The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1939
Page 2
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PAGE TWo BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1939 FLAPPER FANNY, Brooks Gray Wins. Freedom ; Arsonist Gels Suspended Sentence OSOEOLA, Ark, Oct 24.—One murder case im Giving ^hlte persons;^ one' major grand larceny case r Involving the th'efl of around $4,000; -one case of arson ; In connection wltji a nlghl riding case and five additional casts of mis- cdlantout felonies disposed of made up the first 'day of the crlm- inal aivlslotj of ( circult court held here yesterday jt\\pi 3. T. CosLoh, Osceola attorney, acting . as special judge in toe absence of Judge G. E Keck of BlythevlHe, who was ' prevented from coming due to Illness in his family. ,Tn the murder case, Brooks Cray, 57-year-old farmer' living en part of the Victoria plantation operated I by J. F. MUrrier, was acquitted of i the. murder of his ison-lh-lnw.i .John Doster, whom he shot and j killed at the .'alter V home lust 1 July dlmailng quarrcDs over alleged mistreatment of Dostcr's Tiite, daughter cf Gray. The July deliberated obly about twenty minutes. Gray *«s-represented by at- toiTieys Joe < Rhodes and Oeoige Basil Segraves, jr Pictures taken more on "deckel, in cose of n jury by Deputy Sheriff Leo ,Shrleck of trial.' Ihe jurors were told they the Dostw.hbme, both exterior and would be notified to -return Wc.-I- Interior \Icws; the shot-riddled ncsday morning for Die case. shlrl worn by D6sl«r yvlien 'shot; I Tom McAlesl-or of Webber Falls, AND REMODEL Questions and Answers Q, What causes most houses? ' fires FHA Improvements Are Now Suggested Under (he Modernization Credit p|an of (he Federal Housing Ad- "I can't introduce him if. I don't know !iis name!—we've had a coupla'fights, but that's all."- " "•• and both Bhofguns 'Vised' by the two men "neie Introduced as exhibits . • . Louis Johnson, ncgio, cihngcd Oklahoma, and Earnest Butler of Victoria, young white men, were fined ten dollars and costs til two chnrges each of petty larceny for with arson In connection with the looting milomoblte.s nt Liix-om Snt- burnlng of some cottcn imdei the '"'day night. They were in-rested - • barn-shed of'-Rttftts:C, Branch lust Fail was given a two-yeai WB- pericled sentence.' Johnson, one of four negroes arrested last Fall in connection with night riding in the Pecan Point section.-'.received a ten-jear sentence at the Mm en term of ccurl. Tlie Arkansas Supreme Court set the verdict aside on ihe ground that Ihe e\ldence was not sufficient, Independent ot Johnson's purported confession which he repudiated on die stnnci He has been • in .the Osccoln jail since last October". Included In the. other minor by Herman Splccr. Mrs. Myrtle Pstter.wii ,was given n.fivo yen i- 'sentence^ ?ou>' yenrs of which were suspended, on a inr- ccny chnrge In the theft of about $4,000 from Mrs. Emmn Brtekcy. She entered a pl« of guilty. Mrs, Pearl Conway Is Injured In. -Acadent nfyri\-,s\r A " '* i s-. L i : -* OfcCt.OLA. Ark Oct.. i'L- Down Memory Lane !l), Years Passing of the horns today sccihed to crnflim the fehi; that, Arban J 1 . DItemiw, attempting the .eastward crossing of the Atlantic in his tiny monoplane had perished.. Kelser, Ark.—Eight Indies of the Kelser PTA association have gone Irit: the cotton fields (a zztn money to heljj pay for n new piano at the local school. '••'''. '.. -., Five Years'Asp". Neiv hope',.will' come l:niorrow fqi'vthe first 15 families ta'bc; moved intoj.ieiV; h'oii'sns on': the 'government Ing. and c'ciulructloh of firesloiM mtnlslr'atim, a home o,iner° may A. Most conflagrations in house, ^^ %&& ^'1" ^V^^^^^ p^fcr'^js: ^r^eSon^r^ £Si t^*«; ^^^^^• f k:m^ ln >, , trie wiring, carclessne.