Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 17, 1895 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 17, 1895
Page 7
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'«f^ffTt^ o LilAl. The New Skirt Is to Be More Voluminous Than Ever. /Women n-lth JEctinomlcal Proclivities TVfll Uarc, a Marti Time In Selecting Goiroi for llio Comlnc .Seuaon—Kxtrava- ffancw Kale* tho-Day. - . (Special Chicago Letter.] ' IFor the woman u-bo hates economy, Arid yet must" practice it every moment of her tile, there .is.little pi comfort 3n the message I bring- to-day. Dame Fashion is still in her most cx- mood nnd : does -not'seem to or even the £irst principles'of econ- «tti_if. She lavishes as couch .attention ,ancl' fine lace on our pretty " cotton iS-ocks as' she "does' on'bar-handsome *vonin;;' dresses, and decrees that-only ,'thO'very best material, and plenty-of it, labtll enter into the construction;of; our Idmart tailor-made gowns and more •elaborate house dresses, al*o that the covered with small ..black -"plumes, .and the brim caught tip av the side by a .large bow of satin-'rib'bbn., chang-in;* \from green to pray ari'd •almost eonceal- ; ing- a cluster of roses; . deep pinknua •<jolor. Although too early, to use^J iniight mention that the loveliest "of Yose-tinted taffeta silk parasols, sofHy yciled uader gray chiffon, came from "ov'er the water with this altogether •Vetohinff costume. '.'•• £~ 1™ Although very different from those ••Jjist described, I think the gown represented in the picture is one of the pret- ..tiestjnodels I-have seen this, season, It is made of turquoise-blue" crepon, the skirt very full, of course, and tho sleeves ^corre'spondihg-! In^siaeTT The bodied has 'a ^front or vest of chiffon, Congressmen Then Were Wliat They Are Now. Not JacS had the fepufa'tiori ..rjMBipuiBja..,^ . i% to, th», \vhit«~hcnise he J i_^rl"- : i** 1 ^?- T -jili>J^;L' ".j 'V ,' jpfftVrr'rmtTTWfr^'-^TWMrnjwTi^^ nyWrr nr"l' ;»nd-trusting jS'mTSr' wouiided two men in'duels-and-killedona hrid . 1 reeetved'--tWo: - wontids -irf -street ij , r blue 'ialifi and 'Htiisnjtd flH a ow^rid loops o£jt>lue volant ribbja -*vl|ilefb9:r[the*;ShohUiers falls a$d|e C coharMe of velvet eijged wTCh 'fine o ''••'Nearly/every, dress, y^hethei; Jt'lfijils from Puris, London, "Nev/'Ydrli "or'Chi- ^ ,^ gvS evidence of th€' i 'jfcict; f (;Ii;$ ttie Blouse "is still the idol of'the hour. The Public Conscience of To.Daj '• Xot Countenainc* ]?xce«9ea- Onr,rotefatti«r» Coulldereil More Ecnentrlcltie*. •[Special-. Washington Letter."] :.:,.> Thei-Fifty-first congress was-the ttor- get for .abuse and .vilification of^ all, .extremist editorial "writers in the .democratic party; and "the ' Fifty-third" cbn- gress, which" has- recently '-adjourned, has been the target-for.the-criticism'and denunciation., of * all extremist jepub- I hmve been afraid , 'lican editoriaf; writers, " While" 'great ,-things -they-may say"to-Sach Sthier, '' ^'-'' ' *>""•»•-^-i" • """"•--™«««^'»«' HiiBlinor, in • • «•«.***.. .^•i, ~ j ~« *— this. You have fracases,'one of-which; foom the hands • ^^ ^ pl . oin p t ^ mcet mr of Senator Thomas, H. Benton-, he bore ! An <j t it is gp-what BhajJ,, 1 pay? conspicuously all hisUfe, It was ..said,.