The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1939
Page 7
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MONDAY,-'OCTOBER-23, 1989 BLYTIIEVILLE (AKK.) COUR1EK N1WS •n 1 POR1UN1TY CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D»i!y rate per line for coruecu- f ^e insertions: For Rent 3 room fuuiished npiirtment. Pos-.-r In one week. 809'Hcarn. 2 furnished rooms wltli Frigldaire. Phone 814-J. 23-cktfl _ • 1 HONEST VAUiES AT PHILLIPS Vhreo times per Use per day.. .OGc day....05e — desired, Main. fix ti'iies per line Monti, rate per line ..60c Oards of Thanks...- 50c & 75c Minlmuni charge 50c Ads ordered (or liirce or. six .'-me* and stupi*d. before •: expira- )oii will be charged It/r Uie nuih- ftr ol times the add appeared ana ixijusuiiem 01 bill inacie. : All Classified Advertising coyy lumiucu Dy poisons Vesicimi; 1 bully nitB ol the city unist -be'accom- panied by cash. hales'may'"be eaa- i computed irom abov't table.. /uiinmiiA iiiKtrs the one Ume .raie. i\u ic-ipuiiMuiLty \\iU:--Ob tuKen vi uiuic LIIHII one incurred in^et- Kvcry Used Car ami Truck two Offered For Sale Is Ueiidy to HOLD EWiKYTTTfNG • Kv CVvrle i—• Large bedroom, twin beds, closets, steam heal. Men pre- (« 0 g cc Them Today! feirecl. Phone 1. 23-ck-U or 3 room furnished apartment. 'Newlv decorated. 9H Hcarn. '/' 21-pk-ll-21 Nicely furnished bedroom, 328 E. Davis.- PJione 862-,j:\ . 21ek-2(i 4 rcom furnished apartment. Fris- idaire. Private'bath. 110 W. Ash. Dojsha Mick. . '20-ck-*! i'or Sale 3 unfurnished'rooms. Newly decorated. ..-Connecting bath. Private entrance. Couple only. 510 South Franklin after, 5 o'clock. 18-cktf 5 room furnished aptrlmenl, 62' Chickasawba, Apply in, rear. Joe ________ i Waddy. 18pk25 One 1037 Sludcbiikcr 1-door UicH-' comfortablebedroom. 1017 Wai lor. Good mecnnnical condition. One 1937 Chevrolet coupe. Perfect condition in every way. One set wiieon scales. One coal burning heater. C. E. Parks, phone nut. Phone 102 utter four. 17-ck-t F«rd Coupe — 3S Cliev. Coach 3G Vlymouth Tour. S115 S1E5 ?«ia '31 .Ford Del. Turtor f315 '37 Clicv. Seilan 38 Ford Ttiilor S181 '3G Kcrd -Tudor — TRUCKS — •31 G.M.C. 3/1 ritk-np ... '37 1'oril rlik-Mp '37 Chcv. Mi Ton ........ •3G :Ford 1'aiK'l 10 head your.E. fresh Jersey cows. Gainc-s. Mnrkel. Phone 93. 23-pk-ll-23 3 room unfurnished apartment, downstairs. Private bath. Hot fc 23-c!t-30 cold water furnished. Phone 727. 119 W. Ash. n-ck-24 2 bedrooms. Business women only. Farms in Western Clay Co No hills: No overflows. EC 2. or write J. .P. Arnold, Corning, Ark. 21pk25 Adding machine, billing attachment. Bargain at $50.00 Thomas '" Land Co. 20-ck-25 Phone 23D. 14-ck-tl Comfortable bedroom. 625 W. Main. Phone 277-J. H-ck-U N'ice comfortable room. Close In. . 13-ck-tf 310 W. Walnut. Comfortable front PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, Comer 5lh & Walnut Phone • 810-811 for Demoiu-'ratlcn Saltsfactory qiiallly and ncrvlce In Dairy products. Cattle free- c-' Bane's plscniip. In best of physical condUloii. Call Mrs. Oracc licwirv. 002-J, for Halsell's Grade A Raw Milk, Crciim, Country Bulkr. Buttermilk, extra or holiday orders, inspection cincmnnnecl anytime. Ualwli'K Daii-) Pn mlM'rt i nnd, Uoiite U Personal Expert woshliig and Ironing Cheap. Hough dry Krtd finish. D quills 51.00. one day service. Willie 'Jell Green,'behind City Ice Plant. 9-ck-10-0 Wanted 80 01 100 acres, good Jand,. ^bo.ut 10 miles of Bljthcville Write fiox "R," Courier News. '".' 23.