^ in me we outside the house. Where practi- and plumbing sy7lcn"° huMion a Some 40 Completed Re- InC™"' ^h$ST lw> a " ll i ca *. ( llle ftcati011 of tlie "^ al IT " Qrc "<""»~e the - - ' yromaneous combustion, a distance from other buildings Is kitchen. There ore, in addition (o •• further safeguard against lire these, countless other eligible ru- i -T ~ cently and Others Under Construction The pasl six months has given Blythcvillo 40 new residences and noj'e than 100 others have been mv >r;ved In a steady house building program which has reached every section of the city. Tlie new houses Q. What arc filestore? A. Tho space between studs, fi'oni without. ; pairs. Tlie cwncr ials_ and Methods Claim Is which might occur in the Icwcr i'le httisc of loclay is as much — of an apartment advanced over the house oi 10 years and does not, house, or other Income-producing a Bo as the modern automobile dlf- have many electric outlets, Is ll property, may improve the interior ftrs from u 10-year-old machine flnngerc'iis to have a number of and exterior cf the building • Federal Hcuslng Administrator fire have have cost approximately $ 185,000 = " 1CSC s )' a ccs with wood blocks or nnrl nf n Tin,,c l ui ,, u .-c,-.-.... >.v ii»»t; rt iiiiiiiuci «* "— *-«%viiu* .vi Ule IJllHnnig, A «ni;iai nvuanuj fa &up a 'S ^a^l": ^i^ drRW iwwcr f ™ n °" c ^^*&^^M™^-^W:™^™*V' safeguard against such spread of fire, a (irestop is made by closing ('ehflbil!lall,*n cojdns' In: Missis'sippi coiinty. Tfiibks will-start ,'at 'day- jlirenk tomorrow from' 16 Arkansa- counties,, taking the 'fuiiilljes'. (o the _ . , s. e Pearl ConwB.v, former nupe in experimental-- relief project, State ates nt the Ke , ler Administrator' W.'R,. Dyess n fractiirccl ,,,j,| ,..,:„.. ; - : - . .. J . . charge of the aged Inmates county farm, sustained snid tcday. '',, One Tciir Aj;i):. BlythevIilQ Industffcs uu si- cases whiuh veie laT(en up duilng hin when her automobile strucS- recess periods of the court weie n tree in the yard of Joe Young,' those of Uoward Humphrey, white,(hear her home on Elizabeth nve- who, plead eullty to threatenlnB line Saturday afternoon. ah officer \\ltli a deadly weapon J , Mrs. Comvuy was endeavoring '-" ns ' lie- -was given a suspended sen-1 to teach her nlecs, Betty Svie Con- ,.? NS ':,. C ,p ct !. vc . I 9 d ay. a » rt many nesses which come under provi5- ' new federal wa^e-hour tenco. JtJe-,-was-'arrestca by SheltSvay, ,tq .(Ji'ive-.anQ hail v P"niiUed "*>°.r,tler line" businesses, prpccecHiv,' HaiTison 'Iiflhe 1 Idww end of the," Her"to : 'Uai-rTh'e' car -ami drive tlie c " ttle theory, "whcn'.ln doubt; coin- nnd ol least $125,000 hns been spent for Improvements. Long kncwn ns a. city which hns never had enough houses, it is' believed that another year will cee nt least 25 more erected which will aid substantially in improving honsim- conditions here. Although practically all of the slniolures were erected for owners, several were rental properties'niid hew' owners moving in left 'needed houses for-oilier renters. ..Most cf Ihe houses were in-.'the popular price class which Is.a 'sign of. healthy 'growth, according • to FHA and building experts. One of the upper bracket houses not yet finished is the CKritbii colonial house being • erected by: : Mr. and Mrs. Rwsseli, Phillips. ' pthifr brick houses which will have such luxury features as heating plants include those of Paul Byrilm .and L. B. 'Matthews which are riearing completion. • '. • •' Some of the: ileuses ,vary widely in plans while most; of them are of the cottage type .with an .Early American (.rend. The E. M. 'prynii residence has created .much comment witli its unusual treatment to obtain ficutliern .exposure, sun porch.on the rear and other features. The new B. W, : Tuwcnlt iiouse, not yet finished, Is true CnlUorninn with a sun ; porch, terrace and ccrncr windows .aiTaugcd m-an.unusunl plii'n.-.'• • •, ; .. : ' Of :Cape Cod design, ,thc^L.:G. Nash residence is elmllnr''.to severai others erected «itii a rear" picket fence and blue shul.tcrs,to make it stand out. The Thpmas B. I ivy house, now under'constriicti:n, Is decidedly different from most, of the new houses here being built of English design with a .grey Stucco come Incombtistlble material. use—radios, plionographs, ar c !,!