The Times from Hammond, Indiana on November 10, 1957 · Page 65
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The Times from Hammond, Indiana · Page 65

Hammond, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 10, 1957
Page 65
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Neatly Shod Dogs Patrol U.S. Base in Germany Work With New Electronic 'Brains' Opens Field for Army Math Experts DANC.TR, MCVS DCK.' This snirlmg -UnefXi liund demonstrates Ins wiv of chasing unmutcd MMtois from US Air iorce ba=ie at Lindstuhl, Germanx To piotcct his feet from conciete r u n w a \ s he wears shoeb Converting GI Insurance Policies Urged World War II veterans holding term GI life insurance might do well to ponder the experience of nearly 20 000 veterins of World War I who didi t con\ert their term policies to permanent GI insurance That s the a d v i c e of Robert D Beer manager of the Veterans Admimsti ition ngionul office in Chicigo Term GI insurance he explained must be rent wed ( v e r y five years at an increasingly higher premium rate Having cm nt d the ir term GI policies through as miny as seven renewals thse 20000 World War I veterans now f in an almost insoluble probkm B t r sitd 62 ^eirs of ago with tin ir ean infjs generally di. dining tin ILL f i n d i n g the renew il cost of their term politics so high thnt in in of them a i e b ing forctd to drop their GI insurance J \cn thost who can afford to ron v\ t in 11 n tU m my not br Title to do so in inolh* r fn e jc irs Bn r point d o it Ht smd tint \ \ o r l d War II vet enns e in avoid the dilemma of their okU r eomridts hy convtrting to pernnnei t GI insurance The mitiil LOht of p( imanent insurance is higher t h i n turn but the prc mi im rites do not increase In A d d i t i o n Beer explained per- ni incut GI insurance has a. cash s irrend r exttnded insurance piid LAVnSTUHI Girmain AP) If an\ ont «. onu s prow ling around the big US Air Forte base hcie he ruii£ a good ehanet of a rough encounter w i t h a big shnip oid and sharp toot hi d watchdog And w hat s more that dog \* ill probably be w e a r i n g ihocs' German sheep crogs or schaifer- hunds hu\ e been enlisted in the big job oC patrolling this sprawling atrbasi* The s c h t t f i i h u n d has a long tradition as a faithful shepherd s helper and watchdog Gentle and response c to handlers he can be trained to atUxk intruders with fierce coungt, · · · MUCH OF the an base patrol duty takes ilu dogs ovtr hard concrete rumva\s Shortly after they were first assigned to the important g mrd dut t h u r German handlers noticed th it the constant padding o\* r the t o n c r t t e was giving t h e m son f t The probkm w, u solved with shoes Esput G e r m a n shocnmkcis fashion each *it of dog shoe 1 ? fiom tracing!] (jf tin a n i m a l s foot punt At firsl the dogs fussed at the footgtni but bv now they h a \ c be come a_custoni( d to tin idea and would no more go on d u t y w i t h o u t them than would t l i t i r t\s o U gged human buddit s Furtliornioi i t h e pninpind and valuable \s it hdo(,'» h a \ ( a t h o u t of footwear l - ^ u h one is, ( q u i p p e d w i t h several sets of bhocs And win n it (.onus to Inspections the pi i\ il M d animals are CM n UK HIM than tht ir sotdur buddi* s I h handk ra do the polishing for thi m il] insurance ind 'oan \ a l u o Tirm i n s u r i n c t h is none of these Information about conversion of GI policies ss n\ii!able at the VA office in Chicigo WASHINGTON -- BIZMAC irNIVAC, GARBAGE IN-GARBAGE OUT-- all new terms m the Armj Thej iia\en't replaced GOVERNMENT ISSUE or BY THE NUMBERS and piobabh w o n t , but m a small, select circle the\ re heard moie frequent! v than the old expressions used b\ millions o£ \etcinns of World War II and Korea Tor these colorful oxprtiMons »ie put of the \ \ o i U i a \ \ o c i b u - lan of tin* militin muthemutt i i n n s w h o man tin \ r m \ s elei tronu computoiv the brmns thnt f t d the n,ht fifc,"ris b\ th« nun \vlio know how »oiue up w i t h the right a n ^ w i i x m n mutter of split SiLonds Specialist 1C \ \ i l U i m D \UHin of C.ardiui Mttss is a master of one of tin s« in u him s Mimo of \ \ h u h art n^ b g as f j u t b i s k t t hull ioml · · · MEKI.IV. a man of unusual o* i