The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 2, 1934
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Served by United Press prYTHEVIELE COCKIER NEWS $ ' TBS P01CHANT NKW8PAP1R Of NORTfflUBT ARKANSAS AHR SOUTHEAST ItiUBOCKI HOME EDITION VOL.. XXXI—NO. 117 •leville Dili? Ness Blythertlle Ocuiiil i$sls5lupl Valley leader BlvtheflUe Herald BI.YTHEV1LLE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, AUGUST 2, 1034 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT3 Jugoslav Troop? Stand As Warning to Italy flft Plfins Assessuifiil Revision Bit! Wnlmslfy Holtis 1TF1W rmi.EANS. Ann. nenfiini- Ihir-y I 1 , !/mg. iuiiM: un cily govr-i-iiineiii nndi-i uu> :ni- ! ihority of iiiariltil Imv, icxhiy tiivd New Ork-an.s uix S.SM-.SSUI .s nnd substituted fo. 1 ihr-in si:ilp's; firr; from his iwlliliT.l inachlne. Mayor T. WflmMi'V placed 20 ijnlli'einr-n in (lie lax assessor's olficp lo repel Liny r:ud on the records hy T.on^'.s trrvojV; IL was fr-iirrd thai I.oiigS inn-i-S would revise unci reduce the a.wss- .nent rolls. This would curtail city revenues. Long'6 slate assessors are em-' ,~,ljno;.i on top uf ]x>wered lo recommend cliimirfti in : ihe 1934 assessment despite iho; fact that the cily has already SPIII out tax bills nnd has begun to collect them. Thft Kingli:,]i wus nlso i-f-jsni|rd to have EPII! siute liH'Mile.ii'nr.-,j biiooplng fibrmt town for evidence nf vice and gambling, preparatory lo purifying the city with troupl raids. " | Mayor Waimsley, Cummandifig tlie erntiatllril city forces, said he woiiirt refii'e In recr-tijze Ilie stste OIEL IN PULP1 .QiiiiiTcl Over Pound o{ Sugar Results in Serious .I'1III,ADK1,PI1IA. Aug. •> (UP) — Five hiindted police icxlay quelled 11 run- rloi aftnr u number of persons were Injured In s|Kiradl( fljhllng. llimdred.s of windows \\rfc broken and IS participants ivrre or- rf-.sted. For hours a mob of negroes rillinalNl ul 4.WM. .sill-god through n Nnrlli Philadelphia rjvlinn, .sinning white pedestrians. smashing windows, uud battling officers with fillets und inlllt bottle*. The rlnl .started over a pound Unemployed Want Jobs, Not Relief, Investigator Finds BV KODNKV nilTCHER {pled from cily In city in limes. NEA Strvlcr Staff torrn|wndi>m | litlking to people, fie wauls you WASHINGTON. Aug. -When lo inidcrslmiil he did no heroic or ^'thp powder keg of Kiirope". King Alexander of Jugoslavia hits unusual Inlerest in the inres 'in cenirn] I'.'iirfipe. He I.s shown nlH-jve on (tie ro.ynl ch'jrger. reviewing Ills troops, who v.iih :/.;ii\:':. anil Untile ppiiiiaius. He lins indli'iiiPd Jugnsluv torces would Invade Austria if Italian troops iTCvEPd the border. He said Long was .start: mad. "He thinks he Is Nnpolr-nn, even 10 lhe iitiie curl In the center ofi his ibrehead. nnd he will end. !»' ihe _lunatic nsyhtm." the inayoi-l exclaimed. y/almsley wus backed liy fiflol city 'police-'aucl SftO clli?.eiis wlio ; Hr-ii Bvalrhev Conrlilion, Hi V. Witt- lt Kritering Columbia River Today ASTORIA, Ore., Aug. 2. (UPi — Tile cruisers HoitiLOn and New Or- Itan.s, i-einrinrg 'President, i-vank- iln D. R/wseveh and his parly from Hawaii, were sighted tliree miles of sugar. Morion, Police said thai Edward 0. white storekeeper, sold Lucille Suber, 18. npgio. u pound of sugar which. she claimed, was An argument fol- was alleged. kicked