Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 1, 1942 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 1, 1942
Page 5
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SATURDAY, , I;; 1942"-•••' "'" by BILL COR UM DAILY Shea, of Naugatuck, Pitches In All-Star Game * ' , , *. »'• >'?v V- .^iii^^y i '£, fy •# '^ -V v 'a- /^ V <',*•>' '^ . . . ...... .... ' v \ , -' ; - ,;,_•, "Another Idea To Help Sell More utoi' Stamps and Bonds, This Time in Boxing; And It Would Be Fun, As Well as Patriotic, MR. MOROBNTHAU'S LITTLE HELPER \\iril in ih mi till'ft. Uncover UH from your sur yi.u think of J.t 'uiily who goon s he Is the best world. Thai Is Hie llghl. If In .(III!'.I sl J II Is p;iys bin id hi''s I also as Jt money f e one Who Hi- »f I' .! S rt\\ ' anything in hasn't .some Thai. l.Hii'l, -,! soiih'lhlng toward \\.ir. And by (hat I ii-jf Hie singing or !•• N.illuiuil Anthem, i : cniirrrle. Jacobs, I lie floSVW .mvr faneli'i 1 of the ,ler- h u'l'tlinw his new boxing •i 1 \v,iy here In .\ew York. V what should lie a llrnt- liriwri-ii Sammy Angoll Mii'd ".^ugar" Robinson •ili'ii loiilght, and from uuxh the fall and winter >( luixlng show almost I" 1 a story Wli.U to ii> W- -"broak" on tho almost any hour, iwrvi'i-, |i«l I hat wall. have In ndnd ts trylOK SMIIIO nioro war bonds in a sioiph 1 ploasnnl s iad with .1 Iwlsl. thai should \ttui? UP' Jjiiyi-r. |!'H always nnr Idoa to try to hold (if uliid miuhl bo railed Trosb, .jr foiiml iiHMiry. As wllh Ibo USn yoiirlh of .Inly rollootlon, oto. NVo h, V f iu»w vol. Ill over $10,000 wlth- ijiit ,nkhK nwnors and proinoterM for aiiylliinu-, o.xoopl Itni opporlun- i||y in iv;n'li Iho I'aiiH. and viiy, Jn- got On (hn (Uii'd.s—one will) each slump remember---would, he printed Iho names of Hie boxers in lint main ovo.JH, und u ruled oil' scorce.urd For sciH'Inu (he rounds, Also spuce lo Indlcute a knockout hy whom, the. round, und (ho lime ol' Ihc round at which (lie knockout occurred MAKING PROGRESS By Jack Sords AMERICAN Yosterdtiy's Results Boston 7, Detroit G, . ' •-. St.- Units i). Now York' 8 Now York 8, St. Louis 0 Chicago 7, Washln«l,on 2 PhUadulpliki <>,;-Cleveland 1st). The \O (JA.M 1C IN CASK OF A DH.-\W:. In rase of a draw, t think Jl would simplify matters In cull jt "no contest" HO i'nr us this proposed tfiios.slntf gamo wont. 1 Mul, draws in main ovonls are iho exception of Lho rule. The buyor of Iho (turd would then H(!oi-(! Iho light round by round, 11" Tor Hoblnson and "A" ['or An- <ol; In this rase. Or, IT IK* holluvtid Angoll, wan going to .knoc.k Ray out In nun inlnuto and' Iwi.'lvo seconds >!' llglillng hi (ho alxlh, hi; would simply wrllo In al'lcr tho words 'Knockout by Angolt, Hound <>, limn I M2. I In would then print his namo on ho (Hint In tin 1 Hpaor, provided for signature' and drop It In 11 in bal- ot box i-H nearby. These would bo ocikod and romoved bol'oro tho main 'rnt started. A ooniiuilleo appointed nirpose ol' wo I known Now York , Boston ..... Clove.lmul' ., SL Louis'' ,, Do l-i-o 11, ..'.. Chicago ,.,, WM.shlngl.On Phlladulphln Stand Inn W. ,'.',... (is ...... 50 .....57 , 53 ..:•.. 49 ' ...... W ..... 4.1 42 L, ,')2 44 •47 fii 0/r 55 ni 05 Now Pitchers York nt..SI,,- Louis— Ruffing (H)r5) vs. NlggGlirig ((M)). Hoston at Detroit—Wagner («)-JO) vs. No who user (4-8), (Only games.'sohurlulod.) .