Intelligencer Journal from Lancaster, Pennsylvania on August 27, 1949 · 1
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Intelligencer Journal from Lancaster, Pennsylvania · 1

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 27, 1949
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WEATHER IV. S Weather Barm forerun Eastern Pennsylvania: Fair With High 88 To 95 Saturday. Sunday Continued Warm With A Few Scattered Thun-dershowers Mostly In The Mountains. ,w, "T r -tw , r ; i i i mm m m m m mm mm mm r m .....ssft. nrr-a- far .jf m m jf i i i a , mi mm jt i i ,l 1 'J.w Ai. 11 II II 1 1 II II II m HI at fsSt, 2tw. r till II II II II 11 11 II II 11 Ti Lending Srtrtpaper in the Garden Spot of America, Horn Otentd for Horn Folkt Sine 1794 Lancaster County Highway Deaths 23 Since Jan. 1,1949 Same Dale 1948 21 156th Year. No. 62 Uatiilrr City Zone Population. Officii! Ill) CQ7 Figures of Audit Bureau of Circulations LXmt,OJI LANCASTER, FA SATURpAY MORNING. AUGUST 27. 19 19. cm' EIGHTEEN PAGES. 30c PER WEEK 5c J WOKS M RRIfAWF ro mm HI Mil . M Arms Iron rike Vole Moved Up To Sunday BALLOTING TO ' FOLLOW UNION SESSION HERE United Rubber Workers Calls 17,000 Goodrich Employes To Strike A strike-authorization vote by Local 285, United Rubber, Cork, Linoleum and Plastic Workers of America (CIO) as a move in its current negotiations with the Armstrong Cork Co. originally scheduled for next Wednesday has been advanced to Sunday afternoon. Announcement of the advance in the date was made Friday evening By Paul S. Shaub, president of the local. Shortly after Shaub's announcement here, the Associated Press reported that the CIO Rubber Workers has ordered 17.000 B. F. Goodrich production workers to strike. Shaub said that decision to advance the date for the vote was made at a meeting of the union's executive committee last Wednesday night. He gave no reason for advancing the date nor for the delay in announcing the decision of the executive committee. Actual balloting on the strike vote authorization will be preceded, Shaub said, by a meeting of the union membership at the Moose Hall, 220 East King St., starting at 2 p. m. LISTS SPEAKERS The meeting will be addressed by F. M. Dickinson, of Akron, international vice-president of the union, who sat in on Friday s negotiating session with the company, and two other international officers who are coming on from Akron for the newly-set meeting. They are Charles E. Lanning. general secretary-treasurer of the Turn To Page 4 For More Of ARMSTRONG Bungalow Drops Into Cellar Being Dug Beneath It 4 W - V v W-11 ' , jlF ' . "-f - Ml- v " H V X . v aE . "( - .'l-,4 " - - w J v 4 - - rl! If I- - . i -.; - rA?ti f'" -1''. 1 'f-f." ' 150 MPH Winds Hammer nland; Rich Crops Periled One man was injured seriously and three others escaped when this four-room frame bungalow in Sunnyside suddenly fell into the cellar which the four men were digging under it Friday evening. The injured man, William Markley, twenty-seven, Lancaster R7, was admitted to the Lancaster General Hospital suffering possible frac- tures of the back and hips. Standing by the house on the photo il Earl Reitzel, a neighbor, one of the men helping dig the cellar when the accident occurred. Reitzel said Markley was pinned under the building for nearly fifteen minutes before they were able to dig him free. (Intell Photo) 'We Lead All The Rest". FARM CORNER By The Farm Editor JAPANESE BEETLES GRADUALLY MOVING FROM THEJOUNTY "Worst Infestation Behind Us," Smith Says As Quarantine Is Eased Japanese beetles are gradually moving out of Lancaster county toward the west and northwest. County Agent M. M. Smith said Friday. "The worst of the infestation is behind us for this season and each year it is decreasing." he added. This year, beetles were most numerous in the northwestern and western parts of the county and in the southern and eastern parts they were not on'y less numerous, but have been decreasing each year, he said. CORN STILL QUARANTINED Smith's comments came on the heels of an announcement from the State , Department rf Agriculture at Harrisburg. saying that the Japanese beetle quarantine restrictions were lifted Friday on the Turn To Page 4 For More Of FARM CORNER Weather Calendar Bulletin JAMES REGAN DIES IN CRASH, THREE OTHERS INJURED A man identified as James F. Regan, about thirty, 334 Church St., was instantly killed and three other persons injured in an automobile accident early Saturday (today) along the Millersville Pike, just east of that borough. Those injured are: Sylvester Heuyard, Lancaster R8. in a critical