short weight, lowed. Nforton. It (he woman in lhe .stomach. She .scratched his face. Boll) were taken lo a hospital. Word of the bruwl spread and a mob gathered. Police llrpd shots In Ihp alt', bill, this failed lo ells- nurse the mob. Hlol slicks were I.swung freely. I Snipers galliei-pd on rooftops, I pelting officers with .slone.s, vegetables ami olher objects. The bill lie rapvtl through Cleorgp. E. Allen wns appointed iileven thorough Jou, tliat l-.e dldn'l commissioner tor the District ol en- go hungry or .sleep In cheap llop- luinbla he fell heir to lhe capital's hoiLses. .He Just wanted to know unemployment relief prcbleiu, 'Right nwtiy liis weiilt.-iy trlends started telling him: "Relief ts the bunk. You're making bums out, of Ihese. people. They won't work. They'll live forever on relief II you let them." Allen, !i hotel executive, listened lo such sluff lor monlhs. He gut to thinking his well - pndiled friends might be right. Anyway, IIP ought, lo find out. HP couldn't do II very well In Washington, where lie is a .sort ot ninyor mid widely known. HOBNOBBED WITH KK1.IKK.S And Dial was how Allen came lo dress up In very old clolhi-. and go shaveless for a week while hobnobbing wlMi the unemployed nt relief and employment ottices- and on park benches—In Milwaukee I Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit anil Chl- -igo. lie came back as belligerently sympathetic a friend or the "re llefs" as you'll Und among muni what, tile |ieo]i]e l v o wa 1 : handling In relief viork were like and tin-;- fplt atom life. I'KOm.KMS OK SMOKES The llrst down-and-out he met wu.s a niiin .silling on a Milwaukee park beni'h. Allen ar.ked feu- n imiteh. I're man ronipliihipd bit- lerly Hint the government had .slop ped cigar .stores from giving inoic linn one match with a package n: clgarelles. Wlwl wus u lellow lo do when both cigarettes ant matches gave out nnd lie had I sturt picking up discarded milt, ngnln? Next was a man \vllli n ItUwrcu lar cough who said Ihey invesil gated you carefully before leilln you gel on relief, biiu— "They treat you nne. They gav me a VI meal ticket nnd si S'2 week room. It's n fine room. It ha Olhcvs Injured OHCEOLA, Ark.. Aug. iratchep. -ID. local niitoinc 11 pioceeding slowly ioward Ihe niotilh "•»' nf ihe river, at. 11:40 a.m., Pacific u inree mnes p ... , c i ivtr i!»i ; t.-,hip. i uxtrauilion oi :>vispeciea I standard lime, today. 2-Bsni Walter Johnson Sick, Karani Guiding Indians police, arsenal. Six liunilretl men. mobilized naiionnl gunirls-; for iwo clays at Jackson barracks to enforce two proclamations of "partial martial law" in the cily, had been disbanded, subject in r-a'n "on a mu- rfterit's notice." proprietor, and two government ' employes Mistiiined ICSM}|- injuries when BrniL'r.ei- failed In make a curve in Ilighwny -to \vest of Os- ceoln last night mid ran hKs car headlong into ths roadside ditch at ',VJ".0[ Ls i;nriWii ii. 1 , nrarj MulVs Cunt 1 .. rhrf-f- miles \\T-SI oi Oscenlfi. T'I R pariy. IPIHI-IHIIJ jrom a Jlfn-.ce at p!i-lnkl»v'r. Store, in miles west ct .here, at,nui 2 n'cnck tills riinrning M|;T-II thv mvilpnl r.i* NEW YORK, Aug. 2. (UTj—Cot-j curved. ton elr,-.ed ntpady. t Rratc-h.-r, w li.