Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 1, 1942 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 1, 1942
Page 1
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^ V Heavy Penalties Due For reentents" In Evading The Rent Law of ep The Weather Little Change In Temperature EDITION ^';xLvii^ L n9__ , Circulating; In Beacon Falls Bethany Bristol Terrace —— Cotton Hollow,—7- Middlebury • Mill villa—- Platts Mil Is—-Straitsville • - Union City NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS, SATURDAY, AUGUST 1, 1942 LEASED WIRE SERVICE UNITEI> PRESS. Price Three Cents Hundreds Of RAF Planes Smash At Dusseldorf Area AMERICAN PLANES SCORE BRILLIANTLY IN CHINA *»* CAULS ALEUTIANS Allomptod K,id Upon JMCTirill T Air B»O. MOST DIFFICULT BATTLEFRONT NOW J,I|H "" ;i fulled PITHS) s havn I'llHtf ll|) a hl'Il- iii China— and blasted wl(tt! front north ol , trying desperately for hlll'li'il !>'.) ei'aek Xei'O Ilic lilK Amorlwin all In southern ,,r tin 'Into a hornet's nest. 'lancM, racing to moot the Maslt'd Xuro after Xero sky. Thu official loll IH X«'f(is dcflnlluly downed. nlli -plant) — Hint trailed i'l ( 'd with the siirvlvor.s (Continued on Pago Tsvo) ||f. S. AUTOlAX STAMPS ON SALE AT POSTOFFICE .ii'y tn n'|MH'U rk rrnin WuHli 'si 1 'I'nx Hluiiips In llrsl Mild MiM llii'iniv'liMiil Hi Kast, JL out Kod- Htlll post WUH (UP) days «x» II. was alalorl at Mi tlinl. ufl.(!r July I uulo la slumps winihl 1)0 sold only at lift.- ofl'lccs ui'. lutnrnnl rovi'Mlin (VOl-' hul Ihh MlalwiMMit IM now lo l>i< a\VM.v nut nt' I Inn, -i' Frank T, (Ji'fnii ntalod luil;iy that his olTlcM! lorlay plaoiul \t> Atili) Tax Stain PH for August that Itiii ju'lc.u r>t' nfU'M OlH! IH AM fill 1 HM Ilic l()(!al pOHllliasU'l 1 |\vn ,i\v;u'i' Inday, the Muiiui prtwud- nr- will he cai-rlcd on Indullnltnly. SCRAP DRIVE IS UNDER WAY IN BOROUGH Tin- SI-IMP hi'lvo got off to n fly!«•< si;ii-i here foday with borough I'in'b Iii .irlloii all iiionilnK In varl- '»if parN ill' I he town, and the jNii'H wore that a record >i' ini'liil was \W\I\K Sen I.I hv Wash., Aug. 1 Moving picture producers dual in .superlatives. Hut Uurryl K, Xanuo'k—now a colonel in the Army Sl.tial corps—knows whal he's lal-kl'iiK about when he says the Aleutians ai'e about the most dlflleutt battlel'ront of tho war. Colonel Zanuelc snys tho Americans up thei-u aro lighting two wars —one against the enemy and one against the elements. That's why thu Japs still are there. Xanuck is Just back from a two- week Hying trip through the islands lie says: "The fog was terrible. 1 (lew In a navy patrol bomber and couldn't sen tho wing tips, hour after hour." Tho dapper colonel says he heard in Alaska that a Senate committee planned to make an Invnstlgnllon >f the battle conditions. He remarks •Walt until- they see the fog, '.They'll Mud the answer." Uu points out that to bomb KIs- ai, American (Hers must travel as nr us from London to Berlin—and igalnsl the weather. Xanuok reveals one of Iho purposes of his visit to the Aleutians was lo rnakn a pnrmanent motion picture record of action there for the signal oorpft. \ RED tROSS WILL SUPPLY 25,000 SURGICAL PACKS Quezon Ghildren With MacArthur^s Filipino Aide Blast Section Which Feeds German War Industries With .... v • • Vital Steel and Iron Products Late y News Bulletins AXIS Caii;o, Egypt, 'Aug. Sinlliiifj for Uic photo.tjrnplici' ntop in Now York City ; nrc Mie children of 'IVIniiuel . (iucxon, |)i i os}<l(Mii ol' Iho Phillppinos. WIUi UicnV Js Ool.'-'tau'los •Hoinnlo, Filipino aide .lo. .General AlacAi-Uuir Uuriiifi the luiU.liro! 1 llnlnnii, - Ho was.the hist ninn to leave ">o poninsula -Imfoi-c Ilio .laps cnptui-cd il. Lel'j. to riflht: u QiiO'/.on, Col. Komulo, iMaria Aurora tiiiiv/.oii nu'd Mnnucl Qinr/on, ,Ti'. ' (Central. l»i*css)< In. ,Jainn,M was highly f ' V( iri| ;iiiioiiiil of Mnr/ifi nili| in- ari'iiiniilati'd and Hill HIM cmi[HM'a!lon llC ( " iv '' ( l mi ;ill hands -iiKMhii-lv hl-xli ••X|IIT|H| owned iHlili-d to -'i'iniiui in ln-iinii xn li-r.