The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 1, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVIILE, (ABK.); COUJUER NSWB WEDNESDAY, AUGUST THE BLITHE VILLE COURIER NEWS TO* OODBUB.MXWB CO, FUEUSWM 0. R. BAKOCK, B. W. SAIMaH, Adrtmmn Sole litloc»l Advertuicu Arfcaatu Dallies, inc., New York, Deirclt, fit. Ix>u4», DillM. KiwiM CMy, UemphJf. Publlihed Every Allcmoun except Sunday. Entered as second clsss matter «t Ihc |iost olllcc at B:ythcvlll«, Arkansas, under ocl ol CoiigreM, October 0, 19H. Sm p cn u '"" united PrcM SUHSUIillTlON BATES By carrier In (no Ciiy 0! BiyUievllle, 15c per week or »050 per year In advuirc. ny mall within a radius of M mllci, »3.00 per year. (1 !>D (or six months, B5c lor t)jr«« moothij :iy JUBII in post til runes two to six, Inclusive, |X.T year, In muss seven and cigllt, 110.00 i*'i yiMr, jviyuhk In nilvauc*. The Bankhead Bill There will he no suspension of the B;.nkhc:ui col Ion uinli'ol act, says Secretary of Agriculture Wallace, and anyone who will lake the trouble to give the matter a few minutes serious thought will agree with (he position he I.ikes- 'Jhe wisdom of I he HanUhead act, even as an emergency measure, is open to iuwslion. The danger it holds to the American collon industry if pursued as a long time policy is reasonably phiiii. But now is not Ihc time to nullify it or to modify it in any essential. Whatever harm this year's application of the law is capable of doing has already been done. -To suspend it at Ibis lime would bi; out-, rajjeously unfair to I he great majority of producers who have made a sincere ell'ort to'co-operate in the production control program and would destroy confidence for years to come" in any ell'orl (o help the cotton grower. The drouth has greatly simplified enforcement of the Bankliead law. Few fanners will produce morc.-tlian their tax (red allotments untiei 1 the measure. The only ones to benefit by its suspension would be the small minority who made no ellorl to cooperate in Hie voluntary reduction program. And thousands of growers, who cut Ihciv acreage in good faiili ivn.l have seen their prospective production further drastically reduced by unfavorable, weather conditions, would be penalized by lo.-s of the return which they may .aspect under the law from sale of lax free certificates in excess of their own requirements. The Bankhead law should stand for the remainder of the current crop year, but. in Ihe meantime intensive study should be given by federal agencies and fanners' orgaui/.alions to lliu probable refills of further maintenance of Ihc policy it involves. To what extent can tlic United States alford ID follow a program that obtains temporary enhancement of the value of cotton at the cost of continued and progressive stimulation of foreign production and sacrilico of American markets for cotton abroad'.' , Talk of the inability i.f fi)"eign countries to produce collon to lake the place of reduced American production is utter nonsense. They can't do it this year or next year- But al- ready artificial enhancement of the American price has accelerated the steady increase in the percentage of the world cotton crop produced abroad that has been going on for a number of years, and it is as certain as sunrisu that that increase will continue so long; as we make it more profitable for foreign countries to grow their own cotton, even under adverse conditions, than to buy from us. If we are to continue any measure, of production control in Ibis country it should al least he based u|K>n a careful determination of the price levcJ at which foreign |.V»ducfion will be' stimulated. If we are lo holii our place in world cotton markets we must keep the price of American collon below that level. If we cannot do tliat wi- might as well admit inability • to compete in cotton production. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark usi! in ils The now IMS gone In: :i use- Higher Taxes On Crime DuriiiK llii' l!isl few d.'iys I In- fi'd- C'l'u! tfovi'i'miient liiifi ionic into pnssi's- siuii of ii new weapon It) w,ii'/<o!] the underworld. 