~, :,usi.iinp<| a oviiicil open high low cliiic-1 lie-id Injiii-ji ami nad hi 1 ; lett arm °ct 1M3 1312 1305 1309 I nnd left Ie 3 broken Mrs. Brutc'.tpr. Uec i;l20 1:12-1 I3IS Jan 1:1:3 1327 13lii Mai- 13:15 ia:in 1331 May. ia-12 1IM5 1340 New York Cotton Spots clo ed ai 1320. 13-13 1341; iMn m:i I:«H ed i[ul- a t aii;l unr.-lunj- Oric.anti Cot ion CLEVELAND. O., Aug. 2 (UP) — Waller Johnson, manager..of the Cleveland Indians, Ls seriously ill in Lakeside hospital. General Man- tiger Billy Evans or lhe. Cleveland baseball dub revealed loday. "it. Johnson's request Willie 1 Karnm, Indian third basemen, was designated lo lake charge, of the Indians. ' One Balloon Still Aloft- in National Contest ATLANTA. Oa., Alls. 2 lUPJ — Only on= of the five hnltdnnn in the nationnt Irallcon r.-ic:. which started from Birmingham Tit?s- night. \vas nnreriortf-d today whr> sustained a head and chest. injury, anil Mrs. Levy, who has'a I ""id wound, wer.1 taken In Ihe Me- !l:c'vlUl. hospital, Memp. h. Mrs. '.•y h n sistr-i- of Mrs. Hrn'cher. The tv.r, sovovnirtPiit employe;, whose ifaviir niiinea could, not. lie learned this nlol't. le'celv.-rt first i\i<! trc:n- -HI- army No. 2 entry nnd Ihe. l-'our of I IIP oratl came lo earll In nnilh Georgia lain only Hit imy'f, entrant Slayei' on Perjury Charge Will Be Soughl , Aug. 2. (OP)—Ivan 'oderjay, continental adventurer, 'leld'In Vienna in connection urttli lhe disappearance of his American bride. Agnes Tiifverson, was indicted by lhe county grand jury today, .charged with perjury. The alleged offense Ls predicaled on the dashing Slav's statement that he was single at (he lime of Ills marriage tp .the. Detroit \yo man lawyer lasi winter. Pistrll'l. Attorney William Dodge .said he would inove Immediately to have the stale department send a presidential warrant to Vienna, calling for poderjay's re.lnrn lo this country for trial. the ilghl. a dre.s.ser in Tribute Planned lo Germany's War and Prace Time Hera BERLIN, Aug. 2 . (UP) — Adolf litter look sole command of tha lei-man government today. At the nomcnl that President Paul von llmdenbiirg died he became president-chancellor. II was announced that the officer, would be merged. Ttiller, tlio self-proclaimed man ol destiny, was In the position he picked for himself more th|li eleven years sjn In a Munich hrer cellar. I .list week I got it dishwashing Job for $1.10. Then I heard about a Job out of town and it Icok the $1.10 10 gel cipal exccutlvr.s, promising (be l>esl|lhere and Hie Job was gone, deul lor lhe unemployed here that, human kindness nnd grim effort can provide. His social workers will have lo live up to that, Allen promises. "Some or Ihe relief and employ- mem agents I encountered were Ihe fellow was swell. He gave me a dollar 10 yet buck." Some Inlked like I hat. others complained. REPORT ASKED Alien refuses to detail his cx- iwrlences al relief and employment JPJJP 10-Year-Old Girl Slain in the snootiest, jieople I ever saw," i offices. He doesn't wam to be crlti- he says, "though oltiers were efli- clent and doing R splendid job. Nlnely-elghl per cent of Ilia people out of work and on relief want Jobs. They don't want relief. Some of those I talked to seemed a Hide whipped, hut every one of them Ihinks better days are coming. HUNTING FOR JOB ' "Tf.e funniest ftelin gl ever lia'd in my life came when I went to a Chicago hotel asking for a bell hop A.. . i D LL . M ol< ' You I" 10W . I've been an 1m- At tempted Kobbery at portant peison in some of the Hnl not P a .