The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 1, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1934
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Served by fite United Free* VOL. xxxi—NO. no ' •nut DOIUHANT NEWSPAPER op NORTHmAjrr ARKANSAS AMJ BOOTHIAST HOME EDITION IXUy Newt BlythevUJe Courier .,i Vnlley reader Blytlieville Herald BLYTHEVILI.E, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 1, 103-J SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS DEATH NEAR FOR PAUL VON HINDENBURG Strengthens Police to Meet Huey's Threat™,™ • •» %^; +9 llmlirLll lilWl IN PfitS'lDENCt Twiii Scourge ol' Manger and Thii>l Rides Southwest Rungc Boiu-s of UioiiMiiid.s drciith which hns gii] beeii sluil to rflir-vo New Coup by l..oii£» Means "Plenty of Trouble" Says Walmsley NF.W ORLEANS, Aug. 1 lUPi- Mayor T. Semmes Walmsley began recruiting an army today to oppose SeiiMor Hiiey P. Long's national guardsmen who are beleaguering city hall. Thr- po:(ct lorce was from 840 to 1,340 men a.s Mlu citizens were sworn in lor •'e'nr.-r- gency duty." The mobili/ation begun ul |x>l:iv headquarters at 9::iO A. M. All recruits wvre is.-iiii.-d shotguns anil pistols. The police force was leorg.ini'mi. The three platoon .system o! 2&} men on duty :it oni- linn- was ulsconiir.ued. A two platoon system was substituted, with ti'iu i lo a shift. Meantime every national guardsman in lhe city was inubillye<l under arms at Jackson barracks, subject to the call uf Hucy Ixju^'s slate unliik-nl forces, who are :it war with the city. The ticxv numbered some WO infantrymen, cavalrymen and artillerymen. Mayor Walmsley ordered mu- chine guns taken out of the polki- arsenal and issued lo- his peace- officers. "I hear Huey Long is planning some new kind of 'coup with \\ii troops. 4oday> n he..trieii going to !;«' p]cnty~*$Tv--.i-i.;i.vr r /^~~ . • — —• ~^" Hie mayor tiiid. ' 'fenced nl lhe Api-il linn of court. Hand grenades and tear gas ' lc ' e to n 5' ear in prison, was re- bombs were Issued to the 40 lioopj ca P u »' C1 ' yesterday- and probably uf t-atlk- bleaching on the range in .'touthwtil and midwest stales oiTer a ghastly testimonial of the Intensity of the ippt'd those sections for months. Great herds have been wiped out by hunger and thirst and hundreds of cattle have tiieir agony. Here is a scene on the range near Erich. Okla.. wilh cattle lying dead on the scorched grass. IN PRISON Bui'dette Man Loses PaYole Chance by Unsuccessful Escape Attempt ; Gambling his chances .for parnle n about 30 days in a' break for teStlbrti' Molulny from .-Tucker holding siege on the Sonle builJ- ing, across the city hall. street I ruin lln U. S. Keeps Hands. Off WASHINGTON. Aug. i ( UP>- Tlie war department lo.lay imoriii- i-d Mayor T. Semmes Walmsk-v. of New Orleans, thai ii c:m take no Hand in the use of state trooji.i by lhc LuuLviana governor. New York Cotton nave to spend the full period of his year sentence in prison. Records here show that unless other cifcutnstavices have inlerven- i'cT-.since he was sentenced here that firamlett. in accord with usual custom, would have been eligible In make application for jr.i- role some time next month. Bramlctt was one "of four con-i victs wlx> figured in an escape | i licm the Tucker f,arm. Two of: HIP group were trusty guards. The ; ~r i simple fashion' ll'UCK Tennessee Man Wades River at Cottomvood 'ARUTHERSVTLLE. Mo. — So unusually low is the Mississippi Kiver here that one of a party of swimmers at Cotionwood Point, several miles south of this city, was said to have waded across the river. He lives on the Tennessee