The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1936
Page 5
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FRIDAY, OCTOKKK 0, 193G '• BLY'WEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS How F. B. I. Covers Nation G-Men Never Abandon Hunt for Slayers o{ Their Fellow Officers nv WILMS THORNTON NEA Service Staff Carrcsponilcnt WASHINGTON, Oct. 9.--Surirtcn death before the mu/zlcs of spit- tint 1 guns; cold and mensural execution at the hands of the state; or prison bars and an endless succession of days and nights lie- liincl high walls. That is tlic test that can be looked for by those desperate gunmen who defy the police power of the federal government by shooting Us agents, the G-men or special agents of the Federal liuiemi of Investigation of the Depart-' Head G-Man mem of Justice. I by „„„ At least lhat has been their _ fate to date, as shown by Uie! records filed in neat cases in the : ''opes and expects lo reveal and offices of J. Edgar Hoover, I' ltm down Reynolds' "•">""<•<•«'of thc P. B. I. in 'Washington.' On Oct. J. Edgar Hoover- si lows d mill . !:crs , m a ^ how his agents, designated over tlic nation. By I. S. Marylyn Home With Mother CTAMP colic Dritain ;nc • of Gioal ; expecting several issues of commemorative slainpi for tlic coronntioi) of Kini; I'd- ward VIII early next year. Cireat Urilnin itself may liavc a set, and Australia and South Africa already have submitted designs fur Mich stamps lo the lilng. India \vlll not tuu-c a coiiiineivto- ralivc aeries, but Hie new Kdvv.-inl stamps will be issued at .llic lime of the coronation, These will have special designs, with Kins Ed waul wearing his crown. Canada and Newfoundland also are expected to come injo line with coronation connuemoralives of their own. \ » , « fr ' The Philatelic Agency at'w'asli- I Inulon lias removed tlic Mother's i Day rotary press stamps 'from sale. j • ,^,.,> iuu,i> jnvx 1 ) M.imps nom sale nine guu-fighl, Agents IIollls ami Sale of flat plate stamps .was rlis- Cowley were mowed down by ma- continued some time ago •'•pearly „,.,..„ ...... „„ , 2oo.000.OOU of the rolnrifts were. printed. ••..'.'<• !y were mowed down by chine gun fire. As they lay mortally wounded ,on tlie ground, however, they rc- iwn Reynolds' murderers. AGENT "MASSACRE" VICT1SI .... 11. 1925,'just 11 years', Albcli Ll lnKlc Bml R " |lert V ago. the first G-man met death in f 3 " 1 ™ 11 ' «> ccml a 8 eills ' uot " tiled line of duty. Since that time cfeht fti^^S.'Vr?^?,. tT' I turned thc file ' ™'"<»"S Ncl.-.on.! others have followed him, six of -fhe n xt G m accidental. IDUI-IHB the wild flight/ Nclwii • Bi oi m °nc flve Ca vlcll'nK Wh nfi" 1C Ci "' by htS Wife !lnd !lssoL ' l!ll «I™ Cill Ilriln, Sntlnn 1 J ° h " Pal11 Cl!l<Se ' NolSOn ' s M - in lich dcsomdoe" C ° mpllce '" '" C murtm of "«*«« free Prank v^h f " nd Cowle5 '' was ^Plured and is fiee Piank Nash a no- scl . vlllg n llfc t :,im.nal, from police cus- j K , LLER ^ ^^ them by outlaws' biille_,. .^ only one case have fellow olfi-' ccrs failed to run down the killer and wreak a relentlr/s revenge for their colleague's death. j And in that case, though V, is now seven years since Agent Paul E. Reynolds was shot to death by i "so shocking was this -slnfS-^r-' 'If/ 3 -""" " re "»t the biu"lu loured an"Hs"';e: H r .1™ """"V 1 , 1 ? 1 . 500 "" ° 1 ' s°>>™5 i"lo tta Investigation. It latei they will "get their man." | Eatm /om!(1 thal ., preBlty Boy> , The record of the G-men in Floyd, Verne Miller, and Ad; running down those who have Richetti, all known „....