The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 9, 1936
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VOL X.XXI1I—NO. 176 Blylhevlllc Courier Blytheville Herald Blythcvllle Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND^OijTHEAST^iSSOuTu Bl.YTHKVli^E. 1 ARKANSAS, TODAY, OCTOHRR 9, I03G SINGL10 'COPIES FIVE CEN'IS REBEL ARMIES SQUEEZE SPANISH CAPITAL Makes Counter-Charge Soviet Has Been Supplying Aircraft, Munitions LONDON, Oct. 9, (UP)—Ambassador DIno Qrandi of Italy; at tho afternoon session of the International committee on neutrality in Spain, accused the Soviet Union of smuggling aircraft, rifles and ammunition to the Spanish government in three Sovle vessels. Orandi's statement was a couu- tcf-atlack against Russia's charges that Italy, Germany and Portugal. Fascist nations, were open ly aiding the Spanish rebels. i It. was the culmination of ajSavs stormy day. Portuguese Delegate Quits j The Portuguese delegate, accusing Soviet Russia of "an act of hostility," walked out of 'ibe meeting. Portugal's action was preceded by a bilter clash between Italy and Britain. Francisco Caihclros, the Portuguese delegate, resented Russia's charge that Portugal violated the International agreement for neutrality in Spain bv permittim; shipments of amis through her territory. He said he would not sit with the committee again uii- . less Instructed by his government. liussia also has accused Germany and Italy of aiding Ihe Spanish rebels, threatening to give armed support to the government side if such aid does not cease. When the meeting opened Lord -Plymouth, . presiding, presented Stile rpepiftnt'ndum regarding 'n?u- • tfality violations Which.- Julio- Alvarez ~del"Vayo, Spanish foreign minister, handed to t>je League of Nations on September 15. Dlno Grand!, Italian ambassador to London, at once arose and denounced the accusations of "Spain's Socialist-Communist government" as groundless. Berlin Scores Ku&siu The German foreign office last nlghl attacked the Soviet demarche In Loridon as an attempt to save a "Comjnlcrn venture" In Spain. ' • A foreign office statement said that the Soviet government, by throwing its weight against the Spanish Fascists, hoped "to rescue the revolutionary capital invested in Spain by the Comin- tern." "The true Soviet motive for an offensive becomes clear," a foreign office spokesman said, "if one considers frankly the express- disillusionment over the fact that the cause of the Spanish Popular Front--despite support given ills nol making the military progress hoped for in Moscow. 1 ' A spokesman expressed Ihe Foreign Office's view as believing ihat Ihe powers at least had been successful In localizing the Spanish conflict, but that Moscow's move which thinly veiled a threat of official intervention in Si"iln" created danger of the very complications whicii the non-l Carl Bailey Will Speak Here on Armistice Day Carl E. Bailey will lie the principal s|K?aker at the an- nunl Arnilstlbe Day celebration of Ihe American Legion here tn November 11. .The Democratic nominee for governor (he will be governor-elect when he appears here) advised John C. Mc- Hnney today ot his acceptance of the Legion's invitation. He will probably ride at the head of the Armistice Day parade and otherwise participate in the day's activities, besides delivering the principal address. POLITICIANS Hilt lYoungest Portia at Supreme Bar Minimum Wage hearing Decision May Play Part in Campaign By RODNEY niH'CHER WASHINGTON— The United Slales Supreme Court has been ralhcr eilecllvely kept out of the cleclion campaign and If it finds llself now Involved it has only Itself to blame. The justices aren't passing on any , more New Deal legislation before I election day. But their answer to petitions for a rehearing on lhc! New York slate minimum wage law ' will generalfy'ue taken as approxl-1 malely equaling in importance the I ix^^-«r^fs«fist* The original decision hod a pro-' nounced Influence on the two political, conventions and probably on Easy Chairs in Death's Kitchen j'AVe Wiil Win," G. 0. Pi Candidate'. I residential Declares Administration JONESBORO, Ark.