The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1945 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 20, 1945
Page 4
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FOUR 1HE BLriHRVlLlllK COURIER NEWS i ( THE COURIER NEWS'CO. H W HAINES, Publisher bAMUEL F. NOHH1S. iMltor A GATKNS, Advertising Uanagei BLYTHBVILLE COU1UIOU NEWS i Sole National AdverUsmi! Representatives: ft'n)la« Witnier Co.; New York. Chlono, Detroit, Atlanta, Nfemphla. ' " ' Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday second class matter at the pnnt- 1 office'at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under act of Congress, Octobers, 1917." ; Served by the United Press ', SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the city of Blythevllle. 2W pel- week, or 85c per month. )3y mall, within 'a radius of 40 miles, M-00 per year, $2.00 for six months. $1.00 lor ihrw moulds, bv rhall outside.? SO i<nile zone, 110.00 ]>er yeur payable In id\ince, r* No Time;f6r.Ball Bats '_ Work slops-ages in Detroit atitomo- lute -ilants have been followed by d-oi; r cj ond cotmlei'chnrges by Uic jv"i-J:s involved. The UAV/ union f.'iy.s l! ,>( pai>ci«?nnenl h;is deliberately four ntcd strikes to.. discredit labor. An i;;('u=(iy spokesman Kays thiil. (lie strikes are part of a UAW divide-nudnik program to take over more and m<ie riimigemcnl functions. Those charges, which arc jiot now, should Le the subject of prompt congressional investigation and action. The public is not particularly interested at (he moment in the auto industry's private feuds. It is vitally interested in vv.tlkotiib, \\hatcver their cause, as they affect the conduct of the war and the c\ps!uhtuip of the lives of the men who fight it. This io no time for either management or iabcr to reach behind the door fci a !;?'.! bat wi'h which to belabor (ho n position. T'ist favorite pastime should be uscrveci ,'or pL-ace. If either party has already begun it, the fact should be brought to light and 'action iakcn lo halt ii. rui I to .0 ye?rs after V-J Day it Is quite, p - i ^ tl nt 40C.<):~ wcriicrs will be supported ^rcctly; r.r Indlro-tly by civil aviation— Com- IV -e f«;re.a / Henry A. Wallace. TUESDAY, MAKCIi 20, 19-15 Hcprorfui-iiLin m Dili Mlumn el «lllortali •Uw ocwipaiien tttt mti atvatutij •udonement but to u '*ckno»l«lfB«Jit «i to- tcrart IB to* tobjeot* Orchids to Blytheviile, Ark., Citizens On Tur.wlfiy'.'i picture |;itf;c of (lie Chicago Sun we learn Hint » little town down In Arkansas has Fcoopcd (he world on war memorials. While many r-illr-.i have spent hundreds of thousands of dclbrs upon useless obsUuctions, called "lirttiir roil.'.", junking itch, ccrtntn firms which forvl'.l lo cnplblUo mini (heir natural pride in service, and while oilier cities, (Including; your own) ere phiimm; piil:!!c hiiildln?,- cosliiiir huge /sum: uf UKIKH-, m the liaise oi their war veterans, El.l!>i>vi)!i'. Arkans'.i'i. cllr/ciis have; inked 5-1ClKiiml:iro iwlr-ptaljuy a pi'i-muni'l home for the wife nnd oiahl (hilf'.mi of I'fc, ,1. c, I'rivctt, Hllcd In mlimi while lijhlini; the Cicnmns under Gi>n.ral Viilion. In Oils srltlirr'.s home ivcu: four sans and fcur dauclilrn, ::ll under 13 years of nm>. llo left thorn to f|. ; hi for ihrlr opnoitutilty to tcnliiHio Ir, rnjny uie freedoms of,the land In' which they were 'I hey ore now living in a sub-.'-lr.dii.