upntion his an unusual title Ht h an tltctronit computt r program mor one of a group performing a-i highly spcchilui d soldk i s in this unique mllitan, fto! i In his Signal Corps w ork w ith the computer Mellm might be g t x i n a probkm to sohe in connection \\ ith radio f i equoney data Done the old fashioned way it might hiue taken 50 girls v.ith hand calculating machines a week to come up with the answer One man however In this caae MUUn "programs tho problem a pro-planning task that may take a few hours 01 a toiiplc of days of figuring out the sti p bv step proc- OHS to be taken b the electronic brain " When this Is computed the Information is fed often ns mathe matical formulae- Into thi mnw of the machine and depending on the magnitude of the prohU m the answer [s obtained in fit tends or minutes SALLY'S SALLIFS 'BR VIN'S' BR \IX Mechanical braina art u « U -^ \\ i; first-class human mind to figure vvhut i n f o i m a t i o them. Specmhst Third Class William D Mcllin of t la nine Mass , does this work for the Arm which uses s \ernl t\joa of electronic computers n supporting headquarters ami combat unit activities. need It This mnn« a smooth flow of weapons and equipment from manufacturer (o combat soldier Today that flow In made ponsible without inil» of flloa Todnv one lurngrammrr bn»tn"- teikm citn kei p t r n t k of m,»n» 100 million fiuU and then file Kit thft tnformatttm in * tuiple at recli of magnetic tape "VVhy Jon t you greet me cheerfully when 1 come honis Uk» thl3?" LWSPAPLRI STEI* is d.biiRRing or checking the aciurao of the work Did the results meet the original requirements or should the prob 1cm be r e i u n with torn t lions' ' That s where GarhaRi in Carlmgc- out ' (GIGO* r nters th* \ocabulary Mcllin explains "If the problem has been sloppily programmed the answer w i l l be just as incorrect If the prognmnn r made mintakea the imuhme \\ ill make m! stakes It » in t con r t t h n m b (niisi* it c u n t do one thlii^- H r a n i Ihink for us. if Men like Mt llm are not picked out. of basic t r a i n i n g urn tit and taught t h u r Army jobs by the numbers Hut the Army taught him plontv just the Hanu A 1D52 Duke Unlveriily graduate In economic 1 ? and mechanical i ngineer ing he became Inten sled in com puter«i as he v, alt h. d the tolevS slon reports of that t a i s national elections FascinnUrt hy tlu p o R s i b i l i t t i s of f« red in the r hitivi ly now field he went to work for onr of the 'brain manufacturers hi« slarttnff job consisting of » ighl haurit of school daily f o l l o w e d by nix months apprenticeship on the ma chine · · · \\ HKN M K 1 1 I N ... nl.-r, d t h^ Army he won quick!) returned to s*\cral schools op. rated by mnnu facturers of vanoun models that the Army us* a The idea, of course wan to help him become familiar with the different machines nurd by tin* Army and pBpr-ilnlly by th«* Signal Corpd Alt the ' braina Incidentally arcn t found In the Pentagon or in the Army's research and development laboratories They've at*o become almost Indmpi n liable in what old soldier* ntill fondly mil the field " The employment of new weaponB uyiiU ma requires the use of lightning csUulntionn which haa created a demand (or trained programmers The complexity of the modern Army means equally complex supply and accounting systems to in- tiiire thai field units have what they n«d when and where they Observe Anni\*rHary SALT LAKE riPY Ut^h f A P The famed Salt I-ake Tftbtrniu-l*» choir is observing an anniversary - its 25th succeasi\ a r of Sunday morning broadcast* o \ i r the Col umbia Broadcasting Sywt* m Presi dent Fiienhower and a score f*f oth^r government of fictai» hav^ iKnt congratulation* TIME/ . . . to start your tavtngt account? When it comet to opening a tavingt account, there w;N «vw be a time n good ai NOW Nothing it eauor then puffing it off. But nothing it better (for your financial future) then getting ttaried at once upon e program of tyitematic t«* ing. Don't watte preciout time Open a uvingt account at HEGIWISCH FEDERAL . . . you'l 31% ·Currtnl R«fo Of- DIVIDEND ON SAVINGS i glad yoti MIOEWISCH FEDERAL 13303 laltimore Ave. Hegewisch, III. Ml 6-1000 Wm. R. Anderson, Mgr.

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