The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 25, 1939
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1939 BLYTHEVILLK (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Red Cross Warns Home Is More Dangerous Than Highway, Urges Check for Hazards i Have Best Attendance At District Meeting H e ! rl Mere Tuesday - <1 county Red Cross chapter received n Reel Cross flag as an attendance prize for having Hie most delegate accordln» <o a mileage percentage at Die roll call conference district, Number One of I {MS American Red Cross held nt Hie Hotel Noble here yesterday. Nine delegates attended from their comity, it was announced in the , concluding session. Julian James of Joncstioro, state roll call publicity chairman, opwi- r .d the afternoon session with a InU on "Publicity in the Roll Call." As the roll call opens Nov. 11, lie suggested UJJH different chairmen contact Ilienters, newspapers, civic organizations and churclic.s its a means of publicity. He also asked Hint tlie Rev. W. J. Splcer, of Wynne, district chairman, and Edward n. Tnttle of Little nock, field representative, conduct, meeting.'* m tlie various counties. He discussed the organization of the roll coll nrnl the importance of Us he- Ing organized correctly. • During the remainder of tlie afternoon session, county roll cnll chairmen or delegates from the counties made five minute talks. Speakers mid their subjects follow: B. K. Doty Crai°head county, "A Basic Roll call Organtei- tion Plan"; Tile Rev. H. B. Tj)]- inan. Osceola district, "impoVtan-c of Recruiting Solicitors"; J. Mcll Brooks, Chickasawba district "Tlie House-to-House Canvass"; Mn M J. ICeeseo, of Phillips county, "Covering the Business District"; c J. Byrl, Lee county. "Selecting and Approaching Large Subscribers.' C. E. Heath, Crittenden countv, "Organizing a Plantation Koll Call"; Stirman Love, si. Frnncis comity. "The Importance of Workers' Meetings"; Coley Ford, Grcciw county, "The Use of Quotas"; The] liev. Earl Cravens. Clay county "The Value of Follow-Up Teams , A. E. Scott. Poinsclt Countv, "Maintaining Records of the Pol, Call." Before adjournment, the Rev Mr. Spicer and E. B. Estcs, chairman of the G'riickasawba disti'u, expressed their appreciation to the group for their cooperation. Rabbi Herman Pollack was the principal luncheon speaker yestc.-. (lay noon. At tlie morning session, Mrs; Mary T. Wright, R N ,' of Little 'Sock- of the Pulaski co^n ' | ty chapter,' Mr. Tuttle and -Miwi Lu Morton, of St. Louis, home sor-| vice correspondent, for the Mid- ] western area, spoke to Hie groups, i "Nursing with the Red Cio,," was the subject of Mrs. Wrl*ht!> f talk in which she pointed out * >at the field of Red Cross home service is seven fold. The Red Cros~, nurse serves in time of war, disaster and peace, she said. Under the home service she outlined the following divisions: peace .'mie, public health nursing, child \vcl-j fare, school ., couimunn/| health program, tuberculosis nuu- Ing- service, public health education and community health. For Inspiration, Mrs. Wriqht continued, f. Red Cross nurse need ' only -go la Washington'-: tt'nd- Isre tiie Jane Delano statue in -the Red Cross gardens there and realize \ that Miss Delano and 296 -otVii" nurses lost their lives serving the Red Cross during the war. '" Going back to the middle of tlie 19th century to the battle field o; fc'olferino where France anl Kaiv ; were at war with Austria, Mr. rut- tie traced the world development ' of Hie Red Cross in his spe-;cii, "International Obligations of the ^ Red Cross." It was against t'>at f background that Henry Dtmisnt. s Swiss neulral, said "An enemy wounded is an enemy no longer" , and gathered together n group of peasant women to nurse the wounled men with which he fll!c I a nearby church. Thus says, Mr • Tuttle, was born the spirit of the Red Cross. In 1863 at Geneva, Switzerland. an international Red Cross committee was formed to keep alive this new spark of compassion and humanitarian interest. In summing up his talk, he emphasized that the Red Cross la world wide, that it is a unified cooperative