The Times from Hammond, Indiana on August 26, 1957 · Page 14
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The Times from Hammond, Indiana · Page 14

Hammond, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, August 26, 1957
Page 14
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Page 12 THE HAMMOND TIMES Monday, August 26, 1957 Guide for GIs, Vets By MAJ. THOMAS M. N1AL Recent changes in the Social Security law have left many vets uncertain as to whether they can draw both Veterans Administration (VA) and Social Security disability payments at the same time The answer depends on: 1. Your age. Z. Th« type of VA disability payment you're drawing. Since July 1 certain severely disabled persons have been able to draw Social Security disability payments at age 50. To be eligible you must have worked under Social Security in five out of the 10 years Immediately preceding the disability and 18 out of the 36 months immediately preceding it. However, between the ages of 50 and 65, most other types of disability payments received from the federal government are dedcuted from the Social Security disability payments. These include workmen's compensation, aid to the disabled, VA disability pension and others. · · · BUT VA disability pension, based on non-service connected disability, is not the same as disability compensation, based on a service-connected disability Disability pension will be dedcut- ed from Social Security payments regardless of age. Suppose you were in World War I or H and get $66.15 monthly from the VA for a non-service connected disability. You have also been determined disabled by the Social Security Administration and eligible for Social Security disability payments. Can you draw both in full? No. Can you draw any Social Security payments at all? Yes. You can draw the difference between your VA payments and your entitlement from Social Security. In other words, the total can be no more than Social Security payments alone--but this can mean as much as $42 35 a month to you. Now let's suppose you're in very Much the same situation but that instead of disability pension you're drawing disability compensation for a service-connected illness or Injury. Can you draw both in full? Yes. Does your age make any difference at all? No. · · · IN PLANNING on disability or retirement payments from either the VA or Social Security, remember that each has income limitations. The VA sets no income himt for disability compensation, but to qualify for disability pension the vet must not earn over 51,400 a year if single or $2,700 if he has a dependent. In order to receive all 12 Social Security checks a year, a worker must not earn over $1,200. The Social Security Administration, however, does not count VA payments, private pensions or annuities or most income from rents, interest or investments of any kind as earned income. THE LITTLE WOMAN "OUCH!" ·~~~Dr. George W. Crane" The Worry Clinic Ada M., aged 29, teaches a teen-age Sunday school class. "Dr. Crane, I'm especially interested in the Prodigal Son," Ada began. "Many of our present politicians seem to be like him. For they are glib talkers. "But they keep running us farther into debt. Why is it that people who are smooth talkers often seem unable to balance their budgets? "And the people who know how to save money, seldom are ;ood talkers? "Wouldn't it be wonderful if politicians also were good bookkeepers. "How can we teach children the value of money so they will not squander their parents' wealth or the taxes from us citizens?" Ada has pointed out a common difference between introverts and tttroverts. Herbert Hoover was a classical example of an introvert. He knew how to operate a business or a government according to banking and business rules. He was an efficiency expert. (You may write Major Nial In care of The Hammond Times about your service-connected