The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 31, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 31, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR B1/XTHEV1LLE, (ARK.). POU1IEB NEWS TUESDAY, JULY 31, 1934 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEW8 XBB OOUBEtt NEWS CO., POELIBHIH* a R. lUBOOCK, IdUor H. W. HAana, taxtrevat Bol* HtUontl Admtumc Arkuuu D«UlM, too., New York, Cblc«o, Detcvlt, St. Louii, D*luu, £»«*< City.Mtmpiili. Published Every Attercoun Exccct Stinaty. Entered as second mailer at Uw post oflicc at HiyUicville. Arkansas, under acl ot Congress, Oc- lotxr 9. 1017. Bcrvcn uv <"» unltca I'rcss SUBSURIl'J'ION BATHS Uy carilcr in the cny ur BlvUicvillo. JBo jwi week ur J6.SO pet year In advance. By mall within a radius of 50 rates. »3.00 |«r year *l.Si) for Bin months, B5o for tl.rce month.; iy limll In postal zones wo U) fix, l'"'™, {6,50 per year, In zones seven am' eight, per year, payable In advnnro. Hie bare necessities of life, mnlribulc more than 70 per cent of all the city's delinquents. These figures speak for themselves. Poverty means crime. Slums mean Kimjfsters. No attack on the crime problem can IOH<| to a iierinaiienl solution, unless it inclnde.s .some program for mcfltiiiK lliu difficulty ntflH at the smii'cu—in tin: dreary streets win;re utir "umlcn»'ivilo«ci!" viliwus live. —Bruce Callun. Nou) Let Us Consider the Cause oj Crime RmmiiiK clown'Ilie l>it{-linic crooks tuul pulling then) tioliiml llu; liars or under the snd is an impui'liiiil job, and we seem to In- iloiiiB well aL iL of late. An ci|«ally impurtant juli—wliicli. so far. \vi- have hardly so miii-h as thought, about—is limlinj; mil \w\v Hit! bis-time crooks not that way. What happens, along the line between babylu.od and iulullhocxl, to turn a man into an enemy of society'.' Why does one man grow up into .a useful citizen and another into a j;Hrij;stevY' If (here is any way in which wi> can develop more of Hie first kind and fewer of the second? When you t'cl to wondering aliing these lines, it's often useful lo have a look, at juvenile court records. The?e will show you some rallier surprising [hints. * * * They sbow. for one Uiiuir, that the great cause of crime is—poverty. Not lite poverty that makes a limn steal to. get bread for his family, but the poverty condemns a child to be bronchi up in a-congested Khun, witli the street for his playground and his whole environment u subtle but powerful force lo teach him that organized society is hi.s enemy. Look al these figures from the jnvei|- ile court of a representative city such as C'levchuul There nre two comparable congest; ed areas in that city, each inhabited by people of the same racial stock. In one area the people are fairly well off; in normal time:.;, the average family income there ranges from ?1.500 lo $2,500 a year. In the other area Ihe people arc poor, with average family incomes running Itetween ?50() and 51,'IOU a year. The more prosperous area hist year had one delinquent boy to every 910 inhabitants—yfl delinquents, altogether, for the 26,000-odd people in the area. ' * ' •'•<•• The poorer area bad one delinipienl boy to every J8H inhabitants ;t |ul;d of 154 delinquents for the ^R.OOU residents. Fiiriheimori', for the oily a.; a whole, families which receive help from charitable agencies, or families whn.