side. Erection of dikes a few years ago shifted the current and Riled the channel to form shallows for a long distance into the stream, making a good swimming hole for-^those not too veiitiirrcornc'. The wader made his trip, it was said, just above the route of the Colton- wood ferry. His Death Is Near SIE FOR IN D01BLE DEfllH iklahoma Student, Sought in Co-cd Beauty's Death, Surrenders NEW YORK, Aug. 1 lUf Cotton closed steady. open high Oci 1304 131S IJtc 1315 1324 Jan 1321 1330 March 1331 1338 13-! Ii close 1311! May . July Spow 13-K 1350 135J closed steady at low 1303 1315 K(20 13ifl 1331 133!> l:»3 1347 1320. up 5 i[iiartct escaped when the trusty guards ami two I convicts they were guarding, in-' !clud:ii(t BrainleK, walked off. : The Burdette man. sent to prison I on a bad check charge, surrender-| ..,„. f'l yesterday. Kilmer Bridges and' •*- ', John Uyers. Uo otlicrs, have been | raptured, while n fourth. John .Kavase. is ilill at libcily. Maufacturer Mad Defendant by Caruthersville Plaintiffs /Veil) NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 1 Cotton gained three lo six tcday in a dull session. open high low Oct 1301 1312 13UI Dec 1314, 1325 I31'j Jan 1320 1324 1320 March 1333 1333 13M 13351) May 1340 .1343 1310 1342 July IWI) —- !j|:ots closed steady at 'nrj;t. up 5. CSCEOIiA, Ark.— Damage suits tolaling SIOO.OOO have been filed in civil court here against- tire International Harvester company as] a result of lhe death of two Car-! I one Still -it i,j r -e : iilhersvil!e Mo., youths, killed last! I TUCKER PRISON F,U?M -Ml" '"" WnCn * SCCd trl "' k tlley |l irjPi-Thc last of four'ccnvicu- tir T ng , was 'T in '° ^ -"," IlUCr " ! wlio escaped MoiuH" "-us himir-! uational truck on a budge near, ' clay near Vifksbsii-" Miss j Frccnmnn ' s B . avm 'By i-ariy afternoon however! The complaints allege the acci- iUP'-]lhcif W»F no reporl of new clue-'' i(lrlU was callseti D V defective steer-j pcin;:l>'ading to tiie captme of John'"'" " C!lr °" lhe tnK!k ancj char ^! | Em-ays. Kt. Francis county. Eerviiv I lhc co " ; pany with negligence inj iv,:: I a robbery senu-ncc. He wns left rclcasi "Ii ' r °m its factory a truck- 13(7 in the vicinity after 'n futile search lllat wns mechanically unsound! Hilt to S1.700 he a)H7ediy had l-urie<i. ' lrl<1 co »^»icled of weak and de- 1324 Tv.o of the convict's, botli irus- OKLAHOMA CITY. Am:. 1 tUl'l —Sought ill eomu'clion with the eulli of Moduli Mills, 21-yeur- lil brainy queen, Ncal Myeis, Un- •evsity of Oklahoma pharmacy indent, today returned \u ftu-t nndei" charges. Tin 1 girl, former beauty queer t the slate university and daugli- er of n vctcrun professor there lied July 10, allegedly after sin .ml Myers hud .sought by use o nedlclnes to avoid motlicrhuod. K iiilliiiB from a iciwrledly llllci ove atTalr. Myers lied from the nparlmen n which they were staying a fev ninnies utter the ulrl died am nude his way to Houston. Tex vherc his trull was lost. A seam wns launched for him and bor tier towns were guarded to prc vent his escape into Mexico. Early today, bedraggled ami wov from Ws long Might, he rctuinc (ace the murder charge, daring, he hud committed ciime. Ho surrendered to former stat senator W. P. Morrison, one of h nttorncys here, and Morrison In mediately called the sheriff i Norman at 'A A. M., informing hii lhal Myers would appear wllli hi Lot lay. mm IN Disorders Develop ; Bridgeport in Texti Workers Walkout clroit Grand Jury Names 22 More Bankers rJETHOlT, Aug. I lUl'l— Twi-n'y i'0 more bankers wore indicted iday by llu; feik'rul grand ivcsligatlnj! tin- collnpse of oil ami Michigan banks. They brought to 3lt the total of inkers and ban!: directors clmi'g- I by the govrinmi'nl with penal Ileuses. Thirteen were Indicted by tl.