co., a Million JDk Unr conwpitloii.Ovftose, bona fc ' as good a» cold; JAo cat ibi^k.wbcol onttl }o*have seen the WAVEBLEY.^ Gitaloi{u»(fec.~i900ili«ej)ti- wanted In .. Indiana Bicycle Co., Indianap6lis,rlncli.,i U. S. A WORKS EASILY-, .WORKS' SUCCESSFULLY;" CLEAN HOUSE -WITH •''• ~.~'.••'• '-Dramatic. " ~ " ' "John'A-Dreams"is playingafthe Empire theater .to such largc-a-hd frisliion-- able.; audiences. that the date originally set for beginning, -t Ji e "S o'w-i'n-gthe' Wind" perforrn- new comedy c 6 ii Id -be -presented b'e'fore- the end : of.^the season-.has been postponed. 'The success ..o/^.the^XE, • OF play, is "positive" " LIES. and-'"endiiring. Women find it a delightful drama; they are especially interested in the four-act duel between Henry Miller and William Faversham. both -great faverit'es' of lli'cf fa'jr sex, for the 'love : of one •wo'mti'D/ ' The 'moving" yacht'.;in -'the' last- -act Ms • created as ; much sensation .as Any ( , theatrical, effect ever seeif.hfire. " . , '"Tbo- '-Much' Johnson ''"ll f ad ' Its ' one hundred "arid~fiftieth ; '-peHor"man'cc at' the.'.; ' Standard.- - jtheJatet -" on ; -'. April'- 11. The souvenirs for : ; tbe...( -occa-;. sion were appropriate, ^'illiam Gillette 7 -and? his-comedy comp'iiny-hdve so rfar? held- ttlie crowdsrfor six.montlis • at_,the ; Standard \and: their ; - drawing'. pow.er .doesn't seem to.havc decreabcd; • the house' is jiimm'cd." to "the., doors now. as"-itfwas : iii ; its'" Grey .weeks. ''Mr."Gil-^ bergs' worlt on-iaie-'play'ls^he'bcst'-he- Uas ever done. His Yonkers liar is t? great _ch_aractcr. . .acd. K the ^numerous vrays'iii v.-riicli"he renders' ifie 'mpthuf- in-fa : w' unTiappylcecp the "packer) audi-" ' '' ' ' IVECIISI.EE.: A Trlnmph or Woman** Skill. Miss Ellaby, M.-rD.. -has -just returnee. to Enffliuid'frbni4ii<5ia,-which--country sVl.e.yjsitedjlUUic request/' ofii-his ness the Jam Sahib o r.!)e Maharani.- .^bis^kwly. who been blind for nearly. fivo yfe eaty years of age. She does honor te sweet hH"~li!ljp:il Ijirlh oy nc-r lion ir^dTKi&npe • -njannet-s, >and fehe sliowod' nrc^iaost' idiTc-hing' gr;i.ti;ude for all thai Miss Ell3.by did -'to .rreliev.e hor ;if,!ic'.:on. Both eyes \vereopcnitcd on v/ith the most complete, success, her sight being entirely 'fcstor'-d " to heil \V-hcn -th« -neivs'-of ihc'-'Msna'ranT's'rff- L-overy spread, tjh'rougbout^ln; court the ~vva« -made- -one -oi 1 — geaeral re- — bj- her T.uljbcr r>oors for t Doff^icfc Across the water'they' sell India rubber boots for pet dogs to wear -while talcing their doily run-in muddy-weather. - They lace UP the side and. axe pro- notinc'cd very neat and'useful. As | diuon than their -price' is two dollars" a J sot, they arc easily : within 'the reach- of -those' who, .on occasion.-pay two hundred dollars for the dog that will wear ..them. It will strike the person, who is not/ai,' intense admirer' of the toy dogs that the world could get along very' well without this addition to their impedimenta, says the If ew York Times, but since -, they might as well wear V' results from.tie usual trouiniciUflf biood Ironbtel bv-wiiicb-jUie(h3isu«Jl i3 tilled xrUb ratrony fat-—-'-- - '."than tht and &ciin« Jbial* '» reliable cure '- RflEUMATIS fraraeajid itr , r table,- "and" absolute:, harmleM; take no tub- ctitute. Send lor our tnatise on blood and tkin diteaio. mailed free to any • 8WIKT SPECIFIC COSIPAKY, J uddreBL OanU, G*.

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