Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 1, 1942 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 1, 1942
Page 2
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\ Page Twd NAUG ATUCK NEWS CARRIERS ENJOY mm TODAY fnau#nrntln# n .custom, vvhloh II JM plnnruul will bo blgKor and bot- tw- ouoti your, .Publisher Uudolpli M, llonnlok of Tho NOWH, today will buvo «M hl« guests at an outing at liftko QiiftHHnpnuK, tlio 80 odd local liftyn who dally dollvor Tho Nows to all purls of Nuugatuok, Union lllty, Moaoon K«HH and olhor Hiu 1 - rourirllng pluooH, Tho trip to. Lftko Qim.<umpnu# will bo niado la private oars, at an cmrly hour this afternoon, and wltli thn .•/Ino o[ewrlMK woathor on hand, ov-; will be In roatlinosH to ,tho yoiithHQ ono of Iho llnost any of thorn IUIH ovoi 1 on- Joycd. iMibllnhor Ifonnlok and fliroulatlon Manager Harold T. Dillon havo iirninxod a program whkMi Hoi't ball, athlntla nviwta of all plenty of amu.HOiriontH, and but far from louHt, un ainplo hmuh- con sprnnd of frankforlH, hnmburK- ors, pop, and tho various uddod without whloli no plonlo Is oomplQtu, Nftiigaltiok NOWH oarrlor boys are faithful and loyal omployoM of (ho paper, and In all kinds of woutlior, do an o.xcuillont Job of HOO|IIK to it Urnl.qypry ono of tho tliou.snndM of on limn, The management of the paper is f.OKnlxunl of tho faot that wood d<i- llvory boyn aro Ihn bnokbnno of any proHi'osNlvo noWMpapor, and ovoi'y nffoi'l will 1)0 inftilu, as a pern policy of Tho Nows to soo UifU' rntu'lt and dovodon to svlll bo well rewarded. Ing two big .flrO'H h'car. tlio coast, ( . Tho fur^ruug'luK Allloil raids folio wocl a Hni'lQs., of .Svlclo-.sprciQ'U- ;tit.- taoka 'hy'thd Japs', Ono of those (Mioiny a'SsiuilLs was alinud at l j ort Dairwln. And It ,now Is Intlloatocl Uutt MHJ raldui's stiffororl nuioh -IIOHV- lur IOHHOH than wore first reported, Thn m-Ul.sU radio ways It Is bolloyOcl. tho unoiuy lOvSt 20.pianos altOKOthtJr. That was out of a,-raiding party of fio pinnoi, M '.,_ ;. ; , !r Tho JapM havo hoon prb'tty qulbt slnoo Hum, Ono onoiny piano ap- ptuu'ful ovor Au-sl'i-alla dui'lng tlio night, It droppod ono boiri-b, In Washington, military oxports mro Hiiro nosv that HIQ.. .laps moan buslnuss In Uio Aloutlans, Tho Jap oooupntlci troopa—flct at about 10,- (XX) inofi by tho Navy—aonstltuto a i-olallvoly. poworful forun, Tlio navy says thoro Is no ovklono.o to support rumors -that tho Japs -have laiukxl on tlio .Prlbolof Islands, north of Dutoh Harbor NAUQATUQK DAILY NEWS, Atter Japanese Bomfcfers Raided Dutch Harbor SATURDAY, AUGUST 1. 1942 Dusseldorf Is Heavily Bombed (Continued from Pago One) is of Dussoldorfi They hit at Ita papor, enamel, wnav-'| Ing, splnnl'ng, HllU, dyoHUifl's, furnl- turu and browing factories, And struck llio Ki'oat railroad bridges spanning tho llhlno and the docks at which Iho big steamships can bo It was the Ihlrd day of the IUF nonstop offonHlvo, All (lay yuslorday, hundreds of flghlor, fighter-bomber uml light liombor planes had raided Gorman occupied territory. Dust In Hfjypt TO OPERATE RADIO IN ARMY TANK ok 1 A Ion linn Islands divsti'oywl u low in Iho l/nilod S'laios niivul IHISC at Dutch Ilnrlior hy lYnpaiii'so plnnes sot Ili-o to som<;ojl : '.supplies, hulldinfis and shuoks. There \v«i*o two utlacks on l.lio niifl- suc- • ~ •. f m , i - f • cessivo days ; aflf'aiiist; this North Paciflc onlposi,. This ''picture shows oll'ects of-.tho second day's call. A• iiuutluu 1 ,ot' hos^Hnes