Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 3, 1898 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 3, 1898
Page 4
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WAILYPHAKOS 1DITOFU JUID TKBMB OF 8PB8CBlpTTON-D.JJy ^r 1J t.: per year •ElOCRiTlO DISTitlCT COS VOTIOH »> the Democrat! or tfc« Eleventh Congresw owU District: Pursuant to the order of the Democratic state central committee, the delegate* to the district convention •re called to meet in the city of Peru on Tnesday, January Hthj 1898 » tt 10 o'dock a. m., for the purpose of •electing one member of'the Democratic state central committee for uld district for the ensuing two years. The basis of representation In said convention, as fixed by said committee, will be one delegate for each 200 votes or fraction of 100 or ever cast for the head of the Bryan electoral ticket. A general invitation Is extended to the Democrats of Mae district to attend this convention. The aelegatas to said convention will be selected In .jaen county on or tefore January 8th, 1898, by county •r township meetings, ;iceorfllpjt \>Q .local custom and upon thf ga}! of ^e •t»lrjneE of the several counties. • S..ES COOK, Chairman Congressional Com, Huntlngton, Ind,, Deo.18,1897. MGLECT is SUICIDE; Plain Words •From Mrs. Pinkham, (Corroborated by Mrs. Oharlef Dunmore, That Ought to Bring Suffering Women to Their Senses. If youiver* drowning; and friendly^ hands snoved a plank to you, and ycra refused it, you "would be committing suicide! Yet that, is precisely what women are doing if they go abont tlieir homes ilmost dead with, misery, yet refuse tograap the kindly hand hedd out to theml ..-rTSs:^ Jit is suicidal to go day after day with that dull, constant pain iii the region of the womb and that bloating heat and tenderness of the abdomen, which make the weight of your clothes an almost intolerable harden to you. It is not natural to suffer so in merely emptyingthe bladder. Does not that special form of sui\ ^ fering tell you that there is inflammation somewhere? I tell you what it is? ' ^ 'it is inflammation of the -womb! •^ If it goes on, polypus, Or tumor, or cancer will set in. — Commence the'use of Lydia E. Pinkh'am's Vegetable — (Compound. Thousands of women in this; condition have been cured by it. Keep your bowels open with Mrs. Pinkham's Liver Pills, and if von want further advice, write to Mrs. Pinkham at Lynn, Mass., stating freely all 'your symptoms-she stands ready and willing to. give you the very best advice. She has given the helping hand, to suffering justlikc yourself, many of whomlived miles away from cian * Her marvelous Vegetable Compound has cured " * many thousands, of women. It ca:a be found at any respectable drug- store. MBS. CHABLEB DUJTMOKE, 102 Fremont St., Winter Hill Somerville, Mass., says: "I was in paia day and night' my doctor did not seem to help me. I could not seem to find any relief until I took Lydia E. Pinkhan.'s Vegetable Compound. I had inflammation of the womb, a bearing-down pain. and.the whites very badly The pain wan so intense that I ccml d not sleep at niffht" I took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound for e_ = _. , . and am now all'right. Before thai; I took morphine pills for my pain; that was a srreat mistake, for the relief was only momentary and the effect vile. I am so thankful to be relieved of my sufferings, for the pains I had were something terrible. I am, indeed, very grateful foi tno good Mrs. Piiikh.am's rime- dies have done me." ODD FJLi-OWS. thousands a pbysi- months, have things all their own way by any means. •.-. do the people ie»« such men M Steele, of Marion, and Landla, of Delphi, to congresi), If they have to be directed by a monetary commls- •lon, whoso membisrs work without »»y? Would it not be cheaper to hire » oommlsslon to make laws ror the feople? __ GOVERNOR MOTJXT claims to haye reduced the state debt enormously •ince he became governor a year ago. Asa matter of fact debt reduction has been going on for several years and the state hss been enacted tc make a good showing because the eorporatlons have been forced to pay their just share ol taxes. It has also been enabled to make a good showing en account of the special funds de- il»ed from a sinking fund tar. This tax.