effort on the part of all nations toward , the relief of needless suffering in war and In peace and he reiterate! several times that it must be neutral. "We must serve humanity—not a race, not a creed, not a nationality . . . The American Red Cross cannot be made ready, it must oe ready." Miss Morton, who followed Mr. American Red Cross supplies householders and farmers with .1 check list ol accident hazards In flflht against large annual death toll. Hazards chown: top, led, mowers, harrows and other farm machinery, left In near when making repairs, may result In grave Injury to farmer. Top right- pointed shears In ..the hands of children are as dangerous as matches Below right: most home accidents are due to falls, and scatter runs on polished floors should be anchored by use of non-skid lining as shown T TOM 10 n J- ^- many u mlsliaiis kill or injure more persons than motor vehicles, yet tho averutto liouse- liolilcr faces Irafllc with misgiving ami relaxes at home. liaeh year hazards Injure more than 100,000 persons engaged lit farm work, yet the farmer falls to lake safely precautions which the factory worker adopts as a matter ?f com se, i Together home and farm work ac; -.Ideals last year killed 35,100 adults «m! children and Injured tlie staggering number of 4.750.009 persons. To combat this annual accident scourge the American Red Cross launched a nation-wide iivogmm In 1835 to acquaint householders anil funii workers with the hazards coincident with their work ami home life. This year more than 1900 Iteil Cross chanters arc suonsoring tills task hi the communities they serve. On October 23 tho aiiu'nl Iteil Cross campaign will begin through- out the nation to assist householders to discover mid eliminate hazards liable to cause accidents- hi flic lioj»e, Members of (lie American Junior lied Cross and their school mates will distribute clieck lists to parents and assist In examining tlielr own homes and in removing hazards. Tills Keel Cross warning readies more than 9,000,000 homos and farms eacli year The lied Cross stresses the ueed ot removing hazards which may cause falls, as this type ot accident resulted In moro tliaii halt ot last year's homo accident fatalities. Among chief causea are poorly llglltcil stairs, loose railings, small rugs improperly anchored and children's toys left about. Burns a:nl explosions caused the next lic.iriesl loss of lite, 5,300 being killed In 193S by tills type of accident, anil the lied Cross self-check list points to tlie danger ot scalding liquids In pots and pans left ncar.tlia edge, of PAGE TBHEB (ho stove, matches lell wllliln reach ot children, nml llreplncos iiiie'iianl- ed by proper nlng. Other imihi causes of accidental denlli «re mechanical suffocation, poison sases and firearms, lied Cross officials said. Accident prevention Is a nan of tho continuing lied Cross program directed against Illness, Ueatli ami disaster. All lied Cross services are supported by tho pooiilo who Join at tho time of the animal Itnll Call, this year from November 11-30. P -n '• IOI' rail* -»-"«•« l;l Number One Atiuabclle at Bi Rose's New York World's F Aquacade next season will be EJeanor La Manna (nbove) understudy for Eleanor Holm,' who will retire when the show closes on October 31 to become Rose's wife. St.ilfetics on Eleanor II- New Yorker; aged 20; weight II-i Ijouncls; hair chestnut, blue. and eyes to get veterans into hospitals and c, *-» > -hahiUtate !h ,.r to war veterans pud their fami-1 f « mll >Ps «"1 lake them off relief, lies, the efforts of the n«d Cress' At the beginning of tlie World Only l,j Higher You fa^ vie far ft, for-JtinVsihatsin^' 'COURTS war, fom- and one half million people changed civilian clollies for uniforms, Miss Morton said, but. now only 380,169 of tlie living veterans are receiving compensation. This eight per cent it n low percentage which is due partially to the fact that veterans are 101 aware of their rights to hospltnli- zation and compensations. The Red Cross seeks to make tlv.m aware of this. Anyone knowing of a veteran needing hospitalization were tirral by Miss Morton to