„_ killed other G-men is a classic machine-gunners, were the klilers. dcfla'.ice'...? 0 , special PB1 "Bent ...... „ killed since 1B35, when Nelson Klein cornered George rett, a wholesale automobile at the home of relatives in Col_ Corner, Ind. Barrett had been warned that the G-men were aft- : Canada has run out df'its 5'- ccnl ,jubilee stamps, and none is Turkey is issuing a,., special stamp commemorating restoration of full sovereignty over the Dardanelles. • ^ •" - » 1 A new kind of slain]) is one- planned by Belgium in .connection with the forthcoming itational philatelic exposition. It will be a - a classic inacmne-eunncrs. were the klilers. -"•""• •"•'- ""= v->-<"i.-ji were au- al} |e -is in >>: irlmi»in,< ir,\ "i of crime detection. Two of the FLOYD HUNTKn DOWN C1 " hlm al1d - wne " K| ei» approach- -,•.„ " ' , '"'","'?' IL ,? C| G-men were killed accidentally In Miller, a blood-crazed dcspera- ctl - hB - wns r ™' u ' '- A " ubl " on - »'»<-'li ol the line of duty under circumstances do, was found in a ditch • near which left no mystery and no Detroit, trussed like a turkey and guilty ones to punish. Seven were peppered with bullets. His own shot down in cold blood by crim- kind • had done for him. iiials seeking at any cost to avoid The chase for Floyd was a rtra- !UTCSt - .malic one, and led "to forays-and Two of thc killers arc in prison, scares all over the country. Final- Cue has been executed, one awaits ly, G-men ran him to earth in death. Two fell before the guns an Ohio cornfield and shot him ol the G-men, one was killed by down as he made a last desperate his osvn kind. At least one is still attempt lo escape. Among his cf- at large, with the knowledge ever feels were a watch and a silver before him that the G-men are' dollar scored with 10 notches, be- alertly awaiting the "break" that! lievcrt to have been the kiPer's may.put him in their hands. i crude way of keeping- irack of his liic first G-man lo give his life. victims.';.v;l'.-' /.; ..: i ,'v :.. • .! was Edward a. Slianahaii, who .'§!chipiti/..^la'5;ed : 'at':'liberty for was ordered to arrest Martin Dur-'impre •-than-; ay.year,'-"running with kin, the slick, smiling little Chi-'FloydAuitir'thivtrail grew too-hot. ; .cayo,,.aiito thief who. had.,scolen;-Tljen ;i Ii'e','-tbo,';-Vas taken after a expensive care all over 'the•'-•cpun'i'aiijjqtirig "affray, with Ohio officers . try.-ami • wounded- four !pollc"6V:of-. : |Bichetti r \vas convicted of murder ..ccrs,, >rt various escapa'des.^'pur- [in^MissOiiri' and was sentenced to km shot Shanahan lo death'when jdralh.'.His appeal is pending the G-man approached Dili-Mil's W. Carter Baum, Herman E. car as he drove into a garage'.': Hollis,: and Samuel P Cowliy DRAGGED FROM TRAIN were all: victims of the Dillmger- A lilllc more than a year later, Kelson gang in 1934. Banm was special agents and police slopped ^.shol down when, wilh a local of- a train near St.. Louis, Mo., and i.ficer, he approached a parked car dragged Durkin from his C'-,m-1 near the." Little Bohemia resort partmcnt before he could use tlic near Ilhinclandcr, Wis. They pistols that were in his handbag made themselves known as <>ffi- and ovcrcc-al pockets. Because it was not then a federal offense to kill a special agciit of the FBI, Durkin got off with a prison sentence of 50 years. Paul E. Reynolds, the. second agenl lo die, was the one wtwse case has not yet been solved. Op ed. he.was ready i; ,—.,...