—Stopplii» in " lc cam l lil| g' 1 °s well. Popular re~ ••— '- " the Leal flclion was such " s to holster some- route to w at " lc administration as against the court and to cause Governor Jonestoro to address Lions club while en Paragould, w-liere a bi night, Carl E. Bailey, Democra - .. -Irthday ban- , the , co11 quct was held in his honor last ndo11 '° suggest a possible con. atlc lstitulioiial amendment—Ihe Inevlt- • able effect being to blur what many politicians had figured would be a clean-cut Issue. Looms Again as Issue •nominee for governor, declared that he would appoint a Craighead county man to represent the First congressional district on the state highway commission. l."Tlie highway commirvionpr from this congressional districl will be some man from" Craig- ° ~j "^" i"nv, ±1- liead comity and if you do not ' inots , and other slates which have get paved roads in this terrl- minlmum wage laws, they would be toiy in the next 18 months ' to nble to cry ml thnt cvcn the su- DWmP rnilrl Ucnlf \.—I ... _ . not fault," Bailey said. He did indicate who would receive ' the appointment but Herbert Parker and M. P. Welch have been mentioned as two Craighead men who are likely to important positions lii administration. county occupy the" Bailey Depression Blamed -in Statement by Secretary of State Association ' That the depression has caused an increase in tubernulosis 'is shown by reports of the clinics held ,m Mississippi county this week, according to Miss Eric Chambers of Little Rock, executive secretary .of the Arkansas Tuberculosis Association, who assisted in the clinics. Lack of proper food, medicine when ill and money for correct- Ing sucli ailments as bad tonsils, adenoids and Icetli has caus- an increase in the number have tuberculosis, the anti-tubercu- - ...... This was proved when the clinics held here Tuesday for whites and al Wilson yesterday for negroes showed a hl»h percentage of positive and suspect findings. There were cd of i»ople who the leaders in losts drive say -.... llull-l|Ue[- Tl,«,- ^1 vention agreement was designed to , wcrc ' 4 who came lo tlle prevent. c "nic here and more wcrc turned . V1bWI " SC H was '""Poss'ble New York Cotton -NEW Colton Oct. .. Dec. .. Jan.' .. Mar. .. May .. July .. Spots 10. YORK, Ocl. closed steady. open high ... 1200 1200 ... 1I8S 119G ... iia; 1194 ... 1189 1197 ... 1191 1197 ... 1180 1189 closed quiet at 1229, off 9. (UP)— low close 1194 1194 1183 1184 1181 1182 1187 1187 1189 1191 1179 1184 ••• "»•» iiii£j-u.-K)iuic in YUM: u i JJIUL 111^3 JUSv OCIOrC to take care of all of them. Lo- court went into session-a°ain cal leaders In Ihe movement as- varying results. sisted Tirst In the clinic, held at Presbyterian churcl-]. the 74 examined there were 30 found to have chest trouble and of the 20 given tuberculin tests, credited with being the youngest woman admitted to practice Taw before the Supreme Court of the United States. Lately the politicians have again r, , , fn ~ :. • •:•<•' ='-- New Dealers decided Robbers Who ;, Took $5 - tVloi rt rt „ ' , " J been figuring, f the court should grant the •mg asked by New York, il-1 e u- prcme court itself had recognized that it wasn't Infallible. On the other hand,, if the petition were denied, they would again be able to picture , the five conservative justices as hard-jawed, biased reactionaries. Republicans, In the first .instance; fell Ihey could make a' point of sayins; the court had proved itself flexible,.but .fair, .and:.In,.(lie••second contingency 5 could' .point"-to London's : suggesting- "•. a -possible amendment. New York and 11 other states ave undertaken lo continue enforcement of their minimum wage laws for women and children since^ the decision. They have taken the position, outlined In the petition for rehearing. t;at the court didn't really pass on the validity of the New York law, but had erroneously assumed that New York wasn't asking it to reconsider principles asserted in the Adkins decision 000 From Krause and Company Are Capfin-ed KANSAS. CITY, Mo., Oct '! -9 (UP)—TWO men., one an ,ex-con^ vict, were arrested here today Jjri connection with a $5,000 payroll robtei-y of the cashier of Kraiise ami Compiny, cleaning and dying firm of Memphis. •, s '-. (Jack Murray, 41, convicted ir- Kansas City "of higfiway 'robbery