- 1 une grand Jury un June '2'J. Today's Indlirluiuut.s form an- Physicians Give Aged German Leader Only a Few Hours of Life LEAD HINDEN NEUDECK. East Prussia. Aug. 1 tUPI—President von Hindenburg is weaker, his pulse is slowing up, and numbness is beginning to set lh:-r link In the long chain tifiln. an official bulletin by Ills doc- vents extending back to Febru- ty, ia:O, when all Michigan banks iitit their doois by cxecnll\e or- nr, [jrec-lpitiitlng the closing of liimilly all the banks hi Hie cuuu- ry by Maic.i 4. FDR UZI M\ Austnans Linking Find Hitler 1 apers Govern- ora said al p. m. today. ment With Uprising VIENNA. AUg. 1 (UI'UI—Wsclsl Austria charged Nazi Germany today with direct complicity in 'nc bloody revolt that toofe the life of Chancellor Engclberl Dollfuss. The charges was made on th^ basis of coded documents fount! in the shirt and slices of Friuiv. Heel, a secret courier, arrested at Kollerschlng on Ills wny from Munich, headquarters of the German Nazi party and of Austrian Nazis refuged In Germany. Col. Walter Adorns, 11 minister ol propaganda, In'tTTadlo speech'said the documents showed the German government wns connects: with ttie revolt. J BRIDGEPORT, Ala., Aug. I !')—A wave of strike violence e gulfed Ihis small tcMlle town today as striking employes of Jacobs Manufacturing company launched a campaign of terror. Authorities, 'unable to cope with the situation, repeated a call for troops. A child was shot ant] seriously injured last night. Trucks were dynamited. Frequent crashing of glass was heard through the night as strikers burled stones. Strikers fired into the home of Gratly Hail, a worker who refused to join the walk-out, and wound- led his Police son. Chief Waives Preliminary on Charge in Connection With Negro's Death Tull Johnson, farmer, was held to the grand jury under $500 bond when he waived preliminary examination before Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham yesterday on a charge of manslaughter. Johnson is alleged to have struck J. E. Johnson, aged negro, over the head in an altercation at the white man's farm, where the nc- NKUDKCK, East 1'russla, Aug. \ lUP)— I'resldcnl Paul von lilnden- uurg's physicians were understood to have given him less than »4 boms (o live today, Chancellor Adolf Ultler,- who . will luke over the presidency, arrived by airplane to pay his lait respects at the bedside of the nation's Idol. None had hope that the president ever would rise again from his bed In Ncudeck chateau. It was learned on unoificlal bus reliable authority that Hitler himself Intended to assume the presidency, at llrsl. unolficially, then at an election In which Ire would be lho sole candidate, when llln- denburg dies. As he realized the end wa>> probably near, the 80-yoar-oltl presi- lent himself was said to have bequeathed his beloved Germany lo the care of lhc Nazi leader, ox- pressing his confidence in Hitler's ibllily to steer the nation through Its crisis. Nevertheless the devoted old : monarchist was quoted as saying: 1 lived my life as a monarchist and I am convinced that monarchy is the best permanent form of government for ihe German people.". . -•> -: Hilier was summoneu" hurriedly by ' Dr. Ferdinand Sauerbruch, chief of the four physicians In attendance, who was understood to have told him to come at once as he could not promise the president would live longer than 24 hours. Full Power for Hitler BERLIN, Aug. 1 (UP)— A