The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1945 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 19, 1945
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTIIEVILLE COUIUEK NEWS Chief Tomahawk On Arena Card Big Indian Performer Teamed With' Bennett Vs. Wolfe and Buresh DOPE BUCKET n J. r. HEU'S '1'IIK INVASION i If the hunch of Mr. and Mrs. U 01 " better or worse, for earlier or Floyd V. Wise Is correct, their son, LieuU. LJoyd n'oar) Wise, is assisting In General MacArthiir's drive on Mindanao . . . The big former Chlckasaw (acklc Indicated In a recent letter hVitne Hint he would be making a change . . . . . ...... - — - ...... - ..... *„>>"« •jw.'tv" That was all he said . . . Then "s 1011 B as the allotment- comes followed the drive on (he Mindanao . . . .They put one and one together nnd came up vvllh what Ihey believe Is the answer . . . GETS GOING — It didn't take Monroe (Rabbit) Bcsharse, another ex-Chick star gridder, long to ge! going 1" the direction of Tokyo . . . The fleet htle half-pin halfback, fifth In a family of Jive boys who performed the Blylheville Chief Tomahawk, a big, rough- lough tribal chieftain,-* makes his Blytheville ring debut tonight as one of the features of Promoter Mike Meroney's all-star wrestling program at the American • Legion arena. Tlie Chief, said to be as tough and dangerous as his name, has been paired with George (The Biter) Bennett, a meanle hi his own right, us one of the tag teams for this special super show. Opposing them in (lie. opposite corner will be Joe Wolfe, the former Ohio State University fool- ball star and crack gntppler, and Slan (Buthcy) Buresh, the smooth- working veteran, both of. whom have proved decided hlls with the fans in recent monlhs. This quartet is booked for a tag match with the usual hour and a half time limit that has all the earmarks -of approaching, If not reaching the limit In time and action, and a- pair of curtain raisers to set the fans in the proper mood for wlint Is io come. "Buresh will try to spoil the debut of the Indian in (heir 30-mln- iitc time limit, single fall affair. Wolfe and Bennett come logelhcr in the other. Anything- Probable •Wilh such a cast as that Ihe program is quite likely lo develop Into almost anything and everything in the wrestling category. Alt are highly skilled, popular vct- rans who know what the score is. They ,<ire capable of putting on good performances, and likely will. ••The fans are especially interested in the; appearance of Chief Tomahawk, said to be even more clever and outstanding than Yaqul Joe and the other "Vanishing Americans" who have taken to the ring, instead of staying with their tribes, A .veteran In warfare both outside and Inside tlie ring, the .Chief has an Impressive record and is said to-be one of the leading wrestlers Iii Hie country. Certainly he has color galore, unless he is decidedly different from the others of his race who have appeared here. ,,. Pack Power • The Chief has drawn a mighty Having recovered from wounds re- tough customer as. Ills, playmate' ccived In Prance Edgar Cain Is in this most popular o! wrestling back In action . . . The fine, silent features. Bennett is really tough youngster, who as a dependable 'and double-rough and can be de--Ruard helped the Chicks win Ihe pe'nded on to do his villain stuff 1940 Arkansas High School Foot- in lino fashion. ' ball Conference, writes his father, V.Walfe and. Buresh .are exponents Edgar C. Cain, Si-., dial lie is of ':.. the clean, : clever, scientific somewhere In Germany, brand of wrestling nnd very good,' One of the amazing things about- too. Wolfe is particularly powerful our American servicemen Is their and -extremely dangerous wllh his keen sense of humor, even In Die spectacular flying tackles that he face of serious ami impending disaster ... So often, the keener the High School Chicks, Is the only one of Ihe family lo go west . . . He now Is In Ifaivall . . . Howard. Is In France In an American hospital recovering from tmcumoiilit . Herschcll Is still battling the Nazis In Ilaly but should be headed home in Ihe very near future, provided he Is lucky on the draw . SEES ACE—Lieut. Hobby Peterson, who should have played a lot of end for the tribe, but unfortunately for him and fortunately for the tribal foes, lie came nto his growth and development after enlisting In the Army Air Corps, 1ms been In for more than two years . Despite the fact that he was sUUloncd down In immense Te.