-waa was expeoted to provide suffl elent funds to -pay ofl the state deb about eight yeiirs, and it will do it The time has now come, however when the sinking fund levy can be •afely reduced, and In justice to the taxpayers of Indiana, the next Ugisi Uture should reduce it As to Guv ernor Mount, he lias had nn more t do with the reduction of the stst debt than any oilier taxpayer. IT seems strange that Mark Hanna who controls McKinley, cannot cou trol the members of the Ohio leg! Uture. Here is a man who make presidents, forms cabinets, names members of the highest courts, par- eels out privileges to corporations and directs the movements of the gold eoo«plrators, aoc. yet he cannot control the votes of men elected to the legislature front his • own city of Cleveland. His. defeat for re-election to the Unitud States senate will nark the trlum |)h of the common people over & must haughty and corrupt boss. His ilefeat wlil have a most salutary efl'ect upon American politics. It will, clear the political atmosphere as t!ue lightning destroys noxious Tapors. The Congressional Substitute. The Indianapolis monetary com- jlssion has made its report and l;he ecommendatloa which it will mo- mit to congress with the expectation hat that body will yield to the commission's superior wisdom, will be ound in these columns. ..The plan ubmitted is very comprehensive in etall but it adda bat little to Backer Gage's scheme of reforming be currency. The chie! scheme in ooth plans is, first to make all obligations of the government payable in rold, and, second, to give the national banks the privilege of iasu- ng all the paper money demanded! by the needs of business. These are the two things sought yu be accomplished. 'Those who seek to have these changes made in the laws of the land are the creditor classes—the bond-holders, the mortgage holders, the idle holders of superfluous wealth and the men who iontrol the banking .interests of the country. The creditor class want to get, rid of that word "coin" in the bond. -AS the price of silver has been forced down and down by unfriendly legislation, the bond-holdiing classes are getting very anxious to have the terms of their contract changed.. They are looking out for No. 1 and have tdus far been able to dictate legislation In their interest. The gold conspirators are a sleepless ^* . 1 i. _V» 4 n ~ 1 A/vf O . «,., fcrnbexziers .-till «i Evidenc- Chicago, Jan. 3.-in the United States the record of embezzlsng, defaulting and bank.'*«<*£* shows an increase, being !,11,2 compared with $9,465,921 in :lS96and $10,423 205 in 1S35. . There were 41J cases, out of which nineteen persons stole over $50000 each, twenty-two SHOOED each, and nve_overJ500.CiOO_each. -,-- Tliis Story" Has a Mc,ral. >lainfle!d, Wis., : Jan. 3.—JFaul Engles, a' farmer living six.-miles «ast of.here, Republicans of the.city arid rouuty are into the house with his gun, and,when, he sat down laid ftie weapon, across his knees. It was.accidentally discharged, killing his wife instantly, and the bul- **t grazing their child's head. / A Gw»* Pow«* to . •hip, Ix>»e »nd Truth. While Odd Fellowship has become so widespread, carrying on its operations in Europe, Asia and America under the flags of not less than 15 different nations and almost, encircling the civilized world with its chain of lodges, it is in Canada and the United States that it has attained its greater power and has become » recognized factor in she development of civilization. Exceeding all other secular societies on this continent in numbers, so lar as con be ascertained, ic acknowledges no superior among them all in the vast extent of its benevolence.