The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 31, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 31, 1934
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JULY 81, 1934 KLYTBEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS nvtl SECTIN - CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Ailly rate pet one ror consecur -'vc Insertions: (Five average woids to » line) One time per lint* .......... j* Two Ume» per line per day .• «•• Three time* per liu . per day . . «fc El* time* per line per day .. 06e r»te p« Uo» .......... •* Minimum cturf* KM FRUITS !"Eye»" of Blind Man ELBERTA PI ACHES, It Bwhel. C. G. Hawka, Frait a* rradnte.! Cqrntr Lake * MaiB St. lie HUj Fanty ELBERTA PEACHES f*r salt, fi.M per «*sW. Catt lit. 37c kl , the work. Tip I guide ^ Ills early learned In heroic footstep*' 'ttirii 1 character. It reuils: 11,0 lo the'last. 1 ; enronle to Vancouver by forming a hitman -arrow 'polhtinf toward tills city. , , Tlie American flyer linel arrow oil the field. Th epllok "cau|ht on" •• an-onr* mid; turned' around.! Ho • Wle- p!ioi)«tl his thanks 45'minutes liit- ' uvtr Hie civic .airport mid wasjer after •'renclilng Vancouver. v ,-' mlk* north of here before^ he dLs-1 . . . covered his predicament. Ore. (U!')-B])orUimen FOB SALE UamUed MiUkmt SEATTLE. Ore. (UP)—Close tol $1,000,000 • pflfscd the parl-mutucll "Impelling" ul Longacrc racetrack,! south of Seattle, diirlni tlw fl 20 days of tlie 60-day pros rani this year. The "take" was in at!-1 vance of a slinlhii 1 period ;it t!ic| opening of tlie track last year. Ada oraerefl :o* uvre* or »u um« find stopped before explrm- L'on will be charged 'or the Dumber of tunes DM Ml appeared aao adjustment ol bill mada. All Cltuaineo. Advertising cop; dijbLuitted by person* residing outside ol the city n-ust be accompanied by cash. lutei roar be eaclly computf 1 . from above tabte NO responsibility win be UMH tni more Uian one Incorrect in 1 Krtlon of any classified ad. Advertising uroaitfi for irtegu- *r Insertions talu 1 the one time talc. Evertasllnc beauty In permaaenl concrete (lower fots, Mnl batfcs, Uwn teats. 2. TURNER, ZSt DivU ion. 3*p »B FOR SALE cheap—Large 3 door Cary Safe, .1440 Ibs. 2nd Hand, Burke Hardware Co. 2J-c' CLOSING OUT ALL ICE REFRIGERATORS 25 panni to 15* p*ani Ice Capacities. All porcelain, all ated, and small *ak finished rtiriteratora at GIVE AWAY PRICES. E. B. GEE SALES CO. 407 W. HUB St. KBAI, ESTATE PHILLIPS' USED CARS JUST A FEW OF THE MANV BARGAINS WE IlAVt. COME IN TODAY AN'1> MAKE VOUK SELECTION. F«r Sale Dandy 40 acre OZARK farm within 2 miles good town. On dally mall rout*. Ffcur room house, woven wire fence, Fruit. Price $360—only part cash. J. C. CHAP1N Manila, Ark. FOR RKNT •31 DB SOTO COACH. Rubber Like Nr.w $245 •31 I)OlJGr, SEDAN. Ouod Kuh- bcr. Motor A-l ? 195 '33 E'OUU '[IJW>R SEDAN. Look and Kuns Like New 5 •33 CHEVROLET COACH. A Heal Bargain s •30 FOH11 COUFE. New Painl,_ Motor A-l. New Tires .. S •>S GRAHAM I'AIGE SEDAN. 3 room FURNISHED APARTMENT Aug. l. 209 W. Kentucky. Phono 146. 