-m! rented lioiisc tt'lildi «ns nil (liey could nffold, iiiul in which they can have no feclir.j; tf avjilty tlic;c days. Luckily for Lhcm, Blythcvillr cl:i/cns have n scncc of values above the nvcrcsc. In mcniory of their fellow citizen who v-nvc his life for t!ie;n. (liey are actually ir.ittiiig a roof over his wife and children! How happy tl-.e father cf this family must be "somewhere in (lie \Vr.:ld Kevoncl." lie can know that he cid not fit-lit, and die in vain Thai is what evciy Mntliilit-titinkini; com-,- wilh a shortage of decent, low-rent I,cmi>s should do, honor its war veterans, dead, iKBlmcd or rctinnuil lo civilian llfg; B ive their lanilk-- liunes mid nil their children educa- lional eqiislily or opportunity, from the first, ji'Jiv cf then- lives. Ihrough college. ^ —T[il£ GALES11URO, ILL.. POST. Tnd.iy I spcke a few words with :> yount; m.:mn, an ecncnre from Aachen. Shu has been lu Briiiiih-Aai-n an occupied (orrllnr.v. They \vcre tetter oil with the Americans than with fs, No tllstiu'l-i-nccn, not even a pin u-,i.s tnkcn from lliem.-Uniniilleti letter of Gcrtnun captured en IVcslcm front. •': TIIH STOIIV! Nick Trfnt, [ Army pilot, hil« I»ecil Iiuzc- . Iioiulirit mil of ilir \rnr. Ou Ihe l>on( Kt»nic n mrnlerlnUK Klrnn- ;' Kvr named Dooki-r ninkrrt lilni n vn^ue nionoy-iirii|in!»tllnn ^vhlch hi- turiiM dmvu. 1'nt HUI\NOII nnd . : Cltnrley .Sininil, old frirndu, , pri'rt liini n( till: dock, l-nl ni>- : ' i]frj« lliHikcr ntnrinu nt Ihrm . nnd \vonilcr-* ivhn hr *«. Nlrk .: arrnn^cs to meet Charley latrr .' . the name nf *crnoon at the . ; I'arkor HOUKC. ...*.** • ENTER CALAVESTRI ! ' ; - : n - .TVfO man ever went with a more unsuspecting heart than I to the Parker House that fall atler- noon. ; . ' Pat and I had eaten a long •lunch at the Locke-Ober, where I had a steak, and three cup's of. the 'first real •coffee I'd lasted in 123 •days. We'd sat around afterwards ' and chinned some and then she'd made nie promise to come up lo .the house for dinner that nighf. , Now -as-I walked across the Common,'everything was in its place. Thejsame 'sleek squirrels and pigeons - were getting their :peanuts' and breadcrumbs from the some, sanctimonious old ladies .and the same leather-lungcc newsboy was hawking his papers •outside the 'subway kiosk at Park .Street, V At the "Parker House I boughl some cigarcts and a paper anc sat down to read and smoke There was a subdued hum of activity in ;tlie lobby and I was slowly anaesthetizing myself in the book reviews when I suddenly had an. uneasy feeling. I 'felt Ibat I was being watched .. .-Finally,'. I put down the pzpe - - and loo!;;d ncrors tho room. • At first, die looked a mere c'fl Slim and dark, with unforgettably . dark cyss and blue-black hair, she regarded me fixedly. She wns wearing a fur tippet which I shall ' always have occasion, to remcm- bar and her fur-trimmed suit • : matched the hat. What s'ruck me ..• r/:o£t was the unwavering vigi- •••'••. lance ot those serious dark eyes. -•••• I looked back at my paper and reac! fo-.'r times that car loadings .".-.were o,T .When'I locked across ; F.;a'.n, the still gated,, slesdily at llttislrafa! by Wait Scolt A strange look camo into Magda Calavostri'E eyes. 1 sensed that slio wanted desperately to tell me cDinai.hin-', but was prevented by Boolcer's presence. weakened. Besides I was curious. Even as I walked across liic lobby, I reminded myself of a little saying about the curious cat. "Magda," said Booker, "may I present Captain Nicholas Trent; Miss Calavcstri." She gave me her hand. 11 was ice-cold. I uoliccd too how very pale she was, and how very nlcrt. I dug down in the morass c,f I my memory: Magda Ccilavcstri. r That name haci n vciy familiar sound. Then I came up withj\ IfMO's headline:—a woman who 1 ! lad fled across half of Knropc'done vhcn a regency liad been sot up ! o dispose of. a king who had She spoke (pule carnally, but I'rciii-eil ::» nlerlnc-ss in Ihe atli- tudc of cac'n of them. She was fishin;; ;md 1 Knew it, bill while I WE:.; debating the answer, Booker said: "Macdn, you are losing your subtlety." I rav; a fla.<h of wngcr in her "Jt 1 :; din Commonwcnllh Apart- ic'H.'," 1 snid. "Suite 9A." l'')th heads turned to- ;sr;l i-.