The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota on November 16, 1929 · Page 1
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The Bismarck Tribune from Bismarck, North Dakota · Page 1

Bismarck, North Dakota
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Saturday, November 16, 1929
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THE BISMARCK TRIBUNE The Weather North Dakota's Oldest Newspaper ESTABLISHED 1873 BISMARCK, NORTH DAKOTA, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1929 PRICE FIVE CENTS unnvFD wu i rn i rnnvnuir rnurrDcunr TO DEAL WITH SUGAR increase in Duties on Egg Plant, Cucumbers, Peppers and Squash Approved HAY TARIFFS ARE RAISED Sugar Schedule in Bill Regarded Highly Controversial as Debate Nears Washington, flov. 18. UP) Action on the agricultural schedule or tnc tariff bill was camuleted todav bv the senate alter the western Republican Independent - Democratic coalition had virtually revised proposed rates Sugar, over which a heated troversy has been waged, is in other schedule which will be' sldered next week. Today nine amendments to raise rates on nay. straw nroom, corn ana fresh vegetables were adopted. adding to the 34 Increases approved at last nignt's session. Hie embracing spirits, wines, and other beverages, and after a suggestion by Senator Blaine, Republican. Wis., that this schedule virtually be abandoned in view or tne promotion law, adopted the only two committee amendments to the section and recessed until Monday. By a vote of 68 to 7 the senate decided not to meet tonight. Senator Walsh. Democrat, Montana, proposed this step after warning old senators they were following a "killing pace" and pleading with the younger ones to reflect a little and not insist on long sessions. At the outset of debate Increases in duties on egg plant, cucumbers, peppers, and squash were approved. The rato on the first threo being raised from 25 per cent ad valorem to 3 rents a pound. The duty on squash was increased from 35 per cent to two cents a pound. Cuoumbcr Proposal Reacted apply a seasonal tariff on egg plant Big Democrats at Banker's Funeral Powerful financiers and politicians were among the honorary pallbearers at the funeral of James J. Rlordtn, prominent banker and president of the church, are Alfred E. Smith, left, and Lieut. Governor Herbert H. Lehman of New York. Behind them are John J. Raekob, left, and William F. Kenny, wealthy contractor and friend of Smith, Charges have been made that friends of Rlordan attempted to suppress and distort the news of his death. OLSNESS SEEMS NONPARTISAN GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE I ! I Air Crash That Killed Six j FOOTBALL 0'M W ' NDanlil IB ' Tl llP WHilf ' K. " '"may i : 3 r I ' g ' ill ill ni E1EIDI 1916 Regarded at Good Choioe at Present Platform Committee of League Probably Will Meet Here in Next Two Weeks GOOD VOTE-GETTER IN PAST ci-cumbors-under which thathreej. ...... cent duty during the winter Aflnisj ns-urBfioe Commissioner Since rejected. Senators Fletcher and Trammcll. Democrats, Florida, opposed the seasonal tariff on the same grounds on which they argued successfully against a winter reduction In the levy Imnort of these vegetables, they contended, came from Mexico and Cuba during the winter when Florida's crops were ready for market and Approval also was given committee hav from four to five dollars a of 3.000 pounds and on straw from one to one dollar and a half a ton. An amendment by Senator Olllett, Republican. Mass., to levy a duty of 4 cents a pound on sweetened cocoa and chocolate In bars or blocks of 10 pounds or more was adopted. The lorem but not less than 2 cents pound. The house and senate flnanco committee made this duty 40 per cent. , Senate consideration or the aagar schedule, classified with tho most todayawalted only the disposition of a few remaining committee amendments to the agricultural rates. 34 Farm Imports Boosted Disposal yesterday of 47 amendmentsIncluding 34 increases to the farm products classification left the way virtually cleared to action on the sugar controversy. Some prospects were seen of completing sugar debate before tho end of the day. Leaders generally, however, held little hope the problem could bo dispatched so readily. No definite line-up on the controversy was apparent, but Democrats wero expected by their tariff spokesman, Simmons, of North Carolina, to back the present 1.76 a pound rate on Cuban raw sugar, with the possible exception of the Louisiana Democrats Meeting of a speolal platform mltteo of the Nonpartisan League, originally sohedulcd to be held hero in mid-October, will be held within the next two weeks, Nonpartisan League leaders here indicated today. William Longer, who recently has cd that the date for the meeting had been fixed but refused to disclose the