Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 31, 1957 · Page 28
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 28

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1957
Page 28
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Twelvt Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Wife Remodeled 8 Houses For Resale; Now She's Lazy Dear Ann: Is a wife supposed Mow a husband, no matter what We've been married 25 years. I'n 50 years old and dead tired. We've moved eight times an I've been a carpenter, masor plumber, painter, paper-hange electrician, and landscape artis In addition to this I have kep house without help and raised tw children. I've almost killed m. self because my husband wants i make a few dollars on a sale. We haven't been in this plac but a year. I just finished replac ing rotten windows, fixing th roof, drain-pipes, and painting in side and out. I love it here. Bu someone offered my husband profit, and now he's ready to g again. The place he wants to move in to "temporarily" doesn't even hav a bath room. I'm sure if I agree to move he'd expect me to instai plumbing. Since I refused he won't give m a cent. He buys the groceries, pay the bills and that's it. He calls m a "lazy wench" and acts ugly. Th joke of it Is, I'm also the book keeper, and his assets are betweer 05 and 90 thousand dollars. H makes $17,500 a year and I ha to "borrow" a stamp next doo to mail this letter. What can I do — MAD AT MONEY You can do plenty. Inform you husband if he doesn't loosen ui and treat you like a partner, he' going to find himself with doubli living expenses — your place and his. Tell him HE can move into the house with no bathroom and mai tho support checks to the home with modern conveniences. A worn an, 50, who has remodeled eighl houses for resale is entitled to take life a bit easier. Insist on 'your partnership rights and stay put. (And P. S., just because your husband is light with the long Kreen 1« no reason for YOU to be "Mad At Money." Money doesn'l care who has H, you know. * * * Dear Ann: Can you help before I so completely to pieces? Everything was fine until my in-laws moved to town. We had a happy home and enjoyed our children Pretty Potholders! Qiiickle«-to-crocliet—you'll want to make n pair of these sparkling cottage polholdcrs for your own kllchcn and. another set for gift- giving or an u bazaar donation. Pattern No. 51)17 contains cro- cliot directions; material requirements; sllldi illustrations; finishing directions. Send 25c In COINS, your narno, address and tho PATTERN NUM- BKft to ANNE CAIIOT, Pharos- Tribune, 372 W. CJuincy Strcol, Chicago U, Illimiln. It's ready! Tho l», r >7 Needlework AI/UUM — fifty-six colorful pages Knowing many pretty designs; plus directions for making :i crochet Itunm and n quill. Only 25c a copyl and each other. Now the family is divided into two camps, my husband's parents, and the children and myself— with my husband In the middle. His folks never accepted me because of a religious difference. I've tried to be_a good daughter-in-law, but they've'shut me out with their tight-lipped disapproval. They are cool to the children and their attitude toward me is one of complete indifference. My hands-.shake when I -hear them on the porch. My heart begins to pound, and I get dizzy speels. I can't discourage them from coming to our home, but the tension is so bad I simply can't go on this way. Please tell me what lo do before our family life is completely shattered. — B. A. Your husband could and should lelp you with this porblem. He ought to drop by and see his folks for short intervals.' This will give :hem a chance to enjoy his company, and not throw your home nto a panic because