problem. Please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope and 25 cents in coin.) Hospital Dismissals ST. CATHERINE HOSPITAL DISMISSALS Gene Eldon Conn, Miss Gloria Cruz, Mrs Mary Louise De La Rosa, Amanda Garcia. Mrs Angela Godinez Leroy Harris, Elmo Herron, Miss Mary Holguin, Michael Ig- narskt. Alvin Kedar Johnson, Mrs Shirley Junigan and son, Mrs Bobble Klrkland, Miss Bearnice Kudla, Mrs. Fannie Larkln and son, Mrs. Joaqulna Ortiz and son, Nathan Pierce, Mrs Lupe Kidrlguez and (laughter, Laurence Salamon, Mrs Yolanda Sepulveda and son, Mrs Lorraine Suda, Mrs Marie V. Totten and son Mrs. Stephanie Vajaglch. Mrs. Theresa Walton, Mrs. Medina Ward BIRTHS Mr and Mrs "William R Arner daugh- - t r r . Mr, and Mrq Dragan Prpa, boy Mr. *nd Mrs Cecil Bryant, boy, Mr and Mrs Combly Atkins girl DISMISSALS St. Catherine Hospital Mm Shirley Akins and daughter, Mrs Concetta Banda, David Boyd Wallace Butklewtcz, Robert Castellon, Mrs Eileen Comstock and daughter, Maximino Cruz Pedro Dabrowotskl Thomas Doler, John Brldkson, Miss Bonnie Friend. Jaroes Gruener, Mrs Dean Holt and daughter, Mrs. Jfssln Jackson, Arthur Hubert Keener, Mrs. Anne Kish George Koulls Miss Jean Xropp. George Lewis Ramon Llzardi, Mrs Loa!» Marsh and daughter Mrs. Elizabeth Maraclnko. Mrs. B. Loulae McNelly and tton, Frank Mlgas, Mrs Juana Munoz. John Murzytt. Mrs Ann Novak, John Palko Mrs Ardine Paraachos and daughter, Joe Perez, Domingo Plnedo, Mauro Reynoso, Mrs. Margarita Rivera, Mrs. Raftaela Sanchez and son Mrs. Hazel Skopelja Mrs. Earlene Sopko. Mrs. Mary Southard Mr«. Janet Studer, Mrs. Alice Wargo, and Rosco. Williams BIRTHS St. Catherine Hospital _ Mr and Mrs Thomas Dunn, girl, Mr and Mrs. John Snjder, girl; Mr and Mrs John J, Kujawa, girl, Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Skornpa. twins, Mr and Mrs John Trlm- mel. Bin; Mr. and Mr». Wesley Mayfleld girl, Mr. and Mrs. John Sarang, girl; Mr and Mrs. Gregorlo Agosto, Blrl, Mr. and Mrs Jesus Garcia, boy; Mr and Mrs will Laster, girl, and Mr and Mrs Homer Williams, girl BIRTH' St. Marnret Hospital Mr and Mrs Stoney W Sharron. bov Mr and Mrs. Lee Doan, girl, Mr and Mrs Angel G. Flores. Kirt. Mr. and Mrs John R. Weidemann, girl, Mr. and Mrs Kenneth J. Holme, boy; Mr. and / M r s Frank M Wojclechowskl, girt; Mr and Mrs Paul P Waniek boy, Mr. and Mrs James R. SIa\en boy, Mr and Mrs James A O'Connell. girl; Mr and Mrs John Anderson, girl; Mr and Mrs Joseph J. Van Schouwen, gin, Mr and Mrs Robert L. Xewann, boy; Mr. and Mrs Robert R Urban, Klrl. Mr and Mrs Norman L Kuhn. hoy. Mr and Mrs Roy E Warthbaugh girl; Mr. and Mrs Dean W Sledelmann, plrl, Mr and Mrs Ernest L. Holme, girl · Mr and Mrs Frank J. Rasumlch, siri, Mr and Mrs Gerhard A H^nnlnff girl. Mr and Mrs. John C Leathers, boy, Mr. and Mrs Robert L Ross, girl; Mr and Mrs Richard H McCoy, girl, Mr and Mrs Edward G Howlett, boy: Mr. and Mrs Robert H Bowers boy; Mr, and Mrs Paul D Martin girl Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Kaply, boy Mr and Mrs Donald J Suplnskl, girl; Mr and Mrs Etnmett W. Beale. girl, Mr. and Mrs. James E. Cogdlll girl, Mr. and Mrs Oralla Sald^na. boy, Mr and Mrs Ivan L Page, boy; Mr and Mrs. James E Taylor, girl, and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E Balaszek. tin. Ike Returns WASHINGTON (UP)-President Eisenhower returned to the White House Sunday afternoon after an overnight stay at his Gettysburg Pa., farm. The President arrived by car in a heavy ram. He had flown to Gettysburg Saturday! morning. I BUT HE wasn't popular because IB was an introvert. He didn't tiss babies or glad-hand the pubic. He couldn't sway audiences with silver-tongued oratoiy So he went into a decline, though history is proving his wisdom and will douhtless give him a top place among American presidents. Herbert Hoover was thus like the Prodigal Son's older brother. The latter worked dutifully