'I'ccluViil- lircar-ms control law into ulVv^l, mud it oiiftlH to ful bit ur.'loKifejiilirin'. Under tlii.s law, e.xtmndy slt'k-L regulations are plated on llio salt! and possession of such favorite gaiigslfir weapons as ,m:icliine guns, siiwnd-ofl' shotguns, and Ihe lila 1 . All piircliasci'.s it)- owners of sni;lt weapons must he registered, photographed, and finner- priiilcil. Muiiuractiirers, inipoj-li-rs, and tlcsil- ei'H must register and piiy heavy license fees.,. • A J200 tax is levied on the purchase 'of eacli weapon. Violators of (he law are subject to live years in prison. Since federal agents cslinjj^te that no fewer than 5,000 sub-machine guns are now in the hands of criminals, yon can see how badly such a law is needed- Rigidly enforced, it ought to be a great help in the drive to gel the underworld back under control. "The men get raises because they have families. The bos doesn't know what it costs us just to keep our hair ii 5ihni>e." The Tragic Anniversaries Al'CI'ST I, HIM France Mobilizes; Germany Declares War on Russia; British Fleet Is Made'Ready nanact 10B.C Cla»Mlii*I, iSoman. emperor defeat in Battle dfiJie Mile vije, American- author, born. CHURCH EXCUSES THIS CURIOUS WORLD SC? 1 AT THE 64RTH WAS CREATED f Of THE SOeiTANCE Of THE Jt#V, Well, it loote as though my new , cluucli Is going to Ix? the bl?-: gest church in the whole country. Just, lold my son-in-law nnrt hir^d man that only a man of my <nowlcdge and ability could discern needs of the people and when I was chairman of tliu board ol my chinch u few years back I found such an unbalanced condition among the members as to ttie amount of religion each one h.icl and at one time I thought of reorganizing from top to bottom and when I suggested or rather staled that I had found -some who seem lo have entirely too much religion while others did not seem to have more than enough to barely say Ihey had religion, and told them all that I was going tt> install my Share and Share Alike Religion—Limited plan, but those KINJOHENRymJ OP ENGLAND, KEPr A PET POLAR BEAR. IM THE TOWER OF LONDON, ANfl AUOWED IT TO SWIM AND PISH | IN THE THAMES RIVER.. O l»94 IT MAKAVKC. MC. WILD ANIMALS ARE NOT AFf ECTED BV THE BITE Tselsfi flits are not poisonous, as was formerly believed, but Hie cnrrlres of blood parasites urypanosomes) that cause maladies. There are about 20 species, all native to Hie. Afr| continent. One species causes the dreaded sleeping .sickness. NEXT: How did k-e crram sundaes pel their did not propose to give lo anyone, so before I could get the argument, stopped, uiey uud put me off the board. So now I tell my son-ln-l.-uv and liircd man that I must slart and build from th: up. I must admit that I never thought UK: would coiw wluii they'd be shouting lo me out ol (he bull park. But It's all In the game. —Wnltcr Johnson, nianngijr ol Cleveland Indian?.. » • • We used (o be told that Adam slurted evil; no\v \vo know b'dibun did It when he m- vrnlnl motion pli-Uiri'S. -KiiiK'rt Hughes, author. w • • When :i .sympathetic .slrlkt.- occurs the issues primalily responsible for 111? strike become subordinated and a new conllict urlscs between those engaged In the strike and governmental [minorities. —William Green, president American federation of Labor. * » * World powers live inakins prevention ol war Iheiv Tnst thought. — Premier Mn-ssolitu'. * • • I am Interef-U'd in a social Insurance ptu- Uiaui only iu so Ear ;i\ il tends to restore Ihu ccuiival:nt (if Ihr garden and Ihe woodpile which oin industrial readjustment has taken .way. —Own U. Younv. who appeared to have too much would not so much as consider gtound my plan, and said they had work- ] ed, hard for what,lhey had.und Read Courier News Want Ad_s. SOPHIlTs&RRy~SVPERB : LOVE~STORY^ = ^«OTRY OTTT OF MY O Jun. i. \j u J. v/j. *.»* * Farmer Killed 'Torky 1 ' MASSILLON. O. (UP)—Aflel dog hart attacked a iwrcuplne been rebuffed in his iiupelnonsl tack by quills he couldn't unl Eland. C. H. Yannayon. a killed tlie "porky." an extn \ rare animal in Ohio. JIM! lf:HKl <1 »rk trlrrmlutt t« » irrtprt AW7- ii V«rk Jnnr oklAlnv • p»* in • rpnl rilnlr »ne« ••• «nun !