pro|K>sa! to make Adolf Hitler sole. ruler of the Reich, without a president over him, will be co:isider- ed by the cabinet, reliable quait- ers said tonight. Information was that the cab- nut is scheduled to meet ns soon is possible, perhaps tonight, and probably in the strictest, secrecy,'. to adopt measures to be taken on Ihe death of President Paul von Hindenburg. ' HlUsr arrived here by plane to- ni?ht from ih-j president's bedside. W 1" Brown in-| sro ' latl llecn Inflt:ln 6 ll share crop. it is understood. The blow proved formed the United Press be was powerless. "The need for troops Is most urgent." Brown said. "They're about to blow us otf the map." President P;ml von Hinclenburg fatal several days later. LeRoy Wright, negro, was fined $50 on n charge of carrying i concealed weapon. Willie Edwards, negro, was cleared of a charge of Chicago Wheat lees, were recaptured. Hickman to Carry Bullet From Deputy's Revolver Sep Utc Eep Dec open hiijli ion- 101 3-8 103 3-4 101 3-8 103 lOII 1-4 IDS 3-4 10J 1-4 in, Corn o|>en 70 1-1 72 NEW YORK. Aug. 1 .1 Stocks gained from one I. than four points to.lay. A. T. and T Anaconda COPJX.T Bethlehem steel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola c.iiieral American Tank ( Elccliic General Motor:: International Harv, stir MUldlewesl Utilities Montgomery Ward New York Cciilial " Packard Phillips Pelroleum Radio Corp Simmons Beds SI. Louis-San Francisco .Standard of N. J Texas Co U. S Sleel U. S. Smelting "Doc" Hickmaii, ex-convict, who close w as shot at the site of a Little Hiver still by Arch Lindsey. deputy , |.|! ;h = rif T. will probably carry the bullet with him for some time. ! Surgeons al lhe liljthi-vill.- hos- | pita] have detciinined lo Ifave the , bullet when- it is lodged. A major close i oixiaiioii. involving a pronounced 1 ielrment of risk, woulil IK- nt-cis- i n.wiry/io tuhf the bullet fn):n its ' poifllon. where it is deeply (m- Stock Prices ^^^ ^^^ e liotildn i . near the neck. An operation had been planned lor Mon- higli low 71 '-- TC 1-1 1-2 7L' 7-S | disturbing the peace. | Brooks, negro, was fined Tillmnn 'eciive materials. . The suits are brought by Waler L. Sides,. father of Maurice Sides, and Walter Carter, father! of J. E. carter. They seek J50,000; each in respective suits. J. ~ ' Mrs. Howard Peters t Brooks, negro, was fined $50 for Bios at Mineral W*IU' !lsstlult wltn n rtrat "y weapon. Os- U1CS 31 mineral WellS, cnr westbrook. negro, was fined Appeals From Ruling I Miss Lorene Montgomery Declaring Will Void! Dies at Local Hospital! \frs. Howard Peters, wife of the i late Rev. Howard Peters who wasl tlO for assault and battefy. A charge of evasion of-the Ark- MTTLE ROCK, Aug. 1 (HI')— Miss Lorene Montgomery, 18. W. C. Coop, of Batesville. executor! daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. I Montgomery, of near Manila, died yesterday at the Blythevilli- hos- E. Carter, driving a seed truck for Hudspoth Truck Lines of Carulh- of bus father's estale. appealed lo ersville. and Maurice Sides, his 1 U'e st.ite supreme court today from , helper, were both killed in the an Independence county circuit 1 pltal. wreck last September. G. M. John- court ruling which held the will of son Is named as the owner and W. J. Coop null and void. Edward Gibbons the driver of the. Tnc wil1 was Pealed Febrii- new International truck which col-1 ar >' 6. 