are shown scattered ovei- Uic oroiiiui -as nr'eliulitors 'buttle -a hln/.c in a boinbed liiiildin||. •- V (Control to Jt duty American Planes Score in China (Continued from Pago Ono^ —IM iielloved to have crashed, That victory cost the Americans one plrtmi destroyed on tho ground, |.wo lost In Iho air. Hut ovory Amor- lean pilot got out of tho fight nattily. Tho Japs now tmvn lost 17 planes for sure--and possl-bly as jnnny as 21--ln -iy lUHii-H of vain attaoUs on tho Hungyang bane. Not an Allied filer has boon killed. Down under, tho MaoAi'llmrmon .also have 'boon dish Ing it out, Striking along n i>r>00-mllo front, Allied pilots have bombed Jnp ships and shore bases, Near Arnbolna, in Ihn J)iitoh MftHt fudles, Hioy attaok- ed an enemy tnuilsor and Bcored a prohablo hit. Knr to tho oast, AMIod pianos Hwooporl In on a Jap baso In tho Solomon Islands, droppori bombs on a hlg onorny transport and blasted shorn inrgnts. Other Unkte ', ""^j^, A aupply dump was hit and «o were other 'Installations at tho 011- orny baso, In tho (urbanI xono of Now Hrlt nln Island, Alllod Moout pianos sho down a Jap aircraft that rose to ehnllongo thorn, * Still other Allied pianos hamrnortK homo u new nltnojc on tho Jap bast •nt'Oonft, Now Oulww Island, «tart- 'Pho wonthnr man at tho moment has tho uppnr hand In tho air war over JiJgypt. J) storms hindered alrplann aotlvlly yostoiulay, but llghtor-bombors attaoked Axis hoad- ([uartnrH and transport vohlolcs. ft wan nnnounood last hlgiit that on Thursday cwonlng, Amorloan army bombnrs, flying wing to wing with Iho IIAF, raided Axis-hold Tobriik, ft was tho fourth big at- tuok on Iho huso In less than a week. Hronk Throtiob "Ifold or dlo," This r^sporatn KYKS PDKHCIUPTIONH HMJCD By A, W, WALKER iln0htoroil at Michael* Bank St, at Center oxhortatlon lias gone out to tho Russian army stumbling backward before now Gorman gains Into tho oauoasus, Thn iNaxIs war tnachlno has hit Iho Hod army with Its third and most snrlous sntbaek In 24 hours, norinan forons havo broknn through Soviet lines south and southeast of (Hah-teosk 1 ), bolow Rostov, after fornlng two Russian withdrawals ou I'llnr, (n thn fane' of thn new mortal peril, tho JUisslan army newspaper Il«d Star, (mils for a halt to Iho Soviet rt'trnnl, It went so far as to Inllmaln |,Jmt Jinnooforlh any Flua- slait soldier who retreats will be shot. Here's what Ron Star said: "Tho Hod acrny hasn't the right to retreat 1 any farther. History ami tho people will not pardon a further retreat, No position must ho abandoned while ono man Js still allvo." Tho Germans paid a heavy toll Jn men and mnnhlnoH for tholr now gains, but that did not lesson the peril to the Caucasus, Front lino dispatches told of Iho destruction o'f several enemy moohanlxod divisions, including the 22nd tank division, WlHc.whoi'o on tho southern front, Uio Russians wero reported holding tholr own or better. Soviet forons, aided by tank and plane reinforcements, aro holding open both jaws of a big Nazi pinchers trying to olamp on Stalingrad. Holy Saviour (Polish National Catholic) Hev. Louis Kac/orowski Masses 3- p.m.- at. 8 and -Vespers. 10:30 a.m. St, Michael's (Episcopal) Roy. A, F. Lowii Tho services at St. Mlchnol's phurch on Sunday, August 2, nint-h Sunday after Trinity, will be as J'ollows: Clolobrallon 61' thn Holy Communion [it 7:iJO a. m, Holy Communion and sermon at 11 a. m. Tho Hov, niohard W, Haxlcr of Middlebury will bo In charge of tho scr- vloes. Thursday: 9:00 a. m. rnunion. Transfiguration Junior choir rehearsal room. .