«r» v^amp country's biggest hotels and hired p i enty 0( i, e]1 captains. But sud- . idenly I felt a sulking • sensation HOT SPRJNQS. Aug. 2 (DP)- 'down 111 Ihe pit, of mystoninch. 'i A negrn liandlt killed the 10-year- i [elt sick nnd~help]es.S." ojd daughter of Mr. and. Mrs. R.| He said he had worked at the J. Hoffman, of Beaumont, Tex.,'. Hotel Stevens and the man 'asked during the attempted robbery of ajlf ho knew "Bill Terry" there and fourist camp loday. Allen said he knew htm well. So Firing promiscuously lo frighten ihe man said there wasn't any ihe-family, the npgro sent a bullet Bill Teiry and ihey weren't lilr- iiient.s ior ni at pln.-lci.niV. >r i-ufa anS hnilses. r-r siisU'iine.j a ciU NEW orti;eA\'5>, ,\ug i'. iUP)-j )UlVl lr0111 w ' iic - "'• lecovored, a | cwinglou. Tilt- cotton market was co-.ifim>il la' 103 ' n ;: n - «'•••» l! 's hr-'i : j , ; iiv.i lac" ! _ the extr«n?ly narrow rnng? oi six]'- 11 '"' li'-ivii^d in .1 c:iiilir.? lanl: ex- |X>inl.s today in a listls^ session ! l''''' ; ' u " "' r "' il '" 1 '. H* wa.s ui llui The clrt.c \ui.'. .si party, n-.o to tf.ur 1 1|! _'"° a m-?ifitr-r of tli» o-cc'-ln^lip Morgenthau Suspends Public Buildinf Plans WASHINGTON. Aug. 2 1UP)- Conlracls and plans for government builcling.s under a t65.ODO.ona appropriation were suspended today by Secretary nf Treasury Ilemy Morgfiiituiu. .Jr., pending revisions sponsored by the Buffalo j o efffd economy. C'ciurler-Rxpress came down with- Mnrgenlliaii said that IIP 10 nnle.s oi each oihpr near Oct Dec. . Jan. Tviur. MF.y . July . L!po:s i open htjli loiv I:IIH i:tu.-i 1:102 KI1H i:<2ti I:IH \y.'A \V\* nv.iS I:H(I i-.(4n |33V Hi'". l:i-iii i:ur; i ai i:ifli. on ^. oi i'iiitls Local Water Sale hrough Bernice Hoffman's brain. The slayer did not filler the cabin. He slood a few feet away and fired through the door'i/er Ing any liars. Only Allen's wife and hts secretary knew what he was doing. The blue work shirt he wore cost 79 "Hand over those trousers." The command of the bandit and the firing of pistol shots spread: terror .through the camp, | A. suspect was arrested a few ; minutes after the robbery but the cento. He never palil more than $1.25 Tor a hotel room. He trav- dPlfrminprt to end lhe '•monii- menlol bnildlne era" and lhat nil arcliilfi-tr, had e.-.ilniDlert that. Id po £u per cem cni.UI Ije .saved on all pnstofficjs and public inn'.j- ing r . by raipfnl [-.tanning. child's parents could not identify V"i? him. clzlng officials of other clllfis. "What people want, mojt is somebody | 0 talk l\," Allen re- (Contlnued on Page 3) Wifi Hes Stock NEW WORK, Aug. a ti!D- Traders practically anaiidrined ihs stock market today ppndlng r.PTV developments abrcr.d. Prices fiuctu- attd narrowly. A. T. and T 11(1 1-2 Anacomlii Cop;k:-r 11 j -^ Beth. Steel . . 23 \.f, qr.ry.slev . Vt )_;. Cities ,'v-rvic,-- "j 7-fl Coca Co] a . . .. irtl i-'-i (Jen. Am 'i nnk ;o : ,-v Gen ^^olOI.•, Int. iUrrest '•'} fFilf'ACiO. Aitf. :! i III')—Tin idiiftifco lii'e-.ioil: ,->:ch:inse voted u>lay to resume ii-.-itlin^ in thp f.'hlciign fiookyni-ii-- in the far;- rt a iliike of iivi-ilMk liuiitllorri there. -Tnf Lictinn may Iniug tl.e MriVe ' iliylhevllle'.s eily water is sale • fr-r ilrlnkln^ purpavs, acrordlng to |t rhcck-np by Ihe Arkanyir, Stale 1 Rnnril nl llealib. j Specimens were .