-.:•. In the sibncj that fol- >wc 1 1 ha.t a fcclin;; Ihr-.t 1 h::d fooiish. oved her. "Nicholas Trent," she said she appeared lo repeat Ihe name ;o herself. Her voice v.-;is nmr.z- tngly rich and deep. F,he Rlonccd swiflly up at Booker with the faintest hint of question, then looked back at me. J NEVER knew how iong Bcokor - had been watching us. It was my first experience with his habit of omnipresence. He stood just inside the revolving door with a j liny s'ub of cigaret between his lira As soon as he -saw that I saw him, he came toward me. "Well, Trent," he said, "this is a '.surprise." He tilted his head in Hie direction of the dark-eyed gin across the lobby. '/'You two should meet." . • Booker smiled thinly. "I've been IryinS to gel Trent lo join me in a liltlc entcrnrfce, but he seems to lack the acquisitive instinct." "That is where you make your mistake, Becker," she said "You udge everyone by your own standards." She turned to inc. Did he tell you what liie enlcr- prise was, Mr. Trent?" "No." I saw her face relax she said to Booker: I^JALAVKSTIU v.-.-is scnrcliing in| her h;i(t for Fomclhing when and ' raiifht sjghi of Chnrley coining '.lirouKh the door. "I have .-in engaBcincnl," 1 said, 'it IKIS hwn pleasant." A .s!;-;u:^e look conic into i\Iagda Cal:ivo.;iri's eyes. 1 sensed that .-!:e Wiintc-d nerpcratoly lo Icl- me 'thing, but was pvcvcnlc'. by 1 Becker laughed. 1 The lady in the tippet. ' The onc,>ou'%e been receiving 'fair, ^leechless messages' from." "Perhaps that made your mistake. is where you . ai imsinKC." Booker .stiffened. The little clefts at the corners of his miuIl- lumed white. U'ilh his bony nand he fingered his chin. "You't expect to intcrc-;t a man m any other way," she con.-,,.,;- , . - ---. tmucd simply. "Where are vou ihptcl lobby, singleness o£ pur-;staying, Mr. Trent?" pose corncs hard. So despite an "Al a friend's, until I can ec- ' J rewlvc lo have nothing an aparlment." K rf-lo do' With Booker, I) "Here in Hie cily?" she asked. He Laughs at Locksmiths GKON IN WASHfHGTOH Capital News Notebook fin rr.rry you liavc to, . Tivn)," 5l-.c said evenly, i'.rie me her hand, the one had b:-en soarchinj; in her teg, I felt the pressure of something hard and cold in my palm. "I hope V.-R may meet again soon. Meanwhile t should advise that you avoid like the plague t'' is *"- sistcnl individual." Shu gave Booker a long, significant look. "His instincts are wholly predatory ami his impulses avo never good." Hooker bowed elaborately. "Thank you, my dear Cala- vcstri," hu said. "Aflcr all, I have to compcnralo somehow for my lack of charm.'' I had something in my hand. Something (hat Mat'da Calnvcslri liad gi\'cn me. And as I turned to go, f saw her lips frame the word: "Tonight.". <T» lie Continued) BV I'ETI-K KUSON NKA Washington Correspondent Tlie niucli lieutenants lave the highest percentage of hc- •ocs In this w'nr. Of 100 Congres- Mednls of Honor awarded cb .ho Army thus far. 27 have t'oue ' Heutcnant-s, 22 to sergeants. 20 •a privates, seven to majors, live tjo ;oloncls, five to captains, four to ieutenant .colonels, three lo cor- jorals, technicians, brigadier (jeu- :rals, nnd one to a general—MacArthur.. • • • : Secretary of Commerce Henry Wallace hns a book coming out In April. "Sixty Million'Jobs" has been for the title. The liberal-minded Press Research had a report coming out with the same litlc, but when Wallace staked a claim on it. Press Research had lo tear all the covers off Its publication and think up n substitute, • • • Said Judge Fred M. Vilipnn nn taking over his new Job ns Federal Loan Administrator: "If you think I'm.going to get inixcd up in any Wnllacc-Jones feuds, you're wrong —though I come ' from a fcudtn' state." (Kentucky.).' • ," ' • » BOON TO RMAI.L BUSINESS MEN Aluminum Company of America is chrting to