-..-»«» — Holy 7:30 Jn Comp, m. choir the' home of their president, §tanley Dibble, i3 Ward .street. ' v A sumnTcr festival wiHJ)^' 1 . jield- undot 1 tho auspices of the: fidelity TiJJjlo class at tlic Naugatuck J^oilio.- dlst •' church this > Saturday,-; A;UgiM 8th, starting at 7:00 .pi-m. Mrs.->Vil- llarn Umlauf J,s chairman' and;- there will hn booths, a food sale and- enter tain men t. ' j, , St. Anthony's - (Roman Catholic)) . - 5... -Prospect, Conn. Aftisses will be celebrated at St. Anthony's church In Pi^o&pect- Sun day morning: at,8 and 10 o'clock. begin ^presenting their evidence in thO'..Indianapolis sedition trial of William Dudley Pelley. The government completed, i'ts case -yesterday. Oongfregational Rev, Edward R. 'Hanoe ; Si Paul's Evangelical S a.m. .Sunday school. 10:00 a.m. Service and sermon. No sorvl'ocs August. during month;' of First Church of Christ, ' Scientist, ; , WATERIJURY Salem Lutheran (Aiifi-ustmw Synod) WlHi»m R. Frendberg t> Pastor Ninth Sunday aCtnr Trinity. Faithfulness In L'Ullo Things (Luke \ (1:10-15). Unnors—Ml Ins Berry, Gustav Johnson. J0;00 a. in, English service. Soloist—Mrs. Adolnh Nelson. Tuesday, 8:00 p. m. Concorclia mooting at church. Hillside Congregational Arthut Johnson V1CTKIIAN VS. Concord N. H,, Aug. 1— (UP)— United States Senator Stylos Hrldtfo of New UampHhlro will ho oppose n tho senatorial primary, Tho llo- mbJIoan leglstator received tho un- ixpooted oppOHltlon from Arthur Iruunler, a 4M-yoAi'-old . liillsboro oxlllo worker and World War vot ran, nruonlor /Hod papers before Iho doadl.l'no yesterday. There will be a unified worship service In English" at 11 o'clock. Tho adult sermon will be on "Wo Pay Too Much." There wl.ll bo; a children's sermon on "Two Scouts." Tho m Id-week service will be held on Thursday evening at 8 o'clock, and is a mooting for .Informal fellowship in prayer. Immanuel Lutheran Church Hov. Harold tucns, Tastor 10 a. m. Worship service with sermon by the pastor. Thursday, 8 p.mi, Card party. . Corner Holmes find Mitcliell Avenues . -Sunday; services, 10:45 a. m. and 7:30 p. 'm. Sunday school, 10:45 a. m. St. Paul's Evangelical HEV. O, If. UEKTHAM! S^iD a. m. Divine worship. Theme: Perfect Peace Through God.", The pastor of the congregation will conduct the morning devotion over Station WiOLI, New Haven, 900 kilo., oivSaturday al,.S:J(j, .: A special war service will be hold U the' church on Sunday morniiitgj asking God .Cor help in the present crisis, peace. for a speedy victory and Just WOMAN HUNT nichmond, M, f., Aug. 1—(UP)—A POHHO oC more than 200 poMcomen, civilian volunteers arul Boy Soouls IH oonll'rvuInK HH search for a 78- year-okl wornnri. Tho nilsHlng woman IH Mrs, lOrnma Ounnerson, who becurno lost In .a donsoly wooded Hootlon of.Hlnhrnoml yo.storday. She wan picking blueborrlos about throb miles from her home at tho timo. HOWLAND-HUGHES aL 'the Wo Naugatuck Methodist Hev, T. Hrmlley LonoslnfT Morning worship service 11:00 a. m. with tlio sermon by pastor, "What Happens When Worship." JOvonts of Iho week: llev and Mrs. T/ongsluff and son will leave for their vacation this week to be away over th.o next three Sundays. They will visit, with their families in Nqrwalk, Conn. Services will bo continued at tho. church ns usual with the pulpit being supplied by tho Hov. Leonard G. Clough of Washington, .Conn. Mr. dough is from Mnlric and In his senior year it Yale Divinity school. The Epworlh. league will meet this Tuesday evening, August 4t'h, at St. HedwigV (Polish Roman |Oatholic) v Rov. S. F. Nalawajk The Masses at St, Hedwig's church will -be celebrated at 6:30/8. 