Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 1, 1942 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 1, 1942
Page 3
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SATURDAY; AUGUST 1; '1942 NAWATUCK DA1EY NEWS, i|\Vp| .'ho in-, at Women's Activities H Page Three MINNIE T. AHERN, EDITOR (I oi nj S(!i HlMJ on; •is Select Utensils By the Size of Your Family r ,,,,,-k yum- prnsot supply of por- ' ,,„';,,,,,'liMl ulenslls with re;'';:;;, ,„ m,, slxc «.f your family. 't.-iisils ''" r lno <lvol ' {l tf° family f I'litii 1 . t' 1 "' Instance, should In',' ,,, ,;,ucv pans In- .1, 2 and 9, r t sl/rs, a •Unmrt covered kot- !I/ |i-(|ii;irl dlsluwn and siioii oth- ;t s a f>-(|iwrt teakettle, 10- niaslliiK or Iwko pan, 1 nitbU' bollei'j 10-lnoh pie ; .1 (-•> i|uu>i't coffee nia'k- ,ll,'in-< f ,, ,,,,,-n ixrcpurutlon of meals M< j,'i'. .iiKuiKMial utrnsils sometimes ', n , ,| ( 'siral)lr, IhmiKh nol- ab.solulo- j v ,,^,. n li:il. AmilhiT larger eovererl ', | ;, n r| :;-iiwirt pudding pans, 'ml ,i Hutch oven are oonvunion'l Invr in.uiy uses In Hie kltohen. the freshness of fruits idles, refrigerator storage in various sixes are helpful, linllrs, bastliiK spoons, a trl- r sink ilralnrr, mixing bowls, ivd maslcr, and various oth- isil* svhit'b are not used uvery ISM nmli'lluilc lo Iho equipped kllohen. ,t!Ul Ttt IllSlll'' Jllii Vi'X-'l Distinction For Your Table com- COH.N FIUTTIOHS Mi cups fli'ur •sll'kul with 1 h]>. iMkliiK powder and 2' Lsp. snlt. •j i'irx yulks, well bealon; k cups itm iliMin If canned i.'orn Is aisod); i ,-xx wliilt's, stiffly .beaten, Clom- l,ln,. I've- yolks and oorn; add dry jnxri i 'li' 1 'il> a little at a tlmo, beat- I,K afli-r I'aclt addition. Kb Id In tvx' whiles. Drop Jn tables poo inln d' 1 -'!' li<>( fat (,'J70 ilogruos M.) ami fry until ,ynl<U i n brown. Drain on iH'xwn paper. To Be Wed Soon Simple trocfe (JIi\(JKU IlAltS nil-ills of one 'package of .-ul mix based on Mary 'in's awn recipe, with 1-2 ••dip \v;diT. Stir In 2-3 cup scinl- j\vt'i.'\t rliixMilult! broken Into small piei-w. Spread hatter In greased, 3h;ill"\v n'l'luMgiilar pan, .12 inches x vS inches x one Inch. Hake In a nwli-rati' oven (300 degrees F.) 3Q inlniih'.s, Cut into bars, remove frunipiUi. .'^ bars, ,'J Inelios x 1 Inch. URGES G! 6. P... DEFEAT IN FALL ll.irlfiinl. AUK. t—(UP)—-CongrsH- mm ll'Tinan I'. Kopplcinnnn .bo- li'-v.s loss of I'ongrt.'SH by the JJuni- wals this* fall will lunglhon tho \v,tr hy ii year, or pwluiptf more. II' 1 says (hi- rminlry should uluct iiicn who will not obstruct t MoosnvoHx- ^ ' ' HILLKI) IN PLAN!-: CHASH I'iii" MlnIT, Ark.. Aug. 1—(UP) — Pint 1 1'ilufi'school of aviation Iran Iiad it< st'cnrid fatal ah- crash In 24 hour*. Aviation flarlol llarvcsy George Thadcr, of KitlllaH, Washington, wis killed when his training piano MlliiH In riilil-iilr with .aiiother I'liii''. Thr pilot of' I ho'second'^li Ip fin'l' 1 a sufufssful forced landing. I k ATTISHN NO. 1822 Don't use-any old ccntorpieoe for your dining-room table, U- Is an important piece of furniture and deserves the best. 