and sentenced to lhc state penitentiary, and Louis 'Koenig, 24, waived 'extradition after'-'trielr arrest., They will be returned to Memphis' immediately" by' two Memphis officers, who participated In the arrest along with Kansas City police, and one ' (cdcri'l agent. Illinois, and olhcr in 1923. New York stales came back with the emphatic request for such reconsideration, claiming that the reason- In^ in the Adkins case had been offset by subsequent court decisions. The petition [ended to put Justice Owen J. Roberts in a hole Although he was able to stand with —and make—the majority last summer against the law, he declared in the Nebbia case that "so far as the requirement of due pro- Moderate Weather in Pru- •;:spect. After Typhoon Hi Is Philippines •MANILA, P.'I.. .Qct. fl <UP>A typhoon which roared over northern Luzon today, causing heavy damage, swept out into the China sea at midnight and mod- was promised for cess is concerned a state is free to adopt whatever economic policy may reasonably be deemed to promote public welfare and to enforce that |»l!cy by legislation adapted to its purixjse." Hughes Balks Cameramen NEA and other photographers went out after the justices for individual pictures just before the eratc weather tomorrow. Weather conditions in th Chief Justice Hughes refused to come out of his house as long as cameramen stayed on the front ^ walk and they were told to go • |away. He didn't travel the short' ,, n, v1v , more than 50 per cent wore fmmri j, '. . ,.- ~~ ~~~ •"•«*•• positive Iount > i distance to his automobile until his secretary and two colored ser- J. J. Willingham. of the sanitoriivn at Booiteville. Spot Average Is 12.03 The average price of 7-3 inch middling cotlon on the ten designated s|)ot markets today was 12.03. accordlne to the Blylhcvlllc Board of Trade. Dr. state assisted Dr. R. E. Echirmer, director of the county health unit, in the work. At the Wilson clinic, 38 ne- groes were examined. Of this vants had made a rcconnalsance up aud down the street. Next day photographers rushed up as he was leaving. "No pictures!" exclaimed Hughes. "What, no plc- „.—., „,..,.- uAuimnea. 01 this tures? " echoed the boys. "No ptc- mnnbcr 14 were found positive.' lures! " reP<«(«<i Hughes firmly. Dr. Hugh A. Browne, superintendent of the McRae hospital for negroes at Alexandria, Ark., and his assistant, Dr. O. B White assisted Dr. Schirmer. Justice VanDevanlcr posed obligingly aud Justice Cardozo made no complaint about a surprise shot Justice Roberts was out of town but Ihe doorman at his ~V.1<,11L.1UILO III L il B southern Philippines also cleared The fears that the storm might delay the Dutch K N I I, M air liner at flalik Papan, 'Borneo' on which H. K. Ekins, around-the- world air'racer, Is Hying to Manila, were dissipated. The plane was scheduled to take off-from Balik Papan at dawn Saturday on a 1,500 mile flight lo Manila and to reach here in the afternoon. The weather bureau, In coop.™" 0 " with lhc Ri ' idio Corpurj- '' <> fT America, was providing the N J L M bajc at Ba]|k pa _ pan with continuous' reports. Meantime Filipino officials had completed plans for their welcome for the world flyer. Squadrons of Philippine and U. s. army planes ill escort the big Douglas K. N. L. M. liner into the harbor where it will be met by representatives of President Manuel Quezon and Mayor Juan Jasadas. AliOAHD LANUON CAMPAIGN IIAIN in Illinois, Oct. 9 (UP)—, fjov. Air. Landon told voters of Ine "doubtful" mid-west lodav 'hat Ihe New'Deal's "great pnl- '"iwl nnchlne" can and will ii»' bo.ilen dcspile "billions of dolla'n' -ol your money—in their cam-1 P.nlBii funds.'" | The Republican-, presidential! nominee, opening' his drive , for Ine electoral votes of the vital Mates of Illinois, Ohio, Michigan I aud Indiana, campaigned throuyh I Illinois cilics, en route to Chicago 1 for a major speech on budget balancing. ' '"Hie New Deal con be beaten" Governor Landon declared al Ihe first early morning rear platf6rm speech at Fjceport. "The American |>eo:>le can have ; their nation one):," ' • ' , ; "We may be opposed by khe .greatest political machine Ihis country ever has'..seen. Our opponent, lllfly have. billions o! dol : nrs—of your