of their visits. Since your in-laws create an atmosphere of armed neutrality, resulting in anxiety symptorrts, you lave the right to suggest this com- jromise, and he has the obligation .0 cooperate. .Apparently you've tried to be 'riendly but have failed tb crash the sound barrier. Quit yourself out. Let your husband carry the ball. * * * Dear Ann: I feel foolish at my age writing for advice, but I think 'Ou can help me. I'm 24 and have three years ol pedal training ahead before I can practice my profession. Also there •i the Army. I'm very much in love with a harming woman who is also 24. She has an excellent position -and would like to get married, but. 1 eel it would be unfair to her, un- ~er Ihe circumstances. You've robably had many such problems. Can you help? — UNDECIDED Unfair, my eye. If you two wait ntil all the "circumstances" are erfect, you'll need crutches to ,. own the aisle. You're bolh old nough lo know what you're doing. ' % you're in love, go ahead and el married. The important rc- uisitcs you've got — the rest can ome later. * * * CONFIDENTIALLY: DISGUST>D: "SHE" is no good, eh? And •here were YOU when all this was appening? You're 50% of this al, Fatso, lake your medicine. Missouri Mother Says Schools Turn Out "Trained Seals" CALIFORNIA, Mo. (UP) _ A former-music teacher who charged that public schools turn ou "trained seals" today won th right to tutor her 7-year-old daugh ter at home. Circuit Court Judge William M Kimberlin of Harrisonville re versed a Magistrate Court rulin in the case of Mrs. Mary Schoen heit and held in effect that regula daily instruction at home i equivalent to that in the schools Kimberlin said his opinion ap plied only to this particular cas and only • to the school year o 1958-57. Mrs. Schoenheit 'and her daugh ter moved from Pomona, Calif. last year to near Centertown, ii central Missouri. They live in tin California, Mo., school district am Ihe school system brought the casi when she failed to register he: daughter Mary. , She spent two hours in jail foi defying the magistrate judge's or der before St. Louis attorney Ware Driscoll took her case. Mrs. Schoenheit charged thai Josephine Lowmon Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. rices Paid Farmers how Rise for Month WASHINGTON (UP) — Prices irmers received for crops and voslock rose four-tenths of 1 per in the month ended May 15, Agriculture Department re- >rted lodiiy. The department's monthly price eport also said 'the farmers' cost production and living supplies an unchanged during tlio mnnUi. The prices-paid Index remained t 29(1 per cent of the JOIO-M base crlod. It WOK the first lull in the wnrd movement of farm cunts nco early autumn of ]9fi«. The. department wait! a further crease In prices paid by farmers' >r goods IxniKhl for livllik' pur- usc.s offset « smnll decline in rices paid for production Items, lie Miiy Index wax up .'I per cent om a year earlier. U President Seeks robe of Land Sale' ]JI.,OOMTN(rl'ON (Ui'l—Iiidlniin nlverslty J'n;.ildent Herman U ful" for her "exceptionally talent ed daughter because they repress individual effort and stress conformity." COSTLY Development of modern turbo jets cost from $40,000,000 to $50, 000,000 and required three to five years, according -to the Encyclo pedia Britannica. Sew a Pretty Round Yoke ,8318 10.20 Your favorite dale dross all summer—cool, young nnd bent of all, sow-easy. Rounded yoke nnd collar uro flattering; three quarter slauv- CH uro also provided. No. IKI1II IB In nl'/.es 10, 12, 14, 1(1, III, 20, Slsio 12, short sleeve, 30 bu.Nl, 514 yards (it 3.1-lnc-li. Kor this pattern, send IISc In COINS, your mum;, address, oi/o (liislred, and the J'ATTKKN NUMBER lo Hue riurnel!:, Phnnw-Trlb- In .StiAcrw lo send a deputy to I vc,sl!gal.o 11 Land trade between | iU University and Dr, 'Dillon clger, HI trustee. 