• mnkluK • IttrK* iBconr. Mhr "in. »n xffnlr rtllk ROGtK Ttlnitl'K. mnrrlt-ri. k»1 llrcc •' him U'krn br nffrr* 1» bear IP* r.\|ii-n^r nl lerlt vklld ak« «na- THK BIMT1SII H.EKT.... MOBILIZES 4,r. tar lin iml.lnB *rt rr to reveal It* The niiilh chapta «f .1 ikelr- Ionized, (lay-by-day rn-nul nf [ati-- fill hpUnrtes illrrrtly iiirialhifi Ihc World War. BV MOHKIS (lIl.lintT NK,\ Scrvkc st-.i[f Writer It's August 1. 1014 - :n:d war! Swiftly, now. move ir.rar oven- 1 Ihat flmilly embroil ihi- whole EuroiK In nrined couilict such as the world never bero:v jias seen PARIS. J:-I5 I>. M.. mobilization oideictl. BERLIN. I !>. M.— rrcsiernl mo- |bilizntion ordi-ied. War ihclurcd Oil on his own hook, rnitrate in the North Sea, with the result that if Ihe German fleet cliosc lo destroy Calais, Boulogne ; ,nd Cheilxiurg, we could not dp- |x)f<- UK- least resistance, you tell me that your government, caimoli decide to intervene. How can l' .scud such a message to my gov- of eminent?" sir Edward observes that no wiiam agreement exists and that rests with parliament General! the decision i alone. Winston Churchill, again acting gives orders for the British fleet to mobilize. "We LONDON. — French .iinbnssiuln:- had no tesal anlliorUy to call out pleads with Sir Kdw:irrt Circy In | the naval reserves." he declares in ,ch a decision: He add*: "Altir jlils Memoirs. The act was ratified e nnviil iicrceiiirul hrumi our! next day hy the cabinet. o countries hy which nur fleet ... s been concontulnl in ilio Mcd-j TOMORROW: "A bimple scrap irancan Iu pi-mut yo-.ti.; to con-; uf paper.' OUT OUR WA? B V Williams iil<l!.:!:'li'rijitlt:ill"J('i Ii you MAOB THAT TO BOX IM? ^THAT'S A HECk OP /V RING TO FIGHT IN — THAT FRAIL THIK1G? 'AT'S JIST W . KIND, DOrOY KNOW •*(OW> GOOD v fH'. OTHER euyis. ^m***®®* POST* '; Declares Euling ol! Mussels Is Dangerous BY 1)11. MOHRIS HSIIBEIN dilcr. .InuriMl nf Ihr American Mcdic.ll As«nci:ilir.|i. .i, M l of Hygrb. llu- iic.-iHii Magazine You may 1,-el quit • :.;\\c, when ou fill oysirrs. b, T uise llr •slrr industry is Ij-.rlv -.veil lltl- conlinl limn a hcMiiii slaml- -oint. Ilin hraarr of i lip kind. M.M r-hooMV !nr SO '• ill til? ronsirtrr.ilinn In, Iv en Biv- • • * :i to the pinl)>m nf poisoning. Tlic trouble Is that •om the catiiK of ilm type discerns to lif able lo :iellfish. | poisonous mussels from Nfussels ,-irr [oiind in most in- nnd Mi-cams In tlr trnnrrl Stairs lions on the surfare of the Xwrty You should not eat mussels "i any olhcr load from a strean wfll-.out knowing that the malcr- lal is safe. Stale boards o health have repeatedly Issnec warnings against use of mussel: as food. In summer the dange seems In be much grealcr lhau winter. . %Vh^n Amrrlco enler* Ike WnrK \\iii Hntiar4 vaUpla III Ike vvla- ilon rnrpit and Bor» (» • IraialPB ftimp in 'IVsx*. HI* molker evaifa rn mar nllk Am^ aad Mule .>HM>-; \mr rvaK^ca «• MARK J.M'KM^ lhal «ke la expretlac • rfc»)fl ><l hrr nit a. Himnta rniMra kume for • vrlel fli.lUni nna tkra rrinraa I* CAMP. 1:inr 1'rrrx i I«i1» kpr •••! !• M.irlmrx Hnd Howarm'''. velkcr nirrl» kpr tut Ike lr»i tlaae. Ml IV i;o OS WITH THK STOUT CHAPTER XXXVI J4TAHV JACKSON'S tone was un- nd ar.' frotjiirniiv te who have no l:r.r he danger. In the .Miuiiue: of ; ere at least IS r,<. -.-. rolsoninp in Califonv..i ,011 after Ihr eatma One man riird in ]t.,, ioi;rs .iflei r,ilui5 .-.ur|- he ottirr.s wnc saved iwdical attention In an epidemic ,;f .„, ug in 1!>27. in ,,n |, no one tell Ihc thn safe. ones. The facts havo not been worked out In regard to this type by pco- of shellfish even as well as they 'ledge of have been worked out regarding mushrooms. >:I3. (here T M( , poifou in a mussel 15 nol '>( sevcie 011(> t na t CE i,, be destroyed by ^.inrl Ore- i- fal f or coo v;i n g docs nol S j 0 p • niussrh. action ol Ihe &x>ison. Ihree -j-j lc pouoninc; U, however, con food, but noilco to some extent by adding ;y prompt ., .nblo'poon ot bicarbonate of tpdn to eiich qmit of ^'!