-i | n y 'tf"ly n '"''y K. KIs- Ihat a metalH I nd I cat- had re- of IMn that Hnvrsi'iil prl- factory trunks Iho horotigh I'hMit ni'flni 1 to (ixpofllln that II. will rnncli boforo li The Naugatuck Hod Clross chapter has received a war quota program of 25,000 surgical dressings, an order which must be completed and shlppfd by August Ml, local chapter officials revealed today. This war tlino order Is one of the largest ever received loeal!y,-and is one whtch will require the help of as many additional workers as possible at the local chapter headquarters on niiurch street. Volunteers are needed at once who will donate tlrno on Wednesdays and Thursdays each week, I'or service In any of the following three periods, <) to :12 o'clock, i :MO to >\ :HO o'clock or 7 to 0 o'clock Jn Iho evening. Ked Gross officials slated that the Importance of this order makfts U absolutely necessary that nvory- ono who can possibly do so, should land some llnio, In order that the work may lie completed and shipped nn LACK OF GASOLINE IS Naugatuck Survey Show; That Backyard Again High in Popularity, '•'IVV pl'1'l'S, I'ltrli that cnnnot be lakon for collection today u f) on Monday awl 1 demolition squad. UTILITY WOHK LIMITED WnsMlngton— Aug. 1 (UP)— No moi'o now coriHtructlon by olectrlcnl ullM'ty companies. That soon will be a war production board order. The reason for thn move will be to save critical war materials. The ruling's not expected to have much affect on private utilities. LANDLORD AND TENANT ARE EQUALLY LIABLE Many 0 Unusual Factors Pre- 8 °ntod in Interpretation °f tho Law, "lit I ho nnvoro ponttl- d.Mi by thn luw, Ooorgo .-nL rniilrol director of HM fi'iiiirr, Wii,.,.),, J'lllh'k hli'ln |H i,, whom* H Nau- town, JHHUOS InnillordHancI ront " lias fonlpi.i II,,. lo all H'i'l under no <KI iiii'nl.4" llxlng il! "Uu-r Mian the ntt'i-ed Into, reported to the ront of instances whom ((•mints have bo- vex a grand to boost as of April 1, 1M1 aki- section C, I tern legal rent form, MrHl, piano, a dfillbOt'atti rent ll « 1 "' ! " ii '" I IK- lli * Is •figure .0.6;:- ^hv 1 ! 1 :;,;;" 1 * 1 " 111111 I"' 1 «';tl| ; no fuul or ^. In II, vlolft- " r Penalty of 'i.OOG -yum 1 JrnprlHon- ]>luoo, ho oon- tho act any tlnuorl, attoriiplH to evade POSOH o,C tho ront 'control unpatriotic and equal to or not of aabotugo, In filHGUHHlng thcsu rojiorts, Duff stated, "Ront control monHuro, Tlip HUCOCSS of control of tho pur- aro oth- .Mo- JH a war tho rent act IH ' aa much-a part war offort and contrlbutoH to tho success of this war as. tho efficiency anil the abilities of the dien on our many lighting fronts. We aro all (Indicating ourselves to u final, docislve and overwhelming victory over the enemy. "Undermining any part of the whole war program, whether at home or on the'front, .Is Juntas un-American and unfair to folknv clti/.ons as ro- woakcMiliiK tho strut on a bomber. "When the ront control ollico ntarts Its investigations as soon as registration period is oomple.t- tho such cases uncovorod, rooominond- od on August • .15, and prosocutlons will bo ° C Mp|>ufr further stated that many landlords sooni to bo unaware of {Continued on Pago Eight) A survey of Naugatuck's reactior to the restriction on gasolliie, shows that In general it has sponsored ni unprecedented number of JHIC! yard vacations aiid holidays. M owners of summer cottages at the shore have runted them for the season to neighboring defense workers and In some cases converted then li?lo year round residences. Those making use of their shore cottage? have, for ' tho most part, Urn Red themselves to a straight two woeK's vacation, whereas In other year? they commuled all summer.. This "stay at home" summer policy has taxed the Ingenuity'of homo owners and householders . to, Ilio ixl.reme and they have responded with a surprising demonstration of ,holr adaptability. Many homes lave InstaHed barbecue lire places 'or home picnics. Some- of these were home built, and many of them veru done by skilled masons. Some f them are elaborate enough not only to-broil "hot clogs 11 and hamburgers, but even to cook a whole meal. A number of men In Nnuga- tuck-are ivow taking pride In their, abill'ty as outdoor • chefs, Jind say they 'cannot only make'as tasty a weinle as ever split on a grill, b'ut can roast corn and potatoes, fry hot cakes, and even nmke corn pone, with no 'better equipment than ar open Jlreplace. Jn most cases, how- over, mother stll! has to'wash the coffee pot. "'•.