9:30 and 11 a. an. • '-"•". ; , The regular weekly vesper servico FLOWERS TO Att STATES cash land i o St. Petersburg Fla., Aug. .1—(UP). —Florida i.s begiiVnihg to on , its, Spanish; name—the llowers. .. More .than 3 : ,000 varieties of bids soniing-plants . inbrcaso the naliv spOGtac/c of tropical granrlcur aiif paint a colori'ui backdrop for Llic state's other attractions. JI.o\vcver, the Jjcauty of flowering ilants.and shrubs is only part of nature's, gii't to Florida. Last ycai more than two iniMi'on dollars in bulbs, .blossoms and ferns reached 'markets in--, all parts of- the nation Acres of gladiolas ranging from 'deep- red to vibrant yellow grow in is AN ISSUE IN OHIO CAMPAIGN (Special-To--The \e\vs) Ft. Khox, Ky., Aug. 1—Plunging Into the ..intricacies of how to operate and maintain a radio set jn rumbling dusi-^louded., tanks and half tracks, a Naugatuck, Conn., soldier reported today to the Armored Force School tibmftiuhlcfttion .Department, upon orders of Major 'General, Jacob L, Devers, chief of the Armored Force, • i-He was-i?vt., Edward W. Mariano, grandson of Mrs., Mariano, of-J. Pone street, Naugatuck; Conn., who an tered the service lii. February, 19-i2 The ^school, whi<ih trains • th thousands of officer and enliste tecnicians needed for the army' hard-hitting armored divisions, headed by Brig, Gen. Stephen G Henry, commandant. In-H-he com municatioj) department, of whlcl Col. Leslie P. Lawrence is director Armor-aiders." In.a 14-\veek course undergo such, varied training ,.-as learn ing how-to transmit code .from riside a bouncing lank 'with a sending key strapped to'the leg. The vast Armored Force Sohoo cm bi'accs - m o no : -'th a n 500 • b u J1 d i n gs and now grnduriics nrore officer and enlisted technicians a year t)ian any civilian university .or- college. Jts lumah assembly, line'operates on wo shifts, six days a \yeok. S!.u- lenls on the first,shift rise with the un r marching..iQV.olasscs.-Ai 0 a. m. j TO DEDICATE CHAPEL Mitchell -Field, New, fork, Aug. 1 (UP)— A new post chapel especially for Catholic services will he dedicated at Mitch el field tomorrow, TRY A CLASSIFIED AD IN THE NEWS The funeral O f Lawlor of 8 Scoi'i Thursday nlghi at be held Monday o'clock from jjf s Francis' church high Mass will a. m. Burial W jji •pis' cemetery. • • • •• WILL Hartford, Slate Public set August 7th iff on an appi| calfl Danbury and Botha! oL , trie. Light company T- aild « wants to insert jn jt. s ule a fuel adjnsimoiu', means the company c lower its rales cost of coal. FORMEIV OFFICIAL Saint .lohnsbury, V! A, )P , -A former Washington". ?J official has died al hi ' ; age of 70. H c \v fls band-and ho served as ,> general of immigration Goolidgc and Hoover administrations. \\ R 193-i as second assislan labor under .Uulnme \ins but had i'mmigration work S WOMAN SHOT |\ M'CK Ludlow, Mass., 69-year-old woman is in dition at a hospital aflop n the neck, Mrs. John yas struck hy a 22-callbcrbull he stood outside her home \v s j ng her husband p.m. |] 10 !in ;, n " ice are sliH looking for i| le , vho fired the shol. The believed to he a bov s nracticlng with a gini. atlarll \V8S( a will be noon. at 3 o'clock Sunday after- St, Mary's •"'" (Roman Catholic) j Rev. Thomas M. .Griffin The masses ait St. Mary's church will be celebrated at 7:30, 9:30 ancj 11 a, tm. KCT. St. Francis' (Roman Catholic) J. j. FJtzgerald, Pastor. Masses will be celebrated in St. Francis* choirch, Sunday mornlng'.at 7, 9 and 11 o'clock. PRIVATE BUCK .