\tcr Iv polfoii- W !iich HIP mussels are cases occurred. N'c scl iMiaoninn has ported dining the r.w rvn cold r.risco. 102 ot tmij- nionlhs. Origin of th« roi:-r:i in Ihe UKel ha; IIP'. bcc:i rfeflmleiy cMacll.'hcd. B'.u u t-. believed lo be fimllar to thr nSi-.on fo\md in certain mushrooms. Symptom? ate about Ihe sarnr as those i T!ir p.itcst rule is not to . this lyp; of shellfish under i j circivnstances. because there is • no control over it and .the danger of sudden fatal poisoning Is too i gnat. believing. "But. Amy." she objected. "Howard never cared Cac Jane." "1 know tin I." Amy «greefl. "And maybe I'm wrona about Jan*. 1 iloa't seem to unrter&tind her very ircll cow. Sbe'» ch>pged * lot --bin slie'8 always lnt«restlng." "So'e * wiia-cal!" (aid KUJ. "at a safe distance. But it'* aever' a LouscLolrt pet." Auiy suilled^ud went oB to write uer letter to Howard. She did not :>uO him Mary's message. Indeed she forgot It before cue took tier pen Iu ucr band. The; vcre coo ducting an argument at the time about taytlssa— Howard boldlng Hint the tli lid sliould be baptised as soon ns born. Am; consenting only If Howard were present. Otherwise ant until Howard could Be there. Tliere was also a discussion iKHween them as lo whether Amy should have the doctor come in every clay. Just for a moment of re- assurlDg Inspection. Howard bought llila necessary. Amy con- sldcrci! It unnecessary. They wrote tbesa tilings more for Hie uecd ol sharing each o'.n- T'8 least UiougbtB and feeling] ind of making luetr . (utur* togftler seem sure and sate tban from toj belief in tbe Talue ot their tub- ictls- It was all pan o( waltltuf. waiting lor tbe cblld. IOT Uie war'* end. for the coming' back U tUeli normal eitstencc, In tbU juipente, la till «nllcl- palion. lo Amy tber« wai tt» *ual- Ily of eternity, ol Immortality. Sb« and Howard «.er« part ot th« world's conllnulty, as h|d b*«n their parents before them. W would to their children ttler them. had fan*, tali KB, oiled, weighed grade and tad clothed In kli first garments more pay." wai deeping peacefully under the blut blankets. Any, too, w&s asleep, while Vrt. Low*, Mary Jackee-D. the aursa an4 Mrs. Fearco Kern all rtrlDklng tot coffee ind eating bol toast and chattering with subdued but gratified bllarlty. There was nothing for blm to do but elt down aad bare coffee and toast, too, but be would nol ha»e It anywhere except In the bedroom where he could look at Amy and bo certain that all was well with her. Ha wax flulstiinc the last of the :offc» when Amy woke and law him. "Fur beaven't sake," she exclaimed weakly, "when <Ud you get here? Did you H* young Howard? Thero tl » young Howard, isn't there—1 didn't dream Itr So tbe great emotional moment faded Into laugbler, «? be knelt beside ber end told ner there undoubtedly was a young Howard, weight «erea lad a bait oounl?, properly formed jud teaturcd. bnt __ Sy Sophie Ker consequ'enuy cr.T^l He tried to diverl looking ralhtr a* If ho bad ]ust been pcelel Tbat dom't found Hk» a proud father!" "Give mo a little Urn** He held ber bands, aud kissed them. "Amy. darting—you »r« ait right, they told me to but I want to hear you uy It." ~M«—why, I'm simply grand. It wasn't 10 bad—" but ber eyelids fluttered down once more In **• hausted »lumb«r. When the nurso cam« <• k tew minutes later she found Howard asl«p, too. oa hi* knees, his head on the bed beside Amy's right band. Wilb some difficulty sho roused htm enough to get him over to the couch: he dropped there and was off again. Neither of them woke until early afternoon. fears. "You didn't know it, I>e brought you a present, no Ing much, but It's like you. 1 w,- lo show It to you.'