\ns where a lot of natives are In training, and Lincoln, Nebraska, where many have been, Bobby hasn't been blessed with the glorious privilege of meeting a homc-towner away from home . That is, unlll he got lo Fort George Meade, Md. . . . Ills Hick was still running bad as he passed through Washington He just missed Edgar U Crouch J., son ol the popular local postman . . . Bob had been at Fort Mcade just a very short lime iviieii lie dropped Inlo the officers' club There stood Captain James Ace PuckcU, who was his Junior coach here . . . Tlint must have been quite h re- later, and I promise" to write at least otice a week." ;- : J'-V-' ''.',' Girl: "I, Mary,, take thcc/John, as my wedded husband, subject lo orders of the officer of the deck, changing residence wheuijl ship moves, lo linvo .ancr'i •cgHlnrly, aiid;Ui6rei"J give tl-nlh " . throui'li thee my tfolh. 1 Chaplain: "Then lo't no jnnn put assunder Ihcsc whom add and the Bureau of Personnel have 'wrought, together. By virtue of Ihe authority: In Naval regulations ol the Bureau of Per.sonnel Manual and Ihe latest of (he bulletins from Ihe Bureau of Personnel concerning matrimony, you arc now man and wife, by direction of the commanding officer. union! BACK IN ACTION— Porkers Open Spring Drills This Afternoon FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., Mar. 10. (UP)—It's spring lime in Ihe Oxnrks and that means It's time for prospective members of the University of Arkansas football squad lo get out and begin limbering up for the 1945 grid season. Coach Glen Rose htis called the first spring practice session for tin afternoon. However, Rose snys it won't be a strenuous one. Says Rose: "It Is not likely we will have two candidates for each position during Ihe early singes of practice, so we are not figuring on scrimmage as a part of the plans." , And adds: ...'.,' i • "We'll stick lo fundamentals, conditioning and Individual attention Twenty-one members of the 52- ninn 1041 squad, Including eight let- lenncn, nre still on the university campus. Five members of last years learn were seniors, and 20 have en Icrcd the armed forces, Cases On Docket Court Facing Busy Session This Week At Carurhersville CARUTHKIJSVILLR, Mo.. March 19—Circuit Court was continued odiiy wllli about 40 criminal cases on the docket, Including two murder cases, and at least, (Ivc rape cases to be heard. Under new Circuit Court procedure, criminal cases vlll he practically "Iti session" constantly In regard lo civil cases, since a ca«c may now within the 20 days limitation. Among (lie eases of Hie present* crhnliuil term tire murder hearings for Henry Oarner, charged with the l)lck-axe slaying ol Clcll Hawkins on April 21, 19-14, In New Madrid bounty, this hearing being brought lerc on change of venue. Oarner and Hawkins, workers on n railroad section gang, got into an argument vhlle nl work mid Garner is said o have beaten Hawkins with n )lckaxe so badly (lint he Inter died n a Cape Olrardean hospital. C. A. Hrasileld is charged with lie slaying of W. E. Taylor, in lhl s county Pet), 2, 10-M, using n "club o( some sort." This slaying occurred somewhere in the vicinity of Cooler, (irtgo L. U. Sehtilt is the prc=ld- ng judge of this circuit, while Elner Peal is tile new prosecuting illoriicy, anil John Hosier Iho new sheriff, following their election last fail. Rend Courier News Want Ads. Hold Everything learned to execute with" deadly efficiency on the gridiron. That he has lost MUIe of the prowess is reflected in his most recent matches here. His clash with the brilliant Joe Welch not long ago Is still a tonic of conversation along cauliflower row here. Wolfe was :bcatcn in a thrilling battle that went down into "the record books as among the tops in entertainment. . , Buresh is not as,fast and active ''and young as his partner, but lust as clever and dangers, He moves with little lost mollon, his sharp ^cyes^focused -oh,the Amoves of -his .opponent. One false step,' one mistake usually is all he needs to record victory. His record with Buddy Knox, In which they defeated all comers In three consecutive matches, proved his class. Wolfe is expected to be a capable substitute for Kno.v, who Is campaigning in oilier parls. danger the shinier the wise cracks . . . There have come more cleverly amusing stories and nnlidoles