and helped his father earn the wealth which the Prodigal Son then wheedled from his pater. Alas, politicians are too often like that Prodigal Son! They seldom have achieved business success in their own right before they enter politics. No, they have developed the habit of trying to talk their way into elective jobs where the taxpayers then must support them. American statesmen like Senator Byrd, are already seeing the handwriting on the wall. · · · BIBLICAL Daniel was asked to interpret the "Mene, Mcnc, Tekel Upharsm" which was written miraculously on the wall during the drunken feast of King Bel- shazzar. Daniel told Belshazzar it meant his kingdom was finished! American spendthrift politicians m legislative assemblies at both the state and national level are almost as blind as Belshazzar. For 10,000,000 American voters are definitely feebleminded Yet they can still make their "X" on a ballot, even if they are unable to read. And rank politicians of both parties appeal to them with glib promises of ever-increasing gifts, more welfare benefits, etc. Even if the politicians can't deliver, they simply vary their promise at the next election. For those feebleminded soon forget the past and again vote for the glowing promises of the present. You readers of this column are highly intelligent Americans with an I. Q. decidedly above average, for only such people arc likely to read editorial features in newspapers. SO YOU must face up to reality Our Republic is on the skids. Statism and socialism from Washington, DC. are already about 50% in effect And part of the fault lies with parents who fail to teach their kids the meaning of money! Be grateful to the circulation managers of our newspapers who do train 500,000 boys each year in how to earn their own spending money. Would that EVERY child had to serve an internship of at least one full year as a newspaper carrier, just to obtain this invaluable training in our "free enterprise" system. It should be a requirement for political candidates, too! For Uncle Sam is degenerating into a paternalistic papa who is placing more millions every year on an "allowance" under the ruse of welfare aid. \ (Write to Dr. Crane in care of The Hammond Times, enclosing a long 3c stamped, addressed envelope and a dime to cover costs when you send for one of his charts ) v -r--'\ "Trail ***"* f INDIANA UNIVERSITY C A L U M E T C E N T E R 3f01 Indianapolis llvd. East Chicago Phone 4240 College) Credit Courses In Accounting Business Chemistry Economics Education English Fine Arts ' French Geography Government Health, Physical Education and Recreation History Mathematics Music Philosophy Physics Psychology Sociology Speech and Theatre FALL ENROLLMENT SEPT. 9 thru 14 Classes Begin Sept. 12 INDIANA University ... Visit the perfect South Sea island · Ever wanted to get away to a sun-bathed isle where palm trees fringe the lagoon, gentle surf caresses the beach, and grass-skirted maidens perform sensuous dances? September Reader's Digest takes you on a visit to a tiny- Pacific atoll where a few Navy men did find the paradise they'd always dreamed of. Get the September Reader's Digest at your newsstand today: 39 articles of lasting interest. The best from all magazines, newspapers and books, condensed to save your time. ADULT LECTURE COURSES EAST CHICAGO The University Series (frtt admittance) Increasing Your Vocabulary Improving Your Reading French for Travelers Conversational Spanish Public Discussion and Debate Great Works of Modern Writers--American Fiction Evenings with Great Composers Art Appreciation Interior Decoration Drawing and Painting for the Amateur The University Civic Orchestra The Male Chorus Farrar Choral Club The American Far West I Introduction to World Politics 1 Business Comunications HAMMOND Introduction to the Novel and Short Story Writing for Fun and Profit Introduction to x World