- NATIONAL LEAGUE Rasnlta Olnolnnall 5, Hostph 2. (OLIior games postponed.) n boxing, sporls FOl'M) F1M-: AIONKV IS This Is rnlhrly osldr from por- <i i iiliiin i »i (Inmttrd hy I ho Irnoks nnd al oilier spurls rvi'iilx, Thoxo who In, Ihc. (limes,, (jimi'lors, IUK! (Inllar. hills. probnbly iili-niily I'nrffol I hut Ihoy did. ln< Irn llioiixtuul IN in tho (uif- >rs of I hr I'SO, vvr arc Iliroiifih It will ho four or llvr llMics-llinl nmoiinl, ,jv<j, ili«l><», |o mill to Ihu Inrjjrr stuu.s .toil will cunic I'rom pord'ulnons of hi- (Hid-N of vni'lofi.M flporls events, Thai's mint her dniic.o, Now to ffo nlf) Nils one, l.el'.s .NII.V (Inil there \vero 12,000 •mi nl lln» AiiifolMlobln.son llfjhl, iif)|>asT us Ihey wiforrd Ihc fJnnfrii Ihi'.v were oll'ered n curd on which l» limns Hie milroinc of Hie ll||li(. "nl lluil (o net (he curd (hoy hud lo lni.v one '.Ti-eenl wur .slump. Much piirHinscr hcliifi enlllled lo us mimy wiN us he wuiiled, •\tr we elear Mils rurV pnr- dls- let's as.siiuio thai nt Ihl.s lidiii M, DUD cards wi<ro 'I'liui would niiMui \\ .nm» hi .sliiinp.H. II mlfihl also (In- roniiliin of Iho l>uy-n-wiir- i liidili hi many ('UMCN; liocniiso'i 1 , of couivso, would Ills Nhunpi <'r .slumps, for Ihn po.rsons or \vbo- vor) would obfiok l.ho cards during ho following \vook, using a (iom- posltu of tbo oartls of Ihu l.hroo olTI- clalH of l.ho bout, refnrou and two JudgoH ,ns a yardstick. Or it could bo Iho rufpi'uc's card alono, as ho Is UK' man clo.HOHl to Iho (IgbL, Only by somolblng bordo.rbi'g on a mlraoln would any fan mutch ihls card I'xacLlyt, or guoss I.ho oxaol. Minn of the knockout. Tlioi'ti would, Ihorot'ore, bo scant ohaiKio of l.horo being moro than ofio winner. ]Iow- voc, If a two or Itiroo.-way llo should duvolop, It would bn a simple mat- tor to dlvlilo tho prlsio. 'J'ho prlxo would bo whoro Undo Sam would oomn in again. It would bo a war bo'nd. As for tho sl/.u of 1.110 bond that would bo whura Undo Mlko would oomn in. Wo always try to romombor Unoh, 1 Mlko in spots Ilko Ibis. J^UII, wo know bo would ho only trTo happy l.o put up a bond of from #100 upwards, dopondlng possibly oil UiO'number.,of cards.dlslr.lbuled. A llboral man; Mllkasvould bo. moro- apt l.o say $500. In any case, it \voulfl bn a right, nluo sort of pickup J'or Ihc lucky boxing fan. would Tlie Brooklyn =,, SL Louis .. CiindnnaLi Now York , Ohloago ..., Pittsburgh . Bos.lo ...... Phlladolphia Standing •W. ------ 70 ..... 00 ..... na ..... 52 ..... 47- L. 28 20 ao 45 47 55 52 (52 OS Today's domes, Pitchers St. Louis at New York (2)—J3oax- ley (1.1-5) and Lanler ((5-4) vs. Garpen ler (8-8) and Sunkel (2-3). Chicago at Brooklyn—Schmitz (3- r>) vs. Illgbo (JO-8). Cincinnati nC Boston—Riddle (50) vs. Salvo (4-3). Pittsburgh at Philadelphia—Oer- nlolci (1-.I) vs. Ifoerst (4-10). FIGHT CARD ON TONIGHT IRONGOLFERS LEAD TOURNEY "..Water-bury, Aqg.•'•; i— The ; sleady rnlns of. y.esl.erirtay - : washed out,. the Wn'lo.rbury A. G. card :ivt.' the Randolph Clowes ' stadium;: forcing a postponement until - tonight., at 8:30. '•:"-;.-The boxers weighed Jiv yoslcr- (lay afternoon, -Willie Pep of Hrirt- • 1'oi'd, umJefeatod featherweight," scaling .128,' •-while. •-hls : ''opponent, Joey Silva 'of--New York camc : in at 120 .1-2. Doth . Pep and Silva looked In splendid shape, but Mat! Dougherty df Milwaukee reported for his contest' with Willie Roach, Wilmington, Del., Negro .with a cut over his right eye. Promoter George F. Mulligan announced.