- d l s u^^tui to ; ine to bW&gfedto come that -Old Hickory"; had been. In .a', to you and ask JOU _for money.- I have dozen duels and-a hundred x personal encounters when-he ,entered;thfr -white house. During 1 these latter years we have had hi the executive mansion 'highbred Christian-. gentlemen: .and.i'lfiidfes. The quarTehjomej.cjuerulOTis .swaggerer is no longer 'a" popular political 1do'l- "" No matter »"h^bJdifference»iit opinion may arise,, ncij.hpw, excited. ..sta,tes_men may become in debate","nor wBatf wicked of the Fifty-third congress has been :othrls-are- particular- ..zcd put, of-all-blousa fcthe.-STrbj'e ._^ J -.... , ., -likeness'. : 0rre tluft struck'. nie'as-Jbei£^;K D 4'''i n 'aJvSual leaderShawls'b^en, ^criti- pon Klv-irt-.r'tvfTsi-^Vif ^nnrir'r»t.--t.a,fpf t»..'cnl4r ,- '-.-t --i . irl ffrUjTWrV "~' men'aTe exerirng^leadbrsfcfp'fc'tfec evo- j tner e:,-wiU.>neiver-jmore-:ba dueling;, jn .Jqtion of.gTeatevente t .i.t:. is practically j "JVashington nor in this^ vicing, impossible for men, to write .the truths day of 'blood atonemen-'^ of'hi's'tory|''a^nd'rt'is^niyya'fter~Yn"d)v!'du- m an has gone-forever, 'als-and-congresses' are'-dead -thaVtho j hut-liule-pfctfie^dneiji? truths can be ascertained arid pub- I those atiies.'wj^efe Jhe.^uttern, lished concerning them.- ~ ' " "' "'"'"' past two years, and particularly durin, the last ten months, the majority party dear?" "Wron3r,l;fc3![ his face. I arid pub- I those stales, ,w.n,efe Joe ^soutMrn. sun^ During the i presumably ."gives"^o~ jmeh'hotter Eldcx!" arlv durin^ and quicker tcmners: " v " J •~'-~ f -'-'~ T-" " qu During- recent years' there have been no druri.k"ei*"sciinfe's-.-i'B Wio ! -<iarpftolJ. : eithcr iiir j>ho. -seruite ; _p$ taking- both her hand's in his. while ' •been mere thoughtle'Ssness on mypa iWhat do you say," he adde •;"to an allowance?" ' < -'° ' ',' "The very thing!" she cxclahncd, t 'old troubled look one made ^vith^mbastr.ous^bu t'terfly sleev.es , and' overhanging - -front' --forined- 1 ~of •• strips/ o.f ^jacejcau.ght' .Via'istl GOWN. |ji«woap*-'6c- very full, tho new. sleeves Ibe very whlo and that the new :hat [shall- boast of- many feathers and other Ittimming'of finost:quulity, nil of which ji*. calculated to make fashionable dress- Ing; on a limited'income'a .difllcult and. trying- problem. . • ••• .• • • .•-,...•• , -;»The new slrirt is.wider and more -vol- ittiuiucms than ever before and can best rSe described by the ouo word immense.- |No.TuocleMt lust.year Vgovrn can hope'to j3Otnpnss-tho •flare.-by addition, or'alteru- racin.' and deceive.- tho • pvn6tinod' eye; Some new gowns-just -exhibited have 'skirts'that measure ton •••yards at the • bottom' and some .modistes have 'the hardihood to- predict-they -will .grow still wider us thu • season' advance's.' If ft proves tniO'the bin-dun of the-skirt •Jashionublc will indeed'bo a heavy one "to.