„ • -• f "" u r«,'renm-sh walts'.and' "In ihe piisl decade" he s'ald •''* so'HOOK, or put-'in- new plumbing, "there-Das-been-, great -industrhi' In Funds"for carrying ; out 'this work ' progrcs's in -s ? '' . 1 ! wuslrl!l1 ui uiibettlea e;o- f.ewing maclilnes, picture urojcc- n ,„ ,. .... . tors, cui'llng irons, heaters, and so Qln buldmga house, what arc on-and multiple receptacles avnll- thc mctt Important comldernlions ,,ble at any dime store, particular for lire prevention? cflrc shouM be - cxcrclset | llot to A. HIE essenUnJs are good fire-' overload a circuit. Under no clf- place and chimney eonslructlon, cumstances should fuses be rc- sepaiatlon and insulation of placed with others of higher're- framing from chimney and sislance. The use of pennies 'In cc, proper Insinuation of fuse sockets is foolhardy as it cie^ heating systems and electric wir-, a tes a definite 'lire "hazard nrep ace, proper tios qualified by FHA. frcm. lending iiistitu- n'omlc'aiict world eoriaiUons. This bv PITA. progress lias been fell in the'•housing 'field as in no other. Industry Ml; making homes more durable more attractive, and more livable! Attached Garage Is iveli- county. short distance on'the side street P'v" turned In sbmeivhr.t perpiexed The case of Motion diay, white between her home on Reiser ave- ftts li'°n today lo compliance with youth of Kelscr, chaiged with n " c l ° her sister, Mrs. Paul Con- tllc mos ' t ' fcir-rcacliing industrial Eta^iitory cfre"nse ngalnst two girls'Way's home en. .Elizabeth avenue, legislation In years. near Kelser, \VDS nol piossed upon| Cli a'pprouclilng .'the inteiiectlon to l \ . —— rEccmmendation ot Bruce ivy, tne Itt Wer and seeing several cars " ........if. prosecutor, because of lack of e\l-1 F 6ss! "2, tlie child, was instructed aence and .the: fact ..'that no one appeared to prosecute / Willie -PoTtarnelrt,, negro, was given sh months oh the countv fa ' ' to remove ^ foot from tfie celerator which is thought to Imve I stuck, causing the car to plunge Ihe 'tree. The car was 'coriv- COURTS tor larceny In connection nlctc !- v demolished.. Municipal ncuii sessions of the pnsi. .t«'o dnys disclose that, lift {ook'Mrs/Contay ^te police are,palrollng highways Melvin WoodaB, charged v\iU) robbing E L, Grimm of $90, Ms guen a suspended senleiice on Ills pica of gmlly anil the agrecmeiH with Mr. Grtam lhat he make restitulicn and retinn to Missouri with Ins parents G." Hart'slll Banks of Oscebi.t; iV. ;r. Toycatt ol L\L\oia, »nd S B liozellE of rtosa-' \\ Drc * nnnwd jury commissioners for nevt term ol court and Instructed by Judge J..T. Coslon. Tlic case or Aiitrmr Ken-comb of OtriiiUi, Miss, arrested on October 16, ajid suspected of complicity in the hold up of five men and a girt and 'tlie UidnapinB of a man ,al Basscit is : lo come up to- da> U Mr. Ne? comb pleads sfisillj the case win be disposed of in ro'i- tirie' fashion alo'ng. "\nth .several For Sale! Eu<ntic.s.-, known .is Urn Ilitkarj Inn, aiross frcim flkn Schco). Will conslilcr Ions-term lease to right partj. 5ce Ol'rt E, H, Deafte OLD HICKORY INN and Sl5- • nre being niacJe for p.ilblic . ,. •There tvere 21 arrest's inade over the weekend for. public'dninkcn- placed 1 In .'n".body. cast -cmovcd to the- home of her ter. Mrs. Pniil Cohvfny. Mrs. Conway had resigned from :he poslticn "I, the county farm rifss and several arrests made for two weeks ago. traffic violations, some of which 'will be tried later. Masnru Arp Tn Mppf Thc cslsi ot Cil>1 Hcuson, chars- iriasons arc lo.iYteet _ „, witll recklcss rfrMng niid ]c ^_ At WlfSOn Tonight '"S " 10 SCCI1C cf an accident, was I set for Pi-tday. fIcnson was ar- OSCEOLA, Ark., Oct. il.-Prep- ^ stert f °' lo «' ln e "'• nccldcnl Sun- arations are being made to enter- d " 5 c '" "'B'lwny '& nt Hie bridge tain arcund one luradred members] " c " r , "ie liegro remeieiy when the of Osceola chapter of Royal Areiil"" 01 ; . drlvc " b - v "cnson is said Masons Number 67 nl a barbc-''?, lmvc collided with u Jodie cued chiiAer. dinner nt the Wilson ""bers .truck. Masonic rooms tonight; according', Andrew Collins, negro, was fined to Evcre'U Reid. High Priest ot the chapter. Royal Arch Mnsons from Mem- In the three bedroom .group are' residences of. Mrs." M. G.