money Incidentally':• tbeir campaign fund, But no'v Hat we are convinced In our own Tiliuts Ihat we will .win, victory' is assured." f\ T r> *. ' Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 9. (UP) —Thc cotton market was two- sided loday.l ending three to five points down for the nears, unchanged lo four points up for the dlstants/ The foreign market was firmed with a small amount of hedging, open high Oct 1187 1194 Dec 1183 1189 Jan 1131 118S Mar 1185 1194 May 1182 1192 July 1114 1183 1174 1180b ------ _„ „, . -jx. in 11,1,1 , l/Ut lltu uwvt «'rt*l «V IIL5 nOtUt! WAS These clinics were made possi- 1 found to be wearing a big Landon ' c " th re mae possi- oun o ' b ' c "y thc sa| e of Christmas scaU sunnower. Mrs. Justice stone wis was head- very nice aud was sure a photo which l!lst - t ^ j ,„, nuo iifrtUl- ed by George W. Barham In Mississippi counly with Mrs. Ellon W. Klrby as Blythevllle chairman. Mrs. Sam Hodges as Osccola chairman, and Mrs Harrv Sullivan as Wilson chairman ' S|»la closed al 1230, unchanged. Two Drunks Fined Gene Lowery was lined 415 and Granl Thomas Jlo In municipal court this morning on charges of public drunkenness. T. Tolaiid failed to appear and his bond was forfeited on a charge of public drunkenness. could be arranged later. Justice Sutherland sent out word 'that he was 111. Justice Brandcis was non co-operative. Justice- McRcynolds refused. Justice Duller became enraged at an attempt to snap him in his nulomobUc. He poked his cane under Hie photographer's nose and cried. "You get out of here!'' Court May Slay Intact One table says the oldest of Ihe jusllces has a life expectancy of more than four years and so it might be deduced thai Ro would have no chance to fill a vacancy if re-elected. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, Oct. 9. (UP) —Hogs: rcceiptA, 4,500. Top, 10.40. 170-240 Ibs., 10.25-10.35. 140-160 Ibs., 9.90-10.25. Bulk sows. 8.90-9.35. Caltle: receipts, 2,500. Slaughter slecrs, 5.25-10.CO. Mixed yearlings and heifers, 5.50-7.50. Slaughter heifers, 4.50-9.75, Beef cows, 4.00-4.75. Cullers and low cutters, 3.003.75. Chicago Wheat O|)en high low close Dec 1141-4 115 1-4 1H 1-4 115 .. May 1125-8 113 5-8 112 6-8 113-3- Roosevelt .Ncars St. Paul , ABOARD ROOSEVELT SPECIAL. Oct. 9 (UP) _ President Roosevelt loday sped northward through rain-swept Iowa for St Paul, Minn., where late this afternoon he will bid for the electoral votes of Minnesota In a leech from the steps of the cap- He ..headed,,for. St. Paul from pubuqiie, Iowa, scene of" a' brief address and a 45-ininule molor tour'-of Inspection of WPA 'projects. Pelted by ..cold rain, as he sat In car, Mr.•'Roosevelt was • cheered by thousands' of c'l'tl-'' zens along his route, of inspection ..Before he left the train he i|)oke extemporaneously from ih» rear platform, paying tribute lo the memory of (he late Senator Louis Murphy of Iowa, whose family he greeted In. his private Explaining'his present trip, Mr Roosevelt observed that "soine' people might call It political" but in reality It was for the purpose Of studying conditions at first hiinrl. "The Information will be useful whether T am elected or not" le concluded. ' Confederate Pensioners Will Receive Payments LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 9. (UP)— Payment of pensions to Confederate veterans and their widows on October 20 was authorized to day by the state pension board composed of Stale Auditor Charley Parker and Secretary of Stale Ed P. McDonald. Employes of the state auditor's office, where lhc warrants will be written, estimated that 2,500 persons would share In the dls- burse-mcnt. Parker, in announcing the pay- menfs, said the. per.Uon fund contained $102,651, only a part of which, however, would be used In paying the pensions. Payments for Class A pensioners will be $25, Class B. $12.50, and Class C. $8.50. The last payment to. pensioners was made December 21, 1935. Sorting out cartridge clips captured from government- forces on the Navafiln front., these Spanish rebel soldiers, tike (heir mothers at a canning bee. form.a sociable circle as Ihey work. After (hey are sorted, cartridges sullublc for rebel guns are returned lo live enemy —on whins ol