-bear: I well cun remember—it was 1 .not'many -seasons ago—when twelve •yards of silk wn.s.'considored an 1 ample '•dross pattern: to-day it would barely cut •the sleeves mill bodice. • •' • ..However, Kufficient nnto tho day are ;tho fashions thereof, 1 find that the very wido' skirt ' la • "coming in" or, more 1 .properly speaking; "coming- out" needs j'lnit a glance at the latest 1 fashion plate ,ora look into tho busy workroom of •She \ip-to-date modiste. :•• These very wicfc skirts have to be made with exceeding- great cure. • Indeed the fashionable' skirt Is more difficult to bring to .perfection in fit and finish thnn'the most elaborately designed bodice. I am assured on the very .best authority that a, strong- effort is being made- to' bring -"the trimmed skirt'into vogue) ow.ing to th'e'.'^&itreinc difficulty, •experienced.!!! making','the''plain sk'irt" 'properly. . The, seams. ,aro many.and mostly.bins.and. show" a, strong. disppsi- ':o.-. pucker when sewn together,. under, a belt and rosette ,of .-yelvet-i'ib-/ bon. Another lovely one'was ihad'cv. o^" pale ..blue- satin -with -very" full T>i.sri'op" .sleeves—by the way, .the blouse ; with the bishop sleeves .is. really quite the, thing-. It-hn;l the 'ffonJ set into a'box plait covered with cretm-tinted lace, which wii-jncd out to form a deep col- laret.te, >vhile round the neck was a dhirrf;d chiffon collar which, fiistened' in,.the back with a-paste bnokie. This ; is just the land ot'. a bodice to wear at home in tho evening's and is one that could be copied most successfully. Capes have bccomo absolutely ri'e'c'es- 1 sary as wraps over the,- full sleeves of fashionable dresses. So entirely has the attention of the designers been turned to the cape that very few, if any, novelties are to be found among the coats. The'prettiest capes, but not tho most costly' by any manner of means, are the little velvet ones made very full and trimmed with plaitings of chiffon and much jet in.points or trellis patterns of passementerie, A thick .ruche around tho neck la almost invari- .ably seen'on these cape's', while all are given 'the luxury of a white or cream- tinted 'satin lining.' Then there are jaunty little capes ma.de'of black satin with'quilling of satin rilbb'on just,'peeping from under thVedges with 'a huge 1 raff -of black satin "ribbon.about'the- neck'ah'd just in front 'a 1 , full .jabot 'of cream-colored lace':" : Sbmetnirig entire- ly'now are the'eap'e.s-that fall In'-lnTl plaits in' ''front and- b'ack and 'are slashed at the sidtw, letting- the-'dre'sa sleeves -' escape,' the opening being" al- most'hidden-under liri "immense and long ends of ribbon. I do not pro-- dict'immehse popularity "for them, but if you'want'the 'latest they are the tliinp; to buy. - ,' ' ' " ' Milliners' show a fondness this seasbri 1 for shapes ina'de of straw' of two col- ;and not one cutter or"pne ueecllewomari. |m twenty,. no matter how uxpeet,' can;be, .TQ'licd upqn.to brjngu'bout satisfactory, isesults.'. Tviiftmlng,..\yh'en' iisecl, will' ''bo. put'on pcrpendibuli'irly, tin.d when •applied with a. sparing hand, is bound "to'-prod.uee a chic and' eirective resulT. Two'gowns that saw the'light of day on Easter ihprn had tliei'r skirts trimmed "DOS'T FOHGET YOUB TVOODEW SWOBD." cised .and lampooned, as well as cartooned, in a manner more excessive and relentless than political leaders have ever been subjected to before.. But, in the midst-of it all, while -many 'Charges of a serious nature have been preferred, it is a significant, fact that jnobody has arraigned 1 the Fifty-third congress for licentiousnessor-moral-depravity.