« He dodged behind a tree n-icl fT!" '" X' opened fire on Klein, who, though „" D '"!f lv '?' mortally wounded, shot Barrett in cony"Lh, iioth legs. Barrett's conviction was simplicity itself, for the law had been passed meanwhile making it' a capital offense to kill a G-man. Barrett was the first convicted under that Jaw. and was hanged in c w ill he | u P, A! ,- rt ' H n " v !• \ v ,...., ., .^>."^ ,.'" i . Indianapolis in March of year. met with point- crating out of Phoenix, Ariz., in August, 1929, Reynolds left his hotel one morning in a rented car on official business. Hc did not return. Searchers found his body early in the morning three days later, floating in a canal 1C miles from Phoenix. He had been shot through thc heart. Through all thc " seven years lhat have passed, the bureau has not abandoned the case, and still ccrs and were Wank fire. "BABY FACE" IS SLAIN "Baby Face Nelson," whose name was really Lester Gillis and who was a ,member of the nil- linger gang, was believed 'guilty. So the G-men '-went after. Nelson. They caught up with him near Lake Como, Wis., and in a run- ELECTRIC * ACETY1.ENE WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. PHONE 19 ° "on? uy Blytheville Saturday, AFTERNOON AND NIGHT (jrounds - - N. Kranldin St. The post office at Appomattox, •;ite of Lee's surrender to Grant, was called . Surrender. Perilous Razing Work Undertaken By Divers ; LONDON (UP)—In darknjss 3' this feet under thc murky waters of the Thames River, four divers ar= at work, on one of the most' dim- cult engineering jobs ever undertaken in the London docks,,'. 1 Inch by inch they are' lia'cking 4 .Rings and Stages r - Steel Arena FEATURING CA PT. KLAUDKR'S TRAINED WH,D ANIMAL SKNSATION Manuel Macias—Brazilian Wonder on the Silver M'irc Senorita Thresga Morales in. "The I'lnrigc of Death" The Flying Heckrnan.s—Fred Leonard's Liberty Hors« The Only BIG CIRCUS Coming to Kljtbevillc This Year! " TOO People - 75 Cars - ?i/ 2 Acres of New Tents fi-po!e Main Tent - 6,200 Scats - 3 Bands Ct pmrrF^S BKST riRCUS IN THK WORLD —PRICES THAT KVKRYBODY CAN AFFORD— CHILDREN. _ _ AT/U^ Ad mission 50c To Everything THE SHOW THAT IS WELCOME EVERYWHERE Scils-Stcrlmg Does Not -Misrepresent. v* vm» • ••«* ff >-r PORTRAIf ^PRESIDENT IN FUJI COIOR - SUITABLE fOH FRAMING An excellent likeness, in jumbo size— -l<fl/ 2 5cl6 J /5 inches. Beautifully colored and faithfully reproduced in Trihune color-gravure " . AND 3 OTHER BIG FEATURES THE SECRETS OF A G -2 MAN! By COU THOMAS R. GOWENIOCK . A gripping story of war's unsung heroes— unknown even to each other— who laugh at dancer and play with death. ' ,A first-hand account of the secret operations of the eyes of the army," as told by one who knows the inside story — from experience. WK IHiiT M. 000.000.000 '»" » »u Kunnll's An FVF> BET Th«« 1'OU Arc a f^tMULKHf This is only one of m.iny smrtling fads revealed in die Tribune's frank exposure of WHY, HOW and WHERE America beu the staggering total of £5,000,000,000 a year! nnli'lJ.'n'ii. 1 . 1 "?' 1 . 11 " 9 "°^ ^ lh< h "S« "Bombtln, Indutl,," MI, m,,f,Jii" rlau " tlKrt °" M """" '«"" >»'«"•"OF OSCAR WILDE »l Hi* Life (onllitnr* THIS SUM».