-,' > • Local stores report is typi- ral- of the times that they; have practically sold out thoir'supplies of outdoor furniture, especially the lype that will stand up under showering. They also say that when present supplies are exhausted, there Is very little hope of. more (Continued on Page Eight) : FORMER LOCAL OF MINISTER TO IIftrl,fo'rd, citing spy ICurt K. B, Monday in Tlio (rial Aug. 1—(UP)—The "ox trial of the Rcycronc Mo.lxalin con.!inucs 61 fodoral court; .is in- recess over the .week-end, .and resuming (.ho staiu Monday will be Doctor-.Otto Wlllu- mclt, the Chicago.Naxi Bund loadei who already has pl-caded guilty to spying I'or Germany and Japan, Doc_ !or WiTlumeit *ls a witness for the government. . Defense counsel late .yesterday-objected to Dr. Wlllumoll's. testhnony; and Fodoi'al Judge ,T. Joseph ffmilh wljl decide the matter when court opens on Monday. Dr. Willumeit followed to the stand two other important, govcni- rient witnesses—Dr. Robert .Kempler, former German government ofll- j|al ( anrl Dr. OKlo FlatCor, of New York, who lost his job in .Germany ftiiso In; couldn't sec eye to. eye vith .the NaxJs. • .., .. • Dr. Kompnor, who i's now in this', Country, once -wrote a probation re)ort on Adolf Hitler during the fuehrer's early career. IMLLECTION RAIDS CAIRO . 1—(UP)—Axis-bombers have made another night raid on the Cairo area. The Egyptian ministry'of the interior says the raiders dropped several bombs which killed five persons and injured a dozen, others. However, the ministry adds, damage was slight. • RAILROAD STATION DAMAGED Vichy,, Aug. 1—(UP)— It is reported that $AF raiders heavily damaged an important railroad station 30 miles southeast.of Dieppe early Friday. Dieppe is on the French coast. The railroad station is in the heart of an area the Nazis have fortified against a possible A)lied invasion of the .continent. . Raid Reported Biggest- in Several Weeks With 600 Planes Participating. OTHER UNITS HIT AT HOLLAND AND BELGIUM TARGETS • The."local-'campaign to spoor] uj and increase the.cojleetion of sera; in' Nnuga.l,iick is: receiving the ful support of business and civic o'r Sanitations, ii; wns announced to clay -b.y JamcsyF. Kissnnc, chairmai of vilip-'-Scrjip. Salvage' commi l,tee. .'''"Among. the groups which arc 1/ Ing; i m p o r Ln. n t pa r ts i n t.h oca m - ign.V' Mr. Kissane said, "are thn Rotary;; Elks, Eagles,- K. of G., Masonic group's,"'•• Veterans organixa- ions,' Boy Scouts,--'Svea lodge, III- .icrnians and all .labor- groups. '•• Mr.- 'Kissane said .that each ol ,hoso . 'business- or "civic organiza- ,ions has appointed"-commit'tcos or n'rlividuals' to/ cooperate with the peal Scrap •-Salvage :committee-' in every po.ssible t way. The'^members'' of" each organizfi- lo'n have been aslcad by its prcsid- ng officer, to .collect as.much -scrap s po'ssibjc"* in- his or her .home or place ofjmsiness, and to urge. oth- rs .1,0 '.cooperate with'the drive. The valuable assistance given by 10 members of those .organisations, Ir. K-issanc s.iid M .was helping uro the-success of-the local-cam- aign. -. Scrap materials vitally needed for ic war effort include: Iron and tec], oilier metals,'• rubber, rags, la'nila ro'p'p, burlap bags and waste ooking fats. , • • . A pubJiJC- collection of metals,-is nder ;way iii-. the borough today;' Bananas Saved Baby's Life Russians Are Ordered to "Hold Or Die," A» Germans Advance. FOOD RIOTS REPORTED