'If you can oroqhot at all, you can make simple i'JJet- urouhet and you will .be pleased at the absence of wordy instructions to follow. Tlrls 20-inch conterpieco plc-uu is an interusLing now design combining u double space center/ with corners of single-space. The' size o! tho centerpiece varies with! thu six.0 of uoUon used to make it. Pattern contains IIlet- crochet diagram of easy-to-sce dot- In-square method; also i'ull dirbc- L!ons. Send lie. (coin) for abovo pattern number to A'augatuck Daily News Noudle Arts Dep't, P. u: Box iT t o Station D, New York, N. Y, WILL CONDUCT SKItVICES Uuv. Jlichard W. Baxter of Mid iliubury will conduct the service; at St. Michael's Episcopal ohm-el tomorrow and during the month oi August, while Hev. Arthur F. Lewis rector, Ms on Ills vacation. VT HAY VIEW Mr. and Mrs. John KIssanc oi High street left today for Bay View Milford, whero they will spend the nuxt two weeks. ENTEHTAIMNti GUESTS Mr. and Mrs. ffenry Lewis and daughter, Marjorle, of Hartford, are'the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Doran of Grove street. MiSS BETTY JANE ItfOWREY Miss Mpwuoy, 'flh.yniitci 1 of* Mi 1 .'mid Mrs. Fred Mowrey br 84 Hocku>eII nyeiiVie vvill be inarricif'to Edinuiur Shilinskns, son of Mr. and Mrs. iTosc .Shilijjskas of Molliqurnp poui-t, oil Saturday, August 15. llptli Miss fttb'.w- Wy niul' Mr. Shiliijskas wore • iiioin-bcrs of the class of 1939, Nnufjaiuck School. ' .••..,-...- T l-'MKH Aug. l—(UP)—An 11AF frruu NS'i-llcslny Hills, Massa-. 'Its, Is i-cporled lo have been I In arllou. Ho was William a Spitfire pilot In an TOiig- Mi sipuulron. And according to "i p London armouneeniont, he lost lli;) lif' 1 In a i-f.-eent sweep over the •'on line tit. OUT ()!•' SLUMP nrd, August l~-(UP)-~The 'I Scjiulnrs f»f (lie Eastern hiivf! biMikon out of tliel'' with ;i bang. Thn Senalnrs Ilic Wllkrs-Harrc Barons, '•• MxhlliiK for the league twin t lo foul, 3 to 1- and 7 to I1KHK FOIt WEEK-EM) Poniard \Vcigard of New York city is spending the week-end with tils' wife arid daughter; Mary Ruth, who arc visiting aU the homo of Mrs. Wulgard's father, P. H/ Daly, of Elm street. ItETUIlNS HOME Mrs. Joseph Doran, who has been vl'sitlng relatives In Hartford and Bristol for the pas.t .week, lias returned to her homo on Grovo street. AT ST. Miss MAHY'S Patricia .CAMP Gulvln and Mlfes Dorothy Parker, both of Union City, aro spending u vacation at St. Mary's camp, In Putnam, Conn. MWSPAPEIl SOLI) , I—(UP)—Tim f; r ,,,, Tlrno has tho wor.-kly (Jrconwlc'h 'rcss. 'n,,. |i,, f , 8H W j|| opasR pub- ^ttlrui W ilh |u AtlKUHt ftlh Issiid. " lo I'M'ss pl.-m.t, It IH anriouncc.d, W| " '-'f'Mtiniiu Us Job-printing work. Victory Queen , HIM'TII ANNOUNCED Mr. anrliMrs. Frank ID. halley, 3rd. of Slalersvllle, H. 1,, announce the birth of a daughter, Margaret Anne, at tho Woonsocket hospital.' Mrs Lalley Is the former Lois Parkin of Naugntuok. 11ETI/KN FROM VACATION Mrs. A, Nauges and daughter, Mary, who have boon spending a vacation In New York city and Now Jersey, have returned to their home on Curtlss street. I OlUliat CURATE 1.IERE 'Mov. WIIMani Brewer, former curate at St. Francis' church, who has been visWng' in town, has returned to bia borne In Clinton. .+.*»'—: NAMED PASTOH ip,rovidence, \R. I., Aug. 1—(UP)— A former cha-philn- and professor at Providence college -has 'been, elected prior and named- pas-tor of a New York Llatbollc church. Ho is the Very Reverend'-.John. B. toceso: arid •}\o Is. the fif'St Dominican, alumnus of the collage to bo e-hoscn prior. Ills Now York post is at St. Vincent Ferrer's church. 