—Dominion Odd tel- low. Signs and passwords may be tisea to prove membership in the order, but the best sign, is unblemished character and an abundance cf good -works. - Missouri encampment branch made a gain of 312 last year. All men arc entitled to equal rights in the lodgeroom. An open and free expression of opinion is a privilege that should be accorded every member. The business affairs of a lodge need the same attentiveness and strictness that your owa private affairs need—that is, it' vour lodge is to be kept in a flourishing condition. There are +60 Rebekahs in Utah and 1,456 subordinates. Daring 00"years the Patriarchs Militant of Indiaina have expended $376,540 for relief. Each individual member should lend his effort to the success of his lodge, but how few there are at whose hands tbtt.ac- tive work has to be uo»iBi , 1 In 388S the first lodge was chartered in a foreign country—Lone star. No. 1, republic of Texas.' L. L. McKinley is now grand-warden of the grand lodge of Illinois. M. P. Berry is deputy grand master. . • In Maine there are 9,697 Rebekahs and gp,fe7£i subordinate lodge members, | Let the work of recruiting the ranks of! the marching shepherds be begun at once and nmlke the folds of the tents to bulge , outward with the crowds -seeking to learn | the beetles of patriarchal Odd Fellowship. Celebrations,, visitations, anniversaries, reunions, etc.. are essential to the life of a subordinate and to the fraternal health and activity of its members. Mr John ' Mason of General Marion lod-e Philadelphia, has entered upon bis forty-second year of continuous outside sentinel o£ his lodge. MEN AND SEE OUR FELT SLIPPERS. Walker & 42O BROADWAY. Now is the Time to Great Reductions in Prices of all Our Holiday and Millinery Goods. Spry's, Broadway and Pearl Streeta WEEKLY <-v ; -^> during 1898 will present to its reader; a faithful pictorial representation of the world's most interesting and important news. THE NEWS THAT BECOMES HISTORY National and International Politics Social and Economic Questions The WEEKLY will continue to participate in the Jjreat political ev-euts of our country. It will treat of tht social and economic questions, and of the development o f the middle west. Its special corre- Y*.........-..- • yj m c HlJUUtC "CHL. * «» Sptl-lai ",«1,S Industrial Enterprise spondcm in the Klondike region will trace Art and Literature i Uie story of il« great gold discoveries. LONG SERIALS AND SHORT STORIES Two long serials will appear during the year, contributed by authors of international feme, and will be illustrated. THE ASSOOUTKn HKRMITS Owen Witter Howard Pyle John Kendrick Bangs .. These and a score of equally prominent writers will conuibute^hort stories to the WBKKI.Y in 1808, making the paper espe- ,v .„,.„..„ 3 - »»MUIV'-' 111 JOVU, .„<»....(, ..... K«K** --r- Mary E.Wilklni cially richinfiction. Otherfeaturesnrethe DEPARTMENTS AND SPECIAL ARTICLES THIS BUSr WORLD ,,-ti •-•> FOREIGN NOTES • A SPORTING PILGRIMAGE AROUND THE WORLD Irvthe intetBt of the WBSKty.Ospair Whitney is on his «yaronnd the world He will visit Sian-i.m search of bis gune, making his, Sindpal hunt from Bangkok. He will visit India and then proceed K«pe to prepare angles on the sports of Germany and * ranee. iOc. a aft '{jmtfor'fnr frosfictui}. S»iscritt'<»i V.M "}'«*• Postagtfrte in the United States, Canada, ami Mexico. Address HAttPKlt i BUOTIIEUS, PLblishers.Xcw York City MichiRaii Railway Marning.-J. Lansing, Mich.. Jan. :i.-The Increase tn the-earnings of-the Minneapolis. St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie railroad Is something remarkable. It reports earp- ings for November of STS.Sto, as against S33 000 for the corresponding month .of 1896. The percentage ol 1 increase oeing over 130.. TO CORE NERVOUS DYSPEPSIA,'. To fialn Plesh, to Sleep Well, to Know What Appetite and Good Digestion Meaus, Make a Test of Stunrt's Wyspepsia Tablets. Interesting Experience of an apolis Gentleman. •'t: Indian- Will Take the Agtresslre. It Is &n.nouni5ed that soon : after congress convenes again, the silver wnators will take the aggressive In the monej queiition and precipitate a gigantic contest- At the first .opportunity after the tenate resembles a free silver senator will introduce what is known as the Stanley Matthews resolution. . This will b« put in the form of a joint resolution, and will declare It to be the poli<:y of the government to pay Itt deblis in gold or silver, at 1U option. The resolution must be