condition at St. Joseph's Hospital, with severe head injuries. Marion L. Gehron, lit W. Liberty St., at the Lancaster General Hospital, suffering head injuries and shock. His condition also is listed as critical. William Jones, twenty-seven, 615 St. Joseph St., at the Lancaster General Hospital, head injuries. Jones said at the hospital that he was driving his car towards Millersville, about 2 a. m., when he was blinded by the lights of an oncoming car. He said that he lost control and the car hit a pole. He said the other car did not stop Worker Seriously Hurt In Accident At Sunnyside William Markley, twenty-seven, Lancaster R7, was seriously injured Friday evening: when he was pinned under a four-room frame bunjralow which felbinto a cellar excavation he was helping to dip. He was admitted to the Lancaster helping dig a cellar for the newly-General Hospital suffering possible erected bungalow owned by Anth- fractures of the back and hips. Late ony Mastriana, Lancaster R7 Friday night his condition remained YOUNG KENTUCKY MAN CONFESSES ROLE IN SLAYING Dangerous Winds To Prevail, Residents Warned As Storm Heads Northwest Over State; Weather Bureau's Recording Instruments Ripped Out ! Miami, Fla. (Saturday) (AP) A tremendous hurricane bored through Central South Florida Friday night and pounded toward the Northeastern section of the state. Still packing winds of super hurricane force, the whirling monster was neanng the town of Okeechobee City at 1 a. m., moving between Northwest and North Northwest at 12 to 14 miles per hour. STRONGER WINDS AT CENTER Vero Beach, midway up the coast between Miami and Jacksonville, had 97-mile-an-hour winds with jrusts up to 110 miles. Winds probably are stronger near the storm's center, the weather bureau said in a midnight bulletin. Ominous red and black hurricane warning flags remained displayed from Fort Lauderdale to St. Augustine and around Lake Okeechobee, where the wind reached 110 miles an hour. Storm warnings were up from St. Augustine to Charleston and on the Florida West coast from Fort Myers to Panama City. NORTH EASTERN FIARIDA WARNED Most of Northeastern Florida was warned to take precautions for the protection of life and property. The storm slammed into the Southeast Florida "Gold Coast" with l.iO-milo-an-hour winds. It hit Canal Point, 40 levee prevented new Catastrophe at lake By LUTHER JONES Publisher, Belle Glade Herald Belle Glade, Fla. uP) We have been through a real hurricane, and there isn't anyone in these parts who has any doubts about it. Except for the big government levee around Lake Okeechobee, this would have been a repetition of 1928. In that year a great hurricane blew the water out of the lake and drowned about 1,800 people. The loss of life wouldn't have been that great this time, because we know more about hurricanes and have more substantial buildings. But I would estimate that the wind caused a 10-foot tide on the South end of Lake Okeechobee, and waves were up probably another five' feet. That would have covered us except for the levee. Late Tabulation Of Damage Done In Fla.Hurricane i serious. The accident ocurred at Sunnyside. Lancaster K7, as Marklev was YET BONUS SENDS PA. REGISTRATION TO ODD-YEAR HIGH they were awakened by the sound of the crash and when they looked out, they saw an automobile drive away. Both St. Joseph's and the Lancaster General Hospital ambulances were summoned. Regan was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident bv Dr. Wallace G. Obenshain, of the St. Joseph's staff. The home had been constructed on solid ground and several weeks ago workmen, including Markley began to dig out a cellar. The bungalow, about 24 feet by 60 feet, was supported on a number of posts set into the excavation. Friday night the men were digging out in preparation to laying a cinder block and cement foundation, when the posts on one side of he bungalow apparently settled into the ground. T t 1 CL r C n When thev did it caused the lOtalS Snow Uains ror Uemo- house to siide off the posts on the opposite side and fall into the excavation which is from four to six feet deep. Markley at the time was under the house. When it began to settle he tried to run up one of the embankments to crawl to safety but the falling house struck him across the back and pinned him against the bank. Miami, Fla Here are Iatff reports of hurricane damage irl Florida: WEST PALM BEACH-Damagff miles to the West, while still hammering West Talm Beach xPerted to reach several million with winds nf 19.