date, although he said it would not be held next Monday, as reported In jmc parts oi tnc state. Other leaders said the meetlna probably will be held the week of meeting would be to draft a platform tor presentation to the Nonpartisan convention in February and, if possible to canvass the available candi dates for governor. In this connection it was disclosed that a quiet boom may be launched for 8. A. Olsness, now insurance commissioner, as a candidate for governor. Olsness has been successful at the polls, as a candidate for his present office, elnce 1816 and some local leaders make it plain that they regard him as their strongest available candidate, Vnitl!d states steel n f SSfX. I" of Standard Oil of New Jersey, nounced within a few days. placed Wednesday, had the effect of ---.t-iit-. ..Vu i. t.. u. " ,ne werc maM at tne price level at lected. and If so the names of the The bid for 300.000 shares of Unit- one from each county, was ed States steel at 150, which would d ! require 30,000,000 to fill, was placed Reservations in Bank Se.,lrm of Abroach, poiiak and who seek a hlffhcr rate. Chairman Smoot of the finance committee, is expected to support tho Levies C0NDIH0N0FST0CK MART DESCRIBED AS NORMAL BY LAMONT Large Bids for Various Stocks Helped Check Declines, Finanoier Says market was closed today, ending Its trading week under conditions de- mont. partner In J. P. Morgan and company. . As spokesman for tho group of bankers who organized to heln stah- Illte the market at tho beginning of after an Informal meeting In 'the Morgan offices yesterday the bankers mal during the past few days. The comment was made after trip close of tho-second -trading session covery from the slump which reached its climax last Wednesday when hun dreds of issues hit new lows for the year. Mr, Lamont said throughout the ket had been confined to the original lum, but that other banking Instltu- Lamont said ho had been Informed that several substantial bids had been placed at approximately Wednesday nignts closing prices including upiam continued xcswraay three additional farm 'wA w tne ; "';" '""""'J.""?- """""J? product Imports were increased last night. The present rate on fresh tomatoes was increased from one-half a cent to three cents a pouna; inis being the house bin rate as contrasted with a two p d one-half cent rate proposed by the finance committee. The tariff on preserved tomatoes was increased from 16 to 50 per cent and tho duty on turnips and rutabagas SECRETARY GOOD IN CRITICAL CONDITION Washington, Nov. 16. (ff) Only slight hope for tne recovery oi aecre- staff of physicians who described his critical. Whether the war department chief would be able to recover appeared, they said, to depend upon considerations outside of their control All that medical science could provide,' they added, had been done for him. He was fighting hard against President Hoover, who paid a visit last night to the bedside of his close friend and associate, was keeping In close touch with Walter Reed hospital Baden conference on tho bank for Issues made net gains of 1 to 16 international settlement, too ay signed points. the report of the experts, with reser-1 On the stock exchange the turn-vations. The two delegates left j over for the day was 4,330.980 shares. Baden-Baden before the olose of the compared to 6.669,360 Thursday. On conference when Basel, Switzerland, the curb market 1,874,900 shores fig-was selected as the seat of the bank ured In the day s trading. Instead of Brussels. Governors of the stock exchange Sioux Oltv. la.. Nov. 18 r Pn. 1 n. of Sioux City had confessed to rob- done the last two weeks to enable bing the First National Bank of Eden, brokerage houses to catch up with voted to continue the three hour trading sessions, from 10 a. m. until has been KIDNAPED, COP SEES CAPTORS ROB BANK, GROCERY, CITIZENS Edgar E. Willcut Listens Mo-, rosely to Jibes of Fellow-Policemen NETWORK OF POLICE FAILS Thieves Make Tour of Kansas City Suburbs Before Re-leasing Captive Kansas City. Nov. lO.-lFi-Edgor Mlch- D ED UJ I E. Willcut, a motorcycle patrolman, today listened morosely to the Jibes 13 3 see somethhig funny In the fact that p... he was kidnaped yesterday by twolrur-motorists he stopped for questioning , and forced to accompany them while j jown committed a street holdup. He was released three hours after his abduction with only his feelings Watching For Speeders I tar' when he saw the car which made him ' mh suspicious. As ho pulled alongside a gun glistened over a window sill. The i patrolman surrendered his revolver I and entered the car. ' "WonUbJaJie Hob," said thejnau. g D. covering the officer with his pistol. "Taking a conoer on a iobl Oh. Bovl l Won't the town laugh?" Several persons saw the abduction and nhoned notice headauarters. De spite a net or motorized police thrown