-pk23 NOW IS THE TIME! 5 or 0 room house . . . rent ov bily terms. Near Central Ecliool. Jlox 483, toly. • 10I«0. AUMld (o Y<)ur T)r? Arousr Slue the bllo lo rid yotM'sell of constl nilon. nits pains, i.r.d thai snur. wink feeling Titko one box or Kir.flvs Acrivt: LIVEN riu.s 25c ill nil Ktruy tit AI vu Uwr. ivorli clt O( . 0(1 ,' sl , ( | Mft |,,.. i mlc hln 0 lo rent N«tt Willie These New LOW • ""•"-—'• 01 tuy. l-liuno 3U 712 W Main l>iices D\ist. ; 31-CI-.-23 Iiiipcrliil Alnvays ol' liiiRlund now merles more limn 1.250,1100 iimnuls of trmtl every three months. Tills approximately 60,000,1100 Idlers. Wert Optometrist •HtC MAKES 'KM SICK" Over Joi- Isaacs' Store Phone 540 "Call the bouncer—1 gollii yo'luunc bul 1 ilon'l wniil U>!" CljthcviUe, 1 French boxers, before engaging,". -O n 'y one federal lnw iirotcels' : in n tout in their native land, used 4 hc , American Hag from dcsccrn- - to kiss instead of .shake hands. -PRESCRIPTIONS— Sitfu - - Arvumtv Your ricsciliitlcii DruggUI Fowler Drug Co. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshen! Stovk low! . IMw tores tJnnrniKcod. Hua< GUARANTEED SATISFACTION ON rt'iriiarn Oil Slovc Oil Diesel .Fuel Tractor Fuel R.C.FARR I'lioiii's: Day 009, Night 218 Distributor of rilll.f.ll'S '.'DO 1 !. ,1'KODOCTS Ttrestone' STANDARD TIRES iNotice side entrance. )8 head feeder steers, average | wnlnut. weight about 800 pounds. Just: —. right for finishing. Also good 2- j Nice bedroom. Convenient lo bath year-old registered Hereford Bull.I Steam heat. Phone 280. '"--T-" Phone 605, BlyUicvlllc,. A.. G. Little. —: bedroom. Out- Phone 3'dl. 515J Notice—I am now salesman for ll-ck-tfj irhomas Land Co. Have sood biiys on Fahu and City Property. ID-ck-tf .• 10-ek-2U Olrl's bicycle in good condition.! Reasonable. Phone 714-W.- 10ck21 Welding; Upright piano and' lour foot Frig- idaire electric refrigerator.'- Both in excellent condition. Phone 77 or call at 811 W. Main. , 0-ck-tf BABY BED cheap. Practically'new mattress. Mrs. Samuel''P. Morris. Cnll 648J after 6 p.m.. dh Suburban home. 10, acres. R. N. Farrar; 'll'l'.Np. 2nd. St.. Hpk-S'J| EXPERT EI.KCTHIC AND ACETYLTCNE • WELDING tie and heavy wi specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Drag line H. C. Campbell I«wls-ChaJiibers Construction Company, 1 Inc., is responsible only for purchases if the vender is 81107 'lied with a. written purchase .or- OT1IC11 SIZES RQppimpN ATELY .1 Use Om Budget Plant PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Lumber,;,-'.Oak, Cypress.,'518 .per thousand. Delivered for S20.. Adjoining Clear -Lake Farm. D. .-'.R. Garner qf> Arm^iel.; .. ll-pk-H-ll ,F(Jr Sale-or Trade Nine Limited al 101 North Kfcnnd ,,'-:• ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KUWAItlit). rropilclnr ; All Miilil'3 of ItflmlK TyprlvrlU'r.s, AiliUnj; Muclilnts unit Culculntors—ItcpulrliiR—I'arUi—Hlljlioni J. L. GUARD Oplnmotrist Only Graduate Irisl in lUytlu-vlllc. <;t;is.scs Ellis Sni]its, liuOeet Mgr. i Walinil . -.. .: \ll Exits Utirrcil BY FRED HARMA> OH-OO.'AMO \^K. ARE rtS E\3 IN Tins AWFUL FU\C6.' cler signed by W. C. Drennan tir J PliiUipce.- ., 2-pk-l : l-2 Hunting License & BIRD DOG LICENSE FOB YOUR CONVENIENCE WE ARE ,:PREPARED TO 'ISSUE! VOUB HUNTING AND BIRD DOG LICENSE AT OUR STORE. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. I'HONE 35 Small female .white rat terrier, brown .sppls. Named Trixie. REWARD, -'qqgih AyinghQld, -.Sleelc, '' Wanted To Buy - A Fearsome Reception WK I'AY CASH I'OH Used Furniture Koy KonniT Furniture Slorc 111 W. Mam 23-ch-ll-23 Jersey TOO pound bull and brown 40 or "80 acres inijiro'ved-lahd. : Will Jersey cow. Reward. Gaines Mav- trade for city properly. Call at " ' J. M.. Buchanan Lumerate.