<e incomes are .just big enough to provide SIDE GLANCES By George dark Seven to One The muscle iiwn of llu 1 uiulcuMii Id liuvo tilings I heir own way 11 icy arc so lough thai imopli 1 fear l» oppose thorn- Once in a while, however, some two-listed rjliy.rn conies along lo demonstrate that Ihe underworld ping-ugly is pri'Uy mndi a liol- Inw .shell. 11 WHS NO with a Chicagoan rciTiilly. A West Sitler named Richard Johnson one night surprised four young houd- lums robbing Hit! store which is under bis apartment. Keing a war veteran, Johnson isn't afraid of a light ; so lie waded in, rounded up Ihe lour single- handed, and turned them over lo the police. .Next day a mysterious stranger warned him not to testify against them iu ccurt or he would be lakeu for :i ride. Johnson . laughed al him. A couple of nights later three men jumped on him near Ids home, to put Hie threat into execution. Johnson starl- t'd his lists swinging—anil pretty soon tht'.-e three wore in police cells, along wilh I lie other four. These fearsome city gangsters evidently aren't quite so lough, al'U'r all-if one lone cilixun, euiiippi'il only with courage mid a good physique, call handle seven of them. More Men in the Air Rectimmeiidalioii by Ihe linker committee, that the United States proceed lo build and maintain an army air force ."second to none" anil llisil it begin ill once by acquiring 1000 new lighting planes, points us in the direction of a slate of military preparedness such a< \ve bad not previously thought necessary- II is still a little narly to lell just how big a role the air force will play in any I'ulure war. Nevertheless, il does scorn eerlaiti that, a tuition protected by a navy as large as ours, and by tin army air force as powerful as the one called for by this committee, ought lo be as secure from attack or invasion as any nation can be. And there is an odd thing about this aerial defense; it can be built up and maintained without bringing with it the evils of "militarism" such as would inevitably accompany a corrc- sixvmling growth in thr. land l avmy. We can have the world's premier air Heel without actually increasing the number of men under arms very substantially. If (he army were bein;: in- errar.pd in proportion. Ihe country would bi 1 over-run with men in uniform, jnsi like pre-war (iernuiny. "Yes, they would not for his ears." he a handsome couple if it wer The Tragic Anniversaries JULY :tl, I1I14 Kaiser Proclaims "Stale of War Danger"; !• earful I.iltlc Belgium Mobilizes Aimtlirr of "The Trnfiir Annivrr- I .' irin,"—ri.iy-by-day uiicinmls of f-| [•Hills cr.Umlt. 1 . immediately prr- j inline Die \Vi:rld War. j I>Y MOKUIS Gll.liKItT NK,V Hrrviu- St:llT Writer ! Uy July ;n. l!)M, (he fate "f I';uu>|>i:,iu nations no lunger u-ailv the o>ad bodies of Uw germ* at came th* disease. Vaccines e used particularly In preven- on of typtwU fever and wboop- g coiujb. The vtctlne* have not been und or great value In treatment typhoid few, but recently new acciiies developed for whooping ugh are found to have consid- ahlc value. CHURCH EXCUSES Ow. W. Jim— that's my husband— says he is heard tliat some things will kely go on until tune thai! l« o more and alter that he 'says 0 k'lliiJK what may happen, lie ays il will be something aw hen we run out of lime. He [links tills will iwiu- about luin lip automobile and radio sales t, inott ot these things are tulc n time, und lie woiidvrti what nay happen to alt the churches told him we ii«ed not worry atom what may happen to ou huvch as we have not been in- idc of it since we moved her fvciftl years ago, but I am sure 1 we ever get started going we vnukl always be there on time : told Jim — that's my husbana — hat, when I was soloing lor my church. 