- last nlgbt, ."that '•• he had signed Angclo Gonzales of Porto Rico to replace Dougherty, \vbo suffered -the injury, .in • a~-light at Chicago Monday night. Tlic-remainder.'of the card is -in-, tact. Johnny Morris, New York.Ne- gro, meets Duln' Kovach of Nauga• tuck in a. six rounder. John Wosnick, New Haven lightweight takes on Sailor Buck Boring of Noroton, and Tom Collins, local Negro welter,. Is aired '.with -.Jimmy tfnrnum, New Haven,' in the two opening four rounders. MOLDING MEADOW LARKS HOLD TOP POSTINBOCCI Local Youth Allows Only Two Runs In lilt $100 COSTS Ray Robinson Seeking , . ^ .-;.-: -• - -•-•-,'.-. ., •••:'-•....; ^ • New World To Conquer I*ATIUOTK; Ohvlonsly, tho winne have to ho on hund tho Ki'lday nlf/hl, Tho hond could h( pro.sonlod hoforo 4.ho main event hy tho silvoi'-lonfiiifui Mi: Hulonh \viio would, no doithl, (jild II a little In pus.sliifj it ulonn (o its ovcnhnd 6\vnor. There Is no somhhtnce of In Mils scheme, And, so for us I eon see, there can he no posslhle question of Its bclnfl entirely lenul und proper. II Is, if. Hlnf/o, Is. In MIQ movlrs. Or IF foot hull (jucssinn contests In the newspapers uueh fnlj nre. ..CLAIMC BASIL MAtOAttT TREVOfLRATHBONE-WYCHERLY ON 8AMK CURTIS — KKHMt* BAHRY Pctrrf Harfcror Tn a hotly oontestod golf match hotween Eastern MalJoahle Iron and U. S..l\ubhcr Planning, the Malle- ahle Iron team , defuated, tho U. S. Planning Loam. •. ', Thn:-.-MftMeablo- Iron - toani was composed of Xlg Xurnn.skI and Joey;, Ambrose; thn U. S. Planning—.lacilJ McKoo and Cabin Starlings. The stand Ing of teams to date are as follows: W. L. Eastern Malleable [ron 11 /» U. S. Planning '. :IO 1-2 /» notary .., 8 Hrlstol Co 7 [I. S. Footwear 7 7 U. S. Office 7 7 Naugatuck Chemical 2 :1J Naugaluck Reclaim 1 J2 Takes Decision From Angott to Run String Up to ,'•12:2 -Straight, ^^ji^ „.'. Jf it sounds complex In type, I assure you it isn't. A similar sRhomp worked perfectly in the Middle West u few seasons hack. , There is no /Mirthlv renson why it sliouldn't sell from. $4,000 lo $r>,000 in .stamps or bonds' every hoxhifj show. And, as I .say, there Is fjoinfj to he one nearly every week, Hciiiff patriotic and Tun nt the same time, who wouldn't want to play it? No fjood sportsman, Unit's sure. .-•'••" DOUBLE ' (By Ray Robiiispn, ning from oiit, Harlem-^ Ing around for new quer. '. .'•. But tho'tvvorlcl Ray.livcs^n'd^ghts, in Is a small 'one ^aflelr.^'^!/-.'--'!!^.^.-. !•! eked ab o u t v every th I ng .'an ywhere near- 'hib .toniKL . ,. ,. r tho book as ' l wclterweighl,.'^ ! ,'..^ Thi'rty-throo professional victories without a setback. One hundred and twenty-two straight vyins, amateur bouts added to the .'brilliant pro. record. " * Hay added another to his long string last night in Madison Square Garden, New York. ITo took a^lO- round decision from Sammy Angott,. the. lightweight champi<on. It was the second time Robinson had con-- qucrcd Ui.P,.Yvin(hnill from Waahin'g- , ton, Pennsylvania,' • . The Ne\v. ; ; Yai^Y^ukce^. loST TiaTT ;i ;gaine..:j\s,/.resurt,y: : pf yesterday's struggles hi the;.^^ American league. . But they didn't;;lose any steep' over it. They're.'stiii a clo/.en laps ahead of the field'. «'•.-'.. . : '•' The Bombers,.,fi < 'pm .the Bronx di- vkied - a -twin. 'biUj^xvi tli the .Browns. ,Tbc Bnowii^ took J .