\Y S . . One of the most amazmg stories ever publiihed. Don't mis) Uiis mslallmcml Read >DOUI ,[,, f, mou$ coutt lria [ b vhkh ;™L" •''I!" Q"«">l>«rry Iried lo live hi, ton from the MCIOII. mlluonce of lh [ s thriil.,eeki,,g genii,,. , . WITH NEXT SUNDAY'S (Etjiraoio THI «o«10'l MuTISr NEWSPAfiR E!mtin's . Dnig" Store; Tlicrnton nntj Store ors Chi cajo Tribune ' Zoo to Outfit iM«nkey Tribe in Fur Coats MOSCOW (UW—The Moscow •/oo wilt put, pants, fur coats and Sloves on its monkeys this waiter to kcc]) them warm. Wlillc pohr bears thrive |u the right Ru*,lan wlntei, tropical animals .suffer fioin bclii B kept. Indoors, so discovering that fresh air Breally lni]irovcd the health of Its charges, lll » o>o inaimgement will endeavor to keep such animals ns it can outdoors, Providing clothes for monkeys MS conunrnllrely, simple, but wniMi it caiuu to thp clcplinnls, the •^oo was up against another problem. In solution it constructed a IIIIBC light hull, of 300 square meters, replacing Iron railings with a trcncli or moat, I'onncoteil with Strange But True Reunited with her da;! B hlcr by expiration of Marylvn's sumnrr slay In ciistcdy of her falter, Jinry Astor falls Into thc niothcr'j role, which she will play for thc next nine months, under the ciis- y nsresnicnt that terminated liollywooil's fiunoiis diary cnse. They aie pictured tojeihcr ,u Miss Aator's hcme. nway the soli:l _ brickwork above tiic urclics ol the U-ln tunnels of tr,.? London Northeast;;™. KM«:iy. It is part of the dock deepening scheme ol the Port of Lon- lion Aiithorlty. Their Job Is to ninash iij> t^to brickwork above the tunnels without breaking through. PC-liters have come Into llietr own here. Not even thc WPA Ls able to I meet the demand. Construction work Ls lielng held nji till workers can he found. ' Carpenters hi I>eiuand PtTTSBTJKG, Cal. tUP)- > LINCOLN - OELIVEdEO HIS v A- FAMOUS AOOaEIJ • AT . IN A80UT-. Dirty Weather Ahead! —and that mcmi wear nncl tear -on ycnr home, Modernize your hcme now for 'whiter. ..paint up— (lx :cnn -completely re- mcdel your lioine \vltii ail FIIA lonn—Come In niul let. lis give you full details. PAGE PIVH « k a special elephant hospti The monkeys, shedding their pants and coat*, can come Into' »ri aillflclal tropical »ood, have bath- loonuj, dining room and hospital equipped with X-rays. , Other animals are equally »ell cared for, and evidence their satisfaction by bearing young for the fliisl time In captivity. Following the laj,t Seminole war. mast of these Indians were exiled to Oklahoma by the U.- S. Kovenincnt. Some escaped Into the Erajladcs of Florida, where des. cciidcnla of-the band aie llvlni tdday. • ~ MIRK, GOOD CRAIG'S n Ilk aflerils plenty ol FEPPJf EMEROY to gc, .on and WHOLESOME NOUKISHMtKT to gnw on. GRADE; A RAW MILK Quart lOc '1'int 6c Buttermilk, Qt 6c EAST ARKANSAS BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. uircciion 01 a lender, ulea nfter each meal. LAUGH AT HI* W5COVEW E5, „ SIR/MGHT RYE WHISKEY NOW 20 MONTHS OLD NOW THE OLDEST WHISKEY SOLD AT THIS LOW PRICE BY ANY DISTILLER Now from the millions of gallons of whisk-ey aging at one of America's largest producing distilleries comesan o/f/o-Old American. Compare the age... compare the price of Old American Straight Rye or Straight Bourbon whiskey with any olher brand. Then give it the final lest of al! whiskey.. .Irtstc /V...prove to yourself there is no finer whiskey at the price. The famous Professor Jim Crack is in ' • town... the world's funniest and great-) • est whiskey expert. Watch for'' his " amazing discoveries. See his hilarious . can easily become' whiskey expert yourself. So watch'for him' ...and laugh with him...during his frequent], appearances in this newspaper. V .fltfH ' BRAND WHISKIES STRAIGHT RYE AND STRAIGHT BOURBON One of E A M E R KA'N rli,,iiwiil not innntlea lo of.Vi .\lcoholic . bev«M,-«s lor ulo in cminliet -ivlwrc such tale h prohibited

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