30c ktl FURNISHED APARTMENT. Phone 083. 108 W. Kentucky. IpM 3 room FURNISHED apartmenl. garage. Very reasonable. 1315 W. Main. • 25c ktf 5112 •26 CHEVROLET COACH. Guod Rubber s HOURS CLOSEU . i>lotor CAB KU1I5 •29 roii!) Gucd * '^9 FOUD I'ANEI, TKUCK. A Gouil Delivery Tnifk .... 5 •y> FORD l!i ION TRUCK. CluLc'il Lau, Dual Wheels S23 'K CHEVROLET Hi TON TUL'UK. 1*1 l" rn Wncel- mm MOTOR COfltfANY ~ USED CAR LOT Ciiinci li f v- Walnut Els. O|>cu Nights I'lilll 0:30 I 11UHU EJ1-1 BUSINESS iJiUECTORY fumished BEDROOMS. Mis, Ed Ilardln, 1017 W. Walnut. Call 102. Ic ktl MODERN 3 room furnished or unfurnished apartment over Klrty Drug Store. F. Simon. Call 164. 30-clc-tf Nicely Furnished BED ROOM. Mrs. Nolen, 310 West Walnut. ao-ck-7-30 I'EKSONAL To Material Men and Contractors The Reconditioning Division of the Home Owners' Loan Corporation is calling a meeting of all contractors, build i n g materialmen, plumbers, painters, carpenters, ami clheis interested in the building ncM lo be held in Blythevllle at ihe Court House Wednesday. An- jusl 1st, at 7:00 P. M. C. J. Evrard. 3Ce ki AUTOMOllVE Save Time and Money by using our complete stock Auto Replacement Farti Hnbbard Hardware Co. Automotive Dept - - Phone Be k8-l FURNITURE Lawn Chairs Unnainted S1.85 THE ARK-MO LUMBER CO. CALL W ., Fur highest ciuallly Kentucky, Sou- them Illinois aim Kcd Asli Coal Lowest nisii Content. <3oud dry COCK and heatins wooo and kindling. Corn, hay, riixcu Iced, larn.i seed, laole mid stock ;alt. Home of high quality products ann low ca^n prices. FARM BUS CASH FKKU AiSU St^l) CO. A liomt: uwnea business Wholesale and Kcian Ekctrk KOOM & BOARD GOOD Meals and Rooms. Reasonable prkes. Mrs. T. R. Wat«n 112 East Cherry, fhoDe 6«2. 7ck8-21 Keep Kool «illi Hunter t'lKouuitioiully gu HU15BARD HDW. CO. WANTED TO RENT MODERN FURNISHED hOUSC Witt, garage for three montlis or ton- jer. Want a bedrooms. Best references. H. B. Whitney Co. 52i Kinsshigiuvay. St. Charles, Mo. 30p Cow Hunt Self FOREST GROVE. Ore. (UP1— f. cow belonging to Carl Johnson died by hanging herself In tnt crotch of a cherry Ires. It wa; believed" the animal lost her foot lug while reaching for berries. TERMITE Proofing Insmancc UND1 ; ,R '1'IIE ANTIMITE t'liAN. E. C. nnlnikson I,lr. Co. I'lionc 1W) f 7 actqr}' anthorited FKIGIDAIKE SERVICE 1'actor.v Trained Mechanics Day (i7—Fhonc— Night 382 K. B, GEE SALES CO. •li)7 Main St. 50"c icductlon Jnly Only On Futnituif. repaired, rcfinished. np- liolst'rcd. I'atrick at Parkhiirsfs Call 57. O-ck-8-8 lire Humn I/)an Estimates RTOfing. minting, Repairs TI1U ARKMO LUMBER CO. 10o k3-10 CLEANERS, TAILORS Ltncu suils, hand IrnDfiJ ar.d tailor fd shaped nit nice and cool these hilt da>^. Phone 171. UNIQUE CLEANING SERVICE AUTO ACCESSORIES Get ready for summer driving at -bargain prices you probably will liEver see again. Come In. Compare our prices on auto parts, lire?, lubes, motor oil. 5 gal J150. WOLF 4£UK We EeU Wholesale ar.d lUtaU Phone 178 • • 128 E, Uilii ANNOUNCEMENTS k- The Conner Ne« has been authorized to announct the foil »« candidates frr public