dealh. Former Oi! Mill Worker Asks $20,350 Damages P. N. Norwood has filed suit in circuit court here against the Bly- thevlllc CottoVi Oil company for damages as v a result of personal Injuries, allegedly sustained while working. at the colton oil mill here. He asks $20,350. He alleges permanent Injury to his left leg In an accident at the mill and claims that It was due lo' the negligence of Ihe defendant. Thief Abandons Pants He Finds He Can't Fill If Percy Mott were a smaller man lie might be wearing a barrel! Friday. A prowler entered Moll's residence, 109 West'Sycamore, last night and • carried otf a considerable quantity of "Ills clothing, Including several jpairs of trousers, "flic clothes 'were •••later' found - abnndoihxl In 1 ' 1 an open freight cur ' on a siding. • ." .; The Intruder apparently-took '.thfe-: clothes without stopping' : to''examine them. After hiding: in the box car he discovered thai the garments were far too big for him and discarded his loot, police con- jeclureri. .Members of Ihc Blythcvllle Board of Trade, where Mott ii employed, estimate that his trousers are two yards around at the top. ;s MISSING Weyerhaeuser Kidnaper Transferred lo Asylum WASHINGTON. Oct. 9 (UP) — The justice department loday announced the transfer of William young Qeorge Weyerhaeuser, from young Geoi-gc Weyerhcauser, from the federal prison al Lcavemvorlh to Ihe Springfield, Mo., hospital for lhc Insane. | The transfer took place on Sen-1 leinber 15. I Officers Decline to Reveal Progress in Highway 18 Accident Probe It was learned today that a Blythcvilte truck driver has been questioned in connection with a Highway 18 accident last Saturday night in which Gladys E. Duncan, 25-year-old Kkron youth, was fatally Injured. So far as could be learned no Warrants had been tailed for anyone In connection with the case and oflicers declined to say whether they learned anything which might result in Ihc filing of criminal charges. Young Duncan had his left arm crushed when a truck collided with or sldeswipcd his car. Later Ihe ann became infected, causing his death Tuesday morning. In reports of the accident it was said that the driver of Ihe truck slopped momentarily but Ihcn drove away. Funeral sen-Ices for Ihe accl- denl victim, which were to have been held Thursday, have been postiwned until Sunday, awail- fng arrival of a brother. Clifford Duncan, who lives in Shastcr, Calif. The Rev. Harmon Holt will officiate at the services to be held al the Cobb Funeral Home chapel on Second street. Intcr- mcnl will be made at Elmwood cemetery. Boston Police Advance Theoiy of Possible Double Killing :'-,BOSr6N- OiK'T -tuj'^uwn- pcainnce of the fiance of Mis Giace Asquith 41-scai-old blond wlcUw,vtp(lay' complicated police efforts 'to' solve .llpsTon's gruesome harbor/ mystery.' ' Aiillioritlfc -'satisfied themselves that .(be dismembered legs found floating. In two--burlap bimdlr-s Monday belonged to Mrs. Asmilth n^ former shoe model. They were disturbed, however, because it-became known that John Albert Lyons, 38, swcplheart of the dead woman, apparently disappeared the same day that she last was seen alive. Police said Lyons and Hfrs. As- quilh might botli have been murdered by a jealous suitor of the widow. Identification of th c I CBS wns made through n callous on n lc heel of the right fool which corresponded with a depression on the right heel of all shoes found al thc Asqullh home. State Saves $136,317 by Purchasing Bomls nc, ! n meetingT^M ^", d ""' IHM-vU J Inn?? 'A "" llorliK " 1 SH- sUle to,,rt'" 1,^, ,'?, P " rclms2 for a cath ™ ctl " L 51.123,256.40 iur a cash outlay of $58093893 Hie slate, by Inlying the'' bonds' earned a discount of $130,317 according to Golf L-iasl Left Open to Peimit Govcimnent Forces to Evacuate > HUIJQOS. Spain, Oct. 9 (UP) — Hebcl columns coopciatcd In n s'(]uee/lng mnneuvci fiom the "oiili and south of Madild today In a thunderous offensive on all fronts against the cmbaltlcd Spanish capital. The final dilve for Madrid proceeded fastci (linn any anticipated. The icbcls aheady claimed the capiinc of 2500 lojallsU In the Credos mountains, west of the Madrid highway Cicn Amcllo Mola's northern rebel foiccs, which had been nmi'v- Ing time