1 was always ritjht on inie and sung on perfect time. He says when you think about now time is mixed tip in every- Ihiiuj otic docs and with everybody doing something I would lot surprised If time didn't finally run out. Well, anyway, when It geu cool we are goine tu try and find our church letler.s. and go hl to church and put them in and as this will make us full members we will have u perfect right to go. and if there are any remarks made we willy simply say v.e are members and have a right to be there. I THIS CURIOUS WORLD Bf \ • • - • •! Hue Has K Blooms PORTLAND, Ore. IUP)- •Mrs. OUT OUR WA\' GOOD GAWSH, 1CK [ DOM'T VUH BE MORE CAREFUL. WHERE YUH R1DE THET FOOL MULE? VUH'VE. WENT AM' RU1MT OUR BEAUTIFUL LAND MARK, T'/JIN gUTTES.' "WET ONE LUG, \ A STIC KIM' UP THERE MOW LOOKS \ LtKE A SORE THUMO. J Bv Williams Ql'KKV. [ifTai 1 .-", minis(rir r >. lint 1:1 uar offices. \viioi c- r.rLmiy measures arc l-.cinu l.ikon lur Ihc great cotllhct !n rsjn-.f-.... St. retfrsbut£. Miilnishl. — I'ourtaH's iCimnan airib.i--i.iiui In Savonoi-: "If wnliin lirmi.s [!UM;HI clf,'. 1 ^ imr i her intitnli/ahon. OCMIKUIV M mobilize loo." Savonov lo I'mntates: Wr \' not attack ns ion': ;is jvuiii-.'il' conllm:e \vitii Auslna. possible to demobilize » aruiiniim our whole military o Limii'.alion." . .... ,, ' viENSA.-The Austrian nimist extracts fioin Emperor Fran jci^'ph Hie order tor general m uili/.ilion. ' »<'"»>. N''on.-Tlie Kaisur lei thai Nicky Inst night ordered general mobilization. He did not even wait tiic rcsulls of the mediation I am working at, ami left me without news. I return lo assure i th? wciirily of my easlcrn fron- •lins ii-lier; slroiig contingents of Hti-isian troops are already sta- Ikmcd." Proclaims "slal^ ui dau- j-.i- of war." Paris. 11:15 A. M—The Qu.ii ri'Uisay hears from Austria tlial Austria announces she has no Irnitotial ambition agatnj>l Ser- ui.i [nond'Ml the war is cuniin?<l briwcc-n Austria anil Saina. aii'l j bus/o informed Russia. Philippe HertlH'lol: "Privalely. this seems petty laic." 5 r. M. Viviaiii be- in$ asked by Geiinuny if Franc? will remain neutral, "covering" of .'ikrSc.'lonizrrt — mobilization is i nrd^rcd. Kvcr*mg. Jean Jc^rcs, French sociniist leader wlfo has LCCU firvciuly atlacking tlie idea of war. is assassinated in u cale in the Rue du Croissant. Basil Zahnrolf, armament king, w promoted Commander of the Legiun of Honor. Hornccker of the Sandy district hits a rosu of the Sweet heart variety with 92 blooms und buds on one spike. Me ftlCWEQ IS THE REALTOR. OF IHE • BIRO WORLD/ HIS HOLES PROVIDE HOWES FOR. OOiENi Of KINDS THE WORM-UKE PERIPATUS '\ ENSNARES INSECTS' 6V '^ SHOOTING SflCKV THREADS AT THEA'.. , IARG6 FIRES SOMETIMES CAUSE CLOUDS TO FORM, WITH ENOUGH RAIN TO EXTINGmSH THE BLAZE. Clouds frequently form over forest fires, and arc identical iu character wilh those clouds which form on summer days wlii-u currents of moist air rise from heated ground. NKXT: Out of what was Ihe c.irlh created? Philadelphia Clocks Felt Heal PHILADELPHIA iUP)— Even the balmy with the heat recently. One o'clock pnf&cd and the clock was too exhausted lo strike. At 2 P. M. it was still silent. Then at 3 P. M. I the bell lolled 13 times. Youthful lien Sets Ktcorit KALMATH FALLS. Ore. lUl'l — clock al Independent:* Hall A year-old But! Orpinston hen on the Altamoiit ranch laid an weighing one-quarter of a pound. It measured eight inches the longest way around, and 6 3-8 Inches SOPH1S KERR-S SUPERB LOVE STOttY LYOUTOF y Sophie Kerr QP* UfcHK 1OIIA1 . A>l\ JACK SOS tbul »ht «MM *Mnk* m. ««CCPII •! krt IH*- AM; "n!