- Goodwin, R. L. SlockeU, J. P. Friend, Gcorgii II. Gi'iar, B. J. Alien tmd Havvcy Morris. Apartments have been erected by James Tciry and Rchkcrt Wclch- ^rd Martin and W. 'c. ' ' ' two bedroom houses" erected Imve been those of W. '& Afflick, P. is. Cgoley, ! 'S. E. Webb',' W. L. Hcrne'r, /Clbert Taylor, .Wyse PCTIT,', c. Johnson, c, G. Sipith Jr., Prank Wagner, B. F. Bro'ti^bnj Miss kamp; Lawier. Among , . . Willie Ncbhnt, N. J. Humphrey, I.. C. Pbsey, Mrs. - P. E. Fox. Li V. Mallory ami Harry Henni. ten dollars' after he plenrt guilty to a charge of violntion ct the fish Surface Showing Cracks and Scales Gives Little . Service Canning Factory Is Repainted Throughout The Blythevllle Canning Company is being repainted throughout the interior to give-ihe factory and offices a brighter background wMcli can be easily clcan- .. .. I "--..^."^ »."...,.. llvn.^' I1UIJ1LO 1J1 \VLU- Holly sli-cct, with designed and well-cqiilpued nelgh- 1 Mnr i^nn i i ,_ ,- _.:..;. .. l . '.'^'t>ii the driveway on Madison. Tlici'e is a sun deck'above, which has'a colonial rail. borhoods by giving the benefit of m:rtgage insurance to houses which meet these requirements." GENESEO,. N. Y. (UP)—A school house once attended by President Chester A. Arthur wns raised from Cracking and scaling are two of oi) H vi <m when members of the Liv- j the methods by which viaiiit, ' n sston County Historical society weathers. Some of the causes of Placed, a ' marker.'on the building, this, painters say, arc Ihe use of j :' cw used as n storage place, paints containing an excess, on. Assemblyman James" J. Wa'ds- hard nanelastic . pigmenLs,': heavy coats of paint not properly rubbed ont, paints mixed with ah''excess of fatty linseed all, cr cheap-paints containing an excess of unsuitable pigments and oils, which form a brittle instead of an clastic film. '". Other reasons advanced by paint aulhorilies «rc: Painting over a peeling, cracking, or scaling old coal. without removing the paint; priming with such pigments HXjjgggLL as iron cxidc, -Venation red, ochre, •- 1 -^ = -—-' or Dutch pink; long-deferred r"e- •lainilng, eEpecially when a brittle or scrmbriltle iiaint was tisert ^^^ worah spoke - at the ceremonies. fiead Ccurier NeWs want acis. c.mbinecl with brown timbers.; ... previously; .and painting over.:,wood. 'having an excess of resin in it. \ All paint experts advise against spacing.the paintings over too long jperjotls. Funds for repainting may Tje 'obtained , from lending institu- .tlcns qualified by FHA under the Ivlodernization Credit Plan. ;J. P. Hollands Purchase j / C. R. Layman Property i Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Holland have purchased the C. R. Layman rcs'i- • Rigid-Span, dence at 1101 West Main street will move in a few Wtd« \Vrinqcr targs Cuihion Rolli- Tub Porcelain on Both Sidai Rufabar Ctith* foiled Tub. Coy kr, a n d Motor — Ho VTfa ration Bridge- lypo struction. Co 0«en.Slltl. . » Uilmg Polar . Whitt Soap-rt- silting' Finish. • Oiled ft" U( a Youll he amoied crt iha many new Ihinga this super -washer does to make HODI» Icunderiag apioasutfl. Now—abso- lulely pecf^cf rinsing with ono-'tbird Iho limo and etlorl, and -wjthout using a bleach. Also has pump. Empties all Eoiled water for 7ou direct fo /aundry- tub, Ji you lake prid» in Bnowy white, sparkling bright clothes sea this waeher ba'fbra yc*uj next washday. where they weeks. The house is being repaired both on the interior and outside and will be redecorated through- wt The exterior, which has stucco HARD AW AY APPLIANCE wnll.s and n green trim, will be repainted in all while arid, the interior will be rcftnishcd. Technical Help Give n Home Buyers To Avoid Difficulties : game Inws. Ho is Mlescd to | 'Ilic nvernso family; in buying u phis, BlythevtUe, Joitesboro and. ! lavc tlse d R giil net lor fishini; nil home mirtcr the Kericrnl Upanto have Iwen