London, Aug. 1—(UP)'—The Russian radio reports that 45 Germans were killed in food riots at Hamburg July 26th. Moscow says the deaths occurred when Gestapo agents attempted to disperse .the..demonstrators. Police are said to hav^e made mass arrests after the riot^ .. - Hamburg.lias bee^n.Jiit hard by the BAE..and it has long been kno>vn as -a radical center. The Russians say the food 'situation- tliere ;has been going from bad to worse. "Townspeople have received no bread for a week. And typhus is reported to have broken out. FEELS ALEUTIANS KEY Los Angeles, Calif., Augl 1—(UP)—A noted air expert, Major Alexander Be Seversky, believes that Alaska and the Aleutians are the key to victory in the Pacific.' De Seversky says that from bases there Japan could oe bombed to rubble. He adds "by doing that we can soften up the enemy so well that we won't ever have to attack them by land or sea. And this can be done at a ninimum investment in American life.' J MANY NAZIS KILLED Stockholm, Sweden, Aug. 1—(UP)-—Killed in action killed in action . . . killed in action. Day after day, he Nazi papers'print the names of prominent army officers and'party figures with those three words following. Dispatches from Germany say hardly a day goes by low since the Nazis launched their Don offensive, when he death of at least one of the 1,500 wearers of the Cross is not recorded. vnight's IN U. SL ARMY Averell and Mrs. at F. Johnson, son of Mr; Imil „,,.,. Frank A. Johnson of New Brunswick, N. J. has Just been graduated as a second Jieirtenant from tho Officer Candidate School Gamp Davis, N. C, . — The' family of tljp new U. &. cor made their ,hpme. in Naugatuck some years ago before, taking up residence In New Jersey], and arc well known here., whoro they have many relatives and friends, Lioutenaift Johnson is a grandson of Mr, and Mr«. Andrew/Johnson-of Highland Gb'Olo, *,,pr.omlnent , Jooal residents for. ninny yeai'3. IN CREDIT PLANS FOR FURNACES Imiinnns happily, -Mrs. Rehccen Gottlieb, of "Brooklyn, N. Y., oilers to lie? J5-itiontlis-o!d daufllitev 'Helen Hoberta. The ciiild ts from cellar, n rnre disease • for which banonas nrc Mic only Known remedy, rioldiuji tlip bnhy |s Pnh-olmnn Andt-ow Hodlkc who brought tho fruit to .the Gottlieb homo after tht mother bad appealed lo police to secure a supply. A borbtigluxVi'de" search yielded" oiily__M biumnns, for they arc bard to get now, but they were enough cliilU's life. lo save the (Central Press) Many Naugatuck business men as well as individuals are now aware that 'In recognition of the urgent necessity for the conservation of fuel because'of the-current difficulties of transportation, the-Board of Governors of the Federal Aeserve System has adopted, effective July 27, 19-12, Amendment No. G lo J^egu- lation W relating .to consumer credit. . This amendment removes the restrictions of tho regulation from the extension of credit to finance the conversion of heating equipment from one type of fuel to another, such as the adaption of furnaces now burning oM to the use..of. coal i n those parts - of th e.- countrV wh ere the supply- of oil next, winter will not he adequate for existing equipment. _-> • . ,The amendment niso removes restrictions on credit to-'finance"-the- installation of storm, doors,. storm windows, weather 'stripping, and insulation wlljclr effect:jan . over-all saving Jn fuel ; cbhsumptfon. . The adoption of the amendment at th is ti m e is In ten ded to fa : ci 1 i ta te action on, the part of home-owners so that- as much [as ipossibie of the neossary ;\york ca|i^ be Completed before J/he heavy season for such work ajrrlves' and before' the growing war-time ^pressure on transportation 'and other facilities becomes more acute. : ; This .change, is ( ,expected : to 1 aid many Naugatuck householders in connection with furnace and house changes. SERVICE FLAG WILL FLY SOON IN "LITTLEITALY' (By United Press) The RAF last night, slugged hard at the area that dally feeds