Washington a couple of Iruckloads of things that can bo mndeoiil of aluminum. They will be moved into the Senate Office Building Majority. Caucus Room, scene of many sideshows such as the >mlrigct' sitting on :Morgans lap. Wallace and - Jones airing their "tews, and the five' assistant sccrr-. tarics of stale being put on the ruck. ; Included In the clumlRi:;;; exhibit j will be pots, pans, stcpladrtcrs, ta- ' bles, chairs, bars, shapes, wire, machine parts, household appliances- hundreds of things that can be made by small businesses when the war is over. Aluminum company officials will Icstify on these prospects before the Senate Subcommittee in-1 vcsttanllng the future of the light metals industry. Secretary of the Navy Forrcr.t-il'.s annual report gave first tinoff thM the U. S. Marino Corps now had six combat divisions. The Glh Marine Division hasn't been in net Ion yet. The 5th got Its bloody baptism" o:Iwo Jima. Total strcn<zlh ot Ihe Marine Corps is now -175.000 officer.', nnd men. which is 4,000 hiCRp.r lh;m the combined U. S. Rcsiilar Army and National Guard In 19-10. Attorney General Francis nidiilo is hnvlng difficulty finding the rt'hi, man to head up (he Lands Division In Department of Justice. Job has been vacant since the President firnl Assistant Attorney General Normnn ' M. LUM. Nov. 30.-J. Edward Wil-! Hams lias been actins-iti-clirircc while the President makes up his mlnrl what mime to .send lo the S-n- ate for confirmation. Announcements The Courier News haa been aii- thortod to announce the following candidacies [or the Municipal Election In April. For Mayor E. R. JACKSON (for rc-clccllon) Municipal Judge OEORGF. W. BARHAM GRAHAM SUDBURY Alderman, Ward I RALEIGH SYLVESTER Alderman, Ward 2 JOHN C. McHANEY ALDERMAN, WARD 3 E. n. woonsoN (re-rlccllon) IVEH'S fr'OK f.'t'BA'K SWEET TOOTH llig battle has Iwen |:oin|; on in. Washington tor puychase of Cuba's I sugar cruj). Tile C'.iixuis have teen i j maneuvering to sell three years'' j crops in order to staliili/e proriuc- i tloirthi-ouili. 1911, when it is'lig- ' nred Hie war .will be oi'er and prices may te down. Bu( the Commodity . Credit Corporation, which docs the ', wartime buying, is in business for only Iwo years by act of Congress • and can't dicker bsyond 1D4G. Last i year's price of S3.55 per hundred pounds isn't satisfactory to Cubans, who have reportedly turned down offers of SH and even $3.10. Bin tjues- lion Is .whether higher price to Cu- bans will mean a higher price for U. S. consumers or a bigger subsidy to keep prices down. Army Air Forces may abandon its First, Second, Third and Fourth U. S. Air Force organizations and group the whole home defense into a Continental Air Force under a single general responsible for the entire job. Increase in planes, fields, per-, sound and communications would make the simplified organization more llexible, eliminate duplicated red tape. • • • Add to the list of Army alphabetical USAP1ME — United States Air Forces in Middle East. FREMONT, O. (UP)—Sgt. Lavcrn Monk, home from the Army on furlough, reported to police he had lost his wallet containing S923 in cash. Later, the wallet was found In a bank with all the money intact. He had there. ;, SIDE GLANCES J '*'- WS BY Kt crBncr I;K. r. M. SEC. U. S. PAT. OfF.' to Hollywood BV KKSKIXK JOHN-SON NKA Stuff Correspondent Serving food and liquor, we discovered today, arc just Incidental chores in operating 11 swank Hollywood restaurant. You arc everything else except a restaurateur. We got the lowdown on Cinema- town's dining-mit habits today from a personable, handsome young fellow named Freddie EJrosio. Freddie made such a good thing out of managing Lucey's restaurant, across the street from Paramount studio, that he is selling out, after 10 years, wllh n six-figure bank account. The