iiivitert. Amon;; Armorcl Lake. I Aiiininistratton's Insured Mortgage /Pray Lihclscy \i p ar> fined SIOo' System, is able to nvoitl many 'of he entered a plen of guilty the ' common . mistakes intc the prominent visitors expected isi Ur. H. F. Ci-nwford of Memphis, formerly of Wilson and for many jf.nrs Hie most outstumlini; leader the .inliilence of'liquor. '" ifnsonry In this section. Dr. Blackle Maynard, Crawford did pioneer work in or- fined $50 on a charge ot cnnylny The additional safeguards in 8 chnrge of driving while unflcr ' pcreons unfamiliar %Uth the tcclini- calilies of mortgage transactions often full, PIIA officials say. gnnli'ntloii of chapters in thlc ilay. concealed weapons, ot dii'l roads and poor inui.s[i!>r(a- cotntiuinicntion. Thonuis Jcnes was diwrt icn dol- charge of speeding to cfloitular degrees ttlilch he entered R picu ot guilty. similar fine was meted out to Exccllfiil Mnstcr. and Koyal Arm Orvilt Muyhtw, who tiisn plcndcd EUilty, IKU. Ills fine- v,-ns y-livc.residents of Wilson nrj the peace. . A neighborhood quarrel led to ttic arrest of Mrs. Bill Noble who hearing Saturday on a charge of assault and battcvy DRIVE TO LEFTY'S SERVICE STATION AHK-IUO STATE LINE FOR NOW MANAGED BY Walter Cox, Jr.. and E. M. Murray 1039 V c >»nl«v D ll.tlir, ( (vVr, IK FHA's plan vf home buying lur- nisli families of moderate incomes with a MI rev nnd n\orc convenient, method of purchasing a home. I-'inv persons have the lechnlcnl and specialized . kniwlcriyc necessary for the completion ot a home- buying transaction, l-'HA officials point out. Few persais know tiie difference between a well-built and a Khot-'iiy hou:^c. Hie cvuhinliou of the r.elgliborhood, nnd the advantages and disadvantages «I dltlcr- cnt tyixis of mortgages. tjnder FHA's plan of home pur chase, the average family is able to obtain the services of technically trained valuators, appraisers, and architectural inspectors. .Linoleum Tile Reduces Moisture A linoleum tile which may be applied tn coua-elc uwlcrrKon, on or telow grade is being offered builders nnd home owners by Us niaini- fnctureif, who explain that IIic patented consiruction ,cf the tiles consists oj inliiid linoleum vitli a waterproof membrane udhc-ivc back. . iic&idfi, iirolccting Uie tile iiom m:bl\irc and alknll, it K clalmcrt, the adhesive qimlily fncillimej,- in- staliatioh and assures perfect burnt with the miilerfloor. It in.iv lie installed In existing honifi v.-itli funds obtained from Qualified ]emiin» in. slltutlens laider the JlodErairatia- Credit Plan of the Federal Housln* M^lni.tratfon. Dcurler Nmvs, \\unl ads. J. \\, ADA.11S, Slgr. * 5th Phone 233 PROTECTION plus CHARM • * * $ia?s our idea of today's rooj CERTAIMTEED The World's Largest Manufacturers of Quallly Asphall ftoofing nnd Shingles have a Roof for -Every Purse and Purpose. urpose. Our expert roofers will api>ly any roof you select irdinjr to manufacturer's directions anrf yon will e issued ;i full guaninlec of lusting ijuaiity and protection. K you roof on Ji'tTA plait first monthly comes due 30 days ailer i'oof is applied.' Wo down payment required. '.'••' E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Improvenicnls for yotir home cati be financed (hrough (he FHA plan, payable in small amounts cfich month. T3on'l deny your family the building refinements that will make your house 'a real home. Talk wilh us about your-plans. Phone 40 ... and Only a Few Dollars per Month Paid for the Entire lob 1 Payment P|qn,- you tan buy. a perfect point job on ilimo—juil. as you would buy o carl Stop in ot'our store today, lei us explain ihis easy-pay plan. And sliov^ you some samples of SWF's beautiM, long- lived colors. You'll want (o know, loo,about'lha' rcmorkobla newSW?Un<Jer- coolei thai seals/^bnlets" A\ end smooths out roughest ' surfaces willi o singls coall S»I5'«iSlVP HOUSE PAHfl $2.98 ^ if Store is PAINT HEADQUARTERS SHO USE-HENRY HARDWARE GO. "THE PROGRESSIVE STOKE" J. W. Shouse -Phone S3 , AVilson Henry

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