office, sub lect to the Deuiocratlo prlmar nest August: For BepreftotatlTe IVY W. CRAWFORD CURTIS J. LITTLE For Reelection [or Second Term For ConlT ZAL B/ HARRISON OEOROE W. BAR1LAM For Mtnrtwf »f Con«rtM CLINTON L. CALDWELti For Sheriff and CoIl«toT CLARENCE H. WILSON for IW-electton for Second Term For Cmmty Treaamrer JOE S. DILUAHUNTT ROLAND GREEN tor Clrcnll C«rt < HUGH CBA1Q ADDISON SMITH R. B. (SKram bTotrr Fe-r CMnty CesK Cleifc PRED nEStlAN POT R«.KIeeUoo for tod Ttn HAREY WOODBITRN OAWW 9OBXKTBOH Gone After 13 Years Irantc > rticd from iilUv' , [Hiimaii 'Arrow Ptinted to Landinf FMd RAYMOND, Wasli. lUPi — amlliar figure In coininunUy life: | mil . Hie dbii, or the past is years, Tip, « mon- iummpctl Ij irel dog, died here recently. - his. home -here Tip wns the "eyes" ol C. 11. 3amribell, blind tobacco store op- circled over Jericho, B. C. (UP)—Pel Ihc Jericho sea cd iiv!;Uora concluded he w;i.s lost thick, tin; county puys 2 1-2 cents lining up In the Read Courier News Want Ada. <• liail lost his bearing* OUR BOARDING MOUSE ANOTHKK CAL ON T1IK HRAIN TRUST! 1HERE YARE.VA CRMV YAP.'/ 9UT GOSH, AU THESE FELLAS JcSUZ, 1HEV OUT HIRE T'HCLP Yft / rAiCWTA WLLtO GITCHtR 01NOSWR OUT (V POdfS Of A TREE. AM 1 , 1 CAUSE vSilWi-r VA DON'T UKE TH 1 W«V ) T^tiL- 1 THEV l~tO ABOUT IT, * /. ' ^ r VA SOCK 'EM ' MOW } '> i ItlEV'Vr! QUIT' SO LONG, OOP. OH BOV — , I VJBH W VUCKf SORHV 1 CAN'T HELP "BE TtWECT TOCKtl ACTION SET Cf ON YOUR UONT (SO AROUND WVAAMMIN6 TH' uow MUCH EV YOU HAVE HUNDREDS OP SWART WS WA\T1N<£> TO PICK IPE CORN LIKE YOU OCTOBER ; TVAE O^4W HE\L WAVE LEFT WILLB& ON HIS KEY "WHIG/— \T- ONLV WOULD TWRON\ZE WOrvAE INDUSTRY , \ COUL\D CUP HIM KJR ATEW WITH rAY INVISIBLE CORPORKTION POOR DlWWr 1 UOW'M 1 EVER GONNA GH 'I(A DOWN OUTA THPfT TREE WHAT ArA BOOTS AND HER RONNIE IS QUITE SURE! 16 THERE ELSE , BOOTS -6PO&E SOOMO6 vi^e -wt wtsv HO,9 1 . Vu. COOLO DO WOOLO MAUE ME WEM.W HtW W AVX'VOU 6HOWW VAt TRUt \_OVrt VV.V KSWtW VOMt OffVtRttdTLV VOkJ WASH TUBBS WELL,IET'S HOPE THE croacs ABE BETTER THAWTHB DIMMER, HELP YOURSELF, CAPTAOJ. THEV'RE SPECiai.LV MflDE R)R ME BV A GEMEP^LIW <r?=^ =^-7 __ TME CLBflM ARMV. JfTHAKJIfSV MOMO<5RAMMED N BUCKS \ . APIECE.' SAV/ \ THAT QUV MUST I ' BE CRAZV. y /—''^'^ NS.VERRI6«T!tMOTHII46'S'A*JV 6OOO AWY MOBE, MOTHlNGj I PWTWO SOCkS APlECG CtSMSS^- AMP THty ASEM'T ALSO UNDER DETECTIVE HOWDY! SALESMAN SAM MOW, IF ( KIM JES STEE« THIS BLAMED THIW SLIPPERY SWWrJER, VER OMOeR ARREST.' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIKNOS WE'RE GOIMG \ HOPE! "too T:OED.' AFTER BEAR, \I Din NUTTY...APENT ) YESTERDAY... lit ,YqU COMIWG - ) STICK AROUND , ALONG? A. •-• HEY. YOU . BRING-'EM THAT'S vyHY.-,YoU LITTLE RASCAL'!-" I MICHTA KMOWM .THAT/IF'-I-. LEFT THE LIP OFF THE • X. HONEY CAM,.SOME CURIOUS t CUB • WOULD VIST :US'.' LlkS-.TUE WATTLE - PAHS.. IT CAVTT BE FPSCKL6S OR CHARLIE .. THEY t?£ \VELL UP OM -THE V/EST FORK TRAIL, BY NOW' MurrY, DONT FOQGST, EVEFTT CUS HAS A MOTHER AKJP EVERY MOTHER DISPOSITION SUE'S A' GRIZZLY MOTHER !.'

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