-, niilps an hour sustained veloritw dollars. The 196-foot radio towed Hurricane warnings were hoisted North of fitusville tof s,a,ion WJNO toppled into LakJ St. Augustine and Northeast storm warnings from Fer-i ironr property aam Cheerleader' Death Story nandina, Fla.. to Charleston, S. C, extending them further,8 loruia iastco T1J R SrSnn ftf I nmUr the Atlantic coast. Family CITRUS HARVEST IN DANGER crossing tower blown across tracks Store fronts blown in, six person" reported in.lured. Parking metei The hurricane nrobablv will move North Northwestward heads blown off standards, $6,00 Pikeville. Kv. A twenty through the Florida peninsula, the weather bureau Raid.!'ain.ed ,elas.!,l J .?eorg1 ,, .., j , , . ' T, , ,, '. , , . . , ,i i i W asnington Hotel smashed In. uiire-vi-di-uiu Hiriiuiri m n pi m-( j lat wouia seiio me w inns smasmng over lens oi immsarms A. M S,ke'"!y of acres of cit rus now near the harvest stage. Lent off icTa.s said It i " . nT th? Moore announced, a part in the ' The rich farming area around Lake Okeechobee may had been unable to get out to checit slaving of Prpsionshiii B Hich not snffpr hpnvv rrnn rlamaop sinrp most Fall and Wintpr on damage, which they believed ex School cheerleader Muriel Bald- uu,, 'ni .at nianioA Uensive. No injuries reported rirlpP r1""'1'1 Boat reported smashed into South iA.ntir..A , DANGEROUS WINDS WILL PREVAIL ern Boulevard Bridge. Royal Par Jiistirp uhn had hepn arrested i The lint-t-irano nrnlmhU' will lnco fnrra rlnritirr the novt Bricifie rpPortcd impassable. parlicr in the dav on a charge of io o , u t... j ' .:4- ...:n :i u 1 VERO BEACH Winds reached - - r - r ir. ' iiiiiii-b (nil I I uitii u r lit will ill fi M iivfi 11 11 I . , . jof the Florida peninsula, especially the Eastern half, an hgible. Growers fear considerable being intoxicated. crats, Losses For Republicans Harrisburg 'tP Interest in the S500.000.000 veterans bonus question has built voter registration to Residents near the scene of the the greatest ppak in any odd-year accident were quoted as saying jjn Pennsylvania histnrv. CHARLES B. SHAUB DIES ! A slate wide tabulation Friday! ishowed at least 4.750.132 Pennsyl- vanians win oe quaunca io voie on Aiastnana. and Kicnard uailan. ail :the bond issue in November. 'DEMOCRATS GAIN And the tabulation, with final re ports from six populous counties in- .complete, disclosed Democrats add-OMAN DIES IN ti.iwii pui iv jut jiiuri mis jtar over 3948 as Republicans were losing 28.641. the Democrats made earns in Mrs r.praMinp Knti P.rkpnrnrip rpi?i;traHnn in Ml nf tho vtatn'c R7 .f,- ifrt r r.- TAnU I counties, lost i nine others and 'Eckenrode. 834 Marietta Ave., died f"83 l"" afPllca Shaub, Other workmen, Earl Reitzel. Turn To Page 4 For More Of ACCIDENT LEAP FROM WINDOW The announced statement, blurted out by Justice as he was being taken to jail from a Pikeville hotel, forged one more Imk in the attempt to solve the murder of the beautiful seventeen-year-old girl. Two statements have already been obtained in the case from William Gamble, twenty-six, and fifteen-year-old Olen Collins. Moore said Justice's story dovetailed into the original statement by young Collins, whose account, to Prestonsburg and Floyd County Turn To Page 4 For More Of SLAYING lip. m. advisory said. Weather bureau instruments at West Palm Beach were ripped away when the big blow pounded that wealthy and fashionable area. The raging wind unroofed houses, smashed plate glass, flattened trees and littered streets and highways. Vet, so well fortified was the Southeast Florida coast that only one death was listed in early reports. The howling storm bore in from the East to strike the Turn To Page 4 For More Of HURRICANE citrus fruit shaken from trees Power shut off "for safety reasons LAKE WORTH Winds reached 125 miles an hour sustained veloc ity with gusts to 150, according trj RCA communications radio station No injuries reported but propert. damage extensive Power and mucti of telephone system out of order! Trees and shrubbery toppled, roof of several houses blown off, stori fronts blown in. Westgate Schoo gymnasium caved in while bein? Turn To Page 4 For Mora Of DAMAGE MANHEIM WOMAN GETS A. M. DIVORCE; ASKS; f P. M. PERMIT TO WED A Lancaster County woman who was granted a divorce in Lancaster County Court Friday morning was Palm Tree Falls As Hurricane Winds Lash Miami .ivtv pipht !shmved no chan2e in two. The Re- at 3:50 p. m Fridav in a leap husband of Mrs i"'","1- J roiucu m .ji muunrj, icii imm a mini nimr winauw oi nvi mi in ,i rtim iirfii il l- rfiiii- iiuiriiiHr ninnp I ir nar pc v -lanr nun- in st .In.'