10 trade In which tiirigcr nllugod- mnde an $11,000 profit. Golgcr former <lov. George N. Craig's orsonnl phy.sicliin, Tlio rojiuesl for n probe »y our's office wus made on rocom- eiidallon of IU Vlco Prenldcnl A. fi'ranklln, Ihe unlvorsHy said. Washable Sneakers ...for Boys and Girls Include 2,1 cunts more with your pattern order for the .Spring & .Summer 'B7 lumio of our pattern book litiHic FASHION. It cuiilulun for all tho book. Most Beautiful Girl Takes Success in Most Ugly Way The bicycle rlilu Is one of the ninny hip-reducing exercises. (Tliu Friday Question Box) Q. "Wo have just olccted the m<)st beautiful girl and the most landsome boy In our school. Now 11 Ihe other girls foci as though hey are as urgly as homemade oap. Wo would like to have you ivc us some information about ow blondes should wear their air nnd so forth, The girl who was udged most beautiful makes fun f all of the other girls." A, Tho way you wear your hair o'pends on fnclul contour rather ian whether a girl is a blonde r a brunette. Evidently success as gone to the lieud of the most eiuitlful one In a most unbeaull- il way. 1 do not think the rest of on need worry about her. At this ale Blie will not long seem lovely > anyone. If you would Ilko to avo my Innflet especially for -tiKci's, sontl a .slumped, self- ddre.ssed envelope with your rest for "Popularlly" leaflet No. Q. "T fim !> foci ID'/i Inches tall nd weigh Wi pound. 1 ). My bust measures .'HI, waist W and Ips 40 Inchon. I feel thai my hips nd waist lire too large. My bone Iriiclure Is medium although ullo broad through the hips. "I wolglicd ltd pounds n few cni'H ago and was ofl.cn compli- nenled on my figure. Is Inert! any ivny 1 am IOHO .l.r> pounds nnd make .iru that part of It comon off of ny hips? "I feel certain that lull girls nnd [ omcn uru t puralod by weiglil- cight chiu'iN. Tho weight tliuy Mially give for n woinun fp feel 0 Inches lull la about J5B pounds ono very often sees ploliiruN f modol.'i who arc five,feel. II of 0 milieu uml weigh 125 pounds." A, One hundred nnd fifty-five IH limit 1'lBht for your luilKhl, Onu iindred und Iwcuty-flvo pbuncla 'tiuld bo terribly underweight, rtany niuclelH micrlflco hoa'lth and iulco are supposed to be mild ' oy - ' 4t)ul(; J > Master Howard Cor- Jleuchos. One way to dim and !"'• B)( ! Sixteenth street; Mrs. Stcl- avoid freckloH Is lo stny out of :he sunlight. I certainly would not advise, this because yiu would miss too much fun and health. U.ie one )f Iho screening buses before you 40 lo the beach nnd use n make-up .0 cover freckles when you dress ip. Thoy are not nearly m unul- .raellvo as you bollevo. Tnmororw: "Exorcise is Only Answer For Dig Bulge al Thighs." ON SALE SATURDAY • Rod Bluo Slzoj small 6 to 3 FAMILY SHOE D«PT. STREET FLOOR sett s 7 PIECE PLASTIC SALAD SET $1.50 SET Individually Boxod and 'Glff Wrapped. A»»orlod colors. You'll find many u«oi for lhl« handy »et. 417 Broadway best looks for Ihcir careers since Ihe camera makes them look much heavier than they actually arc. I do not think you should weigh Ions than :M!> to 100. If you will take -hip-slimming exercises while reducing it will speed Ihe loss in inches In the hiplinc. Q. "I am 1(1 yunrs old and have freckles on my back and shoulders. They are nol small and light but bltf and dark. I hate to wear sleeveless blouses or go to the beach because of them. Are there any freckle creams which will lake ihem away?" . A. r do not think there are any freckle creams which arc very ef- "ectlvo. Lemon juice and cucumber Corn Planting Is Far Behind LAFAYETTE (UP)—Farm ex. perts said today that only one- fifth of Indiana's corn crop had been planted by last weekend. Robert E. Straszheim, agricuL tural statistician at Purdue University, said 20 per cent of corn planting was completed, compared with 38 per cent a year ago, and 8 per cent of soybeans planted, compared with 39 per cent a year ago. Heavy and steady rain and flooding streams were responsible for the fact field work was running 12 days behind normal, Straszheim said. 