German war'industries with tons of steel and iron products. The target was D.uesseldorf, in the heart of the German Rhenish- West- phallan. sector. The raid was carried out by hundreds of 13rltain's ^greatest, bombing planes. Britain admits the loss of 30 planes, indicating that Svell over GOO planes engaged In the attack. The raiders were guided by the roaring fires of blast furnaces which lit the whole area.. The .British lieavy bomIwirs swep t • to th ei r. targets and gained -hundreds of bombs, including the .Lethal' ^-thousand pound 1)1 obV-Vustersv;..., '• 'Oilier units of Die H-A-F fanned out over a wide area of Holland and Beiguim and still '••others atta'cked rai'lnoads in northern : occupied France. Berlin radio ctalmft a bag of 20 planes in the Duesseldbrf area, 10 shot down in big British light plane raids on the occupied French coast yesterday and one plan^.shot down near Cherbourg. Unofficial reports are that/ the bomber raid 'on Dusseldorf WAS the biggest in several weeks. I/i the words of one R-A-F pilot who" took part: • ; , • "It was a crackerjack." ^'. For a full hour, the BKisii'planes Iposed bombs on the .metaliurglcjoil 1 , engineering, machinery, glafcii and (Continued on Page Two) ANOTHER SPECIAL SERVICE LETTER ARRIVES HERE Naugatuck's first community scr vice flag-in-.the' present war, wil soon fly from a flag • pole in th "Little Italy".section on High street A group of young men residing ii that section of tho borough bander together in the purchase of a ser ^ice flag -which will carry almos 30 stars, honoring the men now ii Uncle Sam's, service, from tha neighborhood. The flag which will be made John S. Sullivan will distinguisl ,he men now in foreign service from, in, this country,. and will fly permanently with the national em- )lem frdm a tall flagpole near Fred's Highway Grill on. High street. This Idea is one now talcing hold n the country, many small towns 'lying a community service flag •ig-hl across their main streets. SON WINS AWARD London, Aug. 4—(UP)—Lord Beaverbrook has a new hero in the r«mi!y. The British press association reports that nls son, Max Aitken, has been awarded the distinguished service order. Aitken, an .H-A-F pilot- is credited with shooting down nine Nazi' raiders. LIQUIDATE BANKS New York, Aug. i (UP)-—The Japs say they have begun to liquidate American and other banks in the Philippines. Anotlior of Uie new V-Mail letters from American forces Abroad, has arrived here, Mre. 13Ha Kvon 'Of South Main street having been the recipient of one of the-/new type mailing missives from 'heft son, Private Leon A. Evon, a hifember or Co. K, 3^1 th , Infantry, .stationed somewhere in the Pacific. Private Evon in one of Ills recent letters home nienttbried ' th« fact that he met Gene Dallon, another Naugatuck boy, ; no\v in the service. The two Naugaluck youths were so glad to' sec each other that they down and Jiilked for two solid hours, and it seems like- 1 y th a t, i/h e i r old ironic town go t--; a good canvass during the talk feat. It Is worthy of comment to note that both you Mis each week receive copies of the Naiigatuck Nevys thro.ugh the courtesy..,,of tiift-PolWi Central Committee and rflniark'Vn their letters home that this fact keeps them In close touch with. nil that goes ON in-the home town/ FACTOGRAPHS A Buffalo, N. Y., concern .Is mak- a new type of sponge fjvveat- ba.nd to keep the perspiration from unning to Uie eyes of 'War. production workers. They had to fitid substitutes for glycerine and gum rubber. Tests conducted in Denmark show hat, flax wasSe, pressed into brl- juets and burned in producer-gas, provides a ; high grade fuel or motor vehicles. ' There are about 45 hot or ther- springs in the state of Col- rado, most of Iheiii in tliie heart of ic Rockies.' "'•••'•'' .: North . CarpUnia calls; the Garo- ha chickadee Its state bird, although the selection lia^ not beeu lade official.

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