Religions Psychology of Personality Crime and the Criminal in Modern Society Principles of Real Estate CALUMET CENTER 32 Make 4-H Washington Tour L A F A Y E T T E , Ind. (INS)-Thirty-two outstanding Indiana 4-H Club members will leave Indianapolis on Sept. 9 for a six-day trip to the environs of Washington, D.C. Mrs. Evelyn Quesenberry, assistant 4-H leader at Purdue University, said the youngsters, were chosen on the basis of their 4-H achievements. She and Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Marley, of Shoals, will accompany the group. Marley is Martin County agricultural agent. · · · THE TRIP is sponsored by Stark, Wetzel and Co, Indianapolis, and the Purdue agricultural extension service. The group will attend a banquet Sept. 8 in Indianapolis. Highlights of the tour will be trips about Washington, visits to the U.S. Naval Academy, Gettysburg, Jamestown - Williamsburg a r e a , Mount Vernon and Monticello and boat trips None of the 4-H members are from Lake County. For Independence--U.S. Bonds Agents Unmuffled G R E E N V I L L E , N.C. (UP)-muffler placed on a still by an in- genius moonshiner failed this week end to keep away federal and county agents. They found a special soundproof box over the gasoline motor supplying water for the still. The box apparently was designed to muffle the sound of the engine. Agents destroyed 17 mash boxes with a capacity of 400 gal- ions each. SHREW A shrew may consume food equal to its own weight in three hours NOW IN STOCK MONAURAL AND STEREO PRE-RECORDED TAPE Hall's Television Service 7430 Calumet Ave. WE NATIONAL'S LABOR DAY WEEK END SALE! ON A I'lf Xir? Fancy Top Quality --Fresh Your National hat «verything you'll need to fill your picnic bailctt with good eating for the week-end holiday. Sliced Beef LIVER.. National's Top Taste SLICED BACON Lb. 39 Beoth'i Ready to Fry BREADED SHRIMP 10-Oz. Pkg, 55 Special 5c Off Sale Reconstituted REALEMON Lemon Juice. p, t Rich Ripe -- Refreshing COCKTAIL No Deposit, No Return -- 1 1 Sparkling Flavors NATCO NOW IS THE TIME FOR CANNING PEACHES MICHIGAN HALE HAVEN -- 2" and up 39 3 Lbs. 25' 48-lb. Bushel ThosJ.Webbvuc COFFEE ... J National's Top Taste Nutritious WHITE BREAD Loaves' Criip, Frtih--Twin ».ck -- Rid Dot , POTATO CHIPS £ EntrylUnkilor Miller Twut.r Conttit .1 Ston -- K.llogg', i, _. -- , CORN FLAKES £ 25* Krdi tyt -- frnu, Sitmi ^ in _ _ STRAWBERRIES 3 £ 59* Orchird Frtih -- Frozen _ , _ ORANOE JUICE 6 £65* Natco -- Cre»mv . _ _ CHEESE SPREAD £ £9* Hot Doj or Sandwich -- Top T«iti BUNS Pig. Of t Beverages I9 e BUTTER COOKIES jfcffl National's Colorful Cold Cream Bouqette Soap 6 - 49 c Hi-C Grape or Orange Drink 48... Cans OC U*J King Oscar SARDINES Dole Refreshing Pineapple Juice 46-Oz, Cans 95' Orchard Fr«sh -- l«rtl«tf PEARS . . . 0 100 1 V Cam I Van Cams'i -- Tasty · 14. MfL* PORK BEAKS 4 49 Spicul Sc Off -- Appijn W«y 111/, A4h. PIZZA MIX £ 29 Wiicuium Pridi -- Koih«r Cucumbir «%·%_ PICKLES :· 29 N«w Top Taitt fL 17. ^ flA Luncheon MEAT 3ln,1° 0 Whit« or Yellow -- Poptyi j »*.%- POPCORN ft 29 Dal Mont* -- Tom j to A u A A CATSUP .... 2 .i 29 e Smooth -- Haul dik Jb SALAD DRESSING. : 39° Advartnad Grocery Pricts Efftctivi Thru Sat Aug. Slit Adv.rlu.d Mut Pnc«« Effective Thru W.a 1 , Auo. ]|lh NATIONAL FOOD STORES g ttKVIHG row ·mm tf vl tAWIH9 TOV MOU DOWNTOWN HAMMOND 116 Sibley Street Open Monday thru Friday 9 A M, to 9 P, M, Open Sat, 9 A,M, to 6 P,M, WOODMAR SHOPPING CENTER 167th and Indianapolis Blvd., Hammond Open Daily 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. Open Sat, 9A.M. to 6 P.M. Open Sun, 9 A, M, to 6 P, M, 6513 KENNEDY Hessville, Indiana Open Monday thru Friday 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. Open Sat. 9 A. M. to 6 P. M, 1005 W. Chicago Ave. East Chicago 9 to 6 Daily Friday 411 9 P. M. KWSPAPLRl lEWSPAPKKl

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