\thc;.fl.rst;,; 9 to 8 No.w York won liic afterpiece,, 8 to 0. Boston, in second place, licked Detroit 7 . to , tV. Philadelphia won from Cleveland, G to 4. And the White Sox downed .Washington, '1 to. 2. ... ..,-.. Qn'Iy...pno game was played in the National league. Cincinnati 5,. Bos-, ton"'2. "' '. ''•'-. •-:•••;. ' ". ; Speaking of Sports By IVAf-PH D. PAF.MEK ; Sports Editojp, tjiiited Press Bndio Tho Molding Meadow Larks continue to hold first.'place, in the U. S. Rubber Co. Boccl league. Last night they^d'efeated Schlos^ scr's Sea .Gulls .two games to one. In the remaining' two matches they' have some tough opposition in the Making Marsh Swallows and the Boot Boom Blackbirds, the second and third place teams respectively. The Making Marsh Swallows took over second place by taking three straight from the Planning Penguins. Dick Montone was uncanny in his bopping accuracy. The Boot Boom Blackbirds tightened their hold on third place by trouncing Montone's Magpies three straight... Individual stars were Bond Keller of the Boot Boom Blackbirds, .loo CireHi of the Cutting Canaries, Louis Russ'o of Making Marsh Swallows, Earl HankP.y and Lonny Ziraldi of the Molding Meadow Larks and Fat Tangrcdi of Outsole Orioles, ; The score: W. Boot R,oom Blackbirds 3 Montone's Magpies 0 Chicago, Aug.' I 1 — (UP)—Thoso extra -- curricula? swings golfer George McCormick .took on the seventh ten have cost him $100 nnd court costs, plus his. pet s-lcel-shaft- ed driver. For MoCormick, a retired druggist, ad-dressed the blows NOT on his golf ball hut on the thigh of Mrs. Edna Sellrocder, a 30- year-old housewife. McCormick ro'llcd up his sleeve and showed Police Magistrate Elmer Tone u yellow spot he claimed was a bruise on his. arm to support his 'plea of self-defense. But .Mrs. Sc'hroeder hiked her dress and exhibited -ft- bla«ck and 9)luo welt. The judge'decided it was NOT golf feu I, assault and 'battery. McCormick recited a familiar golfers plaint in his defense. He said be was In <i threesome of men which followed Mrs. Sehroed'or and two other* women. Sighed McCor- mi-ck: "We had to wait a long while between shots." When Mrs. Schrocder ball completely on her on the seven-Mi tee, swears 'all he said was, missed the first swin.a McCormick "You must you're pretty good, don't yellow looked spot on like a story differed. L. 0 3 Cutting Canaries 2 Pichulo's Parrotts .. .j[ 1 Planning Penguins 0 Making Marsh Swallows 3 Planning Pelicans 3 Mengacci's Mocking Birds .. 0 Molding Meadow Larks Sohlosser's Sea Gulls .. irUjujreat .DOUBLE -THRILL SHOW! NOW OEW'S POL vl BUY DEFENSE BONDS &UY DEFtNSE STAMPS EDGAR WALLACE'S CJreatcst Mystery SAVE AND SERVE :-/»r BiMidt And Stamps Ky RALPH 1). PALMER Sports 'Editor, United Press Radio We hoar a lot these days -..abou tho miin-'heli'irid-the-gun nnd even the ninn-bchind-the-muii-behind: airic so forth. But has corresponding credit been given in thn. turf world to the ,jock- ey-atop-thc-horso' that speeds to some breath '- taking- triumph or nal\cs rccord-shtittcrJng li.isLory? A year ago the name of lone- la! led Whirlaway was ,.on,;,, every rtillfolrds 1 lips. The Calumet Can^. n o nba 11 be ca in e one o|.. tli e ft v a, 1 Uioro-u-ghlworls in nil the'years of racing to win th.e> povcted'.;'Tflplo Crown of tho Kentucky' 'Derby, Proakness and 13clmont stakes..- •"'.-'. And in so doing, laid the 1'ounda- LI o n Tor becoming . the '•• leading moncy-winer of ali-IJnie— a, Teal, Whirly accomplished this ycdr. '; But the sons-nt'Ion of the 1942 season has been Sh'iii, Out, .winner..of: I he Kcntu-cky Derby and 1 numerous 0 I, .h. e r •! in p o r ta n t s tak e s, w h o 01 inched the tlii 1 cQ-yfirti ! -'olci;."'61Viin : i-' p I o n s 111 p last Sa t u r d ay -b y winning the rich Arlington classic in-a brilliant sbroloh drive, .: ,- ; /••:.