The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri on July 5, 1967 · Page 19
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The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri · Page 19

Kansas City, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 5, 1967
Page 19
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THE KANSAS CITY TIMES, WEDNESDAY, JULY 5, 1967 19 A VER VE IN LA TEST NO-DRESS DRESS By Eugenia Sheppard N EW YORK-The latest no-dress dress is called “The Thing.” Compared to most no-dress dresses, that tend to be sexless, “The Thing” delivers a terrific, feminine wallop. It is made of the ^íeerest cotton prints, floats out from narrow shoulders and ends in a hand-rolled hem. Besides such charms, it has a high neckline and big, full-blown sleeves. Christened “The Thing,” it got an instant response when it appeared in windows last week. Customers who flocked in discovered that the several versions, all based on snug tops, easy skirts and pretty colors, flattered almost every figure. Since “The Thing” is downright gauzy the question, “What am I going to wear under it?” invariably came up. Solutions that included nothing at all, if at home; a body stocking for going out,* or, one of the new bra slips that the store has on order, failed to discourage eager shoppers. The dress had made a debut in the Hollywood store, where it was spotted by the New York buyer. When “The Thing” turned out to be the brain child of Rebecca Welles, an actress married to Don Weiss, a movie producer, it looked as if the store had struck gold. This, though, was only the beginning. Rebecca Welles is also the sister of Gus Tassell, a California designer who is a top name in American fashion. He won an American Fashion Critics award several years ago. “The Thing” is the first thing Rebecca Welles has ever designed. It all happened because she went on location with her husband who was filming a picture in a Philippine jungle. The days and nights were lots hotter than she expected, so hot that none of her clothes would do. In Hong Komg she had bought some cotton lace cloths for the big regency dining room table in the Weiss home in Bel Air. She sim- NO-DRESS DRESS is called “The Thing.” Designed and modeled by Rebecca Welles, it is yellow lace with a matching turban. ply cut them up and sewed them together. The film company was so amused that they found her an old treadle sewing machine so that she could go on with her work. Leads to Decision As far as her dining table is concerned, it doesn’t matter that the lace cloths were sabotaged. She now uses it for a work table and it’s so covered with her paraphernalia that it hasn’t seen a dinner party since she came back from the Philippines. It’s the same old story. So many friends wanted a dress just like hers that she decided to turn pro. Last week Rebecca Welles arrived from California to see her “Things” in the windows. Though she arrived late at night, she asked the taxi driver to take her straight to a store. “I want you to share a great experience with me,” she told him. They both got out and inspected the windows. Unlike her reserved brother, the new talent in the family is small and outgoing with reddish hair and a Pekingese-type face. She wears her own dresses. Last week it was chrome yellow Scotch lace and the big, matching triangle of fabric that goes with all dresses for an over-all $45. It can be worn as a turban or a stole. At the hotel where she was staying she used every spare minute to catch up on orders. She brought her own sewing machine along with her, and kept trying to muffle the sound with bath towels. Out in Hollywood, everybody has helped her. Her husband has delivered lots of the dress boxes in his car. Many of them carry slips that read, “Inspected by Bob Hines.” Lots of the movie starlets, between jobs, drop in for a few hours of hand-rolling hems. Variety of Shapes There are now 20 slightly different body shapes available, each in a choice of about 20 different fabrics. Though Rebecca Welles describes herself as a complete novice, she knows exactly where to put a seam to do the most for a figure. If the fabrics don’t look familiar, it’s because they aren’t. She redesigned most of them by using parts of old screens. No matter how successful, she’s not planning to go in for fashion seasons. “The Thing” is meant for the great outdoors. “I’ve been a little shocked to see how some of the women wear them,” she says. Don Weiss, her husband, and Gus Tassell, brother, both say that Rebecca Welles has got to get organized for big business, but why should she bother? Anyone who can invent a dress that’s both kind