- •. • •A GOT SOME- Vv.'*\; -A TH1MG AT ,cf '•;\ \J^TC' .M": 1'jaiicl For Sale WE BUY SOYBEANS Stcvr.ns-CopiM'.ilgc Gin Open Day-Nile — -iCE Phone 10? JOHN BiSGHAN& 60 acres right al BtylJierllle. Suitable for subdivision. ;$125 acre, terms. ; .... Hhra 18 West lB-pk-11-16 Miiuiows I'oi' Sale 160 acres close to Blythcville. Well improved. S30 acre. • Tlianias 'Laud 'Co. Silver-Side Shiners. I'i cents each. V'. Mile east on Armorel Road. .". i 20-pk-27 NOTED FISHERMAN Answer to Previous Puzile HORIZONTAL 1,5 Pictured fisherman and writer. lOWoods plant. 11 Column decoration. 12 Small nail, 11 To cook under flames. 1G Before. 17 Musical note. 18 Moccabin. 20 Pertaining to thn nose. Tailor Made Suits SE3.50 KINDS Gcorpo ]>. iMuir lil.Uhcviilc's Only Tailor" 18 He was by birth. Ihe 17th" 21 Sea bird. vegetable. 25 Permits. 26 Resembling epic poetry. .27 Dense brushwood in Australia 20 Room vcccsi 32Taro pasHe. 34 Lawful. 36 To precede. 37 Horse's" room. 30 Ril>.' 41 Soaked, 43 Stead. 45To'i>uU.'' Comforts tacked for 5Cc. Mrs. J.-il ..Humphreys. 007 E. Cherry. 22 Tu withstand. 24 Silk nel. 45 Feather scarE. 56 Compass 27 Filled with 46 Unless, floating dust. 47 sheltered !>oim. VERTICAL 1 Provided. 2 Striped mammal. 3 To capture. 4 D_alu. D Palmiped, 6 Card game. 28 Note in scale 30 To rciain. Demons.. 32 Point. 33 Sick. 35 Quenches. 37 Halfpenny. 38 Ketch. •10 To berate. 41 Bustle. •12 Mountain pass. '. 44 Common, verb. place. , 48 Quarrelsome. 50 Golf clul). 52 His book on fishing os . filled ','Ilie •- - Co'rapleaf >''•': WASH TUHHS i\lusl 'M.tlce Konm on I !i t; New Chcvrolcf. Jiial n l-'cw of 'Uie Many U;irgains. DON'T .WORRV.'UMffiES 6EMEBM MAWASER MAY BE A BULL-' WOT \ HEADED TVRAHT, BUT ^«E F W6 AlSU'T. HE'S oowr W AMD TOR iETQUR JOBS BACK? GEE.'THEV'Rc •SWELL. I WISH WE COULO TWHV. OF SOWETHIV1S MICE TO DO FOR TNE M/WBE VJt CAM "(AVCE 'ElA TO A. fOOT- VIE 6ET \ EMEkl Wl MUH6BV EKFOEE G01M& I P.E/SV- HOIAE TO BED, VIRGINIA'S.LEFT)WW WS AMD KE WATER ! VOW THH1K. WERE COWPAV1Y WWEM3 j --- THW '. CUE 8ED4 TOPfJ= S^CK.AWOOUR DARE WEUT\0>I WAT WE'D LOSTOOR JOBi.ORMES.6REV ,,A WOULDN'T HWC TAVCEN AUV EEMTy lf)37 Plymouth Town Sedan. Hpe- cial for Tuesday only. Come early & get tliis one.yvw-' Hudson Ten'aplane 2-Dor;r with Trunk. Driven only 15,000 miles. Radio and heater 1937 Clicvrolet Coupe. Real buy at ............. 193S Chevrolet Four-door Sedan. Special ........ . . 1931 Chevrolet I'.-j Truck, U. Vf. Body. Only ....... 103B Chevrolet l',i T. Truck. D. W Runs li!;c new 1937 Tord 1' T. Truck. New sUigc body 137 Int. Pick-up • Truck. Motor A-l. 1937 G. M. C. I'.i: Tun Truck. D. VV 1937 Fortl V-8 1'ick-lip. budy. ............ 54Preposiiion. 55 HR is slill -5 ta>!c.. .! _. 8 Dishes of 49 ye. 50 Papa. 51 Right. 52 Sloth. 13 Marble slabs. 53 Of the thing. hb Pritici|i:i) - Agrees l''HKCiaES.AND HIS FRIENDS WRC»J<3 WITH WHUT J. DONE OM THAT THERE EXAMINAT1OM PAPER , is THERE ? WRIT MY AMSWERS CORRECT, DIDM'T i? f 1 CANT UNDRRSTAND MOVJ HE GOT 100 °7o l(sj EXANUNlATIOM-.' TV... , BOY'S ENGLISH IS ATROCICKJ3 ' NO OWE HAS EVER PASSED THAT EXAMINA- TKDM WITH SUCH AM t'XCELLEWT GRADE, AND FOK A BOY LIKE HIM ID ACCOWPUSM IF, WELL. SEEM . \STRAMG!- / ^—, Tom Little Chevrolet Go.

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