*><•• lift M>1 Irlmtf «Httl HI>W- • tlliMi !• • rent t»tni> ^IIIIK \m otaklan • l«r,~ «hr hn* •» t.mtlmli ' «»!!• TIIOUI'B. »i«rrlfd. but hi in U'fcen hf +BtT* f» namr* SA> la irvrstl II* »m« •nd nlth Am* A>HT cnnflrif" Iralnlnc id IKHr Ilrl, balhel Eleepr. was pulling; o% ^tr nlsbt- gown. "Mother." she FBirt. rtreani- "1 JUT parlies. Lot's tosve • part/ evvjr day." "We'll tiave. as many a? «'5 can." iiromlsed Amy. Hugging tinr. *'YuT my mother, yuv my tuolbcr, yuv parties, yuT uockitfr. yuf EratiiiiamriileE.'yuv my mother!" murmured Nnnry. cllnilmi: into bed, "Yur evvything." Arny leaned to tuck tier ID ar.^ kiss her. "Uncdiilglit. Inmli:" slio said. "You're Koinp ovpr und visit Rraiunommy nut! Krani ir >r;> v tor a \vliile before long. Won't ttial tio fun?" . Nancy was too lar pone in slepp llnwnrri ritrne* ftmnr MT • hrlrt h,,H4i. ""> <*•-* rrmrix iu camp AMI> •"••» J^"» •*»*• *** aunln .Inn* •!<» *•"> » rnc*. »cc»»i»«c rrnrn ttal. MtW CO 0» WITH THE STUU XXXV "H dncso't T**, It creepi—tkM vhea it CIIVM tl all." Jt»« was urcd ot talking ttjout tlic&c. people. "Anil I do hope that slowpoke. Tralnor, will be ready with hla accounts tomorrow morning, tor I ought to gel back as soon as 1 can." "But you've only just come!" exclaimed Miss KDsa, dismayed. "\Vhj riou'l you sell Hits house?" asked Jane. "Get rid o[ all this prehistoric Junk yon ca furniture and travel nbout and uijoy your.iclf (or • "Bui I couldn't travel, even if 1 wanted lo'. wilh tills war golnr. I on. 1 certainly don't want to to I lo China., t don'L liko Iraveling. Uncomfortable, exhausting, costs Mike lury. too. You don't under-.— stand, Jane—! don't want tolaion^," Amy snid tc Mury. cbauge. Tilings are changing tool The two women were pi'.kiii? fast tor me anyway. When I come | up socks ami day clcnli-f. into my house and see the chairs [ siraislueuing ihe mom. "1 can. manage, it yoi]'d raihor slie'fi to know. "Mother wauls to her when iho new tiatiy c AH WISVl VO ALL WOULC* \ STICK TER FACTS, AT A ) TIME LAK DIS, MIST'CURLY-/ DEV NESOER WAS KIO / TWO London.-- Sir Edward Grey formally asks Franc* am) Germany if Iliey will respect (he neutrality ot JJelgiimi. France formally answer.-; "Yes." Germany gives an cvii-sive answer, saying that a rfi- HI»:I<C would disclose the German ,1 -Ive ! plan ol campaign, tvnpi. I Unreels. Kvcning. —The £ ov ~ w'i'ij cininctit announces gem-ial mn- ! luii/^ition. TOMORROW: France mobilizes Jm-j.T4'l Germany declares war on dis- ' llnssia. »l«ul I ^ _^ necdu'l have tried t» b« faceilnus witU n«. Pacellonsneas *« »l»ay! d:iug«von«, hut ihe »a» »t'lnt ber- iclini to and. laolea and pictures tbat belonged lo my grandfather aud '.real-graodfatlier i lhan!-{ tbojuo Lord lliere's Blill 0110 nlaco timsli Hasn't alicrcil. My friends are! licre. My way of life Is scitlcd iu .;; a deep groove, aud t cujoy it lliatj aell «ticlj airs, ADI! slay. Your moiher will wain in over here most ot the Lhnu. niagine," said Mury. liT Nancy's fine with Father. Me si*vs she's a HIM. .1 "Welt, ft would kill ma 1! i lirigtucr clHlrt limn I wasl K 1 [ oLrl Lilian likes her an<] llinr' Fear of inicclious Disease Banished l>y Medical Science oily me!" 