about the city, however, Wlllcut's captors drove out of the city to Independence, then to Hickman Mills, Mo., suburbs. "Now listen. Conner." said one of the two men In the car, "you'll be lucky to get out of this alive. You do what you're told." Then. Willcut said, they decided to hold up a grocery, because tnc grocer "had the only rifle In town" nrocerr Owner Grinned George Lorlmcr. proprietor of the store, grinned at the command "stick 'em up." The uniform Indicated to him It was only a joke. Then he and a customer saw two revolvers and obeyed orders. Miss Sylvia Hamilton, assistant cashier, was on dutv at the bank. She too smiled at the command "stick 'em up," ana tnen compuea, Still holding the policeman, the robbers drove next to Leeds, another other car" was stolen "and Willcut changed his prison. The occupant nf the stolen cor were robbed of 1109 Back in Kansas city wnicut the nnrtlni admonition. Chief of his entire force, and assigned every man available to a mission of retaliation. LMD BUSINESS OUT OF MARKET SLOUGHS NDAC nai Georgia Sheriff Home With Woman Prisoner Sheriff O. B. Jarman, whose slow Journey here from northern Indiana with a woman nrlsoner had aroused fears for his safety, today explained tnat ne stopped at several points en route In an eftort to locate two men believed to havo been Implicated with Elisabeth Brooks, alias "Honey" Sullivan. In a 812.000 dbvtoII robbery here. Jarman and Miss Brooks arrived here last night by automobile. DDII I OBQO IDE1QRI ODD Q Football Results Fob dread foe of aviators entier! thii rEh wM..ot nhn,.n i- blackened and tangled wreckage of the German air liner, operated b.i the UWM',,aa i-uiiiiuu.' . vwuvu uuiuutu witn nign tree tops in aurrey. England, and was hurtled to the around in a mass nf rinmet. kiiiuu. civ rw of the two survivors of the crash. Lieut. Commander Glen Kldston. wealthy sportsman, crawled from the ruins, chartered a private plane and took off ten-minute night so he "wouldnt lose his flylns nerve" Then he went to a Hospital. CARL BEN EIELSON CONTINUING RESCUEW0RK ON ARCTIC OCEAN MEN WHO 'WAIT ALL North Dakota Pilot Seeking to Aid Eight Men and Girl Caught in Ice Informed, Interested and In fluential Men Will- Be Called Into Parley HE HAS FAITH IN BUSINESS Sees Assurance of Action Because of Sound Sense and Capacity of Leaders Washington. Nov. 16 iPi President Hoover toduy assumed command pose of leading some of its actlv?t'les out of the sloneh him u-hMi ti,a,. dropped with the rise and fall of tho conference of Informed, Interested ulatlon or those few phases of Indus- J ' uiggra oenino as the eo try's money wot noured lntn the FIRST PERIOD Ohio Slate 14; Krnyon 0. Collate 7: Syracuse 0. Harvard 0; Holycrms 0. Army 23: Dickinson 0. Chicago 0j Illinois 0. Nebraska 13: Oklahoma 7. Navy 0: IVakeforcst 0. MaoAlester 7: St. Mary's 7. SECOND PERIOD Harvard 0; Holy Cross 0. Pennsylvania 7: Columbia 0. Ohio 20: Kenyon 0. Colgate Hi Syracuse 0. Army 00: Dickinson 0. Hemline 0; St. Thomas 0. Navy 10: Lake Forest 0. Illinois 7; Chicago 0. THIRD PERIOD Pennsylvania 14: Colombia 0. Ohio State 34: Kenyon 0. FINALS Williams Freshmen 30: Amherst Freshmen 0. N 9 MPS MOT in Am urn m i iimuin ""v, u uvi w wnv i mwmmm INRUNNINGGUNFIGHT Walter Olson, Rio, and Harold I Six Patrolmen Take Part In Mexican Polls Guarded by Soldiers As Political Clashes Are Expected Mexico City, Nov. 16. M Cavalry ! All saloons were ordered to close and Infantry contingents wore con- from noon today till Monday. Sale centrated here and In the larger 0'l.LmesJlwLU.e Pbited cities of Mexico today in anticipation Urtain that Pascual Ortlr Bublo, of clashes between rival political ele-! candidate of the national revolu-ments when the nation votes for tfonary party, which the late General president tomorrow. Alvaro Obregon founded, would de- The troops were ordered to remain . feat Joe Vasconcclos. candidate of the In their barracks ready for Instant i antl-reelectlonlst party, call to trouble centers, but refraining i The election Is to fiil the unexpired construed as Intimidating or Innuenc- , mer president, who was assassinated lng voters. Police and firemen will three weeks nfter lie was elected to a aid them In the event of trouble. . second term in July of last year. Holmes, Woodhull, Belong to Same Church honor to the rural Swedish commu-nltv of Rio and Woodhull. 111. It breeds muscled men and real farmers and the proof lies for all the world to see In two neighbor farm boys, who-walked away yesterday with au honors of the national corn husking championship. Flgnung down interminaoie slnele community bested the ohamplons of six other corn belt states and when a cannon boomed champion. Walter Olson, was but a scant half bushel ahead of his neighbor, Harold Holmes. These two friends, members or tne same Lutheran church, wrenched apart the tangled rows or com ana beat a steady rat-tat-tat on the boards In the 8--minute corn shucking contest. It was Olson's second national or world oharanionshin. Last vear he shucked 36.B bushels in Benton county, Ind.. to take first honors. Yesterday he picked only 29.27 bushels In c. Malev. Minnesota, with 21.2 bushels, was eighth and R, Hanson, Minnesota. 