* ITe Drouil It out. a necklace o( Indian grad.'iatcd rondels of turquolF'f sllTer amulet In the ceoler. e. rer booked clasp, crude but proportioned, genuine In fe For tbe baby be had brougbq silver rattle with turquoise In handle, too heavy tor a child ll than a year old to handle, but tractive In Itself. Amy flnge nnrl admired. She did not * again of Howard's leaving Texas camp. "Since you can so long, we'll have the chrfst'l ins." she said, "the day before :| leave. I'll he able lo sit up then. Mary and Mother'll arrai I IL 1 don't want you to do a llr : | but stay here with me."" T5UT ot course ho could not j| *-* quite that. Professor Ell wag clamoring to Bca him and-- Gitbajc "Better" Noir CLEVELAND (UP1 — Posl-de , psesslon "extravagance" Is show which follow mufl::com 'poiMii-!mg ilielf m the better thing ing. with paralysis, unconscious-', people are throwing away in thcl ness, and death. ' i garbage .the cily has found ii Of course, time TJE would not stir from the rooin. ^* ^fOw and then they talked ttle and as her strength returned n« began to ask questions "IIo» ong can you slay?" 'A whole week, love," 'Ob. wonderful! How did yon manage It •I aild I had lo have It B«- lidet—* She was looking at bis uniform "Why Howard—wb«t> that? Tb islgoi»'« cbanged, i'ou'ro cot— you are—» captain?" "Darling, that's me, ole Cap Jackion! Is tbat pretty swell?" 'Bui they haven't ordered you overseas?" "Ko—th.ey don't care who wins thli war!" But there's something — liave CHK had hoped all the time thai ^ Howard would l not com« UDtil ^ller tbs child w»i born, for If tbe should suffer, the did nut want nta tr aee or bear It. tit.hf bad n«r promise teat ^be jboul^,- tbt first Intimation of tbs bodr. 10 wliea this time irrlvet}, Mary |W elm 4 «lre ind : n* tele|Ttpb«i Hack lhat he would bt tt«t» JB Of course, (line is. alio trouble i discovering the quality of grease I moroinj. But by.tti'tlaie k* t*»» with the ctomich. such js vomit-' so!d a Chicago company has been! iwrlct up ts i!;*-V«i4*i " bad to call on tbc president :'] dean of the college. But for most part people were kind r !d not encroach on his time. ould spend most of his day in ' Ig bedroom, sluing teside Aj atchlhg her and their ton ether. There was not much Watch about tUo b*y. "He'« har| more tban an embryo." eafrt rd. "a funny little pulp. Ha dl nothing but eat and sleep, and belongs to you. That's what 1 , perfect life." On tbe last day of the week tl ad tha christening arid Howl Jackson. Second, raised a plerc yell when tbe water touched land. Professor Ellort wa godfather, and the only fineh bide ot the, family oicent Mottland. Thero were fe.w g but many gifis— three silver C ellvor plate and porringer silter spoons. Bold pins and they ordered you to txms Island?" tons to be displayed beside tbe Tar rattle. Miss Rosa sent an chanling loy. a music bojr played "Hail lo Ihe Chief." "Ke.| Klmo." "The Bluebird Polka." "Home Sweet Home." "This is wealthy," remarked Miss Tsl Professor Ellert lingered to tl bung back ou bU way through f ball and started off on still f otber theme with bis band on | doorknob. To keep cut tbs JIarcli »lnd Howard closed door belilnd them and stood oo| steps wilb him until the old i garrulity wns sattafled. Howard al last came In be to sneezs aaii by 10 o'clock bii and nose were watery »nd '< said, as If tbey «er» full of ™l It W«B DO use lylog. though he , would gladly h»re dons It, "Yes. h darjtnf* I'D to go on from here. I I'm «« iclat bick to Ttiie." $i« cl*\c\i»4 ttlm, trjed lo git up. "•(ut tb«n^oh, Howard, do jou ' tSiBk—r" . '•'•'I don't know, t can't tell .^ ^«, U11I5 . ,.„„..-_ . Iflokj a> thoijjb I'd stay tbtre if I «i!e—colds are coBt'«' eus ' a*•lottruclor. d««r. Don't worry.! -fn going lo Wf« * ln '? don't «clt« your»»lt Pl»a»*- P 1 ** 8 *-' Eornins." tjid ifcTi " ao ^| quick terrific bend cold. JTyUr do;ed blm. tnasss5«a 'heart and face and seat blto bed with a balling not < "Tbat ought to tweat out th» i ,of IL" sbe said, "tut ' didn't bave to get on '' ( ' l jibe morning. Now. don't . Ill a and imution of few cases, the the bowel i Improving to truaWy »n4 ' bring- r.en'ts are 'in? in more money. ' %» «iVt» J4*i°>i| i)e«.o!s»? = le k* tap* don't «*clte your>»lt Fl»ait. plevt- • moicinj." tjld A«aT >, kil : ?4*» fV^t^J'p t»i» wltt you. »• ^'« ; Tijt saa ttj." •r fe«9 -^ W -'^tt *H«ai »»*5c. NethteS's j <c» S yVi«it \ui, W tht iotlcr l^pjus^-, aE«?<t I'D »;«ptd. w 11 ^ (% 0 $s &*!•

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