- ' : It is indicative of the elevated, moral." tone of the.-entire.country that better and purer men ore, constantly,, being, selected and sent to.'the'senate and' house of representatives in the national' capital. It would be practically impossible for anyxiommunity. in-.this -period of,our, history .to,send, a professional prize fighter to congress, solely^ on the. ground of his 'reputation as' a sluggei-' aiid'biiital--beater of other men. 'It' would.also'bc.pr:ictieally impossible for any-community, to' send a., professional- gainbler . to, congress; .but if.. such, a thing- were done the gambler would certainly be expelled.Jrqm. ,010 . house of representative's,.'il.'.,.be''imt!ci : to'pk to es 7 : tablish a gambling house in Washing- |0f great happi ;dear, to s\ i "That," , „ ,,_ iniakc you feel easier, I am_ sure. And I lives, with one exception. A celebrated.! inow as to tlie afnpJurf-3ftDtPl)fe$ci debate was closed during the" early'• ;say one tliousand dollars a year, just dityS of' the -Kifty-ehird" cangTCS3 > -.by>a senator who has lived OVCK ,fjiom. .jh.e.- past gL'ner.atipp;,,aiid,ljis voice .was ver? sTifik'y, "an'd""ljiVrdeas"' i wcfe' s .DiSxe'd,'be- ;yotfian afford it? It seems so rnxich!" '~~ ~ "course I can afford it," he re- laughins-ly. "Then.you can;«a.™ ou like. How would' •*<-- VM • \ -- ^ Hi>* m>r.y _ by tbetti horrid Qujclclr tlicy mar tnoro nnd moro \via6ly cruise he had palpabh' dallifed'too Icirif^ with. the.'.-Jcmon'i'lhti.t destroys. i-Our fathers and grand fathers ..-lived .in an. ngo,wh.cn ,di-unkorincss \va_sasiiornial us sobriety and temperance" a're^to^day. In those r.inios, maudlin• scenes'-"were coiDjnon .lit thij; capitol-,- and; they; were not considered disgraceful;.but .were regarded as excoediog-ly funny. 'But the cause of temperance has' grown 'arid the influence -of-the .ladies of theilahd has biHvn.so potent (hat the-, future legislation of our country .will .be the product of sober brains. ' Just before tho war, and during that great militant epoch, there w.ere gam-. bl.ing houses .ajl .along-Pennsylvania avenue from 'the. capitol to the white house. To-"day there "is rtot-'a~ single game ronaing-- in .-Washington - which statesmen, patronize. 'Ot.course.there, are some low. dives here, as in all cities, but' none ; -'which statesmen-' dafo --to enter. Beforehand during-the- war-it, was aot.considered .wicked or improper for senators, and.. .. regresentoiy.es, strolling- along' Pennsylvania 'avenue", to*enter -public^ gambling:-'.h'6uBes'-B.nd engage -in: games of cbatHSS', -iSpbody; pn,id ; any atten.tiqn to r such. conduct .on the part of.public, men j .'"_,The i ':n'e;Wspa- pers of 'to-day- vroul J d' ; qnjckly cl\ronfclo l-hfi' feven'lr if '.any member.-of the senate or of ..the houser should. frequent such-places. But in .Uiose' days the newspapers ma'de'nb'mention'of the -lives'of the gre'fl-tv-rn en Swho-'wbre 'atten,'dmcr"'to '.1- dufigs--V?} .*! w -?; ? r ^>?? 0 hours, .each ,. day,, and! passing. .fro.iu twelve to'fifteen hours "in saloons and (ja"Tnhl3hg : houses'- L-'--"- ; - -- '• *~lt. •Iv'is a 'comfortable'reflection .that^the^ i i «re sisil: tamo ot that woEdorfal preparation •HINE ;H :di jL^an|^]OQt.tlylinid. Tho miHTeloat )«tno bsc of this mo«t jtutb aro not confmod to cuet of UPlJUttHRgMkV WjP&'£'<&x? vv And a]J other diseases ot tho skin. ;it, (Sear—by the woek, or month?" .' 