from lhls conflict than Jap rodents extricated In the Pacific . . . One of Hie cleverest bits of foolishness was sent from the Philippines by my kid brother, Ervlne, who is aboard n yard mine sweeper . . .' It is entitled: "A Sailor Rewrites the Marriage Ceremony." No "The Runt" didn't write It ... Neither does hp know who is the author ... It follows; Chaplain: "Wilt Ihou, John, have .this woman as thy wedded .wife, 'to' live' together iii 'so 'far 'as' Hie Bureau of Nnvtil personnel will allow? Wilt tliou love her, comfort, honor and keep her, take her to the movies and come home promptly on all -18-hoiir passes?" John: "I will." Chaplain: "Will tliou, Mary, lake this sailor as thy wedded luis- Tlie show gels under way prompt- band, bearing In mind liberty ly at 8:15. Kurland Tops 400 For Second Straight Year hours, ship schedules, restrictions, watches; sudden orders, uncertain mail conditions, and various other problems of Navy life? Wilt tliou j obey him. and love, honor and I wait for him to learn to wash, j fold and press his liberty uniform?" Mary: "I will." Sailor; "I. John, take thee, Mary. as my wedded wlte from 1700 lo permitted by my "I use Harry James to spell me - ofll" MONDAY, MAHCH 19, 1945 Harrell Seen Baseball's Cinderella Man; Second Only To Volselle In Giants' Plans BASfBAU'S SHODDY LAUS ~ LOST 21 SAHfS FOZ & me PACIFIC COAST tsAGiis- hc- Cornflakes at limes are used to represent falling mow in the production of motion pictures. Head to Foot '<**• ISy AL VUHMKKH NKA Stan" Correspondent LAKEWOOD, N. J. — Right lilnd Bill Voisclle In the Giants' pitching plans comes Ray Harrell, mid If he accomplishes the deeds Mel Ott cxpecls of him he will bc- omc baseball's Cinderella Man of 045. For only five years ago, while oiling for Portland in the Pacific ;oast League, Harrell plunged lo he depths when .lie won but six aines against, 23 losses! Tills 33-year-old, Ian-faced Tcx- .n was a cowpunclier until he wuppcd his horses for a gas buggy n 1931 nnd commenced his base- lall lours. Always fast and owner if an untiring right arm, lie made he usual lour of the minors, bob- icd up In the National League for iricf spells with Ihe Cardinals, Cubs ind Phillies. Two defects sent him iack. His speed was hampered by vlldnesx. He lacked poise. Thai Iragic year at Portland in 040 was almost Hun-ell's finish. le believed poor support; was chiefs' responsible for his avalanche of Icfcats, and his 3.77 eaitied-nm u'erage backed his claim lo some extent. He insisted on a trade, and hat is how he went lo San Francisco in the summer of 1941. There, under the guiding eye f Lelty O'Doul, he sleatlily found ilmselt. In 1043 he won 17. Last •car he copped 20, won four more n the play-offs. Hiller makes an appropriate fobfrest for Sen. Edwin Johnson of Colorado. An unsolicited gift, this, bullet-riddled• rtcthl head ,of Adolf,was sent 1(0, the senator by Pvt. Nick' Can£s of Denver. Colo., from somewhere tn Germany. By NEA Service STILLWATEH, Okla.— Bob Kur- D73 °. ss f f> r land lopped the 400 mark in scor- commanding officer, liberty hours, ing for the scond straight season subject to change without notice, when he pitched in 20 points against --the Navy Zoomcrs lo boost his to- to basketball fame lies In his tow- tat to 412 for the first 25 games of cring defensive ability, the Okla- the campaign. llolnB A . and M seven-footer docs "> r a Player whose chief claim pretty good as a scorer WRESTLING Lowest Admission of anj Wrestling Arena In America. Legfon Hut, Monday, March 19th, 8:15 p. m. Adalts, 36«, Tar Sc-Tolal, 45«. Kcstrrcd Seats, IZc, Tax So—Total, ISc. Children's B«»U IZt, Tn 3c, Total, 15c, Reserved Seats On Sale at the Legion Arena Every Monday from 6 p. m. on TAG MATCH Chief Tomahawk & Bennett Joe Wolfe & Stanley Buresh 2 30-Minufe Preliminaries George Bennett Joe Wolfe Stanley Buresh Chief Tomahawk DON EDWARDS , - "»» Typewriter M»n" ROYM* BMTTH, CORONA, AND REMINGTON PORTABLE | , 'fyfuwKrmts HIM N. am ram PHONE Mat Be STUFF Frrmchiscil Hottlcr: Pcpsl-Cok filing Co. of niylhcviii RAV HARRELL ui<e w GIAUTS EXPKT HIM To PiTCU, HB'LL PRO(/iO£ COMEBACK OF /g<f5:.. This record stirred memories In the Ghints' front office. Hnrrcll was rccnlled as the boy who 10 years before, in an exhibition ijaiiic, taut fanned Oil, Bill Terry, Travis Jackson ami Hank Licl>cr in order. Harrell says Professor O'Doul helped him most by leaching him