and contemporary for post-teen-agers already has the world on a string, like a toy balloon. ((© '967, Publishers Newspaper Syndicate) But Her Hairdresser Knows Clean the Tangled Web Six Years Older Than He Thinks D ear ann landers: Sixteen years ago I began to date a very attractive man who was six years my junior. I told him I was 21, although I was 27 at the time. Never did I dream anything serious would come of our relationship.' To Size 4H Be comfortable and cool this summer in a bright cotton print dress styled with low Side pleats and bows. Madeline Pattern 4977 comes in the large size range—34 to 48. Size 36 takes 23A yards of 45-ineh fabric. Send 65 cents for the pattern, adding 15 cents for first- class mail and special handling. Write plainly your size,, pattern number, name, address and zipcode. Address Madeline Pattern department, The Kansas City Star, Box 42. Old Chelsea station, New York, N. Y., 10011. Please nse this exact address. ANN LANDERS That man is now my husband and we have had 15 wonderful years together. Last night he told me he must go to Europe on business and he wants me to go with him. This means I must produce my birth certificate in order to get a passport. My husband is sure to see my passport at some point during the trip and then he would discover I lied to him about my age. Don’t advise me to confess. He has a thing about women who are older than their husbands. I’ve cringed many times when he had made cutting remarks about such couples in our social group. Please tell me how to handle this and keep my secret. Undoubtedly other women have written to you with this problem. What did you tell them?—Older Than Springtime Dear Springtime: I told them the same thing I’m going to tell you. Fess up and take your lumps. If your marriage is as wonderful as you say, the number on the passport won’t mean a thing. Now you know what is meant by that “tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” ★ ★ ★ More Info, Please Dear Ann: I was interested in your letter from the teen-age girl who admitted she had done some shoplifting. Your advice to her was good, but I don’t think you said enough. Please print the enclosed, which I read in the April, 1967, issue of Reader’s Digest: Professional security experts offer this advice to parents in the fight against youthful shoplifting: 1. Talk to your children. Explain that shoplifting is a crime, Winner in Twain Role Hannibal, Mo. (AP)—John Sharkey, 13, of Bay St. Louis, Miss., won the fence painting contest in the national Tom Sawyer day celebration yesterday. He received a $100 U. S. savings bond and a traveling trophy to be deposited at his state’s capitol. Ten contestants representing ten states were judged on the basis of original costume, speed and neatness. The contest was part of a 4-day observance in Mark Twain’s hometown and was sponsored by the Hannibal Chamber of Commerce. Glenn (Skip) Haywood, 11, of Madison, Wis., placed second and Mark Teachout, 13, Grand Rapids, Mich., was third. Missouri’s representative was Danny Cox, 15-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cox of Hannibal. Chosen as official greeters for the coming year in Hannibal in a Tom and Becky Thatcher competition were John Welton Webdell and Mar^>eth Orscheln. Bill Dana, entertainer, and a crew were in Hannibal filming some of the activities for a Bell Telephone Hour television program next spring. --------------------*-------------------A trained Ad Taker is waiting now at BA 1-5500 to assist you in placing your Star Want Ads.—Adv. and that a criminal record is a lifelong shadow. 2. Emphasize that going along with the crowd for fear of being “chicken” is the coward’s wav out. 3. When your children go on group shopping expeditions, know how much money your child has, where the group is going, what they expect to buy. 4. If your child comes home with more merchandise than he or she had money to buy, ask about it. And don’t take easy answers about where it came from. 5. Be wary if a daughter goes shopping with an oversized purse. Purses are favorite “drops” for concealing pilfered goods. 6. Outlaw all clothes swapping unless the parents on both sides know what’s being exchanged. 7. Practice what you preach.