'j^ow-ivould I like it?" she repeated, softly, clasping- her hands joyfully, and s^ng up alt tbc;one she loved:so well; 1 "\Yhy, dear, if it's just the same to you, • I will take it'allnow.-"—ITarner's'-Bs'iar.-.' -.1 will ta"ke it'alltiow. - ... HE NEVER •Karper's-Bazaf.- HER; . KISSED Kl»«» D«eld»d Emriy In Lire Th»t ,^<J Dvceltlul. They were in a hapk on. the. -ferry- other afternoon.' He; was; a she \vas»a^woina'n>' His arm ;was. : about her neck and she nestled ibaokiagainst-Sho'-pale'^bluo :b'os6"Tii of-^ his'shlrt in perfect contentment. Tho S»«r«K rmJs'To frracT''* Cuitt'. . EVEIOT ,B.OTI:LE . GUARANTEI Kor!j«l« by .Tttlin.>". Conlsofi. SM Slftrtwt V. Kpflsliug. S06 F^uttU St.; W. ll! Porter. Oilarko St. Keystone Drojr Store, *>'X Bro«ili«lU OAilwiiis """ ' " ' ""' him 'in*d care. his percb. and stood, in, ±ho .boiler-room .warming' himscif 'and' 'telling' the other Ipeople that wereL_thete._for the same ^purpose that It was a^ewly^ marrjed cbiiple. 1 ' TKis'informat'lon was'iio't' neV essary, but th6 hack'-drlverSldn'tkridw »ny better and iobeitold'St, Then ho itold. .sometliing -about- hiinself^.' This ••w.as .unasked, ,too,_but,'he. .waoted ,to he' said.' *-' 'Why, ^mo 'n ' my never kiss. Tliiero ain't no use-in it, . We.was.-inarried world is growing, better;, at .least our jortion of Jt|. .The Christian", m'eri arid women throughbuf'the country'will; b'e DAINTT-XITTEB' BOSTfET. CAPK ASP HAT. ax the most ch-irming manner. One of black silk crepon had graduated 7>ands oi' the finest jet pussL'inenteries placed on the front nnd'side seams, •A-hilo the back, which was without trimininjr. hung in thi v ro£Tiil!i.tion godot- •EoKls. The other, a lovely changeable •fctJTota — a tiny green nu'd pink' check jhangincr to soft' frray — had its every scans covoroil by folds of' satin ribbon, •?ach fold oeing. Driven a'prottv "finish at •the bottom by. Ian lx>ws of ; 'the ribbon: Made wrj-'fnU' -and 1 -held' in place by tiny s'.et-l 'buckle";. 'T-hcrrrililiotj reseiii- "Wotlacconliou plaiting iu the bows^ind-' •tlse whole cfficct;" vrhilc" rnt-hcT odd, was prett-y-''in" : 'tilt i -'e : Ktrciii*S."'- -'.The hat Jlfiat £0es with' lh!sf claio'ty -little costume ors,..one. -being ...used for tho brim •• the. other for the crown. • Bonnets arc very small, huts tery large, and those showing a crown- of -tha^-jnm-pot order are the fancy ' o'f 'the moirioiit; ' ' These hats are' only Hrimmed" one way.' : A 7 Ib'ick i-uche '.of chiffbh 1 is -'about the 'crown; feathers droop over-the'brim', which is caoght'up in the buck by a 1 bunch of rose's, all of one color.- . 'Lovely lace; Eats, black, of course; are trimmed with largo roses of two colors, and sown' to the edge of- the brim is a f i-ifl oi black lace caughtup in' front from oB ; the facc'by loops of velvet and h. paste buckle,- but -fall ing • low at _the sides, • forming a .most becoming. ira-me to the face. .1 Some of the new models in bonnets have the small crowns gorgeously embroidered, jvhilo. others. arc spangled. 