1933. An appeal was made lldcd with the seed truck. The'' 0 " lc c i rcu " court by Mrs. Laura steering gear sector suddenly broke,' H - Moore and Pearl Wright, win causing the driver to lose control sntti lllc >' wcrc "aggrieved" cl lhe truck, it Is alleged. '- llw terms. The complainants are represented bv attorneys Claude F. Cooper of Blytheville. Shelly I. Stiles of .ansas gas tax was lodged against vlllc pastor of the First. Christian church D. B. Baker, local service station earller here for several years, died at Mineral Wt-lls. Texas, this nioru- Thc body will be brought here tor burial with funeral services Trunian Will Devote Thursday to Pemiscot CARUTHERSVILLT:, MO.—Harry S. Truman, one of the three lead- Ing candidates for the Democratic nomination for U. S. senator, will devote one day, Thursday, August 2, to Pemiscot county In a- ftnal wind-up of speaking engage-, ments before primary election. He will speak at Haytl at 1 p. m., Stecle al •) p. in., and Caruthers- The circuit court ! invalid on April 4. In- «,.u Montgomery had been ill for more than a month and had been a patient at the hospital '• r several weeks. She had recently been made a member of the Manila Church of Christ in services performed at 111? hospital. held the will to be held at the First Christian church some time Rev. ofliclale. man. who allegedly bought gas from John Azbill. Holland, Mo., trucker, on which no state tax had been paid. Azbill was fined $25 on 8 V- m. He will also speak tllnt """i' nl Portagevllle, Just across the northern county line. Two Killed When Plane Crashes at Birmingham . Cariithersville and ley of Kennetl. .ohn H. Brad- j inuiriduy tut efforts lo remove the bill- „ , . j 1ft have Iren abandoned. Phy- Datlkhead Act to Stand HO jsicinns do not believe it will prove Cooler Merchant Hurt in State Line Crash iPotashnick Low Bidder on Caruthersville Dikes - similar charge yesterday on a some time Friday. The ,,iea of guilty. A charge of selling B. K. Lalimer. pastor, w.Mi gasoline which fails to meet Ark- The remains will be ac-Unsas specifications wns dismissed.! cmnpnlcd by Mr. and Mrs. Earl I One dollar fines were imposed on BIRMINGHAM. Ala.. Aug. I (U IVters. Mr. E'eters is the only son; the following for delinquency m Pi-Curtis Freeman. 28. special i payment of street tax. and some (deputy, was killed, and Raymond died two thcr taxes: Ben Wiggins. J. T., Padgett, a steel worker, was ln- luiticular handicap lo Hick- II 1-4| K ^-jil 'flu' ex-i-on\ic!. alleged still r.p- 1 '-'J i cm lor. probably will be remove 130 l-'Jjto tin; cuuiity j.lll lomoirniv. 34 j has been under 'S I--, guard since being placed in Hie amoiu.l which mav t-e ginned - 3 :! ' 3 hospital. He was shoi liy Liml- Iree—it was Indtrnvii todav. 271-4 E. W. Cooler. Mo. • p • C PI f> ' "'i-^ji'iiii. ^mjier. i\i r >.. in oplte Ol onOrt Crop slbrekceiwr. sustained a broken leg and a dislocated hip when his car WASHINGTON. Aug. 1 i IIP)--! crashed into a guard railing en The Bankhcad cotton control act j n Highway 01 curve al the A;line yesler- . ue will Iw enforced, even if tin's year's! kansas-Missouri state night crop is below I0.460.2S1 bal"s--t'ic-. day afternoon. , as ' McC.inn was brought lo the Dly- theville hospital. His righl CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo— R. Potashnlck of Cai>e Girardeau was low bidder on jobs near this two dike building city, part of federal construction program. the He of Hie deceased. The Rev. Mr. Peters years ago in Mineral Wells and his rrmains were brought here to rest in Maple Grove cemetery where another son, Clarence. Is tiiried. He died in 1920 when the family lived In this city. The Cobb Undertaking company Is hi charge of arrangement. 