-,eiiL by Dr. 1. rt. Jnlii!, city health officer. I ,vr..,-. .,,- pail:, of the city and he.-:e were five from Plan to Kxhume Body 01 Dl'Opped r Thp Hoffman family came fifre early this week. Will Ask Sanity Hearing for Former Alderman A sanily hearin? , 5 10 te rEQ ,, esl _ ed for Dll "9 n McUod, former t'r.lrd i ward alderman, it was announced INDIANAPOLIS Ind Aug 2 I m n " m!cl P»' wurt yesterday by .UP-Plans to exhume' Ihe bod'y f"f^e C. A..Cunningham in order- to h ciisis if (.inkers otit-nipt tu; prevent rrEiunpnnn ol irs.if. ' 'Killer Dies by Noose M Y. Cfnti-.ii P.ickard . . rhllllps Pel Simmons Beds Rt. 1-. S. F. . ritondard of N Tews Co. . if S. Steel . ii S Smell In? si s-a 1!1 1-1 . -J -7-6 Iti . 5 1-1 .. 10 1- Cniisev • lr> Ciiy of Fanchowj other vital organs had been rf- | moved. TATIinKtl, iOTmosii, AlH '-'. itj i*!--'!'!:: 1 !j»i>aiir i =.t: ci;ii. r O[ Kiimn :i ni:li>n-d iiri'i-ih-..' r,:o. v : n.v. h OUlun, n.-. J iii:ion .v::.iiu-.i [^ i "di:<- to the iHmui.t loroes," ic.i.\v o;?pioach o ijvji oinci;!; Chieagn Wheat optn - hljli ' l-s low 3-s Dec |ii> \-\ 1(16 1-8 101 3-8 105 1-3 Chicago Corn Sirilcers Renew Violence Today MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 3. (UP)— nnf-rill.i warfare nared anew In Nriiine.iiwils street.; today as striking truck drivers renewed attacks on ccmlneirijil vehicles. Truclcs were overliiriii'd. auioniri- biles damaged .and drivers beaten. Heavy army tracks, loaded with guaidsinen. voired into the oily In; itc-nfoivD -to,l men. hfi on duly- when MaJ Oen Ellard A. Births Exceed Deaths (or. Months by Twenty- There were ?0 more births in MLsslwlppI county diii'ing the [MM month lhan dralhs according to I Dr. A. M. Washburn, director of Ihe counly health unil. 'Hier: Eleven Injured and a Niirn- her of Houses Wr.eckec hy High Wind BALTIMORE. Md., Aug. 2 (UP) —'Kleaten persons .were Isurt p)id len houses wrecked lotlay when a cyclonic storm ripped a pith 100 feet wide through the \vaterfront community of Hickory Point. At least M small boals were sunk or blown ashore. Houses were lorn from their foundations and hurled many feet. Several collages were thrown into Gray's Creek, which borders one side of the development. Ey witnesses said canoes were tossed 50 feet in Iho air. The injured persons were burled in wreckage of their homes. The same s'torm 'manifested It.self In Baltimore and was accompanied by an electrical ciislurban'.-e of great (intensity. Lightning struck at two NCTDECK, East Prussia. Aug. 2 (UP)—Hlndeuburs Is dead. Soldier, statesman and the one <ollil rock to which Germany clung In the swirling seas of post-war change, lie passed Into eternity today nl D a. in. (2 a. m. central standard lime), leaving his people ii legacy of courage and hope which exemplified his 86 years ot life, TIIC president iliecl with his iaui- ly at hlr. bedside and all Germany s mournfully for the Inevitable. The world awaited the news with apprehension, speculating on trie eifwt ot Adolf Hitler, Nazi die- tutor, becoming president, chancellor and supreme ruler of the German people and the German army, < III for Xvatfo Paul von Hlndeiiburg had been dying for months, uremia sapping his massive flame. To Uie_end, however, ttie. tifro.' ot' Tiniienberg