Joined wilh thc smilhcin Insuigcnt.s In thc sweeping squeeze, play. They left the easlein finnt cleat wllh Madild still hiving easy access to the Mediterranean seaboard ports apparently m (he hope Ihat the loyalist would'flea bcfoic Ihe deslructlon of Madild by bombiidmcnt is necessaiy Fascist soldleis diou 1 government Iroops out of Navalpcial, lliclr mountain icdoubt noilhwest of Madrid, jesteiday In n uiooilv push which crowned two weeks of constant atlacks A squadron of insurgent bombers came and went "with tcnible legulniity," atilhorllative sources tald, chopping Iheh loads 'ura then returning to -Avlla foi more. Insurgent artillery shel!e<| the village as .the bombing planes woopcd low, straling the government soldiers The defending aillllcry squads stuck (o theii Held plccci' but Ihetr nte was weaker than 'that of the. Fascists ; > " Oeneial , 'Mangada'S' armored •'^iiileridpaO^Ing^to '-'llenfe-Ihe insuigcnt guns, senl barrage "aftei barnigc Into their lines When the shelling and bomblnn eeascd, Ihe Fascist, who wcrg reported (o be mostly 'Biawiiy Moois, leaiwd to the assault ana a bitter hand-to-hand stiugplc ensued. Tlic goiernmcnt militiamen weio slowly driven fiom the lines '.hey had held for nearly Ihrcc months. Theli ictreat was oldeily Tho number of government casualte was not known. . • if State Election Board Meets to Fi|I Vacancies LITTLE nOCK, Oct. 9. (UP)— A meeting ot tile slate election Tjoard was to be held late this afternoon In the icccption room of Gov J M nitrcHs office to fill \acaticles on tlnec counlyj boaids where men named last week have declined to act. In Craighead county Edwin' F. Robertson has resigned from : the county board as has one member each of thc Saline and Montgomery county boaids. Although no official action, had been taken early this afternoon it was learned .from reliable sour-." .ces that James E. Parr named to the Craighead county board to succeed Robertson. Chicago Corn Open high lcw close Dec. 05 1-8 90 3-8 05 1-8 B6 1-4 May 00 3-4 91 1-2 DO 3-4 91 3-8 Carson Lake Man Dies John Goble. 03, died at his home In thc Carson Lake community last night following a lengthy illness from diabetes. PVneral services were held this afternoon and burial made at Ihe Carson Lake cemetery with the Moss Funeral Service In charge of arrangements. "1 by his wife, Mrs. Goble, two sons, Eu- Jatnes Coble, and one Mrs. Arline Moss, all of Ihat community. StOCfi Prices NEW YORK. Oct. 9. <UP>- Thc stock market today scored its eighth consecutive daily advance In volume around thc two million shares mark. Steel, motors, many of the rails and mercantile shares and several utilities made new tojxs for ihe year or longer. Gains ranged to more than two points A. T. and T 178 ]. 2 Anaconda Copper 415-8 Beth. Steel -\\ 5.3 Chrysler 'J26 3-4 Cities Service 41-2 Coca Cola m . Gen. Am. Tank -60 Gen. Electric 43 5.9 Gen. Motors 717-8 Int. Harvester 881-2 McKef.son-Robbins 101(1 Montgomery Ward 521-2 N. Y. Cculral 48 3-1 Packard 13 Phillips Pet 45 1-4 Radio 10 3-4 SI- L --S. F 23-8 Simmons Beds 441-8 rd of N. J. .. 64 5-8 Co 431-2 S. Smelting 85 S. Sleej 76 1-2 Sets Execution Dates For White Man, Negro LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 9. (UP) — Gov. J. M. Futrcll today set Friday, Nov. 6, as-thc execution date for Dennis Turner, a white man, and Willie Smith, a Drew county negro, both of whom had been convicted of murder. Tiic, stale supreme court recently a0lrincd the conviction of both men and denied rehearings of their cases. Turner was convicted of killing his former wife, a WPA worker, at Tinsman. Cape Girardeau Baby Investigates Bee Hive CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo., Oct. 9 (UP)—Barbara M_oore, 2, was recovering today from nearly 100 bee stings suffered yesterday when she .upset a hive in order to "see what caused • the buzzing." WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy tonight and Saturday. . Memphis and vicinity — Parlly cloudy tonight. Saturday generally fair and somewhat cooler. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 81. minimum 64, cloudy with 2:11 inches of rain- rls, official weather observer.

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