-— Trying to Help Dear Trying: The rules are all superb, but I would like to emphasize rule number one* Authorities in the field of shoplifting tell us they encounter dozens of children every day who do not relate stealing with immorality. Parents must teach children at an early age that taking things is not only wrong, but against the law. The swiping of insignificant objects from homes of neighbors and friends is often the first step. Every parent should be alert to this. Punishment should be swift and firm. (;f> 1967, Publishers Newspaper Syndicate) WHEN YOU COMPARE ... WE GAIN A CUSTOMER RQCKHILL MEAT VI2-7488 Why Pay More on Fine Foods? LOW PRICES *PfUS GREEN STAMPS US j UMTED supers sav on 5400 KANSAS AVENUE OI'EX DAILY 10-0, SI X. 10-7 FOLGER’S COFFEE ZT "'u 19* ■ • Limit one with $9.00 grocery purchase. REG. 87c—YOUR CHOKE 7-Up or Royal Grown Cola V.«.0,1,19* COVERED SUGAR BOWL $% 19* Limit one with $5.00 or more purchase. To get coffee, completer set or 4 pc. place setting, and sugar bowl requires a $19.00 or more purchase. _____ Taystee Sweetheart Bread l “*, 99* WE CARE NEW ISSUE OFFERED BY PROSPECTUS ONLY Convert Your Lazy 4% & 5% Interest Into 8840 , 000.00 0 FIRST MORTGAGE REAL ESTATE BONDS Dormitory for Kansas State Teacher's College Students Emporia, Kansas Construction Has Started. Completion Plans are set for September 1st, 1967 * Remaining bonds available maturing 4 V 2 -IOV 2 Years. # Denominations $1,000, $500 0 American Fidelity Corp. Broker-Dealer • Gary Wohelgmuth, Agent, FL 8-2914 Buy Now and Draw Interest From Feb. 1, 1967 First Interest Payment Due August 1, 1967 Call—Write—Visit CAMBRIDGE HOUSE, INC. 9529 Mission Ml. 9-3780 Ov. Pk., Kans. By Constance Cortright S T. PETERSBURG, FLA. (AP)—“Now keep this under your hair dryer— I’m going to have my face lifted next week. Not even my husband knows.” The hairdresser smiled kindly as his client, a matronly 60-year- old woman, continued talking. He was, after all, rather used to sharing confidences. In his profession he hears about 20 a day. He Hears Plenty “The stories my customers tell me.” a veteran cosmetologist said, “would literally curl your hair. I’ve heard about impending divorces, love affairs, child beatings and crooked business deals. I could write a book —and it would definitely be banned in Boston.” Relating personal problems, intrigues and family secrets in beauty parlors appears to have psychological undertones. The comforting atmosphere of the beauty shop, combined with the undivided pampering of one ner- son, may be partly responsible. Or it simply may be that some women love to talk. Whatever the causes, many women do share their innermost feelings with their hairdressers. And here the hairdressers tell all — but only if promised anonymity. “I’m not super-sensitive,” a male beautician said, “but I don’t enjoy hearing about a customer’s mushy morals. Sometimes I feign deafness, but this usually doesn’t work.” * The most talked about problems are illicit romances, weaknesses of spouses and feelings of personal insecurity. Other Things, Too Further down on the list are child rearing, financial woes, alcoholism and in-law troubles. Professional women tend to be less confessional than housewives, a majority of hairdressers say. “Housewives, for some reason, crave a listening ear and not only for factual events. A few of them spin unbelievable fantasies about their devotion to home and family intertwined with wild tales about extra-curricular romances,” a beauty shop owner said. “Professional women, on the SPICES ARE SUSPECTED Singapore (AP)—Persons who drink a lot of coffee, have poor diets and use a lot of spices maybe heading for alcoholism, says Dr. U. D. Register, a professor at an American-sponsored medical school here. He said rats given poor diets or fed coffee and spicy foods develop an abnormal taste for alcohol. -----------•----------MORE WHEAT FOR IRAN Tehran (AP)—Iran expects to produce more than 4.5 million tons of wheat this year, Agriculture Minister Gen. Ismail Riahi says. He estimated the crop would be almost double the size of last year's and would yield a surplus of 250,000 tons. ~f A DVERTISEME N T] Sets Fire To Herself Los Angeles (AP)—A woman turned herself into a human torch yesterday at a service station, police reported. She was taken to General hospital in critical condition with burns from shoulders to feet. Police tentatively identified her as Nancy L. Moore, 24 years old. Twin Falls, Idaho. Police said witnesses gave this account: A station attendant heard a scream and saw the woman ablaze inside a small utility booth on the station’s center inland. He seized a powder fire extinguisher and put out the flames as the woman collapsed. Another witness said he had seen the woman hold a lighted match against her clothing. Police Sgt. Charles Calvert said what appeared to be a reproduction of a religious picture was found near the woman. other hand, are more inclined to talk about their work problems —poor salaries, inadequate bosses or happier moments like vacations.” One hairdresser has a