'Farm work was further hampered by continued rain and many streams were at flood stage in central and southern counties," the weekly crop report said. "Surplus moisture is reported in 87 per cent of the counties, with ample reported in the remaining 13 per cent. "Field work was possible only 9 per cent of the lime. Some corn was planted at the close of the week in scattered northern areas with favorable drainage. "The first cutting of alfalfa has started but weather has been un- :avora'ble for drying and some 'ields are being made into grass silage. Hospital Notes MEMOJUlAL ' Bom: To Mr. and Mrs. Darcell Silance, 2221 Jefferson street, n son; to Mr. and Mrs. Odest Greshum. 217 Fourteenth street, a ;on: to Mr. and JX's. William Valdez, route 5, a daughter; to Mr. and Mrs. Leon Teslns, 214 Tanguy street, a daughter. Admitted: Paul Meyer, 92<I Seventeenth street; Mrs. 1 Nellie Pick- elt, route 1, Flora; Mrs. Myrtle 3ook, route 1, Lucerne Mrs. Louise •lunt, Pleasant Hill; Harrison Zeok, Lake Cicott Hnrley Smith, Rockficld; Mrs. Lou Ann Bontty, Kokomo; Alva Surge, route 1, Flora. Dismissed: Ambrose Kline, route 5; Mrs. Elizabeth Creith, 1921 East Broadway; Mrs. Shirley Benedict, 130014 North Third street; Alva James, 423 Cole street; Mrs. Clinton CurU and daughter, roulc Delphi Miss Suellen Carey, Delphi; Mrs. Elhel Dnncoy, 17UII East Market sire-til; Kenneth Werlz, Cnmden; Monty Sink, ^ route 2, Cnmdcn; Master Courtney Wilson, Young America: Miss Joyce Uai-; Friday Evening, May 31, 1957. Kremlin's Relationship With . Yugoslavia, Poland Improving SOVIET Russia's relations with Yugoslavia and Poland, th'e two -rebel Communist countries, are showing signs of improvement. President Tito of Yugoslavia, who won complete independence of Russia nine years ago, has just restated his desire for friendship with Soviet leaders. He has announced that Ivan iosnjak, his defense minister, will visit Moscow next month at the invitation of Soviet Defense Minister Georgi K. Zhukov. Wladyslaw Gomulka, the Polish Communist leader who won a great measure of independence by his successful leadership of the revolt of last October, has just returned home from a visit to Moscow. A lot of people undoubtedly will read a lot of significance into these developments. But actually there is no reason .0 believe that either Tito or Gomulka has any illusions as to his status in Moscow. Bolh Defied Russia Both ot Ihem openly and suc- Poland t-0 help it keep Iti independence of Russia. A Polish delegation of economic and finance experts arrived in Washington in February, seeking credits of 300 million dollars. .Talks Dragged On Negotiations d r a g,g e d on for weeks. It was decided finally that Poland should get about "95 mil- kion, dollars. Signature of an aid agreement is still hanging, awaiting congressional action on a bill to increase the authority of the government to dispose of farm surpluses to foreign countries. That appears to. be the reason for Gomulka's visit to Moscow. He took two of his chief economic experts with him. A United Press dispatch from Warsaw said Hint lie went there to plead with th» Russians for immediate aid to prevent an economic crisis. The question of American aid to any Communist country is controversial. There