50th Wedding Anniversary | *— ' • - , - . V ' Celebrated Last Night • 'Ovor 200 friends and -relatives of Mr. and Mrs. AlcxLundin of 70 May avenue were -present last night at the celebration -of their golden wedding anniversary held in the Salem. Lutheran church hall. They, were married ,luly' t 31,' 181)2, in Portland, Conn., and have resided in Naugatuck since that time. Rev. William R. Frendbcrg delivered, an address of welcome to tho gathering and Mrs. Victor Oiscm, president of Ihc Ladies' Aid society, spoke briefly on behalf of the board of ad ministration which sponsored the affair. A feature of the evening was the presence of Fred Thorcll of Wu- tcrbury and Mrs. 'Erie Andersoft of Bridgeport who as children were present when Mr. anft Mrs. Lundin vycre married 'and sang at the wedding. Among the speakers, at the celebration were Miss 'Delia Anderson, Carl Thonvpson, David Larson, Oscan 1 Swanson, and. Mrs. John Gis-s- landcr. A purse'Of-gold was presented to the gucsts-of-honor by i. V. Olson on behali' of the 'Churcii', and tlioso present, M.iss Justine Sanford pre- iontcd thcnv wHh 50 beautiful ycl-. low rosos in a gold 'basket.; Mr. and Mrs. Lundin , responded oy expressing their sincere appro-, iiation for tlic gifts and for everything that Avas being done to mako Lhclr 50th wedding anniversary a no morn-bio one. ' . Seated at the head' tal)lc wore Mr. and-.. Mrs. Lundin, .Rev. and Mrs. W. ft.- Fi'ondberg, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lundin and "daughter,; Esther; .two sl'Sters -of Mr. Lundin, Mrs. Augusta Abrahamson and Mrs. .lolin Wahi- sted'-of Springfield, -Mass., and Miss Ruth Wedin, a niece, who lives with the Lundins. • Membbrs of the oliuroh board' served -as ushers,, and .'M-ra. Jolin GissJandcr wa-s responsible \ for; the beaut'iful decoration-s in "tli'e hall. Telcg-rarns -of congratulation v/cre received from- New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio, and Illinois from people who were unable to ,be present. Among, these was one • from/Mr.s. H-ilrner Larson of Lynn, Mass,, wife of a farmer pastor of • tho Salcrn Lutheran church, and one from .Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Bailey of Norfolk, VOL., who <had installed the OJ'gan in Ui'c church. Adolph Nelson \yas .t.hc p.erson who started plans for the celebration, which iprovcd. outstanding in every way. Mr. -and Mrs. Lundin were -transported- to and from their homo by Airtlrur Nel-son. ReDreshniQii'ts wore, served and prepared- by .Mrs. Victor Olson, Mrs. Victor Robs, Mrs. Andrew G. Anderson, Mrs. Joseph' Noyaok, ' Miis. Matthew iOrlckspn, Mrs. John G'iss- Jandciy Mrs. Eric Johnson, Mrs 1 . Gunnarcl Anderson'and Mrs. J. Enlil Anderson. *» TIjat odd piece of furniture find a huyer if you use the CJassi- fled medium. PATTEUN 1G22-B ^V•hen yhiive you seen a dress which "1-bolvs qasJer to 'make at homo than the style presented in Pattern No. 1622-13? Since it buttons together across the shoulders and down the siclcs the entire frock opens, out ..flat for ironing, too. A practical' liome dress, it can be made for. very little cost in-percale, •seersucker, calico or gingham. Barbara Bell, Pattern No, 1(522-13 is designed -for sizes 1-i, 