••>"' Well, Wlii-rloway- untl;:' i Sliulj> l '0ut arc 'great champions; and'.">\voiithy of tho millions of words .both written and spoken about t'heir, ox- ploits. . But an Integral part of thfiir.story and ono which has- received'^loss. nitontlon than it deserves is; - a. bustling, bustling little Italian -boy by the name of Rdcllo Arcaro. It was Arcaro who ^iiidccl Shut v Out through a knot .hole at the/, head of the strdtdli In the Arl'ing- to n 1 as t Sa tmrday to s tu n tli e crowd of 50,000 with as magnificent a display of skill and; daring as the turf has seen. ' . . Arcaro had .guessed: wrong on Shut Out in the Derby and elect-, ed to ride his Green tree stable-mate —Devil Divor-Hin both .the Kentucky fiesta and- the Proaknass. ,, , ....... But Ed'file graciously acKnowr lodged liis error, and- has .-.had the leg up on ;Shiit 5ut -.}n;.,al"l his recent triumphs including his-spco- tacLilnr cliinching'effort in the r;:;ics 0r THE WILD?IUMONE'RIOER OF CHEYENNE •classic. . - . , • It was Arc.'wo, too, who piloted 1 Whi'Huway to most of his important victories. ' ; . Indeed, you've only to name \any' great stake raco of the past....two seasons and, more often than, not; Ihc records will reveal that Arcaro" was astride Hie winner. fl *'. This has led many> obser.vei's to v tab Arcaroi .as the '/greatest money rider of all time." ' ^kAj,' ' l "*, 1 ill ii * t f<Jtit£\w)i r*w vft* t '"J « *^ft * lY* -M ^i ^- But since that •'implies ' the abil ity to vyin. almost as .he'-please \vhcn the 'Chips are .down — whnt over his mount—why:.Is he-NOT th greatest .jockey that ever- lived? For years horsemen have argued the claims 6i' Tod • Sloanc, Snappe Garrison, Lavernc Fator and tha "Imivly giiy-- named Sancle" to the title of the premiere rider of all- time on the American turf. But you'd have a harai time convincing the experts who have been following Arcaro's carcGi 1 the past fe\y years and 'who witnessed his coupon Shut Out in the A-rMn-gton 1,'hat the 'honor does NOT belong 1 to the, Italian boy\ That's', a large order. But it's probably true. The long-nosed Newport, Kentucky, native with the dark >rown und calculating eyes, truly s an artist when he puts his boots n Wie irons and takes the reins In ils- st'i:ong : Hands. ^ They say the test jof a good jock s to be able to handle any- kind of i horse,'.There- aire some steeds who ike to. gallopy b-ut t In: front f.rom 'Ipg-fali to finish.^ Others must' b'e reserved off the p*ace for..the sl.petch rurij ' •'. Then there'.nrc. rail-runners and the onery critters Mint bolt for the outer fence. ; : ' ' • . jBut ICddie's, the .guy that can handle : 'em all. '•'••"• • •> ;Whirla\yay 'was, a wlld'cat who rah all over /tlie- track until Arcaro climbed a-bo-ard and .took charge last year.; The Rhyo'ior' was .just 1 another,horse in the Greentrce barn apd given;. NO chance "for the -Wid- 'ener ; G.up;^last spring. But somehow Bddie got h IK nose in front. •ArcaroYls 20 years old now and* has : been riding, since he "was '15. The .son of .a,.china salesman, the iQan .lad sat t'lirqugh only one year of high school- before he tossed over tlie tomes iir favor ,of boots and saddles.. - • Eddie .served, 'his apprenticeship