'with, trimmings of jetted .net. cut into the shape of butterfly win gs.similar to. the one. in. the picture. . .Paste buckles are still .ubiquitous, and ribbon .plaj-s an, important part iu. millinery this.sea- BOn. -The. soft, pretty, blurred, effects are given -the .preference, and. next to them.. are, ribbons, with, blossoms^ of every color set so .closely together, .upon a shot ground that _Ujc effect is changeable, taking now.a purple, now a green, new a pink tone. . .K.ATE GAKDNTIR. The Face n> m Guide. In the man of average stature the height of the body is ten time's 'the length of the face; the face from the chin to the hair is as long as the hand; the arm is four times the length of 'the face; tho sole of the foot is'one- slxth the length of .the^body; six times the thickness of thejiniid in the thick-- cst place equ.ils the thickness of the boclv. . • . • . : • DK'lf EXDED " THK TOXO.3. gladto v kno.w; that ; >their -.aggregate efforts have beca j>FOdncing-..jio^a.blo i -.re- suits. We cannot see, m our, .severjil New Form of Break-water. A ?100.000 breakwater, 1 "with concaved face to turn- the waves ;back oa themselves, .thereby,.,- breaking . -their, force-, is to.be built at.AIarquette,' Lake Superior. _ It is.tKe first of tha^ kind on the lakos, ancl but'few have heen" built' anywhere : ''-""i -'•'•'" "•' - : --'- ;••••••• during his term oi. membership in 'the house. And yet, thirty yccirs : cigo, :J6hn Jlorrissey, a-prbfessiomil',pri2e'fighter was a,member- of the 'house of .vcpr'C sentativcs, kept- :i- ga,inbliny..huuse:on T'cnusylva-nia -avenue, and- \v;;s;;ttli'c same'time r^gtvrded .as a popular-i-epre sentative by - a-lai-go'clr.ss'of people in Washington city. Within.'.a,.single generation,- the moral tone of- the' entire country has been so. elevated-that sxieh a man could not now live; s'nch a.;life-anc prosper in-the slare of public" opinion. The.-,-members of .-the house of representatives,' one:year ago., were' inclined to take official notice of' the trial of : a certain member of -congress,-but, npon reflection,, concluded;'to' leave, "a'ncL'.did leave, Coli 'Breckeuridgfl -to..the' judg.- mcnt of the people-of_the Ashland district. Tho'verdict of'thafcirpeople was against immorality; and .with the close of the.fifty-third congress on.March 4,- the.public. career-of Col. . Breekenridge also, closed. " . ~ , " . ",',".. ' Durin~g"'the Fifty-first" eon'gress there wcre r mahy stormy- sberies-"and a-t least" one personal- fencountcr between, repre- sentativ.es;. but^no gambling nor excessive drinking was uptcd^ . • In the very, early days of the republic, our statesmen indulged in ^wearing, "fighting,' drinking, gambling ancl"carousing. In 170S thero was a dreadful scetio, in. tb.o house of representatives/ "Roger Griswold-, of • Connecticut,- ; and ''Jlattbew- Lyon-j. of: .Vermont, came to blows. After a hot war of. words,- Lypn shouted to Griswold: "I have a mind to coroe back there and teach .you good manners." "If you come, Lyon," cried Griswold; 1 "don't forget to bring your wooden sword!" alluding to the ..fact that.the, Vennonter. was drummed .out of the. arroy . during the revolution. Eyon, without a word, but in a frenzy of rage, crossed the room and deliberately spat in Griswold's face. There was a motion to expel.him, and during its pendency the offender-made a speech in self-defense -which was so obscene that.the newspapers of even that free- and-easy, time could not fully indicate, its purport. The motion to expel was defeated, whereupon Griswold ran over to Lyon's seat, jerked him out of it, threw him down and beat him on the floor of the house.