10, 18, 20; 40, 42 and', 44;.. Corresponding bust measurements 32, 34,; 30, 38, 4.0, 42 and 44. Size 1G (34) requires 3 yards 35 or 39-inch material, (j yards bias fold tape.;" ' For other aprons, as . well 'as dresses', jumpers, skirts, slacks and children's fashions see the new Fashion Book for fall. It is just off the .press., It is. 15 cents 7 per copy or It may be 'Ordered with a 10-ccnt pattern fo.r 25 cents plus 1 cent for' postage. ' For this attractive' pattern 'send IGc, .plus ic for postage, in coins with your name, address, pattern number and size wanted to Barbara Belli NuugatU'C-k Daily News, Post Office Box 75, Station 0, New York • (HWSTOM DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS 1, A plebian (slang) 5. Section of a church D, Capital of Peril 10. Wheedle 11. Tardier 12. Lure 14. An Aleutlan 7 Identical island 8. Definite 15. Distress, 11. Dipper 16; Female deer 13. Novices 17. Manifold 18. Erbium (sym.) 19. Domineer- DOWN ^ 20. Boat 1. Military 21. Foreign unit (S: Afr.) 2. Stretcher 24. Sword- 3. Ostrich-like handle bird 25. Insect 4v Obstacle 26. Obtains 6 Performing 27. Praises 6. Poetic works 28. Incentive collectively 29. Back of » neck 30. Read 31. Harangue 33 A forest 15. Neck hair warden. on a'nimal 34. Family of 17 Boggy gulls Ycsterday't Aniwer 3Q. Scorch ' 39 Discharge 40 T3r_e : ;v:: : •;•!/'•' ; 42 Church seat fjucpnjn Phllndolphia after for londorohip'Jn t tho" Un| ltl " C " Vit - los >y >wmbe«;pf' * ftSiS ^ ation ' M •iO « A ii co logo, high tfohqbl thlrty-alx «tat«». That odd p/eeo of lurnl'liiro' find « buyer 'If you use this'Classi- fied' inedltiin. -"-.-..-,, ; ° WAR IN BIJROPE ] A YEAR A6O, I AUG. 1, 1941 | (Ry United I?rc88) , U. S. transport Wo'st Point arrives in. Now York with consular staffs ousted by Axis powers. , German Hl'gh Command. reports , flJaalprn Iron t oporakions dcvolopin j g "In our favor." -,;•-.. ', . Prosidcnt Rooscvolt ortiqrs! cmb.aiv g.o on aviation .gasoline and; oll^* to points outside Western Hemisphere, nrltlslt Kmplro.arid "the unoccupied lorrUorloH of other countries ei> fcn«cf| ;ln roHisMng nggrcssTon." , Russians report sinking an enemy dostroyor In-Bnltl'c Seo, - W.Avoroll linrrlmnn returns to-'U, S, fr-om London, . 21. United Service Organiza-. tipns (^tibr.) 22. Half AH eni 23. punish coin 24. Sharp sound 25. Youngish 2^, Gun (slang,) 27, Flower 29, Medieval vessel 30, Italian/river 32, Ferhiriine name 33. Snake » 35iAlb£t 37T."eonstellation '3"8" Exjplain 40, Of wine, ;dry 4!1. Prick "painfully 42. Balance , onward ' 44'. Sea eagje 46, plant 41 m~- wr 2,0 *4'.- 46 **, 21, 13, Washington, D. G., Acjg-. 1—(UP)— Men with minor, physical defects will:,he asked-.!,p se'ijvc Lhclr 1 country In the August draffc call. However, Beleotive service officials do not say 'jusl, how many of the onc-B'swill he called, This is the flrsfc n-ation-widc call ,for pne-B.'s to replace physically-/!I, men for active; duty. Experiments hayo.shown Wiey can handle much of- the clerical .t&d light manual wprlc, The future procedure for calling men to limited service will be worked out from the experience of the August draft.'' And 'a permanent policy Is proriilstf"s''on. •-O BEACON FALLS BEACON FALLS ROAD WORK AT The Master Back at Work Beacon, Ealls, Aug. 1—The road construction -work w.h.lch has been in opcrqtibix for. over one year on the main highway,'Has-now reached o;i£ of the most important:- sc.Qt.iohs of the town. The sharp curve where St. Michael's church formerly stood, has 'been/ .eliminated and the'road widened considerably. The entire high wall and bank lias been rejnqyed. At live,.pr.ose.nt time the workers have turned their attcirtlon •to removing a sn\nll bridge cross- ing.the road at a point north.of the old state police barracks. All vehic- .ular traffic was def/ourcd' yesterday over the '.'hill'' section of town. Last evening' motorists were allowed .to travel 1 over t-he main road again. Blackout Held Beacon Palls witnessed its block- out' Thursday evening, which had been expected for the past two weeks, following orders from tlie state. There were several incidents hold in, conjunction with the blackout wliicri lasted three quarters of an; hour. An incendiary bomJi was placed in the yard of John Hill, air- raid warden, on Wolfe avenue, with the routine of extinguishing it being tried out by the air raid wardens Jn;-that-.'section. The chemical xtinguisher was brought to the scene and in a short time the lire ,vas put ou.t. All reports of th.c in- siclents could not be learned, but it s thought that at' the meeting of the air raid wardens scheduled for next week, that Chief Air Raid Warden Gonleith Kiernan will huvo omc information concerning the success of the bfhckout. All lights including street lights were put out, with the exception of thosp on the main thoroughfare.' ^ Nation Hoard Hours Anyone 'who wishes to consult with the ration board is requested to see the clerk during regular office hours. Unless otherwise notified -to meet with the board, all business should be carried on through' the clerks whose office hours arc as follows: Monday,, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, i to 5 p. m.;-Tuesday, 1 to 3 p. m. and, 7 to 9 p. m., Saturdays, -10 -a. m. to noon. Brief Charles Mitchell, Jr., of the U. S. navy, who is stationed at Jacksonville, Pla., is spending a 10-day furlough at the homo of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Charles. 0. Mitchell o Highland avenue. This exttaoixjinary picture of Fritz Kreislcr was madd by a musician at the RCA recording studios in Camdon,,N. J., as thp famous violinist was listening; to the playback of the first record He has made since ho .was struck down by a truck in New York City. Kreisler was gravely injured, and lor a time his life hung in the balance. Members of the orchestra which accompanied him cheered as he entered thei studio in fk»t public appearance in many months, v, (Central Press), GIVE FINE AID ON CEILING PRICES Keep 'em Firing—AVith Junk I Wins Baby Honors GRAND DIJCHESS : New York," Aug. 1—(UP)—The Dowager ^ Grand Duchess of Luxcni- bourg;'Is-'dead. .Grand .Duchess Marie Anno died at Doctors' .hospital last night after a Jong: illnees.;; Rfemhe'rs of her family;, incl-u.dink her,, daughter, Ghur_ lotte, exiled .rulerv'of the liny European country, were at her hedskle. : The. 81-year-old'duchess fled Luxembourg; with, oth'er members of the \ royal fahijly m ,Mo when' the German s pycrnan th QJr cou n try du ring the Invasion of tlic^iow countries.". Blue-eyed eleyen-month-old S. Rccd Conrey