referred to the committee on finance, where John P. Jones, of Kav»da, holds the balance of power. He will vote in ti,Tor of ImnMidlatelr reporting the resolution. Tlien will follow ao ex- eitlng debate In the Senate and a Tote of record. Many of the free silver Republi- "'eans tad D«m<i*rat» In the senate feel that the president has forced the Issue of ttie perpetuation of the •ingle gold stawdard, and that there is nothing to tie gained bj; deferring the flint. set. They huve been watching legis- atioo in the country for more than twenty yeans. Tlttey have never fought in the open until the past year. No party has ever .demanded t,he permanent establishment of the single gold standard. Yet, in this matter, congress is mow asked by a self-constituted commission, to do what no respectable number of people have ever aslced to be done. No feeling of pill y is manifested for the debtor class by the representatives of the well fed, fat and saucy backers and brokers and board of trade men who constituted tho Indianapolis conference. Take away the people : si option to pay in either gold or silver and It Is equivalent, to taking millions from the debtor class and giving it to the bond holder ancl the mortgage holder. Destroy the legal tender quality of all forms of money but gold.amJ the plutocrats can more quickly establish that aristocracy of wealth, whose foundations are already laid and whose haughty rule can never be overthrown except by revolution. • Lincoln said that no greater crime No trouble is move common or more misunderstood than nervous dyspepsia. People having it think that their nerves are to blame and are surprised that they are not cured by nerve medicine and spring remedies; the real seat'of the mischief is lost sight of; tbe^storcach is the organ to be looked after. Nervous dyspeptiCT often do not have any pain whatever in the stomach, nor perhaps any of the usual symptoms of stomach weakness. Nervous dyspepsia stows itself not in the stomach so much as in nearly every ether organ; in some cases the heart palpitates and' li) irregular; in others the kldneysare affected; in others the bowels are constipated, with eadacbes: s'. ul others are troubled ith loss of flesh and appetite, with ccumulatton of gas, sour risings and eartburn. Mr. A. W. Sharper, of No. 61 Prospect street, Indianapolis, writes s follows: "A motive of pare ratitude prompts me to write these ew lines regarding the new and aluable medicine, Stuart's Dys- jepsia Tablets. I have been a suf- erei- from nervous dyspepsia for the ast four years: have used various KNIGHTS OF HONOR. For the Convenience of Lodges—Xotei of Intercut. In view of the facD that lodges find it inconvenient, w keep remittances for the various fund* separate, arrangements hav* been made in the supreme reporter's and supreme rreasurur's offices so that, lodt-'us may remit all the reiaittancis of one month in a-sin-It- draft or money order, and are requited so to do.—B. F. Nelson. The "raml lutise of New York now presents to ;i candidate and his proposer each a handsomely designed emblematic button, of the order. It is a. gold star on a pearl foundation, the stm being mate up of th, ; Knichts of Honor colors of purple, white, yellow and red, and containing the mysi.io'mcnoizram of 0. M. A. The' order of Knighfe of Honor was organized June 30, 1378, and it is the intention of the lodges ol Cincinnati to ueln- braw (he silver jubilee next year in grand styls. Sixty million five hundred and eighty- fivft thousand two hundred and ninety-six dollsirs and seventy-three cents was paid in di-ath benefits by the order from institution, June 30, 1873, to Nov. 13, 1897. The membership of the order is now abou; 93,u'JO. Belleville,"111*., c'itizeii Mi»itf«re<l. Belleville. Ills.. Jan. 3.