wil'h; a veteraiv horseman .named Clarence Davidson oil the mid-west- orn circuit more, than a decade ago. And /while;, he''was -learning the Outsolo Orioles 1 MoSherry'a Sparrows 2 The s tan ding: : Molding Meadow Larks ....20 Making Marsh Swallows 19. Cutting Canaries J8 Boot Room .Blackbirds .18 Plohulo's Parrotts 15 Planning Pelicans 1-1 Sohlosser's Sea - Gulls McSherry's Sparrows Montone's MagpicB Planning Penguins Outsole Orioles Mengacci's Mocking Birds.. ... * • » Mi-ink you? 11 With that, he added, Mrs. Schroeder directed the second swing of her driver at his bend. He threw up his arm, McCormick said, nnd caught t'he blow there. Mrs. Schroedcr's lawyer suggested at this point that -the McCormick's a rm cluster of freckles. Mrs. Schroeder's Said s-hc: "1 went to .the -bench on the seven th Ice and thKs man was sitting He said, 'You should be home cooking for your husband.' I told hl-m, 'My -husband looks better fed than you.' " Then, Mrs. Schroeder continued, McCormick insulled her. After that tic yanked one of her hands over her head and hit her three blows on tho thigh wilJi -his driver. The third blow broke the club, she added, and McCormick hither with Hie Iran die. When McCormick admitted he had truck two blows— in self-defense ne .claimed •— Mie magistrate announced the fine,, and snapped- "Nex't easel" 12 d3 Ifi 1G 17 21 Keeping up with the news has become a mnjor chore. if ... ......i . —•. " til there is enough'-in the pool to uake it in (.cresting. As one wu!l-k,riown trainer voiced t: ... "Eddie 3s primarily a money .jockey. He rides well at all times', hilt' 10 rides better a.s the purses get, Digger. In fact, if you make the lurse big enough, Arcaro will win f he has to pick his horse' up, brow him over his shoulder and carry him all the way down the Irelc-h." So sing the praises of the Whirl- uvays and Shut Outs if you will, lut while you're doing it, reserve a. note portion for Eddie Arcairq. We've probably got- the greatest ockey of all. time operating among s right now. . Wo, ought NOT to forget it—or let Efljd'ic Arcaro forget it DEL BISSONETTE WILL RESUME AS ACTIVE PLAYER of the Eastern so well to bol- of the i'undamontals' : Qf; the rjding ai-t he \yas NQ.T,, even or shoo't'p'oql.y. In' late'i" -years l.ra'Ct jockey for ' Greentrce ^'kibles ' now is the> head fession, he-' still allowed to smoke he. has been con- the Calumet and . And although he man in his pro- iri den ; each race .In. a "hell-for-Ieather" fashion. ^ Arcaro never lias led the jockies ,jn tol4l/\'ictprie8; Ap>° J'cason is that he Is' tob* 1ieavy l to?-many mounts he otherwise might have. Another. is that he"' reserves >his talents im- 2MIDHITESHOmrRI AMERICAN DRUMMER Jiartforrt, Aug. J—(UP—The former mnjor league ball player, Del Btesonotte, Is about to start play, hig again—this time for a minor league team. Bissonette Is mnnagor Hartford Senators of the league, who are not doing at tho moment. In nn effor sler the logging forlunos team, Manage]' Bissonette has placed himself on the active list, and probably will- move Into the outfield. He sent George Mclkovich, n rigbUneldor, back to ICvansvlllc to make room for himself on the ac- ,ive playing list. TURIISLLO AVON New Haven, • Aug. 1—(UP)—Saverio Turiello, of New York, won a close decision over Ernie "Cat" Robinson-of Kamaica, New York, Jn n eight-round bout Thursday. Tur- clld"won the referee's nod only after a sparkling rally in the last two rounds. ALCAZAR. ( Siin. - Mon. - Tues. VAN HEPLIN and a Great Cast in "Grand Central Murder" .Also JUDY GANGVA in "SJeepytime Gal" Kansas City Loses Out in Contest by 6 id 2 . Score, Frank Shea, IXuugjituck's buistandi ing baseball playor of the past two decades, pitched, live innings- reiieT for Kansas City of the...A'hiericaii Association"!!!