'had lo look at lue KQtne old (urnl-1 tribute, hellewi me. Sue'f -:i- Rut as fch< walked slowly almig 11 tura aud ihe same old faces all a craak. She'll t>° belter ofl ov she began 10 (orjet Jane's spasm • the- 'ime. I'm joins 10 do my | there. If 1 had much t>ain---i: of auser. lo torget Jnne herself- j apartment over in Lliis new Vlcn-1 ?tic heard me. well. I don't (ijn Hut il wa? otherwise with Jana. I nese style hefor* long, and i a baby like Naai;j oniUir in tr I A3 she stormed away from Amy ncr anger blew higher. "She simply has no sense!" Jane silently screamed. "To try to pro- lend she's nanny »nd contented uudcr sucb conditions! Sho lias nnthiuc—nothing! Tbat grubby old no c " And the most awtul clolaes! aenl.llj t. h a B uucomfortable IIUH^V" £iu" vu^ — t , ^i,..^i nn |( w |, ; nibar «-nrr1a I m And not even a maid: Her hands | were a sight—1 don't, eee how she can loucli the piano." She was iluiost home when caution stopped change servants svery month or two just to see ne.-.v people." "That." said Miss Hosa with dignity, "is your affair. You're youo? aud restless. I am old. And (at. I like my euse, I'd a tight nth«r b« Happy 11V 1)11. MDKKIS f ISlllililN Fflfior. .liiiiicial i>r thr Anirriran Medical AvxiK-ulinn. Mini of lly- ft\.\, Ihr Urolith Mai;it/inr Nowatlays. If iniy niic ot your rhilclrrn Is osposi-rl tn an ir.lrc- tlon.s disease, like lypl'.mrt lt\-r: or ttirilifliciln. lie has n miuli cic-alcr chance of cscapinc it tliun hcrelo- forr. lKcan;c doctors liavc rirvcl- opetl inrans foi sppnfir piTvciir lion nt Mtch ailments. Bnsicnlly. tlicie mclhodi aie the production of an antitoxin, ni MIU- stance wlncli rract. 1 . a^unsl the |K)i;on has arntm'.iialcrt in the lio'lv ;is n refill of lh>> In fectton. he liorse In pi'txltice antitoxin In its hlood. More recently. IL has bee nfoinid possible. In Hie pre- vcnllo nof diphtheria, to sllnm- Inte the txxly o[ th cliurann being lo produce Its own antisubslaiices. Moreover. It lias been found i»s- sihle lo devitalize the poison (o some extenl by adding antiseptic substances, such as formaldehyde. When H>is Is done, the preparation Is caHert toxoirt. A slill later method is Ihe combination of the loxoiri and the antitoxin. Once diphtheria occurs ill a human hcing. (he corirtilion Is cou- | Itollttl in the vast majority of 'cases by injccliiic antitoxin in :;er. "I AUDI I'o S r. very When their is danger <>[ lock-ilniye doses early in the disease. Jaw. lov example. Ilir iir-,y=;eian ! can't go in and talk to [ y c t.—slie'd know I didn't lar. What a dump this (5! | believe I'll go down to tho telegraph office and wlr« As- drewg 10 send for me lo corns back j tomorrow." As ihe went on she brought her anger under control, but sue could not luse or reduce IU lu other words. an old snail in a shell that fits me. Uut"—Ingratiatingly—"t do admire your spirit cm! energy, Jane, ami succou. And 1 still wish you'd spare me in «xtra day or two. if yon can manage H and doa't find it. l»o Mich el a bore." for auyllihic like tliai." "Are you "atrAid ol ills pam •- asbe.d Wary. "Yes. I'm scared lo |>tccs = . lin: the doctor says I'm so ue!l. ajrt everytblng's so normal and n;:u'. and anyway. Mary. m'h.Ti's a r t --w hours rain am) suffering for a child of my ou'ti:" compliments Int. The room ivaa In "I'm going down to ord?r ni read." you're go\:if Yon might "I'll say this tor you. Aunt Ko»a. you're one ot tho tow people In Marburg who haj any idea of what I've dona." Then she remembered Amy^ and- frowned. •<Biit I don't *elle»e I can staj, though 1 