-John Doerinf a.e.1 70 a highly respected and wealthy cftlsen of tnis place, was found dead in bed Saturday, his head having beer erUned in with some blunt instrument in tL. hands of robbers, who ransacked the house for valuables. Doering lived alone He was the father of ex ; C,ty Treasurer Doering, who commuted sui- cidc about one year ago when a short- are in his accounts was discovered. In addition to the wounds received on his face Doerlcs's head was almost s-vered from the body with a butcher k" Ife . which lay near the bed covered blocd. '_ Requirements of » C«n<lii.ate. south. West fttid East. At almost every annual mooting -j; 5 Masonic grand body the physical requirement- question'comes up in some lorn;,, aiio all the reporters on correspondence and the Mason!.: papers discus; It. But, strange to say. seldom is there an appeal to the ancient lav.-, and observance of thai (act has impelled us to quote here the ok. regulation. In the Old York constitutions cif°92(5 rhere are 15 articles, and article .) says, -A candidate must be without blemish mid have the full and proper use of his limbs, for a maimr-d man can do the crait no good.-'—Voice of Masonry. The Connecticut- il.asonic home has 24 inmntes-lT male and 7 female. The av- Pra-e ape of them all is over .2 year.. There were threw deaths in the home during the pust year There are 17 chapters of the Order of the Eastern Rtar in New Jersey, with a total membership of 1,000•The Masonie home of Missouri Belter 124 inmates—5:.' girls. 33 boys, 22 mui and 17 women. There is no more honorable .position in Masonry than that of past master, ana h onlv appreciates the honors he has enjoyci and doe. enjoy who is ready to labor with renewed energy for the good of his lodge. There are 111) chapters of Royal Arch Masons in iowa. with a'total membership out oi line. The nuge structure i, Sl'stories high, and a fortune was spent on the foundation, which is proving a failure. : ' j- KNIGHTS OF PYThfAS'. /, Hone s*n»Uiirs r m f gmH9 , w _ »tithe •l^imentVf Sleoroury Gag« that he !• Monlrad to WJ tbo debts of the government ie gold; Others p> -so tu it to dwli re^hst If he persUts in imorlac * n9 ° !P^° B wnlcn to hu * ^ Wft,i nf ineittsr -" - - 1 —• fc - •hooM or he could be committed against a free people than to coatract a debt in one kind of money andl then require the debtor to pay In another and dearer kind of money. That is what we have done to this country and the poor debtor, or the man who believe in fair dealing, who may protest, is denounced as a repudiator and an anarchist. Now thene bondholders are not sat isfied with their bonds. They want new bonds—gold bonds. They speak through this monetary commission and make their demands kn.own t* congress. And this bwikeis join the bond holders. They want something too They want, the greenbacks retired They want, the privilege of furnish, ing the money supply. They wan the tax on the circulation o t bank notes cute ft. Tula commission re commends tliitt all their demnnds be granted. I!rider the plan proposed we should scion have a great banker 1 trust and money would be plentiful or scant, juiit as Wall street decreed Arrested for Murdering His Wife. Ffltsburff. Jan. 3 — Mife. Sarah Mc- Go-R-an was shot and killed at her home in 'Raakin, PSL, near here, and her hus- tancl, Anthony McGowan, one of the wealthiest residents of the town, is m jail charged with her murder. No one was present when the woman was shot and the motive for the deed is not known. He denies guilt. Arrested for Shooting » Man. Petersburg, Ind., Jan. 3.—Benjamin F. Long a resident of Knox county, two miles north of this place, has been arrested. Some time since Long shot and Kl'lPd the town marshal of Hartford, KT.. and a reward of *300 had been of-. te:red for his arrest by the governor of that state. 4t the annual reunion of the Masonic veterans of Connecticut there were present a brother who had been a Mason 76 years and another <i- years. ^ The Ancient- Accepted Scottish Ritej bodies of Des JVloin«s ; wUl--hold theuvflf- , teenth special reunion and reception or, candidates Jan. 18-21. . . | ID Kentucky there are 18 councils of Royal and Select Masters, with * sota£ membership of 894. ' Since June 2 thalPrince of Wales, grand master of Masons, ias granted warrants for the establishment of ten new Masonic lodges in England and the colonies. One of the warrants is for a lodge in Calcutta, No. 2672. The Freemason of London objects to public installation of officers—especially , those where the Masonic ceremonies are j followed by those of the Eastern Star. | The subscriptions from the Masons of i New .Icr«ey are coming in to the commit- | tee in such gratifying amounts as to war- > rant the belief that the home project will! be (successful, and that soon the Masons j will be in possession of a property in ever* j WE,;,- fitted lor their purpose and » credit ; to i.he 1'rnternity: The Masonic temple building in Chicago is slowly s'ujkinj;, and its.roof is »ti» it Supreme Chancellor's Itinerary For N« M»y—Spo»r Point*. Supremo Chancellor Colgrove di-siree ^>visit as many grand lodges an posslb*- during his term of office and has arrange^ . the following dates for May, 1898, and ha» requested the Krand chancellors of do) mains to be visited to arrange their datel to suit if possible His dates are as follows! May 2. Indian Territory; May 4, Alif barua- May 6, Florida; May 8, Tennessee May 10. Mississippi; May 12, Wisconsin May 14V Michigan; May 16. Kansas;_M*-v 18, Louisiana; May 19, Georgia; May--* South Carolina: May S3; Arkansas; W* 85 Ohio; May 27, Massachusetts; May .il Maine. These arrangeuients will_cnal* tie supreme chancellor to visit 10 gritiy domains in one month. | Omaha Knights of Pythias :irc rapidjj perfecting a plan which is to result in t» establishment of a Pythian burial plac: There seems to be little question that (.will be consummated, lor all the Engli ... speaking lodges in the city have eignifl. their approval, and ic is-expected that (, >• Bohemian and German lodges will " acquiesce in the scheme. A lodge in Arkansas has a new bylav $1 fine for a member who _absent;i u: for more than sis weeks. i The grand lodge, at, Pennsylvania 1 been presented with a pair of gavela mi from the balustrade of the burned *" Capitol, trimmed with copper froui dome. The membership in the grand don t of New York is to toe congratulated u having entered on an era of great p perity under the able administrator t the efficient grand chancellor, T '*Charles W. Hinson. • UNITED WORKMEN. New Member* From * Sel««U 7 It is » plain proposition that lo« *' membership by death and the increan r the age average can only be met by addition of new members. Yora who 110 interest in the affairs of the order yond paying your assessments rihould into this matter, and you will soon be vinced that from » purely business or.i ish standpoint you cannot afford to lei r order drift backward ^our letbarg"- tncreasing the cost of your protectta Anchor and Shield. Members in good standing at port, 339.352. Pennsylvania comes well upon the In increase of membership. latent medicines and other,remedies ?ithout any favorable result. They sometimes guve temporary relief until the effects of the medicine wore oft. I attributed this ;o my sedentary habits, being a bookkeeper with little physical exercise, but I am glad to Eitate that the tablets have overcome all these obstacles, for I hare gained In flash, ileep better and am better in every way. The above Is written not for notoriety, but is tiased on actual fact." Respectfully yours, A. • W. SHAKPKE, 61 Prospect St., Indianapolis, IniJ. It is safe to say ithat Stnartfs Dyspepsia Tablets will cure any stomach weakness or dlae&sia except-tancer. of stomicli. They care iour Jtomiiola, gas, loai of flash-»nd appetite,-,*laep- lessness, palplttliion, beartbawj, constip»tton and headache. Send for Tjaoatile llttie book on stomach dtnueii by addrwslng Stuait Co., MJtttkall, Mich. : "•* All dragginU wiU foU liMd p«ek- i^eajrt 60 <*»».,. =~ —-. Overcoat S1.5O 4 off on some Orercwats and Boys Eeefers, Her we propose 'to rise the papers to Announce SPEC! OFFERINGS. Our ragnlar line will keep right up to the hieliefit stand Sso Snnfthe FBEEIHSTRIBUTlOrf OF CHUfA- WAB Special Announcement No. 1. $1 50 for Men's Black Twilled Cheviott Overcoat, worth $3. 11 00 for BOT'S Overcoat. $1.25for Jleelers, Storm Collar*. The -lit ' $8 for H. 2d best 83 and 1.75. .™™*r-nvr.W Here's s Turning jggg I am going,tp. swetr'off'go: and ilUBBEKS and from now on New Otto Sh — ere and everywhere for'my I witb; the

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