are many, including leaders in Congress,' who oppose aid on (Jie ground that help cessfully defied the right of the| to a ? y Communist country helps Soviet government to -dominate R 'df, sla ', , their countries' policies. Their rebellion has weakened the The fact seems to be, however, that refusal of help to countries Tip of Russia on all of the Com- |llke Yu £ osl a«n and Poland—bolh of winch are now liabilities to Russian domination of Eastern Euro)>e—compels them lo seek help from tiie Soviet government. munisl-ruled countries of Ea-stern Surope. Tito's decision to send his de- ense minister to Moscow, and Gomulka's visit liliere, are both connected with the policies of the United States toward Ihem. President Eisenhower suspended nilitary aid to 'Yugoslavia last )ct»ber. It was announced on May 4 that he had decided to resume t. As the result, four F-llc Snbre *et fighler planes were delivered. But the State Department at the time time announced that the nilitary aid would be given on a '.more modest" basis than had >oen p 1 a n n e d originally. The Yugoslav defense minister's proposed visit to Moscow stems'part- y from that. The United States decided last "aniiary to extend economic aid to lu SmiUi, RockflcUI. ST. ,7OSBPH'S Born: To Mr, and MM. William Perry, 2223 Jefferson street, a daughter; to Mr. mid Mrs. .lusso BuLlon, route 2, Kowunnu, n daughter; to Mr. imd Mrs. James Conrad, 730 Thlrlcwilh street, a son. AdmHlod: George Wiilrous, Win- amuc; Master David Sturgeon, 'oule 3; Master Richard Smith, 1-26 Grove street. Dismissed: .Jess Grandslaff, H3'/j West Miami avenue; Master farold ' Slemmer, 70i) Twelfth reel; Konstmitin Bucinski, Ke- vmina; James Maddock, Burn- Htsvlllu; Clifford Elder, 1322 oriJi Third struct; Mrs. Lenora addes, route 2: Mrs. Phyllis Cloennc, llfll! Sevi'iileenlli slr'eet; Miss Alice Jo Gear, 3121! Norlli Pennsylvania avcMim'; Mas lor Man- dull Grubbs, 2720 Sladiiim drive; Mrs. MujjKie Smilh, !M7 High street; Mrs. Donald Miiiniw nnd Khlor, 20(1:]% Ki, S |. Mai-kel street; Mrs. Hnrolcl Harper and dmiKhler, Star Oily; Hobril Odom, 1 SIX) Bortlell street; Miss Itila Dill-' man, route 2, Camden; Mrs. Hi- chnrd Moore nnd son, di-Hi Wes! Unden avenue; Mrs. Paul Miller and son. 211) Whuallnnd avenue; Mrs. Delplm Miller, 72:i Wlicnllnnd avenue. RO X Y A L t ' A ** C i Forr«»J Tuck«r In NOW SHOWING Open 1 p.m.—35c Til 6 2 Wciterni — Comedy BLACK. ^ EAGLE "Monitor And Apo Sun. "Tribute To A Bad Man" IOX OFFICI OPEN 7.00-1 OiOO p.m. CHILDREN PRCEI FINAL TONIGHT MNLWPrlSCflTT 2 FEATURES 2 COtOK CARTOON TAB HOHTER NATAUC WOOD "The Girl He Left Behind SATURDAY ONLY 2 GARY COOPER KITS emCOOPER wmROMW SAT. BONUS MATUME ... at no «xtra cost to you ''SUSAN SLEPT HERE" Starrina-DIck Pow.H and D»bbi« Itoynoldi Show Slarfi Ar Duili Oat.. O|i«n Half Hour Earlier SATURDAY "The Pattott Gun Alivo" GIftnn Ford - Joanna Orolrt SUNUAY - MONDAY "A KISS BETOttE DYINO" (Color • Him llun) Rabttrt Wci(}ii«r - Juffvoy Hunlar FASHION BEAUTY SHOP ONIY OTHERS TO $25 $4.95 PERMANENT; with loft ringloti INCLUDES CUTTING STYLING CREAM SHAMPOO 9 Til 6 No Appomrmunt Nocenory Heleno Curtis v Sfyl.d Soft Brilliance Parmanent $10.00 NO FUZ;: OR FRIZZ 314ft Poarl St. Ph. 20111 FRI. and SAT. LAST DAYS OPEN 5 P. M. EXCITEMENT THAT CLIMBS TO NEW HEIGHTS IN THKILLSI THE RIVER'S EDGE RAY MILLAND ANTHONY QUINN PEBRA PAGET NOTICE! CLOSED FOR THE SUMMER AFTER THE FINAL SHOW SAT. NIGHT ^____ 2-PBATURES OPEN DAILY 1 P. M. 50c TIL 6 BIG ALL STAR DOUBLE FEATURE! JWALlDtStlKTa WAIT DISNEY'S "TOOT, WHISTLE AND BOOM" WALT DISNEY'S "JOHNNY APPLESEED" SATURDAY MIDNIGHT SUN.-MON.-TUES. AN ACRE OF £4MW$ AND A BARUFUU. OffUfJI ^

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