customer whose reveries are entirely from childhood. “I feel like I’m back in grade school—or taking a journey into some ancient kindergarten when she talks,” he said. “While I’m teasing her hair, she’s recalling her hair- yanking governess. If I suggest a manicure, she launches forth on long stories about nursemaids and childhood rules for cleanliness.” Some Homey Types “Most of my clientele,” an owner-manager reported, “are homey types. They share recipes, not scandal. They exchange budget secrets, gardening tips and jokes. Once in awhile we get a little drama— someone who is filing for divorce or a death in the family. But they seldom discuss such matters in detail.” How does the innocent beauty operator handle a customer who must tell everything? “Listening and making little comment” is one method (although some beauticians claim this often only encourages more talk). “I have a rule about confidences,” an older hair stylist said. “Never repeat what you’ve heard, not even to the person who told you. If possible, with overly confessional types, I try TADVERTI SEMENTI Beauty Advice “... I have never yet seen a finer method of improving the complexion. Wrinkles are smoothed, dryness is checked, blemishes vanish and the skin takes on a healthy, youthful look ...” (Extract from a report by Margaret Merril suggesting- the use of the moist tropical oil of Olay as a powder base.) Most druggists are able to obtain supplies of this oil which gives glorious loveliness to the skin. Olay Vitalizing Night Cream ..............$3.50 Lemon Jelvyn, 8 oz ..........2.75 Oil of Olay, 4 oz .............. 3.50 Jelvyn Cleansing Milk----- 2.00 Shop-by-Mall. P. O. Box 418 City or Out-of Town Customers If you can't com* to Parkview Drugs Kansas City, Mo. Sent Postase Paid TWO questions you should ask yourself before buying any DRAPERIES Will They Be Attractive? At Aero wa have professional drapery consultants to help you select the proper treatment, correct pattern and fabric and tho most flattering color for your particular room decor. Havini the largest selection of decora tiva fabrics, in tha makes it a little easier. Midwest WILL I SAVE? You bet you will. Since Aero buys direct from the finest mills we eliminate all middle man profits. You save because Aero maintains its own modern workrooms and uses the most exact* ing modern equipment to produce better hanging draperies at a sensible price. All Aero draperies are Installed by our own expert craws at no additional cost. No gimmicks, no free this and free that, no hidden extras. Aero Custom Draperies Luxuriously Tailored of our mosf popular Antique Satin in 30 lush colors or any of 100 other new 48-inch fabrics 4-Width Pair PLU5 RODS IP NEEDED 6-Width Pair PLUS RODS IP NEEDED • MEASURED • TAILORED . . • INSTALLED ero DRAPERY CO. NEW ADDRESS 3101 MERCIER 2 Blocks West of S. W. Trafficway on 31st .............................. " ........ . to initiate a conversation about current events or gardening— anything to distract them from themselves. A lot of women are cerebrally withdrawn—t hey don’t use their heads except for hairdos. It’s a pity.” Bad Breath There is a pleasant form of iodine that kills germs that cause bad breath. It’s ISODINE GARGLE. Even stops the odor of garlic, onions, whiskey and tobacco. ISODINE GARGLE is concentrated for economy... 98 $ size makes V 2 gallon of mouthwash. ISODINE GARGLE also gives temporary relief from minor sore throat discomfort. Ask the pharmacist. .Playtime / Daytime / Glamortime here's an Ostertag eyewear fashion for every time! No woman of fashion would think of wearing the same glasses for every occasion any more than she’d wear the same shoes. For like your shoes, hats and handbags, your eyewear is a fashion accessory that should be suited to the time, the place and the costume. So when you plan your accessories, start with the most important one of all—attractive, smart-looking eyewear from Ostertag. Stop in soon, won’t you? Not even a new hat can give you the lift a glamorous new frame from Ostertag can! The Latest Fashions in Sight Come From OSTEIime EM 3-7900 OPTICL\i\S Rockhill Medical Bldg., 6700 Troost Ave. Other stores in St. Louis and Columbia, Mo., Alton, III., Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Okla., Burlington, Iowa, Omaha, Nebr., Louisville, Ky., San Francisco, San Mateo, Marin, Palo Alto and San Jose, Calif. © á YOU NEED SUGAR I _Sugar is Instant • • • N:" - -'W ... ¡IWBSP (d p ^ Ÿ . t fff - s. ' ‘ » * ' : ' .... Pure Sugar is grown, refined and consumed In America by Americans. You cannot buy a finer sugar anywhere in the world!

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