to throw Ihrcc-qunrlcr instead of overhand. The one-lime National League batting champion persuaded Hnrrell to work with greater nonchalance when the {janic hung on a single pitch. "Take a look around the park," cautioned manager O'Doul. "Let the batter do the waiting. Let him get nervous instead of yon." Outside of that season with Portland, the most biller chapter in Ihe cowpunclser's career occurred when the Cardinals opened the 1935 schedule in Chicago. Dizzy Dean, TOPA*/ HE'S THe W2 OTT'5 Ihe starter, was carried from Ihe Held in the first Inning, .struck on thctlcg by Freddie Lliidstrom's line drive. Bud Tinning tottered through the next two innings, Init showed signs of losing the Cardinals' one- run lead. So Frank Frisch ordered llarrell lo Ihe mound. Harrell preserved the one-run margin in magnificent fashion—until two were out In the ninth. Tin- Cubs (;ot n man on base, then another. Up to Ihe plate stepped Gabby Harliiclt. Frisch screamed from the bench: "Give him your sidearm—as fasl as you've got!" Haiinctt smashed a drive into cenlur field. All eyes turned to Terry Moore, 'who sprinted back for the ball. llarrell blew a sigh of relief when Moore stopped and held up his hands. The ball thumped into Terry's glove—and thumped right out.again. Two men scored nnd the Cubs won. Harrell wished he had never left ihc ione prairie. Friseh clapped Hal-roll on the shoulder in the dressing room and s.ild: "Well, son, in my book you won thai game!" "And in my book I lost it!" snarled Iliinell. Frisch stuck his 110.50 into Har- rcll's face and repeated: "I said in my book you won ill" No young pitcher was going to have the last word with the Old Fordham Plash, but Ray Harrell still maintains he gets litlle pleasure out of moral victories. He'd rather have them In the Wg black book, where (hey count. New Theater Manila's Finest OPEN 7:30 UACH EVENING MATINEES SATUKDAV AND SUNDAY AT J O'CLOCK Kuy War Bonds (In Our Lobby Anytime) And Keep Them! Child's Colds MOW'S THE TIME AND HERE'S THE PLACE TO save that car! You may be up ngninsl <T major crisis in your family right this minute ... and not, even realize it! YOUR CAR is GETTING REALLY OLD . . . AND YOU'UE vSTU.f, A LONG WAY FROM A NEW ONK! Another summer's almost lioro ... and your old car needs protection against it! Needs it badly, and needs it now! In good bands, (his protection comes easy ... so get your car in good hands now! MAKE A DATE WITH YOUR ESSO DEALER TODAY! Let him CHANGE THAT on... LUBRTCATE THAT CHASSIS... INSPECT THOSE TIRES... GUARD TH^Y BATTERY... BEFORE HOT WEATHER DAMAGE CAN STABTU, , LliT's GET TOGETHER AND DO WHAT WE CAN TO SAVEifrHAT CAR! STANDARD Oil COMPANY OF NEW JERSEY Last Time Today "TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT" wllh Humphrey Hojjurl & Lauren 1 Uncall Fox News & Hhorl Tuesday "Leave It To Blondie" with I'cmiy biiiKloton & Arthur Lake. Serial & Sliort , CHICKASAW West Main Near 21st St. Sat. starls 12:45; Sun. starts lv»5 Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 0:45 Continuous shows Sat. and Sun. Last Time Today "Hello, Frisco, Hello" with John Payne «; Alice Faye Universal News Comedy Tuesday BUDDY NITE 2 Tickels for the Price of 1 "GAMBLING LADY" with Joel McCrea & Barbara Stanwyck Shorls RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NIGHTS liox Office Opens 7:45—Show Starts at 8 SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS '"Box 'Office. Opens'.1 '< Show t Stnrls.l:15 Last Time Today "OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY" With Gnil Russell, Ulana Lj-nn, Charles Rugglcs, Dorothy Gish, Uculah Bondi, James Brown, Bill Edwards Lalcst KKO News and Short, "Into ' the Clouds.." Tuesday & Wednesday Tuesday Nighl is Opportunity N;?hl "Falcon In Hollywood" with Tom Conway, Barbara Hale. Jean Urcoks, Jtita Conroy KKO NEWS—COMEDY, "WINTER CIRCLE" Open 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 Ccpr. UU3.KSIOIM. 'Home In Indiana 7 Phillips Motor Co. Brown's Garage & Ser. Sta. 5th & Walnut, Blytheville Manila, Ark. H. R. Schmuck Esso Station Main & Division, Blytheville C. L. Owen$ v Esso Sta. Ashley Service Station Osceola, Ark. Ark.-Mo. State Line \\ilh Waller Brennan & I.on JlcCaliislcr ( r.-u.imounl News Short Tuesday PAL NITE So 7 s Your Uncle wilh Billie Burke >l -Tan Carter's Orchestra Serial: '-/.ana's Black Whip"

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