fought as he had' fought all his life, pitting his old ase against encrachlng death. At the' last he gave way and faded Into a coma. Among his last acts ot consciousness he summon- '' > w/'.l i i points, stunning iwo women. Announces Wlthdr a W a I set (Ire to, 0 strwt car. Without Endorsing Ei- thri nf His Opponents R. F.. Alexander, well known local attorney, today announced sa'ull'and" battery His withdrawal from the race for| Norman RallU ,i rew ' Assessed $5 Une John Trhnm was fined five dollars yesterday on a charge af as- of John Dilllnger from cram HiU mnn from Ihe Firsl Congressional. autofey stowed that the brain and mi(l of ona ;' dollar Icday on n charge of disturbing the peace. postponed several llmc.s because of lllne.y; of McLeod. Convict Fights Sterilization "My withdrawal," Mr. Alexander rlated, "Is hosed slrjiply on the I realirallon, after visiting every. county In the district, that 1 can- ' t i not win. When I announced for the j Held Friday Morning! °' fice ' Mleve <J J could be elect- i _ * ied. Now that I realize my ambl- ; Funeral services for Mrs. How- 1 '! 0 " j' Im|xxs5ible of fulfillment at ! Peters Services Will Be . - ard Peters, formerly of here and llts llm f ,, Rnrt laic of Mineral Wells Texas, wro ' ? m go ' lin8 T . . . ' •••'«" ^ j- r Alnvollrlor . . . ' • died Ihere yesterday, will te held Friday morning. 11 o'clock, at Ma- Mr. Alexander staled that he} would request the Democratic, cen-! .f/frern whites and 10 np.grow wlm• pirorow'cemet^v^'-'nie'Rev'''^ lral fommMl:ts .<>' the various died while 34 whtlw and =0 ne-lK. Latlmer. pwtor of the ^^i,"unties in lhe district to l«ave his groe.s were born. Of lhe 34 who died, 18 wers under one year of age and 13 Christian church, will officials. Pallbearers will be: George W. BarHarn. 2, A. McCutsHon. W. T. , f 0 lied for .second place, each v *?* " , rifa ! lK ' wl111 '! name off the official ballot for the Democratic primary if that can be done at this time. •y and M. T. Mcon. The remains, accompanied by ', n the morning on the 9:50 In Will Issue $50,000,000 r r , In <«!.., r.»f;<:,.».. lton ' l <'* nce Men Fleece m wl?er LerbticateSi . . . - Expect Bif Crowd at Futrell Rally Tonight WASHINGTON, Aug. 2 (OPI- wllV.drcw moit cf Iih weary army] ilast night for a "much needed rcit."! Aus ' I i« • high close Deo 31 71 1-2 70 1-4 TO S-4 74 3-S 73 3-4 Tha lernparature of the moon varies from 216 degrees Fahrenheit, when the sun Is shining on "liPl! Hitler" as hU last { Otto Planeita. sn arm? sergeant In the above Bhoto transmitted to this coimtrr bj radio, dted on the gibbet m -Vienna, after confessing It at be slew Chancel- 'llie flr.u public rally of friends of Governor Futrell In the Chtck- asawba district ot Mississippi . . . ... AAni coiml . v wltl ** IleW lonf B h t on the AnZOnan OI $££,UUU lawn of the Blythevllle courthouse, where Joe Mahoney, widely knovn pd.Ws two ........ . bedside and Stroked 'their--heads with a faltering hand.'; Shortly.: af- . terward he lapsed Into hU last sleep. -:•-.,-' '•': The flag over the Neudeek chateau, gift of the "nation to Its prestdenl, fluttered at. half - mast.. The nation 'will ne in deep mourning until the funeral .on Tuesday and .afCenvard. • Hindenburg will- be jiven a burial befitting'a great soldier under the Tnnnenbarg memorial ne5r- Ncudeck, which marks the spot' where, In August.'of' 1914, he rolled back Ihe Russians and saved Prussia. Resisted Treatment . j Hlndenlxsrg had often expressed a wish to l« buried In the sjnaii cemetery beside his parents, but the nation svilled otherwise. It was decided that one of the lest of the really great -figures of the world war,' who died on the 2Cth anniverssry of its start, should be buried st the scene of one of hir. greatest military triumphs. Characteristic of the old neid marshal's gruff obstinacy, he was understood In the past few weeks to have objected to treatment, although his physicians persuasive- . y told him: "This treatment is the only way to relieve your condition. You \vfll ioon be better." The oki wsrrlor grumblingiy replied: "I don't want to be better." His attitude \?s» believed to have lowered his resistance grestly in the final p'nasss of his iiinsss. NeRio Chef at Local Gate Dies Suddenly Joe Perdu;, n€iro chat of a Second street cafe, dropped aetd siid- •leuly about nwn tcday. Perdua left his post in the cafe, complaining of sickness, and sat dsttn on a box at the rssr dcor o! the cale. In a motnsnt he fell from hij seat, dead. The ne- gro had suffered from heart attacks. It was stated. He had tesn employed at t're cafe for about l»-o years. - WEATHER Oklahoma's low for sterilization Arkansas—Mostly cloudy, probably scattered thundershowers In northeast portion tojjight and Friday. Cooler in northwest portion tonight. Memphis and vicinity - Partly It, to 243 degrees below zero whui 'or Dollfuas in the th»»rU4 today by Secretary of. HOT SPIUNOS. Aug. 1 (OT1- El Dorado lawyer. Is scheduled to ".*" hnt °^'V cTlmlwI. i cdai ctorty lotrtghl and tomorro ~. n i «nrt f.^.™i «f«^ M i^. u Urv..,v nl n o'docV. i o! habitual criminals I: cbal- . ihli ,, hos . e J 5 to ^ lgh( . tittle chanse in temperature. er in rew Ellv ' r «r(lf,cat« a 8 ata,l Local and federal officers today speak at 8 o'clocX. I lree Mlw ln thft iMWury was Investigated an alleged l»,000 con-i A tig crowd was predicted by n _....,. ,... ' ' Treasury Henry Morgentha.i. Jr. iVudln, of Tucson, Ariz. lenged by George Winkler, 29, *«U OH alLC||CU ^£*,WW tWll- , *» "•> »..«-'« n—J f»..utv«.tA tJJ ... .1.1 A • ._ , ft*,*. game fleecing of S, r.:local members of the Futrell or- » b ? ?e ' Mr * "rmer In stata « ...w ..v^.*... o , 4 . . ... n»loy\n «V \It* A loftaf In Q f asf jganizatlon, who announced that Win said he'met two men In : arrangements had be«n made by cose that will be fought through . . . —.«••. *••', -•• , — -.,._ _,»»•«... hlrtVi nnrifit D UT-> a t tnrnau hoe at McAlester, in a test Th e nuxlmum temperature 'here at wl ht throuh It has teen estimated that the a hotel here, who proposed a race [friends of the governor at Dell to courts. His attorney has It IE awty from the sun. Nit) jutstk. • temperature of the cenUr .of ttw;hor»e jambllnj deal and the trans- provide free transportation to and; «««<l notlc« of appeal from tha «.•»."•«»!•.?«« »fl«M» *•*•«« .*»» «»^Uj comjfctti at,\from the meeting for the people >•"* «« »•» »jSiSL?'^' PibtttiMlt lhe (Joint of » jvtt df that vicinity, yestarday was 9i, mininiuni 77, partly cloudy with' .01 of an Inch rainfall last njght, • acoordbi; tp Samuel F. N«rtU,' ottdtl -

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