contact Fbl-:l Director O'Connor nl Little Ro;:k. Montana-Beds Give Up Bones Of Dinosaurs LEWISTOK, Mont. (UP) — Central Montana dinosaur beds arc proving a treasure trove' for amateur paleontologists.; . • .. i: Oscar Mueller, •'Lcwistcn , attorney, and his son, 'George, recently discovered about CO pounds of fossilized; bones 20. miles north «f Teigen. The bones were badly deteriorated, but the finders surmised that Ihcy'oncB were part of tlie skeleton of a horned dln:saur •or-.C'ertoplan, which 1 was about Uice the size of pn elephant. • ' Young Mueller found, when he The gurnard attempted to assemble the bones, glide, ri:at, fly dial most pieces were fr:m .the head, which was equipped with a shield of bone. Horned dinosaurs were equipped with cither two or three horns for fighting, Mueller said. Art Thompson. linger, also hns a collection of dinosaur bones which he lins excavated at several points in central Montana. Mrs. Dezlee McCllnlon lins filed suit in- chancery court, seeking n divorce frtm Dan McClinton on the ground of desertion. Mrs. Lucille Wilson has filed suit for divorce from A. H. Wilson, charging Indignities. Clniule P. c;oper is attorney for both plaintiffs. In Peru, jobs in tlie. police force aie handed down from father to son. Roasted butterflies nre relishec as a food by the natives of the Hiigong mountains of .Australia. Londoners use' M sjallons of water per head of population ev cry day. . fish can and walk. Vc'ro cclcbrntiui: 10 (trniglit years of I'liilco Irndcrship with llie cst values in rnclio history ...Ihc 1940 1'hilco Ann!- vcrsnrj Specials. CorJicmf BUIU TO RECEIVE TELEVISION SOUND ...the Wireless Way! , , „ 1" K flujs In any where! Umlt-m Super Aerial S)i tcm eliminates atrinl wlrca gives anpcr-pcrforin- nucc. I'lisli-tlniloii Tuning, linniijomo AValnut cabinet; PHII.C0113CT.rH-, l««t.l t.tlte.l n. K. Sl'ft rrfnl, finc.ianrA AC- DC SBrc t \«,, 0 ,l,n. vllb 6Kor4lr,, Lolt.l Tub«. Modem VaU not etblaet. HOBBARD FURNITURE CO. Klytiievillc, Ark. 3 Stores For Cash This Week End MAGNESIA S5?r. 24 TISSUES PERFECTION ^% 80X200 . T , . 9- For CLEANSING $1.25 Quinine, 1 ounce 98c World Ssriei 3p»o(stl NEW GILLETTE TECH RAZOR Wilb 5 Otiiciiil SUso and Sha VARSITY FOOTBAL Will) 'guarantee!) COX 200 m BOc f lit KLEENEX I IODENT TISSUES H TMth Put* ol 39c flFHOME NEEDS Ce< All the Juicel SUPER JUICE EXTRACTOR 6-INCHtS 469 HIGH . . 1~ Canon 50 JJ 0 "* OT T!n 12 lOc VeJdiir » OOK SANITARY *™» POWDER MATCHES nrrT TABLETS PUFFS _ BCtltl FOR ONLY ^«**«» or Office! ELECTRIC HEATER HUM' 419 ONIY . JL 10-inch reflector, heavy metal lute. Straini at It exlncli right into Ihc chrome below! SPOTLIGHT Bed Lamp 49 RUBBER QLOVES 23* Nan-slip finti OETECIO JR. BATHROOM SCALE OLAFSEN ATOLvABDG) CAPSULES !° 5TT . LE . :57 e BOTTLE 100, 1.69 FOR QUICK RELIEF; ALKADENE TABLETS ALKALINE-ANTACID BOTTLE OQc \ssnrtctl 1 1!). 35c Mtiriulle Cosmetics' 25 C SIZE ANAGIN by the JUeiliciil J'rofessinii • COD LI»ER OiL LOFOTEN, PINT . , KIOSTEROL {» Oil OLAFSEN, 5cc . . . (moot PARKE DAVIS, 16-oz, WAMPOLES Preparation 1.00 SIZE ...... HftUBUT tlVER OIL OLAFSEN, fOcc . . YEAST SIRON TABLETS. 100's , . COD LIVER OIL Tablets OLAFSENS, Box eo . SUPER D COdCEHTRRTE UPJOHNS, 5cc .,. . ADEX T/1BLEIS ' SQUIBB. Bottle 80 Ciunplioraicd Oil Kinesl lhat cim iio.ssiWy he tiutdc yt'.t; p'rimi s« Itiw. Ask us. '•••.' - Great Silver Fleet °' MATCHED LUGGAGE 14-ln. 89 C 50e SIZE JERCENS • CORN IOT10N I PLANTERS Choic*olBrown,Blu«,Grein Durable covert clotli with w»ler proof lining^ No.«ag Irame; leather labi. MODESS ^ORular or Junior Sanitary Napkins 73CSIZE I f 25CSIZE DOANS IDR. WEST PI1L8 (Tootb Pa.te 69c i S< Flashlight BATTERIES GHAMiERLAIN HAND LOTION 10c-25c-79c CHAP STKS, for chapped lips 25c SET • Hand Cream . 25-50-75c Gfierriss . . lib,25c $2 Efjuo Cleans, Cream . . $1.00 Ravlon Ml Polish ... fiOc 98c S BLACK DRA'JGHT 21c KLEENEX lOc SYRiNGE 49c Pinkham Veg. Comp. . 99c Clover's Hair Preparation 40c : . 79c . . 27c Creosoled Emulsion . . 49c-7Sc Pint 29c SPALBiM Solf Balls, KroFlite, TopFliie, AirFlite . 3for50c

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