20.74 tenth. Girl KUled Crossing Street for Lollipop Chicago. Nov. 16. UP) Two auto mobiles killed nine-year-old Edna Coyle last night as, with a penny in her hand, she started across the street to buy a lollipop. One automobile knocked hor down and the other ran over her. Picked up. dying, the child still was holding the penny tlfhtly In her hand. Street Chase After a Colored Burglar Suspect New York, Nov. 16. W-Two patrolmen and a negro burglar suspect were shot early this morning In a five-block running gun battle on the upper east side. Six patrolmen took part in the chase in which more than 20 shots were fired. Patrolman John J Duffv ngnt side, while Patrolmen Peter J. rwnegen ri the right 1 Delaicey. 4, was shot In the head, the riaht.alde and In the left leu Duffv and Delaicey were reported in serious condition. The policemen said Delaicev was observed acting suspiciously near a Claims Coalition Is Aiding Agri culture Despite Names Given to It Washington. Nov. lfl. iyp. The coalition o Democrats and wcster.i Republicans In charge of the tariff bill has been dubbed "nnnniniuii. communists onci even jacKBSSCS, senator Nye, Republican. North Dakota, sold hi a radio address today, "but the facts arc that the coalition Is getting results for agriculture." capper sees ranacy Participating In the same program, broadcast by the National Broadcasting company under the auspices of the Farmers' Union, Senator Capper. Republican, KanBas, said it Mould not "benefit agriculture to Increase the tariff rates, or to give tariff protection on what tho farmer sells, If at the same tune tariff nrotectlon is The Kansan expressed confidence the agriculture marketing act would prove of great assistance to agriculture "If the federal farm hoard con tinues to develop Its policies along the the farmers themselves give their energetic support to the cooperative marketing movement" Senator Nye said the tariff bill had been written by "easterners" who "spent the summer decorating Um Christmas tree expecting Santa Claus SIX OF PARTY ARE RESCUED Eielson and Dorbandt, His Assistant, Are Flying a Plane Equipped With Skis New York, Nov. 10. ii Additional messages received by the Aviation Corporation of America tqday said that Carl B. Eielson, their Alaskan representative and a fellow pilot, were contlhulns efforts ta brlna- off tnc remaining eight men and a girl of a fur trading expedition caught in the lec of the Arctic ocean off Cape North. Siberia. Eielson rescued six of the party and Alaska. In their first trip to the stranded trading ships, located 455 miles northwest or Nome. The nllots flew nlanes eouinned land on the ice alone side the shins. The girl who Is with her father, of the Swnnson Fur company, of New York, and the others ore on the ship Nanook, The pilots snld the vessel JliasJn danger of being crushed in tho ice, r'aoa supplies were taken to tne stranded ships by the planes. Radio messages received at Fali-banks. Alaska, carlv this month sold tho Nanook was caught In the Ice and asked Immediately assistance. Elclitm decided to attempt rescue by nlr over 500 miles of Arctic ocean. He flew from Fairbanks to Nome, where Dor- vened," he continued, "Santa failed : bandt joined him with another plnni to out in an anncarance and of course 1 and the first fllcht was made. In- bitterness has followed" I stead of one ship the pilots found two Doesn't Want Changes i fast In the ice He predicted that if the Industrial ! Five or six trlDs will be reoulred to tariff rates were held to their present ' remove all the persons and the cargo levels, the tariff bill might result in ! of furs, Eielson has reported the farmers' annual income, or about SZOO per form. larni outs nave always nan first In mind the Interests of the oreat manufacturing industries," he added. "Each tariff bill has been something in the nature of a banquet for these industries, it nas oeen sometning m , the nature of a program of 'slopping dtistrlal hogs are not permitted all K they have asked, how they do squeal ' quests From London, To kyo, Paris. Rome NAVAL ARMS PARLEY N. 21 These are nnrHrulnHv ihn fiMn private mid public construction rail- eral, state and municipal public works The conference will be hcjd next week, attended by representatives of industry, agriculture and labor, as yet unannounced, four members of the cabinet and Chairman late yesterday and at the same time U1UI, any mcK o, confidence in the economic future or the basic strength