—-Lyon escaped to the . fireplace': and 1 defended" .himself with the tongs, but- \vas beaten again. Friends of the parties at last interfered and the battle came to an end; but only after considerable 'damage had been done: -Such a-scene -would bo wholly impossible, during, the. present generation, for our people have gro- bettir os well as wiser'' than th' " ecstoi-s were. '.••'•"•• • ' •' . . With 1 one exception. 1 -.-during..recent proud audsens;tiv e: woaiau .to ha.Tc.-to nnd,ItteU.,you.. a man's a..fopl to .get. married. Can't^rityer go iio pla.ee and iiastosave'his'-m'oney'a'hdl3u'y 1 things'fc)r'' home: T -Yes;"Si'r;'-amari l s'a'blimcd chump; That's what he "is,'.and % - "•!?•" kn'ow-'.-'cuJse" I'.ve.bcen married a long ^1100;.- AYhon me .'n.- my..-\\;lfe ,was-.first, jnarcied,-.wo- concluded that there .wasnlt. mucltin. kissih''a'rfd"I\T,ia't uevcr'kisseO her ^^itT, •It's'jest'cauSe'-l'm'a'fraid to,-though.'-'"'. •' -"-Yfetf se'ov sKe ' told-' me a,t>6u't Ker aunt;" ;•.. Then.-he-: looked;. a,bout; birti- quostioniugly .to. see .if- anybody had, ever heard the story abuut .his wife's •aunt, and when no one sai'd they hod, he' c'ontin'ucd: "You'see, she got md.r"rie"d ' and her and her husband was as'-lovin 1 as could be. NeveTTise'd to leave tlie house 'thont''slie'd' r liis's"h'h-5 "good-by and jest liang:6n his-neck and 'suit-like it was .-jest, a-tearin' her ."heart .out •. by. 1 ' the. roots to- have him leave,her. ..One . time,she ^yt ,her_ arms 'bout, the .old man's neck and'.took on" mqre'n'.eycr.. She kissed him till" her "m'ouUi' must have "been "sore.- 'Then he' went -away ondshe.went ont.the• back -wayi and" 1 eloped with another -foliar.; ...Kisses is produce* tho above rrnuU» iu'y powerfully and men viUf f no««. Lou Vitality, Impolcncy. Ni LostPow^r. FullinK Memory, W«tM . all cffnclB o(.«oJ{-abuiK!-or,»«ooKKmp<l indlHcretion. which unfitiMiii(f!t)»-*n)rt5-5ljm<lne(u(ornitrTi»|ie. n not only ciur«t>T;rt»rtlJH «l thUlftt »fr£U«L^o, but . ving tho. d CofiKuo pink clow 1 to p»ln re.ftf youth... It_siardi .. .. _ uid CofiKuoiptloD. JnKiKt on hovini; BEVl%'O, no otlicr. It can bo cirriod in vest Docket. By mill, 81.00 perptttt»,'*i'*jr lor £ 3.0D, «tt Uvo wr»tton"ir«iirjJriVeo' to ('ure' oi- -"p fi FOl SAJDE H? tobl ; them's •my'sentiments-and'tliem's' my • ,ivife-'s, ' too. •'• Jest-- loolr at ;: thein- fools. J '.;And helooked-out^at the-youjig couple again and shook his head -with! a." sympathetic smile OB. his rugged, facf. ' " ' " cbmmuhities; that people'- are- growing mueh-'better.- -But- the". : meh who "are- sent- to congress:.are.