Cth> son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Reed Conrey. of Philadelphia won the grand championship crown in the thirty-sixth annual baby parade »t Ocean City, N. J. Rccd wns chcscn from among 150 children, on K basis of health and 5 general appearance. ' . Attorney Glorcmont I. Tollcs, OPA administrator for Naugatuck, today sl.ated tliat his committee, which has hecn working wil.h local merchants in regard to tlic posting of ceiling prices for cost of living items, 1 has made great progress. Attorney ToHes stated that nearly Si) per cenl of the reports are now in with only several sub-chairman still to make returns in then' districts. Tho local administrator expressed himself as thoroughly satis- lied in every way with tho manner n which the work is going forward. The Naugatuck administrator jn- licated that Naugatuck merchants arc working JOO per cent to interpret the price .ceiling edict and lave given, local inspectors the maximum of cooperation in every .instance. , Attorney Tolles stated that price ceilings, in many eases, have caused store heads a terriUc amount of ex- Ira work, but indicated thai, local business men are accepting this adi- ditional work in a splendid spirit as part of the national economic program planned to eliminate any serious depression following this war. Lowest Prices Jn The City John Girdes Music Shop We Buy, Self, Exchange nnd Itcpafr All Kinds Of Instruments Vfotin, Pianos, Radios, Clarinet, Trumpet, Accordions, Snxnpltcmes, Wood Winds — Musical Supplies Tel. 4-9808 382 SO. MAIN ST. WATERHURY ACTIVE TASKS MUSCLES Women doing painting, gimlcn- Jjig, war and dc- "fensc worlv need a good foundation to caro for those inactive nmscles. SOUTH CORSETi SHOP! MAIN ST. FOU SUCCESS in Uusint'ss or Civil Service nt lUNion POST OF COMMERCE CENTIUL t=i»tea=a=iws=a=3^^ Order your POAK: YOUK CHOICE OF MINICOtOR PRINTS : >hrox/gl 3 PRINT S/Zf S Let us show you some : ; &mpic Kinicolor'Prints—actual prints m full color from 35-mm; and Ban- tarn Kodachrome transparencies. They're made by Eastman, available in "2X".2V4 X ,3V4> .,- 5X , 5 x 7 i/ 2 ; and "8X" 8 x ll-ioch si/es. We'll gladly order some Minicolor Prints for you. Simply bring in your favorite transparencies and leave the rest to us. BUY FOUR FILM HERE! v MOVIE Flt.1l — KODACIIKOME — KODACOLOtt l r IMf PACKS VEH1CHHOME ,. CINE KODAKS — PROJECTORS PHOTO- FINISHING SUPPLIES Your Kmlnlc Denier ' '' ^ SWEENEY'S AUT AM) STATIONERY •=5P5pgp3P35=W3=5»P3W^^ SILEX COFFEE MAKER ?O|.95 6 to, 8 cup cnnncHy JU CEJVTEK ST: DIAL Gi3AiSS WARK-: J .Wei hayibvJustftKat Siniiincr Frock you'/iiaye/bjc'en: 'looking Tor!!: - Terms;. ".-^, \ cryptogram quotation v . u « C|B. ( eQQ SJ^XSQP XS^J MP QAJ QISPQ l>Jt'MOIV OC QMNI MJ EQCRTP— LCKPPIJsk lTesterday*8 C7ryptoquote: THIpRE IS/ NO AGE WHICH RE- 3EC.OME— ERASMUS. " for 18c A WEEK Make your vacation complete by having the Naugatuck Daily News mailed to you each day, while you are away. Give your order to your newsboy or fill out blank below. ^$ NAME -;..., ABDIfcESS ............;... 1 ELECTRIC 'KITCHEN <d»O QpT CLOCKS .SCAUCE! ^^•*/U /• , ;Wc\ SUIlillnye Sonic. ' err Y OR TOWN STATE LOCAL ADDBEJSS ^^ C«EDIT JEWELERS <^ I A? South Mo^in S*.' — 4-22G6 DATE START STOP

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