- u recent contest. wiMi a special All-Slar learn picked, from the remainder of the clubs in the, league. . ., ; Shea allowed only two runs although Kansas City lost to-the. Alt-. Stars by the score of 0 to 2 as several other pitchers who preceded l.ho local youth were pounded hard. According to reports , received here today Shea is being groomed to pitch against the New York Yankees, parent club of the Kansas Gity team, when the two clubs cross bats in an exhibition game, .Should Shea go well .against; the Yankees, lils chances of landing » berth with the Now Yorkers in 1013 will lie considerably brighter. Shea has already volunteered '6 eomo to Naugatuck and pilch in a special contest ^whicli: jjs now In the process of beJng > 'arranged between a local-. Al) Star team and a soldier club from-Newport on .which". Sddio ttiminuil. "und v -IH.rnle Fredericks, local youths, uiw ••.regulars. This contest 1 may be sponsbi'cd for the USO fund or .some popular, charity. • ' ^ _ PROFKIONM FOOTBALL TEAMS WILL TRAIN SOON ChInngo, Aug. \i —(UP)— Just as the first robin 'is 5 'tho harhlnger of spring, the announcemont hy lh« National Professional F o o t b a 11 league teani.s p£ thei f r.gaining .sites nnd slurtlhg prncfie.o (fates is a sure sign of the approach of fall. And the first pro grid squat? • 1.(r hogin Its- drills will he the PJiilatlol- p:hia Eagles, who -cnon;np at The Rivers, Wisconsin, ncxl/!)kfbnflay.- t Within a week after the start their workouts, all 10 mcni- hers of the pro circuit will be in training for their first war-year campaign.' .' . Four clubs besides the Eagles Svlll train in Wisconsin. The. champion Chicago Bears \vlJJ be at Dclaflhld, The Ohioago Cardinals will go to Wauhnshn. Tlie New York Oiants will encamp at Superior. And the Packers will work out in their own park nt Green Hay. i The Detroit Lions have selected 1 Charlevoix, Michigan, as UiciKtrafn- ing site; the Cleveland Rams, llJrflin; Ohio; the Pittsburgh Steclers, llor.shey, Pennsylvania, ,amT the Washington Redskins, San Diego, California. , ".'-, ,_, . The Giants open, practice on Aug. nth, the Lions on August OUi a,ml the remainder—with the exception of the Angles—on'August 10ttt, The war will be reflected -Jfr sntal- ler squads. More Mian 150 Bidders who played in tho National 'jeague last season now are in the''arni'j'l services. ,, Moreover, the rookie crop 'Is the smallest in history. Most of tlie col-. Je.gians selected in the "grid draft 0 last December went straight, frqm their classrooms Jnto tho army and navy. . . GEM Sun. - Mon. . Tues. It's Romance bn th* March! MONTGOMERY MAUREEN Today—" Always in My Heart" and "Spy Smasher" LAKE QUASSAPAUG DANCE Tonight, 8:30 \vfth CLIF SLATER nnd his ORCHESTRA JOHK, SUTTON GENTLEMEN LAIRD CRIOAI HtNtY UATHAWAY Also EDGAR KICNNKDY SPOUT IUSEL, and - "ti by All Comedy CanYouUce $1OO "A loan of $100 costs $20.60 when Iii'ompljy repaid 'in 12 monthly consecutive installments."" YOU CAN'PAV MONTH — EMPRE LOAN CORP ROOM -2 2» Miller, Mor,

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