. ." " . i - ' ' -f Charles B. Lancaster R3 Nora L. Shaub, died iseph's Hospital at 1:36 a. m. Sat-; jurday i today. He was admitted! to the hospital Monday. I COMPARATIVE TEMPER A Tl'FES Sllon Hich Low Wter Works . 84 S1 Enhra'a ... - as ,yj Lit Year 'Enhr?'.si oo ri utticiai ri'g.i lor -r .. Ju!v 4-S lot Ut!LC!Jl LOW jnr 1??r .... Feb. 3 Chamrtpr nl Day C!sr Ri? fi 2S a. SI N Sawyer Sees No Pump Priming Need i As U.S. Lists Living Cost Tumble in one couniy. rinai reports areiuty coroner, said death was in stantaneous and due to a compound fracture of the skull. He Dr. Stahr said Mrs. Eckenrode'!'0Tf'ail!, d on'y fell to a concrete pavement in !heiuv,u ''l" l ' l'Z'r Turn To Paqe 4 For More Of REGISTRATION tion Friday afternoon here. Mrs. Fern Hummer, twenty-nine, whose address in the divorce papers was 1,1 N. Charlotte St., Manheim. was granted a divorce from John F. Hummer, twenty-three. 107 S. Main i St., Manheim. According to the side yard of her home and was -Vorce was handed down Friday found there by her husband. Mis. i Eckenrode had been under the care of a physician for some time. She was horn in Lancaster, a Friday afternoon. Mrs. Hummer, who at that time listed her address as Mt. Gretna, and Dr. Charles S'lS 7:44 t) I St 9 43 o m moon i oasningion . a lop aaimn-i nasmngicm Living costs Kirt Quarter. Aug istration official advised the White have taken a new and fairly sub- stars jHouse Friday that .:i ii iii -.via : s, daughter of George S. and the latelPoh': a.,so Mnheim. filed Tyrr.irv Venus. Jiimter. Saturn stantial downward tumb'e. That's what the government re- a living expense decline of six-tenth of one per cent between mid-June and mid-July. (1) There is no public demand now for major pump priming by the government. (2) Practically all businessmen want the government to cut spending and reduce taxes. The droo came mainlv because I Secretary of Commerce Sawyer, of lower prices tor food, wearing end!nl passed that word up the line after; apparel and house furnishings. criss-crossing me easiern nait oi tne j Rents and miscellaneous goods on a personal and services went up slightly vera Mem Kutz ana was a member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church. She was a graduate of St. Joseph's Hospital School of Nurs- ported Friday in releasing its latest1'""?. Class of 1945. Besides her hus- consumers price index. It showed band and father, she is survived application for a marriage license. Dr. Pohl was divorced last month, according to the application. by two sons, Joseph L., George, both at home. Jr., and ARMED WANDERER ON CITY STREETS HELD NEARBY FORECASTS l S. Wtather , Bureau New Jersey Delaware. Maryland: Mostly junny and high Sfi to 84 Saturdav Sunday partly cloudy and continued warm. Lower Potomac and Chesaoeake Bav Lignt winds mostly southerly $ to 12 MPH Saturday 1 EXTENDED FORECAST it. S. Weather Bureau l wea:ner forecast lor period W aneca.v : New York: Gcntraiiv fair and o-.ii; u-.V country ior a monm on a personal and services went ud slightly 4 A- ixiy-one-year-old city mam but scattered shower? or trtunder norms survey of business and employment! during the month. I was being held for investigation by sat, saturdav or early sundav a-d conditions. ; city police early Saturday today)! ',r, hktl" Tudav cr wd-i His trip had been geared in with j The government index, prepared after ne was picked up in the! exceoi ' one ouaner to ha'f "ch m President Truman's program forihy the Bureau of Labor Statistics, i Seventh Ward carrying a loaded Northern . York Temperature wi'; concentrating federal buyire and is a'wavs necessarily a month he-i single-barrelled shoteun. as wa-m in tK t e---.: New York Sunday, somewhat cooler Tuesday or Wednesday. tuoier Turn To Page 4 For More Of SAWYER Turn To Page For More Of COSTS a man report ed to have been threatened by the gun-bearer. HOUSEHOLD ITEMS , WANTED by the folk of Lancaster City and County. Through Lancaster Newspapers' Want-Ads hundreds nf items chance hands every month. Jut phone Lancaster 5251. and ask for an Ad-Taker for results like the.; Mrs. Joseph Rrunnrr received s:oo.oo for her refrigerator through this War.t-Ad: ELECTRIC FRIGIDAIFE refrigerator, very good cond. Ph. 3-BOfl Mrs. Kathryn Leiby received S150O for he- dinmg room suite through this W'ant-Ad: 10-P1ECE Watn'Jt Dining Poom Suite IS years old Phone 3-T4n " -3-V- - Zts ! Mi M Miami Beach, Fla. ( AP Wirephoto) This coconut palm tree toppled hera late Friday ifternoori at high winds on tht fringe of a hurricane whipped this Southern resort town.

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