secret of his success, Freddie said, was not his food nor his drinks. "Sure (hey were good," he said, "but they didn't count. When your customers are film stars, directors, writers and producers, you arc not just- n rcstnurant owner. You are part of their lives." l-V>r 10 years, he said, he has been catering to the studio crowd as a cainulnulion banker, valet. Cupid, fight referee, messenger boy. necktie leaner, gin rtitniny partner, telephone switchboard operator, real estate agent, crying towel. Mr. Fixit and adviser to the lovelorn. llli'.S mwWCKFUI,! "Somebody comes in and says he hasn't got a bet on a light or a baseball game. So I make .a bet with him. even (hough I don't know who is lighting or who is playing. just to accommodate him. lie always comes back. "A star has a fight with the studio and walks oil the set, So I sit around all afternoon and let her cry on my shoulder. She thinks I'm wonderful, that the restaurant is wonderful. "Somebody llkps my tic. I lake It off and give it to him. Somebody needs some razor blades. I send a bus boy to the corner drug stove. A couple of writers get into nn argument. I cool 'em off. body wants to buy a house. I help 'em find it. " "Pood? Drink? Nuts! H's the personalized service that makes a Hollywood restaurant click," Freddie said. you might think Freddie lias a passion for the role of restaurateur. He has iiQt, He spurned the family's own restaurant when he'left high school and became an insurance salesman, playing the stock market on the side. When both businesses went bad, after the '29 crash, he came to Los Angeles on an Insurance deal, remained to take over management of Lucey's. A restaurant like Lucey's is big business. "We always have around $10,000 in accounts receivable on our books," Freddie says. losses have been small. He has to be careful though. Like,the night a has-been director, who had already slipped lum a couple of bud checks, wrote another. Freddie refused to accept it. "Don't you know who I am?" stormed the director. "That's why i',,i refusing to cash your check," replied Freddie, "because I know who you are." The Chicago Field Museum contains a petrified log of redwood Irom Alberta, Canada, which is said to be 100,000.000 years old DAD'S FOOTSTKI'S As Hie son of San Francisco's Brosio family, who have operated the Lombard! restaurant since 1890, The repair per- fcct for ladies is our im .i sibl(! „.,„ sole. Clean, smart lookinff wilh no nails or stilclics to injure Iinse—nnd a hermetically scaled sole joint wilh no shank strain. Save 50% On TRUSSES Slcul and Klaslic S T E W A R T' S Drug Store «air> & Lake Plirme 2822 Oak — Pecan — Cypress — Cottonwood — Tupelo -E MFG. CO. IJIylhcvillc, Ark Phone 2911 • THIS CURIOUS WORLD NOW A6REE THAT THE SO-CALLED i ENILr REPORTED DURING STOR.US IS OMLY AN /MAGE RET.AIMED IM THE EYE F(?m\ A BRIGHT PLASH OF LISHTNIN& Ti-iAr HAS JUST OCCURRED. "Aflcr iiliinninji lite ^mxlun all winlcr, don 1 1 you d;\rc throw up your luir.ds and s;\v llic ^rouiul is loo hard like you did .spring!' 1 ^^' fr* W,AS SO NAMED BECAUSE IflS THE L/f>f>ffZ ONE OF THE LAKES : ANSWER: Lucerne, Switzerland. '•.'EXT: Old weapons in inndern war. 3ur Coord ing House with Maj.Hoople Out Our Way ByJ. R. Williams GAV °LAF, W> THAT'S COMlNSJg I BET ^} E6AD.' l' REAL „ CALLED ME \'-'-\ TO BACK H0;\\& /\ 'CHIEF 4^? OLD VMITU TWfe ySlTC-OFF- V'l^TTIMS osiBWAVs/.— }\ DUMB- \> BULL. t<Xl 6UE6S WOULD B& - EAT- VJHOLE- 15 OFFENDMS NOT OMLV THE: EARS TH& HREE-' *^ OF ET THAT. VDU C"\ CLO _ f» OVEfi HAMD? BUT f IS IT NECESSARY \ TO GO NAKED TO \v-"/- 7~T \VELL, 1 DlDM'T BET LAUMDE-v'vJITH ME/ THIS IS LOCAL- WOT A TRIP TO EUROPE.' \ ' : / vif. -^ ^^@%$iii* '"•":: .^*«*f i * 1 :s3«r-^ H),7«'';V;.i!V*i« r o;Q Wllv , w; 3-2.o'

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