m.ljd.t for anplher day H I'm not sent for." She thought: J .. K „,--. ^-Aadrsws'll have my wire In the they talked across Ml»s m o;nlos and.will understand.' may Inject one or mills of anlitoxln. two itinusand For rcnrlct lever, there also nrc preparations of Hie toxin and the In cnrr lockjaw lia.i nlroariy de- j antitoxin, used in much the same irlopcd .vrn larrre rln. r ., n( (he 'manner as In dlplillicria. anlitrxm nniii lir gu-»n fv,mc I Scriims a to liavc been develop- aulliorilic, tecoimneiiriiT! is many cd for evydiii'la:- and nieningitis. as 200.000 imu.s injrrtcd clirrctly i I» ccrlain other tonns of Infec- nilo thi> bl'XKi. .iiitl iriicatcd in' tiotu difC.iFet. as. lor example. In fro mis to ?t l;otu.s. measles and in infantile paralysis. At the tame lime tlic vir-iiui may be given additional antitoxin by injection into the muscles, and in certain cases tnjecttoiif may be given directly Into the spinal fluid. • • i The germ that cautci diphtheria »!so produces i poison "vh!ch c*n te Injected Into a horw, causing ly.liVERTHKLESS she L^ to sit calmly before HIM Kbsa's sharp eyes, wulcb watched uer ss they tali llosa'6 lavish dinner table, thousa lucre was » malice in her comments—Hadn't. Mrs. Low. ««* Crlgbllully! — and wasn't M.3. jaciison a tunny old thing, trying to hard to be sprightly!—ana that lllile Moreland creatur* c«r- talnly »B3 on Q* A tbouibt 1 .—*no ej for pathetic! Mary. write [n IJownnl. him a message Inr me." "All ri?hL What i= 11?" "Tell him that after seeing M!«» Terry I want lo .-ay I^C iiail n>«ir! asle in choniiiis » witc. I'll mails t stronger. HR had super good aste — and super t;ood seuss'" "But I thquslit yuu liked Jatie'" "1 did. in a «ay. Bui oh. win: an oppressive daujuter-tU'liw -=:ie would have mide me! she'd b.ive Jane did nol mention It Is cuttomaiy to use the blood o; a person who has recently recovered from the disease. This blood m most instances conttains antlsubjtances developed by that person for lie infectious ones. A vaccine also is i«e4 In prevention. 2nd &3cietlj£*& Ift tt 1 * treatment, of dtse?se. It consists. Nancy, nor did Miss presently Jane dismissed thtm all with, "it's *11 rather sadilenlin to com( back tnd ' »««. bow people In her bfjlca her confidence In herself would be restored. There sh» suprsaoc. No oue around her »'ho would not obey, submit acquiesce, admire. Her approval o! Miss Ros» ihowed itself In an unusu»l attention: "Shall I tak« you put lo Ilia movies tonlgbt of ahqll we bate. a game o roiniuV*" Jbs.aeked agreeably. Her tunt beamed: "Listen Jane, there's a, two-handed bridge that w»! described in the paper ' rolled me out Bat! rified me. 1 don't terrified Howard." "Now what rtid you?" She'll ba«e ter- vondar tbat sh« Howard tell tbe other d '' Te b «' B cra ' T have chincscl and bow mile tfc'tr 1 '- to <ry U. Ut's s« ho* U soei. have!" l aB a if we 'donlt Ilia .It.we can "Not a thins -tat 1(03.1 ili-i. A' 1 about It. 0( course Knsj's a"3ls diflera troru mli:n — she's proud ft f Jane's career. She think! n '" ai lucky Glie didn't tie bersell "> a poor youns colieze professor! M = . I tblnk Howard was lucky not i ' tie himself up with B nanilsomi and ruthlejs niasj of sslllinne;-- clever though she undciiiutedl? '•'• Shs'd ha^e wrecked him That sr' ought not to marry, ftver. Sr.£ couldn't IOTC auyoa* but „._....- ..... n [ "That 1 * what Howard said. But b»v« eome I'd rither lesl ,«ie loved Howard." Mid

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