of business in the United States is foolish." He pointed to the "establishment of credit stability and ample capital through the federal reserve system" to support this view and particularly to the recent announcement of a prospective reduction In federal taxes, as a demonstration of the confidence of the administration which speaks "more than words." wotIM nost,101"'""!,lt 01 custriictton garded as providing "a substantial rc- ror prompt expanded Hctlon." cited "the exceptionally strong cash position of the large manufacturing industries" of tho country. Forward Movement Planned Outlining ills Man the nrM.i said that the next step would be organization and coordination cf a "forward movement of business through the revival of construction activity, the stimulation of exports and uf oilier legitimate business expansion, especloily to take such octlon powers" for the assistance of tho farmer. Fortunately.' he said, "the sound cooperation of our business leaden and governmental agencies give assurance of action." The names oi those who will attend the conference ore to be announced within the few days GERMANY ALARMED OVER HOOVER PLAN Berlin. Nov la ,o. d.ij.... Hoovers plan to call an economic conference of loading figures in tho United States has excited considerable attention In Berlin. Ident s action as foreshadowing further difficulties In the way of tho German CXOnrt. trarie aiith th, TTH,.4 States and fears are expressed less the united States resort to dumping goods on European markets "Against this."' says the Deutsche Zeitung. "wc are powerless Let those Young plan In the belief that a great ROBBED OF JEWELRY turned the fire until he collapsed Dog Proves Needy : As Gun Is Jammed 1 And Bear Charges Iverson, trapper, of Jndlan Point creek, has a great dog. Hans went into the woods to retrieve a moose he had shot. He found a irrlzzlv bear sticks. The bear charged. The trap- Attornev General in lOrtUre KObberV Case, Washington. Nov. ls.-(Pi-The . , , I state department has Informed Great Jewelry, silverware, guns. house-Announcement that he would assist Britain that Jan. 21 win be acceptable nold and Personal effects exceeding State's Attorney Nels O. Johnson, i to the United States for the Inaugu-1 ''"00 '"valu wns s''on from the McHenrv countv. In the nroaeeution ration of the London conference on I A101n Ne,s0 farm home near Man- of the Karlsruhe torture robbery case ' naval arms limitation, revealing for : dan last ni&nt while the family was was made here today by Attorney the first time the exact date upon attending a theater in Mandan Oeneral James Morris. which the parley will convene. . Included in the loot was all tho volver. In addition they took 150 phonograph records, leaving about a dozen Scandinavian records. Thieves last night also looted scv- school. about 14 miles smith. Af m. dan. while owners attended a school program Overcoats and tools were reported taken. RUMANIAN WEDDING RUMORED quests from London. Tokyo. Parts, Bucharest. Rumania, Nov 16 ii ! and Rome that the Washington gov-The nress published stories todav ornment i.idlcate whether this oro- 82nd street. As they approached him Premier Juliu Maniu was about to 1 posed date was suitable Previous than the third week in January, Illinois Proved Another Reno When Old Divorce Statute Is Dusted Off Chicago. Nov. 16 iPi An old 1111- the couple spent only a day In the nols statute has been dusted off and tate. The state supreme court had marriage rivalling Reno. thc act of committed in the The divorce action of Mrs. Betty I state. Hamburger against Nathan Ham- j Mrs. Hamburger set forth 4n her offensive and held off the bear till ute Judge Joseph Sabath. lndlcat- 1 cnee of two witnesses her husband Hans got the gun working. I Ing he would grant a decree, said the 1 struck her ZZT" Iaw waa quKe 01ear ana ,nat divorces Yesterday the ease was heard and VETERAN PRINTER DIES might be granted even though parties Mrs. Hamburger was granted monthly John 8. McCune. 69. veteran printer The law set forth that If a hus- seven-months-old daughter. An hour employed by the. Orond Forks Herald, .band Is cruel to hli wife In Illinois later she had rhecked nut of, her died. she may sue for divorce, even though ' hotel. Tutankhamen Curse '; Discussion Revived i When Bethell Dies ! London. Nov. is. (41 Sudden death Friday of Richard Bethell, 48. heir to the Lord Westbury, has revived discussion of the superstition of a curse resting upon meddlers with the tombs of the Pharoahs. Bethell was seeretarv to HmiH Carter, whose Investigations In Egypt disclosed the treasures of ancient Tutankhamen Hts is the tenth death among people concerned with the exploration of the old Pharoah s sep- Cartcr. chief disturber of tho tomb, still U alive. NEWSPAPER IF NEWSPAPER!"

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