-. By Clyde Lewis giant patterns of color in Manatee. Bos' o to; Hardce, Lake, Lee, Hillsborough, Pinelas 'and other west coast, counties. . • Th e fragran t odor of Fl qrida's ;torahsG blossoms are jjaclccd in dcli'- ciately ha'ndted crates -aboard refrigerated railroad cars, and planes to. add glamour to New York's 'wed.. : din££. : Ferns : are shipped by the baTe' ; "i'or ; use hr Jlower markets in djjhcr; states nil over the country •Roses' • that ,' are available in the nd^Uy-onJy; .'•rrpm, hothouses are .shipped before ; thc'xiclicatc buds be""" . '->Shpw places .in Florida also have rpflts from visitors who. . JUsfc W : walk 'through gardens nil eel with a»alcas, magnolias and other 1'ragrant blossoms. . Friendly Department Store" Stamp Out Hitler and His Henchmen * BUY IV A R STAMPS TOMORROW IN The censor has been returning Buck's letters, jie'diu^^li '' T ' ' :(By.'..-United-Press) Tlfo saboteur trial probably will bo an event jn history by Monday. Tbe military commission starts putting its mind to a verdict today : And! that verdict likely will go to President Roosevelt for review tonight or r tomorrow. .... ; T/hc- do'fcnso Js expected to wind upvits eaac vJ during tbe., : morn ing and Hie*-prosec^iiion by ihi'd-afternoon. The 'dealb^ponaUy.will .be asked for at least scve'rj of the eight Nazis. • The siipremc „court, already vir- lu al ly b as 1\ h I sh cd 1 ts par t; i n tb e corpus—a move which, .had it been case'by denying the saboteurs, tho right to appeal for writs of habeas successful, would have moved the case ^in to'civil courts. . }. However, the supreme court 1 s ( 4lnaj opinion probably won't be banded down for a couple of months'yet. J But legar experts believe tbe dc- cis'ion 'moans'-, that- anyone accused of hurting the war effort from now oh—not -just saboteurs—will bo rrie'd by a-military commission, not \}$ a cfvi'l court. Dq Monday, defense' attorneys will Ohio, Aug. 1—(UP)— Ohio's 1942 political campaign centers 'On the "f/hlrd •term"-'Issue. . Governor John W., Brickcr is without opposition for Republican the Aug. dl primary, election. He will seek his third two-yenfr .-term 'in Ohio's statehouse In the November election, against one of the five Democrats engaged in a luke-warm primary contest. The only thing resembling a active issue thus tor .in. the govei norship campaign is the -huge sui plus 'in the State's treasury. Brick er''S Democratic opponents and hi >lcn,ubli'Cnn critics have charged' tha 10 has piled up ,the s.urplus. at th expense of impoverished cities • ii order to fuirthcr presidential, ambi tions in 19144. Differ oil Surplus These critics point out that onslstcnl vote-getter in State poll- ,ics, especially a governor whoso rcasury. balance has a dark shade considered presidential timber There was a minor Bricker-for- presidenl, boom in 10^0 but It gave way before the candidacy of another OhiQfin—Sen. Robert A. Taft. The Bricker 'administration says that the -treasury surplus Is about $13,000,000. But when his opponents start till king about it, the Slate's reserve soars as high as $35,000:000.. The difference is ^n technicai tics fts to what constitutes a surplus and what coiivSti-- encumbered funds. • Bricker has won the