^fairly-repecsentii-' tive of the people; and tho fact that : | their, moral tone. js. wonderfully. _olo- . v'a'ted is'stron'gly'a; ma.nifesta.tibu of'the_ fact'that-thc sentiment^ "of "'tHe country concerning.morality and' superior'char- acter is potential and elevating. When statesmen drank, fought duels,,gajn- bled and "were publicly.m'aticllin, they were representative of the "people^ for if the-general moral tone of tho country hail been otherwise the statesmen.wo'ttld not have : dared to.. defy.public.ophiion Then," as'now, .the public men- courted.; popular favor.' Then drunketiiiess and gambling-were Tibt unpopular "ivith the people. Our statesmen are-, better'to- day beca,use our people are .better.;-, .SMITH. D..FBT. -^'EouisvillejCommbrcia.I.. ^ , "„ ..~_ . . Y... ............ n:MO n m • 2.J5 »,.IB_ I Rlctimond'* Cincinnati ::...:.-.,• ) Ou a-m • "2 SOam - :l ndlaDapolWt 4;- tX>Ol«vUi»......«12/iOAni * -U U ' - lilclimond & Cincinnati .-)- fi -<5 a ra t ' ....,-.. Crown '-Point* Chicago.-..;:..:." «.«* i IB '•• ItouUcelJo &.liTtioc_-""" ...... v * JSajn.- ) HER CHOICE. She Preferred to H»TB the'Whole Amount ••" Rlgbt nown. •••'•'-' '•'••"Have I ever refused you?". . '.:' Sooner or later, in the : course- oi every domestic union, this question is )0und to be asked, and upon its answer and the further developments thereof depends the"happiness "of two married lives.. • Bernardine thought: that..her husband had never, looked handsomer as he bent over.and repeated the question, his 'dark ' gray e_yes bent upon hers. •"No, dearj" she said, looking up;at him with A troubled gaze;, '."that is not. it,. You nave, been so kind, so. good to.. v . L. DOUGLAS Cl CUAI?- ISTHC BC3T --- 9O OnVb[TITFO-TATCINC. ; : GORDOVANV" - , ' OverOnt"MlHtonPeoplewf«rthe W.-L. ; Dpilgl^ $3 & $4 SHoCS ATI ouriho« are equally satisfactory They tlveJthe.beit: VBlueSor.the money. •: They cquil cuitom (boa In ityle and fit., . Thsfr wearing qualities are aniarp*f«ed. '• The prices are uniform,—-stomped on (Ota. • From Si to $3 saved over other make*. liyotr dealer cannot supply you we can. Sold by J.B. WINTERS 1 '•' Bradford <t Colmnbna ••ifiO v mf !.25.p w,' PLHndelpnta *New.Yor*....-..«"l;50 o'm»-).2S-pW J - CutoM{0,...-—- ....... - — ..... CUteujo-* Int*nuetfliit«,Z. ..;«a'55-p".m ---------- . •A'eccmodaaon..V:.-H.<»T>T« conxxlaaon ____ .. — 1 5.00 p in-j- U. • ' 3.""A. MCCOLLOD6T1, JLgerit,' Lognnsport. " " -- . . s. danr.l..."-.'.'...'..-.^..' ZA~k tt'it.l Ft Warn" Accm.. excep»5Qnd87.^;...i__ 8.30»t«-i, | Kan. Cltj * Toledo Rx., except Simdar.-llflS » m ;,',' Atlantic BxproM,-<la«y.. — :... — :.....:.-. .-. *.6T-p « •< . Accommod*tloa tot-Bast- ..... „ ..... : FEMALE PILLS. pt* Diswttr. Ancw.retnbk) •^ «tcatioo*- -i or piiof cl nn-n- by ov«r . Jmprsr- *2- POT txuc, or knit bur »U Seal a plain vrapper Sor>d ic tfl - 'Sold by' B; T. Fisher/ - : -' : ' : - J r. L*o«l MUUCAL a'nd "Ben, Lost Manhood . Paclflc Exprew; . WKiST 1WOTP. Kanios City Kt, «xc*pt^undai ..... „ ....... 8.48pm- LaTayetie Accm., except Sonday ........ _. 6.05pm f>t LoaJ» JKx., dullr ...... ....... __ ............. 10-32 P » Eel River Div,, Logansport. "West Side- Between Logansport iccoromodaOoc, leare except Sondar ------ 9.55 » u "' • .,->-"<'••-"•.'•'."'"...•— .<.*»»' " Accommodation, arrive eioepccandsr.. • ' '" C:.« VANDALIA^JNE. •;.•=-.. •"• - - •v. T -> • -~ '• ff*yf Trains :l*ave Loganspcjrt^' Ind V /:' FOB THK- »»»-''-• ti -* ' ">' : No. 25 For St-"Jo.«epliV.r^ So. M Kor Sk-Jo««»b r « •*-.-wanHS; No. 51 For Tfcre H««te;^...w No. S3 For" ------

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