1 ;. bid $174,000. Bids were opened by the engineer office at Memphis. The two contracts are for dike construction in the Mississippi Just above Ihis city. Piling and .stone will be used In the projects, and work is expected to be begun Gets 10-Year Term for Portageville Robbery Shearin. James Edwards. Chas. \lford. Richard Vales, Raymond Birmingham Post, was seriously In- lolt. Daniel Webster. Chas Phll-|1 urcd lvhc " lhe automobile in ips, jr., Ginie Vales, J. C Applebyl wnlc " hp an(1 n Photographer were niul R B. Stout. speeding to the scene was wreckc., j in a collision. Today was Freeman's 28th j tliday. broken below the knee but h!s " about two weeks. who fired blindly into the: Oilicials did not believe the act] ness afler an axe came hint-' vuula be automal'iv.llv voidci. a.i j condition Is not critical. "''•Ailing at him out of :i clump r.f .seme observers have -..i:-, Tli; Cooler merchant narrowly 21 |-3| u:ush wlk-n hr was raiding a still, eluded, by a yield of than I escaped more serious Injury wlion 15 7-8 5 1-1 10 2 35 7-3 157 3-1 the legal limit. They were said uel it would be unfair to WESTPORT. N Y Aug. 1 .UPlj C! , v - ho liln | teri , hf , r , )voduction -U. S. Senator Robert F. Wag-!,,, anticipation 'if ue act's "ilect ner and foiuur Coiign-ssiiian A. , f ,| R regulations wcrs calle-i Oil. S. Pr.ill of Rtaten Island we-re ; —. injured today when their automobile plunged from a highway near here. As much as possible of tlie tap root should be maintained In transplanting nursery trees. to a two by four inch post, broken as the car struck the ratlins, was hurled through his machine, barely missing McCann. Guard railings and ,wsts tor some distance were mowed down when McCann, driving north, crashed iulo Ihe railing the road. on lhe west side of Neil] Reed Goes to Aid His Brother's Campaign Ncill Reed, local attorney and former mayor, has gone to Ll;tl3 Rock.where he will be active at the state headquarters of his brother, Howard Reed, candidate fur governor, until after cratlc primary. the Demo- CARUTHERSV1LLE, Mo.—After being out all night, a Jury Tuesday morning brought In a verdict guilty, and Walter Gregory was sentenced to 10 years in prison before Judge J. V. Billings, o Ketmett. on a change of venue. Gregory was the second defendant to go to irial on charges of highway robbery. James Flowers tried July 20, was also Eenlcncet to 10 years. They were on changi ol venue here from New Mftd|lc county, where they held up and robbed a filling station and stor near Portagevllle list September. Jykes. K. H. Webb, B. E. Jaggers, Vllbur Bilbo Slalcup. J. R. Ililptrlnr, Dewiti Mitchell. B. jured today when their airplane plunged to earth in the residential section here. Irvin/ Beiman. reporter for the bir- WEATHER Jail Leaders of Strikers In Minneapolis Today MINNEAPOLIS. Aug. 1 (UP)— Adjl. Gen. Ellard A. Walsh struck with a mailed fist today to sup- probably showers in southeast por- prefs the revolt of 6,000 strikingition tonight and Thursday. Cooler 'in extreme northwest portion tonight. Memphis and Vicinity—Probably ARKANSAS — Parlly cloudy, and to- truck drivers against martial law; In a series of swift and clnmulic raids on labor headquarters and arrests of leaders, General Walsh left the milling mobs of strikers leaderless. Militiamen, armed with rifles and| backed with machine guns, clean-' ed out strike headquarters, termed , by employers a "nest of comnrun- clear, according to Samuel P. Nor- Ists- Iris, official vealher\observer. local Ihundershowers tonight Thursday. Slightly warmer j night. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 96, minimum 74,

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