G. 0, IV lornination for governor without opposition each election year since 1D3G. He lost to Martin L. Diivey n the Democratic Jandsl-ido of 193(3, 3lit won easily in 1038 and 1940, He s, 48 years old and came up to the o'overnor's office by way of the StaLc Public Utilities Commission nd the Attorney Generalship. Should be be elected and serve a third term, -lie "would be the first Republican governor of Ohio to- serve a full three terms. Rutherford 13. Hayes was -in hisxt-hird term as governor when he was inaugurated as (president in J877. Democrats Have Party Scrap The candidates for -the-Democratic nomination to oppose Bricker are John McSwecney of Wo osier a former •congressman; State Audi-, tor Joseph T. Ferguson; Clarence H. Kinsley, former State Treasurer and Industrial Commissioner;. Walter F. Meer, ,a Columbus business man-politician, and Fi'ank A. Dye a-Columbus 'lawyer. ' Although the Democrats ,ire going through the motions of campaigning to break the Republican grip /on the slat-chouse, poMtical observers have seen an equally important contest for . control of the Democratic State organization. The opposing/parties. Jn this scrap are Natloal Committ-eeman Charles .Sawyer of, Cincinnati and Ray. T. Miler, Cleveland -and'. Cuyaho'ga county chairman. • In some respects' Ohio's congressional races overshadow the campaign for state offices this year The. Ohio lineup in-the. House of •Representatives of . the present Congress -is J2 Republicans'and -12 •Democrats. The. dead lock is certain toybc broken in this year.'s elections because.'Ohio, loses one at- large seat under census reappor-; tionmont, making an uneven number of .seats. : DAILY CROSSWORD 6. Incite 7. Blind 8. Filaments of flax 10. Lures 11. Parrot 17. Sun god 18. Condition 19. Made of oak 20. Gained f Sight of 22. Fine line of a letter 23. Angry 24. Lost color 26. Tavern 28. Explosive sound 32. Submits 33. Succession 36. Music note 38. Dispatches 39. Tiny 40. Queen Of heayen 41. A foreboding 42. Small opening 44. Chills and fever 45. Factor ' ACROSS ,1. Break suddenly 5. Meal boiled in water 9. Lawful 11. Former Asian kingdom 12. Harmonize 13. Borlnff;tool 14. The g^reat calorie (physics) 15. To toll .16. Small herring 18. Distress signal 21. Spigot 22. Drink 25. Tapestry 27 Musical drama 29. Related 30. Verbal , 31. Small x 33. Petty t malice 34. Conclude 35. Wrath 37 Nourished 38. Prophets 40. Crude hut 43. Effigy : 47 Correct 48. Avid 49. Splits 50. Hurled 51. Insects 52. Dregs- DOWN 1. A lath 2. Near 3. Measure of land 4. Bridge supports 5. Ascend CRYPTOQUOTE--.A cryptogram quotation BOH O H L E B 6 L J E H L J X E H L, J X i5 O L J S X 2 S X D Vc6t«rd«y'i ABIW« 46. Units Qt work SJ XQ DOVAO FHUWH — KLJALF. Dlfltrlbutcd by King Features Syndicate. Inc. House Broadcloth and Seersucker, with flared skirt and zipper front, are selling this week at f 9 per cent reduction. Our new House Coat lines will show shorter models, wltHoiit flared skirts> arut without zipper front Store ^^ at=tt=g =g=^^ TO GKT SUPPLIES Hamilton, Bermuda, Aug. 1— CUP) —Bermuda is 'Completing arrangements for bringing supji^e to the islands ,and arranging their distribution" and^ storage. flffi THE CIMRDMN CflLLAI FOR SAIJE AT ,! Open Sot. Nil* NAUGATUCK, CT Life-saving Suits are giving torpedoed sailors another chance. t SAJE_A LIF1B — CONSERVE RUBBER Unitisd States Rubber Company Naugatucfc Fodtxfeat-Diyision

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